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Demons and Disasters: New Chinese BL Manga coming soon!

Hey guys I’m happy to announce that the first chapter of 妖灾生(yao zai sheng), an original manga by 恶魔吃烤鸭 (emochikaoya) is gonna be put up on tumblr!

妖灾生 or ‘Demons and Disasters’ is about a snake demon who approaches a doctor to learn how to be human. It’s a historical fantasy manga set in ancient China where the balance of nature is a little off. There’s fights, political intrigue and best of all, romance. I GUARANTEE you’ve never read a love story quite like this.

I’ll promo it again when the first chapter is up but for now, you can follow @yaozaisheng where the translations will be posted! Please reblog and share this post, if there aren’t many people who want to see it, we won’t be translating the rest :(

(Disclaimer: Although this started off as a doujinshi, the story and the characters took a life of their own. Apart from character design which strongly resembles existing characters, it is a 100% original manga and the mangaka would appreciate if you treated it as such)

My internal thoughts on the Moffat/Gatiss Dracula
  • Media: Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss' first post-Doctor Who project will be a remake of Dracula.
  • Me: Again? How many versions of Dracula do we need? There was already a TV series just a couple years back, and Universal's still-embryonic Dark Universe franchise is planning to include ol' Bitey Man at some point, too. There's also a TV series going featuring a female Van Helsing. And after more than a decade of True Blood and its clones, do we really need another vampire show? It's as bad as zombies.
  • Twitter: Suggests Peter Capaldi as Dracula and Jenna Coleman as Mina Harker.
  • Me: Now I can't stop thinking about how much I want to see another version of Dracula ... with Peter Capaldi as Dracula and Jenna Coleman as Mina Harker. Or Jenna as another female Van Helsing. Or Jenna Coleman as a female Dracula and Peter Capaldi as Jonathan Harker (who now gets bit instead of Mina). Damn you, Internet gods for messing up my criticism! (I know it'll never happen, but I'm pretty confident someone has or will do a vampire AU with Twelve and Clara at some point...)
I love the pagan community, but sheesh you guys.

Spells and herbs and crystals and deities etc. are great. I work with all of these things. But there is a time and a place for these things. I know not everyone can afford doctors, medications, treatments, etc., but if I see one more post about how to cure cancer with turmeric and crystal therapy I am going to lose my damn mind. 

I feel like I shouldn’t have to say this. Science is not our enemy. Science is wonderful. Science helps us live longer and understand the world around us that many of us revere as an entity in itself. Denying scientific evidence doesn’t make you quirky or more of a practitioner/pagan/witch/believer than someone else. It makes the rest of us look bad. 

TV Shows

Week Ending May 29th, 2017

  1. Skam +5
  2. Steven Universe +2
  3. Voltron: Legendary Defender −1
  4. Villainous +6
  5. Supergirl
  6. The 100 +6
  7. Billboard Music Awards +1
  8. Supernatural −7
  9. RuPaul’s Drag Race −2
  10. Samurai Jack −7
  11. Brooklyn Nine-Nine +5
  12. Game of Thrones
  13. Riverdale +2
  14. Twin Peaks
  15. Pretty Little Liars
  16. Star vs. the Forces of Evil
  17. The Flash +1
  18. Shadowhunters
  19. Doctor Who −2
  20. Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir −11

The number in italics indicates how many spots a title moved up or down from the previous week. Bolded titles weren’t on the list last week.

An earlier version of this post was all wrong. Not anymore. We regret the error.

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anonymous asked:

I just want you to know that it is 4:39am. I am lying here giggling like a three year old trying not to wake my partner as I read through your posts. It's the captions. They get me every single freaking time. Thank you. Just thank you.

I freakin’ love stories like this.

Besides, it’s flattering to make anyone giggle like a three-year-old!

Late-night bedrooms… doctors’ offices… dinner tables… makes me wonder how many more stories exist that we haven’t heard. So, I ask you all:

What’s the weirdest situation you’ve have to stifle SDM-related giggles in?


Let me get on my soap box about Teacher Appreciation Day for a moment.

First, the fact that there even *is* Teacher Appreciation Day should say something about how we treat our teachers. True “Appreciation” would mean viewing teaching as a professional career and compensating teachers appropriately, not with Starbucks gift cards. There’s a reason there’s no “Doctor Appreciation Day,” even though I’m sure we all appreciate what doctors do.

In practice, Teacher Appreciation Day mostly makes me envious of my friends who work in wealthy public or private schools. Facebook and Instagram are filled with posts of their lavish lunches, gift baskets, massage chairs and latte carts.

Meanwhile, at my Title I public school…
My principal wanted us to send the above letter home today. There are so many things that get my blood boiling about it.

I’m sorry, but hand sanitizer and printer paper are not an Appreciation gift. I might need toilet paper and dish soap, but I’m not going to request them for my birthday.

And it’s a little tacky to co-opt a “Day” to try to get supplies, right?

But honestly, I don’t even blame the principal for the letter. More than anything, it makes me sad that we teachers are not provided with the BASIC supplies we need to do our jobs. That the only way we can get soap and paper is to guilt them out of our families who are already struggling to provide for themselves.

My school ran out of paper in February. My students need tissues. Why aren’t all the politicians and corporate sponsors who advertise their support and “Appreciation” of teachers doing anything about this?

☆Pregnancy Series☆ Yoongi


How you tell him/happens:

After several years of dating and a few married, Yoongi and you had decided to try to have children. Yoongi, at first, wasn’t sure about having children, for the simple fact that his work occupies a large part of his life, and he was scared of not being able to spend time with his future child.
The real problem came when you tried to get pregnant. 6 months had passed, and no matter how hard you two tried, you couldn’t get pregnant. Yoongi remembered with overwhelm, how every night he hugged you tightly against his chest, knowing that in your head you wondered what were you doing wrong, and you blamed yourself. What if you weren’t able to give children to the person you love so much?

You started to distance yourself a little from Yoongi and the boys, feeling guilty. But all that ended quickly, since one night Yoongi sat next to you on that black couch that was placed in your living room. “If we can’t have children of our own…that won’t stop me from loving you. We can adopt, I don’t care, I just want to live the experience of being a father, and I want to live it with you.” That night you collapsed in his arms, sobbing, and Yoongi, who had never seen you that way, shed some tears for your suffering.

Still, you kept trying. And it wasn’t until you got a big surprise…

Jungkook, being just as kind as ever to you, offered to accompany you to the doctor to do a blood test, because even if Yoongi wanted to go with you, it was impossible for him to take a day off. When you arrived at the hospital and did the tests, they realized that there was something strange, and decided to do more tests, including a urine one.

“Miss Min.” The doctor looked at some papers on her desk. “There is nothing wrong with your health, it seems that the dizziness you feel is due to your pregnancy.” The doctor, who tried to help you get pregnant a few months ago, smiled.

Your eyes widened. Jungkook, who was sitting next to you, offered you his arms. “You two did it.” He whispered, smiling into your hair.

In the car, on the way to Big Hit, no one could take away the smile that was on your face. Neither Jungkook’s smile, who already thought of being the best uncle in the world, Taehyung and Jimin wouldn’t beat him.

The definitive moment arrived, Yoongi was in his studio, along with Namjoon and Hoseok. You went in quickly, and the three boys turned to see what was happening. Yoongi couldn’t help but smile when he saw you, but he also wondered what were you doing there. "What are you doing…” His words were interrupted.

“I’m pregnant, Yoongi.” You ran your hands through your hair, smiling. “Fuck Yoongi, we are going to be parents.”

Your husband was totally paralyzed. At that moment, Jungkook, who was still at your side, looked at Yoongi and smiled at him. “She’s pregnant, Hyung.”

The arms of the person you loved most ended up around your waist, his face hidden in your neck. His right hand on your back, rubbing it lovingly, and his left hand on the back of your neck, drawing you closer to him. “We’ve done it…Damn, we’ve made it.” No one could stop smiling at the news. You looked around, and you realized that your future child was going to grow up surrounded by a mother and a father who would love him/her with all their strength, and 6 uncles who would always be there.

When he knows the gender (3 months of pregnancy):

Yoongi drove with his left hand, while the right hand grabbed yours, resting in your lap. A Hip-Hop melody played in the background, with a soothing softness. Yoongi stared ahead as he drove, but his mind thinking about today, today you would find out if you would have a little girl or a little boy. A smile appeared on his face, although, he tried to hide it by shaking his head or coughing.
“Are you excited?” Your voice sounded sweet, a smile on your face too. Yoongi, waiting for the traffic light to turn green, turned his head to look at you, smiled and released your hand to caress your belly. “I think I’ve never been so much.”

You lying on a hospital bed, Yoongi sitting next to you in a chair, grabbing your hand, when you laughed at the feel of that cold gel on your belly. The doctor, passed that machine on your stomach and showed you your future child. “Oh Oppa! It’s your nose!” You pointed to the screen and the doctor smiled. “Aish, we still can’t know.” Although he tried to deny it, Yoongi knew that it was his nose, and he couldn’t help but smile and think what it would be like.

“Congratulations, it’s a girl.” The doctor congratulated you two, cleaning your belly and with Yoongi’s help, they helped you down from the bed.

After a dinner with Yoongi’s parents and his brother telling them that it was going to be a girl, calling the boys to give them the good news…You fell asleep in your bed. Your eyes closed, your breathing slow and quiet, some strands of your hair were on top of the pillow, while others in your face. You slept on your back, one of your hands in your belly, unconsciously. Yoongi came out of the bathroom that was in your shared bedroom, and smiled when he saw you resting. He lay down beside you, turning off the light so you could sleep.

But Yoongi seemed unable to do so, he moved in bed until his head was resting on your belly. He began to remember the conversation he had with Namjoon, in which he told him that babies were able to listen even though they were in their mother’s stomach. Yoongi kissed your belly sweetly, and rested his ear on your belly. “I’m your father.” He said abruptly. “Probably I will do a lot of bad things and I probably have to learn a lot of things. But I’m going to learn little by little, and I’m going to be a sympathetic father, a father who loves you. I’ll take care of you, and of course, of your mother.” Yoongi swallowed, putting his hand too on your tummy. “I already know that from the instant I lay my eyes on you, I will adore you. Whoever you grow up to be, you will always be my little girl, in pigtails, holding my hand, crying for me to hug you. You will always be my little girl, and everyday of my life I will feel like a little boy opening presents when I’m with you.”

A tear fell down your eye, listening to that beautiful and touching one-sided conversation.

Things he does for you:

  • He would read books about pregnancy and childbirth to be prepared, but he will get scared of the childbirth, hoping that nothing bad happens to his two babies.
  • Even if he is busy, he would try to go to all the medical appointments with you.
  • He tell you a million times to not overwork yourself.
  • He would massage your ankles when he saw they were swelling.
  • Would pat your hair every night to help you sleep.
  • He would try to be patient with your mood changes, and try to talk calmly.
  • When he sees you looking at yourself in the mirror, he would back hug you and tell you, you were still beautiful and sexy.
  • Help you through morning sickness. Going to the bathroom with you and giving you cold water.

And even tho he puts a serious face and tries to not show he is helping you, he would be helping you.

What he enjoy about pregnancy:

  • Thinking about how his little girl will be, and how you and him made that little girl.
  • He would love to design his little girl’s bedroom with the help of his members.
  • He would love to buy Kumamon plushies and 3 onesies of Kumamon, thinking that it was cheesy, but cute.
  • He would absolutely love to buy the champoo and gel for his little girl, choosing one with a baby scent but with a little of fruits scent.
  • Caressing your tummy.
  • Talking to your tummy.
  • Walking on the street grabbing your hand, letting people see how beautiful his wife was and what a beautiful family they will be.
  • Thinking about his little girl having a possibility of liking the same things at him, but he won’t pressure his little girl. Yoongi will be happy with anything she wants to be or like.

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The day of the birth:

You walked with Yoongi’s mother down the streets of Daegu, a cup of water in your hand, while Yoongi’s mother told you one of Yoongi’s famous stories. For example, when he was two years old, he went to the park with his brother to play. Then, he saw a dog doing his needs against a tree, Yoongi decided that he wanted to try and pulled down his pants and diaper, lifting his right leg and peeing against a tree.

You couldn’t stop laughing, like Yoongi’s mother. "Yah, what are you laughing at?” You turned your head to see your husband, walking behind you along with his father and brother. “Nothing sweetheart.” You smiled. Yoongi smiled, not believing anything, but he kept talking with his father about how he was saving money in a separate account for a future project.

“Are we looking for a restaurant? I’m hungry.” Yoongi’s brother let himself be heard, and Yoongi laughed, since a few seconds ago he had eaten an ice cream.

“Oh yes, I’m hungry too.” You added looking at Yoongi.

Yoongi laughed and hit his brother’s stomach. “Hyung, are you pregnant too?” Yoongi’s older brother hit him in the head, while everyone laughed.

You noticed a small pain in the lower part of your belly. And of course, a liquid ran down your leg. You looked down to see that your jeans were wet, then, you lifted your head slowly, to see that Yoongi was watching you, his eyes wide open. “My waters broke.” You swallowed nervously.
Yoongi grabbed your elbows, helping you to walk, and thanked himself for coming here in car. He helped you to sit down and told his parents which hospital you were going to go to.

Yoongi arrived at the hospital before his parents, he helped you get out of the car and grabbed the backpack with all the things you had prepared for the hospital for when your child was born.

At that moment everything began, the doctors trying to reassure you, Yoongi grabbing your hand all the time and asking if your contractions still hurt, Yoongi counting how many minutes the contractions occurred, Yoongi calling your parents and the boys, Yoongi trying to calm you when in reality he was totally frightened…And after a few hours, pushes, sweat and nerves, your beautiful girl was born. Her crying was the only thing that sounded in that room. 

When you had her in your arms you couldn’t help crying, Yoongi couldn’t help it either. “Can I have her?” He asked shyly, whipping a tear. You smiled. “Of course you can, it’s your daughter.”

His daughter, that sounded good to him, really good.

Yoongi sat own on a chair next to you, opening his shirt to put his little girl’s head against his heart, which was really soothing for newborns babies. Yoongi noticed that you fell asleep, and he grabbed your hand kissing it and smiling at you. Then, he looked at that little creation where he contributed.  

And let me tell you, Yoongi didn’t want nobody taking his little girl away from him, it was really difficult to give her for a few moments to the boys, who had come to see their little niece. 

It was a beautiful night. Yoongi woke up at 2:30 a.m because he heard her crying, but he didn’t mind. He soothed her to sleep, singing softly So Far Away.

Some Traumagenic system questions

Because im curious about my follower’s systems! Anyone can answer these in their own post and tag us

  1. How many alters do you know of in your system?
  2. Any fictives? If so, who are they and what is their source?
  3. Who fronts the most on average?
  4. Who knows about your system?
  5. Do you keep a log/journal about your experiences?
  6. How far have you gotten with doctors and helping to work with your system?
  7. Pick an alter. What are the things that can tell them apart from everyone else? Like actions, handwriting, speech etc.
  8. Do your alters feel comfortable in your body? What about the voice the body has?
  9. What is something you and all of your alters have in common?
  10. If you have fictives, how different are they to their original source? If you don’t have fictives, how different do your alters act when fronting?
  11. In what places do your alters have to act like the host?
  12. When did you discover you had DID/OSDD?
  13. Did other people see some implications towards you having DID/OSDD before you noticed? (Like acting “strange”, not noticing time change, talking to yourself etc.)

aj-wisteria  asked:

Quick question: I have a character who is a doctor in, essentially, a wasteland. She has some access to decent medical tech, but most of what she does would be considered "battlefield triage". This is the first time I've written a character like this, and I was wondering if you had any good sources on writing for, or as, a doctor? Like, as in, from the POV of a doctor, not first-aid related.

If you’re referring to the physician’s mindset the best literary example is Sherlock Holmes. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle based him off a Scottish surgeon named Joseph Bell. Think cause and effect, process of elimination, and prioritization, because physicians are very specialized detectives. Medical school, and especially Grand Rounds (some schools still do them), are not only giving doctors the skills they need to treat people (how to set a bone or how to draw blood), but to reinforce that all important deductive reasoning.

Side note: military medicine and wilderness medicine are technically subsets of emergency medicine. Research guidelines for emergency medicine and you’ll likely find better information.

Some of my favorite resources:

  1. Youtube: You can find thousands of quality training videos posted by medical schools and other health care educators covering every imaginable topic—surgery, autopsies, how to take a patient’s history, how to listen to someone’s heart, how to set a broken bone. Many of these do get into mindset or cover good medical practice. Some of these videos can be extremely graphic, so be warned. 
  2. Student Doctor Network: this is a forum where aspiring medical professionals can network with current doctors and specialists. Many continue posting throughout their medical school experience and share their stories. I don’t think you need to create an account to read, but do not post if you have to make an account. It’s for future doctors and doctors to share their stories, not to help a writer do their research.
  3. Research Medical School course catalogues: No better way to think like a doctor than to read through what they’re being taught. Some even have syllabi online. Take a look at the books they’re reading or the topics they’re covering.

Lastly, if you’re going to write scenes where your doctor is treating someone, you have zero reason to make things up. Use the proper terminology and do your research. No one is expecting you to get the exact right dosage on a medicine, but with some basic googling you can come close.



Hey guys,

My salary is pretty low and my expenses have risen recently (health issues, plans to work abroad), so I decided to open up fic commissions. I’ve been writing original works and fanfiction for several years now and I’m also naturally an avid reader of a variety of genres.

You can find my fics here. Some of my best known, all in the Sherlock fandom, are:

Although Sherlock is my main fandom, there are a lot of other shows, movies etc. that I enjoy: Doctor Who, Firefly, Shadowhunters, Merlin, Supernatural, Grimm, Cabin Pressure, Haven, Star Wars, How to Train Your Dragon, The Hunger Games, MCU. And, of course, video games – Dragon Age, Dishonored, Bioshock, Vampire: The Masquerade, Portal, Mass Effect, Morrowind, Arcanum, The Secret World, and many more. I probably forgot a bunch of fandoms, so when in doubt just send me an ask.

I will write:

  • In English or in Polish (Yes! Tak!).
  • Pretty much all genres and all ratings.
  • I LOVE crossovers, fusions and AUs (omegaverse too), so if you want to see Sherlock living in the Void as the Outsider (with John as Corvo), Sam and Dean killing Darkspawn, or all your favourite characters murdering one another in the Hunger Games , I’m your gal.
  • Aside from a few NOTPs I’m pretty open to all ships.
  • Someone commission me so that I can finally write that Sherlock/The Hangover crossover I wanted to write since 2012.

I will not write:

  • Anything connected with season 4 of Sherlock (I deny its existence), so no Rosie, no Eurus, no Mary bending the laws of physics and catching the bullet Hollywood-style to save Sherlock. Although if you want to see some improved, alternate version of s4, we can discuss it.
  • Sherlock and John in a serious relationship with someone else. I mean, they could date someone else temporarily but Johnlock is the endgame.
  • Dark!characters unless they’re the villains of a story.
  • Dom/Sub universe, BDSM, paedophilia, certain kinks that squick me.
  • Anything that makes me uncomfortable for any reason. No judgment, though, I will simply refuse politely.



Fics in English:

1 dollar/1 euro for 100 words (the currency is up to you, whichever you prefer) . Payments are done via PayPal.

Fics in Polish:

2 zł za 100 słów (stawka niższa o połowę, bo u nas bida z nędzą). Opłata PayPalem.

How to request a commission

When you have an idea for a story, tell me about it and we’ll work out the details. Once we’ve settled on the plot, I’ll ask you for the payment. If you are not sure about the exact word count you want (because sometimes it’s hard to assess), we’ll make an estimation. If the story is shorter, I’ll refund you the excess and if it’s longer it’s on me, no need to pay more.

If for any reason I can’t complete your prompt, I will obviously refund you.

Once I start writing, you can contact me at any time and check on the progress and brainstorm ideas with me. When I’m done with a chapter/fic I will post it on my AO3 account. I can gift it to you or you may choose to remain anonymous. If you prefer to read the fic before publication that can be arranged as well.

Writing takes time, but I’ll try to finish the commission as quickly as I can.

Even if you’re not interested in making a commission, please signal boost this post. Thank you!
Harry Styles' advice for young fans: 'Allow yourself to be vulnerable'
Ahead of his self-titled debut album's release Friday, Styles shared the lessons he hopes fans learn from his new music.

Few young stars have such a well-documented respect for their teenage female fans as Harry Styles.

Ahead of his self-titled debut album’s release on Friday, Styles told USA TODAY the lessons he hopes his younger fans take from his album, urging them to be brave enough to make mistakes.

“To me, the only example to set that’s good is being honest,” he said. “It’s not a good example to set to not make any mistakes because I don’t think it’s realistic. I think making mistakes and learning from them is a much better example to set for people. And if I want someone to listen to the album and take away anything from it, it’s that if you’re trying to do something that you love, you should be yourself, and be honest with it, and not try and hide and allow yourself to be vulnerable.”

These vulnerable moments form the backbone of Styles’ new album, a collection of tracks he compared recording to “therapy.” Many of his new songs address failed relationships and questionable behavior, and when asked what his fans would think about the album’s more grown-up tracks, Styles refused to apologize for their content.

“A lot of the album is me trying to prove to myself that I can do something, and I obviously hope that people like it,” he said. “But be honest, and be open, and be vulnerable, is something I hope people take from it.”

In his recent cover story for Rolling Stone, Styles explained why he’s proud of his fanbase’s demographics, consisting of many listeners who followed his career from his One Direction days to his new solo success.

“Who’s to say that young girls who like pop music – short for popular, right? – have worse musical taste than a 30-year-old hipster guy?” he said. “That’s not up to you to say. Music is something that’s always changing. There’s no goal posts. Young girls like the Beatles. You gonna tell me they’re not serious? How can you say young girls don’t get it? They’re our future. Our future doctors, lawyers, mothers, presidents, they kind of keep the world going. Teenage-girl fans – they don’t lie. If they like you, they’re there. They don’t act ‘too cool.’ They like you, and they tell you. Which is sick.”


We’ve talked a lot about demoralisation amongst doctors, but I think it’s not always easy to understand. Because we do love our jobs and we do want to help people. We want to love our jobs. We all started off desperately wanting to be doctors, and many of us do actually enjoy the doctoring bit. So why are we all so down? I’ll try to give you a taste.

Imagine wanting to do something, to be someone so badly, that you spent your entire childhood and adolescence working singlemindedly towards it. You give it your everything, extra study, more tests, the works. Imagine being the smart kid at school, eager to work hard and impress, and being good at many things. Imagine being able to be nearly anything you could have wanted. Imagine spending the best years of your life stuck in revision whilst everyone around you was partying or dating or doing things that were fun. Imagine paying serious money for the privilege, and taking years out of your life to achieve it. Years studying. Years not working. Years of getting into debt when you could have been supporting yourself or your family. Imagine being so happy to graduate and finally be able to help people. Imagine your nervous, frenzied first attempts at being a doctor in the big bad world out there. Imagine the excitement of succeeding.

Imagine missing friends’ weddings and relatives’ funerals because there was nobody else who could be there to keep your patients safe. Imagine having to make countless excuses to friends and to family and to partners. Imagine all the dates who decided “this is just too… complicated for me. Sorry.” Imagine losing touch with friends because you were always moving, always busy, and always tired. Sometimes they will understand, sometimes they won’t. Imagine all your friends working reasonable hours, earning a decent amount and having time to actually have some semblance of a life. Imagine rarely being able to see even the ones that understand and love you for who you are. Imagine starting to forget what it’s like to have a hobby or do something that isn’t work. Imagine starting to forget who you are, where your role ends and where your personhood begins.

Imagine working long days and silly shifts only to come home and head straight for your books. For exams you struggle to pay yourself. Imagine being a single parent, and having to wonder whether you can afford to do this job because it’s so hard to get childcare. Imagine hearing your child say “You’re never home. I miss you” nearly every day. Imagine your partner telling you that you seem to be working more and more lately. Imagine feeling that you are neglecting your own loved ones in trying to keep everyone else’s safe. Imagine fearing that you will end up resenting the job you love, because it will have taken so much from your life.

Imagine feeling forced to work another last minute shift because there was literally nobody else. Imagine gradually finding that more and more, every day was short staffed and busy. Imagine feeling that you aren’t giving your best care because you are stuggling just to get the urgent things done and keep patients safe. Imagine skipping meals and lack of sleep so often that it becomes normal. Imagine feeling like you can’t take sick leave because there is nobody else to kee people safe.  Imagine things getting busier and busier until work is a nearly constant grind and you barely have time to think. Imagine nearly every day being a ‘major incident’. Imagine increasing pressure from all your colleagues. Imagine feeling unsupported by your seniors or your colleagues on a regular basis. Imagine being left to deal with difficult situations on your own. Imagine how hard it is to deal with grave situations, and how emotionally draining and heartbreaking it can be.

Imagine patients and relatives who don’t see the pressure you are under. Imagine those who scream, yell, demand things are done right away or threaten to sue. Imagine those who are verbally abusive or violent. Imagine the ones that make all your colleagues cry, and from whom you have to hide your tears. Imagine how often your colleagues never report abuse because they don’t feel that they can. Imagine a context where failings are subjected to ‘trial by media’ and individuals are vilified, but the systemic failings which caused mistakes to happen are neither acknowledged nor addressed. Imagine a culture where doctors are under duty by the GMC to whistleblow, but given no legal protection if they do so.

Imagine all your colleagues talking about considering leaving the profession. Imagine your colleagues who have already left telling you life is much better abroad or outside of medicine. Imagine nearly every speciality reporting recruitment shortages, bad morale and overwork. Imagine knowing that you are twice as likely to suffer from mental health problems or suicide.

Imagine becoming more and more afraid that you will slip up due to tiredness. Imagine fearing the impact that this could have on your patients and their families, and how you might live with yourself. Imagine knowing that if you did, you would probably lose your job, but the employers and those who caused those conditions to happen would face no consequences.  Imagine having to talk close friends off the ledge. Not just once, but on a regular basis. Imagine knowing that some people don’t succeed. Imagine knowing that this will only get worse if things deteriorate.

Imagine your boss saying that you’re not doing enough. Imagine them saying that you all need to work more days. Imagine them saying that there just need to be more cuts. Imagine your employer having already cut so many things that everyone is always struggling. Imagine a context where services are not appropriately funded, and then individuals working within are blamed for predictable shortcomings which could have been avoided with appropriate funding and safeguards. Imagine fearing that instead of proper investment, those whose job it is to look after your healthcare system may be trying to privatise it for profit. Imagine wondering if your patients and your children will be able to afford healthcare in the future.

Imagine your boss taking the safeguards away which limit how much time your employer can make you work. Imagine your boss reducing pay for the agency staff who are filling empty posts and keeping things afloat. Imagine being expected to work more hours, more weekends for less pay. Imagine the constant pressure to see more patients in less time, and being given less resources to look after them. Imagine knowing that you will probably work far longer than any rostered hours. Imagine knowing that your senior colleagues are fighting a similar battle and their conditions may be similarly affected. Imagine finding out how many of them can’t wait to retire, and remembering the days when doctors used to love working late into life.  Imagine realising that you may not win this battle.

Imagine your boss telling everyone they just don’t understand why you are all demoralised and telling everyone that you’re actually getting a pay rise and less hours. Imagine the public believing the lies. Imagine the media believing that everyone is demoralised because the union is telling us to be. Imagine the public telling you that you knew what you were getting into. Imagine the public telling you that you are overpaid, greedy, lazy, incompetent and ought to shut up and get back to work. Imagine the public telling you that the way your profession have chosen to voice your concerns (striking) is unacceptable, but not listening to any of the other ways your colleagues have tried to engage them. Imagine hearing over and over again that the system, which is underfunded compared to every other Western country, is ‘unsustainable’ when this is not true.

Imagine just wanting to do your job and help people, but feeling bogged down in difficulties that should never be a part of your job. Imagine loving being a doctor but hating what it has become. Imagine fearing that situations may get so bad that you too may be forced to leave for your own sanity and health.

This is why so many of my peers are demoralised.


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Why I love the Doctor/Rose fandom

Do you know what? I love the Doctor/Rose fandom. Periodically we fall into a gloomy mood where we feel like we’re dying as a fandom, or things aren’t like what they used to be. For just a moment, I want to focus on the cool things happening. 

Last week, over 20 self-rec lists were solicited in ask boxes. The fic reading/writing community is so incredibly encouraging, and this is perhaps the best indication of that lately. It wasn’t just the established, popular writers who got asks, either. I reblogged several from newer authors and some who don’t get as much exposure. That made my heart happy. 

The addition of several new fic prompt/rec blogs in the last month is a good sign that we aren’t dying. People love this ship enough that they want to inspire our creators to new works. That’s a high level of involvement and dedication to the fandom, and it’s not something you find in dying fandoms. 

We’ve talked a lot about the struggle new authors have to get recognised, so @legendslikestardust dedicates a weekly post to finding a new author and promoting them on the blog. They also specifically promote SFW fanfic, since another concern is how much harder it is to get noticed if you don’t write smut.

But smut is still a part of fandom, and it’s a part many people love, so the same people who run that blog also run @dwsmutfest to support that side of the fandom. 

If you like visual prompts, @dwficprompts posts pictures every day to get your creative mind going. I’ve gotten several plot bunnies based on these pics–it’s fantastic. 

And of course, I started @doctorroseprompts because that’s where my passion is. After reblogging prompts from other prompt blogs with, “This could be Doctor/Rose…” and giving a scenario, starting my own prompt blog just seemed like the logical next step. 

And as a prompt blog owner, nothing has made me happier this month than seeing people combining the prompts for all these blogs. The more prompts there are, the more new fanfic we get. February has proven that. To see people taking a prompt from their Fluffuary card and adding it to one of our Valentine’s prompts, or basing their story on a picture from @dwficprompts… it’s just a great, great thing.

I love the Doctor/Rose fandom because I love the people in it, and the way we encourage each other. I love that instead of giving up when it seemed like maybe we were dying, members of our fandom have invested themselves in its revitalisation. This is why we are amazing, and this is why I’m proud to be a part of this little corner of the internet.

Criminal Minds team members & their strengths

Hotch: has the Vatican on speed-dial. eyebrow game. when he smiles u gotta be hittin that Life-Alert button.

Callahan: has 3 guns and will kill u with all of them at the same time.

Rossi: got that super duper Rossi wisdom. dramá kween. therapy spaghetti expert. murdered Luke Skywalker.

Prentiss: speaks 47262269 languages. was a spy. child-whisperer. emo to the extremo.

JJ: smol but can and will fuck up all ur shit. the only reason that team of federal toddlers can function. always knows™ a guy.

Elle: advocate 4 women. middle name is sass. puts men in their places; ur nuts are not safe around her.

Gideon: he’s v dead.

Blake: doctor. cunning linguist. has the uncanny ability to see right thru all ur bullshit.

Reid: he knows literally everything like he can probably tell u how many pubic hairs were on Einstein’s left nut.

Tara: serial killer-whisperer. tall enough to step on u. the MOST badass w/o even trying.

Garcia: can hack not only ur computer but ur heart bc she’s so charming and wonderful.

Morgan: he’s Derek Morgan.

I have to admit, I really appreciate Hank’s new video.

anonymous asked:

U're fucking pathetic begging people for money. "Extreme symptoms" of PCOS and endometriosis ? So u're having cramps ? Big deal. Take a fucking midole and get over it ! Y should we have to pay u're bills when U are refusing to work ? U're a Pathetic lazy bitch !

i debated ignoring this and blocking you. this is exactly the kind of stress i don’t need right now. however, the ignorance in this petty ask is super disheartening. so i’m going to fuck you up with some knowledge, some of my history, and maybe you’ll learn something.

first off, yes: “extreme symptoms” of PCOS and endometriosis. i don’t know if you’re familiar with either condition, but they can fuck you up. PCOS is basically fucked up hormones, and if untreated, can fuck with your uterus and your menstrual cycle. mine went untreated for 10+ years. and endometriosis is when the uterine lining grows outside of the uterus and can grow on your intestines, fallopian tubes, etc., and can cause severe abdominal cramping. 

maybe this is TMI for you, maybe not, but i don’t care: i was on my period from september 2016 until about late april 2017. so you don’t have to count that out, that’s eight months. EIGHT. MONTHS. and it wasn’t just a light flow. oh, no, it was nonstop heavy bleeding. my doctor was shocked that i wasn’t anemic from the blood loss. and the cramping? nah, it’s not just your average discomfort. it’s constant, excruciating clenching pain in my pelvis 24/7, even when i’m not bleeding. some days, it’s not as bad. i can get up, maybe do a little stretching. but most days, it’s horrible. sometimes it wakes me up. sometimes i cry. and do you know what i can take for the pain? nothing. narcotic pain meds make it worse. sometimes an NSAID can take the edge off, but not really. maybe enough for me to take a shower. so, as much as i’d love to, i can’t just “take a fucking [midole] and get over it”.

in summary, no. i’m not just refusing to work. i literally cannot work. i can’t even perform a simple task without it exhausting me. my job is a simple desk job and in the brief time i returned to work, i didn’t finish a single full 8 hour shift. i couldn’t. in between the aforementioned painful cramping, i was also dealing with the previously mentioned bleeding and had to run to the bathroom, sometimes three times an hour for several minutes each time. now, i work in a call center. anyone who has ever worked in a call center will tell you right away that unless specifically scheduled, you are chained to that desk until the end of your shift. even the most understanding manager (and my boss at the time has endo and understood 100%) can’t excuse you logging out several times in an hour, for long periods of time. 

as for begging for money? setting up a donation page and telling people they can donate if they want to hardly constitutes as “begging.” in fact, i didn’t even want to set up a donation page, but after a few hours of a tearful discussion with the most amazing babes i’ve met in this community, i decided to do it. i specifically mentioned in the post that i didn’t expect people to donate, and i still don’t. i’m not holding a gun to people’s heads. i’m not forcing them to give me money. i’m not giving everyone an ultimatum, “give me money or else.” do you know how many people have seen that post but couldn’t/didn’t donate? a lot. do you know how many people i think less of, or unfollowed, or blocked, or whatever because they didn’t donate? 0. yeah, the funds that are donated are going to be put towards my meds, food, and bills, and yes, that includes my phone and internet. because i need these to survive until i get everything worked out with my pay. the internet and my phone are my only lifelines to the outside world, to my doctors, to my insurance, to my job, to keep every party involved with my medical problems and extended leave of absence from work updated, and vice versa.

i’m sorry if simply asking for help has upset you this much that you felt the need to come to my inbox and try to kick me while i’m already down. calling me pathetic for reaching out? please. you’re hiding behind the mask of anonymity just to try to insult me. suck my ass and grow the fuck up.