how many hours did I spend on this

I feel like I have so many metas I want to write after that episode (which I absolutely loved btw), but I am currently obsessed with one particular line - so much so that I felt the need to write about it while I really should be doing other things.

This is the line that haunts me: “You always were a sucker for a breakfast nook”. Umm…show? I’m going to need more information about this. How often did Daisy listen to Jemma chatting about breakfast nooks?? How many hours did Jemma spend on the Bus describing her perfect home to Daisy in minute detail? Is Daisy now intimately familiar with every nook and cranny of the Perthshire cottage as it is in Jemma’s head? Did she smirk to herself when she realised that Fitz was an inherent part of this idyllic fantasy as well, and that it hadn’t occurred to Jemma that it’s not usual to picture yourself settling down for life with your best friend instead of some vaguely imagined future spouse?? Did she chuckle at the notiong of the double vanity sinks because let’s face it, Fitz is messy, and love of Jemma’s life he might be, but a girl needs space for her morning beauty routine, so a sink is the one thing she’s not willing to share. Listen show, I know you’ve got a lot going on right now, with ghosts and robots and possessed guys with flaming heads, but it is absolutely imperative that I get some more scenes of Jemma discussing her decor plans with Daisy, and Daisy not really caring one way or the other about breakfast nooks and bay windows because she has a world to save, but happy to listen anyway, because it’s wonderful to see her friend so happy.

I just love the juxtaposition of these two women and the paths that they are on, and how they intersect with each other. On the one hand you have Daisy who spent her whole life looking for her family and her purpose and her destiny, and is still lost because she thought she found it and then everything went to hell, but she’s out there saving the world anyway, because she might not know who she is anymore, but that’s what she does. And then Jemma, who has always known who her family was and what her purpose and her destiny was - she always wanted to be a scientist, and she wanted to work for Shield and use science to save the world, and she always wanted to settle down in Perthshire with Fitz. And she always wanted a breakfast nook. And here she is achieving all those goals, working away diligently at them all - with her big bag and designer workwear and serious ponytail, and her subordinates she can order around - even after having lost everything and clawing her way back and fighting for her dreams.

What Daisy and Jemma have in common is a desire to help, a desire to protect, a desire to keep people safe, and that, I think, is what they understand about each other, what they connect to in each other. Jemma has big dreams concerning her own future and her personal life, and Daisy knows all about those dreams, she’s obviously listened to them. I don’t know if Daisy has dreams of her own, I don’t think she’s ever let herself dream too much. She’s experienced too much loss and disappointment to dream, but she gets fulfilment out of focusing on the task at hand - fighting evil in all its forms and making the world a better place. It’s in Daisy’s nature to take on the world, it’s not in Jemma’s. She prefers order and diplomacy to the way of the warrior - she’ll only indulge in bad girl shenanigans when someone needs her help. Daisy takes the path of the hero, she was born to it, but Jemma seeks a quieter life, where she can help (that’s her purpose, that’s all she’s ever wanted to do - ‘I’m just trying to help”/ “I just want to help our friends”) but still have things for herself - Fitz and science and the perfect home and a life together. And a breakfast nook of course. And Daisy listened and Daisy needed Jemma’s help in taking on the world and so Daisy got Jemma her breakfast nook, even though she has nothing left herself. And I’m just feeling a lot of things about that.
Far Away From Me - Rookie
I was never the girl in that Weezer song.
By Jenny Zhang

“Was I in a decolonized relationship when my boyfriend in college told me that he dates Asian girls because they’re just “easier to handle”? Was I in possession of a liberated sexuality as a teenager when I would sneak out of my parents’ house to spend the night hanging out with older white men who proudly showed me their tattoos of random Chinese characters? Who spent hours talking about to me about the I Ching, something I had never heard of, and trying to impress me by showing me the Chinese calligraphy they had done even though it triggered bad memories of being forced to attend Chinese school on Sundays? Who kept asking me about the branch of Buddhism my family practiced no matter how many times I explained to them that we were atheists? Did I find a decolonial love when I dated a guy who would only buy me cute things like candy and stuffed animals because he liked me better that way—cute—and when I started to show other ways that I could sometimes be—opinionated, loud, ungrateful, crude, aggressive, indelicate—he liked me less and eventually broke up with me? Did I exhibit a liberatory sexuality all the times I fake giggled or smiled through clenched teeth when a man told me that, unlike white girls or Latina girls or black girls, Asian girls are just more naturally into pleasing, and on top of that, we tended to have perky breasts and smooth skin?”


idk i love that that dan and phil announce things that are way different to other youtubers cough everyone in gleam with a book cough like this whole EE sim card thing, they did that so we could get free internet…like…that’s fucking awesome seeing as the majority of us spend every hour of the day on here, think of all the phanfiction you can read with your data think of how many times you can re-watch pinof with your data COME ON PEOPLE THEY DID THIS FOR US AND IT’S FUCKING AWESOME i wish people would be more appreciative and realise they fucking care

I talk to my friend Noah on the phone for the past hour trying to help him because he was upset and wanted to die and I tried and tried and fucking tried I told him how many people care about him and loved him and he said I was a lier I fucking told him he was my best friend and he just said ok he told me he was up bc his mom left him when he was little and he Said it wasn’t fair seeing everyone and there moms on together on Facebook
And he fucking told me he did want to spend another Mother’s Day by him self.. And I told him he still had his dad and the rest of his family and he just said that wasn’t what he wanted that’s why I want to die because I want to feel loved by my mom and she’ll never come back to see me to tell me that that she cares or loves me and I told him I’m really sorry… And he said I’m sorry to trey and I just heard him drop the phone..
And that’s how it ended like I fucking tried to stop him he fucking CAME TO ME AND I WAS NOT THERE FOR HIM and I was no help and now he killed him self like I’m just fucking tearing up typing this like I can’t explain how I feel right now I’m tired of loosing my friends like this I’m such a shitty friend I just fuck every little thing up every times my friends come to me it always ends up like this and I just don’t no what to do anymore it’s my fault he fucking died i couldn’t be a good friend and help him…
I honestly at this point I don’t even want friends or have friendships with anyone or anything like that I’m sorry…

R.I.P. Noah Bentley

5+ years ago I took a huge plunge in moving far away from my family and to Southern California. No idea what I was getting myself into but knew I was meant for more and something different than the situation I was in and I knew I needed to break away. There were struggles, ups and downs, totaled cars, lost jobs, last minute moves, and multiple failures and countless hours a week at jobs I hated while spending every other waking minute of free time trying to make the other things I really wanted to do happen for myself. I can’t imagine where I would be right now and how different things would be if I hadn’t done what I did, then, and many times since the. What I was so scared to do. But it’s a reminder in EVERY situation since, to not be afraid of anything, to take the risk, to try something new, no matter what happens, I feel I’ve been through the worst of it and nothing else can get me down now or defeat me. I’ve hit my lowest at times and made it through and know anything is possible. I’ve never been one to look at the new year as a start of a new beginning or a reason to make changes/act different “from that point forward” or set resolutions on that day, but it is a great reminder of the times and things that have been fresh starts for myself all throughout the year, the important milestones for myself.

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tbh if i was super salty about having my art stolen i’d slap a huge ugly watermark all over it and save it in low quality jpeg ( something i just dont do cause i tbh dont wanna ruin the quality of the picture )

cause the amount of kids that i see go like “UH SHE NEVER SAID ANYTHING ABOUT PEOPLE USING IT….” or “ITS NOT ILLEGAL SO SHUT UP” things i see i am just


how much of a disappointment can you be

tbh i just dont go on hunts ‘cause this happens way too often and i am too tired to be acting as some sort of babysitter, i guess thats what i get for joining a fandom whose audience is mostly younger than me lmao

literally all u gotta do is put credit in it, telling me about it is also important

dont pull a “i love her art!” but then refuse to credit i will slap you so hard you’ll crash into fucking pluto

I did not spend hours on a picture, redoing it who knows how many times, trying to make it look as presentable as possible for some rando to come along to take it and then refuse to acknowledge someone put their time and effort into it

literally how to make sebby hate the fuck out of you 101

I spent three hours this morning rescuing my YouTube videos. Without any warning or flag YouTube sent me a notice saying that they deleted a video of mine because they marked it as spam. I would have appreciated a warning so that I could adjust a simple issue in the description box that their new search engine didn’t like. So I spent three hours this morning rescuing as many of my YouTube videos as possible. While this wasn’t how I wanted to spend my morning, I sat there and did what I could to save my channel. Today’s #YogiAssignment is Endurance. Sometimes you have to dive into something that you would you rather not in order to accomplish a larger goal. Sometimes you have to stay the course despite impatience, annoyance, frustration, irritation or a whole host of other obstacles. When I first wanted to publish a book, make a yoga video and write blogs every single person that I reached out to rejected me. I couldn’t get a book agent, let alone a publisher. I couldn’t find one video company that wanted me to make a yoga video. No one believed in me. But I endured. Endurance is the waiting game, the patience and humility to take one small step forward in the journey of yoga and life, even when no one has your back. When I wanted to press up into handstand and jump back people said I would never do it because I was the wrong shape and my legs were too big. But I endured. Endurance is the calm, steady strong mind that is willing to show up and put in the work each day, no matter what that work is. Endurance is the opposite of entitlement, it is patience and humility, the yogi’s mind and heart. #practiceyogachangeyourworld #onebreathatatime Share your stories of endurance with me today. Is there a pose that you’re working on that seems totally out of reach? Is there a life goal that you feel like you’re only moving backwards on? Or a health issue that you need to endure? Photo by @alesigismondi

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I did spend many hours wanting to cry because you answered every eight hours. It reminded me of how much I need of someone else to save me. Then I pictured myself at night, alone, crying till my skin itched and my eyes burned. And I remember you weren’t there, nor him, nor her, not them. Yet here I am, and although I might forget to remember it, I still have that power inside of me. That power that will make me believe I’m beautiful, worth it and not in need of your love at any time. It’s been between me and my dreams all along. Nothing can beat me wuthout my consent, and baby from this moment on, I will not give anybody else the pleasure of getting in my mind. I can manage this without eating my own brain. Instead, I’ll nourish it.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #11 (@teenxie)

okay, so, guess what!

despite my general SPORTS PHOBIA and STRIDENT DECLARATION that, no matter HOW GAY IT IS, if a book contains SPORTS I will not read it, I finally decided that I’d had enough of a) the constant messages about THE FOXHOLE COURT and how BRILLIANT it is, b) my subsequent conversations with @kingsmeet, who’s read The Foxhole Court and did not think it was brilliant, and c) my complete bafflement, AND I DECIDED TO NUT UP AND READ THE FOXHOLE COURT

and, guys, I’m sorry,

but it is horrendous. there you go. MY LONG SOUGHT-AFTER (haha, jk) OPINION on THE FOXHOLE COURT. it is dreadful. there are so, so many things wrong with it that if I started trying to list them all I’d be here for an hour, and honestly the evening I spent reading it was so UTTERLY WASTED that I don’t want to spend any more of my time thinking about this perplexing, infuriating train wreck of strange characterisation and mystifying character motivations.  

if you think I’m being unduly harsh, well, haha, YOU RIGHT! but I’m worried that if I’m too kind I’ll be inundated by people telling me how much better the subsequent books are and how I should finish the series. thank you, I do not want to know. I read it, I did not enjoy it, we can put it to bed. Lottie out. 

The dream of becoming mangaka.

I’ve been wanting to write a post like this for ages. I’m finally lazy enough to procrastinate from work to do it.

Please, understand I don’t mean to offend anyone, and if I do because of my words and thoughts, I’m deeply sorry. Still, this is something I want to share:

About the dream of becoming mangaka.

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A student who was previously ignorant but after knowledge, he looks down upon is his teacher.

An individual who was previously poor but after wealth, turns against the very person who’d stood besides him.

A teenager who spent great years under care of their parents but the moment they attain maturity & independence, they trouble their parents

A poet once said: 

 أعلمه الرماية كل يـومٍ *** فلمّا أشتد ساعده رماني وكم علمته نظم القوافي *** فلمّا قال قافيةٍ هجانـي

I used to teach him archery everyday but when his arms became strong, he launched an arrow me.
And how many hours did I spend teaching him poetry, but when he uttered a poem, he insulted me.

So I messaged the person who stole me gifs, along with many others in the Teen Wolf fandom, Shadowhunters fandom, as well as Dr. Who. And asked them nicely to remove it before I took it up with Tumblr and I’m cackling. Are they seriously claiming it to be their own?

See original post about what they stole HERE to see that they did in fact steal my gifs and please signal boost it.

Please don’t let them get away with how much work they’ve stolen. Gifs are fanart too, makers spend hours sometimes making these gifs for everyone on Tumblr to enjoy, not steal. Please check their edits tag, and report them. Don’t let them get away with this stuff.

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Soorries I took for ever on this… I wanted do this when I go my laptop (Which I finally did :3 )

Nicknames: Mr. (I don’t how this happened, my friends starting calling this)
Gender: Male
If I had a cat, what would I name it: Rus
Height: 5′7
Hogwarts House:  Gryffindor
Favorite color: green
Time right now: 10:59pm (EST)
Average hours of sleep: ~5
Favorite number: 125
Last thing you googled: Swirls
Blankets you sleep with: 1~2
Fictional character you want as your younger sibling: Too many to count…. but one of the top ones would be Sorcey
Favorite Band/ Artists: Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Dream trip: Spend a week in Japan
What am I wearing right now: Meh Pj’s
When I made this blog: Like a year ago I think, it’s been a while
How many blogs I follow: 50+
What I post about: FFXIV, other gaming stuff, maybe some real life stuffs

@dennydraws @azurederpgoon @anime-manga-forever-otaku @coqui430
@winter-cakes and anyone else who wants to do this