how lucky was michael at that time

Best friend


-Luke Hemmings smut-

Word count: 1,300

“Have you told her yet?” Calum questioned Luke. “No Cal, I can’t jeopardise our friendship like that. No one understands me like Y/N and I can’t lose her. Ever.” Luke replied and the other boys just groaned and sighed in disappointment. Luke has been in love with you since 2 years now and he doesn’t seem to have the courage to tell you. Every time he met you his heart would do backflips and he would be unable to ruin the perfect moments he has with you by confessing his feelings. He was in a constant battle. His brain against his heart. None of the other boys would understand his decision.

“Guys, she’s on her way over here. Please don’t say anything” Luke said. “Don’t worry, we never do” Michael says exasperated. “Mate, you should just tell her, I’m pretty sure she feels the same way.” Ashton says. Luke always respected everything that Ashton said, him being the oldest after all. They continued to talk about some random things and you entered Luke’s apartment. They didn’t even seem to notice your presence, so you took that time to really admire Luke. He was tall, fit and had eyes that you could lose yourself in. Everyday you would wonder how you got so lucky to be best friends with him.

Being best friends with him had its pros and cons. A con being that you couldn’t help falling utterly and completely in love with him and a pro being you get to spend all day with him and nights too. This was one of those lucky days. You would be spending the night at your best friends apartment. You got a little carried away and you didn’t notice when Calum called out your name. “Y/N, are you alive?” you shook your head and broke your gaze away from Luke. “Huh?” you asked, completely confused and unaware about what was happening. The boys just laughed knowingly and Luke blushed.

Luke came up to you and hugged you tight. “Hi, Y/N I missed you so much” “I missed you too, Lukey” you replied and buried your face in his chest. “I think we’ll be leaving now” Ashton called out and you turned to face him and the other boys. It was getting pretty late and you figured they would be leaving soon. They piled out of the apartment, one after the other leaving you and Luke standing awkwardly. “So, what do you want to do?” Luke questioned and you just shrugged your shoulders, grabbing the box of pop tarts that were lying on a table. You walked over and lay down on his couch, making yourself at home. He walked over to you and sat down on your stomach. “Luke you’re crushing me” you squeaked out. “I’m not that fat” Luke retorted and changed his position so he was lying next to you, instead of on top of you.

“It’s so fucking hot Y/N, do you mind if I change into something more comfortable.” Luke asked you and you nodded eagerly, knowing his ‘something comfortable’ meant boxers and nothing else. He changed and came back and you couldn’t help but blush. It obviously wasn’t the first time you saw him without a shirt, but he was just perfect. His toned body always made you excited, in more than one way. He returned to his position next to you, not before turning on the TV and watching Shark Tank. You moved slightly, so you were half on top of him. Your head was on his chest and you could hear his heart beat and you let out a sigh. Unknowingly, you started tracing shapes on his chest. He was in bliss and so were you.

You slowly placed a small kiss on his chest, not being able to control yourself. When you gained no response from your best friend you moved your head up and started placing small kisses on his jaw and collarbones. He let out a groan and his eyes fluttered shut, enjoying the sensation of your lips on him. “Y/N, don’t stop” he said quietly and he held you by the waist and pulled you upwards so you were lying completely on top of him. Having a better angle, you started peppering his face with kisses. Kissing every spot, except his lips. Your lips brushed his a couple of times and you held yourself back from crashing your lips on his. “Luke, I really want to kiss you right now” you said softly. A small part of you was afraid of his reaction but that didn’t last very long as Luke captured your lips and his and they moved in sync. Luke was on top of the world and you were in heaven. A few seconds later, he pulled away to take a breath and rested his forehead against yours.

“I know this isn’t the perfect time to say this, but I don’t think the perfect time will ever come. So, Y/N I just wanted you to know that I love you and I have for a long time now.” Luke said and you kissed him again and he deepened the kiss by putting his tongue in your mouth. You moaned loudly when his hand went up your t-shirt and gave your bra-clad breast a hard squeeze. He tugged at the bottom of it and you got the signal and took it off. Without wasting anymore time, your hand went behind your back and you unclasped your bra. Luke stared at your breasts hungrily and took one nipple into his mouth, sucking harshly. He moved to the other one, giving it equal attention. He flipped you over so that he was on top of you now. He began moving downward to the place you ached for him.

In one swift move he took of your pants. He grabbed the hem of your panties in his teeth and released it so it whipped back on to your skin. You were heavily aroused and you couldn’t wait any longer. “Luke, please” you moaned out. He slid your panties off, slowly and teasingly and started kissing in your inner thighs. He blew on your clit making you shiver in anticipation. He ran one finger up your slit gathering the wetness and he put his finger in his mouth. “Baby girl, you taste so good” Luke said before coming back up to kiss you. He quickly got rid of his boxers and that was the only piece of material separating the two of you.

You wrapped your legs around his waist, urging him to enter you. He got the hint and pushed into you slowly. Profanities left your mouth as it was hard for you to adjust to his size, pun intended. He reached deep inside you and he let out a groan. “Fuck, Y/N you’re so tight” Luke said and started thrusting into you harder and faster. He lifted your leg upwards, to get a different angle and he hit that spot, which made you go weak.You moaned his name as he continually hit the spot. “Luke I’m so close” you told him when you felt that familiar tightening of the stomach. He took your lips in his in a sloppy kiss as you released your juices around him. With a few more thrusts, he came inside you and he rode out his high.

He laid on top of you with his face in your neck. “Y/N, I really fucking love you.” “I love you too, Luke” you told him truthfully and he kissed you on your forehead. “Round 2 in the shower?” you questioned him and he laughed loudly while agreeing.

A/N: I live for best friend smuts.

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🐯 Dating Michael Harrison would include 🐯

▪ he’s the typical tough boy on the outside and inside all soft like A FUCKING MARSHMALLOW


▪ (you just looooove to tease the other customers with bad music)

▫ sharing a milkskake with michael is a nice bonus, tho

▪ L A U G H T E R

▫ so much, about everything

▪ acting like complete morons when you’re together

▫ let’s be honest, you both don’t give a shit


▫ and he loves it dearly


▫ k i s s i n g

▪ he’s not that big on PDA but, boy, kissing is alright

▫ H U G S

▪ (in the morning when you’re both a bit sleepy and you were separted for far too long, or during a break when one of you chats with someone else)

▫ neither of you is extremely clingy, but YOU MAKE SURE TO SPEND EXTRA TIME TOGETHER ‘CAUSE WHY NOT??

▪ picking you up before school with his motorcycle

▫ your dad wasn’t too happy about it at first, but damn, michael can be extremely charming when he wants to

▪ (you wrap your arms a bit tighter than necessary around his waist, tho)



▫ michael would watch you during class, because he just can’t believe how lucky he got when you waltzed into the school


▫ (lol, you can’t convince me otherwise)

▪ he teaches you how to skate, obvi


▪ “Did it hurt?” - “Let me guess, when I fell from heaven?” - “When you fell for me.” (Bad pick up lines, while laughing too much)

▫ you both just love to celebrate your awesomeness


▫ he’s so cocky and confident

▪ (he tones it down a bit when you’re around)


▪ he said so himself

▫ hanging out at home when you’re both extremely lazy

▪ (your dad loves to chat with michael when he’s home)

▫ that’s when your dad shows Michael embarrassing childhood pics

▪ “DAD! Stop it please! You’re embarrassing me before my OWN BOYFRIEND!”

▫ your dad will not stop

▪ and michael will never let you hear the end of it


▪ bringing you to all his little hideouts


▪ (he insists on sharing headphones)

▫ which is just an excuse to be close to you, tho

▪ leaving school early to go to the diner & share spaghetti

▫ pranking your classmates and teachers


▫ daring eachother to do dumb shit, and laughing your asses off afterwards

▪ you are michaels biggest fan ⏩ cheering him on the loudest, running on the field after a victory to give him a kiss, wearing his Jersey whenever you can

▫ he in return loves to watch you perform your routine or hear you play the saxophone



▪ m o r e k i s s i n g

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How did you guys get together?

Michael: Okay kiddies, buckle up. It’s story time!

It all started way waaay back when Jeremy found the first key to the hunt. He just so happened to run into Christine there, who was also after the key. Jeremy had been following her blog about the hunt for several years, and he had a pretty big crush on her.

Jeremy: Her avatar is cute! Come on…

Michael: Yeah, she’s a cutie alright! Anyway, the two of them started chatting and they hit it off pretty well. After the High Five formed—that was me, Jeremy, Christine, Rich, and Jake, the people in the top five slots of the scoreboard—the two of them started hanging out more and more. And Jeremy kinda sorta started ditching me for Christine.

Jeremy: …I was a huge dick back then.

Michael: Yeah, no kidding. He’d blow me off all the time just to be with her instead. I warned him several times that he shouldn’t get so serious—his obsession with her would eventually backfire and then what would he do? But he didn’t listen to me, and we got into a really big f-fight—

Jeremy: Easy, M. It’s okay.

Michael: *sighs* Yeah, I know. Um…where was I? Oh, right. I’d been in love with Jeremy since the beginning, ever since I met him. After our fight we, we didn’t speak for several months. I was really fucking pissed at him, and he thought he was right, and I wasn’t going to apologize, so…

Jeremy: We were both really bitter.

Michael: Yeah. And Christine dumped your ass even though you were never dating, haha.

Jeremy: Yeah, yeah, I get it! You were right all along, blah blah blah.

Michael: Heheh! And then, uh—I sent Jeremy an email telling him where to find the next key, as payback since he helped me find the first one.

Jeremy: And I was so relieved to hear from you again. You have no idea!

Michael: I got that when you sent a reply apologizing for being such an ass, haha.

Jeremy: During those couple months apart I realized just how much I missed Michael and being with him. Christine was avoiding talking to me at the time as well so I was pretty much on my own, no friends to talk to…it was really lonely. But I had a lot of time to think about my relationship with Michael, and soon enough that longing to be with him again sort of…evolved into something bigger than I ever expected. I realized then that I’d actually loved Michael all along and never understood it until that moment. But I was—I was really afraid to tell him because I thought I’d ruined our friendship, and I didn’t want to ruin it again, you know?

Michael: Yeah.

Jeremy: And then…we met up after I apologized and everything was fine. We were back to our usual antics and god, I was so, so happy to see that.

Michael: It was so good to see you after all that time, I just—I couldn’t stay mad anymore.

Jeremy: Yeah. And then, um, everyone else left after we planned our final attack and how we were gonna get to the final gate. Then it was just the two of us.

Michael: Jeremy told me what he’d been feeling during those months apart but he was very vague about who he was referring to. I thought he was talking about Christine at first but he told me he didn’t like her that way anymore, and—

Jeremy: You thought that I was talking about somebody else entirely! You were so dense, oh my god.

Michael: *laughs* Oh, shut up!

Jeremy: I sort of freaked out and accidentally spilled my feelings for Michael. I started having a panic attack because I thought I’d ruined everything, and right when we’d come back to being friends and all.

Michael: But then I told him that I felt the same way! And so we decided to get together.

Jeremy: At that point we hadn’t met in real life but we already knew each other so intimately that we didn’t care what we looked like outside of the OASIS.

Michael: I mean. I care.

Jeremy: Well duh—I meant we’d accept what we looked like in real life no matter what.

Michael: And hot damn, I got lucky with you. You’re much cuter in real life than in the OASIS.

Jeremy: Hey…

Michael: Haha! When I saw Jeremy for the first time in real life, I couldn’t believe my eyes!

Jeremy: Me neither. We were both stuttering messes when we met in person.

Michael: You were just so adorable I didn’t know what to do with myself…

Jeremy: Oh my god shut up!!

Michael: But you are! I love you~

Jeremy: Heh…

Michael: So, yeah! That ends our tale. That is how we discovered our feelings for each other. Once the final battle was over and Jeremy won the competition, we moved in together and started dating for real. Ta-dah!

Dripping wet part 2

Calum Hood - 1701 words

You can read part 1 right here.


By now the party was in full swing. People were grinding on each other in our living room, there was one girl puking in the toilet with the door open, much to my dismay, and outside the not-so-drunk posse was just chilling and enjoying the chill air of impending summer. I dragged my alcohol deprived ass towards the kitchen, pushing past a few of giggling girls, eyeing Luke from afar. He always had that kind of influence on people. “Hit me up.” I yell over the music to Luke pouring drinks, his smile immediately a bit brighter as he spots me walking over to him.

“Glad you could make it.” I roll my eyes as I push myself up on the counter, feet dangling as I watch him fill a plastic cup with the light yellow liquid. I merely nod my head as I already lift the now full cup to my lips, taking a small sip as I let my eyes roam over the people Luke had invited. “You have shit friends.” It draws a chuckle from Luke’s lips, his fist punching my shoulder lightly before he starts to fill his own cup. “Be careful what you say, that means you’re the shittiest of them all.”
“I actually might be.” I joke in return, my gaze catching Calum, lounging on the living room sofa with a cigarette between his lips. He’s animatedly speaking to a guy, I think his name was Michael, his own cup dangling from his hand, leaning over the sofa.

“Are you digging Michael?” A sudden voice pulls my from my trance and I whip my head around so quick I think I might have given myself a whiplash. “What?”
“I could hit you up if you’d like.” Luke wiggles his eyebrows and now it’s my turn to punch him roughly in the gut. His breath leaves his lungs in a whiff and I can’t help but grin when he tries to regain his breath. “I am not interested in Michael. Besides, I’ve met him once, remember? If I wanted him I would’ve taken him then.”

“Damn girl don’t have to be so harsh on me.” Luke huffs out as soon as he can get the sweet air in his lungs again, but by then I am already back on my feet. “Y/n!” The sweet voice of Wendy chimes from behind me and I slowly turn on my heel, granting my only girl friend with a large grin. “Wen, didn’t know you were coming.” I let her press her lips against my cheek, my hand briefly resting on her upper arm to steady myself.

“I can’t miss out on an opportunity to dominate the dance floor with my girl!” A hearty laugh leaves my lips and I let her pull me towards the living room – a.k.a. the make shift dancefloor – as I wave at Luke. I discard my cup somewhere along the way, the contents already emptied.
“Those boys know how to throw a party! Whoo!” Wendy grabs my arms and swings them around, drawing another chuckle from my lips. Wendy was always a happy-go-lucky girl and I appreciated that about her. I wasn’t much fan of drama – but who was? – and the fact that she never brought any along made me decide to become friends in the first place.

I hum along in agreement, but my eyes already have found Calum again. His cigarette was discarded in an ashtray nearby and this time his gaze wasn’t focused on Michael, it was on me. As soon as our gazes meet he grants me with a small smile and a wink and I remember my thoughts from earlier on the evening. I start to swing my hips along to the beat a lot more deliberately, making sure I put on a show for my flat mate.

“Still crushing on the Kiwi, are you?” Wendy chuckles as she follows my lead, throwing a look over her shoulder to see where my gaze is transfixed on. I shrug my shoulders as I meet her gaze once more. “At least it’s not a banana.” This draws a fit of giggles from her lips, her hand slapped in front of her mouth to lower the sound. “Damnit now I have to pee. I’ll be back.” Wendy dismisses me quickly and I decide to just stay here, dancing along. It was actually quite fun when I forgot people were probably staring at my horrendous dancing.

I freeze in my spot when I feel his hands land on my hips, his front pressed tightly against my back. “Having fun?” I hum in response, keeping the swaying of my hips going while I lean into his large frame. “I see so.”
I turn around, my hands resting on his chest to steady my poor balance, my head lifting to catch his gaze. “What brings you here?” I joke, letting Calum lead me away from the middle of our living room and to the side. Suddenly I am pressed against the wall, Calum leaning against it as he corners me, making my small frame disappear behind his large one.

“You think I didn’t know you were secretly watching me? If I had had any chance myself I would’ve done the same thing.” He whispers, his hot breath flowing past my ear, shivers immediately emanating all over my sweaty body. I feel him press his large frame even more against my trapped one, heating my body in an instance.

The words that had left his lips hit me only moments after, a rush of heat downing on me, dampening my knickers in a split second. “Interested?” I blink slowly, furrowing my eyebrows as he stares down at me. “Huh?”
“Are you interested?” The scowl doesn’t leave my lips and I hear him sigh before he closes the distance between us and catches my lips with his. He pulls back just the tiniest bit, our lips still touching as he whispers. “This.”

I let my eyelids flutter closed as I pull him back towards me, crushing our lips harshly back together. My back bounces off the wall again and Calum’s hands slither towards my bum, cupping both cheeks in his hands as he pulls me back towards him. “Upstairs.” I mumble against his lips, my flat hands pushing against his chest as I guide him towards the stairs.

I’m slammed against the recently closed door of Calum messy room, my hands roaming through his hair, occasionally pulling on the thick strands, earning a groan from his plump lips. His hands start to unbutton my shirt as my hands immediately fumble with his jeans, my hand sliding in as soon as the zipper is halfway down and palming him through his boxers. He stills his movements for a second to groan into my neck before my shirt flies across the room in record speed.

“Fuck. Come on.” Calum groans as his teeth sink into my neck, his hands pressing at my bottom again as he lifts me off of the floor and traps me against the door again. He’s grinding his crotch against my damp core and I can’t help but moan out, the sounds muffled by Calum’s lips against mine.
He carries me over to his small one person bed, lying me down before following suit after and covering my body with his. His fingers reach behind my back to unclasp my bra, my own hands occupied with ridding him of his tight, white shirt.

He stands back to his feet and pushes his jeans down to his ankles himself, his gaze never once leaving mine as I rid myself of my trousers. He stands still momentarily, his fingers curled around his shaft as his gaze flicks from my breasts to my still clothed core. As he walks over, one of his hands reaches for the waistband and slowly, seductively, pulls them down.
“I would take my time but I just can’t wait any longer.” Calum groans, his fingertips lightly brushing over my sides as he crawls back over me. “Then quit stalling.”

I feel his thick erection brush against my wet core as he positions himself on top of me, my nails already grasping for his prominent biceps. He doesn’t give me any warning as he slowly pushes in, a huff of a breath leaving his lips while he buries his face in my shoulder, leaving wet, open mouthed kisses along his path. He starts moving rhythmically, it almost seems as if he is moving along to the thumping beat sounding through the speakers downstairs, his biceps flexing as he tries to keep himself upright.

He hits just the right spot which makes me cry out in pure bliss, Calum stopping momentarily to gaze at me in wonder. “More..” I breathe, pulling me towards me and throwing my legs around his hips to create a different angle. He starts thrusting more violently, raising his body back to watch me rapidly speed towards my orgasm. “Harder Cal, please.” I moan out, throwing my head back as I clutch my eyes closed. It seems to only edge him on, his pace picking up, hitting the right spot over and over again, the black spots appearing in front of my eyes.

“Oh Cal I –“ I stutter out, my walls clenching around his thick cock as my orgasm crashes over me. Calum keeps up his relentless pace, fucking me through my orgasm and chasing his own. It doesn’t take him long before he stills, stuttering inside me and dropping down with a loud huff. He lets himself glide off of me, his arm push underneath my head as he discard of the condom he somewhere along the way seemed to have pulled on. Thank you Cal.

I’m staring at the ceiling, waiting for Calum to tell me to get the fuck out of his bed but all of a sudden he pulls me closer to his sweaty, scorching chest and a chuckle rumbles in his chest. “I never thought you were this verbal.” Calum’s loud laughter booms through the small room. My flat hand connects with his chest briefly as I roll my eyes, settling against his warm chest. “Dick.”

I hope you liked it!
Lots of love,
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Love, Happiness, and Kids

Prompt - Requested by anon: I have a request!! Can you do a Reid/Reader where the reader is Spencer’s long-time best friend (not in the FBI) and she wants to have a baby and asks him to be the father and they have a baby girl?!?! Thanks!!

A/N: So a lot of this fic was inspired by the movie Friends With Kids. I hope you enjoy!!

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You said you met Michael Lee Brown twice, how cool! Details?

Yes!! I did meet him!! He’s just….incredible. Like… Okay, here are the details. LONG BUT FULFILLING STORY TIME!!!

SO! I first met him when I saw the show in January. It was his first performance in the show on Broadway and he was filling in for Will Roland as Jared Kleinman (and he was RIDICULOUSLY AMAZING). After the show, I stagedoored. There were only about twenty other people–I mean it was literally a single row deep around those little fences–who waited out for the cast (again, I’ll remind y’all that this was in January. Before the cast album. Before the Tonys. Before any major press, really) so it was pretty barren and the entire cast–except for Rachel Bay Jones, who had to leave early to help her daughter with something, we were told–came out and actually had the time and space to have in-depth conversations and take pictures with everyone out there. I’M STILL FKING YELLING ABOUT THIS YALL AND IM NEVER GONNA STOP but I’m trying to keep it together deep breaths. 

So! Michael Lee Brown came out and we all applauded for him (he had also gotten a special round of applause after the show ended because he deserved it) and he was just so sweet and humble. I got a picture with him (which I printed out and is currently hanging up in my room because it’s SO COOL KEEP IT TOGETHER) and talked a little bit. Mainly I just rambled on and on about how much I loved the musical while trying not to cry again and he thanked me about four hundred times (!!!!!!!!). BUT THEN! but then.

I went back home and completely fell in love with the show, back when there was only one fic for it one AO3, which I wrote, and the DEH tag on Tumblr was comprised of 3 posts. And I wrote him a letter, which said thank you about four hundred times as well, and sent him a little picture that I drew. 

Then, I was incredibly lucky enough to see the show again in April (how???? that’s a whole different story and I don’t think I have the time or space here I’m still). And during intermission, I don’t know if they do this anymore, but Michael and Colton Ryan were hanging out in the audience; I think they were watching the show too. And I saw them and freaked the fck out and was just like That’s Them That’s Them That’s Them, because at this point I was beyond into this show and it was all so much more intimidating.

And I wasn’t going to bother them, because I was really really nervous about being annoying, like maybe they didn’t want to talk to anyone or whatever. Honestly, they blended in completely with the audience and no one else seemed to notice them. BUT THEN! This one girl, wearing a DEH t-shirt, came up to Colton and very very politely asked for his autograph. He smiled and agreed and signed her Playbill and started to talk to her, like, oh, have you seen the show before, what do you think etc. etc. etc.

So, I figured, that if she could do it, so could I, anxiety be damned!!!! ANXIETY BE DAMNED!!! So, I thought, I’ll just do the exact same thing she did and not be annoying because if I didn’t I would regret it forever and ever and ever and ever. SO! I went up to him and was like, “Hey, how are you?” And he looked at me for about 10 seconds and then said, “Were you here in January?” and I swear my heart stopped. Like??? He recognized me??? I’M STILL YELLING I AM BEYOND BLESS HIS HEART AND SOUL And I replied that, yes, I did go to that show, and that he was completely amazing as Jared in every single way. And he thanked me and asked what my name was. I gave it to him, and then he said, “Did you send me a letter?”

AND I DID! AND HE TALKED ABOUT THE LITTLE DRAWING TOO!!! HE SAID!!! “That was the first fan letter I’ve ever gotten, thank you!” And HUGGED ME??? he hugged me. I’ve been hugged by the one and only MLB and I’m still yelling! ?! I swear to God, Michael Lee Brown is such a good and incredible person, he is so kind and talented and wonderful in every way, and I still feel so beyond blessed. Like? AH

Then the bells rung, signaling that intermission was over, and I went back to my seat and… there’s my story of the two times I met the stunning, stunning person that is known as Michael Lee Brown (AHHHHHHH!!!!)

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somehow fahc trevor gets stuck alone in a room with a bomb. he does however have contact with the others, and they're frantically trying to tell him how to disarm it. "cut the red wire!" trevor just starts fucking laughing, despite the time ticking down "i guess now is a convenient time to tell you i'm colorblind"

“Did you get the thing open?” Michael’s voice comes from over the phone speaker.

“Yeah.” Trevor answers, surprised his knife could even turn the screws on the sheet of metal protecting the bombs wires. It’s his lucky day. Well, it isn’t, he’s locked in a room with a bomb, on no day would that be considered lucky.

“Okay, so you just need to cut the red wire.” Michael says.

“The red wire.” Trevor echos, furrowing his eyebrows. Shit. “Which one it the red wire?”

There’s a beat of silence.

“Wh-” Michael pauses. “Which one is the red wire?”

“That’s what I’m asking, yeah.” Trevor can hear the voices of others, but not well enough to make out what they’re saying.

“The red one.” Michael deadpans.

“Okay yeah, I got that part.” Trevor says, noting the time left on the bomb. “But which one is it?”

“It’s the fucking red wire, what do you mean which one is it! Cut the red wire!” Michael yells into the phone.

Trevor can’t help but laugh, he really doesn’t mean to, there’s an ominous beeping sound coming from a live bomb that he was less than a foot away from, but it’s just so funny, the irony and coincidence of it all. "I guess now is a… convenient time to tell you I’m colorblind.” Trevor says once he calms down enough.

There’s a beat of silence again.

“I can’t tell which one is the red wire, in fact, there looks like there’s a lot red and pink wires.” Trevor continues.

There’s a sigh from over the phone.

“I have a minute until I explode, and I really rather not do that.”

“Give me a moment, I have to figure out where the red wire is located exactly.”

“I’m not going anywhere.” Trevor jokes, watching the timer tick closer to zero.

Golden - William Nylander

Requested by anon: can i get a william nylander imagine because he won worlds?? and maybe have backstrom make an appearance because i love their friendship. thanks :-)

A/N: I’m actually quite proud of this one. I hope you like it!

Word count: 1210

Warnings: google translator swedish.

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Ladies and gentlemen, we would like to inform you that we will soon be landing on the Cologne Bonn airport in Cologne. It’s currently 2pm, local time. The temperature outside is 18º Celsius, 64º Fahrenheit. The crew hopes that you’ve had a pleasant flight and we are looking forward to seeing you on future trips, thank you.” I ignore the flight attendant who is giving now the same briefing in German and look out the window, looking at the city of Cologne from the sky.

I had never thought that I would be leaving Toronto to go to see my boyfriend play in a World Championship, but life has funny ways and I can’t wait to see what mine has in store for me.

After the loss against the Washington Capitals in the Stanley Cup Playoffs my boyfriend William decided to join team Sweden in Europe to play at the World Championship, but everything was planned so last minute that I couldn’t get enough time off from work to go with him. I have hated watching the games from home, wanting to be there to support my boyfriend more than anything. When the Tre Kronor made it to the Final I couldn’t just stay in Toronto, so I booked a plane ticket to Cologne. Without telling Willy. Because I just love surprises.

The plane lands and after a little while we are cleared to unbuckle our seatbelts and leave. My legs feel stiff from spending so much time sitting on a rather uncomfortable seat, but I’m so excited to be her that I almost don’t care. After getting my suitcase I walk through the doors that take you where the families wait and start looking for Alex and Michael. It doesn’t take me long to see Alex’s blond hair.

“(y/n)! How was your flight?” He greets me, giving me a hug. Alex and I have a really great partner-in-crime relationship, which annoys Willy greatly.

“It was good. A little long, but good.” I say, moving from him to Michael to give him a hug as well. “Thanks for picking me up.”

“No problem. I’m sure that Willy is going to love to have you here.” Will’s dad says and you nod excitedly.


I slap the tears off my face as I see your boyfriend tackling Henrik Lundqvist. They’ve won. My boyfriend is a World Champion. Will hasn’t noticed me yet, he was too focused on the game and now he is too busy celebrating, which is fine; I’m just happy to get to see him win. Alex is taking what could be considered as an excessive amount of pictures and Michael is standing besides me, looking at his oldest son with such pride that makes my heart flutter.

When I thought that anything could make this moment any better William is named the Most Valuable Player of the Competition and my hands can’t control the amount of proud tears that are leaving my eyes. My makeup is ruined, but I can’t care less about it. Also, I’m not the only one crying at this point, but I’ll never tell how Alex is quick to wipe the tears out of his face before anyone notices it. The team finally makes it out the ice, but we stay on our seats for a little longer, knowing that it will be awhile before they make it out the locker room. I try to answer as many texts from my friends and family back home as I can, but I can’t help it but to burst into laughing when I get one from Will.

“WE MADEEEE IT! I wish you were here.” I read out loud for his brother and father and they chuckle too.

I’ve seen it! I’m so proud of you. Congratulations, my love.” I type out, topping it up with a bunch of gold medals and trophies emojis.

Alex, Michael and I wait for what it seems like forever before Will texts Alex saying that he will be out soon, so we made our way to the hall to join the rest of the families. Everyone is smiling and, even though I don’t know any Swedish but pet names and cute little phrases here and there, I know that they are as excited to see the new World Champions as I am.

Players start coming out the doors that lead to the locker rooms and the hall erupts on cheers while the men join their families. I keep my eyes on the door until I see him, wearing his suit with no tie and carrying the MVP award and the gold medal on his hands. He doesn’t notice me as he spots his dad and brother, waving at them as he makes his way through the crowd.

“Alex! Påve –” He stops dead on his tracks when he sees me standing in between the two men, looking at him with a smile. “Älsking? (Love?)”

Alex and Michael step a side, leaving more room for Will to come hug me. He wraps his arms around my waist and lifts me up, holding me close to him as he buries his face on my neck.

“What are you doing here?” He asks, letting go of the awards, which his father is taking from his hands, so he can hold me properly.

“I couldn’t miss it.” I just answer, wrapping my own arms around his neck.

“You didn’t tell me.” He doesn’t sound accusatory, he is just stating the fact that I, indeed, didn’t tell him.

“It was a surprise.” I whisper. “Do you like it?”

“I don’t know if I’m happier because of the Championship or because you are here.” He says, making me laugh at how cheesy he sounds.

He puts me down eventually and walks towards his brother, who hugs him as well and says a couple of words in Swedish which I don’t understand. I hang out by Alex side as Michael and Will share a longer embrace, Michael’s voice cracking every once in awhile as he speaks with his oldest son.

“Nylander.” I hear a voice from behind us and we all turn around, meeting the Backstrom family.

“Nick!” Michael says, his hand clashing with the other man’s as they pull each other into a brotherly hug before Nicklas moves over to Alex and then to me, looking at Willy inquisitively.

“(y/n)?” He asks and Will nods, wrapping his arm around my waist and pulling me closer to his side. “So the lucky charm was here after all.”

“Apparently.” Willy chuckles, kissing my temple in an affectionate way that makes everyone else smile.

“He hasn’t stopped talking about you.” Nicklas offers me his hand and I shake it, smiling at him. “Well, actually he was whining about how much he wished you were here.”

“I didn’t whine.” Will defends himself, holding me even tighter.

“Yes, you did.” Michael, Alex and Nicklas say at the same time, making you laugh.

“I didn’t whine, I’ve just missed you a lot.” He whispers to my ear.

“I am here now.” I answer him. “And I don’t have a ticket to go back.”

Jag älskar dig. (I love you)” He says.

Jag älskar dig med (I love you too), my love.”

I really like medic Andy so here’s some medic Andy

-Andy was a night nurse in Los Santos at a free clinic. Fighting the good fight. Healthcare for the little guy and all that

-Since the confirmed by Achievement Hunter death of Caleb, FAHC probably wasn’t trying to fuck with any real hospital. Geoff knew a friend of a friend who ran this clinic. They wouldn’t ask questions if any of the guys needed treatment. That clinic became their go-to.

-Andy saw all of the crew frequently. Amazingly, most of their injuries weren’t even crime-based. It was Jeremy thinking he could punch through a particularly strong pickle jar, only to get his entire hand stuck in the jar. It was Gavin shooting himself in his own foot just to get out of cleaning the bathroom. Geoff actually getting alcohol poisoning because a Russian client challenged him to a drink off. Sure, whenever there was a heist, they definitely came in with injuries. Bullet wounds and scraped up hands. But more often than not, it was the crew being painfully, horribly dumb.

-Andy loved it and them. He treated them with the same level of care as any other patient. Traded jokes with them, poked fun at their dumb injuries. He became one of Michael’s favorites real quick. Even Ryan, with his refusal to take off his mask during treatment and overall scary demeanor, would shrug and consider him “alright” if you asked.

-Michael actually got hurt bad during a job, something with explosives backfiring and getting burned up good while running away from the blast he couldn’t stop. He had to stay in the clinic a long time by crew standards. A week and a half in bed to be exact. Of course he was his lively self post-op and recovering. Rude to any staff member that tried to treat him and wasn’t Andy. Andy provided his drugs and changed his dressing, thank you very much. Andy fed him because Andy took the time to cut his food up all small for Michael.

-the cops were beginning to figure out where the crew was going to get treatment. Which meant that a dangerous criminal like Michael was probably there right now, considering how bad he got fucked up. A rare occurrence, the LSPD walking into the clinic and demanding they see the patient list. Andy was lucky enough to be in ear shot of the front desk. He was smart enough to calmly walk into Michael’s room and start disconnecting from things.

-Michael didn’t really like his nurse suddenly cutting off his morphine. To which Andy said “Hey, uh, I can get you morphine later, we gotta go. Cops.” then, in a stroke of genius, Andy wrapped up Michael’s face with an ace bandage. A very quick, messy job. But oh well. Can’t have the cops seeing him.

-how did Andy walk a weak, burned up Michael out of that clinic while the cops were swarming it? Out the back door of course! A plan so stupid, it just actually worked. Michael helped Andy through the steps of hot wiring a car once they were a few blocks out. no way they’re taking Andy’s car, horrible idea. They called up Geoff and gave him the situation to which Geoff answered “…You escaped by walking a guy in his hospital gown, ass hanging out and all, out the back door? That’s ridiculous. Why didn’t you try to kill them?”

-“Do I seem like the kind of guy who owns a gun? Geoff, we’re out of there. Where do you want me to take him?” Andy was a natural at staying calm. Nurses needed to in times of high stress. This was nothing new. Well. It was but still the same amount of stress of trying to help a doctor close a bleeder during surgery.

-Michael was delivered to the penthouse, Andy setting up his room to be as comfortable as possible. Caleb had plenty of leftover first aid to use, Andy promised to bring even more and to visit everyday to make sure everything was healing nice. Oh, and Michael liked his meat cut into squares. His face was fine, that was just a bandage to hide him.

-while Andy was saying all this, Geoff was just standing there, shocked that he got Michael out there with zero trouble, learned to hot wire a car from a Jersey boy yelling at him through bandages, and took the time to make sure Michael could continue post-op treatment at home. All of that. Just… Wow…

-so of course the first thing Geoff asks is “…Kid, do you want a job here full-time? We could use a genius idiot like you.”

//tapping microphone. so uh. a bmc jurassic world au. 

i dont actually have any plot whatsoever but. seemingly uptight but actually very nervous park director jeremy heere is tasked to go and talk to rugged velociraptor specialist michael mell, to ask to look at the new awful hybrid dinosaur they made up. (michael’s velociraptor’s are named after the ghosts in pacman.) 

this is all an excuse, really, to just imagine the following things

  • michael doing the arms out raptor thing
  • michael and jeremy running through the jungle for their lives.
  • michael, holding his hand out for jeremy, his voice soft and urgent but his eyes filled with concern. “please, just trust me.” he says. and jeremy takes his hand. 
  • michael on a motorcycle flanked my raptors
  • jeremy having so many Unproductive Thoughts about stupid goddamn hot raptor specialist. cmon, heere. being chased by a deadly dinosaur hybrid. we do not have time to be thinking about just how strong michael was, when he pulled jeremy up from the edge of that cliff. we do not….have the time….to think about this….
  • jeremy running barefoot as he lures a trex out of containment

thats. thats all ive got. //sets microphone down

Michael Lee Brown as Evan Hansen

-beautiful voice. Like butter. His falsetto was so clear and smooth!!!

-“I never let them see the woooorst ooooof meeee”… just. Wow. The strength and the emotion in those notes

-so big / so small when Evan hugged Heidi I just lost it

-the fight between Heidi and Evan was so intense and so good and so hard

-snot and spit dripping off of him in Words Fail. Like he held nothing back

-he was more aggressive/angry in the first part of Words Fail but less so in the solo part where it’s just him onstage

-I wanted to hug him so badly

-I almost cried during Waving Through A Window cause I just love this show so much and MLB was already amazing as Evan

-when Evan thanks Zoe for not breaking up with him / MLB freaking out when he thought she was

-scenes between Connor and Evan were so good ugh Steven Levenson!!!

-Evan being disappointed about Taco Tuesday, or Heidi not picking him up…just so real

-Every time MLB and another actor were yelling over each other it was so intense and felt so real

-He was so cute with the Evan hair

-Him nodding at Cynthia during the scene before For Forever because Jared told him to just nod and smile omg people loved that it was adorable and hilarious

-I forgot how funny Evan is

-When Connor punches Evan in Sincerely Me, and MLB like barely touched Mike Faist in return lol

-Everyone clapped and cheered so hard I was trying to clap as hard as possible

-like seriously he was truly phenomenal. He held nothing back, he poured everything out to us, I was at first like oh no I’d love to see Ben Platt again but once I was in the theatre I was so ready for his interpretation

-I also saw Olivia Puckett in this show and the Evan-Zoe relationship was so…gentle and sweet

-I am so happy for him that he got to play the role, that he got this chance to perform and to keep growing into the character

-I seriously can’t get over him even now, I want to cry just thinking about him, he was amazing his voice is BEAUTIFUL

-his voice is so different from Colton’s and Ben’s. It’s awesome I love all their voices

-I don’t even know how to explain to anyone how much they should look forward to seeing any of the understudies

*I’m going to make another post of just the show in general cause there are other thoughts I had after having seen the show again!!

**Feel free to message me to talk about it I’m happy to talk!!!

***I am very grateful and privileged to have been able to see the show two times and I just want to make it clear that I am not taking this for granted in any way and I am so lucky

End Up Here (5 Seconds of Summer Series)


My friends say I should lock you down

“Mate, you’re super lucky to be able to call [Y/N] your girlfriend,” Michael stated. “I mean, she’s a whole new level of hot that hasn’t been invented yet. If I were you, I would hold on to her as long as possible.”

Calum rolled his eyes. “You’re just saying that because she’s hot, Michael. Luke obviously likes her personality. I mean, why else would they be dating?”

“Because he thought she was hot…” Michael said bluntly.

Luke laughed at the bantering. “I really like [Y/N] and I’m glad you guys do, too. I mean…from the sounds of it….I think you like her.”

Ashton nodded his head in agreement. “I think she’s a great fit for you, Luke. I’m glad she makes you happy. However, I do have to agree with the boys on this one…she’s pretty hot, and I quite like her personality. I would hate to see you two split up.”

“You need to lock her down and let everybody know that she’s yours. Once word gets out that she’s taken by the one and only Luke Hemmings, you will be officially official!” Michael blurted. “I don’t want to rush you into doing anything, but you need to let everybody know that she’s yours.”

Luke smiled and muttered to himself, “She’s mine and only mine.”


I’m a six and she’s a ten

“I mean just look at her! I can’t compete with that!” Ashton told his bandmates.

“Well, you know what they say…” Luke began. “If you can’t beat them, join them!”

Calum shot Luke a confused look. “What are you talking about?”

“I’m saying you need to get her number! Ashton obviously thinks she’s gorgeous, so why not go after her?”

Michael laughed. “You think it’s that easy to go confess your attraction to some random stranger?”

“Well, no…” Luke said. “However, this could be your one and only chance to talk to her! I say if you like her, you should go talk to her.”

“Boys, I can’t just walk right up to her! I’m like a six and she’s a ten! I can’t walk up to a ten! What will I say? What if I forget how to breathe? What if I make a complete fool of myself?” Ashton panicked.

“Then it will be a great story to tell our fans!” Calum laughed as he pushed Ashton to the beautiful girl.


How did we end up here?

“It’s weird to think how far we’ve come.” Calum murmured to himself.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

Calum looked at me with red cheeks, embarrassed that I heard him talking to himself. “Well, I remember the first time I talked to you. I didn’t think you would want anything to do with me because - I mean let’s be honest - you’re definitely much better-looking than I am. I thought you would think that I’m some weird nerd who enjoys playing video games and has big dreams of becoming a rock star.”

I smiled at Calum and grabbed his hand. “And look how far you’ve come. You made it, Calum! I’m very proud of you.”

“I only made it where I am today because of you.” Calum began. “Remember when I thought the fame was too much, and I just wanted to quit so I could spend more time with you?”

“I remember!” I said, laughing.

“You were the one telling me how stupid I sounded. Baby, lemme tell you, I’m glad you did!” Calum said, kissing my lips.

“Me too,” I said, kissing him back. “Oh, and for the record…I am definitely much better-looking than you, thanks!”


Call me lucky

“I love you, baby! I’ll call you later.” Michael smiled as he closed the front door. He then walked back to the boys and asked, “So…what do you think of [Y/N], boys?”

“I have nothing else to say besides I wish I was you right now,” Calum stated.

Luke and Ashton nodded in agreement. “She seems like a little bug that needs to be protected at all costs,” Ashton said.

Luke furrowed his eyebrows in Ashton’s direction. “A little bug?”

“Yeah! Because most bugs are so small. Don’t you feel obligated to protect and care for them?”

“No,” Calum said blandly.

“And why a bug? Why didn’t you say a baby or something?” Michael asked.

“Well, babies are so cliche. I just wanted to be original..” Ashton admitted.

Luke shook his head. “Either way, Michael. You are extremely fortunate to be able to call [Y/N] your girlfriend.”

Michael smiled as he murmured to himself, “Call me lucky.”

anonymous asked:

how did you get exposure in the bmc fandom, and what advice would you give to new artists?

I was just lucky, really… I didn’t even know the musical. I listened to Michael in the bathroom and I liked it so much that I made an animatic using one of my characters, I showed it to my friends and then I thought “Mmh maybe I could put it on youtube, I like how this video turned out so why not?” So I uploaded it and it got a crazy amount of attention for an oc animatic (and I’m still shocked honestly) So… I don’t know how it happened. Maybe I had good timing

Dylan O’Brien And Taylor Kitsch Talk AMERICAN ASSASSIN And Modern Action Movies

American Assassin is the latest entry into the action boom that’s taken over genre cinema. An introduction to Vince Flynn’s counterterrorist operative with an axe to grind, Mitch Rapp (Dylan O’Brien), Assassin could be the first entry in a new franchise looking to fill the void where Tom Clancy’s ace boy scout, Jack Ryan, used to be. His foil is the mysterious “Ghost” (Taylor Kitsch), who was trained by the same violent guru (Michael Keaton) who taught Rapp how to hunt. Michael Cuesta’s picture is a dad rock greatest hits compilation, where three familiar archetypes show down to the death.

We were lucky enough to sit down with Dylan and Taylor, where they talked about training for the film, and how they were careful when tackling terrorism within genre cinema trappings…

Birth.Movies.Death: Thanks for taking time out here with us.

Taylor Kitsch: No problem. Austin is home. You guys are home. I’ve had so many great memories here. Dylan have you watched a movie at an Alamo?

Dylan O’Brien: Nah.

TK: It’s amazing. Grab a beer immediately. [laughs] They bring it to you at your seat.

DO: Shit. That’s awesome.

TK: This is the first time they’ve hosted a screening of a movie I’ve been in, though. So I gotta give ‘em some shit for that.

BMD: So, American Assassin is part of this new resurgence in the action genre. What do you think people are responding to that’s allowed action movies to come back in such a big way?

TK: I don’t think we ever sign on in terms of just what genre we’re working in, but I know that this film is very “grounded”. That’s a big part of what I think audiences are gonna get out of this movie. No offense to John Wick, but the gun work in that movie…it’s almost surreal at times. It’s crazy.

But that’s part of the pulpy appeal to John Wick. That’s not to say we’re not making pulp, but [American Assassin] is probably a bit less “escapist” than something like John Wick.

DO: These are very real world topics we’re dealing with in Assassin, but we’re doing so in a way that’s entertaining. But there’s a bunch of training that goes into our motions and movements in the shoot out sequences. We trained a bunch with two and three gun experts to get our characters down just right. Plus, we’ve built this very personal story inside the narrative, where we meet Mitch, and we get to know what drives him. It’s an intimate relationship, too, between Mitch and Stan Hurley (Michael Keaton).

TK: That’s a huge part of what makes this movie work so well. There’s this triangle between me, you, and Keaton’s character that really creates this tension that you can feel in the whole film.

BMD: Now, you call the movie “grounded”, and the author (Vince Flynn) prided himself in the level of detail he’d bring to these stories. How did you both work to bring that authenticity to the project?

TK: Working with the guys who actually do this stuff. We had a special operative [note: who both actors referred to as “Yost”] who we worked with the whole time while we were filming, and who was making sure every move we made felt real.

DO: He’s the real hero in this movie. We would’ve never been able to do this without him. It was a real priority for us to honor this community of individuals who do engage with this type of counterterrorist activity in the real world. Sometimes, the only way the public has to engage with these guys and what they do is through film, so it’s our job to bring the details of their profession to the screen as accurately as possible. Even if its something as simple as how you walk into a room, we wanted to get that right.

TK: I remember, I had to work a couple days with one of the consultants who, you know, obviously wanted to get on screen with me. But they’re not the best at understanding that every single movement you make has to look a certain way or else the reality of what you’re trying to create is going to be lost. It looked so bad, though, that I’d go to [director, Michael] Cuesta and say, “hey, we gotta work on this”, and he’d send Yost over to give a quick five-minute primer on how to even grab a gun. [laughs] Because we wanted it to be real, but he was doing it so badly that it was taking me completely out of the scene!

DO: There’s a piece of the movie that we completely designed after Yost – it’s a moment that occurs at this local gun range where [Mitch Rapp] is putting himself through this kind of personalized training – where I cross the line and take my gun and start firing at all the targets, to really try and make a point of how serious I was regarding my mission. That was all Yost. He designed that scene.

BMD: So, how was it working with Michael Keaton?

DO: Who?

TK: Terrible. That guy is just so full of himself. [laughs] No, his involvement was what got me to sign on, to be blunt. I have a great admiration for the man…

DO: Oh, it wasn’t to work with me?

TK: No. All Keaton. But seriously, I was doing Only the Brave with [producer] Lorenzo di Bonaventura, and he came over and told me Dylan was on board, and we got Michael Keaton, and there were some other key crew members, but that’s all I really needed to hear.

BMD: But what about Dylan? His feelings seem hurt here.

TK: He was alright, I guess.

DO: That’s fair.

TK: No, it’s broad strokes for me to discuss – but one of the main reasons I gravitated toward this whole idea was the notion of an American citizen planning an attack on his own country, and the relationship “Ghost” has with both Dylan and Keaton’s characters. But with “Ghost” not being in the book, I got to create him from the ground up, and a lot of that honestly came from being able to work with both these guys, and it was just really incredible. I loved doing that.

DO: And there’s no bad guys in this movie. Nothing is done without reason. Once you learn the background of “Ghost”, and why he’s attempting to perpetrate the attack on America, you actually understand and sympathize with him as much as you do Mitch.

TK: The trauma that “Ghost” goes through mirrors what Dylan’s character goes through. But then you have Keaton in the middle; dealing with both of these men and the pain they endure that really creates this intimacy.

BMD: Now, I want to be sensitive when asking this question: but making a movie about terrorism, and especially an American committing an attack against his own country, were you ever really sensitive about that storyline?

DO: Yeah, absolutely. It was our first concern. A lot went into the decision as to what we were making. Terrorism is always going to be a very sensitive topic to fictionalize. But American Assassin doesn’t have an agenda. It’s not trying to make a grand statement or take a side in the war against terrorism. Yet we are still trying to convey a level of “grounded” understanding regarding its real world consequences. We’re commenting, but it’s not the focus of the film. In the end, it’s about relationships.

BMD: Do you hope for Mitch Rapp to get his own franchise? Did you even approach it with that mindset?

DO: Well, it’s like sixteen books or whatever. So, there’s definitely a potential…

BMD: Also the potential for you to be replaced by Ben Affleck in the future.

DO: If I’m lucky. Old Ben Affleck and play Old Mitch Rapp.

American Assassin is currently playing in theaters. Get your tickets

#6 - You’re His Celebrity Crush


You were taking a well earned day off, having only made it as far as your bunk on the bus over to the couch. You were currently three months into your world tour and as much as you loved going to each country, seeing the sights and interacting with all of your fans, you were so tired. So when a day off came up you decided that you weren’t going to do anything.

You were currently scrolling through your twitter, replying to a couple of fans tweets from your show last night when your mentions started blowing up. Furrowing your brows you clicked on one of them, noticing that it was a link to a Five Seconds of Summer interview. That only confused you more, you’d met the boys only once or twice and they were all lovely, but they were also headlining their own tour in a completely different country, you weren’t entirely sure what this video had to do with you.

After scrolling down through a few more mentions and realizing that they were all mostly links to the boys interview you decided to watch it, see what all the fuss was about. You couldn’t help but laugh at the way all four of them looked slightly squashed on the studio couch, all their shoulders and knees pressed tight together. For the most part the interview was fairly typical, questions about the tour and their upcoming shows, whether or not they missed home…
It wasn’t until the interview moved onto more personal questions that your attention peaked.
“So boys, I’m sure I can speak for us all here when I say we really want to know if you all have some celebrity crushes.”
“Yeah,” Calum laughed, shrugging his shoulders. “Maybe a few.”
“2007 Jessica Alba,” Michael answered straight after, everyone in the studio bursting into laughter. He really wasn’t going to let that one go.

Luke replied next but you weren’t paying any attention to his answer, your eyes solely focused on the way that Ashton’s cheeks had turned a light shade of pink. Out of all the boys Ashton had been the one you clicked with first, and you weren’t going to lie when you said you might have had a small crush on the drummer. When it was his turn to answer he stuttered a little, causing the other boys to laugh, nudging his shoulders slightly.
“We all know who Ash likes,” Michael announced.
“He only talks about her all the time,” Calum added, making kissing faces at Ashton.
“Ooh Ashton, now you have to tell us who the lucky girl is.”

He stayed silent for a few seconds before eventually sighing loudly.
“It’s y/n,” He said quietly. “Her music is amazing and she’s very talented.”
“Don’t forget how pretty you think she is,” Michael continued to tease, a shit eating grin on his face.

By this point your eyes had almost bulged out of your head and it felt as though all the air had gotten lodged in your throat. You couldn’t believe that you were Ashton’s celebrity crush, it made your stomach flip and fill with butterflies. Bringing your bottom lip in between your teeth you exited out of the video clip, clicking onto your profile before making a new tweet. You couldn’t wait to see what his reply was going to be…


You were walking hand in hand with Luke as you made your way towards the beach’s entrance. You’d made him promise a week ago that he was going to take a few days away from recording and spend them with you, and the first thing that had been on your to do list was visit the beach. It was a beautiful sunny day and you were more than looking forward to lying down and sun baking for a little while.

You’d been best friends with Luke for about a year now, having met the boys when you became one of their opening acts for their last tour. You’d clicked with them all right away but Luke was still the one you spent the most time with. Even now that you weren’t going to be touring with them again you still kept in touch, talking over the phone almost every day and seeing each other when you could. You loved that the studio they were recording in was in your home town.

Picking the perfect spot on the sand you spread out your towel, stretching yourself out over it and immediately shutting your eyes. You only opened them again when you heard Luke scoff good naturedly above you.
“You drag me out here to spend time with you and you aren’t even going to come swimming?”
“You could always just come sun bake with me,” You offered, shooting him a sly smirk. “There’s enough room on my towel for us to share.”
“It’s hot,” He deadpanned. “I’m going swimming.”

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Waking up to Michael every morning was a blessing and a curse.
It was an amazing feeling to have his arms wrapped around you, his nose placed in the crook of your neck.
But it was also so hard to get him to let go, especially when you really had to pee.
He does everything to make you stay, he even went as far as playfully nibbling your neck one time, which made you accidentally kick him.
He didn’t do that again.

Heck, even lazy lunchtime with Michael was so sweet. (If you even ate lunch, you often stayed in bed until 2 pm..)
Even though you both were too tired to cook, and you were eating noodles together.
Michael was stuck on making it “pretty” to make up for not cooking.
He gathered a few candles and lit them with s lighter, placing them in the middle of the table.
You chuckled and thanked him, which made his smile brighter.

Dinner with Michael was extra, you both knew that.
He always tried to cook, which almost always didn’t work so you had to jump in.
In the end, you had a pretty good dinner and a very happy Michael.
He loved to spend time with you, the days off that he had he spent to the fullest.
You would be sitting, chatting about everything, and listening to your playlists.

Soon, it was time to sleep again, and you were brushing your teeth together.
Both of you were tired, but still made silly faces at eachother.
You both crawled into bed, full of giggles.
He soon took his place around you, and you felt him relax.
And as you drifted off to sleep, you realised how much you love this boy, and exactly how lucky you were to have him as yours and yours only.

Ponyboy Blurb #1

Originally posted by greasertrash

We laid on the bed together as he ran his fingers through my hair, sitting in silence for what felt like hours. I had a million thoughts racing through my head and when I turned to face Pony only one thing came to mind. The two of us stared into each other’s eyes and I couldn’t help myself much longer. I made the first move and leaned in, pressing my lips against his, it was the best feeling in the world. A rush of adrenaline went through my body as Pony pulled me on top of him, slipping his hand up my thigh and under my dress. What am I doing? This needs to stop.  “STOP,” I yelled a little too loudly as I pushed myself off the bed.
“What doll,” Pone asked sitting up “did I do something wrong?”  
“I-I’m sorry,” I whispered.
“Don’t you dare apologize,” Pony stood up off the bed and moved closer to my noticeably shaking body.
“I can’t Pony, I can’t do that. Not yet.”
“Baby, it’s alright. I’m not in a rush, just lay with me. I promise nothing you don’t want.” He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me into a tight hug. I nodded slowly against his chest as we moved closer to the bed. He sat on the old mattress and patted the bed softly, I smirked at the boy and wondered how I got so lucky. To be with a Curtis boy was a dream for a greaser girl and my dream had come true. Time slipped by and soon we had both fallen asleep without realizing it. That’s where Darry found us two hours later, asleep. He woke us up as gently as he could for dinner, making no comment other than “you two are on dish duty.” Ponyboy stared at me smiling, “what?” I questioned starting to feel uncomfortable.
“I love you, darling.”
“I love you too Ponyboy Michael Curtis.”


so uh. here it is. only half of it is posted on here since it got kinda long, but you can read the full thing on the ao3 link below. english translations are also at the bottom. hope you like it!!

ao3 link

There’s a word in the Filipino language that means love. Pag-ibig. It’s falling headfirst with eyes wide open, opening your arms to embrace the fall. People always say that you can’t choose who you love, that sometimes the heart can’t help who they fall for.

And Michael might think they’re right.

Michael is fourteen when he realizes that he’s in love with his best friend.

It’s not a big thing, subtle enough for Michael to come into terms with it, but it’s something that’s had small moments leading up to it. Things like fingertips brushing, reaching out to each other in times of need, little stomach flutters he gets whenever Jeremy smiles at him, his heart skipping beats every time Jeremy looks at him in a way that gives Michael more hope than it should. Words like “You’re my favorite person,” being said the first time around, little glances that has Michael blushing, and the soft look on Jeremy’s face that tugs on his heartstrings when he falls asleep after a video game. Moments like Michael’s fingers tangling themselves in Jeremy’s hair, the little forehead touches of reassurance, and Michael biting back his tongue to avoid his heart spilling out of his body. Things like that.

So when Jeremy smiles at him from under the stars on that chilly evening on his rooftop, Michael’s world stops spinning.

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anonymous asked:

every once in a while i think about michael controlling NBJH's orgasms and quietly die.

(This anon didn’t ask me to spend 540 words talking about Jeremy being edged but I did anyway. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

Hey, I could’ve sent myself this ask, if you replaced “every once in a while” with “most of my waking hours (and some of my sleeping ones too)”.

OKAY BUT REALLY. My thoughts on this are so embarrassingly extensive they require a cut.

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