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this is for all the people I want to genuinely thank for being here, whether I talk to you or admire you from afar, I love all of you! Thank you so much for 5k+ followers! I really, truly appreciate all of you keeping up with my dumb blog. Also if you feel as though you should be on this list or if I forgot to mention someone, let me know!! This is the first follow forever that I’ve done so… I guess I should get started??

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A video, how I proceed to create my gifs with Photoshop CS5. Without explanation. Only watch. I took small scenes. Because I add more adjustments in truth. Everything depends of the images. If I reduce speed. If I remove or increases colors. I create this fast just to show two most basic examples. (And that I like ^^) The software is in french because I’m french. Look the video in 1080p and big screen, it will better for you. I was listening this song : Eva Simons - Bludfire

Back to Cham and Hera

Okay so I just made a crack at Cham pissing off Hera in some way to make her reluctant at the very least to go to Ryloth for help. But I’m legitimately wondering just what that is that she’s mad at him about.

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justyouraveragewzard asked:

Your opinion on America?

Oh haha this is gonna be a good one

  • fast food
  • use wrong units
  • use wrong English
  • drive on wrong side of the road
  • pretty friendly people
  • but pretty dumb too
  • likes to invade other countries
  • obesity
  • likes guns
  • has anger issues
  • funds terrorists
  • likes to get involved in others’ business
  • but hates it when others nose into theirs
  • lot of people on Tumblr live there
  • never uses context
  • roads need to be fixed
  • makes a lot of silly but cool action movies
  • doesn’t like anyone except themselves

Yeah that’s about it

Send me a country or city name and I’ll tell you my opinion about it!

annoyed!mun has stopped to care

So wow. Okay. Since my personal post last night, some dipshits decided that it would be cool to be an asshole and poke the bear. Thing is, when you’re being an asshole with me, it won’t earn you any “internet-rewards”. All you get from it is quite litereally, well, poking the bear. So, instead of playing anon-wankery with you guys (messages are as usual blocked and deleted) let’s do it differently now. No rainbow-pissing goblin, but full-on pissed bear. I wrote an honest list of all the things in modern internet-culture im honstly tired off under the cut. Warning, it is unfiltered and - as mentioned before - honest, as in brutally honest. So, if reading this makes anyone of you out there feel guilty, I don’t honestly care. I’m not open for discussion, why one of these things is okay for you. For me it is not okay and I’m tired of seeing this shit. If you are by now afraid, you might read things in this list, that might make you feel attacked, then don’t fucking read it. I’m done treading on eggshells. Goblin out.

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