how many husbands can i have

Can you imagine the horror on Victor and yuuris face when they get exposed to straight marriage culture.

An interviewer asking victor about “the missus” or if he misses being a bachelor and victor shoves his ring in his face and does a 20 min speech on how much he loves his husband.

Yuuri sending victor an I love you text and someone saying the “you can say it too many time yknow, you have to keep it special” so yuuri sends victor an I love you text every chance he gets for the rest of the day. He gets one back each time ofc.

Victor and Yuuri are going to destroy wedding is a ball and chain culture and I can’t wait.

Tatsu is has been teaching himself how to cook

an entry from Ta_2’s column “deep blue” in the Fixed Engine pamphlet (thank you @argeno for the scans!)

「Something Unbelievable」

I think I’ve said in the live streaming of Member’s channel or somewhere else that “I bought cooking utensils, and my next goal is to chop some vegetables with the kitchen knife.” Many days have passed since then, and recently –

I’ve been cooking.

I can’t make anything fancy, but I’m starting with simple things like stir frying vegetables/meat and making aemono (和え物, a salad-like dish dressed with miso or other sauces). I’d use knives and other utensils such as the peeler. Since I remember cutting my thumb so badly that it broke once, I always pay close attention to my hands when using knives and other cutting tools. Concentration is the key.

While it is a new experience to find out that I can make the food I like easily as I have fun in the process of cooking itself, one thing that I never knew before is that I like cleaning up dishes. It’s pretty obvious, but you’ll get dirty dishes after cooking. I think somehow I just enjoy washing the dishes and putting them away.

It feels good to watch the countertop getting cleaned up as the dishes I have to wash pile up in the sink.

By the way, my recent favorite is a simple dish that I can make by stir frying lamb with bell pepper, eggplant, lettuce, and tare sauce. This dish also allows me to intake vegetable and meat at the same time.

In this sense, dwelling in the fresh produce section that I’ve always ignored becomes something fun. Although I don’t fancy to make elaborate dishes like those from the restaurants, I do wish to get to the level where I can make whatever I suddenly want to eat by myself. I’ll try my best.

With that said, I’ll be able to laugh at the people who don’t cook in the future.

There is a big difference between 0 and 1, you know.

Note: the pamphlet is from last year, which means Tatsu should’ve been learning how to cook for months already, haha xD

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Do you have any suggestions good ways of foreshadowing that a character will turn out to have a lgbt identity?

you could have them use gender neutral language when talking about relationships “my future partner” “The person i like” “my future husband or wife”. Also for lesbian and gay characters specifically, you could mention how they “just can’t seem to find themselves attracted to men/women”

When transitioning, many trans people transition at stages instead of all at once. Ex: a trans woman could start wearing chapstick, and then eventually lipgloss, and finally lipstick. 

If other characters in the story know the characters identity but don’t want to out the character, you could use them to hint to the audience that the character in question is lgbt. Ex: a nonbinary character, you could have character A refer to B as “they” a few times before B comes out. 

Barbie as The Princess and The Pauper Sentences


“All my life I’ve always wanted to have one day just for me.”
“What do you think I’m running here, a cabaret?”
“Keep laughing, you’ll be working for me for another 37 years.”
“What would it be like to be free?”
“You would think that I’m so lucky that I have so many things.”
“Duty means doing the things your heart may well regret.”


“What better husband could a princess choose?”
“I’ll wear the crown, for how can I refuse?”
“All hail me!”
“This peasant’s son wont turn and run!”
“The moment that I get back, I will show them who’s the boss.”


“You’re always free to begin again.”
“When you find the place that your heart belongs, you’ll never leave.” 
“You and I will always be celebrating life together.”
“You’ll find destiny is written in your heart.”


“It’s cold and wet.”
“In my head I’m back in bed, snuggled up and sleeping late.”
“I’d rather be in my library reading science books all day.”
“We take responsibility, we carry through, do what we need to do.” 


“Stay present, stay pleasant, stay proud.”
“Never show a thing you feel inside.”
“Speak and be clever, never at a loss for words.”


“Something in your throat?”
“I can see it when you’re feeling low, you can’t hide that from me.”
“You should change your point of view.”
“There is not one hair of you that I would rearrange.”


“Will I be the one you choose?”
“Can you tell my heart is speaking? My eyes will give you clues.”
“What you see may be deceiving, truth lies underneath the skin.”
“In my heart, I’d be glad if you loved me for me.”


“You’re like this rock. Unassuming on the outside but a treasure within.”
“You do love disguises, don’t you.”
“I’ve got dirt on my bum!”

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Do we know how Hoster Tully reacted to Ned 'having a bastard'? If we don't then how do you think he'd have reacted? Thank you! :)

Thanks for the question, Anon.

We don’t hear, unfortunately, but I can imagine his expression was mild annoyance. I don’t think he’d be so wroth at Ned’s simply having a bastard: after all, Catelyn learned somewhere in childhood that “many men fathered bastards” and was raised with an expectation that, if her husband was unfaithful, he should provide for his bastardborn offspring. However, what I think would have earned Hoster’s disapproval is what earned Catelyn’s. Ned had not only brought Jon to Winterfell, he had insisted Jon be raised as his own son: Jon went to lessons with the same maester, trained in the yard side-by-side with Robb, and was openly acknowledged as Ned’s offspring (not that his appearance could persuade otherwise). I believe Hoster would have seen that as both an affront to his daughter (now Lady of Winterfell) and a threat to his half-Tully grandchildren. Ned was not only not following Westerosi protocol in keeping his bastard far from his heirs and discreetly provided for, he was keeping the most Stark-looking of his sons in a state befitting a future Lord of Winterfell - and given the precedent of Aegon IV Targaryen, Hoster might have worried that northlords would look at the Stark-looking, Winterfell-raised Jon as a “truer” Stark heir than the Tully-looking, southron-mother-born Robb. Ambitious for his dynasty, Hoster would not have wanted to take any chances that his Tully blood would not flow in the future rulers of Winterfell; consequently, I think he would have disapproved of Ned’s raising of Jon, though not his general providing for him.

The Queen Regent (NFriel)

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How many oc do you have




Queen Anya Anansi

Her Husband “The Count”… 

and this unnamed thing… 

Working on some more shiz… But this is the roster thus far… everything else are just concept or sketches… gotta page for that as well… i’ll post it so you can go over there and see some characters i’m working on… 

How Jocular
  • Lady Croft: Dear husband?
  • Lord Croft: Yes my lovely wife?
  • Lady: Have you read the synopsis of the new film yet?
  • Lord: Oh gosh, I have not! Pray tell, am I dead? Or disappeared?
  • Lady: Indeed. Vanished... dead... both are mentioned.
  • Lord: Mysteriously?
  • Lady: Need you ask?
  • Lord: And forgive my fanciful conjecture, but may our daughter be obsessed with my life and work?
  • Lady: Your assumption appears mostly accurate. She cares not for your business. However, she abandons all to investigate the location of your disappearance.
  • Lord: How riveting. And what of you, my dear?
  • Lady: There is not one mention of me. Yet it appears I am not part of her life.
  • Lord: That is quite baffling. Or they may yet reveal the extraordinary reason for your absence.
  • Lady: Such as your death having been caused by the Queen of Atlantis?
  • Lord: Indeed my dear, indeed. I may have preferred the Queen of England, but I do appreciate the presence of royalty.
  • Lady: She chose a French first name for herself.
  • Lord: Alas, that does mar my enjoyment.
  • Lady: Tell me husband, with sincerity, would we have died a peculiar death had we not disinherited our daughter?
  • Lord: I cannot say with persuasion it would not be so.
  • Lady: Yet with more persuasion, certainly, than to say Lara would care had it happened.
  • Lord: Astute observation, dearest wife.
  • Lady: Oh gosh, look at the time!
  • Lord: I say! I would abhor for us to be late for the tea with Farringdons!
  • Lady: Shall we depart?
  • Lord: Indeed!

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Honestly I was a massive cynic about straight people's ability to make a family guy style "ha-ha husband and wife shenanigans" in a same sex couple before, so that didn't really surprise me. What truly does surprise me, is how no one seems to think they even own a dishwasher and that you need to do laundry in a laundromat even though Vitya clearly is a multi millionaire. Why can't they have home appliances. Why do you hate dishwashers and washing machines.

we have literally SO MANY options to avoid the dishcourse

yet people insist

You can ignore this. I'm having a moment and need to vent.

Dear ex best friend

I’ve cried for you so many times. And I want to be done but I don’t know how to stop being angry at you.

All my life I’ve always been that person who was somebody’s best friend but that someone also had other best friends. Aside from with my husband, I was never number one. I was never the first person someone would text or call when they had news, I was just somewhere on a list of people but never at the top. Thanks to movies, books and TV shows I was misguided enough to believe that I should have that one person, that one friend who I could tell anything to. Who would always be there for me no matter what. Who wouldn’t judge me.

When we first met, I was suprised we became friends. There were so many other people that you were better suited to. When I think back, what did we actually have in common apart from filthy minds and a love of Disney movies and singing along terribly. But we became friends, and you told me I was your best friend. And for a while you made me believe it.

Then…. That happened. And I was there for you. I held you whilst you were broken, I was there for you through everything. You said jump and I asked how high. You told me there was no way you could have got through it without me. That I had been your rock, your reason for holding on. I cried so many times for you it almost felt like it had happened to me.

And yet here we are nearly two years after that. And we hardly speak. You have new friends, and new guy. And we haven’t seen each other in six months despite working for the same company and our offices being five minutes apart. I haven’t met your new guy who you’ve just bought a new house with. Everytime we’ve had plans since last July aside from my birthday, you’ve cancelled. That one night where I told you I was ridiculously down because I hated my job and I was having a pity party about growing older without feeling like I’d achieved anything, you told me you’d be there for me. That you’d come over and we’d have a good chat. And you fucking cancelled. And when I finally called you out and said that I couldn’t do this anymore you didn’t speak to me for two weeks. Didn’t even acknowledge my message.

But then, hope. You replied, telling me you were going to fight for our friendship because I meant so much to you. You were going to make time because I’d been there for you through so much and you didn’t want to lose me. And I thought, maybe… just maybe I’ve got through to her.

That was six weeks ago and nothings changed. I still see you having fun on social media with other friends. Doing things we’d talked about doing together. All I wanted was for you to make plans with me and stick to them. To make that little bit of effort. To show me that I was important. And nothing has changed. I hear from you every few weeks and it’s stilted, it’s forced. Yet you can’t seem to leave it alone and just let it die. And I can’t bring myself to tell you to stop.

We’re not best friends anymore. You’ve moved on and forgot about me. And I’m happy you’ve gotten over what happened to you. And I’m happy that I helped with that. I’m just sad that after everything I did I can be so easily pushed to one side.

You claim you’re busy but it really does seem like you’re just too busy to see me. And if you care about someone you make the time.

Please just stop. I don’t want your half hearted messages every few weeks. I don’t want to hear about how great your life is going now. Because I’m not part of that life.

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Hello! I'm just here to say i love how you do Revali's voice, i'm from Mexico and i have a WiiU so i can't change the dub to english but anyway, it's so awesome! Your voice fits so awesome in my fav bird husband. Saludos! Keep being so awesome! 💕🦅

I’m so glad that despite how difficult he was to adjust for, Revali still ended up being a solid performance for so many people. It’s as much a sigh of relief as it is a source of enjoyment and self-pride.

What she says: I’m fine. 

What she means: I’m still not over how they treated Pam in The Office finale. Jim gets to thank the doc crew for giving him the ability to watch himself become a husband and a father. Pam says that she didn’t watch the whole documentary because it was “too painful” and talks about how “I spent so many years being less happy than I could have been. Jim was 5 feet from my desk and it took me four years to get to him.” She even says she would like if other people would learn from her own mistakes in not finding happiness earlier. 

I’m sorry, (and I love Jim and Pam together as much as anyone, maybe more) but can we talk about what actually happened here??? 

Jim and Pam had a mutual crush while she was engaged. The end of Season 2 is the first time that Jim says “I love you” and he’s kind of a jerk when she says “I can’t.” Instead of giving her space to process what he’s said, Jim then kisses her without permission and the next (day? week?) leaves town to work at a different branch. He is the one who starts dating Karen and then says that Karen should move to Scranton with him so they can continue to date even though he knows that Pam called off the wedding.   

Pam makes a move in asking Jim out for coffee after he moves back. She backs off when she finds out he’s dating Karen (it’s called being respectful) Pam dates Roy again but breaks up with him for attacking Jim right in front of her. Jim is really rude when Pam says she was stupid for dating Roy again “Yeah we’ll see.” He had just been attacked, but come on.

After the coal walk Pam gives a speech and tells Jim she called off wedding because of him but doesn’t try to break up him and Karen. She is the one who took that big leap to confess her feelings and unlike Jim she doesn’t immediately transfer to a new branch when he stays with Karen. 

So Jim leaves Karen for Pam and they are together in about one year from when Jim first said “I love you.” That’s not being stupid for four years. That’s relationships being messy and hard. 

Pam and Jim have a really solid relationship from first dating, through an unexpected pregnancy, getting married, and another kid. It’s not until Jim keeps taking a new job a secret from Pam that they start to waiver. Even then she supports him, and they both continue to make big romantic gestures for each other.

They’re ok until Pam lies about having trouble at home to protect Jim and Jim plans for them to move to Philadelphia without telling Pam. They both get worse at communication and start feeling overwhelmed (Like the writers were so aware of this that as the relationship gets rocky, the opening sequence shortens to just a kiss between Jim and Pam to reassure us that they’re going to be okay).

The miscommunication culminates when the sound guy mentions that Pam has been crying and Jim feels threatened. Pam is the one who says “I want you to stay and I want to fight” when Jim is just going to go back to Philly on Valentines day. She is the one who took that step towards saving their relationship. They go to counciling and even though Pam is really “blocked up” emotionally, Jim is able to reach through to her. He gives up his dream job for Pam. When she gets worried that he’ll resent her down the road for it, he doesn’t blame her or say she’s crazy.  He finds a way to show her that she means more to him than everything else with some help from the doc crew and the letter from the teapot he gave her before they even started dating (but, may I add, changed his mind about giving it to her back then. Something that might have brought them together sooner than the “four years” Pam took).

I guess the writer’s differed in opinion though, because the one that wrote the finale included questions at the documentary panel that completely blamed Pam for her reactions. “We’d all love to know, Pam, what romantic thing did you do to pay Jim back for leaving Athlead?” and  “Everyone watching sees how much you love each other and how you’re soul mates. So, Pam, how could you doubt that when Jim moved to Philadelphia?”

Jim takes some of the blame and is supportive, but it just feels like the writers want to play up him being the “nice guy.” Later in the finale we find out that Pam got an offer to sell the house as a surprise for Jim so that they can all move to Austin and he can work his dream job after all. It’s a great romantic gesture, but she certainly didn’t “owe” Jim anything and we didn’t need to have her attacked in the panel to believe that she just might be ready to move now when she wasn’t before.

Which brings me back to the ending comments and Pam being so hard on herself for something that she and Jim took equal steps backwards and towards throughout their years together. They could have kept the lines at the end without all the bullcrap about wasting time and being unable to see love right in front of her.  

“…it would just…just make my heart soar if someone out there saw this and she said to herself ‘be strong, trust yourself, love yourself. Conquer your fears. Just go after what you want and act fast, because life just isn’t that long.’”

This is exactly what Pam Beesly actually did. Pam is an important character to me. So I take this line and reject the rest.

The love that has been coming my (and my husband’s) way for days is so incredible. I thank each and everyone of you, especially those kind souls who made those amazing posts asking people to send us their love.

Today marks one week of the car crash and I can not put in words how much it means to me to know that I am surrounded by amazing people who care! It has been a week full of ups and downs and I am sure I’ll have so many amazing people here to vent to and with their generous love support me through this.

If I have not yet replied to your message or missed your post or your message be sure that I saw it, I just am spending every possible moment with my hubby in the hospital and I will get back to everyone at some point. <3

once again, THANK YOU. <3

My father was the type to push my brother to get married young to protect them from having girlfriends and premarital sex, but was the type to explain to us girls the value of marriage and what makes a good wife. Although I’m happy with what he taught me, I cant stand looking at my brothers sometimes because if they were taught how to be a husband rather than just having halal sex, I think their lives would have been different. I don’t blame my father for the way they turned out because they knew right from wrong but I’m tired of seeing young men pushed to get married so they can have halal sex. Being a husband is not about halal sex! You have responsibilities! Your wife will have rights!
Too many young muslim brothers who have issues like drinking and clubing are being pushed to marry religious girls because their family feels they’ll “fix” them. No my daughter will not “fix” your son, your son must call upon Allah and work to fix himself.

Maybe we're having male factor aswell?

Yesterday, I was looking through my files from when we were ttc little R. It said “female infertility with male factor”??? and that our IVF actually was an ICSI???
They never told us anything about this.
Every time my husband had to give a sperm sample for analysis or IUI/IVF, they only ever said how many sperms there where ( ranging from 5 - 160 million ) they never said anything about the quality, so I just assumed we were good on that part.
Turns out we’re not…
And of course our doctor can’t be reached. Tried calling for 45 mins without getting through to a receptionist. And now their phone hours are over. So I have to try again tomorrow.
If there’s any downside to our welfare system, it’s this sort of shit 🙄👎

Stories From Work 3:

I’m so mad. I hate the company that I work for I can’t even.

You know when you use a fitting room at a clothing store and they have the numbers that they put on the doors that represents how many items are in the room? Where I work, we have the numbers 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.

I was working the fitting room today and a lady comes in with her crying baby in its stroller. She says “I’m sorry, I don’t have anything to try on. My husband is doing some shopping here and I was wondering if I could use a room to breastfeed. Is that allowed?”

I didn’t know if it was allowed or not but I opened up the family room for her and put the number 0 on her door.

My manager walks by but stops beside me and whispers “Why is there a 0 on that door?” I told her that I let someone breastfeed their child in that room.

When the lady was finished, she thanked me a few times, and was on her way.

My manager comes back and she scolds me for letting her use the room to breastfeed. She told me that the rooms are only to be used for trying on clothes. Breastfeeding should only be done in a washroom (which we only have one available in the backroom, strictly for employees only) and I shouldn’t be pushing my “political agenda” at work.

Like????? I’m not pushing my political agenda on anyone, her baby was hungry geez. Get away from my fitting rooms boss.

- mod k

I listen to Christmas music before Halloween even comes.
I collect coffee mugs with inspirational quotes, though I can count on one hand how many times I’ve made coffee or tea at home.
I have a playlist full of songs I want to show my husband one day and I play them when I’m missing the warmth of someone else in my bed.
I drink out of the milk carton and I’m guilty of leaving nothing more than a drop in the fridge.
I leave the toothpaste cap off some mornings when I’m in a rush because I hit the snooze button at least 5 times.
My hands shake when I get a compliment and I’ll never look you in the eye during confrontations.
I read that humans are 96% nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon. Most days, I feel I’m 96% unlovable. There are so many reasons not to hold my hand, but I swear I’m good for it. I swear that 4% can love you bigger than you’ve ever imagined.
—  Waste your love on me - RLM

Who’s got a best friend? That one close person you can’t wait to tell all your news to. How did they become that person?

I ask as I have no bestie. I don’t even really feel like I have many friends. I don’t go out to coffee with people. It’s sort of just my husband and I. We live in the city I grew up in, but the majority of my friends moved out of town to study and didn’t come back.

How do I get a bestie?! Is this something that god will provide? I need someone, or a couple of close friends that are similar age, similar faith (believing in God is an must!), similar stage in life to me (married and wanting kids soonish - for us, things have changed - new leadership teaching job, wanna be there a year before having kids! So will be looking to ttc early next year). I just wanna journey with someone else who isn’t my hubby - he’s great but he’s not a big fan of girl talk!!

Any ideas?