how many husbands can i have

Also, today is my parents’ anniversary!  They’ve been married for thirty-eight years, and together for forty.

I don’t want to preach, but if you are ever afraid because you are asexual.  If you have a relationship that isn’t based on romantic love.  Mom is asexual.  She also said no to my dad’s proposals three times because she wasn’t in love with him, and she was and still is repulsed by sex.

When Dad asked the fourth time, my mom broke down in tears.  Because she didn’t want to break his heart, because she still cared about him so damn much even if what she felt wasn’t romantic love.  Because the only reason she would have sex with him or anyone was because she wanted to have biological children.  And you know what?

Dad still wanted to be with her, from the time he was eighteen until they both were ready for the grave.  Because he didn’t want to ever be without his best friend in the whole damn world.  Mom meant that much to him.

I can count on one hand how many times my parents have ever kissed in front of me, and every time was on the cheek.  But their hugs are the most heartfelt you’ll ever see.  When they laugh together, you know there’s a deep love between them.  They truly are each other’s best friends.

So congrats, Mom and Dad!  For always being there for each other, for me and my brother, and for my husband and our friends.  You are both amazing, wonderful people, and I am so glad that you found one another.

Can you imagine the horror on Victor and yuuris face when they get exposed to straight marriage culture.

An interviewer asking victor about “the missus” or if he misses being a bachelor and victor shoves his ring in his face and does a 20 min speech on how much he loves his husband.

Yuuri sending victor an I love you text and someone saying the “you can say it too many time yknow, you have to keep it special” so yuuri sends victor an I love you text every chance he gets for the rest of the day. He gets one back each time ofc.

Victor and Yuuri are going to destroy wedding is a ball and chain culture and I can’t wait.

More fun with Andrew

So Andrew has been coming by more often. Mostly by my hubby’s invite thank god. Usually I don’t make it a habit of fucking someone more then a few times so it doesn’t become a problem or at least not so many times in a short period of time. But with Andrew I don’t feel too worried about him developing feelings or anything he is still very much in love with his girlfriend and he’s good friends with my hubby he just likes the thrill of bending me over in the garage and quickly fucking me behind my husbands back. So last night Andrew was over again and the 3 of us were sitting around chatting and watching a hockey game when my husband started to get too comfortable and fell asleep on the couch. Andrew and I moved to the dinning room table so he could roll a joint. While sitting at the table I was getting hot thinking about heading to the garage to smoke it and get bent over that I lifted my legs up (I wore a skirt for work) exposing my panties to him. I should also explain that you can see the living room from the dining room. So Andrew had a view of my panties and my hubby sleeping on the couch 20+ feet away. I noticed Andrew staring as I moved my hand to my panties and started to rub my pussy through them. After a minute I slipped my hand into them so I could feel how wet I was getting from showing him what a naughty slut I was even with my husband so close. Every touch of my clit felt amplified. Andrew then told me to take my panties off. I slowly slid them down and dropped them on the floor. Now he could see my bald married pussy, my husband sleeping and me masturbating like a little whore. I struggled to stay quiet so not to wake my husband as it would be impossible to explain why my panties were on the floor and I was playing with my pussy in front of his friend.

Andrew finally managed to get the joint rolled and we made our way to the garage. As soon as we were in there his cock was out and I was gagging on it like a pro. I deep throated his huge cock as he forced me to gag on it while he called me a whore. Then he sat down on the couch and I climbed up and sat my dripping wet pussy on his rock hard dick. I fucked the hell out of it cumming hard as he continued to call me a dirty slut. Then he stood up threw me down on the couch and pinned me down as he fucked me hard. The whole time he kept telling me how much he loved fucking me behind his friends back and especially while my hubby was home. I told him I love fucking him behind my husbands back. I told him how I love my husband but I also love being a bad girl. I asked him if he loved fucking me behind his girlfriends back and he said that he loves fucking her with my pussy juice still on his cock. Just then Andrew stopped and said we should go back inside. He put his cock away and headed in. As we went towards the living room he grabbed my hand and pulled me past my sleeping husband past the living room and to the stairs. Before I realized it we were in the bed room and I’m laying on the bed my skirt up and Andrew’s head between my legs. He ate my pussy till I came for the first time by a man other then my husband in the bed I share with my husband. Then he climbed on top of me and pushed his cock deep into my married pussy. He fucked me hard while choking me and telling me how hot it was to betray my husband in our bed with him right downstairs it was at that moment that I looked up to see my love standing in the doorway I couldn’t say a word I just looked at him as Andrew assaulted my cheating cunt hard and began filling me with his hot thick load. That’s when Andrew looked up and saw his friend my husband. My husband calmly says I think you should leave and Andrew doesn’t say anything but does just that. I’m leaking Andrews cum onto our bed to scared to say anything as my husband walks closer he stops and says you’ve been bad. I ever so slightly nod my head in agreement. He starts to unbuckle his pants I can see his cock is hard as he lines it up with my sloppy cum filled pussy he asks me how bad am I? how many times have I betrayed him betrayed our vows? And just as I’m about to tell him about all the guys and girls who have defiled his wife I hear Andrew say are you ready for me to fuck you on the bed you share with your loving devoted husband. It’s then that I realize I’ve been fantasizing about my husband catching us. Though the fantasy was great I snap back to the reality of what’s really happening. I love that Andrew is getting off on how wrong our actions are. I beg him to fuck me hard I beg him to cum in my cheating cunt and to fill me up while my husband is downstairs sleeping, completely oblivious to what his friend is doing to me in his house in our bed none the less all while he’s home. I’m a whore. A cheating slut of a whore and I don’t want to stop. Andrew fills my married pussy and quickly and quietly we sneak back down stairs. Awhile later Andrew leaves when my hubby finally wakes up I’m in my pjs snuggled under a blanket watching tv he kisses me apologizes for passing out then comes and snuggles me till the end of the show. We head up stairs I use the bath room to make sure my pussy isn’t to full of Andrew’s cum then I climb into bed climb on top of hubby and fuck him in the same bed I had just an hour before cheated on him in with one of his good friends. I’m a whore a cheating whore and I don’t want to stop. Sorry not sorry.

the letter (day xiv) ♡ 170618 
source: rawfudge

today’s couple story was very cheerful. the two had a print out that said: “newlywed(?) couple for four years” and were holding it up very obviously so jonghyun said: “i guess i can’t help but interview you!”. jonghyun asked how the husband proposed and he said that he danced to “sherlock” at the wedding ceremony. the husband along sang along to “바퀴 (where are you)”. jonghyun asked if there was anything he hopes for from his wife, to which he said: “let’s have a baby”. jonghyun’s eyes became really wide at that. 

jonghyun: i hope you can set the mood while listening to my songs. i have many songs with that kind of atmosphere … masterpiece songs … ㅎㅅㅎ


 I am a Hotwife. My husband and I are very much in love. We have a great, honest, open and trusting relationship and we are best friends. He is amazing and I respect him deeply. It just so happens that we both like it when I get fucked by other people. My husband is NOT a cuckold. He enjoys watching me or hear stories about me fucking others. I enjoy getting fucked. It’s nice when things work out like that, huh? For many of you I’m sure your heads are spinning and you are passing judgements as fast as they can come of of your mouth. Stop right there! You don’t know me, my husband or anything about us. We are very normal people. We have kids and a very hectic life. My husband and I both have great jobs and we NEVER share this part of our life with the people around us. To all our friends we are just two people in love who like to travel a lot.

We have been married for a number of years. We are more in love today than ever. As many couples know after a few years the magic wears off and the wild and crazy sex tends to get fewer and farther between. Face it, at some point you’d done it all, right? WRONG! One night while having sex and watching porn my husband made a comment about how good the girl looked getting fucked by that big cock. I happened to blurt out something about me looking good with that cock in me too. My husband exploded inside me about 2 seconds after that. He said it was the best orgasm he had had in a while. That was it. Nothing was said about it and frankly I never really gave it another thought. Hubby on the other hand was still thinking about it. The idea stuck in his head and he didn’t know what to do about it. Was he crazy? Why would a man want to see his wife get fucked by another COCK! Still, he could not shake the idea. Next time we watched that video his comments started a little earlier and were a little dirtier and more nasty. That is when I first got the idea he was serious about this. 😉

After sex I asked him about it. Was he serious or was it just him talking dirty. At first he was shy. The man who 10 minutes earlier was fucking my ass and telling me he wished that BBC was deep in my cunt fucking me so he could feel it in me was suddenly shy about it. Heat of the moment, things get said, I get it but this was more than that. This was something I could tell he wanted to happen (ME TOO) Shhhhh….😉 Why, what, how, who? All great questions running through my head. Did my husband not love me anymore? Did he just want to fuck other women and he thought this was his best chance? At that point I had never heard of a Hotwife or a Bull. I did not know anything about this world I was about to become a part of or what was ahead of me. Frankly I was a little scared but excited😉 Was this the end of my marriage? Turns out…NO! It was the beginning of the best chapter of our lives. I just wish we had figured this out sooner.

The question I think you are asking now is what is your Normal day like? Do you and your husband still have normal sex? Has anything changed between you two? The answer is, we are great. I love and respect him more today than ever. We have great sex and he pleasures me endlessly. Our dirty talk might be a little more dirty than yours but we still have normal sex all the time. BTW, I hate the world normal. What is normal anyways? What we do is normal to us. What you do is not normal to us. Once you stop trying to make the world revolve around your idea of normal you might just find out you have a lot of  new things to try! GET OUT THERE AND LIVE LIFE!!!💦🍻💦



Losing friends..

Friend: Hey! Wanna hang out today?
Me: Can’t, Hubby said no.
Friend: What do you mean? You’re an adult, aren’t you?
Me: Yes, I am. But His house, His rules.
Friend: That’s ridiculous. Its your house too.
Me: It may be my home, but it’s His house.
Friend: That doesn’t make sense. That’s stupid.
Me: How is that stupid?
Friend: You shouldn’t let him control you.
Me: You shouldn’t tell me how to live my life.
Friend: I’m not, He is.
Me: That’s right, because I married him.
Friend: That doesn’t make sense!
Me: Why are we still friends?
Friend: Wow. You’ve changed so much.
Me: Thank you.

Being a submissive wife means that sometimes, your feminist friends just won’t get it, and you’ll end up losing them because of it. If you don’t understand my way of life, that’s okay. Just don’t insult it or call it stupid. I don’t call you stupid for wanting to be like a man and have equal rights to a man. You’re a woman. You shouldn’t do the same things as a man. Its not natural. But I don’t insult you because that’s how you want to live your life.

I enjoy structure. And rules. And discipline when I’m bad or out of line. It keeps my head on straight. It keeps me accountable for my actions. It makes me happy to know that my Husband sets rules, not just because He can, but because He knows what is best for me. Sometimes I give too much to too many people far too often. And I don’t know when to give myself a break. He does. He sees me struggling. He sees when I’m running on empty. And so He sets rules, like No friends today. Because He knows I need to recharge.

My Husband knows me better than anyone, better than I know myself. I trust His judgment far more than I trust my own. He adores me and only wants what is best for me in life. And I appreciate that more than I can explain. I am happy. The happiest I’ve ever been in my entire life. Don’t try to bring me down because you live your life differently than I live mine.

And don’t call my Husbands rules stupid.

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not necessarily a prompt, but just curious to know how you personally think the whole "sidon is gonna grow just as big as his ancestors" thing is gonna go? like when does he start noticing and such? xoxo


Credit for Big King Tiny King goes to @dratinimartini! It is by far my favorite headcanon out there at this point and I just want everyone to follow them for their artwork and this adorable headcanon that in my heart and soul, is the most canon thing to ever be canon out there.

I have a lot of general thoughts on what I’d personally like to do with the concept as a general possibility within the context of my fic. I doubt this coincides with the original concept of this idea and anyone is welcome to use my thoughts (just please don’t use my OCs without permission!)

- While it’s hard to tell since her life was cut short, Sidon is 99.999999% sure that Mipha did not inherit the gigantic trait considering the differences in her stature versus his when he was the age she was when she died. 

- Sidon is a little bitter about that, but he’d never share that fact. He feels guilty that he feels any sort of resentment at all, even if it isn’t directed in Mipha’s direction

- When Sidon starts courting Link, he gets even more anxious about this

- Once they are married and have kids, however, Sidon’s anxiety is quelled a little and it is several decades before he starts noticing any changes after that.

- Namely, when Minami hits her growth spurt and Sidon has someone in the family that is at least comparable in height to him, Sidon feels way less self conscious

- He also uses said kid as his reference most of the time (Link is too small for him to use as a height reference but he does use Link as more of a proportional reference which I’ll get into here in a sec)

- “Okay yesterday Minami came up to my chin…she still does. Okay. Alright. This is good, I’m still the same height”

- “Dad, you’ve been mumbling this to yourself every day for the last four years you’re fine.”

- Because of general body structures/differences in sleeping habit, Sidon and Link have a very specific cuddle position that they have to get into if they have any hopes of sleeping together. Link lays on his back with Sidon curled up in some odd capacity against Link. Since Sidon is a stomach sleeper and doesn’t necessarily have a nose he can just tuck his head up against Link’s chest with one arm tucked under neath Link and the other hand resting on him. 

- What Link doesn’t realize is that Sidon does kind of internally measure how his hand compares to Link’s body before going to sleep

- In terms of my fic, Sidon starts noticing changes in his size and proportions when the kids are fully grown. Nami is being courted at this point and while the other three still stay with their parents when they’re in the Domain, they’re all in their early to mid twenties. Mipha, being a Sheikah is taller than her brothers so it alarms Sidon when she comes home one day from being in Kakariko for an extended period and she suddenly seems smaller to him

- Not in height or anything, she just seems more petite than he remembered.

- Rho and Cado who are short and stocky like Link provide no help whatsoever in confirming or denying his concerns. Nami is still tall as ever and since she is also a shark Zora she’s pretty muscular and broad shouldered so she is also no help

- (Now, if you guys follow the “Link and Sidon adopt one child from each race” headcanon, then it’s going to take longer for Sidon to notice anything because he has a Zora child and a Gerudo daughter he’s comparing his height to and they keep his mind at ease for longer)

- Sidon starts feeling like his hand seems bigger against Link when they go to bed at night

- “Link, are you sure!?”

- “Sidon, you aren’t growing.”

- “But my hand Link, my hand!”

- “Sidon the only size difference I have ever noticed was when you went from being shorter than me to being an adult and that took one hundred years while I was in a coma!”

- “But Link–”

- “Sidon, go to bed. You aren’t going to be the size of a house when you wake up.”

- “….promise?”

- While Sidon doesn’t change in height at all until he’s nearly 200, he definitely does start bulking up. It’s very gradual and it’s not like he gets jacked or has bizarre proportions or anything, but he is definitely broader in the shoulders and has a wider trunk and larger extremities and his tail starts getting longer and his fins become more pronounced and pointed as well. 

- It serves him well in the intimidation factor when he becomes king and has to deal with a bunch of shit all at once, namely Tipf’s people who you have yet to meet    

- Dealing with Tipf’s people is the only time in Sidon’s life that he likes looking intimidating. 

- The growth spurts do entertain Link a lot because he follows the same patterns that children do. He’ll get this HUGE appetite out of nowhere, get a little on the chub side for a period of time, and then that’ll either all turn into muscle/bone as he broadens out or he’ll shoot up an inch and then look kind of scrawny for like a week or two before his appetite picks up again. The pattern is so subtle its hardly even noticeable to even Sidon but Link definitely sees it and he thinks it’s absolutely hilarious. 

- He repeatedly asks his family if he seems larger in any capacity to them. They all tell him that they don’t notice a thing.

- They definitely all notice. 

- Link figured long ago that confirming his fears before he starts growing in height is only going to give him more anxiety so he and the kids made a pact long ago to not say anything until he starts getting noticeably taller than Minami (or insert-Zora/Gerudo-children here)

- This is also a good time for me to add that I am a full supporter of the headcanon that Link being in the Shrine of Resurrection definitely screwed up his aging process in that he kind of stalls out once he hits middle-age and his life span from there turns into something similar to a Zora’s. 

- Which kind of makes Sidon freak out because while he’s elated when it becomes apparent that they’ll get to live their lives out together, now he’s also thinking, “Oh great, my husband is going to have to deal with me being actually humongous and I don’t know how he’ll actually handle it.”

- Link handles it just fine. 

- Link actually likes the increase in size because his already amazing hugs just got SO MANY TIMES BETTER

- When the height changes start, however, that process is so slow that Sidon doesn’t even notice it (and Link can only tell because of the growing pattern that he picks up on). But when he does notice it, he’s already so tall that Minami only comes up to his chest, if that. 

- “…Nami…”

- “Yeah, Dad?”

- “Have you always been so much shorter than me?”

- “…what time frame are we talking here?”

- “Oh for fuck’s sake I’m growing aren’t I…”

- “Sir, I don’t mean to be rude but you’ve been growing since I’ve known you.”


- Tipf is the one brutally honest, chaotic good Zora in the entire domain and he’s just been ITCHING to drop that truth bomb on King Sidon since Link told him “no”.

- Sidon is the biggest mope when he comes home that night, starving but not really feeling the desire to even have an appetite. 

- “Link.”

- “Hm?”

- “Did you know that I was growing?”

- Link doesn’t really answer but instead plates up the absurd amount of dinner he knows his husband needs right now, whether he wants it or not. 

- “I’ve known that you would grow, eventually,” Link finally admits, giving Sidon a big ol’ kiss. “I just didn’t think that it mattered when it started because it doesn’t change who you are.”

- Sidon gives Link a pointed look, kind of irritated that Link didn’t tell him when he noticed and doesn’t seem like he’s going to say either, but kind of not wanting to snap at him because he really likes being peppered with kisses and held like this and now he’s anxious all over again because he doesn’t know how much longer he has before he won’t get to feel Link’s arms wrap around him this easily again.

- “And who you are is a loving father, a kind king, a gentle soul, and my most handsome husband~”

- “Oh, stop the flattery, you.”

- “You flatter me until my ears turn red, now it’s my turn for revenge, deal with it.”

- Link quickly finds ways to be extra cuddly with Sidon as he grows, too. Like, when Sidon is in the throne room - he could be in the middle of hearing out one of his people’s needs - and Link will just come in and sit down on his lap, stand on his leg and get all flirty, start propping himself up on Sidon’s shoulder and making comments about how he’s going to need a pillow one of these days, just makes a real goon out of himself and embarrasses the hell out of Sidon in the process

- (the people think it’s the most endearing and sweetest thing)

- (whether Sidon likes it or not, that really does help ease his anxiety)

- Sidon is also pleased to report that he doesn’t get too enormous before his children start having children, the exception being Nami since she does have the longer life span of the four and is in zero rush to settle down whatsoever. Being able to sit on the floor with his grandchildren and hold them brings so much ease to his big heart (pun not intended)

- With Nami’s children, however, though Sidon doesn’t get to be quite as large as Dorephan, he’s still distressed that he can’t hold the hatchlings like he had always wanted, but as they get older their favorite thing ever is Grandpa cuddles where Sidon just floats along the reservoir and they use him as a prime napping spot

- He also discovers the wonders of Grandpa slide and it is his FAVORITE THING

- He goes back to using a sleeping pool once he gets that big; Link uses his head as a bed.

- Sidon gets a lot of enjoyment out of dunking Link in the mornings if the Hylian was being especially annoying the night before. 


Kick-Ass Chicks: Julie Mooney & Emily Sims

If you see two girls dancing perfectly in synch to your favorite classic tunes, there’s a high chance it’s sisters and bloggers, Julie and Emily. As we walked up to the busy front gates before the park’s official opening, we wondered just how we would find the two dancing darlings in a sea of people. But to no surprise, we spotted them in their matching Vans Lifeguard Hats & Sk8-Hi’s in a matter of seconds— after all, Vans Girls always standout from the crowd. Their laid-back California style and carefree attitudes may have already drawn you in, but their epic tips, tricks, and rare finds will keep you glued to their Insta stories and coming back for more! We sat down with Julie and Emily to get a glimpse into their mega fun careers and to talk building a business as sisters, and having the happiest place on earth as their office. Find out how they turned their passion into a career after the jump…

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Confused Papa // Min Yoongi

Originally posted by vminv

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary//Request: Anonymous said: Hi there! I was wondering if I could request some domestic Yoongi? I read a lot of great smut fics (yours included) but I’m really feeling gross and fluffy haha! I love your writing keep up the great work!

Your husband Yoongi takes a trip to the store with your 1 year old son and get’s a little confused when it comes to buying diapers!

Language Note: Yeobo = a term of endearment used usually between married couples. Translates as something like “honey” ^_^

Pushing the trolley-cart with your 1 year old son Shiwoo safely strapped in, Yoongi made his way down the supermarket aisles while doing the weekly grocery shop. Usually, it would have been you in place of him, but today you were currently attending a busy meeting at your company, so your lovely husband volunteered himself to do it for you seeing as it was his day off. “How hard could it be?” he thought while on his way to the store – just a 10 minute walk on foot from your house with Shiwoo cooing and laughing in his buggy, strolling along and having the time of his life with his Daddy.

“Okay…we got all of the food…now we just need to get your diapers and baby mush, little man” Yoongi reached into the baby seat in the trolley, ruffling Shiwoo’s thick, black hair and beaming down into his brown eyes that he often compared to as ‘huge saucers’ from his Mummy. Shiwoo gurgled back in delight, making incoherent sounds and words up into Yoongi’s face while grabbing his own toes and playing with them, making Yoongi’s heart swell in his chest as he turned the corner down into the baby aisle.

“This should only take us a few minutes, then we can go home and start making dinner for when Mummy gets back. You’ll help me, right Shiwoo?” Yoongi cooed, making kissy faces down into his son’s face and proceeding to engage in baby talk that no other person could understand unless they themselves were a parent also. Yoongi was under the impression that buying the necessary baby items would have been a piece of cake, but upon taking a closer look at all of the brands of diapers, he began to lose hope.

“What’s the difference between the pink ones and the blue ones? Is it stupidly gender related? But wait…why are there yellow ones too?” he said out loud, causing several passing mothers with their babies to look at him and giggle silently before going about their business. He took no notice however, being so engrossed in trying to figure out and remember which ones you usually bought. He stood up, pulling the shopping list out of his pocket and looked down to see just ‘diapers’ written underneath ‘pureed baby food – red jars’. He put his hand to the back of his neck, rubbing it while furrowing his eyebrows together. He had never even thought about having to decide between different brands – did Shiwoo need extra dryness protection? Or did he need longer lasting soft comfort? Did it matter what colour they were? Yoongi let out a disgruntled sigh, letting his jaw go slack while slightly pouting his lips together – the face he often made when he was frustrated or irritated; the face you so happened to fall in love with. He decided that enough was enough, pulling his phone out of his pocket and leaning over the handle of the trolley, letting Shiwoo play with his free hand as he dialled your number – praying that you would at least be out of the meeting by now.

“Thank you very much Mr. Tomille – I’ll be sure to send that email as soon as I get home! Have a safe journey” you waved your associate off as he got into his car with his assistant. It had been a long three hour meeting filled with headaches and lots of disagreements, but you really pulled through for your team and secured a great deal for your division – making you feel on top of the world as everyone congratulated you. You made your way back into your office, picking up your handbag and coat to walk out of the door, when you seen that you had 4 missed calls from Yoongi.

“Oh shit” you breathed out, feeling panic set in as you fumbled to call him back. Your mind immediately went to the worst possible thing that could have happened and believed it to be true as you heard the call pick up on the other end.

“Yeobo, are you okay? Is Shiwoo okay? What’s wrong?” you stammered, feeling your heart thump in your chest as you began quickly walking out the front door of your office building on to the street.

“Everything’s fine (Y/N), don’t worry. We’re still at the supermarket” you heard him say calmly along with the faint familiar sound of the bustling store in the background. You breathed a heavy sigh of relief, feeling the state of panic slowly departing from your body as you unlocked your car doors and got in to the drivers seat, taking your heels off and replacing them with flat shoes for driving.

“You’re still at the store? Why? Sorry for not answering you but I was still in the meeting.” You said as you hooked your Bluetooth piece to your ear and set the phone in the handset, hearing Shiwoo gurgling from the other side of the phone and smiling to yourself.

“Okay, this is gonna sound so stupid but what diapers am I supposed to get for our Shiwoo? There’s like, a billion different kinds here. Why are there so many?” he chuckled, making you laugh out loud at how cute your husband was. You imagined the look on his face upon being overwhelmed by so many diaper brands while he asked Shiwoo for his advice on which ones to get.

“Oh baby, I should have been more specific in my note. Get the ‘Huggies’ brand – the ‘extra dry more play’ box. They’re white with blue stripes on the edges. Can you see them?”

Yoongi looked around for a few seconds, before spying the correct box that was sitting in front of him the entire time as he looked back at Shiwoo who was as usual, giving him a beaming, gummy smile.

“I got them yeobo, thanks! Alright, we’re gonna finish up here and we should be home soon. Where are you?” he stood up, flinging the diapers into the trolley before reaching over to the other side of the aisle and grabbing the baby food.

“I’m on my way back now. See you at home?” you smiled, hearing Yoongi’s deep chuckle as you stopped at a red light, watching 5 or 6 school kids walking across the road on their way home from school. Your heart surged in your chest at the thought of having more babies with Yoongi and being able to watch them walking to and from school by themselves in the future that you almost began crying right then and there.

“Yeah, but don’t even think about starting dinner when you get in. Me and Shiwoo are making you jjigae tonight – so just put your feet up and be ready for our kisses when we get home” he said softly into the phone as he curled his finger underneath Shiwoo’s chin, tickling him and making him giggle. You took off again once the light turned green, smiling with gross, unbelievable endearment for your sweetheart of a husband as you nodded and shifted gears.

“Alright then, I’ll let you two boys do all the work then. I could get used to this you know” you replied playfully, hearing Yoongi giggle as he approached the checkout to pay for all the groceries.

“See you at home baby, I love you”.

17, Again - Chapter 01.

  Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

  Genre: Angst, drama, fluff.

  Word count: 7k

  Summary: Your relationship of ten years seems to be stuck as your CEO boyfriend works non-stop and doesn´t pay much attention to you or your hints about marriage. Desperate to awaken the spark of love again you beg the universe for a change that will make him fall for you for the second time in his life. And the universe listens.

  Author´s note: This is inspired by the Chinese version of the movie “17 again”. Although this story is going to be quite different I recommend not watching the film if you don´t want to spoil yourself anything that could happen in this fic.

Prologue: x

It was not the sun rays tickling your face that woke you up but the crazy dream you had just had as images of it were still going through your head. Basically, you were living with this man that didn´t pay attention to you and had stopped pursuing your career as an artist to make it possible. The idea itself was the most nonsensical and absurd thing you had ever heard. Not even for a million dollars would you do that.

A hairy warm thing touched your arm and your eyes shot open while your body stumbled almost falling off the bed in an attempt to cover yourself up with the blankets. The repeated movement of your mouth opening and closing couldn´t compare to the shock you were feeling as the man you had dreamt of was now lying next to you, breathing and everything.

He was completely oblivious to your presence and lost in a deep sleep, so your first reaction was to carefully examine his features. From his brown locks resting on his forehead to his parted lips you couldn´t recall who he was. Extending a hand to push the hairy thing, which happened to be his leg that was tangled with your limbs, you cautiously placed it back where it belonged and looked around. Maybe you had gone to a party and brought him home to sleep together. That theory would´ve been valid if not for the fact that as you exited the bedroom and wandered around the living room you came to the realization that it wasn´t your place that you had woken up in. There were no sketchbooks on the floor, no walls full of your paintings, no canvases and no huge poster of Nick Carter. A shiver went down your spine as you were only wearing some black lingerie that deferred a lot from your usual panties with the days of the week stamped on them, which only confused you even more.

“Okay. So I´ve probably slept with him or something. I should search for my stuff and go. Do I have college today?”

Muttering to yourself you carefully started looking through the house and gave up after a while as your clothes where nowhere to be found and decided to wait until he woke up. It had only been ten minutes when your stomach started growling. What a great moment to be hungry. You considered the situation and decided to just attend your needs.

“I might as well grab some food if I´m stuck here”

Luckily for you there was a cookie jar placed on the kitchen island and you didn´t hesitate to open it.  Your mouth was watering and as your lips were almost touching the first one someone grabbed your forearm and you threw the cookie at whoever it was by natural reflex.

“For God´s sake what are you doing?”

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I’ve been dying to see a more intimate interaction besides the forehead poke.

I mean, another forehead poke would be fine, but shit - they can do other couple stuff than that! They’re married, jesus.

Like, Sakura leaning on Sasuke’s shoulder as they watch Sarada, and they look at each other (eye smex here) and Sakura just smiles giddily and Sasuke smirks with the slightest blush -

Or maybe, another intense eye smex followed, I repeat followed by Sasuke finally saying (and hearing him) “I’m home, Sakura” (and possibly a hint they’re gonna have some rough passionate night after god knows how much pent up sexual frustration Sasuke has yielded for being gone)

Or Sakura and Sarada at home, someone knocks on the door, but Sarada is too busy doing shits so Sakura opens it. BOOM Sasucakes in all his sexy daddy glory , Sakura blushes and we’ll hear the all familiar “Sasuke-kun” from her, like shit man, only Sakura knows how to speak Sasuke’s name like that with a sweet smile and Sasuke replies with I’m home, a small smile like the one from Gaiden after he left his wife and daughter or on EP500 when he looked back after Sakura read his one worded message, only this time Sakura will finally fucking see it, then Sarada comes saying ‘Papa!’ 

Or Sasuke placing his hand on his wife’s waist while you know, strolling around the streets of Konoha, their Uchiha crest proudly on display then Sarada greets them or just plainly Sasuke’s way of showing his affection for Sakura.

Or Sakura clinging to Sasuke’s arm as Naruto greets them on the street, (Sasucakes’ hand on her waist works perfectly fine here too!)

Naruto be like - “So you’re back huh?” grinning as he sees their close proximity
Sasuke - “Hn.” (insert smirk here and a blush i guess?)
Sakura is just all smiles because fuck, sexy husband is HOME GURL NO MORE LONELY NIGHTS!

Okay, maybe cling is too much but walking side by side BUT REALLY FUCKING CLOSE, ARMS TOUCHING AND ALL but come on, I’ve seen how Sasuke is more open to emotions in the last episodes, HE EVEN GAVE HER A PIGGY BACK RIDE IN THE LATEST NARUTO GAME SO YES, CLINGING IS VERY MUCH APPRECIATED AND NOT OOC AT ALL

UGH gawd. I’m so sorry but I just have to let this out. I have so many scenes in my head that can work in the Boruto anime should they finally include Sasuke and Sakura. I’m not a NaruHina hater, it’s just this triggered me. I’ve been dying to see another scene from these two! NH got a wedding goddamnit. I know kissing scenes are far from possible BUT there are so many fucking ways to portray a SasuSaku PDA other than the obvious ones!


* edit: Reduced the ALL CAPS lels. Am sorry if it hurt your eyes but this was a spur of the moment rant.

Also - I know Sasuke hasn’t returned yet, this is me hoping SxS gets the same amount of fluff NxH has, and SP will hopefully animate some of the suggested scenes. *crosses fingers*

anonymous asked:

When eliza and ham meet in the reincarnation au i can imagine them in tears and hugging n stuff and then when their done she slaps him in the face for being stupid

I’ve talk a little about this already!
- when they first recognize echother it is super emotional
-alex sprints over to Eliza and gathers her up into his arms
- he just keeps sobbing over how sorry he is for having left her all alone
- eliza is crying too bc for so long she just wanted to see her husband again
-she’s pretty much forgiven him- she had many years to come to peace with him after he died
-lacking all impulse control Alexander states that they should get married again
-Eliza is not about that tho
-and she already has a wonderful gf whom she adores

Do You Believe In Miracles?

Pairing: Seokjin x Reader

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 736

Masterlist | ↠ Ask

Originally posted by seokjkim

“Let’s divorce, Jin..“

You felt how your husband stopped breathing the moment he heard those words coming out of your mouth. You were currently lying in your shared bed, the time flashing 2 am in the morning. It hasn’t been long since he came home from practice, immediately washing up in order to lay down beside your sleeping form and cuddle you until he fell asleep.

Watching how he sat up and reached out for the night lamp on his side, you copied his movements and turned your body towards his with crossed legs, now fiddling with your fingers.

“W-What? Y-Y/N, what are you talking about?“

Hearing his broken voice, you closed your eyes and took a deep breath, your tears already rolling down your face before you can stop them. “I want to get a divorce, Jin.“

Locking your teary eyes with his teary ones, you watched how he started shaking his head hysterically from side to side, the confusion and sadness plastered on his face making it harder for you to keep the eye contact. “N-No! No, never! You can’t, Y/N.“

Reaching out for your face, he cupped your cheeks and leaned his forehead against yours, still looking into your eyes with his widely opened ones. “D-Did I do something wrong? Tell me, did I do something that upset you? I swear I won’t do it again, Y/N! Please tell me, what’s wrong?“

Wrapping your hands around his shaky ones, you removed them from your cheeks and intertwined them, slowly stroking his hands in order to calm him down a little bit. “No, you didn’t do anything wrong.. You never do..“

“W-What’s the problem then? Y/N please answer me..“

Taking another deep breath, you closed your eyes and whispered the words that broke your heart into million pieces. “J-Jin, I can’t give you what you want..“

Confused, he looked at your face. “What do you mean ‘you can’t give me what I want’? Y/N, I don’t understan-“

“I can’t get children, Jin..“

You watched how your husband’s body froze after hearing those heartbreaking words, dozing of to the distance without saying anything.

You, on the other hand, covered your face with your hands and started sobbing as silently as you could. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, Jin. I know how much you want to be a father and I’m so sorry that I can’t give the only thing you desire so much.. I asked my doctor about everything and she told me that there was a very low chance that I could get pregnant but-“

Before you could end your sentence, you felt how your husband wrapped his strong arms around your shaking body, making sure that your head was nuzzled in the crook of his neck as he started stroking your hair. “Shh.. Everything is going to be okay.. I’m here and I promise I will never leave you, Y/N.. Even if we can’t have a baby, I still love you and nothing is going to change that..“

Leaning back, you started shaking your head hysterically. “No! Divorce me, Jin. Find someone who can make you happy. Find someone who can give you as many children as you want, someone who can give you a happy family.. At first it’s going to be hard, but as time goes by you’re going to forget me, I promise..“

Leaning forward, Jin connected his lips with yours and placed a long, sweet kiss on them. “I would never leave you because of this, Y/N-ah.. You’re my world, my everything.. How can you ask me to do something like that? I’m happy the way I am. I’m happy with you. We promised each other; whatever it is, we will go through the difficulties together. No matter how hard it is, no matter how much it hurts us. We will hold on to each other and make sure to break the boundaries together, Y/N..“

“But Jin, you-“

“Hey, hey, Y/N, look at me. Do you believe in miracles?

Furrowing your eyebrows, you looked into his beautiful eyes. “I-I don’t know.. I..I think I do..“

Smiling softly at your answer, he placed another kiss on your lips.

“Great, because I believe in them too..“

It Isn’t Love || Seungcheol || Pt. 2

Pt. 1 // Pt. 2 // Pt. 3 // Pt. 4 // Pt. 5 // Pt. 6 //

Word Count: 1850 

Genre: fluff, angst, royalty au, arranged marriage au

Summary: In order to solidify and further prove the alliance of two kingdoms, the Choi Kingdom had decided to arrange a marriage between their kingdom and the Lee Kingdom. It was a great plan! Now, if only the two parties personally involved were willing…

In the morning, Seungcheol went to bid Jihoon farewell.

“I’m glad we get along,” Seungcheol joked, “If we hadn’t, we would have a hard time being brother-in-laws.”

Jihoon laughed. “It doesn’t matter what I think. My sister’s opinion matters more.”

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Sasusaku Month ‘17: Day 2

Prompt: Something more.

Title: Going Through Changes.

Rating: K

Summary: A trip to sunagakure planned by Sasuke, and what do you call it? oh, honeymoon! /Sasusaku travels. /Newly weds.

A/N: So I wanted to write a little more for this one, may be one scene more but I ran out of time. Well, here it is, I hope you guys enjoy this one.

‘Going Through Changes’

Hot breezes of wind were hitting her face, her hair blowing with the moving air. Tiny particles of sand could also be felt by her skin as another blow of wind hit her messy locks, spreading them all over her face. She stopped in her tracks, sighing for the hundredth time that day, She made yet another attempt to move the strands of her hair away from her line of sight, successfully unblocking her vision.

“When in the World will we reach sunagakure?” The pink-haired medic of Konohagakure asked in frustration.

“Are you tired already?” questioned the raven haired man who the only one to keep her company in the burning desert.

“I didn’t know the journey will be this long!” She exclaimed, a frown decorating her face.

“We’re almost there.” Smirked the dark-haired man.

Tying her hair into a bun, as tightly as she could, she continued to walk along side her companion. The sand was flying everywhere in the air, only to make it even more difficult for her to be able to see the silhouette of her destination.

The large eagles could be seen high above them, spreading their wings across the sky, like stars floating in the galaxy, they felt so brave, brave because they didn’t fear a fall. Even though everything was barely visible because of the dust particles blurring the scenery, this scene was still quite apparent to his eyes for he was the only rinnegan-user alive.

It wasn’t long until his eyes caught sight of the tomb-like structure of the kazekage-building of sunagakure. He looked over his shoulder to find his pink-haired companion sulking, a look of vexation decorating her features.

A smirk crossed his lips.

“Aren’t you the one who suggested we walk?” his question seemed more like a comment. A comment to tease the already annoyed pinkette.

She didn’t say a word, just looked at him with a pouting face, her cheeks appearing chubby, lipspursing like a bud of rose, eyes narrowed, eyebrows frowned, and she had no idea just how cute she looked to him like that.

So he looked away, because he couldn’t let her see the blush on his cheeks.

“Look Sasuke-kun!” she exclaimed, joy evident in her voice as she continued “I can see it, the dome of the building. We’re almost there!”, her finger pointing towards their destination. And it took his aback when she suddenly grabbed him by his arm, pulling forward. “Hurry up!” she insisted, forcing him forward.

He mumbled a quiet ‘hum’ at her action and followed her lead.

Two ninjas clad in the chunin uniform of suna could be seen, waiting for them at the check-post.

“Good evening.” one of them greeted.

“Good evening!” The rosette replied as cheery as ever. “We’re here to meet the kazekage concerning an important issue.” She explained.

“Sure.” the young chunin smiled as he bent down and took out what seemed like a filed paper. “Um, your name?” he questioned.


Uchiha.” She was cut off by the hoarse, sonorous voice of Sasuke. “Uchiha Sakura.” he exaggerated, emphasizing Uchiha.

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“When we make these movies with women we want to give them so much of an empathetic story,” says Theron. “It has to be a revenge story, or there have to be children involved. … I can’t tell you how many times I said in meetings, ‘You don’t need to excuse her for being a woman. We don’t have to point out she can have babies or she loves her husband or her brother or whatever.’ ”

Originally posted by charlotte-charmante

OMG YESSS! This is the kind of shit I’ve been complaining about for years. A woman can’t just be kick ass, nope. She had to go through some fucking trauma or “doing it all for her kids” crap. Shit gives me hives.

* a long ass rant about vegebul that will probably contain spoilers*

but dude

remember how distant vegeta was to bulma during Z, even after she had baby trunks. he wasnt around for them, he did not care for them. (remember when dr.gero blew up the plane bulma, and baby trunks [and yajirobe] were in? vegeta did nothing, future trunks had to go save them)

but then, there was just something in him that changed. during the buu saga, he even said that he has “grown fond” of bulma and trunks (that part made me laugh the first time im sorry)

he wasnt close to bulma, he never held trunks as a baby. but there they are, his family. and bulma and trunks have always loved and cared for vegeta. even when he wanted nothing to do with them.

now, here we are in super. we have gotten MANY vegeta and bulma moments. ahem “MY BULMA!”

and that time bulma just got out the shower and she started screaming and vegeta came up to her rescue.

hell, she even kisses him!

there are just so many moments that have prepared us for what is coming up next.

vegeta is closer to bulma now more than ever. he is a present father to trunks. i can only imagine how he’ll feel about his precious bulma waking up to feeling sick and then later having to go into labour.

he’s going to be a worried husband, because now hes in that moment with her. he’s here now, he’s here for her. and he cares about her and their family. he’s not off training, ignoring that he has a family. vegeta has changed so drastically. i cant wait to see him being a father to his new baby girl. ahh i cant wait. im so happy for him and im so excited to see him experience this.

Sidney Crosby - Family Matters

Originally posted by ohhhdreamer

Anon: Can you write an imagine about you and Sidney crosby and how you’re married with 3 kids and you have to explain to your kids that their dad has to leave to go to vegas for the awards and they’re sad because he was away for the championship and they’ve barely gotten to spend time with him.

I had to do the happy ending, just had to.

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TBBT: The Gyroscopic Collapse (10x23)

If you haven’t watched, SPOILERS ahead!!!

Omg!!! 😲😲😲 Mayor episode for Shamy lovers here and a wonderful episode all around. It has lingered in my mind ALL day and threw me into total fangirl mode! 🚑 In my top 3 now, for sure!!! Some random thoughts will follow but mostly in-depth discussion of Pasadena's favorite power couple. Be forewarned, it will probably be like Sheldon’s list of Comic-Con guests. 😂 I will start with a short summary and then dive into it. If you just want the Shamy goodness, jump to 4.

1. Celebration around the kitchen island in 4A:

The episode starts with the gang all reunited in good spirits. Happiness was bubbling out as the guy’s boasted of their accomplishments, except for left out Raj. I couldn’t help feeling nostalgic at the view seeing that our favorite cast is close to being off the air during their usual summer hiatus and knowing there is one episode left this season. 😢 And while I’m looking forward to the next episode, I’m also drafting the hiatus. Also, I felt a bit sad that Raj can’t celebrate any accomplishment lately. I’ve said it before and will say it again, they need to do some justice to this character. Crossing fingers for the next 2 seasons for Raj. 

2. Next scenes:

While the girls spend time with Raj, the guys head to work. They are met with the disillusion that their project has been taken away from them after all the hard work. (That really does suck 😠). Seeing the guys return with their spirits deflated after having been so happy moments ago was crushing. Nothing ever goes quite right for our guys. 

In the meantime, we have learned that Raj is moving out and Amy has been offered the internship in Princeton. The guys return to share their bummer and after hearing Sheldon say he feels betrayed, Amy understandably clams up her news about the internship. (Her face throughout this whole scene says she was struggling with how to share this with Sheldon.) I am so glad for once no one let the secret out before she was ready to talk to Sheldon one on one.  

Raj’s news is shared and we learn that he will be moving into Bert’s garage. Not sure how I feel about this. Don’t get me wrong, I like Bert. But we have seen him various times in season 10 and in the meantime, I’m missing more action with Stuart and would love to see some of our other favorites guests. Where the hell are Wil and Kripke for example? I don’t know, mixed feeling. It could bring comedic value but I don’t think it will do much to develop Raj’s character more.

BONUS: Leonard’s line after entering the wrong apartment: She might disappear but she’s definitely not cleaning. LMAO!!!

3. Howardette, clingy and adorable:

Howie vents to his wife who tried to console him with Neil Diamond. He refuses thinking it will get Bernie “sexed up”. 😂 Bernadette's face reads more like “yeah, right”. The rest of the episode we get clingy Howard who wants to snuggle his wife to death and a Bernadette that cringes to his every effort.

It’s funny but oh-so-cute! 😍 I love all the shows couples and enjoy when the writers explore these real dynamics in a realistic but positive way because I believe that conflict can also be growth opportunities. (Which is why I’ve had too many issues to discuss here with the way they are writing Lenny this season. I’m surprised (and grateful) they didn’t have them argue this episode again.

Bernie decides to have an honest conversation with her hubby about it and discovers in the process that she is more similar to her husband than she initially thought and has dealt thru similar circumstances in not the healthiest ways either. 😒 Funny how in relationships we are quick to notice when our partner is somehow walking a slippery slope but can’t see it in ourselves.

BONUS: Bernadette shares with the girls how Howard wanted to get a mammogram at the same time as her like if it was a couple’s massage. Lol. Really creepy but so damn hilarious. 😂😂😂

4. The cat is out of the bag:

Amy’s making Sheldon breakfast in their apartment. Sheldon is still visibly down regarding the quantum gyroscope. She doesn’t have the heart to break the news to him although she certainly was preparing everything to have that conversation. 

Mayim’s acting out of this scene is as real as it can get. While the script kept it light it also needed to portray her struggle. She managed both effectively with her facial expressions, her voice and her timing which were all perfect. 

Sheldon is able to appreciate Amy’s care in her gesture of not only making him oatmeal but making his favorite kind, plain. There is significance there. Plain because he feels comfort in familiarity. She is his secure “spot”. Keep this in mind with what’s about to develop. He’s hit with the realization of just how important she is to his life. Now, we the fandom knew this. But this was, I feel, an a-ha moment for Sheldon where he compliments her with these 4 lines:

You are so kind. (She’s the sweetest cinnamon roll to pure for this world)
I don’t know how I ever got by without you. (She’s the dryer sheets of his heart)
I’ve come to realize, I’m completely dependent on you. (Awww, he needs her)
To wake up every morning and know you are there is a great comfort to me. (She’s his oatmeal)

How do you do it? (I feel he meant all of the above and not just the oatmeal.)

Those are some heavy love declarations!!! Write that on a postcard and you have the most romantic letter ever. 😉 Each of these lines is delivered with raw honesty by Jim. They are subtle, intentional and sweet. By now I’m not only watching this to be entertained, my feels begin to act out and I’m praying this won’t turn into another cruel Molaro joke because Amy has deserved this for a long time. Poor girl is trying to comfort Sheldon and humbly downplays each compliment, afraid of his reaction and knowing this will be hard for him. 

Amy could’ve gotten away with this if it had been the Sheldon of years ago. But this Sheldon is in love with Amy. 😏 And he still can’t read social clues well with other people but with Amy is different. He knows something is off as soon as she doesn’t show enthusiasm for their own experiment.

Has something changed? Is there something you are not telling?

And she finally breaks the news after a perfectly timed pause.

And now it’s him with a perfectly timed pause. His face, omg!!! 😢

You could read it all in 2 seconds and my heart broke for him. 💔 Thank goodness for good writing, I cried but giggled in the same breath.

BONUS: “You have to go. This is important… So are you….” 🚑🚑🚑

5. Sheldon has the Blues (in an apartment as empty as his heart):

Raj and Leonard find a harmonica playing Sheldon with the blues because “my baby done left me”. BTW, love that Texan cowboy accent anytime. 🔥 Hoo! The guys are sweet and try to help until Raj accidentally suggests Sheldon can go back to his old room leading to a hilarious moment. Leonard asked to speak to him in the hallway and slammed the door in his face, LMAO!!! 😂😂😂 Mean but effective.

I really appreciated in this scene Leonard and Sheldon sitting on the floor and having a “man to man” talk. We get to remember that in spite of their differences, these 2 really bond and love each other like true brothers. 😊 Leonard was compassionate and showed concern. Sheldon was so sad! Still being Sheldon, he took Leonard to mean he needed to trick Amy into staying though. 😆 So glad he didn’t go that route.

6.  Loving and Supportive Boyfriend:

Sheldon enters the apartment with a good quality luggage presenting it as a peace offering of sorts. 

We all know he hates gift giving which made my heart flutter thinking he left the empty apartment with harmonica in his pocket, went to a store and told an employee how his girlfriend had to leave and he wanted the best luggage they had for her.This is exactly what happened - That’s why he said the salesman at the store had told him the luggage could survive a crash. 

Then he carried down the street with all eyes on him and up the stairs thinking every step of the way of what he would say to be supportive and how much he wanted to make love to her because he would miss her. 😢😢😢 Let THAT sink in. 😭😭😭 

He opens by explaining to Amy Leonard had pointed out how he wasn’t always loving and supportive. (Take you own advice, Leonard. Sheldon has come a long way.) He then lets her know “It’s a wonderful opportunity and you need to take it”. He knows this is important for her and unselfishly decides to let her go freely, earning him a sincere kiss from Amy which he gently returned stroking her arms. tears, tears, tears…..

What followed was the moment the fandom has been waiting for… Sheldon wants to make love to her and IT’S NOT HER BIRTHDAY. Coitus just because he wants to be intimate and wants to please her and be pleasured. He needs her and wants to, using his words, “make love”! Can you hear that??? The sound of fangirls yelling simultaneously near a heart attack! 🚑🚑🚑 HE FREAKING LED HER TO THE BEDROOM!!! 😲 BY THE HAND!!! 😲 INSERT OVARIES EXPLODING HERE… 💣💣💣💥💥💥 

If that wasn’t enough, their frenzied lovemaking turned out to be a moment we all wanted. Loud enough for Raj, Lenny and us to hear. It may be weird but I so wanted that because we are all Penny. By what we heard, they were having fun and getting freaky! (Btw, the naughty vixen totally rode that cowboy! 😉 Sorry. 🙊🙈🙉) 

BONUS: I’m just warning you, if you find yourself 3000 miles away craving a hit of this, I can’t Skype it to you. 😂😂😂 

7. It’s so hard to say goodbye: 

Sweet Shelley, being the southern gentleman he is, walks Amy down the stairs. He takes that opportunity to go over what he needs from her to make this separation more bearable. He wants her to: 

  • Text when she’s at the airport 
  • Text when she’s at the gate 
  • Text if she find GOT actors
  • Skype when she gets there Skype every morning
  • Remember he’s proud of her and supports her
  •  And of course, if she runs into another version of him but with Thor hair… step away and call him asap 

What he’s really saying is you haven’t left yet and I already miss you. 😍

In summary, a perfect episode with funny moments, great cast interactions, some sarcastic zingers we love, but also lots of character development and some fluffy scenes. I’m also so happy it was finally about Amy and in a good way. Thank you writers! 👐 

Plus, being the Sheldon lover I am, gym parsons body will kill me. His butt when he walks aways from Amy at breakfast, his arms and chest when he is kissing her, his hands caressing her arms and back, and of course, his sexy face and eyes when he says “or, we can fold them”!!! Hot Damn, he is fine AF!!!

Things for the writers to think about going forward are: how will Raj do with his upcoming living arrangement and will they finally address the development of his character? Will Lenny continue in a good place? How will Shamy do with the long distance thing? Will this be another revelation for Sheldon once he misses her enough or will this be another disaster waiting to happen - (I think they can get through this)? What will happen with the guys’ project? What will Howard do now that his money making idea is no longer his thing? Aaaaand, where the hell is Stuart, lol? 

DM if you need me and please, no spoilers in the comments of this review. A very special thanks to my lovely friend @platypus-quacks-too for some of the gifs. Timing wasn’t on our side for our usual collab but I’m grateful for the talented @tbbt-faves - whom I’m collaborating with for the first time and allowed me to use her gifs in this review. I have been a fan and follower and I’m thankful for her work and to have her blessing in using most of the gifs in this review. Go follow these talented people.

Bye fandom!! I will once again go into hiding/ninja mode until the finale. Read you all after that. Love you all!! 

Idk how to phrase this but it is infuriating seeing the whole “treat yourself” culture amongst lifestyle youtubers/bloggers. They’re always like “I was just feeling a lil spendy and decided to treat myself to a new Chanel crossbody!”

It worries me so much because I know their viewers are young. It just perpetuates this sick idea that being able to treat yourself at that high level of money is a “choice” that anyone can make if you save a “little here and there.”

I watched a 20 minute video of a youtuber explaining how she affords designer clothing and she was like “me and my husband don’t really eat out a lot.” But then she spent like 3k that month shopping luxury items… Honestly if I cut eating out for an entire year I still wouldn’t be able to have enough saved for a 2k bag. Omg then she talked about how you should buy things on sale…UMM 10% off $1,000 isn’t a “steal”!!!

Sooooo many of these influencers are dripping in designer clothing and it just freaks me out- when they try and play it off as attainable. That’s when it worries me. It’s not that they wear designer clothing… it’s the way they talk about it.

If I watched a YouTube channel that just said they only buy designer clothing I wouldn’t care. If they talked about how they “chose a life of luxury” that’s when it would piss me off.