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i want to watch dna but i hate baseball lmao :( i've seen like 20 eps of oofuri and i don't understand that freaking game i'm sorry United States of America

oh!! hmm.. i guess they do kinda explain baseball in daiya bc eijun doesnt understand it much either <3

but!! i will try to explain it to you (bc i used to play softball and i love baseball a LOT) but im not sure it would be easy to understand me,, i know you didnt really ask for a Baseball 101 lesson but i really dont wanna do my homework and i love baseball and i want u to give daiya a chance bc its amazing :P

anyways i hope this helps! (im not sure how much you know already so i just started from the basics)

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Okay, I’m gonna have to call it for tonight, but feel free to keep sending questions, blog rates (’cause those were fun and I’ll do them when I wake up tomorrow :) and any other things in. This has legit been an awesome and hilarious day because of you all <3 thank you

~ Ana


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Rules: Write the first ten songs that come up on shuffle (no skipping!) and quote your favorite lyric from each song, then tag 10 people.

1. Gold Steps - Neck Deep i wish i could put the entire lyrics orz

So pick yourself up,
You can’t change what’s been,
You must go on and learn while you live.
And when you see the signs saying hope is up ahead,
Then you’re right on track for a better end.

2. Pressure (Live) - Paramore

Cause I fear I might break
and I fear I can’t take it
Tonight I’ll lie awake feeling empty. 

3. Converse High - BTS

If you brush past
A connection, 
If you infiltrate, love
Somebody said that,
But you’re ah yeah, did I become stained by you.

4. Unintended - Muse the entire lyrics is beautiful ahh

I’ll be there as soon as I can
But I’m busy mending broken
Pieces of the life I had before. 

5. Caught Myself - Paramore

You got it, you got it
Some kind of magic
Hypnotic, hypnotic
You’re leaving me breathless
I hate this, I hate this
You’re not the one I believe in.

6. Backseat Serenade - All Time Low

Oh god, I’m sick of sleeping alone
You’re salty like a summer day
Kiss the sweat away.

7. How - The Neighbourhood

If you’re gone, then I need you
If you’re gone, then how is any of this real?

8. Citizen Erased (Live from Le Zenith) - Muse

Self expressed, exhausting for all
To see and to be
What you want and what you need
The truth unwinding.

9. Fun Boys - BTS

The moment the music flows
I think I’ll go crazy, hey.

10. My Favourite Thing - Tonight Alive

Don’t tell me the things
That you think i want to hear
Just tell me the truth
And the whole truth
Your thoughts and your hopes
And your dreams and your fears.

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1. What’s your favorite book?
-I really like Matilda but I’m not sure if that would be my “favorite”

2. What do you consider your “main” fandom and what do you like about it
-Persona, obviously. Many of characters are very relatable and experience some of the same issues I do. I like how their problems are relevant to our world, not something like “My entire family was killed by monsters so I vowed for revenge” sort of thing. It’s mainly the characters and their development. I mean seriously one of the game mechanics is character development. That was long but I love persona.

3. What kind of music suits your fancy?
-???? Idk. I tend to mostly listen to alternative or soundtracks to games or movies

4. What’s your favorite kind of cake?
-My mom makes these amazing pumpkin cup cakes with cinnamon-cream cheese frosting and they’re to die for

5. Who’s your favorite persona character?
-Naoto, because who doesn’t? But she’s small and socially awkward, just like me! It was actually kinda hard to decide because I love all of them so very much

6. Favorite Nintendo game?
-Uhhhh I don’t know. I honestly have no idea. Sorry

7. Ace Attorney or Professor Layton?
-I’ve played neither but I would like to play ace attorney

8. Math, Science, Social Studies or English?
- Depends on the unit but normally social studies

9. Cat, dog, or both person?

10. Are you the sad headcanon friend?
-I have the occasional sad headcanon but not enough to be the sad hc friend (90% of them I keep to myself though)

11. What’s the weirdest fanfic you’ve read?
- I’m surprisingly pretty good at picking out not weird fanfiction, and I don’t really go looking for it either (not very exciting I know)

Ok I have to make questions now, these are gonna suck.
1. How were you introduced into your favorite fandom?
2. Were you a Superwholock, weeaboo, brony/pegasister, or did you manage to avoid being all three?
3. How many times have you changed urls?
4. What do you look for in a story (characters, plot, cool animation, etc.)?
5. Do you like to wear makeup?
6. First fandom?
7. If you had one, what was the bar if your childhood stuffed animal and what were they?
8. Introvert or Extrovert?
9. Do you sleep with socks?
10. Are you mostly a desktop or mobile blogger?
11. If your into persona, what do you want to be in persona 5 (do you want a character who _____, or *this* feature, etc)?

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     by Jade Macallah

        I remember the day they took her away.

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11 questions tag

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  1. Who’s the first person you think about when you wake up? Actually i don’t think about a person when i wake up, i just need to hurry to be at school haha
  2. How long are you staying under the shower ? i thinkg about 10 minutes
  3. Can you speak more than 2 languages ? I can speak 4 language but not that i’m good at it but i learn 4 at school: Dutch, French, English and Deutch
  4. What do you order as aperitive in a restaurant ? Nothing really, usually i just order my drink and my main dish
  5. Are you a morning person? I used to be an not morning person but actually i am really happy in the morning after when i’m awake for a hour :)
  6. What is the weirdest thing you ever did ? I just don’t know, i do weird things all the thing so i see it as being normal for me haha
  7. Would you rather see the future or go back to the past? The future, because we can’t change anything we did in the past so i’m looking forward to see what’s coming for me in the future!
  8. Are shoes better than bags? Uhmm yes, you can’t go out the door without shoes and without a bag is perfectly normal if you know what i mean haha
  9. Are dogs better than cats ? No, i’m afraid of big dogs, so cats are better :)
  10. Favourite snack? Cookies!
  11. How many people of tumblr do you know irl? I only know one person, Laura (@scinthilla)

My questions: 

  1. What’s your favourite song atm?
  2. Celebrity crush?
  3. What do you do when you are bored?
  4. What’s your dream?
  5. What is the best present you ever received?
  6. If you can be for one day someone else, who would you be?
  7. What do you do when you’re sad?
  8. Fav movie?
  9. Fav quote?
  10. Meaning behind your url?
  11. Describe yourself in 3 words 

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*shifts uncomfortably*

Lately, I’ve really wanted to start writing tiva fanfiction again. Obviously, with the intent of sharing it online, otherwise I would save my energy and keep on imaging things in my head the way I’ve always done.

(un)Fortunately, I’m not going through a bout of chronic migraines (and the delusions that went with it) like last year, when I wrote and published a couple of stories. Which means my lack of confidence is back in full swing, particularly after rereading what I published back then.

Basically, what I’m looking for is a beta reader.

Someone to check my grammar and vocabulary (I’m a non-native English speaker), but also to help with the flow of the stories and to bounce ideas off.

If this is something you would like to help me with, or you know a beta reader who might be interested, my inbox is open.

Getting to you know meme

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Name: Evan

Nickname: Ev, Evansky, Evania, anything that is not “girl Evan” if I am “girl Evan” there will be cold anger radiating in your direction as long as I draw breath

Star sign: Sagittarius

Gender: Female

Height: 5'5.75"

Favorite color: Pink and Green

Time right now: 6:35 PM

Average hours of sleep: 6-8

Last thing I googled: Settlement building Fallout 4.  Because I am going to build the best settlements EVAR while my husband burninates the countryside

Number of blankets I sleep under: two

Favorite Fictional Character: How long ya got? Gonzo the Great, Crow T Robot, Lisa Simpson, Vegeta, Sally Finklestein, Belle, Scarecrow, Bender, Rick Blaine, Roronora Zoro, Captain Phasma, Lloyd the bartender, Donald Duck, Sansa Stark, Satsuki Kiryuin, Sailor Jupiter

Favorite books: Jane Eyre, Wizard of Oz series, Little House on the Prairie Series, Outcasts of Eden, Ella Enchanted, the works of Jane Austen, the works of Dave Barry, Assassination Vacation, Lord of the Rings,

Favorite bands: Fall Out Boy, the Beatles, the Four Seasons, Queen, Florence and the Machine, David Bowie, Flight of the Conchords, Gorillaz, DAFT PUNK, Flogging Molly. So many!

Dream job: Heiress. Heiress with a falconry hobby. I guess for jobs for real, I’d love to be a pop culture essayist!

What I’m wearing right now: chevron tan and black skirt and lace black top. Woo work clothes!

When did you create your blog: this one? the internet says August 2014.  The second thing I posted was a @stupidoomdoodles vegebul reblog. So.

Current amount of followers: 95.  Hey y’all, what up?

What do you mainly post about: Star Wars, Crimson Peak, Vegebul, and things that make me laugh.

Do you have any other blogs: I had some personal blogs on Live Journal and a travel blog when I studied abroad, but they are long dead.

When did your blog hit its “peak”: Not really yet. I mean, I posted a piece commissioned that is still blowing up my phone, but that’s not really me.

Who is your most active follower: It rotates, but right now @okieday17

What made you join Tumblr: All my friends had great times and great luck on it, so I decided to get in on it.

Do you get asks daily: hahahhahahahhahahahha no. I get some rarely. Hit me up!

Why did you choose your URL: I was planning on writing more actively on pop culture and also about cocktails so “Pop” for pop culture and “twist” both for the boozey garnish and my spin on what I’d be discussing.

I tag: @mirrankei @rthonmackraken @shellhearts @pandoradeloeste @scarabsi @sunsinourhands @purple-daisies-love @thelonegrasshopper @lilacspy and who ever else has the urge!

Some days I wake up and tell myself I’m not going to eat anything. I go until I can feel my stomach turning inside out. Every night for the past 2 weeks I have taken a bath. I go under water to see how long I can hold my breath until it starts to hurt. And even when it starts to hurt, I stay under. I think that maybe if I just hold my breath a little bit longer, my lungs will give out. But something always stops me. It’s the thought that if I were to die, I would be looked upon as the selfish kid who didn’t want to wait her problems out, as if everything was my fault. Is it really that selfish? Is it really that stupid for me to want a way out? I’ve embarrassed myself. I’ve ruined whatever dignity I might have had left. I grew up thinking that my life would be this everlasting pit of joy. But the truth is quite the opposite. One day, I woke up and realized that I’ve already lived my happiest days. There is no more happiness left for me. I spend everyday content. That’s not the way to live life. Content is not good enough for me. There is no point for me anymore. There was no point to begin with.