how lovely are you



monday - by morning light | harry’s in constant fear of you leaving. | “still there?”

tuesday - not yours | best friend!harry | “didn’t know that you’d be proud of me cause m’not like your girlfriend.”

wednesday - not yours, part two

thursday - find me love | boxer!harry and gang!harry | harry makes y/n, his closest friend who lives with him, his matchmaker to find him love.

friday - rest your heart (find me love part two)

saturday - go home to me | harry misses something important, and is confused why y/n isn’t mad at him | “i-i don’t deserve to be hugged.”

sunday - blame the first | harry blames you for something you haven’t done, and in the long run, may have said something he shouldn’t have | “i trusted you.”

monday - blame the first, part two

*possible bonus: as long as part two and can i stay? part two if i get convinced enough


Two years later, Poe Party chapter 9 is still devastating, but also just so phenomenally well-written and -acted I can hardly stand it. Seriously, I’ve watched this a zillion times and it never fails to blow me away. Someone give Shipwrecked a few million dollars so they can make more stuff like this!

  • My Student showing me his new Stranger Things backpack with all the chibi characters on it: And this is Will and this is Steve, and this is Eggo-Eleven and oh, this is you!
  • Me, looking to where he points to their science teacher Mr. Clark and feeling my heart overflow with love: Y-yeah *sniff* I guess so. You know me so well.

blowing a bubble is way harder than it looks⚡️