how many blue jays would that be

Just a reminder.

I keep getting a lot of asks and messages saying things like “These spells sound like superstition or folk beliefs.” and I’d like to just cover that for a moment.
That’s because they are. 

Witchcraft is a skill rooted in superstition and folklore. 
Folklore is the recorded beliefs of the people at any given time. 
For traditional witches, they mainly base their craft around folklore from the European and American (there’s a tiny bit of a difference) Early Modern Period, but many go beyond that as well. 
That folklore gives us key insight as to what witches and cunning folk would have been doing and how they would have been practicing. 

I actually would encourage using folklore rather than witchcraft books to learn the ways. You would be carving the meaning from those stories and using it in your own practice, finding your own definitions, fashioning your own techniques. Really think about these things. 

I’ll give you an example. 
Blue Jays are, in the Southern states, thought to go to Hell on Fridays, bringing sticks and other things down to the Devil. 
So if you wanted a little assistance on your spirit flight down to the Roots of the World Tree, what spirit do you think would be useful? 
You might take a page out of the old books and fly on the back of a blue jay spirit right down to whatever Nether world you’re looking to explore. Obtaining a blue jay spirit is another post for another time, but there’s the point.

Even things as little as “Roses are for love” is folklore. It’s an association made a long time ago and kept up until this point in history. 

Hey y'all! I compiled a list of antinonbinary blogs, pedophilia blogs, and nazi blogs from a short scroll through of the LGBT tag. I’m posting it so you can block them without getting triggered/interacting with their blogs. I am NOT promoting sending hate to them. Feel free to add your own. Stay safe.

Antinonbinary/antiagender: these blogs are spamming the nonbinary and agender tags with hate and these are just the ones I found in a quick 30 minute scroll through.


Pedophilia blogs: I have so many Tumblr friends who are under aged and I would die if anyone who runs blogs like this got a hold of them. This barely scratches the surface though.

Nice-and-blue: bio literally says “pedophilia isn’t wrong ”
Mymumdoesntknowimhere: posts about how child rape is forgivable


Fuck-n*ggers-and-Jews (censored this one, sorry. ) he actually dmed me personally to tell me I wasn’t even a real person and to send me hate messages? So??

Forgotten Birthday

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Artist: Jay Park

Word Count: 1K

Your birthday was today, you weren’t someone that went crazy on their birthday, you never thought that you had to celebrate it or do anything special on it. But this time you really wanted to treat yourself and go out for a nice dinner with your boyfriend since you’ve been working super hard at work taking double shifts almost everyday trying to get promoted.

It was already later in the evening and you haven’t heard from Jay, you received so many birthday wishes from friends and family but nothing from Jay, you weren’t mad you were just disappointed he forgot your birthday. At first you thought he was trying to play a game where he forgets it, but when it was getting later in the day you just thought he forgot.

When you got home from work you were super tired and just wanting the day to end, what a bummer having to spend a birthday alone on a Friday night. You saw Jays sneakers at the front of the door and it kind of put your hopes up, you went inside the bedroom to see Jay getting ready.

“Hey babe” he said cheerfully

“Hey” you said also cheerfully thinking he’s going to surprise you or something

“Where are you going” you said with a smile

“Oh guys night you know” he said and your smile fell, okay he definitely forgot what today is you thought.

“Oh” you said and nodded your head

“Have fun” you said and headed to the bathroom to change of your work clothes.

“Thanks babe” he said. After a while you heard the front door close and you knew he had left.

You were trying to not let this get to you, telling yourself that it was just a birthday and not the end of the world, even though you had made plans and been working extra hard to enjoy this day but then nothing went according to plan. You weren’t even hungry anymore and just decided to watch some show and chill on the couch until you fell asleep. An hour later you got a phone call and when you went to check it was Simon, weird you thought. Why would Simon call you when they were all out having fun.

“Hello” you said after you answered the phone

“Hey you” he said and you could hear music in the background.

“What’s up” you said trying to get to the point of why he called.

“Um I need to ask for a favor, can you come pick up Jay he’s kind of super drunk right”

“What the hell, it’s only been an hour”

“I know, but he drank this one that was super strong and he’s super out of it” he said and you signed, great just great.

“Okay, I’ll be there” you said, even though you were disappointed in Jay today, you couldn’t just leave him there. You decided to change your clothes since you knew you wouldn’t be able to get in with sweat pants on.

On your way you just kept cursing Jay, what did I deserve to have to take care of my drunk boyfriend on my birthday in which he totally forgot and went out with his friend instead. When you got to the club they were at it took you a while to be able to find them but Jay was no where to be seen.

“Hey you came” Simon came and greeted you with a hug

“I did say I will come” you said in a salty tone

“Where’s Jay anyway” you said looking around for him

“He was here just right now” Simon said and started looking with you. And suddenly all the music goes quiet which made you so confused.

“Baby girl” you hear Jays voice but you thought you were just hearing things, Simon turns you so you could face the DJ station where you saw Jay standing there looking more than normal and defiantly not drunk

Truth was Jay knew it was your birthday and had been trying to come up with a good surprise, he knew you didn’t go all out on your birthday but that just made him want to treat you and make it a special day for you, so he decided to pull a little prank on you and act like he forgot, he felt super guilty when he saw your smile fall when he said he was going out, at that moment he just wanted to tell you that it was a prank but he knew he had to keep the prank going. He had the whole AOMG crew on it and planned this little surprise for you. He also knew that you just wanted a simple dinner to spend with him, and he was defiantly taking you to his favorite restaurant and making you feel like a queen. 

“Did you really think I forgot your birthday, girl your tripping” he said through the mic which made everyone chuckle but you were speechless not knowing how to react to this sudden surprise

“Everyone, today is my girls birthday and I want everyone to sing to her” he said and led everyone in the club by singing and suddenly Gray came out with a cake that had lit up candles on it, you couldn’t believe that everyone was on it with this surprise. Jay came to you giving you the biggest hug

“I can’t believe you Jay, I thought you forgot” you said to him

“I would never” he said giving kiss.

“Jay you didn’t have to do all this, a simple dinner would have been more than enough” you said

“I know, but you’ve been working super hard and I just wanted you to have a good time and enjoy it”

“Thank you” you said, and Jay could sense you were getting emotional from this whole day for being a roller coaster so he took you in his arms and held you, in which you were very grateful for and held on to him. 

“Your very welcome babe” he said and kissed your cheek which sent blushing with Jay showing his affection in front of everyone.

After having birthday cake, Jay ended up pulling you to the dance floor after many complaints of you that you don’t know how to dance, by Jay had his ways and dragged you regardless.

You didn’t know that the night would end up like that but you weren’t against it either, it was a well spent birthday with the people you cared for.

I hope you guys enjoyed it, I wrote this out of the blue in like less then an hour lol, I hope its not that bad :)

Beyoncé’s Black and Better.

It’s started, the race war and the revolution will not be televised so make sure you get in formation. 23.April.2016 Beyoncé releases Lemonade, an unapologetic and raw album documenting the intricacies of womanhood. The masses, both black and white, had their edges snatched but is Lemonade a celebration of the masses or just the black woman? No other race deals with the pressures or feels the heat from all directions like a black woman does.

So it’s difficult for us to hold hands in unity when “the most neglected person in America is the black woman”- Malcom x.

It’s also difficult for us to trust our traditions and cultures in hands that typically dismantle the root and claim it as their own. Lemonade is for us. The visual, is a celebration of the black woman in her entirety, young and old, light and dark toned, curly and nappy fro.

Lemonade humanises Beyoncé. We often think of her as otherworldly, I mean the earth even moved so that she wouldn’t fall at The 2016 Superbowl. But here she speaks honestly about infidelity, and emotions that we often stomach, because maybe if we are silently and pretty the pain would go away. She is fearless in her proclamation that Jay-Z is on his “final warning” or else he would “lose [his] wife.” Then of course, she tells him to suck her balls, sanctifying the majority of the album as the ultimate diss-track to Jay-Z, surpassing Ether. Social media went off, dragging Jay-Z through multiple memes.

Despite the hilarity of the internet, the couple remain together as the album is only available to be streamed on Tidal. Proving that love is both black and blue, both Drunk in Love and Don’t Hurt Yourself. But how much of love is pain? How many of us try to “wear her skin over [ours” so that he can finally see us? How many of us love twice as hard to compensate for his apathy? Many of us have grown accustom to seeing our mothers at the plea of our fathers hands. We are used to seeing the flowers in our mothers eyes shrivel as our fathers walk into the room. She shrinks herself to make him feel comfortable, as if black women are “too much.” But Lemonade teaches us how to undo the tradition of men leaving without explanation, and lying to us whilst looking straight into our eyes. Lemonade validates our feelings of anger, jealously and heartbreak and encourages us to heal.

Beyoncé proves that even with a ring on she cannot be contained, and she is no longer concerned with perfection but rather truth. As she is, in the words of Warsan Shire, “terrifying and strange and beautiful.” She proves to us that women should not supress their strength in fear of being penalised as a bitch or a strong black woman. She celebrates her grind and acknowledges that “the best revenge is your paper.” Serena Williams cameo in the visual supports the idea that black women can be both strong and soft, both beautiful and brutal.

Now this is not a pity-party about the black woman going through so much.

It is rather an acknowledgement of our complex and continuous experience, and despite all the pain we continue to love.The idea of love being inextricable from pain is continued as the visual features Trayvon Martin’s mother Sybrina Fulton, Eric Garner’s mother Gwen Carr, and Michael Brown’s mother Lezley McSpadden. It’s no secret that they have shed blood for tears as they’ve mourned their sons, and their heartache is unmatched.

Beyoncé knows she’s that bitch, that why she caused “this much conversation”, so let’s talk about it, what are your thoughts on Lemonade?


04/03/2016: TOR @ TB

Man this was special. One of the biggest news after the postseason was how much the trade from COL to TOR impacted Tulo. However he added that a full spring with the Jays would do a long way to feel comfortable in his new surrounding, and boy was he right. 

Tulo’s first HR was also the first 2016 Jays HR. The first of many from this awesome team! Welcome home Tulo!

(Also look at the smile Tulo has during the quick congrats from his best buddy Josh.)

color palette challenge

Write a Hannigram fic between 100-1500 words with a specific color palette (2-3 colors that go together). Post your ficlet to tumblr and tag three people + @curveofherthroat

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Shades of Blue

Blue has been Will’s favorite color for as long as he can remember. As a boy, he would proudly proclaim it whenever the question was posed, never giving much thought to just how many different blues there are, each of them unique.

Older now, he sees them everywhere: Indigo like the sky just after a storm breaks, the cerulean of the sea on a clear day. The Prussian blue a stream takes on beneath a blanket of clouds. The wings of a jay, deep and reflective as the ocean.

Will recalls hearing, many years ago, that there is one shade of blue our eyes can perceive that doesn’t actually exist. Stygian blue, a flash of fleeting color only visible after yellow, bright as a lemon, burns itself into your retinas. Gaze into a black abyss after, and you will see this most impossible shade.

If he had to pick a favorite now, it would be this very specific, non-existent blue. It’s the color he feels, deep in his marrow, every time he looks at Hannibal. Dark and impossibly bright, a searing after-image for which no words exist.

“What do you see when you look at me?” Hannibal asks, a dark and shining void reflecting pin-points of light in his eyes.

“I see you,” Will says, trying to grasp the unfathomable thing that surrounds them both. “I see us.”

Fairytale dreams

Jared knows he shouldn’t be doing this, shouldn’t be sneaking out at night through the summer breezes, parading the streets and wish for a thousand daydreams of heartbreak and melancholy sunsets, beneath the star that is all hers, for now, and he shouldn’t be yearning for a sun kissed boy with dotted freckles over his hooked nose, or the plush lips that would taste like soft grass meadows and moonlight lullabies, the wet moon hung sweet and soothing. But she can’t help it. The boy is waiting in his red pickup just outside her window, promising the world at night with glowing stars and infinite love, and a happy ending like in the fairy tales; was he a fool to believe.

Wearing a milky white sequined dress that barely floats down to his knees, glimmers of galaxies that will soon become under the thin layer of a princess’s gown, he hopes the boy will notice his pretty smile full of hurried smeared lip prints and too dark mascara, like a poor porcelain girl, but he keeps hoping. He thought of how his parents would think, would pray to church every sunday morning when he stays in his room dozing over a stolen picture of leather jacket and dark blond strands, the beauty of boyhood, hoping God would forgive his sins, for who he is, but for now, he would fly out of their reach. This skirt would help him. Hoping the boy won’t break his glass heart that lays in those knee-high grass, under that graveyard of stars, in his hands, fragile and darkened. So he bounced out of the drive way with his heart on air, to the boy of his wet butterfly kisses, to the boy of soon-to-be rotten moth wings with oceans in his eyes and he was the siren, slowly devouring his baby pink soul, innocent.

Who knows what comes next? A kiss that saves? A touch that sings of aurora and woodland faeries, one that takes him away from home forever? That he knows would come. Because that boy standing next to his sleek black car, like a prince on his steel horse, is going to save him. That he knows for sure.

Small sweet Jay likes being a forget-me-not girl, he likes being praised and called pretty, but only by him. Knees shaking wildly on the passenger seat of smooth leather, ripped and stained in some parts (makes him think of how many girls or boys have laid bare, whimpering and soaking with their cherries popped, head gone over dreamland and bigger blue skies, eyes closed clouded in ecstasy, then coming down, he left them at the patio, doehearts broken), he wonders if that’s how tonight would end, him flying then landing hard, torn panties, smudged eye liners, and swollen lips. But then Jensen, eyes on him now, puts a hand on his soft skirt, rucked up at the edges from the wind outside, smoothing it with gentle strokes, as gentle as how Jared would like him to hold his cascading heart. And then a flutter of a breath, the car stops, his heart starts thumping faster, baby can I kiss you? came from the heart of the boy he sees in school everyday, who smiles at him in hallways, senior lilac eyes winking that makes him addictive, a drug that keeps giving, flowing through his veins, ends up staining his heart. But sweet Jay doesn’t know. So he keeps yearning. Until that boy, Jensen (he learns his name through the group he hangs out with, ghosting over lips of those pretty blonde girls, always dressing so slutty for his green eyes, but no, he thinks, it’s always on him, in the corner), came over one day and offered him the world. He took it. Now, with his heart like a string, he said yes.

Jensen tastes like cinnamon spice, little hint of beer, cotton candy, a dream and an angel, even though Jay had never seen one and does not know how one tastes like, but now he has. Jared just hopes he doesn’t taste like cheap bubblegum and lolipop, or the lipstick he stole from mom. He hope he tastes like a dream girl.