how many captains in one room

An idea:

Eliksni scavengers finding human trinkets. One takes an interest in the little bands of metal on the fingers of corpses, draped on the bones of skeletons she comes across. Small, useless, sometimes ornamented, most an amalgamation of metals, often not even conductive or useful in technology. Those of useful alloys are so small their addition to a scrap heap wouldn’t even be noticed. She she gathers them instead and winds them onto rope or discarded wire, collects the interesting trinkets of the dead.

Eliksni scavengers curious with similar shapes, large hunks of metal with hinged doors and complex mechanics, almost like ships? If you push smaller ones they creak and moan and give a hint of mobility, something of a past life. There are often skeletons in them, they were homes for these humans, or transport of some kind perhaps? But there are so many, of different sizes and shapes. Some too small for a Captain, some very rare ones nearly the size of a Skiff. It’s of interest to them, to see a new shape in their travels.

Eliksni scavengers figuring out how to identify groups of uses of buildings by their layout. It’s of debate what the uses are particularly, but there are certainly big buildings with wide open spaces, and buildings with metal bars and buildings with many tables and chairs and tight cramped back rooms. Buildings with long hallways and identical rooms and buildings with strange stairways and odd room shapes and paths leading to them from roads.

Eliksni scavengers taking interest in the ruins of humanity, not of sympathy, not of compassion, but of intellectual curiosity. A life was here, how did it live?

Scratch - Part 12 - (Steve x Reader)

Summary: (Y/N) and Steve have been best friends since New York, so when they are both going through a dry spell they agree to a friends with benefits relationship.

A/N: I apologize in advance for the the angst. One more part after this!!! I just saw that Elizabeth Henstridge is going to be at Fax Expo and I am so exited! 

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11

Warning: Spoilery gif under the cut.

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I wrote a companion piece to “This Is How It Happens (We Were Born to Burn.)” This is Cassian’s POV. Based on this prompt: “Cassian is romantically involved with someone else when he meets Jyn.”

The Thought That Drives Me Forward (You)


It’s the thought of her that drives him forward, that keeps his legs from buckling.

The Citadel rises high into the sky and Cassian can see what feels like the whole of Scarif laid out before him. But he’s not looking to the sky or to the way the land crests into the horizon.

The deck is wet with blood, and fear strangles him as he tries to stagger along the platform to find her. He can barely breathe, and he holds his wound as though it’s the only thing keeping him from collapse, save for the thought: Jyn. Where is Jyn?

And he sees her a moment after he sees the man in white, and his next step is easy. The look on her face as the Imperial drops is worth every lance of pain that cut through him on the climb up, worth falling to pieces and dying here if that’s his fate.

But he doesn’t die here. He doesn’t die today.

Jyn stumbles toward him, smiling like a child. He wants to hold her and never let her go.

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He really,really, didn’t want to admit it but….. Well there was no but, just fact Krupp was maybe(totally) starting to like Captain Underpants, more than a friend as the kids these days put it.

Krupp leaned back into his chair and sighed, there was no justifiable reason, for him to like that man who shared his face, right ? And there was no reason for Captain Underpants to like him back either. He was mean,nasty and disgusting in so many other ways that Captain Underpants should be appalled by him but no.

Whenever they were in the same room, not in body and mind, the dolt would flirt with him. No matter what the circumstance is! It’s frustrating and worst of all Krupp doesn’t know how to deal with it.

Don’t get him wrong, he knows how to handle some emotions just not ….. Romantic ones. Those, those were complicated, they made him fluster and shrink and be just plain frustrated. Because he never had more than a, well y’know. Besides he has more work to work on.

Maybe, this is what he needs to take his mind off this ordeal and relax. It’s not like these feeling would last forever, right ? They should just go away in a few days.


They didn’t go away.

Right now, Krupp sat in house, What should be HIS sanctuary, HIS place to relax and settle down. But nope, Captain Dunderhead and the sidekick dorks were here planning an attack on some living booger monster(Don’t ask, he doesn’t even know.)


He practically jumped out of chair, did Harold really think he needed to yell so loud ? “Yes, Harold ?”

“Wow Krupp, you almost sound like a decent human being! I just wanted to let you know that me and George were leaving,bye!”

Just like that in flash George and Harold left his house, which is weird since they never said bye to him. Something was off, Krupp got out of his chair and began to walk around his(their ?) house. The floorboards creaked ever so slightly, making a mental note to look at that Krupp turned into the garage, not noticing the caped figure watching him.

Krupp closed the door behind him and walked towards what he would call “The Special Fridge.”. Which in reality nothing was special about it besides holding some very hard vodka,and other refrigerated adult drinks. Open the door and shutting Krupp walked back towards the house, he really need a drink after today.


Krupp jumped back in surprise clutching his vodka, so as not break on the floor since its a pain to pick up.

“Captain did you really have to do that, aren’t you a little old for this ?” Krupp sighed and went on walking to his original destination.

“Well, yes! Benny, have we seem to have problem,have you been avoiding me on purpose ?”

Krupp’s blood ran cold, even though he felt his face heat up. “N-no, why does it matter ?”

Captain Underpants eyes narrowed and his face contorted to a childish pout. “I can tell when your lying Benny, you stutter.”  Captain Underpants brought his face closer to Krupp. “ Is it me ? Did I do something?” I’m sorry if I did, I just you know me, I tend to not what I’m doing half the time and-”

Fuck it.

Krupp dropped the Vodka and grabbed Captain Underpants by the shoulder and kissed him on the lips. He was rough just like his personality, he begged for Cap to open his mouth with his tongue and he complied. But Krupp pulled away suddenly.

“Oh God- Captain I am so sorry, I need to control myself more and-”

Captain UNderpants brought Krupp back to his face. “Did I say you could stop Benny ?,” and pulled him into a kiss sweet and caring and a thought passed Krupp during this  ordeal.

Maybe things could work out for them maybe, he wouldn’t have to be alone


The Knights of Kwantiko

-AU Episode Guide-

*A/N: This coincides with my Reid Twins AU so it includes my OC Allyson Reid*


Part 1

“Mommy? Mommy!”

JJ moaned sleepily as she rolled over to her side, her heavy eyelids feeling as though they had barely closed at all. She squinted through the sleep in her eyes at the bedside clock on the nightstand, the luminous red numbers revealing an hour that was much too early for Henry to be calling for her. That could only mean one thing:
Something’s wrong.

She heard Will stir beside her. “I’ll get him,” he mumbled, sounding as though he was having way too much trouble making that sentence sound like three separate words instead of one long one.

But JJ shook her head as she pushed her blonde hair out of her face and slowly pushed her tired body into a sitting position. “No, it’s okay. I got it.”

“JJ, you just got home,” Will said, though his tone definitely sounded more eager for sleep than anything right now. “You must be exhausted.”

She definitely was. The team had spent the last four days down in Phoenix hunting down a nasty serial arsonist. No matter what they did, he always somehow seemed to be one step ahead of them. A fact that, fortunately, didn’t turn out nearly as badly as it could have. She still was in disbelief that Morgan and Allyson had managed to get out of that building in time. After four days with minimal sleep, she had been eager for at least a couple hours of uninterrupted slumber.

However, no matter how tired she was, JJ knew that above everything else, she was a mother first. Because even though she had missed her warm bed (and Will’s warmer embrace), she had desperately missed her baby boy. It had been late when she’d gotten home and, despite his best efforts, he’d been sound asleep on the couch when she found him.

Look on the bright side, she thought. I get Mommy and Me time a bit earlier than I anticipated. Always a bonus.

She leaned down and planted a kiss on Will’s forehead. “I’ll be all right,” she said with a sleepy smile. “You go back to sleep.”

He looked for a moment like he wanted to protest, but JJ was fairly certain she heard his snores ringing through the bedroom before she’d even reached the hallway. As she walked over to Henry’s bedroom and opened the door, one quick glance at her precious boy instantly showed her something was wrong.

“Oh, baby,” JJ said, flipping on the light and going beside him. His cheeks were flushed a bright red and his messy, blond hair was stuck to his forehead with sweat. She settled herself on the edge of his bed and put a hand up to his face.

“Oh sweetie, you’re burning up,” she said, kissing the top of his sweaty head. “Let Mommy see if she can find some Tylenol for you.”

All traces of exhaustion vanished as JJ made her way across the hall to the bathroom. She and Will had counted themselves fortunate that, for the most part, Henry had been a fairly healthy child for his first four years—a fact that was doubly appreciated when it was noted that Will was often home with him alone. JJ never would forget the time when Henry—barely a year old at the time—had been taken to the hospital with a massive ear infection and she had been stuck in the Midwest, unable to catch a flight home due to inclement weather. In fact, she was almost happy to have a chance to take care of him.

As she grabbed the Children’s Tylenol and filled a glass with water from the sink, she headed back into Henry’s room, setting the water on the bedside table and pouring the medicine into a spoon. To her delight, Henry took it without complaint and drank several sips of the water.

“Mommy, I don’t feel good,” Henry said, laying his head in her lap.

“I know, baby,” JJ replied, pushing his damp hair out of his face. “Do you want Mommy to sit here with you for a little bit?”

Henry nodded. “Can you tell me a story?” he asked, looking up at her hopefully.

JJ smiled. “I suppose I can make an exception. Let me guess: Bedtime for Baby Star?” It had been his favorite book since he was two years old. JJ could recite the entire thing from memory at this point.

But to her surprise, Henry shook his head. “Okay,” JJ said, looking over at his bookshelf. “The Amazing Spider-Man? Daddy says you’re really into that one.”

But Henry shook his head again. “Daddy does the funny voices on that one.”

JJ smirked, thinking that most cartoonish voices would sound extra funny in her husband’s heavy Southern drawl. “How about The Berenstein Bears?” she asked. Those had been Will’s favorite as a kid and, after Henry was born, his mother had dug them all out of the attic and given them as a present.

“I want a new story,” Henry said. “With a king. And a castle!”

“A king
and a castle?” JJ asked, pretending to sound shocked. “Well, that is certainly a lot to ask for. I don’t know if I know any stories with kings and castles.” But as she looked down into her son’s bright eyes—glazed slightly from the fever—she just couldn’t bring herself to say no.

“Okay. I’ll do my best, baby,” she said. Henry’s smile grew even bigger as he nestled in closer to her. JJ cleared her throat, trying to shake away the last of the sleepiness, and started, as all good stories start:

“Once upon a time in a faraway land, there was a mighty and powerful castle. And in this castle lived a mighty and powerful king…”


The great kingdom of Kwantiko was known far and wide as one of the strongest and most vast kingdoms in all the land. The powerful King William and the beautiful Queen Jennifer looked after their many subjects like they were their own family. They were firm but just rulers, ensuring that their kingdom was governed well and fairly and that the realm remained protected from any outside forces who sought to oppose them. But the townspeople never had any fear. Their king and queen were good to them, and they returned this goodness with strong and firm loyalty. And as a result, the kingdom of Kwantiko spent many a great, long years living in true peace.

Until one day, word came in of a dark shadow growing in the North. Rumors began piling in that the great and powerful sorcerer Rossi had returned to the realm. He hadn’t been seen in these parts since King William’s father had been in power. Back when he was just a little prince, William remembered hearing his father tell him tales of how he and his brave knights fought back the dreaded sorcerer and banished him from the land. Ser Gideon, his captain of the guard, would still tell the children of the realm horror stories about that epic battle.

But that was years ago. And no word had been heard of the great sorcerer Rossi since then. Many believed (or rather hoped) he was gone for good. And for a long time, it seemed as though he was. But that all changed one bright and sunny afternoon when the lookout guard came stumbling into the throne room, his eyes wide with terror, his lips soundlessly trying to utter the words he desperately didn’t want to say.

“Your Majesties! Forgive me! I came as soon as I could!”

“What is it, Anderson?” Queen Jennifer exclaimed, already knowing she wasn’t going to like this news.

“It’s the princess,” Anderson replied. “Lord Kevin of House Lynch came to call upon her but she was not in her room. Her guards at the door were slain, and all we found on her bed was this!”

He brought forth a piece of parchment, rolled into a scroll and sealed with wax. King William walked forward and retrieved the paper, glancing down at the symbol etched into seal. Though it was nothing more than a simple skull, it filled his heart with a fear that he hadn’t felt in a very long time. He glanced once at his queen before breaking the seal and unrolling the parchment.

“Did you think I was gone for good?
You and your kingdom are no match for my power.
I have now taken the one thing you love above all.
Rest assured, you pitiful excuse for a king
You will never ever see your beloved Princess Penelope again.”

Silence filled the chamber as King William read the fateful words on the scroll. Queen Jennifer took the parchment from him, but it did little to ease her aching heart. Princess Penelope was the pride and joy of the kingdom. She was instantly beloved by almost everyone she met, and the townspeople adored her bright and perky nature. Only last week, the king and queen had held a great party that lasted for several days to announce that she had finally chosen a suitor (her free-spirited nature led the kingdom to believe for a while that she wasn’t really the type to settle down—that is, until she met the quirky, but charming, Lord Kevin). They had hoped to host the wedding in the coming month.

“What are we going to do?” Queen Jennifer asked, unable to fully keep the trembling out of her voice.

In response, King William held the dreaded parchment over a burning torch in the wall, watching as the paper curled into flames and deposited into a pile of ash on the floor at his feet. He shook his head.

“We are not going to let this dark magician think he’s frightened us,” King William proclaimed. “He thinks he has the upper hand, but he forgets that my father was the one who banished him in the first place. He forgets that I have learned his secrets and that I know how to outsmart him. And he forgets that I am not a scared, little boy like I was the last time he came here. He has kidnapped your beloved princess, and we, the people of Kwantiko, will not stand for this!”

The throne room erupted into cheers and applause. They knew their king would stop at nothing until he ensured the princess’ safe return. He had so much of his father in him that there was no doubt he would be able to take down the evil Rossi once and for all.

King William turned his attention back to the lookout still kneeling in the middle of the room. “Anderson,” he began, “send for the Three Brave Knights.”

Though the army of Kwantiko was nearly a hundred strong of the bravest and most skilled fighters from all throughout the realm, there were three in particular that stood out amongst the crowd. Several years before, the kingdom had fallen under siege by a great, dark beast with wings that stretched on for miles and a fire breath so hot that it reduced entire towns to nothing but ash in a matter of seconds. They called this great beast The Reaper, for wherever it went, death and destruction were sure to follow. And though a great battle ensued and the kingdom lost many good knights to the dreadful creature, there were but three of them who emerged victorious having cut down the beast before it had a chance to destroy the kingdom. And from that day forth, King William had declared them The Three Brave Knights, entrusting them in missions of the utmost importance.

Within the hour, the doors of the throne room opened to reveal the kingdom’s greatest fighters. They took their respective places in the center of the throne room, each one dropping to one knee out of respect for their king and queen.

At the head of the group was the great Ser Derek. Not only was he the most skilled swordsman in all the realm, but he was also Princess Penelope’s closest friend. The two of them were practically inseparable, often seen strolling the castle grounds, laughing at jokes that were secrets to everyone but the pair of them. For a long time, the king and queen believed the princess had chosen him as her suitor, but while the princess and the knight loved each other very much, their hearts just didn’t belong together. Nevertheless, they knew that Ser Derek would stop at nothing to bring the beloved princess home.

Beside him knelt the studious Ser Spencer. Often referred to as a scholar more than a swordsman, the young knight was the most well-read individual in the whole kingdom. While most young boys spent their days out in courtyard, practicing their sword work and archery, Ser Spencer could often be found up in the library, poring over maps and ancient texts dating back centuries before Kwantiko was even discovered. He was fascinated by everything and greatly enjoyed sharing his vast knowledge with everyone in the kingdom (whether they asked him to or not). However, while his level of swordsmanship may not be up to par with some of the other knights, he had often surprised his superiors on the battlefield, coming in when it mattered most.

Next to Ser Spencer knelt his twin sister Lady Allyson. One of only a handful of women who had been blessed with a knighthood in the kingdom, the young lady had wasted no time in silencing the skeptics who tried to tell her that the battlefield is no place for a woman. Her precision and accuracy were leagues ahead of anyone the Master of Arms had ever trained, and a bow in her hands was almost more deadly than a sword in anyone else’s. Not only that, but she had studied a great deal of hand-to-hand combat, using her smaller size to her advantage when it came to close encounters with her enemies.

As the Three Brave Knights knelt before their rulers, Queen Jennifer got to her feet and approached them. “As you may have been informed,” she began, “our beloved Princess Penelope has been kidnapped by the great and terrible sorcerer Rossi. He is seeking revenge on the kingdom for banishing him all those years ago and has threatened to keep Penelope locked away until the end of time. We humbly ask you three to harness the skills that have led to your many great successes in the past, and to go forth and rescue our beloved princess from the sorcerer’s dark clutches.”

“We must emphasize that this will be a difficult and a dangerous journey,” King William added. “Rossi is a powerful sorcerer. He will do whatever he can to stop you. But it is because of you three that our kingdom still stands. And there is no one else that we would entrust to ensure the princess is returned to us safe and sound.”

Ser Derek bowed his head. “The only one with reason to fear is the sorcerer himself. Rest assured, my good king and queen, that we will do whatever it takes to bring sweet Penelope back home to you.”

“I have studied every book I could find about his last attack on the land,” Ser Spencer added. “I’ve analyzed every bit of information about him, and I believe I can come up with a strategy to take him down once and for all.”

“Leave it to us,” Lady Allyson said proudly. “And I promise you, like we proved ourselves against the dreaded Reaper, so shall we take down this sorcerer and make him wish he had never trespassed into our kingdom in the first place.”

Queen Jennifer smiled happily at the brave warriors, and King William beckoned them all to rise. “Then with the blessing of myself, my lovely queen, and all the people of Kwantiko, we wish you safe travels and fast returns. Know that should you be successful, the kingdom will forever be in debt to you. Now go, my brave knights. Go forth and bring home Princess Penelope!”

And with one final bow to their beloved rulers, the Three Brave Knights set out on what would forever be known as the greatest journey of their entire lives.


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Thanks, Steve

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Word Count: 2,394

Author’s Note: I am going to be honest and say I have no idea what this is. I just decided to start writing and…ta da LOL. Also, I can’t write action sequences for the life of me, so pls be gentle in the criticism <3

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The first time you met Steve, you were amused.

You had only moved into the Avengers tower for approximately two weeks and for that period of time, the Avengers were nowhere in sight due to a mission. You appreciated the quiet of the tower. You were able to adjust well to your new surroundings without the rest of the team watching your every move. There was no need to feel self-conscious about your actions and words or how the rest would take to another “new” member of the Avengers family. Granted, you had gone on multiple missions with them before, but it was different moving in.

The group arrived back to the tower a few days later, extremely tired, but safely and in one piece. You felt like the new kid at school, not knowing where to stand or what to say, so you retreated to the comfort of your own room. The rest of the week passed quickly. You made occasional chit chat when needed and the gang did their best to include you in on conversations, which you were thankful for. By the end of the week, you were feeling pretty comfortable with everybody…except for one.

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new beginnings

Rating: T
Returning Home
And when we leave this life,
I’m not scared of losing you.
We were born two stars in the same orbit,
now here as two bodies
recognizing each other once again,
and I don’t know what’s next.

- previous chapter  -

“Sasuke! You’re going to be late!” Mikoto’s voice echoed through their hallways, sounding muffled once Sasuke heard her for the third time that morning.

Once he tightened his headband and brushed his uniform off - just to be sure that he looked up to par - he exited his room and walked with perfect posture until he entered the kitchen.

Mikoto’s breakfast was simple, Sasuke noted, as he took his seat at the table and began to dig in.

“Ah, dear. You look wonderful. I can’t believe you’ve finally made it into the police force. Your father is thrilled,” she cooed, her black hair spilling over her shoulders as the water ran from the faucet.

Sasuke couldn’t help but flash a quick smile as he washed his food down with a gulp of water. As he finished his breakfast, his mother was already grabbing his dishes from his hands and tossing them in the sink. From there, they’d sit in the bubbly water and rinse while Mikoto cleaned the rest from the table off.

“Has Itachi been through yet?” Sasuke asked, his mind focusing on whether or not he was going to be late.

His mother’s silence was all he needed to know. Itachi, in fact, had not returned home from his mission yet.

“Shisui is outside,” she spoke instead as her dark eyes positioned themselves to glance out the window.

Sasuke only nodded before hugging her from behind. She always smelled fresh and crisp like the morning dew, and when he released her, his mother smiled a warm smile his way.

“Have a good first day. And please, listen to Shisui and stay out of trouble,” Mikoto ordered before ruffling his hair slightly.

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Steve Rogers One Shot:  First Kiss (Steve Rogers x Reader)

Scenario:  You have just been on your first solo mission. You were wounded pretty badly and the team - including your boyfriend, Steve Rogers - are worried about how you are doing. Once Steve finds out you’re okay, he’s ecstatic.

Warnings:  Just fluff and some smoochin’

Request by @moonlight-mermaids

Originally posted by imaginesofeveryfandom

You wake up in the infirmary back at the compound. The last thing you remembered was feeling intense impact on your head before everything turned to black. But here you are. Your head is pounding, but you’re here. 

You groan and rest your hand on your forehead. Then you feel someone hold your free hand. You furrow your eyebrows and look over to your left. You see your boyfriend, Steve. He looks relieved and overwhelmed. You smile at him. The smile that makes his heart skip a beat every time.

“How are you feeling?” he asks you.

“Pretty good, actually. My head hurts but, other than that, I’ve never been better,” you say, squeezing his hand gently.

He smiles at you in relief. He reaches over and gets Advil from your nightstand. He hands you the pills and a cup of water.

“I was worried about you. It looked pretty bad. You were out for a couple days,” Steve says to you.

“Steve, you’re not getting rid of me that easily,” you chuckle.

“You say it like it’s a bad thing,” he chuckles.

“For you, maybe. I don’t know how I got so lucky,” you smile at him.

That’s when it happens. Your first kiss with the man of your dreams. He leans over you and presses his lips gently against yours. You’re taken aback and smile. Your heart raises as you return the kiss. You stay like that for a few more seconds, taking in the feeling of his soft lips on yours. He pulls away but keep his forehead on yours. The two of you exchange loving smiles. The spark in his eyes says it all. This kiss would be the first of many.

“I think I’m the lucky one here,” he says to you softly.

Then this perfect moment comes to a close when Sam enters the room.

“How is -” he starts to ask before seeing how close you and Steve are, “I’ll just be out here when you’re ready for visitors.”

You and Steve laugh as Sam exits the room. Suddenly your pounding head is the last thing on your mind.

AN: Ah, my first rebelcaptain fic. Wait for the next, it’s coming. Also, prompts are welcome!

when the future becomes clear


Cassian Andor is a lot of things, Jyn discovers pretty early on. When they met he was a spy with an exceptional ability to blend into the surroundings. Her heart pounded when he emerged from the shadows, in shock and fear, because she was sure her eyes had passed that space before and she did not even notice him there.

In the ship to Jedha, he was a puzzle. He regarded her with reluctant trust in his eyes, but when she woke and looked out into the window and to the barren wasteland just past the atmosphere, he spoke, “That’s Jedha, or what’s left of it.”

After Eadu, he was a dark cloud. Their bodies were heavy with exhaustion and rain seeping through their clothes, but his shoulders were heavier. Her heart the heaviest.

In Scarif, he was a friend.

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I feel like this panel is always overlooked:

It’s literally Natasha and Bucky trying to pretty much kill each other without actually killing each other, if u know what I mean. 

But what gets me is the numerous soldiers standing outside what seems to be a boxing ring, just watching these two assassins go at it, possibly even taking notes. 

We know that Natasha was essentially the best of her kind, and so was Bucky, but I feel as if this really emphasises that. They’re literally putting on a show for the Red Room because they’re that good at what they do. They were the power couple (no pun intended).

Which brings me to my next point: if the Red Room had them demonstrate combat to soldiers, it’s a given that both Natasha and bucky knew just how good they were. Which is another reason why I think it’s so easy for them to get lost in their minds. 

Killing is easy. Combat is easy. Winning is easy. It’s so easy for them, which makes them question: am I supposed to be good, when it’s so easy to kill? To be bad? With a past like this, are they worthy of being in the same group as someone like Captain America? Are they worthy to be superheroes at all? 

It’s just one of the many reasons why they get each other. No one other than Bucky can understand how easy it is for Natasha to do what she did in the Red Room, and vice versa. It’s not like Steve, or Sam, or even Wanda - they don’t have that definitive line between good and bad. Steve never had to kill to survive. Sam never had to endure years of abusive training to live. They never had to know what it feels like to kill and fight so much, it’s almost like a second nature. Only Bucky and Natasha really get that.

No one understands them except each other. I think this panel shows just how deep it really goes. 

Imagine having a fight with a jealous Thranduil

Drabble for: anon

Original request: “Hi!! May i please request a thranduil one shot? Thranduil and reader are close friends, & recently reader has been spending time with someone else so thranduil is getting jealous; thranduil starts acting sort of cold and overprotective of her, and when she is finally fed up they have a fight about it and in the end he confesses his love to her? angst & fluff in the end, pretty please?”

Pairing: Thranduil x Reader

Word Count: 1442

A/N: I tried to get some angst in, but I guess I couldn’t. Sorry :/ Hope you enjoy it anyway :)

“Could you show me?” you piped up, looking at Agarwaenor hopefully. Being a Lady, you were never taught how to shoot a bow and arrow. You had so often wished to be like Tauriel, the Captain of the Guard. She was so independent and an incredible fighter. She was everything you inspired to be, and no matter how many times you had attempted to get inside one the training rooms, somebody was always there to stop you.

“You want me to teach you how to shoot?” Agarwaenor asked you, surprised at your sudden interest. You nodded eagerly at him, gripping his hand and attempting to pull him to the archery room. His feet stayed locked in place for a few moments, until he gave in and let you pull him off.

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Request: Can you do an imagine where the reader and peter are dating for a few months and they are both virgin, and have “The talk”, that would include a lot of blushings but also dirty words? Thanksss :D

Warnings: Sexual stuff (no smut)

Word Count: 1,226

A/N: Oh god, what is this? I literally wasted an amazing request, it doesn’t even have anything connected to the request? Sorry :(

Both Peter and the reader are 18 years old :)

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“Sooo, how’s everything between you and Parker?” Natasha sat down beside you, while you were in the middle of reading a surprisingly boring book and having a sip from your coffee. “It’s perfect.” You shrugged not looking at her, still reading the book. “Define perfect.” You lifted your head up to face her, frowning: “It’s perfect. He is an amazing guy and we never had a fight once. Well, if you don’t count that one time we fought over the Star Wars trivia.” You laughed lightly. Natasha rolled her eyes: “I was not talking about if your relationship is fine, I was talking about… You know..” She smirked. “What?” You were confused. “Oh my god, how old are you, 13?” She rolled her eyes again. “Sweetie, I was talking about sex. You have been dating for like, what? 5 months?” She grinned. Your eyes were wide open, you spitted your coffee. You didn’t know what to say and each second your cheeks got redder: “Oh…Umm.. It’s private life Nat… You can’t just ask people those kind of questions.” When you finished your sentence, Tony sat next to you on the couch: “What kind of questions?” Just when you were about to change the topic Natasha said: “I was asking her about Peter and her… You know…” quickly and smirked. “Ohhhh. What is the answer Y/N?” Tony grinned. You were redder than ever, you couldn’t believe Nat causally told Tony about you and Peter’s private relationship. You closed your eyes and waited for them to go away. “See Y/N, us, adults understand what the other adults talk about.” Nat and Tony laughed. “Look, it’s none of your business, it’s between me and Peter, so can you guys shut up?” You tried to sound angry but you couldn’t because the situation was actually funny. “So…Virgin?” Tony asked causally. Your eyes were wide open again: ”Tony!” You yelled and hit his shoulder, as hard as you could. “Ouch! Can you be more polite? I just asked you a question, I knew the answer actually.” He smirked. “You know what, I really don’t need to listen to your dirty mouths, I’m leaving!” You got up angrily, heading to your own room. You heard Natasha yelling: “Honey you forgot your coloring book and it’s already 8 pm, you should go to sleep now!”

You were in your room, still trying to finish the most boring book you could ever read, completely forgetting about what happened back in the living room with Nat and Tony. Suddenly, you gave up on the boom and decided have dinner. You left the book on your bed and went to the kitchen. When you arrived, you saw everyone sat on the table having their dinner quietly, you were shocked. “Umm.. I2m sorry, am I not in the Avengers anymore or something?” You tried to sound offended. “Or did someone die that’s because you all are having dinner together?” You said sarcastically. “I was alone when I came here, then people started to fucking bother me having my own dinner peacefully.” Bucky mumbled while shoving a really big pizza slice into his mouth. “Hey! Language!” Steve yelled at Bucky. You rolled your eyes and Tony said: “Oh god Captain Language started to talk, I’m leaving. Wait. I still have six slices to finish. I’m leaving in ten minutes.” And shoved a slice bigger than Bucky’s to his mouth. You sat down beside your boyfriend, Peter, who was barely eating anything, you were shocked the second time that night. “Peter are you ok? You look sick?” He turned his face to you: “What?” “How many slices have you8 eaten?”  “One?” You had a terrified expression on your face, making Peter more confused.  “I’m joking silly.” You said then kissed him.  “Go get a room.” Tony yelled. Then you remembered the conversation you, Nat and him had. You prayed he wouldn’t say anything to Peter. You glared at him, he was smirking then started eat again like nothing just happened. Although you were just joking about “that” thing between you and Peter, you sometimes thought about that deeply. You didn’t know how to talk to Peter about it, you didn’t even know if you were ready but you just wanted to talk to Peter, it was bothering you.  “Peter…” You whispered. “Yes?” He answered you, his mouth full with pizza. “C-can we talk, privately…” “Is everything ok?”  “Yeah, I need to tell you something.” “Oh my god. Are you…Are you pregnant?” He whispered, his eyes filled with horror. “What?! How could that even be possible?”

“Wait. Yeah, right.” He sighed. You got up and he followed you to your room. You heard Tony yelling: “I love it when kids take my advice.” Your rolled your eyes, but smiling. You entered the room and closed the door. “Peter… We need to talk about something.”  “Did I do something wrong? Look, I didn’t mean to finish the last piece of cake last night, I knew it was yours but Bruce said you wouldn’t be-“

“Not. It’s not about the cake, which by the way, is the next thing we will talk about after this one.” You tried to look angry but you were too nervous. You didn’t even know how to open the topic. “Oh… Then what is it?” “Look, Peter, I don’t know how to start.” He was staring into your eyes, which made it even worse so you eventually panicked: “Nat and Tony made me talk about if we had sex, and I didn’t know what to say, I was shocked! Then I realized I think about this every day and I’m just so nervous about what to do!” You shouted at him. His mouth and eyes were wide open. After a minute later, when he finally managed to move: “Well… I wasn’t-I wasn’t expecting you to-“ He was redder than his Spiderman suit and you were worse. You closed your eyes: “I’m sorry Peter. I embarrassed both of us.”

“No no no, you are right. Let’s sit down and talk.” You both sat down.  “So… How do we do this?” You tried to smile. “Well, are you ready?” You sighed you didn’t know. “If you are, I will be too.”  “I wouldn’t want to force you, just because I want to.” “So you do?” “Yes…” He mumbled.  “Okay. Let’s do it then.” “Wait, right now? I didn’t prepare myself.” He said in panic. “Umm… what were you planning to prepare?” “I don’t know.” He mumbled. “The only thing we need-” “Yeah, I have that thing.” He picked one from his pockets. “Peter? Why?” You giggled. “You know, preparation.” You both laughed. You started kissing him slowly and sat on his lap. “Are you sure?” He whispered to your ear, which made you a hundred percent sure: Never been more.” You whispered and kissed him again. You were grinding on his lap. “What did I ever do to deserve you. “He moaned. You smiled. You got away from Peter and laid down to the bed. Peter got on the top, and kissed you again, he kept asking you if it was okay to take your pants off or were you generally okay so you just whispered to his ear: “If you ask me if I’m okay one more time, I will leave you here in this position.”  “Message received.”

Case of the Kirk

SUMMARY: Being a doctor in medbay four on the USS Enterprise was never a bore. From smashed fingers in engineering to chemical burns from the blue-shirt scientists, the most amusing patient was always James Kirk. And today, he topped the charts after a stupid race against the young Russin whiz-kid.

WORD COUNT: 1,693 words


NOTES: okay so it’s way easier for me to write like it’s an OC instead of reader, so bare wih me! If you don’t like this, then coment or send me a message so I can edit the future ones to reader instead of OC. If you don’t like it but don’t speak up, I won’t change it! (Damayanti= duh-may-aun-tee, made up character) And this is for the “another James Kirk” anon, so enjoy hun!

She couldn’t remember how many times James Kirk had shown up in the medbay by now. She stopped counting after around fifteen, that case being from when he tripped while chasing Scotty around the boiler room for a keycard. At this point, she woke up every morning expecting to see the Starfleet captain, and went to bed at night exhausted from just that.

That’s actually how the two became familiar with each other. Of course her friend Leonard would always tell her about his crazy antics back at the academy, so she knew of him. But it wasn’t until he came in with a dislocated shoulder from a bad fall that Damayanti got to meet him. They became good friends, him immediately walking to her station every time he was injured, and she had a cart set up for him on the daily.

So when he hadn’t shown up for two days in a row, she became a little saddened. She was happy though- it meant he was out of trouble and staying together in one piece. But a part of her wanted him to stumble through with tangled hair and a torn yellow shirt, just so she could look at his glacial blue eyes that seemed to always bore into her head.

And, oh, how he made her laugh. When she felt down because a friend got ill, or someone died on her operating table, James T Kirk was somehow the only one among the USS Enterprise to pull her out of her mood. He could read her like a book, as she could to him, and knew when she needed space after a stressful day and when she needed to laugh after a long one.

A line ringed in through her comm, making her head spin to the wall. She rushed over and pressed the green button, and after a moment of static, a voice calls through clearly.

“Doctor Damayanti?” a Scottish voice says, and she sighs.

“Okay, Montgomery, who is it this time?” she asks in a bored tone. “Silva with another head injury, or Richie with more broken fingers?”

“Ha, very funny, lassie,” he snaps. “It’s the usual, but it’s pretty serious.”

Her face goes blank. “James?” she asks, and he hums a response. She hangs up before he can explain and takes off down the hall, her long braid rushing behind her as if it’s trying to keep up.

She makes it to engineering in just half a minute, looking around for Scotty. It’s busy as usual, crew members rushing with oil on their hands and faces, but among the crowd she spots a pale and frightened Chekov in a bright yellow shirt.

“Pavel!” she shouts, and he spins as she walks to him.

“Doctor, it’s the captain!” he says in a rushed voice that she can barely understand.

“Where is he at?” she asks, and he takes off up a flight of stairs. She is quick to catch up, coming to a halt when she sees James next to Scotty. He clutches his arm, a large gash going from his shoulder to his elbow as it bleeds heavily through his yellow shirt.

“Oh, hey doc,” he says coolly, gritting his teeth as Scotty helps him stand.

“What the hell happened?” she shouts, taking a rag from Chekov and pressing it to James’ arm. He yells in pain, and she presses down harder.

“The lad was messin’ around with ensign here and managed to slice his damn arm open on a piece of steel!” Scotty says, a parental tone to his voice (and that’s what it has come to most of the time- Scotty yelling at them when they fool around and Damayanti cleaning the mess up).

“Come on, Cap, to the medbay,” she huffs, wrapping an arm around his waist and helping him down the stairs. “Pavel, report to Sulu and Spock, tell them what’s happened.” The young ensign nods, running after they exit engineering to the bridge.

Damayanti presses to his arm still, blood dripping down to his fingertips and leaving a small trail behind them as they navigate the halls of the starship. When they finally make it to the medbay, her hand is covered in blood and his shirt sleeve is now engineering-red.

He sits with a low groan on the biobed and she rolls a cart over. “Mind telling me what you were doing with Pavel in engineering?” she asks, soaking up some blood with a rag.

“Oh, the usual,” he says casually, “just chasing him around after he dared me to a foot race.” He smiles down at her and she scoffs with the shake of her head.

“You’re supposed to set an example,” she scolds him.

“I think I set a good one,” he says in a fake-hurt voice. “I taught everyone not to run around in engineering.” She laughs slightly, and his smile only grows.

She sets the rag down after wiping her hands off. She grabs the hem of his shirt, slowly lifting it over his head. “Well, doctor, you could at least buy me dinner first,” he mutters, and she shoots him a look as he laughs. She sets his now-ruined shirt in the trash and turns back to him, trying her hardest to keep her eyes off his toned chest.

The gash on his arm is large, like she first thought. It spans from his shoulder to his elbow, a ragged line of split flesh and possibly torn muscles. She frowns deeply, scrunching her nose as she gently presses around the wound at the elbow. He gasps, pulling back, and she looks at him with soft eyes.

“You might have ruined the ligaments for now,” she tells him, and he sighs. She motions for him to scoot to the edge of the bio bed and he does. She turns the lights up above them and moves the cart to the bed, letting her sit next to him criss-crossed so she can stitch him up.

She grabs a hypospray, earning a groan from the captain. “Please, Damayanti, no hypo,” he begs, and she raises an eyebrow.

“Do you want me to pull a threaded needle through your arm over and over without a numbing agent, or would you like to shut up?” she snaps, and he purses his lips.

“You’re no fun,” he mumbles, and she chuckles as she shoots the hypo into his arm. He flinches and she rubs the spot gently, working the agent into his muscle and skin. He relaxes a little, watching her as she thread a needle. She’s a natural at her job, and he’s always known that. He loves watching her work- she seems to got lost in the art of healing people.

“Ready?” she asks, and he nods, resting his arm across her leg. She wipes up the blood again and begins to stitch, and James is glad he took the hypo, because even with it, it still hurts. But as he takes even breaths and keeps his eyes on her, he finds the pain to lessen a bit.

“This is a record for you, captain,” she says as she sets the needle down after a moment. “Twenty-seven stitches.” He laughs once and she grabs a small jar off the cart. “Just a healing agent- it’ll seep into the wound and help heal the ligaments underneath.” She opens it and smears some of the clear gel onto his arm.

“Wow, that’s cold,” he gasps, and she laughs a little.

“Yeah, should’ve warned you,” she says. She sets the jar down and he watches her yet again. He keeps his eyes on her freckles as she wraps a large bandage wrap around his arm, and he watches her eyes as they focus on his wound. He listens to her quiet breaths and the tapping her of her fingers as she presses around the wound to make sure it’s covered.

“You, James Kirk, have a bad habit of staring,” she says, smiling up at him and throwing him off. She looks back to his arm, tucking the wrap in and sliding off the bed. She stands in front of him, and gently takes his arm into her hand.

Grabbing a clean rag and dampening it with water, she begins to wipe the blood off him. He holds his arm out for her, the bed at the perfect height to where he is eye level with her, and she carefully cleans off his arm. Within a minute, his arm is clean and she moves to his torso where a smear of blood has dried on his skin. She leans over carefully wiping it off as he- you guessed it- watches her work silently.

“As fun as it is seeing you every other day,” she says after a moment, “try to stay out of harm’s way. Can’t have our captain broken.”

“Fun?” he asks, looking at her with his iconic, toothy smile. She laughs, throwing the rag away and pushing the cart over to the side.

“Interesting, actually,” she corrects herself. “You’re free to go, James.”

“Thank you, Doctor Damayanti,” he says as he slides off the bed, and he’s back to be taller than her as usual.

“Please, call me Demi,” she says with a smile, and he nods.

“Well, Demi, I’ll see you around,” he says. He begins walking out and she sighs as she watches him go, wiping up the biobed. But seconds later he walks back in.

“Actually, I hope to see you at dinner tomorrow,” he tells her, making her raise an eyebrow.

“Oh really?” she jokes, and he nods. “Go one week without an injury, and I’ll go out with you.”

“Deal,” he says, smiling at her widely as he walks back out, and she’s left to laugh happily under her breath in the medbay.

A Shadow Seen: (Nuala and Cerridwen Fic) Part III

“He would give her the stars. All of them. They were never really for anyone else.”

Part I
Part II

Nuala found it difficult to think clearly when Captain Abner ended his tale. One she was surprised to have not heard before. After all, she was a gifted spy. Perhaps this man was just trying to rattle his comrades. He was successful in that way. Jelani, the youngest and weakest of them all, had excused himself to the bathing room. At this, the men around the fire erupted in laughter.

Thoughts of duty entered her mind as the men continued their piggish exchanges. A gasp escaped her mouth as she realized how much time had passed. Night fully settled upon the camp, and many of the Illyrian warriors settled in their bed chambers. 

Her head whipped to the carriages littered about the perimeter of the camp. By the looks of it, the coachmen were readying to leave. As if acknowledging this, the door to the largest hut in the encampment opened. Silhouettes of five men of stocky builds emerged from the rickety wooden doors. Still encased in darkness, they moved closer to their carriages before halting once more. The men still moving about the camp averted their eyes and quickly silenced their dialogue. Suddenly the fire before them captured their un-wavering attention. Good. At least someone could shut them up.

The five men were now visible in the glare of the fire. Although they all bore the same metals and leathers, similarities were few and in-between. They must’ve come from very different places, all within the Night Court borders. Contrast in skin tone as well as build indicated unique weather patterns and environments. One of the five had a muscular frame and pale skin. Nuala supposed he came from a camp in the snow capped mountains. Another was a beast in all uses of the word. Tall and hulking, he appeared to be the most threatening. 

Despite their variance, they all shared the same stern look and dark eyes. None revealed their wings- doing so would show vulnerability. Which was the reason they all chose carriage as method of transport. Idiots. Why train so hard to not use their wings? 

Nuala wished for wings often. They would carry her into the night sky, close enough to touch the stars. She forced such thoughts out of her mind as their meeting concluded. 

“So we’ve reached an agreement?” The pale man spoke in a gruff tone, matching his wrinkled face perfectly. 

“In a way,” a high pitched voice spoke. The Commander it came out of wasn’t what you would expect. Dark skinned and large in appearance, the man commanded his peers. They listened when he spoke. His next words were barely discernible. 

“We will warrant the current arrangements. Change is not always a good thing.”

A muttered agreement issued amongst them. At that, they dispersed into separate horse-drawn carriages. The sound of their boots pounding against mud filled her mind as she turned to leave. 

She had no intelligence for the spymaster. Yet she couldn’t begin to care. Azriel would likely terminate her role in the Night Court. Cerridwen would rejoice. Her sister could do enough work for the both of them. For once, she didn’t know what was ahead of her. And she was glad of it. So she looked to the star-flecked sky and smiled. 

The trees parted ahead of her, showcasing Velaris at the peak of its magnificence. It never failed to astound her, this view. Nothing in her life compared. Even the alluring beauty Cerridwen possessed didn’t rival what was before her now. 

She slowed her mare to a stop on the edge of a towering peak. It could’ve been a painting. If she had the audacity, she would escort the High Lady here. Maybe she could capture it. But Nuala had the feeling Lady Feyre did not need to be escorted anywhere. 

The trees at her back halted their whispering to acknowledge the Mother-blessed city before her. And she did not fear the towering height she sat before. Had she been human, the hairs upon her skin would rise with unease. But in that moment… Anything that mattered to her was in another life. Millions of miles away. An afterthought. 

And as she lay on her her horse’s back, only one thing raced through her mind. Blue eyes. Blue eyes to go with an unimaginable power. Her mind told her that there was something she was missing. A line that she could not connect. A half-fae Illyrian warrior of over two thousand years walked among them. Why would this being stay hidden? Such power could end worlds, conquer them. Any power granted by the cauldron could destroy. It was up to the wielder to create light out of darkness. She hoped that for the sake of this world that this being was one of peace. 

Minutes later, Nuala entered the Townhouse through the servants entrance, rarely used since the reign of High Lord Rhysand. The scent of wood and fire overcame her senses. One thing she would miss upon her leaving. No matter the circumstances, she had always felt at home here. Ridiculous. She didn’t belong here. She wasn’t a part of the Inner Circle. She was of no need other than information. 

The High Lady changed Rhysand’s world. Creme walls once blank were filled with her works. The air wasn’t so heavy. She gave to him what he gave to everyone. Freedom… happiness. The lightness of the room suffocated her. They suffocated her. A servant breezed past. Her eyes averted, she quickened her pace. 

The leather boots she wore made little sound as she walked to Spymaster Azriel’s office. This morning, she had gone with resounding obedience. Now she was determined. For some reason, she felt light. This night would end. She would survive it. 

Paintings that she once analyzed glided past her in a blur. Her eyes zeroed in on the mahogany door ahead of her. A door that would end one chapter and begin another. She was on a cliff. About to jump. And when she did, it would be a free fall. It was up to her to land safely. 

A knock was all it would take. She made herself known as she stomped closer to his quarters. He would be able to hear her. It was likely that another of his spies notified him of Nuala’s arrival. Maybe even Cerridwen. 

Her sister and the Spymaster had always shared a professional relationship. It wouldn’t shock her to discover that it was more. She didn’t miss the hesitation in her eyes. What had probably been a lonely time in the sheets meant more to her. Azriel was more to her. Perhaps it was why Cerridwen was such an annoyance. She saw the way he looked at the Morrigan and knew how he felt. That she would never be looked at in the same way. It pained Nuala to see her sister like that. 

She sucked in a breath. Hesitation kills, Nuala. The cold bite of the metal door handle cooled her nerves. When the door pushed open, she found the Spymaster sitting at his desk. He was awaiting her arrival. His workspace was clear, save for the papers resting in his loose grip.

“Nuala,” he said by way of greeting.

“Spymaster,” she purred as she approached his desk, sitting in a leather chair. Two sat before his four-legged desk. One for her and her sister. Cerridwen’s looked to be new. Her’s, on the other hand, was imprinted by her usual lazy sitting position. She wanted to laugh. At least she made an imprint on the chairs.

She took a moment to look around the room, a thing she never did. To the left was a large window. Outside of it was the mountain range few had ever braved. The room was made of redwood and was paneled with great skill. Metal framework was found in each corner, the epitome of wealth. Just above the Spymaster was a clock that looked to be over a millennia in age. A mantel could be found just beneath it. And on it rested his blade. It was a small room made large by its luxuries. 

“Were you able to follow through with the mission? I assume you were, considering your late arrival.”

“No, Spymaster.” She bowed her head, the only thing she could offer. 

“What?” Although worded like a question, he had none in his voice. He sounded as though he were a million miles away. 

“I did not gather enough information. I had a lapse in judgement.”

“It seems you’ve had a lot of those recently.”

Silence met his remark. It was true. When she was first sworn in as a spy of the Night Court, Nuala swore a vow of honesty. She would not break that vow. 

“You had promise when I found you. You still do. Learning your abilities came easy to you. You excelled in every subject.”

His expression turned grave, in the way she had seen many times before. But this time there was some thing different about it. He stood from his chair, releasing the papers he’d been clutching. His steps sounded on hardwood floors as he rounded his desk. thump thump thump. Every step making it more difficult to breathe. What would he do to her?

“I do not know what it is you seek. What you look for in every corner of every room. Whatever it is, whatever you lack, is slowly killing you. No amount of veils can conceal the thinness of your cheeks. No amount of cunning and wit can dim the longing I see in your eyes. I want you to find it. If only for you to return to me, and to your sister.”

She was shocked, to say the least. 

“I’ve watched you wither away these past months. And believe me Nuala, when I say,” he gripped her chin gently, “your well being is far more important than this job.” 

Even her immortality could not stop the silent sob that issued from her mouth. Rarely was she addressed in this way. It made her rethink everything that had crossed her mind in the last fortnight. Thoughts of worthlessness and desperation.

The Spymaster leaned down to brush a stray tear off her cheek. Such emotions from a general she had thought was lacking them. 

His spine straightened, and he was once again sitting in his seat across the room. Her eyes lifted from her lap, vision still blurred.

The clock above his head ticked for what seemed like ages before he cleared his throat. “You and your sister have been in my employment for over seventy years. Unbeknownst to all in my employment, you do have a semblance of wage.” The parchment he’d been holding slid across his desk with a whisper. 

Her name was printed in black at the head. And written below, surrounded by legal script, was a large sum of money. So large, she began to hyperventilate.

Feelings of shock must’ve been written all over her face, for he huffed a laugh. All he would show of his amusement. She continued to stare at the number as he said the words that unravelled her.

“I’ve spoken with Cerridwen. Regardless of what you think, she cares about you. She hears you at night.”

Her heart was racing. For him to know about that. For him-

“It’s okay. I’m just trying to tell you that we care. You aren’t alone. But we both think you need some time away.” He paused and gave her a look that, for once, wasn’t filled with pity. 

Nuala had no words. 

“You’ll have an account in all the shops in the city. I haven’t purchased a room for you. I figured that’d be something you’d like to do. Was I correct in that assumption? Or I could make some calls right now so-”

“No.” She shook her head, trying to focus on one thought. So many raced through her mind. “I cannot accept. Its too much.” 

“Nuala. It’s late. Now is not the time for your modest ramblings. Go. Pack your things. If you wish to come back in the next couple of days, do so. But just go.”

He sucked in a breath. “When I first tasted freedom, Nuala, I flew. And flew. I didn’t return for days. The taste of it. The feeling of nothing on my shoulders weighing me down.” For once, the Spymaster looked baffled by a thought. As if he couldn’t control or explain it. Few things could cause such speechlessness. 

“My friends here. They gave me that freedom. A feeling of safety. I pray to the Mother that you are able to find that. The feeling that sets your soul on fire. Freedom… love.” His face took a sad tone. 

“Because when it hits you. Even your shadows can’t stop you from falling on your ass.” 

She stood from her chair. The chair she had sat in for seventy years. Oh, how had she changed. She was starting to realize change wasn’t such a bad thing. Maybe it was something to be embraced. 

Upon entering her quarters, Cerridwen had not spoken. Maybe what she wished to say was too vulnerable. She had always been the stronger of the two. Yet, she didn’t stop Nuala from crushing her in an embrace. 

“Thank you,” she whispered. 

“I do not know what you speak of.” They met eyes, and the words they kept in their throats were spoken through another type of communication. 

Be safe.

I promise.

Cerridwen didn’t utter a word as Nuala packed her belongings. Which weren’t very much in number. 

She took one look at the shear fabric crammed into her only dresser. Took one look and decided she wouldn’t need such things. Reminders.

She took an amulet from the vanity. Her mothers. One given to each of them. Made of pure silver, the amulet was engraved with the Wraiths mark. A crescent moon surrounded by words in the ancient language. “Darkness and life fuse one spirit.”

She took a moment to really see it. And for once she understood. 

Cerridwen sat, watching. Once again glowing in the light of their lamp. Celestial. Never once did she offer an opinion. Even though Nuala saw the words struggling to escape. Are you a fool? No clothing, and a locket? Mind you, the locket from a woman that abandoned us? 

Instead, she stood and handed over a pouch, presumably coins. 

Nuala headed to leave with nothing but a pouch of coins concealed in the folds of her attire and a locket given to her by a whisper of a shadow. 

And this time, words not spoken between glances filled her mind.

I love you.


He crouched among thickets and trees, close enough to see her. As his clothes became brown with dirt, he stared in awe. She stood on an overpass, just above the river. The lady on the Bridge. Beautiful. Looking as if she cared for nothing but the expanse of sky before her. The stars. His stomach knotted with anxiousness. It was like someone reading your life’s work or peeking into your consciousness. 

Hyram could move stars. The long lost bloodline of High Lord Kwan. Supposedly the most powerful being in existence. A half-fae Illyrian warrior. Moved stars. It was an embarrassment. A disgrace to his ancestry. A gift from a father he never knew. 

He should’ve been strong and unflinchingly cruel. He should have some master plan on how to destroy the word and rebuild it with himself as ruler. He never wished for such things. Only peace. Wuss. He cursed himself and his bastard of a father. 

The man who had saved him, Efrem, had kept him safe for the expanse of his life. Hyram had been an unknowing prisoner. Efrem’s greed was concealed with a warm smile and embrace. It had only taken him a couple millennia to realize this fact. His mother, Audria, hadn’t survived child birth. Hyram carried that guilt every day. Sometimes it was unbearable. 

That weight kept him going. It made him run the extra mile, chop more wood, climb harder. It showed. Two thousand years of training sculpted him into a predator. One Efrem seemed to pride himself on. As if the muscles on his back were placed there by him. As a disbanded Illyrian warrior, there were some things Efrem had been able to pass on. Wings he had been able to use were now strong. A boy unequipped to survive turned into a warrior capable of destroying. The perfect picture of a High Lord’s son. 

The only gifts Efrem had ever given Hyram were stories of his mother. Where he got his eyes. At least when he stared at himself in the mirror, Audria stared back. The ghost of a woman he yearned to know.

Efrem, ever the guardian, feigned protectiveness by holding him in a cage of excuses. Your father will kill you. You are far too special for the outside world. Your mother wouldn’t want you to leave. Yet not even Efrem’s rules could keep him from escaping every night. 

He walked along a path cloaked in darkness to a rock perched in starlight. The rock he lay upon to paint the sky in stars. 

It was he who created the view Velaris was known for. He dotted the night sky in different shades of starlight, as often as he could. In a world where he couldn’t make a difference, it felt as though he could. Somehow… somehow he knew that they made a difference. That his stars meant something to someone out there.

And looking at her, he knew that they did. He’d never been able to see its effect until now. He had never seen a look of such awe from someone observing his creations.  

Hyram had spent weeks lurking in shadows, watching the people of Velaris. But it was as if he had arrived too late, that they had already gotten their fix. It was nothing special to them. They danced and drank, never looking up for more than a glance. 

But looking at her. All the questions he’d shouted into the void were answered. The closing to a sentence he’d been speaking for centuries. She looked at the stars as if they were a part of her. As if each one had a place in her heart.

The woman who stared danger in the face and laughed. The woman who had sad eyes but a strong will. She was darkness, and he wanted to paint stars on her skin. 

He would give her the stars. All of them. They were never really for anyone else. 

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Jack was standing in the centre of the room, propping Gwen up. He smiled at Owen and Toshiko as they arrived.
‘Are we having fun yet?’ he asked.
‘There’s something you should know—’ Owen started.
‘There’s many things I should know, including how to mix the perfect hyper-vodka and how to recover from its effects. What’s this one?’
—  Slow Decay by Andy Lane (Torchwood Novels #3)

request: The fire whisky secret passage party with Calum (the one where u both end up kissing) pleaseeeeee!!!!! Hogwarts 5sos is my fave

(original prompt)

*note: I love hogwarts 5sos, especially gryffindor cal (please enjoy!)

You paced down the hall three times, channeling your thoughts toward the Gryffindor win earlier that evening, and a large oak door materialized in the middle of the hallway.

The Room of Requirement had completely transformed itself into a splendid party, with gold and red streamers and moving banners of the players, and one of the sixth years had persuaded a house elf in the kitchen to make a celebratory cake that congratulated the entire team. The moving poster of you alternated between your official quidditch portrait and the shot that had been captured today when you were playing your chaser position - it was rather flattering, you admitted.

The entire room erupted in cheers when you, their beloved Quidditch captain, stepped into the room. No matter how many times you had led your team to victory, you still weren’t used to the affection and admiration bestowed upon you by your fellow Gryffindors. Gradually though, the mob around you dissipated and the congratulations died down, and you headed to the rich reddish-brown table to grab a slice of cake.

You heard the door creak open again, and this time, the screams of the crowd were deafening.



“I think I’m going to faint!” a random Hufflepuff fell to her knees, a small hand draped delicately over her chest, a cake with only one tiny bite taken out of it, fallen next to her.

You rolled your eyes. A tall, broad, red-cloaked, dreamy-eyed, dark curly haired seventh year stepped into the room. Calum Hood, the Gryffindor seeker and apparent guest of honor who had charmed his way through Hogwarts since his very first day, winning the hearts of all the students on campus. Including you.

“Hey, Captain.” Calum teased, sidling up to your side. No matter how much you tried to play it off, your heart still thumped a little, secretly pleased he had ignored his bevy of adoring fans and came to talk to you.

“Hood.” You acknowledged him, giving him a brief nod.

“What, no congrats? Not even a lil celebratory kiss?” Calum tapped his cheek, watching in amusement as your face bloomed pink. He was playing you, you knew, for the entertainment of the small crowd that had gathered around him. As expected, the girls in front of him swooned.

You huffed and stabbed at your cake. “If you want a kiss, you better go ask one of the other girls. But good play today. Although your broom work could use a little more help.”

He laughed good-naturedly, knowing full well his Quidditch skills were near perfection - in fact, everyone knew he had received an early recruitment to play professionally for the London team. However, he still respected you as the captain, and it was partially due to your training that Calum and the rest of the team had made it this far.

Calum slung an arm around your shoulder, part of his heavy cloak draping around you. The warmth and familiar smell of musky, minty forest flooded your senses. At first, you were shocked still; Calum had never been flirtatious with you. You subconsciously snuggled a little more under the cloak (a natural response, you told yourself, especially since his dumb cologne is impeding my rationality), until you were almost touching Calum’s side. “Well, in that case, I know what’d you be more impressed with, Y/L/N.”

He pulled out a bottle from underneath the folds of his cloak, the liquid inside swirling with passionate red coils.

Your eyes widened. “Firewhiskey? Hood, where in the world did you get that?” Calum smirked, his slim fingers still gripped loosely around the neck of the purely alcoholic and completely forbidden substance.

“I have connections. I thought we’d have some fun with it, make this a real celebration.” He turned to the small crowd. “What do you say, wanna have a little taste?”

The crowd eagerly hung onto his every word, completely idolizing the athletic Gryffindor, and cheered loudly.

He leaned in a little closer, and his words hit the side of your neck. You shivered. Good Gryffindor, when had he started affecting you so much? “If you must know, it’s from my friend, Michael, in Slytherin. Said he smuggled it in from the last Hogsmeade trip. Snape almost caught him.” He grinned, his eyes crinkling and his infamous cheek dimples appeared. His smile could light up even the darkest night.

You nodded your head, vaguely remembering the bleached blond who often crashed in the Gryffindor common room.

“Well then, let’s not let it go to waste.” You plucked the bottle from Calum’s fingers, poured it into a gold goblet and bravely took a large gulp. The burn rushed down your throat but soon became a smooth, almost bittersweet taste. You closed your eyes for a few moments to allow the liquor to settle before passing both the goblet and bottle back to Calum.

Calum downed the rest of the contents in the goblet. He set the bottle on the food table, and the older Gryffindors immediately passed it around, chattering excitedly about the possession of the rare substance.

After a few exchanges between eager hands, a small fifth year piped up.

“Y/N should kiss Hood!” He yelled.

Another Ravenclaw girl nodded in agreement. They had both clearly lost their minds. More and more people started to agree, chiming in with “hell yeahs” and “if she won’t I’ll slytherin”. They were all mental. You flushed again, knowing that Calum would never in a million years, out of a million girls throwing themselves at him - you turned to face Calum to finish the rest of your thought, but you were instead met with a pair of soft pink lips which landed on your nose.

“Oops,” Calum let out a cute, but slightly intoxicated giggle. “Missed.” In the heat of the moment, however, (later you would claim the influence of alcohol) you guided Calum’s lips until they were pressed against your own, lips touching first before tongues dancing and hands roaming and before long, you and Calum had kissed your way back into the common room.

“Babe. Babe. Babe.” Calum chanted.

“What?” You paused, breathless, removing your lips from Calum’s neck.

“If I didn’t know you were a chaser, I’d say you were a keeper.” He looked pretty proud of his dumb pun.

You rolled your eyes but added, “and you’re the one I’d been seeking.”

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Stubborn Sick Bones

Prompt: “Hailing.. Hi! I saw you were taking requests and I wondered if I could have a Bones one where he gets sick but is stubborn to admit it as he’s too used to taking care of everyone else and just needs some help to stop and be taking care of.” - @iseeagirlwithbrightredhair

Word Count: 1016

Warnings: allusions to sex (nothing too serious)

Author’s Note: I am not a doctor, so if my very brief medical jargon is wrong, please tell me!

The crew of the Enterprise has been going through a very typical Earth-type flu and it was driving you nuts. As soon as the science labs and med bay were able to coordinate together a vaccination, it seemed a new strain had appeared.

You were lucky though, you managed to get one of the first strains and were now free of the pesky virus. Working alongside Commander Spock as a science officer made you especially glad that you didn’t have to worry about throwing up anywhere, with his sense of smell, you’d never be able to hear the end of it. Especially if he thought you were going to get him sick, as you always did with the flu, while you were all trying to help the med bay.

“Ensign Y/L/N, it seems we have isolated all known mutations of the virus,” Spock said as he straightened up in his chair.

“I’ll take the samples down to the med bay.”

“Of course.”

Short and simple, that was the commander’s style. Some people didn’t seem to understand how you could work with the pointy eared alien, but it was surprisingly refreshing to have a boss that didn’t beat around the bush with what he expected. To be honest, your boyfriend Leonard was the main person who couldn’t understand the camaraderie that you and Spock had together.  

On your way to the med bay you noticed an extreme lack of people actually in the hallways, as if they were all in the quarters and no one was on duty.

The automatic doors swished open and you were greeted by a flurry of movement all around the room. Nurses and doctors rushing around and in and out of exam rooms.

“Y/N! Please tell me you aren’t sick as well,” Leonard said as he took a few strides towards you. He looked tired and you could tell he hadn’t slept very much over the past few days.

“I’m fine, I just brought all of the strains of the virus that we could identify in the science labs. Commander Spock figured you would be a tad busy to do all the heavy lifting yourself Len. Are you sure that you are okay?” You asked while looking at the perspiration on his forehead.

“I’ll be fine. Thank you for these,” Leonard said with a small smile. He grabbed your hand and pulled you closer to him for a hug.

You set your samples down on one of the many desks and pulled away slightly as you took in the heat that was radiating from his body, “Do you have a fever?” you asked as you put your hand on his forehead, “Do you feel nauseous?”

You were about to rattle off a few more questions when you saw your boyfriend hold up a hand.

“I have patients to worry about, Y/N, I’ll be okay. Don’t worry about me,” Len said softly while tugging his hand out of yours. He gestured to the bio beds that were full all around you.

Normally, you would trust your CMO boyfriend to take care of himself, but as he started coughing rather violently, it became abundantly clear that he was avoiding the truth.

“Come on, the other doctors can do without you for a day or two as you recuperate. I distinctly remember you telling me something similar just a week ago when I was sick Leonard.”

Nurse Chapel was nodding at you behind your boyfriend and you gave her a small smile. She was obviously on your side.

“I have a feeling that I have just been betrayed,” he grumbles as he glances over his shoulder at the nurse who just shrugs.

Just then the captain walked through the doors of the med bay and headed over to the two of you.

“We are going to be docking at Yorktown to get some shore leave after we have gotten the all clear from their medical staff. The crew needs some rest without worrying about their duties for a while,” Kirk tells you both.

“How do you feel Jim?” Leonard asked taking a half step toward the captain with one of his many scanners.

“I’d feel great if you’d keep that thing away from my face. Bones, you look like hell, get out of here. Y/N, would you make sure he goes to his quarters and stays there?” Kirk asked you as clapped your boyfriend gently on the back as he walked towards some of the other crew in the room.

“Of course Sir,” you say with a nod.

“Dammit Jim, I need to do my job!”

“You are no use to the crew sick, get some rest.”

You grab Leonard’s hand and gently tug him towards the door, soon you were almost to his quarters and he glanced down at you and shook his head.


“Nothing, I’m just tired.”

The two of you were at his quarters now and you led him to his bed and tugged his boots off, his eyes already starting to close.

“You would make a good doctor.”

“I’ve barely even started taking care of you yet. I could be horrible.”

“Darlin’, I’d argue that you’ve been taking care of me ever since we met,” Leonard said softly.

His statement left you kind of speechless, but you smile and bring him a glass of water and put it on the table next to his bed.

“Go to sleep Len, you’ll feel better when you wake up.”

You sat on the bed next to him and run your fingers through his hair. You reach down and tug your own boots off.

“I didn’t expect this to be the first time I had you in my bed darlin’, I was hoping for something a little more climactic,” your boyfriend says with a cough.

“You are lucky I don’t believe in violence,” you say with a sly grin. Looking down at him you can see him open his eyes and look at you.

“I’m going to pay for that comment later, aren’t I?”

“Yes, you most definitely will.”

good enough

@dixiedolittle asked: So, I feel like a prompt pig, but here’s another, please. Darcy. Insecurity. Thank you!

I… well, I tried to play out Darcy’s insecurity about her own self-worth across her interactions with the other Avengers. It got way out of hand, but I wanted something special in honor of the holidays, so… anyways, it’s a bit late for Christmas, but I hope you like it regardless!

Darcy’s crush on Steve is completely unreasonable, given how he basically ignores her existence. Natasha takes it upon herself to intervene, taking advantage of Christmas being right around the corner.  

Or, it takes twelve people to ship it, and one more to make it happen.

1. Natasha

When Natasha first brought it up, Darcy laughed to hide the stab of insecurity that ran through her gut. 

“I barely know the guy, Nat,” she said, ducking her head to hide her blush – there was no doubt the assassin knew about her not-so-secret crush on Steve Rogers. “He’s nice, from what I know, but I don’t think we really mesh.”

She thought back to how he’d never meet her eyes, how he made a point to leave a room if she entered it, how he stood as far away from her as he could. She ignored how much it hurt to remember those things.

“Oh?” Natasha fixed her with a blank stare and a single, arched eyebrow. “You’re going to be the only ones here for Christmas. You never know.”

“I’m serious.” Darcy smiled, but it felt like Natasha could see right though her. “Happy single lady, right here.” 

Natasha hummed, dropping the subject, but Darcy had the sinking feeling that this was going to become a regular occurrence.

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