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I would like to inform my followers that this blog supports the LGBT+ individuals and community. Always has, always will. As a bisexual person, I know. I know that it gets hard. It gets so hard. But don’t kill yourself Tonight. I found someone special tonight and I found myself in her eyes. Hell, she saves me. Someday, someone will walk into your life and make you live again. Believe me it will happen and I’m sure. The world does not lack true and caring people. Some of them really DO care. SOMEONE out there is MADE for you. I know I will lose a lot of followers, and that makes me so sad. Sad because so many of you think that the LGBT individuals should not be treated equally. I don’t care about how many followers I have. In fact , please unfollow me IMMEDIATELY if you don’t support the LGBT community and individuals. But I won’t tolerate a word against my Followers.

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Hello, I am a black American female. I am in fact black and get nothing from lying about what race I am. I am not a fan of Meghan Markle, I wasn’t when I watched suits and I am not now that she’s in a relationship with Prince Harry. I find it highly disgusting that people in this fandom immediately label someone as a racist because they don’t like Meghan. There is nothing in any handbook or written on any stone that says because I am a black woman I should automatically like all other black women. You can’t like everyone and everyone can’t like like you, it’s life and it damn sure ain’t fair. I know this will only fuel those that yell RACIST in their sleep now that it’s muscle memory, but that’s the difference between you and Meghan and myself. I can take a hit, I can take a threat l, I can’t take racist and rude remarks because that’s what has happened for years. And before you black men and women in and out of the fandom that yell RACIST to anyone that doesn’t like Meghan say ‘oh it’s because she’s has lighter skin’ or 'she’s probably prettier than you and your black ass’. I have all shades of black people in my family and I would suggest you take a step back and into a library start reading your history. That goes for you none black individuals who are following someone else’s lead. Anyways I look forward to people telling me I’m a racist and I’m lying about who or what I am. Have a fantastic weekend.

Let’s see how many followers I lose after this.

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Hi old friends! Remember me? I was wondering how many of my followers are still on, starting up, or are interested in weight loss? Like or re-blog this if so! I’m getting my blog together to talk about the picture that grabbed me a lot of positive AND negative attention (top photo from years ago). The second photo is me today. I will also be talking about my ups and downs since then and how I’ve finally learned to lose the weight and keep it off! Also, how my life has overall changed. I am so excited to share it with you!

Head over to my Instagram @parisritchie to be updated on my life, love, and travels.. I’ll soon be sharing a lot of my routine on there! Also I’d love to see what you’re all up to or to get a look at your regimens.. and keep an eye out for my first blog and post coming up this week! I’ve been working on this for a while and drawing up a “how to” guide for what worked for me. I’ll be looking forward to what you all think!

Thank you to all of those on here who have always been so kind. Also, send me updates on your progress or struggles. I want to hear. Talk soon, loves!

Torn Part 8

You can read the other parts here.

You finally made your way to your apartment and Jen gasped in horror when she saw your condition.

“Eric did this to you?” Jen asked shocked as she help you out of his lounge pants and t-shirt. She gasped when she saw all the welts and bruises all over your body.

“I need a hot bath.” You told your best friend.

“How could you let him do this to you?” Jen asked as she followed your naked, swollen body into the bathroom.

“He didn’t do anything to me I didn’t want him too.” You told her as put in the tub stopper and turned on the hot water.

“Have you seen how you look?” Jen pulled you over to the full-length mirror. She was right you were black and blue almost everywhere and welts were forming all over your body. You sighed as you looked over your body and turned to look at your back which showed long nail scratches that were bleeding a little and welting up.

“My God what did he do to you?”

“He made me come at least three times and they were so intense Jen I thought I was going to pass out.” You told her as you lowered yourself in the tub.

“Was it worth it Y/N?”

You looked over at Jen and thought a moment before answering.

“Yes. Yes it was worth it.” You felt your core throbbing and thought of your pain pills.

“If I knew he would be this rough I would told you to go to Four.” Jen said as she looked you over again.

“Jen can you get me some pain pills and a glass of water. Jen was hesitant to leave you but she did as she was told. As you laid in the tub your felt Eric’ cum seeping out of you and plopping down in the water. The warm water felt so good against your bruises and welts. After popping some pain pills you slowly got out he tub and dried yourself. Looking in the mirror, you were glad your face and neck were healing. You could easily hide Eric’s marks with long sleeves. After putting on a sanitary pad and your pajamas, you slowly crawled into bed. You dreamt of Eric all night and woke up sore and wet. You had an orgasm in your dream. Eric could bring you to an orgasm even in your dreams. You winced with pain as you got up to start your day. You were glad the next several weeks you would be sitting at a computer and not training initiates. Your body was sore and stiff. You decided to take the elevator to work and meet Jen there who already started to sprint down the stairs. You leaned back and closed your eyes as the elevator descended and stopped at a lower level where Four got on. Shit! You looked away from him as you knew he was still pissed at you.

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[wizzard voice] it’s christmas!!!!! so its nearing that time of year and i really wanted to do a big follow forever to just let everyone know how thankful i am for them. i had to remake this blog a couple of months ago and while i was devastated losing my last blog, i’m so happy on my new account - i’ve met so many new people i adore as well as keeping my treasured friends here!! this year has been difficult, there’s no doubt about it, and i think it’s so important to spread as much love as possible when we can, so here’s a massive follow forever because i love everyone in this bar. if i missed you out i am so sorry, i just tried to include as many as i could! happy holidays, everyone!!

part i

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Tain: Is He Really A Monster?

Oh boy, look at this big ol’ can of worms I’m about to slice open! Let’s see how many followers I lose for this one.

It seems to be an almost universal thing in this fandom that Tain is hated. He was a cold, abusive, man who wouldn’t even claim his own son–or was he? Before I dive into this anymore I am going to say this: I do not condone abuse. Abuse is wrong. I’m not defending abusers. I am simply interested in laying out the information and seeing if we might be able to look at them in a more objective, logical, manner.

Fandom pretty much accepts that Tain is the Asshole of All Assholes, that he was abusive and unloving to Garak, and caused his claustrophobia, among other things.

The claustrophobia issue seems the easiest to address so I will attack that one first.

The commonly accepted thing in fanon is that Garak’s claustrophobia stems from Tain locking him into closets as a punishment when he was a child. I’ve even fallen into thinking this too as it is very easy to go along with these things when they are so widely reinforced.

But Jerry, you say, Garak SAID that Tain locked him a closet when he was a child. Yes, he did… Garak says many things, and very few of them are true. I think it’s very, very, likely that this was a lie and here’s why. Garak mentions the closet story as an explanation for his claustrophobia while he’s having a ‘therapy’ session with Ezri. Garak doesn’t like Ezri. He’s told her off before. He’s not an open person AT ALL. He has no reason to be honest with her. He’s far closer with his friend Bashir and he lies to Julian all the time. Do we REALLY believe that Garak is going to be truthful to Ezri during a therapy session? He’s already told her he doesn’t have daddy issues (I think he does, just maybe not the ones people generally think of) so contributing his claustrophobia to his father? He’s telling Ezri what she wants to hear. Garak knows how to play the game, and he’s playing it.

Furthermore, Garak speaks about the root of his claustrophobia another time, and oddly enough this seems to get ignored in fandom because… well… it’s accepted that it was Tain’s fault.

The second time we hear an explanation for Garak’s claustrophobia is when he’s ALONE, having a claustrophobic attack, and talking to himself. Now, in which scenario is Garak more likely to be truthful? When he’s in a ridiculous therapy session with someone he does not like nor trust (okay, who does Garak REALLY trust?), or when he’s alone and already panicking. It’s very difficult to lie when one is panicking, and what reason would he have to lie about that when he’s by himself? In this scene Garak mentions when he was held captive and the walls were moving/collapsing on him.

If we’re going to dissect Garak’s lies and truth… it seems pretty obvious which of these is more likely to be true.

Going on from the talk of Garak’s lies… we all know that Garak lies. We know to listen to him differently because any truth he is speaking is wrapped up in all of this other stuff. We know we can’t take it at face value and we have to tear it apart and really think about it to figure out the heart of what he is getting at.

I wonder how Garak learned to lie so well? Do we think that someone taught him these skills? Who would have been his teacher… obviously that would have been Tain. So if we know and accept that we have to read Garak with these special lie/truth goggles, then we probably should be looking at Tain in the same way. Ouch, right? If we give Tain that same glance… it might just show us something that’s not as big of a monster as fandom wants it to be.

Now, I’m going to give some examples of how this could be true when looking at Tain through ‘Garak goggles’.

Enabran Tain:   Oh, don’t thank me. I’m not doing Garak any favors. He doesn’t deserve a quick death. On the contrary, I want him to live a long, miserable life. I want him to grow old on that station, surrounded by people who hate him, knowing that he’ll never come home again.
Dr. Julian Bashir:   What a lovely sentiment.
Enabran Tain:   And it’s from the heart, I assure you. 

This sounds like a very awful thing to say about your son. Everyone hates Tain for saying this. We hear it and immediately want to punch him in the face because WE LOVE GARAK and we MUST PROTECT HIM. But wait…

If we are looking at these statements the same way we’d look at them if Garak said this things what would we see? After all, Garak’s said nasty things that we don’t believe as being true, right? Like his whole ‘I hate this place and I hate you’ speech to Julian. It’s not the best comparison because yes, Garak is coming down off of his wire, so he’s very angry and out of it. But nobody in fandom believes that Garak really hates Julian. So, back to this Tain thing. How much of what Tain is saying is true?

“I want him to live a long life. I want him to grow old.”

What if that is the truth in that paragraph? The truth that is surrounded by all these hard, cruel, cold things? Well WHY would someone’s father say that if they loved them? Tain’s the head of the Obsidian Order, that’s why. He talks about sentiment, how it cannot be afforded, yet Garak has always been his weakness.

The fact that Tain wants Garak to live is repeated again later on.

Enabran Tain:   Elim - promise me one thing.
Elim Garak:   I’m listening.
Enabran Tain:   Don’t die here. Escape. Live.
Elim Garak:   Let me guess - so that I can make the Dominion pay for what they’ve done to you?
Enabran Tain:   You wouldn’t deny an old man his revenge, would you?
Elim Garak:   I’ll do as you ask - on one condition: that you don’t ask me this favor as a mentor or a superior officer - but as a father asking his son.

Don’t die here. Escape. LIVE.

Tain is dying, and he says this to Garak. Garak’s next line makes me wonder if Garak is covering for Tain’s ‘weakness’ by saying ‘oh let me guess so I can make people pay’ and Tain remembers his mask and says, yes, you wouldn’t deny an old man his revenge, would you? If you listen to the tones of their voices during those lines it really sounds this little cover that they are holding up to remind each other that Tain doesn’t like this idea of ‘sentiment’. I’m not sure I’m explaining that well or not but… listen to the tone of voices there. Then Garak’s tone and demeanor changes to something very serious. He wants to address Tain as his son. Things are getting real, we’re lowering the mask a bit again because there’s not much time left.

Enabran Tain:   Elim - remember that day in the country? You must have been almost five.
Elim Garak:   How can I forget it? It was the only day.
Enabran Tain:   I can still see you… on the back of that riding hound. You must have fallen off a dozen times. But you never gave up.
Elim Garak:   I remember limping home… You held my hand.
Enabran Tain:   I was very proud of you… that day…

This conversation is always a hard one to watch. It’s painful. Garak does have his daddy issues. He would do anything to gain this man’s approval. He wants very much to please his father, and to have some sort of acknowledgement that he was a good son. Tain begins on this story about ‘that day in the country’. How can I forget it? It was the only day.

I always found the wording in the line ‘it was the only day’ a little odd. I couldn’t figure out why. It just seemed like a strange answer from Garak. But finally after puzzling over it, I think I may have figured out why. I don’t think that nice day in the country exists. Obviously that is my opinion, but again, we have to take into account how Garak lies, and who he learned to lie from, and both of these liars are holding a conversation with each other so what is really happening?

More double talking and tidbits of truth wrapped in stories, as Cardassians do. Garak asks Bashir to come to his shop and buy a suit, but that’s not what he wants. Another odd part of the conversation to me was always “I was very proud of you… that day”.  Everything Garak says is very deliberate all the way down to word choice, tone, inflection, and pauses. Tain speaks the same way. He adds on ‘that day’ after a pause that is pretty drawn out so that it almost seems awkward. Why the pause? Because he’s still keeping the little riding hound story going and hiding his truths in there. I think that maybe the important bit of the riding hound story is this:

You never gave up.

You held my hand.

I was very proud of you.

“You never gave up” is pretty self explanatory: Elim, you have never given up, no matter what has happened to you.

“You held my hand”: Enabran, you were my mentor, my teacher. You metaphorically held my hand.

“I was very proud of you”: Not just on ‘that day’. Really. I was very proud of you.

This is how Cardassians, or at the very least, how Garak and Tain speak. They speak in riddles, metaphors, pauses, nuance, and lies.

You may still be asking some questions, though. If this is possibly true that Tain is not this ‘monster’, then why did Tain exile Garak? Exile was HELL for Garak. WHY would Tain do that to him if he gave a damn?

To protect him.

But why would Tain refuse to acknowledge Garak as his son? He does this even on his death bed at first–’But you’re not my son!’ he says, in an almost panicked, NOT vicious or hateful, voice.

To protect him.

Being head of the Obsidian Order is dangerous. It is not only dangerous to that head, but it is dangerous to the family of that head, and anyone that person cares for. Cardassians are vicious and ruthless. How better to hurt your enemy than by killing off his child? Family is everything.

Tain denies that Garak is his son. But he doesn’t kill him (even though he says ‘I should have had your mother killed before you were born’), he does not orphan Garak and turn him out onto the streets, either. Tain keeps him close in his own home. Tain sets him up with parental figures. Even if Tolan isn’t Garak’s father, even if Garak’s parents are a lie, he still at least has these adult parental figures who care for him in his life. He is given a surrogate family. He is raised with food, clothing, and shelter.

Tain even makes sure that Garak has a future by teaching him himself, and bringing him into the family business, so to speak. Now, I’m not saying it’s a good thing to mold your kid into being a spy, assassin, etc. I’m not saying Tain did EVERYTHING out of the GOODNESS of his heart. Garak was useful to him too. Garak was a tool. Tain knew there was potential there and he wanted to use it and maybe it’s likely that he would have liked to have seen his son take his place as head of the Order when he was too old to continue. A lot of parents are like that–they put that kind of thing onto their child. 

In this way Tain kind of reminds me of a godfather–not that kind of godfather, but a mafia godfather. To outsiders that life seems harsh, ruthless, dangerous, not something most of us would want for a child, not something most of us would want our parents to do to us. But… this is just sort of what Tain does. If you’re a mafia boss or a career criminal you are used to training people to do these things, you are used to death, and violence, and danger. That’s just the life. That’s just the way it is.

This doesn’t even take into account that we’re speaking of a whole other alien culture here. It seems to me that Cardassians and humans do not often think the same way–different morals, values, brain wiring, cultural/societal norms, etc. Of course there are exceptions to anything. But out of all the Cardassians we see, how many of them seemed very concerned with the sort of morals humans do? How many of them seem to view death, or killing, in the same light as humans do? There are some, yes. But a lot of Cardassians seem to be just wired with this ‘do what you have to do’ attitude.

You do what you have to do to climb the ladder of power and gain respect if you’re Dukat. You do what you have to do for Cardassia if you are Garak, and Damar. You do what you have to do for your family.

Which leads me to one last thing.

Why does fandom really want to latch onto and support Garak’s ‘tragic backstory’? There could be many reasons. It is true that characters often become more easily to relate to when they have something like this, but maybe Garak doesn’t need it. Do people support it to give Garak an ‘excuse’ for some of his actions? Probably–but I think doing too much of that takes away some of Garak’s Cardassian-ness. Oh, I think a bit of it can be applied–as I said I do think Garak does have some daddy issues. I’m not saying that all of Tain’s choices were ‘good’ (whatever ‘good’ means) or that some of them did not give Garak some issues. It seems obvious that Garak REALLY wants yadek’s approval. He really wants to be a good son. He needed to hear before Tain died that Tain was proud of him–so one could conjecture it’s quite possible that Tain was not the type of mentor to tell Garak that he was proud of him, that he’d done a good job, and Garak has needed to hear it from Tain that he was a good son.

Garak’s drive is always that more than anything else I think–to be a good son to Tain, and to be a good son to Cardassia.

He doesn’t need a tragic backstory to excuse the things he has done in his past, or to make up for them, or to place the blame elsewhere. Garak has done horrible things. Does he feel guilty over any of them? Maybe. Probably. But he did them and why…

For Cardassia. Because Family is Everything. Because Garak is a Cardassian.

Is Garak a monster because he’s done these things? Yes, and no. Is Tain a monster for the things he’s done? Yes, and no. It depends upon whose eyes you are viewing from… from Federation eyes, or Cardassian eyes. Everything is subjective. I think if we take off our human-emotional goggles and re-watch these things while thinking like a Cardassian we will find that there is a LOT more to these stories and words than what meets the eye. Don’t accept every word as the truth. Read around it, above it, below it, behind it. To understand a Cardassian you have to think like one and if we do that… then I think we might find ourselves a little closer to the truth than we were before.

Why I started to watch Sense8

In 2015, I was familiar with Netflix but never truly found a show produced by the network that drew me in. So needless to say, I was ready to lose interest in the network all together and leave the subscription solely for my brother to use.

However, I am an avid Youtube watcher and follow many LGBT couples. One of my favorite gay daily vloggers, Shep689, posted about this show called “Sense8″ and how it was one of the most amazing, classic Sci-Fi, inclusive, diverse show he had ever seen. Inclusive? Diverse? Sci-Fi? I am in! I immediately went to Netflix to find the series and was hooked by the 4th episode.

As a person with a disability, I know how important it is to be inclusive. Some critics say that this show is too “left” and shoves the diverse cast down our throat. I don’t think it at all! Instead, they use their differences to assist each other in some way or find common ground in their pasts. I believe this is an incredible task that the writers were able to accomplish. And the way the entire Season 1 and 2 were shot? Oh my god. The cinematography in itself is worth watching this show.

Like many others, I just find it completely unfair that shows which had an end (like 13 Reasons Why) were given another season when a show that isn’t even the highest costing show, which was left on a cliffhanger, is shot down mere weeks after its Season 2.

Like how How I Met Your Mother and Medium (two of my favorite shows) ended, I am still heart-broken. I will never fully recover from this abrupt end and I do not think I am the only one that feels this way.

Sometimes I miss the old times when tried out a lot more things - when I was still light-footed. That’s something I really admire about a lot of photographers who are just starting out. Their technic might not be good by now but their ideas are so free. Too many of those who’s work I follow for years (definitely including myself here!) seem to lose that freedom and tend to do the same thing most of the time.
It feels so similar to growing up - losing that unique, free way of thinking we had when we were children.

So here I am posting a quite old photo that reminds me of how free my ideas where years ago. I will try to find ways to return to that. Any advice how to get there is very welcome.

akai-vampire  asked:

Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly. Then, you have to send this to ten of your favorite followers. (non-negotiable, positivity is cool~) 🌈🌈

Hmmm, let’s see!

1. I really like my open mind and the ability to be analytical and examine situations from a variety of angles without making too many judgements up front. And where I don’t have an open mind originally, I like that I have the capacity to listen and change if necessary. I hope I never lose that.

2. I like that I know how to make myself happy, without fail. I am my own best friend and while I have been conditioned to be hard on myself, I am making progress on learning to be better.

3. I love that I have the ability to sing/play guitar and then perform those things publicly - maybe that means I like my ability to be courageous in those situations. While I still experience nerves at times, it’s a lot of fun ultimately and I know it takes a lot of guts to do, and that not everyone can do it.

4. I really like my appearance - while I know this is conditioning as well, I am thankful I have been blessed with conventional items of beauty, i.e. tall, thin, athletic frame, long eyelashes - I think my eyes are my best feature tbh.

5. I have an active mind, interested in almost too many things, I am almost never bored. There is always something that I want to do.

Transphobic dialogue everyone ignores from their favorite character of The L Word

Disclaimer: Yes, I have purposefully omitted Jenny from this list, not because she wasn’t wrong, but because everyone conveniently remembers ALL of her wrongdoings while simultaneously ignoring their fave when they mess up as if no one is going to notice their hypocrisy. And for the most part, no one does. Until me. The L Word police. Don’t cross me.


Disclaimer Part III: And I want to point out, lastly, that this is just specific dialogue. There’s a certain manner in which several, if not all of these characters treated Max throughout the show. Like an outsider, someone who was faking it, someone who didn’t belong. Again, feel free to add certain instances where no verbal transphobia occurred, but was insinuated in other ways. Thanks.


  • 3x12: “Oh I see my friends down there.”
    Random lady: “The two boys on the snowboards?
    “Well, they’re not boys. Well… one of them is… sort of.”
  • 5x01: Phyllis: “I’m actually a little embarrassed because I don’t know what the T stands for… lesbian, gay, bisexual… um, tentative?
    “Good one. T is for tr*nnies. Like Max.”
  • 5x04: “Max, you invaded my space to put out your own agenda and it wasn’t cool at all! But here’s what I’ll do, you can blog once a week, I’ll put you in your own little box on the homepage, not with the Guest-bians-" 
    Max: ”Why not with the Guest-bians?“ 
    "Because it’s a lesbian site Max! And I just don’t want to get bombarded by a bunch of dykes flipping out about this transgender thing.”
  • 5x05: Max: “I think there’s something off about her. Like she’s not who she pretends to be.
    “You’re one to talk there, Max.”
  • 6x06: (Max hyperventilating at baby shower)
    “Is she throwing up?”


  • 5x04: Jodi: “I’m happy for Tom, he really wants a boyfriend.
    “Girlfriend.” (winks)
    (Jodi laughs)


  • 3x02: Shane: “I feel like a pinata.
    “You’re too small to be a pinata, but how about the top of a tr*nny wedding cake?”


  • 3x09: “So removing your breasts and changing yourself into a man is going to solve all of your problems?”
    Max: "I know that won’t happen, but people will start to see me for who I am.“
    "You know, it just saddens me to see so many of our strong butch girls giving up their womanhood to be a man. We’re losing our warriors, our greatest women. And I don’t want to lose you.”
    Max: "I’m not following some trend.
    "What if I lived my life feeling white inside and the next day I woke up and I could change the color of my skin, the features on my face to become white? Would you encourage me to do that?”
    Max: “I don’t know, do you feel white inside?
    “What’s white inside? What’s male inside? What’s female inside. Why can’t you be the butchest butch in the world and keep your body?”
    Max: "Because I want to feel whole. I want the outside of me to match the inside of me.
    "You’ll be giving up the most precious thing in the world.”
    Max: "What, my tits?
    "No. Being a woman.”
  • 6x06: (Max hyperventilating at baby shower)
    “Give her air!”


  • 3x09: (Jenny/Max fighting)
    “Don’t hurt her. Or I’ll fucking cut your tits off, you understand?”
SW couples and Anime Tropes

If you did not know I am not only a shipping trash but I am also an anime trash. (Does this guy even have a life? No, he doesn’t)

So one day I decided to think about how our main SW couples would be adapted in anime media and then I realised… All of them fit anime archetypes perfectly already. And when I analized them I realised why some of these couples resonate with me more than others.

Now let’s look at our first canon couple - Anidala.

This is a cautionary tale about senpai who noticed the wrong guy. Padme is a very smart woman but her taste in men sucks, to be honest. Instead of going for Obi Juan, The Galaxy’s only Ho, she goes for the creepiest guy in the neighborhood (not counting our great pal Palpatine) - young clingy Anakin Skywalker who wants to be noticed by senpai. At first glance, he’s pretty okay. I mean, he’s hot although kinda awkward. But….

Originally posted by the-starwars-universe

In truth, Anakin is the perfect example of yandere - the character that starts off as loving and caring but the moment they establish their relationship with their loved one…. 

Originally posted by v2-vector

They become extremely possessive, jealous and overprotective. And Anakin was this way long before Palpatine started playing with his mind (probably due to the fact that he was separated from his mother - the only person who loved him uncondtionally…. until he found another mother figure…. Yeah)

Of course, their possessive “love” doen’t help and usually things end badly.

And Anidala follows this scenario to a tee. Anakin wanted to protect Padme but in the end he was the one who harmed her. A tragic example of self-fulfilling prophecy.

So, there is no surprise that the daughter of our yandere also has her own anime archetype. Of course we are talking about Leia Organa - our favourite movie tsundere (she was one of the first, actually, if you think about it).

Originally posted by hexzell

Tsundere is a character who acts aloof and uncaring but deep down they have a tender and loving side that just waits for a right senpai to resurface itself.  The word is derived from the terms tsun tsun (ツンツン), meaning to turn away in disgust, and dere dere (デレデレ) meaning to become ‘lovey dovey’.

In anime most of the female(and half of male)  characters are this archetype which isn’t bad when they are done right.

Thankfully Leia Organa is the the example of tsundere done right.

The main appeal of such types of character of course is their character development. It’s always satisfying to witness a transformation where the character who was once cold and distant becomes loving, affectionate and caring. It’s the stuff you want to write about.

You just need to pick a right character to pair with your tsundere. And while many anime series tend to pair these characters with the most boring self-insert characters in existence, in SW our tsundere’s partner is Han Solo - Jerk with the Heart of Gold - the type of character that matches tsundere perfectly (because they are too a little tsunderish)

Originally posted by purple-lightsaber

I don’t care about you or anything, b-baka

Han and Leia’s romance is one of the highlights of the SW saga and, in my opinion, it’s the main reason why Empire is the most beloved film in this franchise.

As much as we love to deny it, everybody loves a good romance (even the dude-bro types). I know it. You know it. Disney and Lucasfilm executives know it as well and they want to make that new sweet cash pretty badly. And considering that TFA was quite successful they want to multiply their profits by introducing the new couple in their franchise. And it’s going to be the most epic one.

Let’s recap. In prequels we had a creepy yandere paired with senpai who deserved better, in the original trio a cute and fierce tsundere was paired with the Jerk with the Heart of Gold.

What could possibly be more interesting and engaging. Well… What if… We pair two tsundere characters together…. Oh boy!

Originally posted by leialovesdarcy

Double the character development, double the bickering, double the cuteness!!!!

Of course, Kylo doesn’t feel compassion for a scavenger (momma’s boy! Such a tsundere)! Of course, Rey doesn’t want to be involved with the monstah (let’s be honest, Obi Wan Kenobi is the most tsunderish character in the series after Leia so what do you expect from his grankid)! We all know how it begins for our tsunderes! And we all know how it ends (spoiler alert - they smooch a lot)

This shit will produce tons of money!!!! And Disney loves money, so it will NEVER miss the opportunity to use perfectly marketable romance with tons of merchandise to sell (you wonder why Rey and Kylo merch so often paired together in shops? It’s marketing done right!)

And believe me - tsundere x tsundere romance is the best thing to ship. It has angst, it has the feels, it has the fluff - it’s every shipping trope put together in a nice package. 

A few examples for your shipping pleasure (and for those who want to know how Reylo will most probably progress)

Originally posted by mkush

Darcy and Elizabeth from Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen was the first one who realised that if you give the character development to both of your romantic leads their romance would be more enjoyable!!! Who would’ve thought!

Originally posted by kdanna03

Captain Swan from Once upon a Time - UNF!!!! So hot! While Emma Swan is your classic tsundere, Killian Jones is a sneakier type. He is the one who pursues Emma but for him it was just a strange infatuation, a whim. But… as Emma preidicted he couldn’t handle it, and when she kissed the hell out of this “womanizer” suddenly tsunderish tendencies started to appear. 

And some anime examples too

Originally posted by etaribi

Okabe and Kurisu from Steins;Gate - anime have a lot of cliched tsunderes as I said before but the ones who done right…. Oh dear! What a sight these tsunderes to behold for your shipping heart!

Originally posted by paradoxspiral

Risa and Otani from Lovely Complex - the best of the best. Mostly thanks to the fact that Risa Koizumi is the most relatable character in anime media.

Originally posted by guiltybeat

Actual footage of me trying to be cute

Enjoy them and thank me for ruining your lives even more later :)

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—  50 cent candy shop

Sometimes I feel like people forget that how the muse acts is NOT how the mun thinks and would act. My muse is can be an asshole, but that does not mean I am. I don’t know if anyone thinks this, but as soon as I post things with my muse not being “nice” people unfollow me. I feel like I can’t fully portray my muse how I see him acting without people unfollowing. And if this confession isn’t anonymous, I feel like more people will unfollow just because I care about how many followers I have and that I’m “complaining” about losing some. But what some people don’t understand is that every time that number goes down, it hurts because that’s rejection, where I lost a little of what I was worth. -Anonymous

The problem with diversity.

“It’s always funny to see people hiding behind an anonymous tag daring people to face them. Take off your sheet, step into the light, and we can have a conversation. Otherwise, you can do like the other lot.”

Tom Brevoort, 2014

My name is Daniel Tonner.

I’m 27 years old. I live in Bremen, Germany and I work as an office administrator. I’ve been reading comics since I was 14 years old. Over that time span I’ve spent thousands and thousands of Euros on comics. I prefer Marvel over DC, because the Marvel characters are far more relatable than the DC characters. My favorite character is Peter “Spider-Man” Parker, because he has strong morals, is witty and funny and even though there are times, where it seems like the majority of New York hates him, even though he is just trying to do the right thing, he still never loses hope and continues to fight. And if there is a moment, where he throws his costume into a dumpster, he comes back shortly after stronger than ever before.

How is that for an introduction? Not that it really matters, since a person is still a person and it’s the opinion that matters. But you Mr. Brevoort… You seem to have a problem with critique from anonymous posters, but you deal with compliments just fine.

Speaking of critique… You also didn’t have a problem posting one question of mine, where you tried making me look like a racist: “We have a long way to go” you said and the sheep that follow you, followed along once again: “Yeah, look at that racist!”

We have indeed a long way to go and if you’re still reading at this point, you’ll realize why…

I said that I dislike seeing diversity in comics, because I find it phoney. It’s being invented by a bunch of frauds, who try to enforce it rather than trying to offer it.

I hate Miles Morales, but I don’t hate him, because he is black. I hate him, because Ultimate Peter Parker got killed off for it and for more drama Peter got killed off in front of his house with his poor aunt witnessing his death.
And then all of a sudden there is a new Spider-Man and he is black, invented by the biggest african american supporter in the comic book industry: Brian Michael Bendis.
I get it. African Americans are people just like you and me. Strange things can happen to everyone, so it’s not out of the ordinary for a black kid to gain superpowers and end up having an uncle that looks like Snoop Dogg and end up having african american villains too.

But that’s not what happens in comics. These are not random choices. You are replacing white characters, because it’s easier to spread diversity that way, instead of boosting already existing characters. Ultimate Nick Fury became black out of nowhere. Ultimate Peter Parker gots killed off and there was a black Spider-Man out of a sudden. You have an all african american Avengers team with a little bit of She-Hulk and Spider-Man sprinkled in. To profit more from the movies you get rid of 616 Nick Fury and come up with a black one, to profit more from the movies. Captain America gets pushed aside and we end up having a black Captain America (to be fair, Falcon was the only logical choice). And these are not the only examples. And DC does it as well. Wally West is black now? Earth 2 Superman is black? The Superman in Multiversity is black as well? There was an all black Justice League on one panel?

No african american can tell me that Marvel and DC are doing all of this the right way. It feels sooo forced and unnatural… and all of it only concentrates on african americans. As I said it, I would need 4 hands to count all of the black decision you’ve made, but I would fail to count the support other races get on just one hand.
Why are only african americans getting a push? Why are native americans not getting a push? Why are hindus not getting a push? What about the japanese and chinese? How about more muslims than just Ms. Marvel?

You construct comics as if North America is your absolutely only market. Well it’s not. I live in Germany and I buy comics here as well, translanted into german. Not that I would need it translated, but you get the point. In Germany there are not a lot of african americans around, but there are a lot of turkish people. Why aren’t there any turkish comic book characters? Why are you only appealing to the african american demographic?

Yes Tom, we still have a very long way to go. And here is something funny… In the notes to one of your “responses” to my questions, I saw someone making the comment that I must be crying every time Red Skull gets punched in the face and loses. In the eyes of your narrow-minded followers I am a racist. Damn, even a neo-nazi as it seems! How dare I call the “diversity” in comics phoney, blubrubrubrubrub!

At this point I know that everyone with a brain, who read through my post so far will know that there is something wrong with the diversity push in comics, but there is something else, which should be looked at as well…

Certain writers seem to be hating women. For that I don’t even have to talk about the “many rapes of Mark Miller”, but bringing up mainstream writers and their decisions should be more than enough to showcase the misogyny (for the stupid readers: misogyny = hate against women) in Marvel comics:

How about Brian Michael Bendis, the guy who loooves to boost black skin color in comics, while ignoring pretty much everything else:

1. Brian Michael Bendis had Jessica Jones being some kind of a weird sex slave for the Purple Man. Then he offered his pet character Luke Cage Jessica Jones’ butt… LITERALLY! Jessica Jones had painal sex with Luke Cage, because she wanted to feel anything, even if it was pain, humiliation or anger. And don’t say that it wasn’t painal, because everything in the dialogue of that god damn page indicates that it is.

2. Brian Michael Bendis brought Moonstone onto the first Dark Avengers team and the only reason was for her to have sex with the rest of the members. That was her SOLE purpose. She didn’t have a different role in the Dark Avengers comics, but to have sex with Noh-Varr, Bullseye, Mac Gargan and probably others.

3. Brian Michael Bendis completely failed to write the Lindy Reynolds character. For some reason he turned the Sentry into a retard, even though that character is supposed to be a genius, but I guess being stupid and not knowing if ripping someones head off is a good thing or a bad thing or not knowing if someone is breathing or not is a side effect of schizophrenia and agoraphobia in Bendis’ mind… So with the Sentry being so deranged Lindy Reynolds was afraid of him, but readers never felt for her… And then, when Bendis needed her death for some lazy reason, he wrote a scene, where Lindy got humiliated in the worst way possible and then choked to death by Bullseye. And I won’t even mention the time, where Lindy Reynolds got beaten to death by Ultron for absolutely no sensical reason. Talking about female comic book characters in refrigerators, huh?

4. Not Brian Michael Bendis, but Kevin Smith retconned the origin of Black Cat. She was a strong female character at one point with a “noble” origin, but Smith for some reason thought that turning Black Cat into a rape victim would make her a better character. So he wrote a story, where black Cat was not only raped once, but twice! Sigh… Rape does not make for better characters, you misogynist frauds.

So let’s sum all of that up:

All you care about is pushing the african americans in comics, because all you care about is North America and not the rest of the world. You don’t care about other races in total. You simply don’t. The push is only there for african americans.
The one time where you created a muslim character, you had to make sure that she is one of the good muslims in the very first issue by showing that she has a modern muslim family, who gives her the choice to wear a head scarf or not. And that she can eat pork or not and so on. BETTER MAKE SURE THAT THE FELLOW AMERICAN CITIZENS DON’T THINK THAT A POTENTIAL TERRORIST GETS SUPERPOWERS, AM I RIGHT?!

The misogyny in comics is real. Women are degraded to being painal-receivers, bimboish sex machines and rape and murder victims.
“But but, these are only 4 female characters out of so many!” … Oh, I could bring up more examples and that wouldn’t even be the point, because there are also only 4 somewhat important asian characters out of so many in the Marvel universe, while there is an entire Avengers book, where almost the entire roster consists out of african americans.

And these books aren’t even selling well!

The Amazing Spider-Man (two books), Superior Spider-Man and even Spider-Man 2099 are all out-selling Miles Morales Spider-Man. On the other hand Ultimate Peter Parker Spider-Man was one of the hottest selling books for a very long time.
There are multiple Avengers books selling better than Mighty Avengers. Even the Storm solo book seems to be selling better than the Mighty Avengers comic.

But hey, DIVERSITY!!!

I am not racist. You are. If I was writing comics, I wouldn’t support black characters only, but also other races and I especially wouldn’t treat women like crap.

But unfortunately we still have a very long way to go.

Choke on that, Mr. Brevoort and take your sheep with you. Actually no, I take that back. I like you. You’ve answered a lot of my questions, which didn’t have such a thought-provoking background. You are doing a good job, but you’re still just like everyone else and fail to see the bigger picture, which at this point isn’t even a terrible thing, because it seems to be the todays standard for the society.

I don’t think that you will ever post this on your Tumblr. In my opinion it features a lot of truth… a lot of  problems with the comic book industry, which you probably don’t want to expose to the public. I would be glad enough, if you took the time to read through all of this to see and maybe even understand where I’m coming from. You accused me of being racist, but I’m not. I just don’t think that the way Marvel and DC are doing it right now is the way to go.

Thank you for your time.


Honestly I don’t care how many followers I lose or how many gossip sites bitch about me or how many people despise me afterwards,

I will NEVER change my beliefs for you or your own self gain. I am who I am. And I’m a good person. I don’t go around making rape jokes and i will stand up for women if there comes a time that I must, just like I would with men, I’ve never been racist, I adore others cultures, I don’t smoke, do drugs and rarely drink. Ive never stolen anything in my life and I am an intelligent person that has survived so much bullshit in such a short amount of time.

So you choose to be pissed off that I don’t wanna join your movement or identify as this or that, but that’s YOUR problem, not mine.

I’ve barely been on tumblr for months because it just seems like a mess every time I log on.  Why people can’t just “stay in their lanes” like everyone asks the other side of their argument to do, I don’t know.  Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, except when it differs from their own?  I came here because one of my favorite people in the world introduced me to Larry and I wanted to see pictures of them and maybe read cute stories/headcannons about them.  

But now? It isn’t fun.  It’s mean and hateful.  I can’t call myself a Larrie because I dare to think that Freddie is real.  I must hate Louis, even though he’s been my favorite since day one and that has never waned even though I think he’s a dad and that he and Harry are probably not together anymore.  This makes zero sense to me.  

So, all of that is fine.  Whatever.  I don’t have to agree with what others say or do.  It doesn’t affect me personally and I can read differing opinions without feeling the need to respond or drag others because I’m an adult.  

What I cannot ignore is personal attacks against people that I care about. Specifically two people, one I happen to love very much. I consider her my family.  I was there when her life fell apart and have been there as she has tried to put the pieces back together.  It was very real.  The thought that she would possibly make this up or use her pain to get sympathy makes me physically ill.  I can promise you that what is happening with Louis and Harry is not her priority.  Trying figure out how to gather herself together and live a life without one of the most important people to her while being a mom to two little girls who are also reeling from their loss is.  Disagree with her if you want, it’s your right.  But, please, don’t be ugly about it.  

I don’t have many followers.  I’m sure I’ll probably get dragged or lose followers for posting this opinion.  I don’t really care.  What I do care about are my friends and I am loyal to the very end.  

So I reached 1.6k which is an incredible amount of wonderful people to me!(shoutout to 100clarkeandlexa​ for being my 1,600th follower) I just wanted to say thank you all so much for making my time on this website amazing so, I decided to do url graphics for you! If you want to see my graphics click here

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I will pick about 5-20 people depending on how many notes this gets and how inspired I feel  but ngl i am a little bias with my mutuals bc ????? how fab ???

What annoys me the most whenever zayn or any 1D member fucks up is that everyone on here stays quiet and avoids speaking about it until one of the “big stans” of that certain celebrity start speaking up….yet when ppl come after your fav every single one of u is ready to write a 3 paragraph discourse about how you wanna kill all their “antis”…lmao stop being hypocrities pls