how many hours did I spend on this


did even know about isak’s rapping bc he watched that video eva posted to her insta back in like s1 while he was neck deep in his own round of Cyberstalking My Crush?? how many hours did he spend those first weeks of school lurking on isak’s page and then the pages of any of isak’s mutuals / any nissen people he had maybe seen isak in the halls with just to see if they’d tagged isak in anything? how many times in a row did he watch that awful rapping video the first time he found it?? was nas even’s own romeo + juliet moment???? @ even bech i have Questions

Spread for last week of October 🍃

A couple of people have asked via comment how my spending and fitness columns work and since I can’t reply using my side blog…

Spending chart: I write down the days on the left side of what day I did some spending and where on the right. (I keep track of the amounts on my monthly spread - where my spending chart is a lot more detailed).

“Fitness”: I get the numbers from my Apple Watch. The red is calories burned, green minutes of exercise and blue for how many hours during the day I stood up for at least a minute.

(Also I had to include doodles for this week due to @studywithinspo ’s doodle videos which are 💣)

Whew. I did it. I did the thing. I ordered my new camera and lens. I should have the camera by Friday at the latest. I’m kind of freaking out spending so much money on one thing, but honestly I’ve been waiting for this for so long, and I deserve it for how many grueling hours I spent working for it. Hopefully by Monday I can go take some new photos and show you guys.

Ask me some!
  1. Can you unlock your phone without looking?
  2. How many hours do you usually spend on social media every day?
  3. Is your room messy or organized?
  4. Do you like wearing sunglasses
  5. Winter or Summer?
  6. Spring or Fall? 
  7. What are you listening to right now?
  8. What was your first tumblr url?
  9. When did you make your tumblr?
  10. How did you find out about tumblr?
  11. What other social media do you use? 
  12. What’s your favorite song at the moment?
  13. What’s your favorite band? 
  14. What’s the first album you bought and how old were you? 
  15. How old were you when you had your first kiss?
  16. What was your first kiss like? 
  17. What’s your favorite emoji? 
  18. Do you like the school you go/went to? 
  19. Are your nails currently painted? 
  20. What type of phone do you have and do you like it? 
  21. What foreign countries have you been to?
  22. How many concerts have you been to? 
  23. Have you ever been to a festival? 
  24. What’s your favorite way to spend a lazy evening?
  25. Do you like taking pictures? 
  26. Do you like taking selfies? 
  27. Who’s your favorite youtuber? 
  28. Do you have any posters in your room? 
  29. Do you have any accesoiries that you wear daily?
  30. How many languages can you speak? 
  31. Do you enjoy answering questions like this? :p 
  32. How would you describe your personality? 
  33. What’s your favorite country you’ve ever been to? 
  34. One place you still want to visit? 
  35. Do you prefer wearing T-shirts or tank tops? 
  36. Do you prefer wearing shorts, pants or skirts? 
  37. Do you drink a lot of water? 
  38. Do you spend a lot of time in your room? 
  39. Do you like inviting peole over? 
  40. What’s your favorite food? 
  41. Do you enjoy baking?
  42. Do you enjoy reading? 
  43. What’s your favorite book? 
  44. What’s your favorite movie? 
  45. Do spend a lot of time on your phone? 
  46. What’s your favorite place to shop? 
  47. Do you enjoy shopping? 
  48. Is there anything you want people to know about you when you meet them? 
  49. How would your family react if you came out as queer? 
  50. What’s your favorite animal? 
  51. Do you usually wear perfume?
  52. How long do you take to get ready in the morning? 
  53. At what time do you usually go to bed in the weekend?
  54. At what time do you usually go to bed in a schoolweek?
  55. At what time do you usually get up in the weekend?
  56. At what time do you usually get up for school? 
  57. Do you feel comfortable wearing crop tops and shorts? 
  58. Do you have trouble falling asleep at night? 
  59. Do you sleep with a nightlight or anything like that? 
  60. How often do you take a shower? 
  61. Is there any medication you take daily? 
  62. Do you think your room is big enough? 
  63. Do you enjoy swimming? 
  64. Do you play any instrument? 
  65. Do you play any sports? 
  66. Is there anything you want to say right now? 
  67. When was the last time you went on vacation? 
  68. Do you believe in love at the first sight? 
  69. Are you a virgin? 
  70. What do you think is the right age to lose your virginity? 
  71. What’s your favorite color? 
  72. Do you have kik? 
  73. What was your favorite game as a kid? 
  74. Are you single or taken?
  75. What’s your sexuality? 
  76. How many boyfriends/girlfriends have you had? 
  77. Do you enjoy listening to the radio? 
  78. What was your favorite band/artist when you were 12?
  79. What do you look for in a friend? 
  80. Do you prefer having 1 absolute best friend or a small group of good friends? 
  81. Do you think you’re good at making friends? 
  82. Do you currently have a crush on someone? 
  83. What’s your opinion on tattoos/piercings at work? 
  84. How do you feel about guys wearing pink? 
  85. What’s your dream job? 
  86. Would you like to be the president of the US? 
  87. What’s your favorite song lyric? 
  88. Do you have any band shirts?
  89. Do you think you need to listen to the band to wear their shirt? 
  90. Have you had a ‘scene phase’ or anything like that?
  91. Do you like living in this place?
  92. Are you a country or city person? 
  93. What’s your favorite movie genre? 
  94. Do you care about grammar? 
  95. Do you have a lucky number?
  96. How many phone numbers do you know by heart? 
  97. Do you think you have a bright future? 
  98. Do you like to wear hoodies? 
  99. Do you have any siblings?
  100. Do you feel like your parents support you? 

Today’s a good day

anonymous asked:

ao...was that animation done traditionally? long did that take you? (it's lovely but ao please)


(yeah it was done traditionally I made so many mistakes ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_ took me two weeks ~9 hours collectively probably and thank you)

rules: tag 20 (or so) followers you’d like to get to know better.

name: Rachel

nickname: Little sis calls me Gar.

gender: NB

star sign: Taurus

sexual orientation: Demisexual

hogwarts house: Slytherin

favorite color: Red

favorite animal: Foxes

time right now: 8:44AM

average hours of sleep: 6

cat or dog person: Cat

favorite fictional characters: (How many?)Poe Dameron, Percival Graves, Lumpy Space Princess, Saitama (of one punch man)

number of blankets i sleep with: 2

favorite singer/band: Hard to choose between Murder By Death and Shakey Graves

dream trip: Going back to Ireland and spending like, a week there exploring

dream job: Novelist (maybs we’ll work together someday liz)

when was this blog created: Fudge, like, around 2009-2010?

when did your blog reach its peak? Definitely with Kingsman

what made you decide to get a tumblr? Someone I knew at the time said I tolly should, plus I wanted to look at Thorki. 

I tag @hartwinorlose @malmao @bovega @runaway-timeout @pollymarduk @oichealainn @deadpiddy @firthsty @wizic @flamboyantsnake @buttbuttbadoo


Sometimes I wonder how and why I spend so many hours on tumblr.

And most of it is MCR and Frerard.

Like for example. Me: Pshh, it’s only 9:00 o'clock, I’m fine. *later* *blood-shot eyes slowly look up at the clock* Me: Oh my god.. Holy Geesus… Welp it’s fuckin 3am everybody! *cricket chirps* THE END (I know you’re proud everybody :D)

You know,

Because I’m trash.


Why did I even post this…?
“You’d be surprised what they teach you in the Royal Navy.”

But seriously, you know Hook worked his ass off while in the Navy.

Young Killian Jones, after a life of slavery and servitude, was finally given a chance at a better life and he put his EVERYTHING into it.

He was already an accomplished sailor - he knew how to navigate - but he’d never had a proper education. Never had an opportunity to LEARN.

And as soon has he was given that chance he busted his ass - soaking it all up - studying - trying to MAKE SOMETHING OF HIMSELF.

Learning Greek.

How many hours did he spend pouring over books at the Naval Academy?

How many years did he spend furthering his education during the centuries alone aboard the Jolly Roger?

He told Belle “I’m quite good at research”.

No wonder he choose to make himself useful in Storybrooke by helping her out in the Library. 

Killian Jones is a total nerd.

okay, so, guess what!

despite my general SPORTS PHOBIA and STRIDENT DECLARATION that, no matter HOW GAY IT IS, if a book contains SPORTS I will not read it, I finally decided that I’d had enough of a) the constant messages about THE FOXHOLE COURT and how BRILLIANT it is, b) my subsequent conversations with @kingsmeet, who’s read The Foxhole Court and did not think it was brilliant, and c) my complete bafflement, AND I DECIDED TO NUT UP AND READ THE FOXHOLE COURT

and, guys, I’m sorry,

but it is horrendous. there you go. MY LONG SOUGHT-AFTER (haha, jk) OPINION on THE FOXHOLE COURT. it is dreadful. there are so, so many things wrong with it that if I started trying to list them all I’d be here for an hour, and honestly the evening I spent reading it was so UTTERLY WASTED that I don’t want to spend any more of my time thinking about this perplexing, infuriating train wreck of strange characterisation and mystifying character motivations.  

if you think I’m being unduly harsh, well, haha, YOU RIGHT! but I’m worried that if I’m too kind I’ll be inundated by people telling me how much better the subsequent books are and how I should finish the series. thank you, I do not want to know. I read it, I did not enjoy it, we can put it to bed. Lottie out. 


tbh if i was super salty about having my art stolen i’d slap a huge ugly watermark all over it and save it in low quality jpeg ( something i just dont do cause i tbh dont wanna ruin the quality of the picture )

cause the amount of kids that i see go like “UH SHE NEVER SAID ANYTHING ABOUT PEOPLE USING IT….” or “ITS NOT ILLEGAL SO SHUT UP” things i see i am just


how much of a disappointment can you be

tbh i just dont go on hunts ‘cause this happens way too often and i am too tired to be acting as some sort of babysitter, i guess thats what i get for joining a fandom whose audience is mostly younger than me lmao

literally all u gotta do is put credit in it, telling me about it is also important

dont pull a “i love her art!” but then refuse to credit i will slap you so hard you’ll crash into fucking pluto

I did not spend hours on a picture, redoing it who knows how many times, trying to make it look as presentable as possible for some rando to come along to take it and then refuse to acknowledge someone put their time and effort into it

literally how to make sebby hate the fuck out of you 101

Hawkeye vest breakdown

So I’ve had a few people asking me about it, and after spending many hours staring at like six decent pictures and no clear ones of behind (AND ALL WITH A QUIVER ON DAMN IT) of Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye, I’m fairly certain I’ve got the construction right. I did all this prior to AoU so I was really going off the next to zero screen time of this outfit. Watching AoU though (almost the same vest with a few minor detail changes) it moved the way I thought it would, so I’m still pretty sure this is close to how the actual one works.

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I talk to my friend Noah on the phone for the past hour trying to help him because he was upset and wanted to die and I tried and tried and fucking tried I told him how many people care about him and loved him and he said I was a lier I fucking told him he was my best friend and he just said ok he told me he was up bc his mom left him when he was little and he Said it wasn’t fair seeing everyone and there moms on together on Facebook
And he fucking told me he did want to spend another Mother’s Day by him self.. And I told him he still had his dad and the rest of his family and he just said that wasn’t what he wanted that’s why I want to die because I want to feel loved by my mom and she’ll never come back to see me to tell me that that she cares or loves me and I told him I’m really sorry… And he said I’m sorry to trey and I just heard him drop the phone..
And that’s how it ended like I fucking tried to stop him he fucking CAME TO ME AND I WAS NOT THERE FOR HIM and I was no help and now he killed him self like I’m just fucking tearing up typing this like I can’t explain how I feel right now I’m tired of loosing my friends like this I’m such a shitty friend I just fuck every little thing up every times my friends come to me it always ends up like this and I just don’t no what to do anymore it’s my fault he fucking died i couldn’t be a good friend and help him…
I honestly at this point I don’t even want friends or have friendships with anyone or anything like that I’m sorry…

R.I.P. Noah Bentley