how lucky we are to be living on earth


“We disagree to disagree, we  divide, we differ;
Yet each night as I lie in bed beside you
And you are faraway curled up in sleep
I array the moonlit ceiling with a mosaic of question-marks;
How was it I was so lucky to have ever met you?
I am no brave pagan proud of my mortality
Yet gladly on this changeling earth I should live for ever
If it were with you, my sleeping friend.
I have my troubles, and I shall always have them
But I should rather live with you for ever
Than exchange my troubles for a changeless kingdom.
But I do not put you on a pedestal or throne;
You must have your faults but I do not see them.
If it were with you.  I should live for ever. “

- Paul Durcan

My lovely spirit animal, this is the day an angel was placed on earth. Anyone that is lucky enough to have you in their lives are truly blessed. It is the most beautiful thing to see how passionate you are about things that matter and mean the most to you. I believe with everything in my heart that you would defend me to absolutely no end. I hope you understand that I would also do the same. I love when we watch the news and come across an issue that’s important to you and you speak on how you want to be the one to start some sort of movement by taking action and changing the world for the better. I see and have come to understand your desire for people to respect and value one another. I find it refreshing and admirable seeing a young beautiful women utilizing her platform in creating an awareness for something much greater than herself. You have such a phenomenal way with words and I seriously can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you. I want you to remember that whatever it may be that you are blessed with is specifically for you and no one can ever take it away. I thank you for always supporting me and being my outlet when in times I felt like my voice wasn’t being heard. I can’t imagine riding on this wild roller coaster without you. It brings me comfort knowing that whatever the situation may be that you’ll be right next to me. I love you to no end 😌 I’m waaaay up I feel blessed to have you in my life lol HAPPY BIRTHDAY beautiful creature #19 @laurenjauregui by normanikordei


If you ever want to appreciate this wonderful planet that we live on, go to the middle of the desert where there is no civilization. Go to where there is no cell phone signal. Go where it’s so quiet that you can actually hear the blood rushing through your head and you can hear planes flying through the sky miles and miles away. Go where there is no light pollution and look up at the moon and the stars and the planets. All of the stillness and the quietness combined with the universe above you will make you realize how small you actually are and that you’re lucky to be alive. In the grand scheme of things, nothing matters. We are all pretty insignificant. I have no idea why I was placed on this earth, but after tonight, it is my mission to enjoy the heck out of the life I’ve been given and I’m going to live it to the fullest. Life is so precious and fleeting, so we should all just enjoy what we have and be thankful for everything. We live on a beautiful planet and we are surrounded by beautiful places and things and people.

After calming down a bit, I thought that now was the best time to make an announcement. Love has no clear definition, it has no time limit and it always happens when you least expect it. When Jesse and I reconnected, we had gone through so much together and in the last few months, we’ve entered one of the greatest chapters in our lives together. I haven’t felt this way in a really long time. We have a connection that I wish everyone was capable of getting a chance of experiencing. He is my best friend in the whole entire world and I’m extremely lucky because he’s also the person I’m in love with, the one who has officially taken my heart. I wonder how on earth I got so lucky and how amazing it is that we got a second chance. I value that greatly and I’m reminded every day of the truly remarkable man I wake up next to every morning. He defiantly sees me at my worst and even when I’m horrible, he never stop trying to make everything in my life better. Connections like these only happy once in a life time. Which is why I’m happy to announce that it’s a official!


how is the maine so perfect? never in my life have i seen a more genuine, nice, caring, kind. talented band that doesn’t just do the things they do for profit? like, man, you can just tell that they are so down to earth and don’t view themselves as anything special (though this should b/c they are). the’re just like, we’re dudes in a band who get to make music + do something we love for a living, we’re lucky. like man, i’m honestly so happy for them. and i just feel so good listening to them and thinking about them because they radiate positiveness + kindness.  and i’m so happy, and i hope they are too, and oh man, i just feel so many things. they’re just so real. like those dudes are my standard. and i wish more people would see just how amazing they are. i mean by no way do i want to force people to like their music, but for people to see that that’s how a band should be; that bands/famous people in general don’t get a free pass for being jerks just because they’re good looking or make some catchy/nice music/art. support band/people like them. the ones that care. the ones that are willing to go out of their way to do something nice. because bands like the maine are rare now days and we’re really lucky that they’re doing what they do and are how they are because man, i think that they keep things so real and in perspective. 

“I’m jealous of the nights that I don’t spend with you”

I miss you a little more each day little one. The feeling of being held, cuddled, kissed and  having the little things like your hand to hold and proper eye contact feel like a long way away now, but I’m so excited to be reunited with both you and all of those little things soon. You honestly are one of my favourite people to ever exist on this huge earth and definitely the one for me. I can’t express how much I appreciate you, you’re so lovely and kind and caring.. I couldn’t get more lucky. We’ve certainly been through the wars together but I’m determined to go through every rough patch with you throughout the rest of our lives. I remember saying to you when you missed your train because we where too interested in each other to realise that we’d look back on it and laugh, and now we do. We can get through anything. I love you so much. You’re my world. 🌍✨

I think at some point, we all tend to get wrapped up in the regular day to day motions. Sometimes life piles so much on top of us, that we forget to step back and realize how lucky we are to wake up and live every day. Don’t waste your time stressing over the little things or micro managing every second of your life. Instead, spend as much time as you can laughing and smiling with the people you love. Spend your time and money on adventure and don’t regret a single thing. Enjoy the time you have on this earth, because nothing is guaranteed.

The universe is unraveling. It still is. We won the day. We won the battle. We won whatever unit of measurement you care to say that we won. We returned to the dangerous equilibrium we had before, which we can only assume, or hope, or wish is better. But, of course, we did not stop the unraveling of the universe. The universe is not a thing that is, it is not a thing at all. It is the very action of its going. It is, in fact, its own dissolves and our lives – the entire span of human existence going back and back and, if we are lucky, forward and forward – the entire span is spent within this dissolve.

So look at the fleeting stars with fleeting eyes, and feel how the earth beneath you gives. It is all a temporary manifestation of particles, and it is all unraveling back to particulate silence. The bustle of the human day will come and will go. And then there will be night.

But how beautiful these moments within the dissolve! What a temporary perfection we can find within this passing world! Everything good ever done! Everything good that was done today, and all the good people doing it, and back and back and forward and forward, all of that beauty within a universe unraveling.

Be proud of your place in the cosmos. It is small, and yet it is.
—  Welcome to Night Vale, “Old Oak Doors (Part B)”