how many captains in one room

Do you know what I can’t get over? There’s this feeling I’ve had in the back of my head, like an itch I just can’t scratch for months, a feeling I get whenever I think about the Washington Capitals– a sense that something is wrong, very wrong, and I’m the only one who realizes. I wasn’t able to figure it out until last week when the Caps instagram posted the photo of Nicklas Backstrom at the FBI visit and suddenly everything fell into place. The feeling I’ve had is the unnerving suspicion that Nicklas Backstrom will one day kill me, will one day kill all of us. Look at the man. Have you ever seen him as truly happy as he looks in that picture with Andre pinned underneath him, completely helpless? Have you ever seen a photo of Nicke smiling that big with his girlfriend or even his kids? No! The only thing that’s ever given him joy is this. Complete power. We’ve been fooled into seeing Ovi as the leader of the team, obviously, he’s the captain, but we all know who really runs the show. How many people are too afraid to dare go against Him? What threats has he silently given them to keep their silence? Does he sit there in the locker room with his unnerving, blank expression, his wild hair, those eyes that know too much, and keep them from leaving? Ever since I saw that photo I live in constant fear. Where will he find me? Will I be walking downtown through Gallery Place, rushing past the Verizon, no, the Capital One Center, to make it to the metro before anyone sees me, when I suddenly catch sight of him rising up from the deep on the escalator at the station? Will I turn and run, knowing well that I won’t be able to be faster than him? Or will I wake up one night in my room from a deep sleep to see him standing above me, wielding one skate like a knife? No. Not a skate. His bare hands. This is a man who will get the only joy he knows in life from reaching his cold, cold fingers around my neck and strangling me dead. He knows I know. He knows everything. It’s only a matter of time before he’s able to locate me and make sure I never 

An idea:

Eliksni scavengers finding human trinkets. One takes an interest in the little bands of metal on the fingers of corpses, draped on the bones of skeletons she comes across. Small, useless, sometimes ornamented, most an amalgamation of metals, often not even conductive or useful in technology. Those of useful alloys are so small their addition to a scrap heap wouldn’t even be noticed. She she gathers them instead and winds them onto rope or discarded wire, collects the interesting trinkets of the dead.

Eliksni scavengers curious with similar shapes, large hunks of metal with hinged doors and complex mechanics, almost like ships? If you push smaller ones they creak and moan and give a hint of mobility, something of a past life. There are often skeletons in them, they were homes for these humans, or transport of some kind perhaps? But there are so many, of different sizes and shapes. Some too small for a Captain, some very rare ones nearly the size of a Skiff. It’s of interest to them, to see a new shape in their travels.

Eliksni scavengers figuring out how to identify groups of uses of buildings by their layout. It’s of debate what the uses are particularly, but there are certainly big buildings with wide open spaces, and buildings with metal bars and buildings with many tables and chairs and tight cramped back rooms. Buildings with long hallways and identical rooms and buildings with strange stairways and odd room shapes and paths leading to them from roads.

Eliksni scavengers taking interest in the ruins of humanity, not of sympathy, not of compassion, but of intellectual curiosity. A life was here, how did it live?

I can imagine Steve’s used to all the Captain America merchandise but one day he sees a videogame with the Avengers on it and wonders what that’s like. So he gets it knowing that Tony has all the upgrades on everything in the Tower.

Then Tony goes into the living room one day and sees Steve playing an Avengers videogame and just can’t believe it. So he plops down on the couch next to him and wants to play.

Then Steve tells him he’s picking his favorite character and selects Iron Man. Tony’s a little surprised, but can’t help but grin at how happy that makes him. He also chooses his favorite character who turns out to be Captain America, which only makes Steve’s smile widen.

They play many rounds and unfortunately Steve is winning more often because of his damn super soldier reflexes, but they both are having such a fun time.

And as they’re playing, laughing and completely enjoying each other’s company, Tony decides that once they’re done playing the game he’s definitely asking Steve out to dinner.

To the very lovely and adorable and intelligent @buttercup–bee​! Thank you, Averie, for continuing to be one of the greatest (and one of my favourite) presences in the Jonsa fandom. Thank you for all your wonderful metas <3 I hope you like this ficlet!! 

Title: A Sansa Stark Thing
Summary: Professional football player Jon Snow is asked to come onto Sansa Stark’s daytime talk show and more than one person notices the sparks immediately flying off between them. 

As soon as Jon started fidgeting with his suit, Melisandre slapped his hand away and fixed him with one of her legendary glares. He sighed in defeat. No matter how many times they put him in an expensive monkey suit, Jon would never get used to the feeling. It wasn’t him. None of it was him. When he first kicked a football at age five, Jon never thought in a million years that he would be forced to make talk show appearances and answer questions about his personal life.

Frankly, he never thought he would be captain of Winterfell Football Club either, but here he was, standing in a cramped little dressing room with the club’s crazy superstitious publicist in some designer suit he forgot the name of already.

Jon opened his mouth to ask Melisandre if there was any chance he could cancel now when his phone beeped in his pocket. He pulled it out and quickly checked his messages.

[Group: The Brotherhood]

Edd: Try not to throw up on Sansa bloody Stark. She’s a national treasure.

Sam: You’ll do great, Jon! But yeah, try not to throw up on her.

Tormund: Are you kidding? She’s a beautiful redhead. Of course Jon’s gonna throw up on her.

A heavy sigh escaped his lips before he could stop himself, eliciting a sharp glance from Melisandre, who had been busy typing into her phone up until then. Jon offered her a half smile, but she knew him well enough now to see right through that.

“Stick to the plan and we can avoid another Good Morning Britain debacle,” she said icily.

Jon winced at the reminder. It hadn’t been his crowning moment, especially since it happened only a month after he was announced as Winterfell’s newest and youngest captain. That and Tormund and the boys being photographed getting into a bar brawl was what forced the club owners to hire Melisandre in the first place. Winterfell was a great team full of great players with incredible work ethic, but off of the pitch, they were all a bit of a nightmare. Jon readily admitted that. It was probably the only reason he was agreeing to all of these dumb interviews.

A knock on the door signaled the five minute warning, and Melisandre immediately ushered him out into the corridor towards the edge of the set. Jon hadn’t managed to meet Sansa Stark yet on account of him running straight from training to this interview, but watching her now sitting there in her element, he really wished he had. It might have stilled the nervous butterflies fluttering in his stomach; or maybe it would’ve made it worse. Jon couldn’t be sure, but all he knew was this woman was far more beautiful than she appeared on screen and every time she smiled, Jon kind of wanted to drown in her deep winter blue eyes.

“But enough of that, let’s welcome our next guest! The infamous Jon Snow, captain of Winterfell Football Club!”

The crowd roared and Jon let loose another soft sigh before plastering on a bright smile and stepping out onto the set. The bright lights blinded him momentarily, their heat already beginning to make him sweat through his suit, but somehow Jon found his way to the sofa without incident. His smile however turned genuine as soon as his eyes caught hers.

“It’s so nice to meet you, Jon,” Sansa said as she stuck out her hand.

His heart lodged itself in his throat the second he grasped on, the contact sending a jolt up his spine so shocking he nearly let go altogether, but Jon caught himself just in time to smile wider. “It’s a pleasure to meet you too.”

She looked just as startled as he felt. “Yes, please. Have a seat.”

Jon nodded, settling himself onto the sofa in front of her. God, she was even more beautiful up close with her long copper hair, beguiling smile and that sinful body wrapped in a tight burgundy dress. If he didn’t visibly drool over her like some kind of pathetic ape, he’d call that a win.

“I have to be honest, Jon,” she began, making him instantly think about how much he loved hearing his name on her lips and shamefully regretting it a second later. “I don’t know a thing about football. I could ask you the generic questions I was given here on my card.” She raised her hand to show him. “But that’s just boring, isn’t it?”

The audience murmured in agreement and Jon could practically hear Melisandre screaming in the background somewhere about how unprofessional this was. Determined to keep Sansa from getting into trouble with her producers, Jon gave her his most charming grin. If he could be entertaining for one afternoon without causing some sort of PR disaster then no one could blame Sansa for deviating from the script.

“If we’re being honest then I have to say I’m getting real bored of the generic questions as well,” he said.

Sansa laughed, bright and clear. Surprise flashed in her eyes for a brief moment, as if she hadn’t meant to do that and it made him feel rather smug for being the cause. “What kind of questions should I be asking you then?” She arched her brow; it was a challenge.

“That’s not my job, Miss Stark,” Jon said, chuckling. “I kick a ball around for a living. Why don’t you surprise me?”

“Call me Sansa.” Her voice was quiet, almost as if they were in a private conversation and not sitting in front of a live audience, being televised to all of Scotland. She crossed her legs and Jon had to physically force himself to keep his eyes on her face, but when she leaned forward, elbows pressed onto her knees, he couldn’t help glancing down. At least he was right about his first assessment of her: she had the most sinful body of any woman he’d ever met. But now he probably looked like Scotland’s biggest creep. He hoped no one noticed that.

“I guess we can start with something easy,” she said, smiling. “Is it true you broke up with Ygritte Campbell over a text?”

“What?” He couldn’t help the laughter from bubbling up. “This is your ‘easy’ question?” Sansa shrugged, her smile turning wicked and mischievous. Jon shook his head. “I’m not looking forward to what your hard questions will be. But no. That’s not what happened.”

He might be imagining it but Sansa almost looked relieved at his answer. He probably was imagining it. Why would she be relieved?

“Would you care to elaborate then?”

“Ygritte and I were together a long time, but towards the end, we realised we were going weeks then months without really speaking. It wasn’t anyone’s fault. We’re both professional athletes and our schedules are hectic.” Jon shrugged a little. “But eventually, we realised we’d broken up without ever saying the words, so I did text her but to say that…” He paused, suddenly realising this wasn’t a private conversation. He glanced out towards the audience and laughed awkwardly. “Actually, I’ll keep that to myself. I think Ygritte might kill me if I told all of Scotland.”

Sansa chuckled and followed his gaze towards the hundred odd people sitting there watching them. “I think that’s the first time I forgot you guys were there. I’ve never seen the audience so quiet.” The audience laughed, and it was so clear they adored her.

“Maybe your easy question bored them,” Jon teased, unable to help himself. Sansa’s eyes snapped back to his; the mirth dancing in them made his heart constrict so painfully he wanted to cry out.

“Is that so?” Sansa grinned. “Okay, tough guy. You want a hard question?”

Jon crossed his arms over his chest, trying to look as at ease as he could despite the ramming of his heart against his ribcage. “Try me, Stark.”

“What really happened on Good Morning Britain?”

The audience ooh’ed loudly and Jon let out a bark of laughter. He had predicted she’d ask him that just as he could predict Melisandre’s likely breakdown right at this moment, but he only leaned back, keeping his eyes focused on Sansa. She returned his gaze with that wicked smile of hers and it made him want her all that much more.

“You really want to know?” Jon asked her, and she nodded in response. “It’s not that exciting of a story.”

“You’re deflecting, Snow,” she said. “Answer the question.”

He laughed again. “It really isn’t that exciting. They were hedging for gossip on Jeor Mormont as if the man hadn’t passed away a few months ago and I refused to be needled into saying anything. The man was a legend. Whether the accusations were true or not, it wasn’t anyone’s right to talk about it but the authorities.” Jon felt his body tense just thinking about it; he clenched and unclenched his fists. “And those accusations have all been proven false now anyway. Mormont lived and breathed Winterfell; he would never embezzle from the club.”

“My father knew Jeor Mormont,” Sansa said quietly, as she inched closer to him. “He was a great man. We never believed the accusations either.”

Jon looked up at that and the soft smile on her face soothed the tenseness from his shoulders. He wondered if it was possible to fall in love with someone in a manner of minutes.

“So is that why you –”

“No,” he said and then amended, “sort of. There’s no love lost between Alliser Thorne and I. The man fought me at every turn and hated that Mormont placed so much trust in me. When they brought Thorne on as a surprise guest, I had it. I knew what Thorne would say. I knew he’d defile Mormont’s name and so I told him to go screw himself and left.”

Sansa laughed and shook her head. “Honourable and brave. A far cry from the reckless caveman the media tries to paint you as, Jon Snow.”

He wanted to say something sarcastic and teasing, but he found himself blushing at her words. “No, anyone who knew Mormont would’ve done what I did.”

She abruptly gripped onto his hand, sending another jolt of electricity up his spine. “That’s not true. You put your reputation on the line. That’s brave. I don’t think I would’ve done the same.”

“You would’ve,” Jon replied earnestly.

“You’re a flatterer,” she mumbled, and turned away so she could face the camera. “We’re due for a break. Join us after for more candid talks with Winterfell’s Jon Snow, where he’ll be answering your questions. Tweet us with the hashtag ‘Ask Jon Snow.”

As soon as they cut for commercials, Jon felt the nervous tension swelling up again like it had done only moments before. Sansa appeared to feel the same if her shy smile was anything to go by.

“I’m sorry if the questions got a bit personal,” she said quietly. “I just…” Sansa glanced around them and seemingly satisfied that they weren’t the sole focus anymore, she moved to sit beside him on his side of the sofa. “The truth is I got into a fight with my prick of a producer. He wanted me to ask you all these questions and try to manipulate you in outing which of your teammates was involved in the bar brawl.” Sansa sighed. “So… I guess I just wanted to spite him.”

Jon chuckled, angling his body towards her. “My publicist warned me about your producer. Petyr, right? He sounds like a piece of work. You could be putting your job at risk doing this.” She shrugged, staring down at her hands. “And you said you couldn’t be as brave and honourable as you think I am,” he teased. “I think you’ve got plenty of both.”

Sansa looked up; her smile was so bright and so breathtaking he nearly leaned forward to kiss her right then and there. “Thank you. I – Oh, we’re back soon!” She jumped over to her side just as they counted the studio down.

“Welcome back! For those of you just tuning in, we’re here with Winterfell’s captain Jon Snow,” Sansa said and gestured towards him. “Over the break, you’ve been tweeting us some of your most pressing questions so without further ado, let’s get to it.”

They both turned towards the large screen behind them and waited for the first tweet to come in.

Dayna Birch ‏@mizdaynaSoooo… when exactly is Jon going to ask out Sansa? #askjonsnow #crazysexualtensionright

Sansa spluttered and Jon turned a bright red. He looked to her, but she was too busy glaring at someone else.

“Um… let’s move on, okay?” Sansa said with an awkward laugh. “Next question!”

Tom Woods @twoods27Jon mate do u have a thing 4 redheads or something? #askjonsnow #firstygrittenowsansa

“Okay, who is in charge of this?” Sansa looked furious, and Jon would have to be lying if it didn’t turn him on a little to see her so fired up on his behalf.

“It’s okay,” he said, surprising both himself and her. “I can answer this.” If he was a more confident man, he’d wink, but Jon just rubbed the back of his neck and hoped he didn’t sound like a total idiot. “I have a thing for beautiful intelligent women and Ygritte and Sansa are both those things.”

Sansa’s cheeks turned a pretty shade of pink. “Um… thank you.” She averted her gaze and looked back at the screen. “Let’s have the next question.”

Tormund Giantsbane Verified Account @tormthegiant

Jon, if you don’t ask her out, me and the lads are going to kidnap Ghost and shave all his fur off. #askjonsnow

“That’s not even a question!” Sansa cried out.

Jon dropped his face into his hands and groaned. “I’m going to kill them. I really am.”

“One more question,” he heard her say. “And that’s it. We’re scrapping this segment forever.”

Reluctantly, he looked up and watched as the screen fade to black before another tweet popped up on screen. This one didn’t nearly make him want to fling himself off of a cliff as much as the others.

Anna Lee ‏@leeanna

I love you two together so much. Can u please come back on the show, Jon? #askjonsnow #teamjonsa

“As long as Sansa will have me,” Jon answered immediately, turning to look at the host in question. Somehow the words felt more important than just simply asking to come back on the show and Sansa seemed to recognise that as well.

She smiled softly. “Any time you’re free.”

By the time the show wrapped up and Jon had psyched himself up enough to go wait in the corridor outside of Sansa’s dressing room, most of the crew had gone home. Apparently Sansa liked to stay late to review footage of the show. It had become tradition for her now and everyone knew not to bother her after, or so her personal assistant had told him, but Jon waited anyways. There was just something he had to do, and maybe blurting it out as soon as the door opened wasn’t his best move, but Jon didn’t have the most tact when it came to charming women.

“I’m free now.”

Sansa’s eyes widened in surprise. “What?”

“I’m…” Jon cleared his throat and chuckled. “I’m free now. And apparently if I don’t ask you out, they’re going to shave my very furry dog.”

Realisation dawned in her blue eyes and she smiled. “Well, we can’t have that.”

“No,” he agreed as he stepped closer. “Definitely not.” He could feel her breath on his lips and the sensation nearly drove him mad, but he kept himself contained long enough to ask. “So will you go out with me, Sansa Stark?”

“Only for your dog, Jon Snow.”

“Thank god,” he exhaled, and chuckling, he cradled her cheeks in between his hands and kissed her soundly on the lips. To his great pleasure, she reciprocated immediately, wrapping her own arms around his neck, and pressed her body up against his.

So maybe he did have a thing for redheads, but after that first kiss, Jon would bet that Sansa could dye her hair bright green and he’d still fall head over heels for her. It was simply a Sansa Stark thing.

Dapper Day Part 1

Word Count: 5,969

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader x Bucky Barnes

Summary: You finally have a week off from missions! But being bored in the tower isn’t your style. So after convincing Tony to take you all somewhere, you end up in Anaheim, California. At the Happiest Place on Earth. Just in time for the infamous Dapper Day. But is this a start of romance between you and your two best friends?

Warnings: Fluff, touching, start of polyamorous relationship, language ((like a couple))

A/N: *dies* So many of your guys seemed really excited for the start of one of my favorite type of reader inserts EVER!!! I really like the background I’ve made for the reader and I hope you’ve guys liked it too! If you haven’t read it, go check out Two Boys and a Girl.

Originally posted by jessica-bones-winchester

The big surprise was when Tony said they would have a full week off. Something to do with having newcomers test their skills in the field.

“Consider it a vacation.” He stated while sitting on the couch sipping coffee. “God knows we all need one.”

“Do we have to stay here for the week?” Wanda whined as she leaned against Vision on the loveseat across the room. “It’s so boring here. I’m pretty sure I’ve watched every movie in existence.”

“I’m sorry that the endless movie collection isn’t to your liking.” Tony rolled his eyes.

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Something Similar (7/?)

TITLE: Something Similar (Bucky x Reader)

Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8

SUMMARY: As the group translator, you seem to be the only one who can wake Bucky from his nightmares but soon everyone is left wondering if it is just your language skills that have an effect on Bucky.

WARNINGS: angst, bucky being an ass again

WORD COUNT: 2.6k (I promise the next part is mega short

A/N: So I’m gonna try and get this fic out quick as I kinda wanna start something else but I don’t know what so if you have any requests for a series or just a one-shot, feel free to message me - any character! Also, it’s been two days and my uni experience is sub-par but I might be getting a job at a cinema FREE MOVIE TICKETS and my room is hella cute


Originally posted by jonbernthal

“So, unfortunately, I’m here to talk to you for entirely selfish reasons.” Tony addressed the group of you that night as you sat in the living room. The day had been relatively low-key. After your conversation with Tony, you had taken a well-earned nap, emerging later that afternoon. A few of the others had the same idea. You’d spent the afternoon and dinner catching up with Tony, sharing stories and memories of better times. He introduced you to the new Avengers. Natasha, Vision, Rhodes, Peter, Sharon and finally, Pepper, his fiancé, who was very eager to hear all the embarrassing tales on her partner you had.

“I have a mission that needs a couple of extra hands.” Tony continued, projecting some information onto a screen on the wall. “Just east of Setubal, we have intel on a base we have reason to believe belongs to Hydra. We’re not sure what kind of operation they’re running in there and what their purpose is but last night we intercepted a shipment of high-tech weaponry leaving the compound.” An image flashed up on the screen of a boy in a red suit taking a selfie in a lorry full of weapons, three men pinned to the wall with what looked like spider-webs. Steve, Sam and Bucky all turned to look at Peter who blushed.

“Sorry. Unprofessional. I know.” He mumbled, sinking lower into the sofa. You shook your head and smiled.

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CSBB: I Thee Wed (3/16)

Once upon a time, Princess Emma and Lieutenant Killian Jones stole away into the dark of the night to elope. In the morning light, however, they must face the repercussions of their actions before they can live their “happily ever after.” This is where their story begins…

Rating: M (Mild smut)

Content Warning: Mild Smut

Other Pairings: Snowing

A/N: Thank you all so much for your continued support of my contribution to the @captainswanbigbang. Your comments have been amazing, and I’m glad you’re all engaged! Credit for this story definitely goes to @wexyuk for betaing this and talking me through points that concerned me. Many thanks to @just-be-magnificent and @piratesrumforswan for reading my story and doing fabulous art. They’re super amazing and talented.

[Ch. 1][Ch. 2]

Read on AO3!

Chapter 3

On Emma’s tenth birthday, she was gifted a dog which she had named Bigby. He was a handsome thing, large and gray with pointed ears and a long snout. Aunt Red had called him more wolf than mutt, not that Emma minded. What mattered was that Bigby was hers, and oh how she had cherished him.

One spring, shortly before a ball, Bigby had run outside in the rain. Despite wearing a gorgeous pink gown, Emma had chased after her beloved dog, afraid he would run away and never come back. She caught him quickly enough, but upon her return to the castle, it became apparent that her dress was sodden and hair ruined in the downpour.

She grew upset and afraid her parents would grow incredibly angry. After all, that ball had been one of her very first, and her mother had adored the dress. But when her parents had discovered what had occurred, they simply laughed it off. They were disappointed, sure, but it was only a dress.

“You still love me?” Emma had asked them, for she was still a child and the thought of disappointing them was such a terrible thing then.

They had laughed at her question then, as it was such a silly thing to them, and told her with deep conviction, “There is nothing you can do to make us not love you.”

She held onto that memory as Killian tucked her closer to his side as they awaited the arrival of her parents.

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Imagine having a fight with a jealous Thranduil

Drabble for: anon

Original request: “Hi!! May i please request a thranduil one shot? Thranduil and reader are close friends, & recently reader has been spending time with someone else so thranduil is getting jealous; thranduil starts acting sort of cold and overprotective of her, and when she is finally fed up they have a fight about it and in the end he confesses his love to her? angst & fluff in the end, pretty please?”

Pairing: Thranduil x Reader

Word Count: 1442

A/N: I tried to get some angst in, but I guess I couldn’t. Sorry :/ Hope you enjoy it anyway :)

“Could you show me?” you piped up, looking at Agarwaenor hopefully. Being a Lady, you were never taught how to shoot a bow and arrow. You had so often wished to be like Tauriel, the Captain of the Guard. She was so independent and an incredible fighter. She was everything you inspired to be, and no matter how many times you had attempted to get inside one the training rooms, somebody was always there to stop you.

“You want me to teach you how to shoot?” Agarwaenor asked you, surprised at your sudden interest. You nodded eagerly at him, gripping his hand and attempting to pull him to the archery room. His feet stayed locked in place for a few moments, until he gave in and let you pull him off.

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Thanks, Steve

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Word Count: 2,394

Author’s Note: I am going to be honest and say I have no idea what this is. I just decided to start writing and…ta da LOL. Also, I can’t write action sequences for the life of me, so pls be gentle in the criticism <3

Originally posted by imagine-my-universe

The first time you met Steve, you were amused.

You had only moved into the Avengers tower for approximately two weeks and for that period of time, the Avengers were nowhere in sight due to a mission. You appreciated the quiet of the tower. You were able to adjust well to your new surroundings without the rest of the team watching your every move. There was no need to feel self-conscious about your actions and words or how the rest would take to another “new” member of the Avengers family. Granted, you had gone on multiple missions with them before, but it was different moving in.

The group arrived back to the tower a few days later, extremely tired, but safely and in one piece. You felt like the new kid at school, not knowing where to stand or what to say, so you retreated to the comfort of your own room. The rest of the week passed quickly. You made occasional chit chat when needed and the gang did their best to include you in on conversations, which you were thankful for. By the end of the week, you were feeling pretty comfortable with everybody…except for one.

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Scratch - Part 12 - (Steve x Reader)

Summary: (Y/N) and Steve have been best friends since New York, so when they are both going through a dry spell they agree to a friends with benefits relationship.

A/N: I apologize in advance for the the angst. One more part after this!!! I just saw that Elizabeth Henstridge is going to be at Fax Expo and I am so exited! 

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11

Warning: Spoilery gif under the cut.

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He really,really, didn’t want to admit it but….. Well there was no but, just fact Krupp was maybe(totally) starting to like Captain Underpants, more than a friend as the kids these days put it.

Krupp leaned back into his chair and sighed, there was no justifiable reason, for him to like that man who shared his face, right ? And there was no reason for Captain Underpants to like him back either. He was mean,nasty and disgusting in so many other ways that Captain Underpants should be appalled by him but no.

Whenever they were in the same room, not in body and mind, the dolt would flirt with him. No matter what the circumstance is! It’s frustrating and worst of all Krupp doesn’t know how to deal with it.

Don’t get him wrong, he knows how to handle some emotions just not ….. Romantic ones. Those, those were complicated, they made him fluster and shrink and be just plain frustrated. Because he never had more than a, well y’know. Besides he has more work to work on.

Maybe, this is what he needs to take his mind off this ordeal and relax. It’s not like these feeling would last forever, right ? They should just go away in a few days.


They didn’t go away.

Right now, Krupp sat in house, What should be HIS sanctuary, HIS place to relax and settle down. But nope, Captain Dunderhead and the sidekick dorks were here planning an attack on some living booger monster(Don’t ask, he doesn’t even know.)


He practically jumped out of chair, did Harold really think he needed to yell so loud ? “Yes, Harold ?”

“Wow Krupp, you almost sound like a decent human being! I just wanted to let you know that me and George were leaving,bye!”

Just like that in flash George and Harold left his house, which is weird since they never said bye to him. Something was off, Krupp got out of his chair and began to walk around his(their ?) house. The floorboards creaked ever so slightly, making a mental note to look at that Krupp turned into the garage, not noticing the caped figure watching him.

Krupp closed the door behind him and walked towards what he would call “The Special Fridge.”. Which in reality nothing was special about it besides holding some very hard vodka,and other refrigerated adult drinks. Open the door and shutting Krupp walked back towards the house, he really need a drink after today.


Krupp jumped back in surprise clutching his vodka, so as not break on the floor since its a pain to pick up.

“Captain did you really have to do that, aren’t you a little old for this ?” Krupp sighed and went on walking to his original destination.

“Well, yes! Benny, have we seem to have problem,have you been avoiding me on purpose ?”

Krupp’s blood ran cold, even though he felt his face heat up. “N-no, why does it matter ?”

Captain Underpants eyes narrowed and his face contorted to a childish pout. “I can tell when your lying Benny, you stutter.”  Captain Underpants brought his face closer to Krupp. “ Is it me ? Did I do something?” I’m sorry if I did, I just you know me, I tend to not what I’m doing half the time and-”

Fuck it.

Krupp dropped the Vodka and grabbed Captain Underpants by the shoulder and kissed him on the lips. He was rough just like his personality, he begged for Cap to open his mouth with his tongue and he complied. But Krupp pulled away suddenly.

“Oh God- Captain I am so sorry, I need to control myself more and-”

Captain UNderpants brought Krupp back to his face. “Did I say you could stop Benny ?,” and pulled him into a kiss sweet and caring and a thought passed Krupp during this  ordeal.

Maybe things could work out for them maybe, he wouldn’t have to be alone



Request: Can you do an imagine where the reader and peter are dating for a few months and they are both virgin, and have “The talk”, that would include a lot of blushings but also dirty words? Thanksss :D

Warnings: Sexual stuff (no smut)

Word Count: 1,226

A/N: Oh god, what is this? I literally wasted an amazing request, it doesn’t even have anything connected to the request? Sorry :(

Both Peter and the reader are 18 years old :)

Originally posted by lavishfiction

“Sooo, how’s everything between you and Parker?” Natasha sat down beside you, while you were in the middle of reading a surprisingly boring book and having a sip from your coffee. “It’s perfect.” You shrugged not looking at her, still reading the book. “Define perfect.” You lifted your head up to face her, frowning: “It’s perfect. He is an amazing guy and we never had a fight once. Well, if you don’t count that one time we fought over the Star Wars trivia.” You laughed lightly. Natasha rolled her eyes: “I was not talking about if your relationship is fine, I was talking about… You know..” She smirked. “What?” You were confused. “Oh my god, how old are you, 13?” She rolled her eyes again. “Sweetie, I was talking about sex. You have been dating for like, what? 5 months?” She grinned. Your eyes were wide open, you spitted your coffee. You didn’t know what to say and each second your cheeks got redder: “Oh…Umm.. It’s private life Nat… You can’t just ask people those kind of questions.” When you finished your sentence, Tony sat next to you on the couch: “What kind of questions?” Just when you were about to change the topic Natasha said: “I was asking her about Peter and her… You know…” quickly and smirked. “Ohhhh. What is the answer Y/N?” Tony grinned. You were redder than ever, you couldn’t believe Nat causally told Tony about you and Peter’s private relationship. You closed your eyes and waited for them to go away. “See Y/N, us, adults understand what the other adults talk about.” Nat and Tony laughed. “Look, it’s none of your business, it’s between me and Peter, so can you guys shut up?” You tried to sound angry but you couldn’t because the situation was actually funny. “So…Virgin?” Tony asked causally. Your eyes were wide open again: ”Tony!” You yelled and hit his shoulder, as hard as you could. “Ouch! Can you be more polite? I just asked you a question, I knew the answer actually.” He smirked. “You know what, I really don’t need to listen to your dirty mouths, I’m leaving!” You got up angrily, heading to your own room. You heard Natasha yelling: “Honey you forgot your coloring book and it’s already 8 pm, you should go to sleep now!”

You were in your room, still trying to finish the most boring book you could ever read, completely forgetting about what happened back in the living room with Nat and Tony. Suddenly, you gave up on the boom and decided have dinner. You left the book on your bed and went to the kitchen. When you arrived, you saw everyone sat on the table having their dinner quietly, you were shocked. “Umm.. I2m sorry, am I not in the Avengers anymore or something?” You tried to sound offended. “Or did someone die that’s because you all are having dinner together?” You said sarcastically. “I was alone when I came here, then people started to fucking bother me having my own dinner peacefully.” Bucky mumbled while shoving a really big pizza slice into his mouth. “Hey! Language!” Steve yelled at Bucky. You rolled your eyes and Tony said: “Oh god Captain Language started to talk, I’m leaving. Wait. I still have six slices to finish. I’m leaving in ten minutes.” And shoved a slice bigger than Bucky’s to his mouth. You sat down beside your boyfriend, Peter, who was barely eating anything, you were shocked the second time that night. “Peter are you ok? You look sick?” He turned his face to you: “What?” “How many slices have you8 eaten?”  “One?” You had a terrified expression on your face, making Peter more confused.  “I’m joking silly.” You said then kissed him.  “Go get a room.” Tony yelled. Then you remembered the conversation you, Nat and him had. You prayed he wouldn’t say anything to Peter. You glared at him, he was smirking then started eat again like nothing just happened. Although you were just joking about “that” thing between you and Peter, you sometimes thought about that deeply. You didn’t know how to talk to Peter about it, you didn’t even know if you were ready but you just wanted to talk to Peter, it was bothering you.  “Peter…” You whispered. “Yes?” He answered you, his mouth full with pizza. “C-can we talk, privately…” “Is everything ok?”  “Yeah, I need to tell you something.” “Oh my god. Are you…Are you pregnant?” He whispered, his eyes filled with horror. “What?! How could that even be possible?”

“Wait. Yeah, right.” He sighed. You got up and he followed you to your room. You heard Tony yelling: “I love it when kids take my advice.” Your rolled your eyes, but smiling. You entered the room and closed the door. “Peter… We need to talk about something.”  “Did I do something wrong? Look, I didn’t mean to finish the last piece of cake last night, I knew it was yours but Bruce said you wouldn’t be-“

“Not. It’s not about the cake, which by the way, is the next thing we will talk about after this one.” You tried to look angry but you were too nervous. You didn’t even know how to open the topic. “Oh… Then what is it?” “Look, Peter, I don’t know how to start.” He was staring into your eyes, which made it even worse so you eventually panicked: “Nat and Tony made me talk about if we had sex, and I didn’t know what to say, I was shocked! Then I realized I think about this every day and I’m just so nervous about what to do!” You shouted at him. His mouth and eyes were wide open. After a minute later, when he finally managed to move: “Well… I wasn’t-I wasn’t expecting you to-“ He was redder than his Spiderman suit and you were worse. You closed your eyes: “I’m sorry Peter. I embarrassed both of us.”

“No no no, you are right. Let’s sit down and talk.” You both sat down.  “So… How do we do this?” You tried to smile. “Well, are you ready?” You sighed you didn’t know. “If you are, I will be too.”  “I wouldn’t want to force you, just because I want to.” “So you do?” “Yes…” He mumbled.  “Okay. Let’s do it then.” “Wait, right now? I didn’t prepare myself.” He said in panic. “Umm… what were you planning to prepare?” “I don’t know.” He mumbled. “The only thing we need-” “Yeah, I have that thing.” He picked one from his pockets. “Peter? Why?” You giggled. “You know, preparation.” You both laughed. You started kissing him slowly and sat on his lap. “Are you sure?” He whispered to your ear, which made you a hundred percent sure: Never been more.” You whispered and kissed him again. You were grinding on his lap. “What did I ever do to deserve you. “He moaned. You smiled. You got away from Peter and laid down to the bed. Peter got on the top, and kissed you again, he kept asking you if it was okay to take your pants off or were you generally okay so you just whispered to his ear: “If you ask me if I’m okay one more time, I will leave you here in this position.”  “Message received.”


Plum: Peony, what exactly is your job?

Asher: Funny you should ask, she’s recently been promoted to Captain at work. She works for the Wolfberry Creek Police Department.

Peony: I’m hoping to have more time for work after our last little nooboo is born. Asher’s taken on quite the lead with the children.

Plum: How many kids do you have anyways?

Asher: Well, we have Opal Bean, the twins, and then one last one to add to our crew.

Plum: Already sounds like a full house… where is there room for Violet? 

new beginnings

Rating: T
Returning Home
And when we leave this life,
I’m not scared of losing you.
We were born two stars in the same orbit,
now here as two bodies
recognizing each other once again,
and I don’t know what’s next.

- previous chapter  -

“Sasuke! You’re going to be late!” Mikoto’s voice echoed through their hallways, sounding muffled once Sasuke heard her for the third time that morning.

Once he tightened his headband and brushed his uniform off - just to be sure that he looked up to par - he exited his room and walked with perfect posture until he entered the kitchen.

Mikoto’s breakfast was simple, Sasuke noted, as he took his seat at the table and began to dig in.

“Ah, dear. You look wonderful. I can’t believe you’ve finally made it into the police force. Your father is thrilled,” she cooed, her black hair spilling over her shoulders as the water ran from the faucet.

Sasuke couldn’t help but flash a quick smile as he washed his food down with a gulp of water. As he finished his breakfast, his mother was already grabbing his dishes from his hands and tossing them in the sink. From there, they’d sit in the bubbly water and rinse while Mikoto cleaned the rest from the table off.

“Has Itachi been through yet?” Sasuke asked, his mind focusing on whether or not he was going to be late.

His mother’s silence was all he needed to know. Itachi, in fact, had not returned home from his mission yet.

“Shisui is outside,” she spoke instead as her dark eyes positioned themselves to glance out the window.

Sasuke only nodded before hugging her from behind. She always smelled fresh and crisp like the morning dew, and when he released her, his mother smiled a warm smile his way.

“Have a good first day. And please, listen to Shisui and stay out of trouble,” Mikoto ordered before ruffling his hair slightly.

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Steve Rogers One Shot:  First Kiss (Steve Rogers x Reader)

Scenario:  You have just been on your first solo mission. You were wounded pretty badly and the team - including your boyfriend, Steve Rogers - are worried about how you are doing. Once Steve finds out you’re okay, he’s ecstatic.

Warnings:  Just fluff and some smoochin’

Request by @moonlight-mermaids

Originally posted by imaginesofeveryfandom

You wake up in the infirmary back at the compound. The last thing you remembered was feeling intense impact on your head before everything turned to black. But here you are. Your head is pounding, but you’re here. 

You groan and rest your hand on your forehead. Then you feel someone hold your free hand. You furrow your eyebrows and look over to your left. You see your boyfriend, Steve. He looks relieved and overwhelmed. You smile at him. The smile that makes his heart skip a beat every time.

“How are you feeling?” he asks you.

“Pretty good, actually. My head hurts but, other than that, I’ve never been better,” you say, squeezing his hand gently.

He smiles at you in relief. He reaches over and gets Advil from your nightstand. He hands you the pills and a cup of water.

“I was worried about you. It looked pretty bad. You were out for a couple days,” Steve says to you.

“Steve, you’re not getting rid of me that easily,” you chuckle.

“You say it like it’s a bad thing,” he chuckles.

“For you, maybe. I don’t know how I got so lucky,” you smile at him.

That’s when it happens. Your first kiss with the man of your dreams. He leans over you and presses his lips gently against yours. You’re taken aback and smile. Your heart raises as you return the kiss. You stay like that for a few more seconds, taking in the feeling of his soft lips on yours. He pulls away but keep his forehead on yours. The two of you exchange loving smiles. The spark in his eyes says it all. This kiss would be the first of many.

“I think I’m the lucky one here,” he says to you softly.

Then this perfect moment comes to a close when Sam enters the room.

“How is -” he starts to ask before seeing how close you and Steve are, “I’ll just be out here when you’re ready for visitors.”

You and Steve laugh as Sam exits the room. Suddenly your pounding head is the last thing on your mind.

The Knights of Kwantiko

-AU Episode Guide-

*A/N: This coincides with my Reid Twins AU so it includes my OC Allyson Reid*


Part 1

“Mommy? Mommy!”

JJ moaned sleepily as she rolled over to her side, her heavy eyelids feeling as though they had barely closed at all. She squinted through the sleep in her eyes at the bedside clock on the nightstand, the luminous red numbers revealing an hour that was much too early for Henry to be calling for her. That could only mean one thing:
Something’s wrong.

She heard Will stir beside her. “I’ll get him,” he mumbled, sounding as though he was having way too much trouble making that sentence sound like three separate words instead of one long one.

But JJ shook her head as she pushed her blonde hair out of her face and slowly pushed her tired body into a sitting position. “No, it’s okay. I got it.”

“JJ, you just got home,” Will said, though his tone definitely sounded more eager for sleep than anything right now. “You must be exhausted.”

She definitely was. The team had spent the last four days down in Phoenix hunting down a nasty serial arsonist. No matter what they did, he always somehow seemed to be one step ahead of them. A fact that, fortunately, didn’t turn out nearly as badly as it could have. She still was in disbelief that Morgan and Allyson had managed to get out of that building in time. After four days with minimal sleep, she had been eager for at least a couple hours of uninterrupted slumber.

However, no matter how tired she was, JJ knew that above everything else, she was a mother first. Because even though she had missed her warm bed (and Will’s warmer embrace), she had desperately missed her baby boy. It had been late when she’d gotten home and, despite his best efforts, he’d been sound asleep on the couch when she found him.

Look on the bright side, she thought. I get Mommy and Me time a bit earlier than I anticipated. Always a bonus.

She leaned down and planted a kiss on Will’s forehead. “I’ll be all right,” she said with a sleepy smile. “You go back to sleep.”

He looked for a moment like he wanted to protest, but JJ was fairly certain she heard his snores ringing through the bedroom before she’d even reached the hallway. As she walked over to Henry’s bedroom and opened the door, one quick glance at her precious boy instantly showed her something was wrong.

“Oh, baby,” JJ said, flipping on the light and going beside him. His cheeks were flushed a bright red and his messy, blond hair was stuck to his forehead with sweat. She settled herself on the edge of his bed and put a hand up to his face.

“Oh sweetie, you’re burning up,” she said, kissing the top of his sweaty head. “Let Mommy see if she can find some Tylenol for you.”

All traces of exhaustion vanished as JJ made her way across the hall to the bathroom. She and Will had counted themselves fortunate that, for the most part, Henry had been a fairly healthy child for his first four years—a fact that was doubly appreciated when it was noted that Will was often home with him alone. JJ never would forget the time when Henry—barely a year old at the time—had been taken to the hospital with a massive ear infection and she had been stuck in the Midwest, unable to catch a flight home due to inclement weather. In fact, she was almost happy to have a chance to take care of him.

As she grabbed the Children’s Tylenol and filled a glass with water from the sink, she headed back into Henry’s room, setting the water on the bedside table and pouring the medicine into a spoon. To her delight, Henry took it without complaint and drank several sips of the water.

“Mommy, I don’t feel good,” Henry said, laying his head in her lap.

“I know, baby,” JJ replied, pushing his damp hair out of his face. “Do you want Mommy to sit here with you for a little bit?”

Henry nodded. “Can you tell me a story?” he asked, looking up at her hopefully.

JJ smiled. “I suppose I can make an exception. Let me guess: Bedtime for Baby Star?” It had been his favorite book since he was two years old. JJ could recite the entire thing from memory at this point.

But to her surprise, Henry shook his head. “Okay,” JJ said, looking over at his bookshelf. “The Amazing Spider-Man? Daddy says you’re really into that one.”

But Henry shook his head again. “Daddy does the funny voices on that one.”

JJ smirked, thinking that most cartoonish voices would sound extra funny in her husband’s heavy Southern drawl. “How about The Berenstein Bears?” she asked. Those had been Will’s favorite as a kid and, after Henry was born, his mother had dug them all out of the attic and given them as a present.

“I want a new story,” Henry said. “With a king. And a castle!”

“A king
and a castle?” JJ asked, pretending to sound shocked. “Well, that is certainly a lot to ask for. I don’t know if I know any stories with kings and castles.” But as she looked down into her son’s bright eyes—glazed slightly from the fever—she just couldn’t bring herself to say no.

“Okay. I’ll do my best, baby,” she said. Henry’s smile grew even bigger as he nestled in closer to her. JJ cleared her throat, trying to shake away the last of the sleepiness, and started, as all good stories start:

“Once upon a time in a faraway land, there was a mighty and powerful castle. And in this castle lived a mighty and powerful king…”


The great kingdom of Kwantiko was known far and wide as one of the strongest and most vast kingdoms in all the land. The powerful King William and the beautiful Queen Jennifer looked after their many subjects like they were their own family. They were firm but just rulers, ensuring that their kingdom was governed well and fairly and that the realm remained protected from any outside forces who sought to oppose them. But the townspeople never had any fear. Their king and queen were good to them, and they returned this goodness with strong and firm loyalty. And as a result, the kingdom of Kwantiko spent many a great, long years living in true peace.

Until one day, word came in of a dark shadow growing in the North. Rumors began piling in that the great and powerful sorcerer Rossi had returned to the realm. He hadn’t been seen in these parts since King William’s father had been in power. Back when he was just a little prince, William remembered hearing his father tell him tales of how he and his brave knights fought back the dreaded sorcerer and banished him from the land. Ser Gideon, his captain of the guard, would still tell the children of the realm horror stories about that epic battle.

But that was years ago. And no word had been heard of the great sorcerer Rossi since then. Many believed (or rather hoped) he was gone for good. And for a long time, it seemed as though he was. But that all changed one bright and sunny afternoon when the lookout guard came stumbling into the throne room, his eyes wide with terror, his lips soundlessly trying to utter the words he desperately didn’t want to say.

“Your Majesties! Forgive me! I came as soon as I could!”

“What is it, Anderson?” Queen Jennifer exclaimed, already knowing she wasn’t going to like this news.

“It’s the princess,” Anderson replied. “Lord Kevin of House Lynch came to call upon her but she was not in her room. Her guards at the door were slain, and all we found on her bed was this!”

He brought forth a piece of parchment, rolled into a scroll and sealed with wax. King William walked forward and retrieved the paper, glancing down at the symbol etched into seal. Though it was nothing more than a simple skull, it filled his heart with a fear that he hadn’t felt in a very long time. He glanced once at his queen before breaking the seal and unrolling the parchment.

“Did you think I was gone for good?
You and your kingdom are no match for my power.
I have now taken the one thing you love above all.
Rest assured, you pitiful excuse for a king
You will never ever see your beloved Princess Penelope again.”

Silence filled the chamber as King William read the fateful words on the scroll. Queen Jennifer took the parchment from him, but it did little to ease her aching heart. Princess Penelope was the pride and joy of the kingdom. She was instantly beloved by almost everyone she met, and the townspeople adored her bright and perky nature. Only last week, the king and queen had held a great party that lasted for several days to announce that she had finally chosen a suitor (her free-spirited nature led the kingdom to believe for a while that she wasn’t really the type to settle down—that is, until she met the quirky, but charming, Lord Kevin). They had hoped to host the wedding in the coming month.

“What are we going to do?” Queen Jennifer asked, unable to fully keep the trembling out of her voice.

In response, King William held the dreaded parchment over a burning torch in the wall, watching as the paper curled into flames and deposited into a pile of ash on the floor at his feet. He shook his head.

“We are not going to let this dark magician think he’s frightened us,” King William proclaimed. “He thinks he has the upper hand, but he forgets that my father was the one who banished him in the first place. He forgets that I have learned his secrets and that I know how to outsmart him. And he forgets that I am not a scared, little boy like I was the last time he came here. He has kidnapped your beloved princess, and we, the people of Kwantiko, will not stand for this!”

The throne room erupted into cheers and applause. They knew their king would stop at nothing until he ensured the princess’ safe return. He had so much of his father in him that there was no doubt he would be able to take down the evil Rossi once and for all.

King William turned his attention back to the lookout still kneeling in the middle of the room. “Anderson,” he began, “send for the Three Brave Knights.”

Though the army of Kwantiko was nearly a hundred strong of the bravest and most skilled fighters from all throughout the realm, there were three in particular that stood out amongst the crowd. Several years before, the kingdom had fallen under siege by a great, dark beast with wings that stretched on for miles and a fire breath so hot that it reduced entire towns to nothing but ash in a matter of seconds. They called this great beast The Reaper, for wherever it went, death and destruction were sure to follow. And though a great battle ensued and the kingdom lost many good knights to the dreadful creature, there were but three of them who emerged victorious having cut down the beast before it had a chance to destroy the kingdom. And from that day forth, King William had declared them The Three Brave Knights, entrusting them in missions of the utmost importance.

Within the hour, the doors of the throne room opened to reveal the kingdom’s greatest fighters. They took their respective places in the center of the throne room, each one dropping to one knee out of respect for their king and queen.

At the head of the group was the great Ser Derek. Not only was he the most skilled swordsman in all the realm, but he was also Princess Penelope’s closest friend. The two of them were practically inseparable, often seen strolling the castle grounds, laughing at jokes that were secrets to everyone but the pair of them. For a long time, the king and queen believed the princess had chosen him as her suitor, but while the princess and the knight loved each other very much, their hearts just didn’t belong together. Nevertheless, they knew that Ser Derek would stop at nothing to bring the beloved princess home.

Beside him knelt the studious Ser Spencer. Often referred to as a scholar more than a swordsman, the young knight was the most well-read individual in the whole kingdom. While most young boys spent their days out in courtyard, practicing their sword work and archery, Ser Spencer could often be found up in the library, poring over maps and ancient texts dating back centuries before Kwantiko was even discovered. He was fascinated by everything and greatly enjoyed sharing his vast knowledge with everyone in the kingdom (whether they asked him to or not). However, while his level of swordsmanship may not be up to par with some of the other knights, he had often surprised his superiors on the battlefield, coming in when it mattered most.

Next to Ser Spencer knelt his twin sister Lady Allyson. One of only a handful of women who had been blessed with a knighthood in the kingdom, the young lady had wasted no time in silencing the skeptics who tried to tell her that the battlefield is no place for a woman. Her precision and accuracy were leagues ahead of anyone the Master of Arms had ever trained, and a bow in her hands was almost more deadly than a sword in anyone else’s. Not only that, but she had studied a great deal of hand-to-hand combat, using her smaller size to her advantage when it came to close encounters with her enemies.

As the Three Brave Knights knelt before their rulers, Queen Jennifer got to her feet and approached them. “As you may have been informed,” she began, “our beloved Princess Penelope has been kidnapped by the great and terrible sorcerer Rossi. He is seeking revenge on the kingdom for banishing him all those years ago and has threatened to keep Penelope locked away until the end of time. We humbly ask you three to harness the skills that have led to your many great successes in the past, and to go forth and rescue our beloved princess from the sorcerer’s dark clutches.”

“We must emphasize that this will be a difficult and a dangerous journey,” King William added. “Rossi is a powerful sorcerer. He will do whatever he can to stop you. But it is because of you three that our kingdom still stands. And there is no one else that we would entrust to ensure the princess is returned to us safe and sound.”

Ser Derek bowed his head. “The only one with reason to fear is the sorcerer himself. Rest assured, my good king and queen, that we will do whatever it takes to bring sweet Penelope back home to you.”

“I have studied every book I could find about his last attack on the land,” Ser Spencer added. “I’ve analyzed every bit of information about him, and I believe I can come up with a strategy to take him down once and for all.”

“Leave it to us,” Lady Allyson said proudly. “And I promise you, like we proved ourselves against the dreaded Reaper, so shall we take down this sorcerer and make him wish he had never trespassed into our kingdom in the first place.”

Queen Jennifer smiled happily at the brave warriors, and King William beckoned them all to rise. “Then with the blessing of myself, my lovely queen, and all the people of Kwantiko, we wish you safe travels and fast returns. Know that should you be successful, the kingdom will forever be in debt to you. Now go, my brave knights. Go forth and bring home Princess Penelope!”

And with one final bow to their beloved rulers, the Three Brave Knights set out on what would forever be known as the greatest journey of their entire lives.


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Despicable | Pietro Maximoff x Reader

“REQUEST: Prompts 19 ( “You ate all my cereal. Again.” ) and 24 ( “Well for starters, you’re despicable.” ) with Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver x Female!Reader

WARNINGS: Fluffy Sexual Tension. Is that a thing?


A/N: Hey everyone! So, yeah, this is my first One Shot. Hope you enjoy?

Originally posted by marvelmaximoff

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Emma nodded like that made perfect sense. Like you could feel the absence of someone.

You could. Sometimes, even when they were still there.

Killian shifted to face her, drawing his knees up. His robe was still upstairs, tossed carelessly at the side of his bed—he hadn’t exactly meant to set up down here. With a roll of her eyes, Emma tossed one end of her blanket to him, allowing enough slack that he could draw it over his knees too.- Chapter 5

Killian Jones and the Girl Who Lived

HP!Captain Swan AU by the lovely @thegladelf

Summary: Every young witch or wizard’s first year at Hogwarts is life-changing, but Killian doesn’t know just how life-changing it will be until he meets Emma Swan. OUAT/Harry Potter AU following Killian and Emma’s first year.
Word Count: 4.1k
Rating: G

First Chapters:AO3FF , & tumblr

More art for one of my collab for the @captainswanbigbang ! I have never studied hogwarts common rooms so closely before the pic. Also check out the artwork done by @prongsie for the fic.