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160814 MBN Interview - About Doha

Youngdoo: just look at Doha the way how you look at him at broadcast. It’s been 3~4 years I’ve known him but I’ve never seen him angry. He’s always smiling like that. Even when he suffers disadvantage situation, he smiles. He’s so nice until the degree i wonder ’how could he live like that’. Even his stamina is good so he spend so many hours on round trip to work (practice) with bicycle

After he dreamt about being singer, Doha attend the music academy in Gangnam from home by bicycle. Why did he choose to do that?

Doha: it was around when I was 21 year-old. there was time when I cut off my ties and out of touch with everyone and burry my self in practicing only. Suddenly at that time I thought of ‘my body should be healthy so that my mind becomes healthy’. So since that time I attend my practices by riding bicycle. Sometimes even if there were days when I’m tired and I want to go comfortably, I still went by bicycle.

There’s evidence about things that Doha said before. Louoon has seen Doha from inside bus. At that time Doha was riding bicycle to go home.
Louoon: I was inside the bus while crossing Hannam Bridge and I saw Doha hyung who was riding bicycle. Even worse, it was raining on that day

All: We’ve never seen Doha hyung angry. There was time when we want to make Doha hyung angry but that was an attempt that made people angry. We tried to make Doha hyung angry but on the contary should I say I was the one who wants to be angry? I also have never seen him curse

Translated by: @hi_doha / shininglight24
Some parts are omitted and paraphrased

Like I’m honestly so tired of people thinking that live musicians should be ~inexpensive.~ 

We did not spend 15+ years dedicating our lives to learning this art so y’all could pay us some piecemeal amount. Do you fucking understand how much our instruments can cost? Do you understand how much the MAINTENANCE costs? How many hundreds of thousands of dollars we have to spend to be able to do what we do? Paying for bow rehairs, new strings, general upkeep, equipment, and sheet music? Do you understand how many hours we have spent practicing? Rehearsing?

And then you wanna act like you can’t be bothered to pay us more than like 75 fucking dollars for SEVERAL HOURS of our time. 



You betta get yaself a fucking cassette player and some goddamn speakers. 

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lets talk about the super cutie @shrapnelsong

nat is so lovely. i love nat. even though we
haven’t talked much lately ( which is totally
my fault im so sorry )
. it’s very easy to talk
with her. she’ll tell u whats on her mind or
give advice if needed. a good friend tbh.

also super fun to play video games with !!
gosh how many hours did we spend on
dst together lmao. its always a fun time
with nat and games ok.

and don’t even get me started on nat’s
writing ??? for someone speaking english
as a second language, it honestly doesn’t
seem like it at all. her writing is so smooth
and a pleasure to read and interact with. 

please check her out and love her bc she
honestly deserves it and so much more xoxo