how many days of torture will it be

Smart!Lance Headcanon

Lance has a photographic memory.
He found out when he was around 8 because he could draw by just glancing at someone else’s art and being able to copy all the details not exactly but extremely close.
When his family was struggling finically, he signed up to do game shows and almost anything that invoked memory and could win anything. His family eventually became finically stable and his memory became no more than a party trick. His family was used to his talent and didn’t pay much more attention to him than his other siblings so he tried to make him stand out more. He would prefect his looks because that was his feature that was complemented the second most.
People started to change their opinion of him from smartest kid in school to class clown and flirt. He had been called an idiot in front of his peers and accused off cheating on tests. He had been in one of the top high schools in America but everyone there looked down on him and called him every name under the sun for idiot. He graduated early because he was sick of the treatment from the other students.
He was accepted into the Garrison with a full scholarship because he had scored a 100 on the acceptance test and his high school. Half of the Garrison officials said he had been cheating but the other half refused to not accept him so he was put into the cargo pilot class.
When he moved up to to fighter pilot, Iverson refused his right to be there. He fully believed he had cheated despite his background of schools. He would lower his test scores and over grade him on his piloting skills. He rose throw the ranks even with Iverson dragging him down.
Hunk was the only one who knew. He had found Lance, after a particularly bad day with Iverson, repeating the numbers of pi.(a habit he picked up when he was stressed to keep his mind off of it)
When they first found Allura, Corren, and the Castle of Lions, he had started learning Altean from a children’s book and worked his way up until he could fluently speak Altean. Corren learned about his talent after walking in on him practicing the pronunciations of the Altean alphabet and offered to help him if he wanted.
When there was a group meeting he would often try to correct the teams mistakes but he would usually told to shut it. Allura would sometimes curse him out and point out his mistakes in Altean with a normal tone of voice thinking it would hurt hurt less if he didn’t. It would have hurt less if she would say it to his face instead of hiding it and saying it as something you would bring up in a normal conversation. She would often mumble about how annoying he is and how he should be more like Keith, reminding him of how he only replaced Keith in the Garrison.
Pidge found out one day after a competition with Lance of who could finish a test first. Pidge would tell him that it was a waste off talent. She would say that she should have that because she would use it for good. He felt like he was back home again, being told by his sister that she should have his memory.
He was left behind on a mission because of his team being forced to retreat without him. The Galra captured him and tortured him for two weeks. Once he was recused by the team and back at the castle, he would have vivid nightmares and flashbacks of his time spent with the Galra.
He had been out of it one day after a night of nightmares and was not paying attention to Allura instructing how the drill would go and ended up asking if she could repeat that. She only responded with “why do you always forget stuff.”
He broke out into hysterical laughter. They looked at him like he was insane until the laughter quickly died off. He responded with “You think I forget things. I never forget. I never forgot all of the things you would say about me in Altean and brushing it off as an Altean ritual. I never forgot how many times I’ve been called a waste of talent and an idiot by everyone. I never forgot all of the nights I spent being tortured and days I spend with out food and little water because I am remind of these things every day because of you all”
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10 Reasons Not To Relapse:

1) Withdrawals. Those weren’t fun, were they?

2) The mental torture and anxiety of realizing the dope is almost out…

3) …and having to experience that feeling every single day.

4) Your freedom will be lost once again. The dope will be making all the decisions now, and it doesn’t care how its choices will destroy you.

5) Do you really want to lose your clean time? Even if it’s a day, so many people will never be able to achieve a day of sobriety.

6) Oh, but you might not get an opportunity to ever get clean again, because there’s a good chance you’ll O.D.

7) You’ll go back to the same lifestyle that brought you to get clean to begin with.

8) Think you feel shitty now? You’ll feel even shitter when you relapse.

9) Think of your worst drug run and double it: that’s what you’ll have to look forward to.

10) I may not know you personally, but I know you don’t deserve to relive the horror that is active addiction. You may question your worth, but let me be the one to tell you that you deserve SO MUCH BETTER than having a needle in your arm, powder in your nose, or toxin in your lungs.

Now, don’t be ashamed or feel hopeless if you relapsed, because relapse is a part of lot of people’s stories, including mine. Relapse doesn’t mean you can’t get clean again; in fact it’s a big incentive to say “fuck you addiction!” And try again!

** This post is for the addicts who are about to pick up. I just wanted to try to prevent at least one person’s relapse, because as many of us know, relapses are miserable. **

The first and last woman to be hanged in New Mexico was 19-year-old Paula Angel. The crime which led her to the gallows was “as old as Eden.” On 23 March, 1861, Angel stabbed her lover, Miguel Martin, to death. Martin was a married man and a father of five who had been having an affair with Angel behind his wife’s back. Seemingly bored with the affair, Martin decided he would call it off. Within a day, Angel was apprehended for the murder and her trial was held just five days later. After being found guilty, she was sentenced to hang the following month. Her time in jail was short and torturous. It was reported that the sheriff taunted her daily by reminder her how many days she had left on earth.

As the execution date rolled around, Angel was told to sit on top of her coffin in the back of the wagon as they drove to the spot she would be killed - a tree on a cottonwood grove. There was no gallows. She was to be hanged from a tree. As the noose was tied around her neck and she was strung up to hang, it was noticed that the sheriff had forgot to tie her hands. The crowd stood in shock as Angel grabbed at her neck and tried to loosen the rope. As she was slowly being choked to death, the sheriff wrapped his arms around her waist to attempt to weight her down and facilitate her demise. The crowd booed and ordered she be cut down. The sight was unbearable.

The execution was momentarily halted so that the sheriff could tie Angel’s hands behind her back. Moments later, she was hanged once again. This time, it was successful and Angel finally perished.

Something I really appreciate about Tony that I don’t think gets talked about much is how much he gets beat up in the armor. 

Like he breaks so many bones that he a) had to invent something that would hide it from other people b) has to do this often enough that it’s a standard part of his emergency kit. (Amazing Spider Man v2 #529)

And then there was that time he got turned into an AI back in the day and he was super excited about not getting horrible concussions all the time anymore. (Hypervelocity #3)

Constant physical trauma and healing is exhausting on its own, and that’s not even getting into all the other miscellaneous severe beatings/torture/literally cutting off part of his own foot so he can keep fighting/having extremis or his internal armor screwed up/etc OR all the debilitating health problems he’s had over the years. Honestly there isn’t a whole lot of point to this post other than that Tony Stark is a tough bastard, and while we all talk a lot about how he deals with mental trauma I feel like there’s not enough appreciation for the physical side of it. Tony takes beating after beating and he just. keeps. going. 



I’m actually really proud of this one? It’s a bit longer than usual, and it’s very Keith-centric even though I’m whumping Lance because hi have you met me? I’m too invested in klance. I hope you enjoy!

@elsiemcclay aka the best person to run ideas and/or titles by. thanks friendo.

A groan sounded to Keith’s left, and he looked over immediately, trying to mask his relief with a glare. “Oh, good. He finally decided to wake up.”

“Hey, how many times do I have to tell you? Beauty sleep is important.” A pause. “Where are we again?”

Pidge snorted. “Guess that general hit him harder than we thought.”

“Lance! You’re okay! I was worried— that totally knocked you out, you hadn’t moved in a while,” Hunk rambled. “Does your head hurt?”

“Like hell,” Lance said, leaning back against the wall and pressing a hand to his forehead. “But nothing too serious. Thankfully, now that I’m conscious, I remember what happened. We’ve been captured, haven’t we?”

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Star Wars and toxic masculinity though, I’m sorry, but what? Are we watching the same movies? They have a pretty clear message: Anger is the path to the Dark Side. If you want to be a hero, don’t go around getting angry and being violent, you have to be nice. Kind. Understanding. That’s kind of a central message. And it runs very much counter to the whole angry, prone to violence, emotionless macho thing.

That’s shown in the characters as well, because we’ve got some really big tough no-emotion macho hero types there, let’s review:

  • Luke Skywalker, bleeding heart idealist, has a lot of feelings and shows all of them. Whines about wanting to see his friends. Cries when upset or in pain. Appeals to people’s conscience, does the right thing, big on calming your mind and listening to your heart. Makes friends with everyone immediately, can’t hate anyone for longer than two minutes. Does not hesitate to rush headlong into danger, but can’t necessarily save the day with fighting prowess. Cares deeply about everyone. If you could be friends with any character, I’d recommend this one.
  • Han Solo, resident idiot, has many feelings and tries to hide them, everyone knows anyway. Will glance broodily around so that you can tell he’s upset or conflicted. Really wants to talk to the girl he likes about her feelings, but has no idea how. Says he doesn’t care, continually runs straight into danger to save the people he cares about. Doesn’t even try to look tough in the face of torture, immediately starts screaming, would never say “it’s just a scratch”. Constantly needs help, always barely one step ahead of total disaster, definitely not your knight in shining armour.
  • Lando Calrissian, actual ladies’ man, charming and suave, arguably the closest we get to a fuckboy except not because he totally respects Leia. Shows polite interest, does not push or manipulate when he realises that she’s not interested, despite the fact that this happens very subtly. Does not hesitate to do the right thing, loyal to his friends, even at great personal cost. Also does not hesitate to follow Leia’s orders, and not because he thinks it’ll get him laid.
  • Anakin Skywalker, drama queen extraordinaire, has far too many feelings and most of them make him cry. May seem a little whiny. Always wants to talk about his feelings, readily shares them with anyone who’ll stand still for long enough. Loves very deeply and is not afraid to show it. Gets very angry, but this is shown to be a Bad Thing. Gets too attached to the point of obsession, which is also shown to be a Bad Thing.
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi, drama queen support group, is a lot better at keeping his feelings under control but still has them. Will absolutely cry at emotional moments (possibly because he is tired). Understands everyone, even if he kind of wishes he didn’t. His need to be rescued by Anakin is a running joke, but not in a way that demeans him as a man, or a person. Makes snarky quips to reassure himself. Knew all along that This Is A Terrible Idea. Definitely the Mom Friend.
  • Palpatine, the big bad, an evil nightmare of a man. Literally uses his anger and hatred as a power source. Enjoys torture and violence, wants to corrupt the hero with hatred and anger. Likes to pretend he knows everything, needs no help, thinks love and friendship are weakness. Has no friends. Employs no women (in the movies). Shows no emotion except smug superiority, anger, and, briefly, panic. Ultimately defeated by the power of love and forgiveness, which serves him right.

Star Wars very explicitly portrays excessive anger and violence as BAD, and caring and understanding as GOOD. The guys are allowed to cry, they all need rescuing at various points and they aren’t “less” for it. They work together with women, as partners and equals. When Anakin finds out that Padmé is pregnant, he doesn’t roll his eyes or get cold feet, he’s delighted. He’s excited to be a father and start a family. The only disparaging comment I can think of that any guy makes about women in the movies is Han’s “If we can avoid any more female advice” which is followed by Leia telling him to shut up and do what he’s told, and Han grumbling and doing what he’s told. So that plays more like Han trying desperately to find some way of getting back at Leia because he does not like being told what to do, and immediately losing another round.

We see Han trying to get Leia to admit how she feels about him, while Leia is more concerned about getting him to join the cause. We see Padmé trying to be practical and focus on the mission while Anakin can’t shut up about his feelings. We see Luke saving the day not by being the ultimate badass macho fighter man, but by appealing to his father’s conscience, his love, the good in Anakin Skywalker. We see plenty of instances of men asking for help and accepting help, showing emotion without being judged or fear of being judged, wanting love and family, etc. We also see romantic rivalry between Han and Luke, and Han and Lando, that does not turn into any kind of “fight” for Leia’s affections, because it’s Leia’s choice and they all know and respect that. In fact, the three guys are friends and stay that way.

All of that is the opposite of toxic masculinity, as far as I can tell.

If anything, the prequel trilogy is a cautionary tale about the importance of keeping your emotions, especially your anger, in check, and the original trilogy is basically how to do it right. Darth Vader is not portrayed as some kind of masculine ideal to strive for, he’s the bad guy. Luke, with his emotional openness and explicit refusal to give in to anger and hatred and violence, is the good guy. Luke is a character you can show to a little kid and say “this is a hero”.

I guess if you twist it enough you can see sexism and toxic masculinity in everything, and I’m not saying these movies are perfect. They have plenty of problems. But when it comes to portrayals of male heroism (and villainy), I think they’re actually pretty damn good.

The hallway


Summary : You noticed bruises on your boyfriend Peter’s body, but he refuses to tell you how he got them, which leads to multiple fights.

Characters : Peter Parker x reader

Word count : ~1300

A/N : I’m really nervous because this is the first writing I’m publishing and I’m so afraid about my mistakes since English is not my main language and I’m far from being bilingual. I hope some people will read it and enjoy it despite the mistakes. Don’t hesitate to ask, or request me anything, or even give me advices or correct my poor english if you want. Feel free to be honest with me. Thank you <3

“I don’t care !” you shouted to Peter.

He got your wrists in his hands, and you tried to debate yourself so he’d let you go.

Few days ago, you started to understand that something was wrong with your boyfriend, but you couldn’t tell what. You started to get everything in line in your head, and make suppositions. His pseudostage with Stark was very suspiscious since he sometimes left the work at outrageous hours. He must fill his time with something else, something he wasn’t willing to tell you.

“Let me go…” you tried to say, but your voice started cracking as the tears were filling up your eyes.

Few days ago, you noticed changes on Peter’s body. Few dark marks that you assumed were bruises. There were some on his back, also as scratches. You noticed it when he changed his shirt in front of you, and couldn’t stop thinking about it then. Later on, you discovered that these bruises weren’t only on his back but all over his body. So what now, he was beaten up all nights, fighting with some other random guys in the street ? You didn’t want to live a Fight Club remake, so you decided to talk to him, which didn’t end very well.

The first time you both discussed about those mysterious marks, he only told you that that was nothing you had to worry about -something you couldn’t do so. The second time, Peter assumed he lacked vitamin C, and that was what caused the multiple bruises. The third time, he told you to shut up because you were annoying as you asked him about it all the time. The fourth time, you decided to shout back and not let him play with you since you felt concerned about his situation. You ended so furious you broke up with him. But it seemed like he didn’t want you to be separated.

“I swear to God [Y/N] you need to listen to me !”

“No, Peter ! You already said what you needed to say last time. I don’t wanna hear from you anymore until you stop treating me like a fool !” The tears drowned your face and you refused to even glare at him.

“[Y/N], love, I can’t tell you, that’s too much for you to handle but I promise… I… [Y/N] look I’m sorry but you have to trust me.” You were trying to push Peter out your apartment not wanting to talk about it anymore, you just needed him to understand that you had to stay alone even for a few minutes.

“Leave !” you shouted “Or I’m going to become more serious than I’ve ever been and you don’t want that Peter Parker.”

Peter’s eyes were red, and you could tell that he held himself back from crying. It was a real torture to see him in this bad state but he plunged you into similar mood so many times this couple of days you couldn’t just stop the fight by wrapping him into your arms like nothing happened. Even if you needed to cuddle him at this time.

After your last words, he stopped and let your wrists free again, but they were a little red because he didn’t noticed how strongly he held them. Peter was wondering what you were thinking while saying you’d become more serious afterwards. He didn’t really wanted to know the answer, at least not if the only way for him to know was by trying. He stepped back, staring at you.

He wanted to tell you his secret, so much, he wanted to tell you that he was Spider-Man. But that would include putting you in danger, and he didn’t want that. His heart was torn apart, he knew he had to make a decision real quick. Either he tells you about his secret identity or he loses you. This was a brand new battle he needed to focus on, all by himself.

As soon as he passed the door, you shut and locked it. There was no way he would enter in this apartment any time soon. Your breathe took control of your body, all of your members shaking. You felt so vulnerable right now, so many tears had fallen from your eyes and it hadn’t stopped yet. Your back met the door and you let yourself fall to the ground. Sat down, you thought about what just happened. The blood in your wrists had trouble coming to your hand since Peter grabbed them. You only dated for three months but you never saw him acting like that. It seemed like violence was taking him, as you thought.

Knock knock knock.

Peter hadn’t left. He was still in the hallway and not quite ready to leave the building.

“[Y/N] I’m sorry babe, just let me in..” You could tell by his voice that he was crying too, so by this image standing in your head a flood of tears more powerful than the last ones overrunned your face. You moaned. Why hadn’t he left yet. “I don’t want you to be mad at me.” He was more calm now in the hallway than he was in front of you. “Love, please I wish I could tell you.”

A sudden urge had you violently punch the door. You were already mad, and those words wouldn’t be enough for you to calm down. “I can’t trust you Peter, not with all those marks you always come home with ! Plus I bet no one knows, not even May !”  God you were so pissed at him. “You don’t understand Peter, you don’t understand that it hurts to see you in such a state. What would you say if I had so many bruises ? I can tell you would care just like I do !”

“That’s exactly why I don’t want to tell you [Y/N].” Now he was totally calm. His voice was slight and you could barely hear him through the door. “I don’t want you to get involve in this crazy story.”

“So you’re in trouble, just like I thought ! But what did you do Peter ? I need to know, so I can help you. We can find solutions. I’ve always supported you since we met.”

“There’s no solution, love. I’m begging you, you need to trust me.”

Everything in your brain was mixing up, you couldn’t think anymore. Maybe it was because you cried too much, and you were tired of this eternal fight with Peter. A silence was instaured since you didn’t answer him, but he soon broke this calm.

“I love you.” You didn’t answer. “[Y/N] open the door…” You didn’t answer. “[Y/N]…” You didn’t answer. You couldn’t even find what to tell him anymore. “Please at least come kiss me I really need this special love only you can give me.” Okay, he was totally trying to get you by your feelings, and the thought of you two kissing almost messed everything up in the ’[Y/N] being mad program’.

“No Peter.” Your voice was strict as ever. “We’re not together anymore, we don’t get to kiss.” These words were painful to say but you knew it was the right decision. If you failed, he would take advantage in the fight.

“I love you…” Peter seemed so sad it broke your heart even more.

“I’m not going to open the door, not until I know what is happening with you.”

There were a little silence before Peter talked again. “Then I’m gonna stay in the hallway forever.”


Starfleet’s moral relativism problem: is it ever ok to condemn another culture?

Central to all of Star Trek has always been the Prime Directive – that set of rules that governs our intrepid space explorers from Captain Kirk to Captain Janeway and everyone in between. Poor Captain Archer existed in a time before, and I’ve often pitied him for having to shoulder the burden of having to make some really questionable ethical decisions without having a Prime Directive to shift the blame to when it turned out his decisions really sucked.

At its core, the Prime Directive dictates that Starfleet cannot interfere with the internal affairs or development of alien civilizations. Some of the best Star Trek episodes involved our heroes clashing with the ethics of a rigid application of this doctrine, but there was always one implication of the Prime Directive that bothered me – the idea that we shouldn’t judge other cultures through the lens of our own because who’s to say what’s right and what’s wrong?

This philosophy of moral relativism argues that there are no universal moral standards – sentient beings are completely at the mercy of their own societies to impart a code of moral behavior and whatever it comes up with is “good enough.” There may be common themes among many societies in terms of morals – most seem to agree it is wrong to commit murder, for instance – but ultimately, what is “right” according one society is not guaranteed to be “right” for another. And let’s be honest with ourselves – even with the topic of murder, we still fiercely debate exceptions to the “no murder” rule such as war, capital punishment, or self-defense.

Our own society provides an incredible patchwork of thorny moral and ethical issues that we still have yet to decide upon. We debate things like abortion, torture, slavery, free speech, and more. We probe these issues by asking ourselves questions like, “At what point does life truly begin?” and “Is torture ever justified?” We explore them by posing philosophical experiments like the Trolley Problem and asking ourselves whether it is morally acceptable to kill one person to save the lives of two or more others. 

How does that line go again? Something about “needs of the many” or something? 

But at the end of the day, might (in terms of numbers) makes right in moral relativism. While I don’t subscribe to that theory, there are times when our beloved Star Trek characters do under the guise of defending the Prime Directive. On the surface, it sounds very peaceful and anti-colonialist. After centuries of watching many empires from the Romans to the British set fire to cultural diversity – and given arguments that many Western nations continue to do this today, just without being quite as invadey – this sounds like a nice change of pace. Live and let live. But this also creates a mind-boggling acceptance of suffering, genocide, exploitation, and oppression within Starfleet.

One of the first chronological examples of the faults of moral relativism is found in the Star Trek: Enterprise episode, “Cogenitor.” Archer and his crew meet an affable, three-gendered species called the Vissians, but we quickly learn that only two of the society’s genders have any real rights. The third gender is referred to as a “cogenitor,” and Trip Tucker ends up on Captain Archer’s shit list for teaching it how to read and putting ideas in its head. When the cogenitor later begs for asylum, Archer refuses. It gets worse – the cogenitor is sent back to the people who basically treat it as chattel and commits suicide, and Archer points out that Tucker’s interference led to its death and will mean the Vissian couple will probably never get to have a child. No winners in this ethical dilemma of an episode, only losers. Until you remember none of this would have happened in the first place if the Vissians had just treated the cogenitors like people.

In the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode, “Angel One,” we encounter the cringe worthy society of Angel I, a planet of misandric women who oppress men. We all got a few giggles at the ladies of Enterprise-D being suddenly held in higher regard than their male counterparts, but things get very dark when Beata, the Elected One of Angel I, decides some dudes need to die for spreading heretical teachings that imply men are equal to women. We get a sort of cop out solution in which Beata has a change of heart and decides to banish rather than execute these “heretics” after Riker makes an impassioned speech about basic rights, but Riker was more than willing to let things go bad if need be, because, “The Prime Directive” and “Just because I don’t like it doesn’t mean it’s wrong.”

The 80′s were a weird time. That outfit is a few inches of fabric away from having a codpiece.

In another Star Trek: The Next Generation episode, “Symbiosis,” we’re introduced to the Ornarans and Brekkians and we find out that after an ancient plague, the Brekkians started peddling an expensive and addictive drug to the Ornarans and calling it a “treatment.” There’s no plague anymore – the Brekkians just control the Ornarans through their drug addiction. Dr. Crusher finds a way to synthesize this drug and offers to help wean the Ornarans off their addiction, but what does Captain Picard do? He tells her to mind her own damn business because it’s not the Federation’s place to tell the Brekkians that it’s wrong to deceive and enslave the Ornarans through an addictive drug.

This episode also gave us one of the weirdest brawls in Star Trek history. Like a Reefer Madness for the 24th century, if you will. 

And this is the most uncomfortable part of moral relativism – who gets to draw the line and where do we draw it? On one end of the spectrum, we have moral relativism which claims anything goes – societies should be able to torture animals, employ the slave labor of children, and oppress women as they see fit – just as long as enough people agree it isn’t wrong to do so. At the other end of the spectrum sits moral absolutism, a theoretical construct that would result in a perfectly unified, homogenous culture, but one that would also strip away many facets of culture that lead to human diversity. 

If Star Trek is supposed to serve as a guide for how we might become a more progressive society, it does a terrible job a lot of the time. Now, there are many instances of our protagonists saying “to hell with the Prime Directive!” and taking what most of us would agree is the more morally praiseworthy route. But there’s no rhyme or reason to it. Just look at how they treat the Borg. Why is it ok to let some societies oppress men or drug another species into submission but it’s not ok to let the Borg assimilate the galaxy in their ultimate quest for perfection? 

I’m going to guess the answer is that until the Borg decided to stick nanoprobes in a Federation citizen, the cheerful little robots simply weren’t the Federation’s problem. We might argue that the Prime Directive certainly has provisions for self-defense - how ridiculous would it be to consent to being annihilated or assimilated just because the Federation is afraid of offending another culture and refuses to draw a line in the sand where right stops and wrong starts? The slope gets slippery here though. We could say this mirrors the concept of large Western nations trying to police the rest of the world and impose their customs on other societies - but how many of us watched documentaries about the Holocaust in school and wondered why the hell previous generations allowed shit to get that bad? How many of us continue to stand by while people in Iraq and Syria live under the threat of the Islamic State? I doubt most people even realize what’s going on in the Philippines or Venezuela right now because hey, “Not my country, not my problem.” It is a huge gray area for what constitutes forcing certain customs on unwilling societies and trying to genuinely help people, but if we can’t agree that Nazi extermination camps and religiously motivated beheadings are bad and need to stop (even when they aren’t happening to us personally), I’ll be surprised if we ever make to the 24th century. It makes me wonder how exactly Earth “solved its problems” and created a utopian society in the first place with this attitude of moral relativism.

Let’s face it – we have no shortage of modern travesties that sound ridiculous in the context of this philosophical approach. The Chechen Republic has been reportedly rounding up gay men and torturing them in recent months, and moral relativism would have us shrug and say, “But their culture says homosexuality is a sin.” 

To anyone who actually thinks that, fuck you. 

Bacha bazi, a practice where adolescent boys are groomed for sexual relationships with older men, remains pervasive in many Pashtun societies. Moral relativism would tell us that we shouldn’t condemn predatory pedophilia because to do so would mean unfairly imposing our Western beliefs on their culture. 

Just because one culture says widespread sexual coercion is ok doesn’t make it so. 

I could keep going on, but this post is already long enough. The bottom line is, all too often, Star Trek lazily glosses over a lot of moral and ethical dilemmas by using the argument, “Who are we to judge?” June is Pride Month, and in honor of LGBT individuals all over the globe who all too often have less rights than their cisgender heterosexual counterparts, maybe we should avoid looking to the “progressive” future of Star Trek and instead ask the question, “Who are we to not judge?” 

While I can’t resolve one of the greatest philosophical questions ever devised, someone once gave me a great piece of advice that I think applies to this idea of moral relativism: no person’s belief is inherently worthy of respect, but every person is. 

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Could you write a little blurb about how Y/N is shy about Harry going down there? Thank you Susie...

Running into the house after a hard day’s work had become much more enjoyable now that I had something to come home to.  I quickly deposited my coat and shoes on the front mat before bounding up the stairs to our newly minted bedroom.  I couldn’t wait to finish off our first full day living together as a real life couple.

He looked up from his spot on the edge of the bed where he had already changed into some sweats and a t-shirt before sitting down to tap away on his phone.  The moment he heard my footsteps though he looked up with a huge, welcoming, happy smile on his face.  He promptly set his phone down,

“Was wondering when you were going to make it home.”

I didn’t hesitate a bit as I walked towards him.  I slotted myself between his legs and set my hands on his shoulders,

“Traffic was a bitch.”

He gripped my sides, his head tipped up to look at me,

“LA traffic is always a bitch.”

I stared down into the face of my love for a bit before lifting my hand into his hair.  A content smile formed on my lips without my direction,

“I missed you.”

He nodded,

“And I missed you.”  He twisted me back and forth in his hands, “Want to me to make you some dinner?  Or we could get something delivered?  I could get take ou-”

“I have all I need…right here.”  I whispered softly.

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There’s a Fine, Fine Line

Jughead x Reader

The Reader and Jughead have a complicated relationship. Based on the requested song: 7 Things by Miley Cyrus

Warning: some swearing

Word count: 2,562

A/N: I know the request wanted it focused on one line and I tried I really did but the other parts were too cute once I started writing I’m sorry I hope you like it still. Also PS  It would have helped if Miley would have numbered the seven things because like I swear i was counting like 9 things at one point in my childhood. Also speaking of childhood the flashback actually happened to me let’s all relive my worst middle school memory yay.

You make me laugh, you make me cry

I don’t know which side to buy

There’s a thin line between love and hate. Jughead Jones rides that line with you, and it frustrates you to no end.

You had been ‘friends’ with him since you can remember, now only hanging out when Archie and Betty are there. You didn’t hate him at first, in fact, when you were a kid you had a crush on him for what seemed like the longest time.

At the 8th grade dance, you even asked him to dance. You remember what happened vividly, almost like a movie.

A short blue dress, black flats, and a braid down your back. Your makeup is done to perfection, and you feel on top of the world. Betty meets up with you at your place before the dance, her dress is a short milky white with a black necklace and earrings. Her blonde hair  tied up in a bun, a few strands hanging down in a perfect messy kind of way.

“Wow.” you say.

“Do you think Archie will like it?” she asks, going to your mirror and fiddling with the hem of her dress.

“If he doesn’t I will punch him.” You say with a small giggle.

“Thanks.” She smiles in return.

A car horn beeps from outside and you both jump up. It was Archie and his dad. They were going to drive you there.

You both race down the stairs and out the door, tickets in hand.

Archie sits up front, and so you both open the door and get in the back.

“There are my girls.” He says with a smile. All of you, plus Jughead, have been an inseparable crew since the beginning of time, and it all seems to work. You like Jug, Betty likes Archie, Archie and Jug are best friends, and you and Betty are best friends. It all just works.

You arrive at the dance and meet up with Jug, going to the dance floor to sway and jump the night away at your last dance of middle school. Half way through the night a slow song begins to play.

Archie smiles as you see him searching for Betty, and Jughead goes to the side of the dance floor. It didn’t look like he was going to ask someone.

Betty seems to have disappeared, probably to the bathroom, and before you know it Archie has come up beside you and has asked you to dance.

You say yes, of course. Archie was your friend, and you know nothing could ever come out of it. He is just a friend, this is a friend dance. People do that right?

His hands are on your hips and your hands around his neck. You can’t seem to look him in the eyes. You didn’t want to see him looking at you, as this should be Betty’s dance.

Soon, one slow song ends, and yet another begins. You thank Archie, as you see Betty coming back from the bathroom, and almost immediately he makes his way to her. He is just being nice, wanting to dance with both of us on our last 8th grade dance.

You search out Jughead on the side of the dance floor, finding him walking out of the room. His body seems tense, like he wants to leave.

You approach him, trying to chase after him.

“Juggie!” you say, touching his shoulder.

He stops and turns around.

“I don’t like you, (Y/N).” he says plainly.

A pain shoots through your body. The boy you had liked since the 2nd grade was standing before you, one of your very good friends, saying that they didn’t like you.

He turns around again and storms off, before you can ask what exactly he means. Did he mean that he doesn’t like like you? Or does he mean that he just doesn’t like you in general? Does he not like you as a person?

Your head spins as you go out to the hallway, sitting against the wall in your dress and braid, putting your head into your knees as you take deep breaths, already trying to deny what just happened.

That was only two years ago. After thinking about it over and over again, you came to the conclusion that he meant that he didn’t like you in general. It was a painful discovery, but it was one you learned to deal with, and one you’re still dealing with to this day.

You seem to only tolerate each other now, never speaking outside of when you hang out with all four of you. Like today.

You aren’t entirely sure what the plans are, but you just know that he will be there. You take the whole day to mentally prepare yourself before texting Betty.

‘what’s the plan?’ you send.

‘Pop’s, then a movie at Archie’s place.’ she replies.

You respond with a smiley face emoji, and as the last bell rings you pull your hoodie up over your head and walk to the diner.

They’re at the normal booth when you get there, Jughead on his laptop, a space open across from him. You scoot in across Archie, taking your spot and ordering a milkshake.

“How was your day?” Archie asks.

“The usual.” you say, shrugging your shoulders, “I went to Geometry class, my calculator died, and continued to spiral into the torturous hell of triangles.”

Your friends chuckle, but Jughead only raises his eyebrows.

“Are you sure that’s not just high school in general?” Jughead smirks, causing even more laughs from Betty and Archie. Oddly enough, you can’t help but crack a smile yourself.

Your friends they’re jerks

And when you act like them, just know it hurts

Jughead doesn’t have many friends he hangs out with besides you and Betty and Archie, but the ones he did have weren’t the kind of people you would think.

He basically lives at the Drive-In, and you can’t help but notice that some of the Southside Serpents are starting to hang out around there.

Okay, so technically you can’t exactly call them Jug’s ‘friends.’ They more are just forced to hang out around each other because of a common interest, but he’s still starting to pick up on some things that weren’t exactly desirable.

He’s late all the time, cancelling plans all of a sudden, not telling even Archie where he is or how he’s been. He’s dropped off the face of the planet, you actually haven’t seen him in a few months, and neither has Archie, and you can tell it’s taken a toll on him. Even you were starting to worry about him.

On your walk home from school you decide to take a different route. You had to cut through a few yards and walk down a trail through the woods at the back of your house, but the day was beautiful and you couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see the leaves change.

You see a figure sitting on a bench with a big backpack on the path, and only when you get closer do you notice the familiar beanie. It’s over his eyes, like he’s sleeping.


“(Y/N)?” he jumps, nearly falling over. He lands in the leaves on the ground, his beanie falling off on the path. He straightens himself up, quickly grabbing his signature hat and putting it back on his black locks.

“Where have you been?” you ask, putting your hands on your hips.

“Around.” He says, putting his hands in the pockets of his sweatshirt.

Really?” you raise your eyebrows, challenging him to tell you more.

“Yeah.” he responds, not taking the bait.

“Well Archie is worried half to death, so is Betty. You should probably talk to them.” You say, deflecting the conversation away from how you might be affected. You cross your arms and shuffle your feet on the path, causing some gravel to kick up and roll towards his feet.

“I have been. It’s only been like a week since I saw you guys anyway.” he shrugs.

You look up. Did he not realize how long he’s been gone? “It’s been two months, Jughead.” you tell him.

“Oh…really?” he raises his eyebrows this time, genuinely confused as to how that amount of time has passed.

“Yes. Please explain.” You state simply, looking at him.

“Why would I tell you?” he smirks, scoffing at the implication of telling me.

“Okay, whatever.” you brush it off. You are used to this by now, “Just please tell Archie about whatever this is.” you say, giving him a look up and down.

“What does that mean?” he challenges.

“You don’t think I don’t notice? You hanging out with all the serpents at the drive-in?” now it was your turn to raise your eyebrows at him.

He looks shocked, and doesn’t say a word.
“They’re making you a different person.” you tell him, walking away.

“Wait,” he says before you get too far.

“What?” you say, spinning on your heels and turning to face him again.

“I’m not hanging out with them.” he tells you, his eyes to the ground.

“Really? That’s what it looks like. And it hurts Archie, and Betty and it hurts-” you stop yourself from saying it hurts you. You’re too busy trying to pry it out of him you don’t notice that he’s looking at you now.

“Hurts what?” he probes.

“It hurts the relationship you have with them.” you cover for yourself.

It’s silent for a minute, you now meeting his gaze.

“Come with me.” he sighs, picking up his backpack and walking in the direction opposite of where you were going initially.

You didn’t argue, though.

Maybe today will be different, maybe today he’s decided not to hate you.

And the 7th thing I hate the most that you do

You make me love you

He leads you to the Drive-in, going to the back room.

He opens the door, leading you into a room with a mattress on the floor, a mirror on the wall, and some clothes and posters tossed carelessly around the space.

You instantly realize, that’s why he’s been spending so much time here. He lives here. This is his home, and nobody noticed it. Not even Archie knew.

“Jughead, why didn’t you come to any of us?” you finally ask, looking around the room, walking to the center.

“I can take care of myself.” he says simply.

“The thing is, you don’t have to. You have Archie, and Betty,” you say, looking him dead in the eyes.

“Really? Cause last time I checked you seem to hate me.” he takes his hands out of his sweatshirt, taking a few steps toward you.

“I’ve never hated you, Juggie.” you say, not breaking eye contact.

“Don’t,” he takes a breath,  “call me that.” His voice is rough and deep, pointing at me with every word. His eyes are flaring, yet stone cold. He is angry at something or someone, you can’t tell.

“I don’t know what I ever did to make you hate me, but I know I sure as hell wasn’t the one who started this.” you say, throwing your hands up in defeat, waiting for a response.

All he does is scoff.

“Fine, have fun being alone, but don’t say I never tried.” you say, pushing past him and making your way towards the door to leave.

“Tried? You’ve barely given me the time of day.” You turn around at this, walking back over to him.
“The only reason I haven’t is because you said you didn’t like me.” You tell him.

“Why would I say something like that?” he gets defensive.

“Don’t act like you don’t remember.” you scoff now, folding your arms once more and rolling your eyes.

He just stares at you.

“You don’t like me, I get it. I’ve moved on with my life. I’ve accepted it. You’ve never liked me.” you say, wanting the conversation to be over.

“I don’t think you do get it.” he says, looking down at his feet.

“Then tell me what I’m missing.”

“The way he looks at you. The way he smiles when you walk in the room. His attention, devoted to you.” he looks at you again, trying to meet your eyes.

“What? What are you talking about?” you ask, confused as ever.

“Archie! It’s clear he likes you. He has since 8th grade. I wasn’t stupid, (Y/N), I saw you dancing with him.” he nearly screams.

“Wait.. what?”

“He only had eyes for you.” He says, hurt now behind his eyes.

“Oh my god.” You put your hand to your head, bringing it down over your eyes. You can’t help but crack a smile and let out a little laugh at how fucked up the situation is. It’s been so muddled and there’s been so much miscommunication.

“What?” he says, his face a mix of confusion and sadness and still some anger.

“Jug, I like you.” You say without thinking.

“What?” he asks.

“He asked me to dance because Betty was in the bathroom. I thought he wanted to dance with her.” you ramble, not realize what he’s asking.

“No, no. What did you just say?”

You pause a moment, just hitting you that you just admitted that you liked him, that you still like him. He obviously heard it, there was no turning back now.

“I- I like you, Jug. I always have.” you let out with a sigh, unable to look at him.

You’re afraid of what he’s going to say, bracing yourself for another rejection. Instead, you feel his hand going to the back of your neck as he pulls you close, placing a kiss on your lips. It was sweet, and simple, a thousand words said in just one touch.

“I’m so sorry.” he whispers against your lips as you break apart, keeping your foreheads together.

“For what?”

“For saying I didn’t like you. When I saw you guys I got so mad, and when you came up to me afterwards it was the only thing I could think of. I was… well, I was in middle school.” he lets out a small laugh, unable to find another explanation.

“It’s okay, we both were.” you come back, letting out a small laugh as well.

He takes a small step back from you, brushing the hair out of your face with his fingers, but you can still feel the heavy weight in the air, a mix of your heavy breathing and the anticipation of what could happen next.

“I hate this.” Jughead breaks the silence, and you’re unable to read his expression.

You pause. The memory flashing in your mind. This was going to be a repeat of middle school, you could feel it.

“Hate what?” you ask this time.

“I hate that you make my stomach tie in knots, I hate what your smile does to my heart. I hate that I’ve liked you for such a long time, and I’ve been too blind to see that you liked me back.”

“There’s a fine, fine line between love and hate, Jughead,” you say, “you just have to decide which side to be on.”

“Then I don’t just like you, (Y/N),” he says. You can feel yourself stop breathing.

“I love you.”

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That post about that porn gif of pins and needles being shoved into a woman’s vagina etc. and other torture in porn reminded me of my first encounter with porn on here.

A few years ago a woman I followed reblogged a porn gif of a woman tied up, and some man in all black with a ski mask on shoved his penis in her mouth and she was literally sobbing, and shaking. I called her out saying I don’t care if she watches porn (I was trying to not seem prudish or ‘shaming’ which is a red flag for how liberal feminism is trash btw) but that it looked like rape and it was disturbing. Of course she ignored me. This is back when I didn’t even know the facts about the horrors of the porn industry and sex trafficking. I just saw it and knew it was torture I didn’t mistake her reactions as anything but terror.

That shit is real, these women are really being tortured in so many atrocious ways for the sadistic fantasies of males, and women supporting this shit is so fucked up.

Liberal feminism has failed, women being raped and tortured on screen isn’t empowerment it isn’t edgy its torture.  Stop defending and supporting that shit.

Coffee, Cuddles, and Bucky

Summary: You had a shit day and Bucky helps to make better. Inspired by a shit day that I had.

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 621 

Warnings: Fluffy so much fuffly. 

You had one horrible day, the kind of day that you didn’t wish even on your worst enemy. Your period decided to start a few days earlier, making you stain your beautiful just washed jeans, your boss was a bitch to you all day and when you finally could go home starts to rain.

When you finally got home, you felt like you could cry. All you wanted was to take a long shower and be cuddled. When you open the door Bucky was about to say something but stopped when he saw you “Sweetheart, are you fine?

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anonymous asked:

okay imagine ronan having to go to the dmv aka Hell™

I can speak from experience on this because I have been to DMV hell and I also have to go again to it this weekend actually wish me luck.

  • Ronan wakes up fighting mad. Like wanting to punch a pillow mad. Which is the worst way to start a day that is already going to suck.
  • Despite it being ridiculously hot out, he can’t really compare it to hell. No, hell is an air conditioned building in the suburbs of D.C. where he needs to drive an hour to go spend an hour waiting in line to update his fucking expired license picture.
  • And the only damn reason he’s going is because he got pulled over and the cop saw that his license was expired so he fined him.
  • He would dream up another one and avoid the whole thing but Virginia has some new fancy tech going on and none of his friends have brand new licenses he can look at for reference.
  • He’s taking Gansey with him because he loves his boyfriend too much to make him wait in line with him even though Adam did offer.
  • “I can’t have your face all mixed up in my head with the anger I feel at the DMV,” Ronan had told him. Which brought up the question, “So you’re bringing Gansey why?” to which the answer was, “Pretty sure he’s already died and gone to hell twice he probably won’t be phased.”
  • Ronan is right because Gansey is in a chipper mood when he drives to pick up Ronan in his bright orange atrocity. 
  • “Are you sure that thing’s going to make it an hour drive?”
  • “Would you rather have me drive your BMW under the speed limit?”
  • “Nevermind, get in the car.”
  • Ronan bites his leather bracelets for the entire hour drive. Gansey hums happily along to the songs.
  • When they get there, the line is like…actually out the fucking door. Which means they have to stand. In the heat. 
  • Ronan is literally sweating and cursing every two seconds under his breath which means Gansey is apologizing to everybody around them and having lively conversations that seem to be lightening the mood of the other suffering angry patrons but completely not effecting Ronan.
  • When they get up to the first desk, Ronan pulls the most crumpled up ripped paper out of his back pocket with all his info written in barely legible writing. Gansey looks at Ronan with the classic disappointed dad face and Ronan just shrugs. The woman behind the desk looks like she’s seen even worse than them before and gives them a number and tells them to go sit down.
  • Gansey happily thanks her and Ronan is sure if he had a hat he would tip it.
  • The thing about Ronan is he doesn’t like just sitting around. And he absolutely hates his phone so it isn’t like he has anything to entertain him besides Gansey who is across the room speaking to one of the DMV workers animatedly asking about her job and if she likes it and she looks so completely charmed by Gansey that Ronan considers testing Blue’s jealousy levels. He does. 
  • Blue texts back and says, “Good, get rid of him for me.” which at least makes Ronan laugh, though in a terrible sharp way that makes multiple people around him look a bit scared.
  • He realizes he has two seats on every side of him unoccupied and decides to spread out and maybe have a little fun with this.
  • He glares at some people around him and makes aggressive eye contact with one suburban mom until she shuffles away to another seat. He really wishes he had chainsaw to scare them more but settles for fake scrolling through his phone and laughing manically at nothing funny in particular.
  • Eventually Gansey hears him doing this and excuses himself from the conversation to push Ronan’s feet off the chair. “Can you behave for even fifteen minutes?”
  • “It’s only been fifteen minutes? Fuck.”
  • “Ronan, there’s children.”
  • “No shit. I have a child and she’s fine.”
  • “Your child was pulled from a dream and isn’t registered in a first grade classroom.”
  • Ronan rubs his face and sits up straight and now it has been twenty minutes and he’s losing his mind.
  • “Can’t you go use some fancy my mother’s in government pull or some Republican bullshit so we can cut the line?”
  • “I am not going to abuse the power of government more than the Republican party already does.”
  • “Was that a cut at your mother?”
  • “Maybe.”
  • Forty minutes and Ronan is finally called up to the counter.
  • They ask him to stand in front of the white backdrop to take the picture and he looks like he’s going to murder somebody.
  • “Can you at least try to smile? You look scary.”
  • Ronan smiles.
  • “Great, now you look like a Disney Villain.”
  • The picture is taken, Ronan rudely swipes the license out of the DMV worker’s hand to which Gansey gives a sorry shrug but doesn’t fully apologize this time at least.
  • Gansey says goodbye to all his new friends on the way out the door and it’s almost impressive how many people are smiling in this hellscape because of Gansey.
  • Anyways they head home and Adam thinks Ronan’s new license picture is fucking hilarious and Gansey is done with the both of them truly and that was Ronan Lynch’s stupid uneventful day at the DMV.
  • See how I tricked you into reading this highly stupid headcanon? That’s pretty much what it feels like to be stuck at the DMV enjoy the torture. 
Act Normal (Jughead x Reader Request)

Request: ‘could you do a Jughead imagine where the reader(female) is at a party and chuck takes her upstairs and has sex with her, without her consent (kinda like what happened on 13reasonswhy) & it gets spread around school that she slept with Chuck and her boyfriend Jug finds out and he breaks up with her and the others turn their backs on her but then reggie tells them he knows Chuck didn’t get her consent bc he found out somehow and then they all feel really bad with a happy ending??’ - Anon.

Characters/Pairings: Jughead x Reader, Archie x Veronica, Betty, Kevin, Chuck, Reggie.

Warnings: Underage drinking, rape, kissing.

Word Count: 2282

Notes: So to add to the plot a bit, I wrote Jughead as asexual and the reader as bisexual. This is a pretty dark piece, please don’t read if you think it will make you upset. If anyone is affected by these issues & wants to talk, I’m here for you 💕


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‘Are you sure I can’t persuade you to come?’

‘You know I don’t do parties.’

‘Not even when I do this?’ I placed my hands on Jughead’s cheeks and kissed him fervently. He kissed me back for a moment but quickly took my hands from his face and held them back my sides.

‘Nice try.’ He gave me a smirk. I gave him a fake frown before placing a quick peck on his cheek.

‘Ready to go y/n?’ I heard Archie call from downstairs. I grabbed my bag from the bed behind me, Jughead rubbed at my hand and gave me a final goodbye kiss on the lips. As I reached the doorway, I turned and blew him a kiss. He chuckled at me, already sat on the bed with the laptop open.

‘Don’t have too much fun without me.’ He called.

The party was already bustling by the time we arrived. Archie and I glanced around each room until we found the others in the kitchen. They quickly locked eyes with us, Betty gave us a wave. We paced up to them, Archie pulled in Veronica for a kiss immediately. I felt my heart tug a little, I wished Jughead could be by my side like Archie and Veronica were. Thankfully Kevin distracted me by passing me a drink.

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Joker Imagine - Griggs abuses you

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Your P.O.V.

Where am I? What the fuck was going on?

Questions were racing through my mind and they didn’t leave me alone. There was a big on my head and I was tied tightly onto a chair. My heart was beating hard because this situation scared me. The last thing I remembered was being with Joker. We were just driving around Gotham city until Batman started chasing us. We thought we got rid of him and then everything went black. Now I was here.

I heard a few footsteps coming closer. If I listened closely I could hear someone loading a gun. Then the bag was torn off my head and a bright light welcomed me. I narrowed my eyes and looked around. I was surrounded by at least 20 heavily armed people. Instead of letting them know how scared I was, I put on an act.

‘’Oh hi’’ I laughed and leaned against the back of the chair. They looked very grumpy and even scared. Was I so scary? Then I faced the guy who took the bag off. He had brown eyes, a brown beard that was still quite short and even brown hair. His skin was tanned but still a little on the paler side. He was smiling.

‘’Well if it isn’t Joker’s girlfriend’’ He broke the silence. He sounded awfully familiar. ‘’The one and only’’ I answered him as calmly as I could. I swear if my arms and legs were free I would have knocked them down one by one already.  I tried to yank my arms free but the man didn’t like that. ‘’Oh Y/N you’re not home anymore. We’re in Belle Reve. You’re going to play by our rules now’’ The man warned me and made me stop yanking myself.

Ok he could hurt me if he wanted to. I looked around once more and saw that this place looked like a prison. Everything was metallic. ‘’I play by no one’s rules sir’’ I cleared things up. His smile faded and he kneeled in front of me. ‘’It’s Griggs. Also I think you should be careful around here’’ He thought out loud. I just rolled my eyes. That wasn’t good for him.

Griggs slapped me so hard that I grunted in pain. My left cheek started stinging like fuck and it caused my eyes to water but I wasn’t crying. I just started laughing. My laugh echoed in this weird place and I knew it scared these people. Griggs slapped me again but I forced myself to laugh no matter how much it hurt.

Ha ha ha

‘’Get the special stuff boys’’ Griggs demanded some people. Then I saw how half of the group walked away swiftly. ‘’What stuff?’’ I asked him curiously. Yes I seemed okay now but if I was free I’d kill Griggs. Where was J? Was he free? Would he come for me?

‘’You don’t want to know hottie’’ He shrugged strangely. I cringed once he called me hottie but I didn’t show that. ‘’My J won’t be happy about this’’ I warned him. His men came back with black suitcases. One of them was holding a gag ball and other weird looking things.

‘’I don’t care about him’’ Griggs admitted without thinking. It made my blood boil. How could he just say that into my face? Griggs opened a suitcase and I saw bottles full of chemicals. Although they were sealed, a very toxic smell filled up my nostrils. Someone else strapped the gag ball around my head and put it in my mouth. Just as the man did that, I bit him. Griggs noticed and wrapped his arms around my neck. ‘’Don’t you dare to do that again’’ He growled as his man walked away.

I couldn’t answer him because of the damn ball. Griggs groaned and then took his hands off of me. His grip hurt. I’m sure only that would leave marks. I just watched as he grabbed a tube that had two branches. I tried to shake my head as he put it closer to my face. I wouldn’t let that shit near me!

I screamed once another guy held my head and someone strapped it against the chair. Then Griggs put the tube in my nose and attached the other end to one of the bottles. My heart started beating faster. This was kinda terrifying. Suddenly a stinging smell made my breathing harder.My vision got blurry and I couldn’t control my body well. I just focused on that disgusting smell.


A lot of days passed. I didn’t know exactly how many but it felt like weeks. I was all alone in this rotten place. There was this cage that they kept me in and sometimes I got shocked if I touched the poles. Griggs and his men had tortured me with the weirdest things and I felt weak. I hated this place. Although i wanted to rather die than be here, I didn’t show that to them. I was in some kind of a prison suit. I had torn the sleeves off to make it look prettier.

‘’Well well well’’ I heard Grigg’s disgusting voice as he walked inside to the big area where my cage was. I smiled and hurried to the end of the cage. ‘’Hi Griggsy’’ I purred and flashed him my teeth. He just shook his head and looked away. ‘’What’s the matter?’’ I asked him with a fake pout.Damn the second I was out of here with my J again, I’d make sure Griggs would pay.

‘’You’re hot. If you weren’t so crazy I’d do something about it’’ He told me and it made me feel disgusting. The only one who could touch me like that was J. No one else. Just then something weird happened.

 A loud bang caused everyone to flinch. I screamed and covered my head with my arms. Griggs and his men started shooting but it was too late. Some people dressed in black suits were quicker and they started shooting Griggs men. I was astonished. I just stood in the corner of my cage and stared at the unbelievable situation. I didn’t want to get shot!

In the middle of the shooting and all the smoke I saw Griggs held down by two masked men. Grigg’s gun was gone and he was yelling ‘sorry!’ and stuff like that. Suddenly someone near me made me snap back to my own surroundings. The cage had been broken and one of the men dressed in the SWAT suits stood in front of me. As I looked closer I saw JKR on his chest. Hope lit inside of me.

The man took off his mask and then I saw him. Those blue eyes, red lips, green hair, everything was there. It was Joker! I wanted to cry but the first thing I did was different. I ran into his arms and I got as close to him as possible. His strong arms wrapped around my body and finally I felt like I was home.

‘’You came for me’’ I breathed out. I was in shock. But at the same time I was so happy. Joker ran his hand through my hair and then he sighed. ‘’Of course kitten. It took a while to find the way here’’ He explained with his raspy voice. Even his voice made me so happy. Tears rolled down my face now. I never wanted to let go of him. 

‘’We’re going to go home and get revenge. Then we can take a long warm bath and enjoy the fireplace with champagne. Okay?’’ he tried to make a plan with me. Oh god that sounded just perfect. I nodded and bit my lips together. We were going home.


A/N: Hey everyone sorry I’ve been a bit inactive.. I have a huge trip coming up in a few days and I needed to pack and prepare for it. Also there have been a few things which kept me away from Tumblr but I’m back! As a little thank you and mini contribution for Nessian today I wrote a bit of Nesta and Cassian cuddling. It’s very short but it wouldn’t hurt to share some fluff with everyone today. I hope you all enjoy! As always the characters do not belong to me.

One line summary: Cassian and Nesta cuddling. Need I say more? ;)

A deep inhale echoed throughout the room ricocheting off walls melting away into silence. Soon after, a pleased exhale chased after that initial sound causing a pair of bodies to stir into consciousness. Tangled limbs parted away to brush against silk sheets the color of onyx. The quality kept kissing the bare skin of the two embracing trying to pull them deeper into slumber.

As time passed the movements became more frequent. One particular motion prompted a blanket resting delicately along the curve of Nesta’s shoulder to slip off. The result wasn’t entirely welcoming. Brisk air didn’t hesitate for a second as it swept over the heated skin inducing small bumps to rise. A chill traveled up and down Nesta’s spine demanding for her heavy lidded eyes to flutter and finally open.

At first her vision was blurry. It took a moment of slow and concise blinking to sharpen her view and have a better awareness of her surroundings. From the corner of her eye she noticed sunlight leaking passed the thick curtains. A lighted mist clashing against the dwelling shadows. A reoccurring theme when living in the Night Court.

The icy touch still lingered and grew stronger immediately snapping Nesta’s attention upon the sheets noticing how they didn’t cover her body. Instead they lay pooled around Cassian, some crumpled within his grasp and others desperately thrown away from his huge frame.

A twinge of frustration creeped up inside. It seemed as though the general couldn’t stand the warmth of the sheets any longer and decided to cool himself off by shoving them aside ungracefully. Though, what he failed to realize was he happened to shuck away the sheets covering Nesta aside as well. Unlike Cassian, Nesta was satisfied with the previous temperature. But now the coziness from before vanished and she started to shiver.

In attempt to regain that previous comfort Nesta shifted closer to Cassian. His scent with each shift became evidently stronger. Even the warmth radiating off him continued to grow which explained his sudden need to cool off.

After a minute of worming her body closer to his they lay mere centimeters from each other. Careful not to wake him Nesta propped herself on an elbow and lifted her upper body up almost caving at the urge to tuck her face under his chin. But instead she arched her arm over his shoulder feeling their bodies connect briefly. She winced as a breath escaped him and couldn’t help but meet his now seductive yet sleepy glance.

“What are you doing?” His voice rasped out already forming a small grin no matter how early it was in the morning.

Nesta stared down at him still aware of her arm hovering above and over him. “I’m cold,” came her reply as she shrugged.

The second those words came out his eyes snapped to her body. To the flesh raised and hair standing. To the slight shiver that barely startled the bed. To her then mocking glare and raised eyebrow as if inquiring something important.

“I can fix that,” he whispered in the way that made her heart skip a beat. He shifted and motioned for her to cuddle into his embrace, arms already waiting for her arrival.

Nesta leaned in a smirk forming on her lips. She saw his anticipation grow as she neared but then before completely tucking herself into his embrace she plucked a blanket on the other side of his body and swiftly pulled it over them. “I know you can. But I can too,” she mumbled as the sheets were tucked and manipulated later muffling any words she tried to say. To tease him a bit more the blanket covered everything below her nose so as she peered up towards Cassian she made a spectacle by batting her eyelashes heavily.

What sounded like a scoff was voiced purposely being loud and boisterous just like its owner. The actions that went with it were childish leaving no sign of a man whom lived centuries and experienced a great deal of life as well as death.

Cassian pretended as if her rejection towards his offer broke his heart by pawing at his chest and scrunched those ruggedly handsome features to get the point across. This of course was all to prompt a reaction out of her.

Though it didn’t seem to be working as well as it should of. The only thing in his line of sight were those pair of grey eyes promising a world of possibility and risk. A cyclone raged within and held so much emotion. That’s how he was able to read her thoughts on some occasions. The answer laid in her eyes instead of her features. Nesta wasn’t one to wear her heart on her sleeve but her eyes always told a story. One he would learn and cherish for the rest of his life.

A sudden tenderness sunk deeply inside causing his heart to flutter at the thought of Nesta and himself remaining comfortable in bed all day long. It was crazy to remember how only months ago they teased and playfully tortured each other never fully knowing if it would extend into something more. Back then he seemed to live on an edge wondering and hoping for it to be something more but remained doubtful. Many times there were moments where he convinced himself that he wasn’t enough. Not for anyone. Not for her.

But to his surprise she thought the same and the only thing he wanted to do was prove them both wrong. To prove to themselves how they genuinely did deserve each other. To prove that he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Again those eyes blinked up at him searching, waiting. As her slim brow raised itself in question towards his sudden calm Cassian let loose a low growl and wrapped his arms around her waist tugging her in close. The stubbornness was painfully clear. She waited for him to pull her to himself not wanting to admit how much she craved his heat. Heat in which he would gladly provide.  

The low snort was music to his ears because even though she pretended to have been comfortable either way he couldn’t help but feel the smile cleanly tucked into the crook of his neck. Like that she was held firmly in his arms built entirely of lean muscle from decades of training and battle. Scars peppered the golden tan skin, each harboring a unique story.

Cassian’s hands roamed her body. One was tangled in the golden brown locks which displayed a new set of highlights from previous travelings to the Summer Court. The other loosely traced meaningless patterns into the soft skin of her back expertly avoiding the hem of her nightgown.

“Cassian,” she breathed into his shoulder turning her face slightly towards his.

“Hm?” He hummed in response tightning the grasp a bit in fear she would leave.

“Lets not do anything today. Lets..” she paused.

“You want to remain here longer before heading out,” he finished for her receiving a nod in return. “I wouldn’t like it any other way,” he continued.

Cassian placed a kiss at the crown of her head loving the scent it contained and closed his eyes. He concentrated on the feeling of his body sinking into the mattress. He concentrated on the feeling of his back muscles contract to lift and wrap his wings around them for more security. His mind concentrated on the light slowly dimming as his mind quieted. He then concentrated on the feeling of the woman he loves in his arms safe and peaceful, never wanting to let go. Promising himself that he never will let go.

170226 Jikook/Kookmin

since I’m lazy af I’ll just list things I spotted here and there and you can just go and check for yourself xD

ah, the 1st thing I felt while watching the whole thing for the 1st time was “oh~, why does it feel like Jungkook wanna be in the other team *whisper* Jimin’s team? And it’s not even the 1st time xD”. How he keeps going back and forth in between the 2 teams is so cute.

0:22 cuties having fun and laughing together 

0:33 cuties looking good standing side by side

0:34 I’ve been blessed by Jimin dolphin’s laugh, it’s been a while since I last heard he laughed to that extend since MV Star Dust Run era I believe ♥

0:37 Hey guys, Min Yoongi is talking. Please focus, stop staring at each other xD

0:53 Jungkook awkwardly points at Jimin like “this hyung…” then stops and immediately touchs his neck (sth you do when you feel nervous (?) I dunno). So what’re you trying to do, dear?

1:02 how Jeon Jungkook passes through the sea of people to have a better view of Jimin playing (yeah I exaggerated there, just Yoongi and Monie xD)

1:07 - 1:17 Jungkook’s “Oh yah” then Jungshook and then big smile then still shook “suddenly why/what happened”. But yeah basically everyone is shook since they kept saying that he had a sh**ty hand xD

Seriously, I know Jimin is unlucky with things involving luck, I guess Mr. Luck finally fell in love with my pink baby, I’m proud 🌺 

1:20 Jungkook again makes effort to see Jimin playing and jungshook for how many times who knows

1:35 Kook ah~, close your mouth, dear, beware of flies xD

1:38 “really? what just happened?”

I won’t write the time frame anymore, I’m tired, please for give me like Yoongi “용서해줄게“ xD

Jungkook’s “I got my eyes on you”

Just 총! 조준! 발사! me already Park Jimin, I’m tired, stop torturing me, Hobi and Monie too TT_TT

anyhow, back on track, “I got my eyes on you” ep. 2

Everybody shook now xD

I swear this pink manggae killed me right here like wth is that Park Jimin you deserve your 20-year sentence the other day really I can’t with you anymore stop attacking me are we clear? Anyhow it’s my new ringtone 🐥🐥

Well back on track again, you can see a fond eye behind him xD

JK’s I wanna show my achievement as well 

And at last you can hear Kookie singing along with his Jiminie hyung in his Jiminie’s hyung part, I know, I know you love harmonizing with him, we all know, Kook ah~.

That’s the end of this post. I have no idea what it is about, basically Jikook interaction, me fangirling over Park Jimin. Thank you for spending time reading this nonsense.

Ah, it’d be nice if someone knew how to get rid of the recommendation videos showing at the last few seconds of the youtube video. I hate that new feature. I can’t see sh**, I dunno why they do that! 😶😶😶

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While this isn't a specific writing question, I'm curious about what you have to say about reconditioning torture and reprogramming personality (for example, Widowmaker in Overwatch). How do you think a modern-day torturer (American, but not government-affiliated) would go about achieving such an effect, if even possible?

It is completely impossible and unrealistic.

And I really wish we lived in a world where people knew that because it’s a trope that’s hugely damaging to victims. It essentially seems to imply that this horrific thing they survived is going to turn them into a monster.

I suppose that as a sci-fi fan I can appreciate why people like the idea. But the fact that so many people think it’s real and treat it as real is damaging.

So far as I can tell the idea first gained traction during the Cold War when Americans were worried about Soviet torture some how magically turning their soldiers into communists. As a result the Americans investigated Soviet torture techniques.

The Soviets were using techniques that were roughly the same as the Chicago police force.

(If you’re interested in how the Chicago police obtained false confessions I have a Masterpost on the subject here).

The American government also put money into some hugely unethical, non-consensual, psychological research specifically aimed at ‘re-programming’. The victims were mental health patients and they were subjected to a form of sensory deprivation known as ‘Baldwin’s box’.

Baldwin’s box is a small soundproof, padded room with no lights. The idea is that it cuts out sight, sound, smell and most of the sense of touch. Researchers who used volunteers noticed negative effects in hours and found that the vast majority of people could not stand the box for more than 24 hours (one outlier stayed inside for 6 days).

Victims who were forced into the box were kept inside up to thirty five days.

The effects were horrific.

Victims lost the ability to recognise everyday objects. They lost large chunks of their recent memories (six months to ten years). They were severely traumatised and required hospital care for the rest of their lives.

Let me put this another way: the victims were severely and permanently brain damaged.

Imagining that these people could be dangerous to others is ludicrous. The ability to care for themselves in a basic way was taken from them: they would be physically incapable of acting as assassins, warriors or soldiers.

Torture causes huge damage to victims’ mental health but it doesn’t cause damage in ways torturers can control. They can not, for example, torture a victim in a way that produces depression as a symptom rather than aggression or eliminates or alters particular memories.

Basically brainwashing is bullshit. No torture can change someone’s strongly held beliefs and no torture can affect someone’s personality in predictable, reproducible ways.

Victims are not monsters. And no amount of torture can turn someone into a monster.

People don’t change sides because of torture, they don’t change their minds because of torture and torture can really only ‘force’ a bare minimum of compliance.

Torture can, for instance, force someone to confess to a crime they didn’t commit. But the statistics we have put the success rate for that at around 10%. Which means that under torture roughly 90% of people do not comply with their torturers long enough to sign their name.

What I see more often in victim accounts is torture reinforcing the victim’s beliefs. I see it bringing out a stubborn defiance. I see victims becoming even less cooperative.

And this is part of why torture will always be a bad idea: it creates enemies so entrenched in their opposition to the torturer’s ‘side’ that nothing will sway them.



Legolas Greenleaf X Fem!Reader

Character(s): Legolas Greenleaf, Thranduil

Fandom: The Hobbit/LOTR

Prompt/plot: Reader is a mermaid who somehow got washed up near Mirkwood. Legolas is out hunting and finds them only to take them home to care for them. 

Warning(s): nudity, mentions of torture 

A/N: AYoOoOoOoOO I’m back. (Y/E/C) is Your Eye Color. And I’ll probably write a part 2 for this but idk yet.

[part 2]

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Nyx-Chapter 15

Pairings: Thor x Reader, Bucky x Reader

Summary: Thor makes a critical decision about his future with Nyx. Loki helps.

Warnings: Just Angst, No smut for the next few Chapters.

Word count: 1083

Thor strides purposefully through the gilded halls, lost deep in his own mind. Images of Rayne filter through his head, but he clamps down on them, conjuring your face in his inner eye instead. The betrayal in your eyes as you stormed away from him brings back the acute shame he felt.

He knew what it meant the minute Rayne laid her hand on him. A spark so pure, so potent, so mind altering had shot through him. Her eyes had sucked him straight in, and he had no idea what to do about it.

The love he held for Nyx was still there. A love nurtured over many years, albeit in secret. You had never paid Thor much attention, choosing instead to spend your time with Loki, only attending to Thor when you needed a sparring partner.

How torturous those days were. Your lithe body moving with deadly grace against his own. How he longed to have you for himself. Your fierceness drew him toward you immediately, your compassion for others, your kind heartedness. Now you were his, and while he was filled joy at the prospect of taking you as his bride, he longed for another, a yearning he could not stop or control.

It filled him with fury. He wanted answers, a way to stop it. A way to return to the elation he felt before he met… her. Which meant he had to consult with his brother who would, in all likelyhood, choose not to lend his aid.

Loki’s affection for Nyx, the bond shared between them, rivaled the brotherly love he held for Thor. Perhaps even surpassed it.

Turning a corner he rans into the man himself. “Brother,” he greets, dipping his head in acknowledgement of the raven haired God. “It is unwise to be in my company at the moment.”

Loki merely smirks. Grabbing Thor by the arm he steers him to a conveniently placed divian, he shoves him down, and takes a seat next to him. “How this reminds me of the past, when we were once equals,” Loki says quietly, his face curiously blank of emotion. “Tell me what ails you, brother,” he adds as an afterthought, crossing his legs in effort to become more comfortable.

“I have found my one,” Thor replies hanging his head in quiet shame, not daring to look his brother in the eye.

“And it is not Nyx as you had hoped?” Loki says as he cocks his head to the side, intertwining his fingers on his lap.

“I fear not. It is the sergeant’s Lady. I made quite a fool of myself at a gathering, angered Nyx, and in the process lost my heart to fiery beauty. I know not how to proceed,” he says as he sighs heavily, placing his head in his hands.

“Brother,” Loki croons, a hint of mischief in his voice. “Nyx is not now, nor will she ever be yours. Break the engagement! For the sake of your sanity, for the sake of your heart, let her go! She will never be yours.”

Thor sucks in a shuddering breath, his eyes squeezing shut as he attempts to find a lie in Loki’s words. “I love her, Loki. I have loved her for many moons,” he says softly. “ I have partaken of her body, given her my promise. How could I, in good faith, destroy her honor and my own, for a woman I barely know?”

Loki contemplates his brother’s words carefully, tapping an index finger on his knee. “Nyx was no blushing maiden when she came to us. She bore children, had a husband. She has been through much in her time, and no matter what you think, brother, she does not, cannot, love you.” His words are harsh but necessary.

Thor pauses, finally lifting his gaze to his brothers, searching his eyes for any deception. “What does that say about me? That I would so casually cast aside a woman who has been nothing but true to me. I cannot do it, brother, I cannot betray her so,” he says, blinking back the tears threatening to fall.

Loki sighs, fully fed up with the conversation. He hardens his gaze, squares his shoulders and stares Thor straight in the eye. “She will leave you. That snivelling mortal oaf has accepted himself. It will not be long before he stakes his claim. He could save her life, and she would be happy. Instead you preen and moan about honor, completely disregarding the fact should you distance yourself from your woman, you too shall perish. Use what little brain you have, Thor! Break the engagement and save yourself. Save Nyx! For you shall die if you cling to her, so shall your lady, and Nyx is almost there.”  Loki holds his breath in silent hope his thick skulled brother will accept his words.

Finally Thor speaks, grim determination in his eyes, his jaw set in a hard line, the muscles in his shoulders tense, the blue of his eyes stormy. “You are right. I will end the engagement. She will be banished, but she will be with the man who could save her life.” He sighs heavily. “I only wish it did not have to come to this. That there were another way, some way to save us all the pain.”

Loki laughs, a genuine laugh, one which does not often come to light. He throws his head back, and Thor revels in the melodious sound of his brother’s laughter, a small smile tugging at the corner of his lips. “Nothing worthwhile ever comes without a little pain, dear brother. You will be happier for it,” he says as he catches his breath.

Thor finds himself nodding stoically at Loki’s words, a renewed sense of purpose brewing in his breast. He would inform his father immediately of the new developments, and pray Nyx would forgive him given time.

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