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Keeping Up with the Joneses

A while ago (I literally have no idea when, that’s how long ago it was), @juggybetts posted this fancast with an amazing AU prompt. I’ve had this in my drafts for about two weeks now, and it’s finally finished.

Please enjoy, and go easy on me. This is my first time writing smut. I hope you like it!

Jughead Jones is the undisputed king of Riverdale. His grandfather is the mayor, his father owns half the town and controls Riverdale’s shady side as leader of the Serpents, and Jughead is Riverdale High’s student body president and editor of the school paper. His relationship with Betty Cooper, Southside student and new Serpent recruit, could bring it all crashing down.

Read it on Ao3 or under the cut.

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post-emoji movie Trauma

WARNING: the following text contains spoilers and can be considered disturbing to some readers. especially my brain, because it’s leaking out my ears after typing this.

This is the first movie ever I’ve gone to see on opening night. And let me just say that, for the record, I’m glad I went to watch with friends. Without them, I would have most likely calmly exited the room, climbed up to the roof, and dived straight off.

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  • <p> <b>Adult Fiction:</b> "I'm a Sad Woman who can't remember the last time I was happy. My husband doesn't satisfy me and I'm constantly searching for something Else™ to give my life meaning."<p/><b>YA Fiction:</b> "I'm an Angsty Teen with a Mission I didn't ask for, but I will find a way to survive it and givE MY OWN LIFE MEANING."<p/><b>Adult Fiction:</b> "Sad: It's 'happy' for deep people."<p/><b>YA Fiction:</b> "Somehow she managed to smile and laugh, despite all that had been done to her."<p/><b>Adult Fiction:</b> 300 pages long - dragging, how can there be that much left?<p/><b>YA Fiction:</b> 750 pages long - YES, good, no wait... EVEN MORE PLEASE!<p/><b>Adult Fiction:</b> Welp, our audience is basically halfway to death anyway, so the moral is: Just try to stay alive until it's time to die.<p/><b>YA Fiction:</b> Hey there, we know everything sucks, but you're not the only one feeling that way. Find your people, keep your fire going, fight your way out! Make a better world!<p/></p>

can you believe we all thought that after the breakup, jonas was the first one to get over it — eva’s feelings still lingered for a while longer, but we saw her gradually get over it, whereas jonas just kept hooking up with girl after girl — that was his M.O., both season two and three

and now we’re finding out my little baby, who was broken up with over a year ago, may still has feelings for whom could arguably his first love, and i’m??? how long do you think this has been happening for??? maybe he never realized until he was triggered by the jealousy??? maybe a small part of him always knew??? maybe he’s just been hiding it really well this entire time??? did he still hold out hope that some day in the future maybe he and eva would find their way back to each other????

whatever the case, emma is hardly a good outlet for this shit, babe. YOU’RE BETTER THAN THIS. YOU’RE BETTER THAN EMMA LARZEN. YOU ARE I PROMISE.

We were good together, weren’t we?

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Can I ask for some art advice? I'm a super beginner and proportions are the bane of me, in both realistic and cartoon attempts. How do / did you practice proportions? Did you have to work at it a long time until you were happy with it?

this dude does a good demonstration, and covers more than just faces:

he explains it in a way that makes you realize everything is relative to everything else. something he doesn’t really cover however, is using a grid to help you better grasp how things are proportioned to help you better understand how to change them to fit what you’re doing.

things is, i still struggle with proportions, and it’s largely due to old habits that i had. i would always elongate and make things heavily lop-sided, which is still something i struggle with when free-handing. i keep a straight edge or some sort of ruler in all of my sketchbooks now, just in case i feel something isn’t quite right.

Anonymous said:

First off, I love love love your stuff. Always makes me giggle. So thanks! :) I really like to draw stuff, and some days I do crazy stuff way out of my league and other days I can’t draw a square - the latter is really frustrating and makes it hard to keep drawing - if today happens to be a bad art day I’m afraid gonna hate what I draw. Do you experience this and how do you get through it?



something a lot of people don’t know is that i’m currently a chronic pain sufferer. it largely impacts my mood and ability to draw. i firmly believe that a happy artist is a good artist, and when pain gets too much, i go into Rage Mode and everything i make looks, to me, like garbage.

what i do to overcome it is just……enjoy the pocket. that time where you feel good, and you’re really into what you’re doing, find that pocket and live in it for a minute. you can’t always be on top of it at all times. some people take years-long breaks just to find the pocket again.

but you say you do “crazy stuff way out of your league”–realize that the crazy stuff you’re doing, that is your league. that’s what you do. what you made didn’t just happen on pure chance. that’s your art.

it’s ok to realize that not every piece is a masterpiece. i can’t begin to tell you the thousands of pieces that have been deleted, thrown out, and never shown the light of day.

Anonymous said:

Hey, Scout! Do you usually know what size canvas you want to draw/paint on or do you keep adjusting the size as you go along? Do you have any favorite sets of dimensions, or standards you like to work with? (I just keep adjusting mine as I go because I don’t know what I’m doing I guess?)

heya! i do normally know the size of canvas i’m going to work with. thing is, once you start creating pieces for print, your idea of concrete dimensions becomes a little more strict. you never know when something might take off, so you have to be ready to have it in a size suitable for printing.

comics are the only things i don’t really care what dimensions i have, but i work really tiny with them. especially post-episode comics! i always have a 500x900 72dpi canvas open in case i wanna whip up a quick strip

LES MIS MODERN AU — broship aesthetics: feuilly & combeferre

moroccan mint tea, the smell of wood and old books, thinking big, arms slung round shoulders, attending public lectures, falling asleep at your desk, absent-minded sketching, running away with ideas and off on tangents, getting tattoos together, keeping your word no matter what, head-to-head trivia challenges, finding the dorkiest jokes funny, wearing that one same pair of shoes forever, not being able to rest until you’ve found the answer. (requested by @silver-soliloquy)

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Omg, your english is so good. I have Korean friends that are in America to study for five years now and your english is even better than them! I'm very jealous of your amazing talent. How long have you been drawing? I hope it's okay to ask. Keep up the good work!

When I was a little girl, I found it,like a gift

I keep learning and growing, until it become part of me.

The world is wide, and what I have learned is juts a start.

I know that all things cannot be as well as I want.

I know that I have to face the fear and frustration.

I know that I have many flaws……and I did not even realize that.

But with your acceptance and love, I have changed for the better.

Thank you for always be there for me.

Dear x,

Dad let you come outside with me and Roll today. We couldn’t wander very far, but you really enjoyed seeing the outside world after being confined in the walls of the lab for so long. I remember how much your face lit up when the sunshine hit you for the first time. Roll found lots of flowers and you and her picked some. She gathered your favourite ones and put them in a clay pot in your room so you can see them even when you’re inside your capsule. We sat outside for a long time. You asked why the sun continuously got lower and lower, and once I explained the sunset you refused to go inside until you could experience it for yourself. But it was okay, me and Roll loved being there with you for the last time. Eventually we had to go back inside. We knew what was coming. I miss you so much already…I wish we had more time together. Dad had to seal you in the capsule after we came back inside. You kept crying…It all happened so fast. Dad programmed me with the ability to feel, and every emotion overwhelmed me all at once. I know he made a extremely significant upgrades to your ability to think and feel too, completely outmatching my own. I can’t even fathom what it was like for you…I hope that once your testing is complete, we can see the sunrise too.

Dear x,

Blues came to visit us today. He doesn’t come by much with his malfunctioning core and all. He still refuses to get help, I feel so far away from him. I think I’m making progress though, but he’s really hard to read. Wily’s plan for world dominations slowly get stupider and less severe the older he gets. Bass mentioned that he’s building a super robot like you. I’m very scared…even Bass was worried for what he could do. I hope that he doesn’t hurt you. Bass also told me that he could have free will on the same degree as you, so maybe he would rather be your friend than follow the path set for him by Wily? I’m worried. Apparently he isn’t done yet. I just hope that if he is bad, that he doesn’t outmatch you.

Speaking of Bass, he doesn’t really follow Wily anymore. He just kinda…does whatever he wants. He still constantly wants to battle me to prove he’s stronger though. I still win every time, but its become more of a aggressive competition than a matter of life or death. I’m really happy about that. It’s been about a year since you were sealed. 29 more to go…see you soon.

Dear x,

Today is mine and Roll’s birthday. Dad said we were turned on for the first time 16 years ago. Blues came too. He also told us that he started developing you 11 years ago. He’s getting really old…me and Roll are afraid of what will happen when he passes on. Blues’s core won’t last much longer, and dad gets sicker every day. Everything is falling apart. At least I’ll have Roll. Bass too, I guess.

I don’t know what’s going to happen to us. I’m afraid that we’ll have to be scrapped or something. The government has very harsh and strict rules against robots, and they can’t live forever. Do we have a set date to die? I really want to see you again…

Dear x,

Dad can’t do much lately. He’s really out of it. Me and Roll have been taking care of him. Wily hasn’t done anything in a few years, so we haven’t had much to do. Bass stops by sometimes to fight me. At first we did, but now he just stops by to see how we’re doing. Blues comes by too. I like it when we’re all together. Bass told me that Wily stays up all night working on his prized robot. Seems like he’s putting all of his focus onto him and has given up on taking over the world for now. He’s around the same age as dad, so he won’t last much longer.

Dear x,

Blues’s core is finally being replaced today! I’ve convinced him to let me and Roll fix him. I’m so happy…I was very worried for what would happen in the future. I can’t remember whether you met him or not. I think you did, but if you didn’t, I know you’ll like him. It’s been about 4 years since you’ve been sealed. 26 more to go.

Dear x,

Dad died today. He really wanted to live long enough to see you. We all knew it would never happen. I wish I wasn’t programmed with emotions.

Dear x,

It has been really quiet since Dad passed. It’s a little bit better now. Roll has been very depressed. I’ve been helping her keep the house tidy. It’s been fine, but going into your room is…emotional. Roll hates going in there. She tries avoiding your capsule. But she always just sits there for a long time. It’s so lonely. If me and Roll get separated, I don’t know what I would do.

Dear x,

It’s been so long…Bass and Blues come by to keep me and Roll company. Wily passed on a long time ago. He sealed that robot away to emerge some time later in the future. I miss you so much. I don’t know how much longer I can live. Without dad here, I can’t be repaired. Blues taught me how to self-repair myself, but I’m not sure how much longer it will last. Me and Roll will break down eventually. I hope we can last long enough to see you again. I’ve been counting down the days until I can see you once more. 7,000 more days…20 years is a long time.

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Hey host club!!! How are you today? I have a question. I'm kind of bad with talking to boys. And i was wondering if you had some advice on how to get more comfortable and less shy and weird while talking to the opoosite gender.

Honey:  Oh that’s easy!  I go on lots of dates!  As long as there’s cake, everything will be fine!

Mori:  Until you eat the guest’s slice of cake…

Originally posted by winterfxell

Haruhi:  I’m with Honey senpai here.  If you give me fancy tuna, then I am all yours.  Oh!  Smiling a lot is also a good tip. Everyone loves to be around someone happy and genuine and food.

Hikaru:  Yeah, we’ve got your back, we’re really good at flirting.  Especially me. 

Kaoru:  Uh huh… because that date with Haruhi went sooooo well, didn’t it?

Tamaki:  Why princess, there’s no need to be shy around us silly boys! We are here to pamper you and shower you with the affection you deserve.  Let us do the hard work.  I’m sure you’ll be swept off your feet.  

Kyoya:  Not to burst your bubble, Daddy, but as I recall you frequently get flustered around a certain lady…  

Originally posted by jolynecujo

Anyway, I suggest you try to relax and have a good time.  Even if things don’t go the way you expect, making the most of a situation is the only way to move forward socially.  This also works if you’re trying to flirt your way into the favor of a rival family’s business.  

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Can I ask for a poly! hamilsquad x reader headcanons about the reader being sick and them being taken care of and also vice versa? Thank you and I'm so sorry for bothering you. Also Happy Belated New Year!

boss’ memo : hAPPY REALLY BELATED NEW YEAR !!! and do not worry ! you are not a bother <3

Originally posted by alexanderlafayette

  • alex refuses to be taken care of until he feels it’s affecting how he works ! if he knows (and he’s surprisingly good and strict with himself at knowing) that if what he’s going to end up writing won’t be Top Quality–or, at the very least, the best he can make it–then he won’t write. he’s never sick for long, ‘cause he knows what to do !! he takes his medicine, sleeps, eats, drinks water–honestly, it’s odd how put together he becomes once he gets sick !! 
    • (a lot of it is because he spent a lot of time leaning to care for sick people. or, perhaps–a sick person,,)
    • if he’s with you, alex will be v hesitant on letting you take care of him because he doesn’t want you to get sick !!! he may even isolate himself because he doesn’t want anyone else to catch his sickness,,,
    • he’s always a little sick–but if it’s Bad, then he takes action :O and don’t worry, he has a fine definition of what “bad” entails for himself–he’s got it all down pat !
  • hercules seldom gets sick, Ever, and when he does, he usually relies on home-made remedies,,, he likes to be cared for !! he can be a bit clingy when he’s sick, and you can expect him to wrap his arms around your waist while you try to care for him,, he just wants cuddles, really !! he’s v quiet when he gets sick, and seems a little out of it,, he’s not grumpy, per say, but he’s vv drowsy ! and as such, may be a bit more irritable,, when he does talk, it’s usually just a word or two that summarizes his point !
    • you can tell he’s sick because he feels cold to the touch !!
    • he, um, might faint ?? make sure he stays in bed ! he’s not going to want to, since he’s an active person,, he goes for jogs (it’s likely that’s how he got sick in the first place) make sure he stays in bed to recover ! he’s never out for long, ‘cause he’s got a strong immune system !!
  • lafayette can be pretty cranky about being taken care of !! he switches between wanting you to care for him and wanting you to let him work on stuff,,, though, he usually settles on trying to care for himself ! he doesn’t really want to take medicine, and usually wants to just sleep! he’s the type to ask you to cuddle with him, similar to herc,,, he usually gets grumpy because he has a certain way he wants to be perceived by everyone else and when he’s no longer seen that way, he gets embarrassed. (basically : he does not think he is cute when he is sick. this makes him unhappy.) he gets sick when the weather changes,,,
    • (he still looks cute. it’s fine)
    • he kind of wants smooches, and whether you listen to his whining about this or not.,, it’s up to you.,,, will the kisses be worth getting sick ?? deal or no deal
      • (don’t ask him if they’re worth you getting sick because he will take that as a challenge to make them worth getting sick)
  • john is sick maybe once a year. he screams if you come at him with grape flavored medicine,, he’s sick for a really long time whenever he is, and he’s miserable. he’s v sappy when he’s sick, and he’s probably already wrapping his arms around your waist and mumbling your name and also mumbling that he adores you.. he adores you so much,,,,,
  • in order of how often they get sick (least to greatest), we have :
    • hercules
    • john
    • lafayette
    • alex
  • when it comes to taking care of you, alex panics !!! he can’t really take care of you, to be honest, because he immediately flies into a Panic Attack the moment someone close to him falls ill,, if he as much as sees you going through a coughing fit, he’s gotta leave ! he will do his best to support from afar, but will keep the interactions to a minimum !! it’s not your fault, don’t worry !
  • herc is v comforting !! he’s a sweetheart for taking care of you, really… he makes soup, brings you tea, sits at your bedside, will hold your hair back if you need him to–really, he’s tryin’ to make you feel as comfortable as you can ! if you want him to, he will cuddle with you !! he’s willing to do anything in order to help you feel better !! he loves you vv much !
  • lafayette will make sure you take your medicine (hilarious, as he hates taking it himself). he might kiss you after you take it, as an incentive,, he’ll go out and buy you cough drops or tissues as you need ‘em,, though, he won’t be too touchy, as he doesn’t want to get too sick !! cuddling ? no. kisses? heck yeah! it’s odd, and he’ll end up sick because of you, probably !
  • john’s doing his best to keep you comfy, and will probably end up just napping next to you, and waking up if you need anything,, he will do store runs for you, if you want him too, and is always big on hugging if you need emotional support,,, he’s v strict and will not hesitate to drag you to bed if he sees you up, though !!

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Could you please add Libra to the waking up for the first time together prompt? Also, congrats on your impending graduation! I'm almost there myself, so I know how hard it is.

Thank you! Ahh the last stretch is always the hardest, so good luck~ I’m bummed out cause we were supposed to have a senior sendoff for our major ;-; but we got ghosted, no chicken wings for me ;;

Libra: He gives a long prayer of thanks when he opens your eyes. You’re awake already, and have been idly stroking along his skin and hair, thankful that you’re the only one that’s been ever allowed such close proximity to him. You wait patiently until he finishes his recitations, and smile as he kisses you squarely in the forehead.

“I had to thank Naga for blessing me with you as my companion…” he says sweetly, and a little shyly as well. You cover your face and use your free hand to tug his ear, much pinker than he is.

“Oh you. Here I thought this was your morning routine.”

“It is but it used to be shorter–you’ll have to bear with me love.”

“If I make you so happy, I don’t mind, dear.” You smile and happily climb on top of his chest. You clasp your hands with his and intertwine your fingers. “Do you really love me that much?”

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nonpossumplurascribere  asked:

4 weeks? okay, now i'm ashamed! lol while i'm here, do you have any good fanfictions to share? i'm bored and i need to read something really good and well written and i've already read most of the french fanfiction so i'm trying to find some in english :)

oh, do I

Waves are Universal by openended Sam and Jack gate to an alt universe, get together, and nothing bad happens. Oh and they’re friends with their kid

The Dreams We Left Behind by Salr323 Sam marries the asshole, and she and Jack both suffer. Until they don’t. Oh and Kerry is awesome

Retrospective by Salr323 do you want to know how Sam fell in love? Oh and it’s so deliciously long

Cooking Lessons by mrspollifax Jack O’Neill can cook, maybe. Oh and Sam forgets her name when he kisses her

In doorways and dreams, I run to you by NellieOleson Sam, Jack and the rest of SG1 get stuck on a ship. Oh and… they’re connected?

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bsbunny-pqxo  asked:

Do you do M!As if so then for one make mono an infant for 10 actually good ask

Only for as many asks as I feel up to, though. I only have so much patience with Age M!A’s.

Mono can still talk in fully coherent sentences and shows a lot of intelligence, but physically, he cannot stand or walk at all and is less than a foot in size.

hide-away-sun  asked:

Hi! So I have a question. I'm a 16 year old in high school, so I have school six hours a day. That means I don't have to eat much. I only consume around 150 calories from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm. However when I come home from school I'm ravenous, and stressed, so I binge. I don't know how to stop this. Any tips? Please. Thank you so much, I hope you have a good day :)

i can relate to this omg, i basically had the same routine for so long (and i still break my restrictions with an afternoon binge too!) i think what works best is actually trying to increase your calories during the day, and eating low calorie breakfast and/or lunch. because think about it, you may not feel hungry, but it adds up until the afternoon, when you’re more likely to snap and binge on unhealthy things, right? so it’s probably best to eat the two meals ( they can be really low cal if you want, like just a fruit or something) and then allow yourself one snack, whilst occupying yourself with something else, like homework or talking to a friend or something? you tend to binge when you’re bored or tired, so distracting yourself can really help! stay safe

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Someone just told me that black people have historically owned the highest number of slaves. Is this true? I've been doing research but can't come up with a solid answer, and it's bothering me, because this person said this in the context of whether it's appropriate to use racial slurs. Due to Africa's long history of slavery, it seems like it could be true, but I'm just not sure.

Cont: “Hey, followup to the question I asked last night about slavery. I found that, although Africa has a long history of enslavement, slavery wasn’t a matter of race up until just before the first Black slaves were brought to America. I’m still not sure who has historically enslaved the *most,* but it’s safe to say that the dynamic we have here in the good ol US of A is very distinct in how toxic it is. (please correct me if I’m wrong, I’d still love to hear your insight)”

Yeah it’s a misrepresentation to conflate the two types and leave out details. It’s like when people claim that the first slave owner in the US was black. In fact check out readabookson’s library that should still be a torrent ups there’s a book in there describing the history of slavery.


probablylikesixducks  asked:

I recently decided to actually watch Bojack horseman bc I watched the first episode a long time ago when I friend recommended the show to me and today I watched the season 3 finale and I cried when Todd said sometimes he doesn't think he's anything I don't think I realized until that moment how badly I've been wanted representation it was like "he's like me oh god I'm like that too" it was just so overwhelming I texted my friend to thank him and he said he thought it would help me and (1/2)

I just felt so good like sometimes I feel so down for being ace (not often but it happens) and the show just made me feel real and I really really need that (2/2)

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before I knew binder safety I used to bind super unsafely but nothing happened? I would wear my binder alot of hours over the good time and sing and just basic ly act like it wasn't a binder and I never had a single problem, but it was a size large so I continued tk do it after I found out binder safety until I found out HOW unsafe I was being. Do you think I'm fine since it was a size large? I bind safely now but I'm not sure what caused my long term unsafetyness to never lead up to anything?

Lee says:

Sometimes people are just lucky. We have more info on binding safely in our Binding FAQ from the transmasculine resouces. It’s kinda like crossing the street without looking both ways- maybe nothing bad will happen to you right away, but the longer you do it the more likely it is that something bad will happen to you and you’ll be hurt. Some people get hit the first time they cross the street without checking for traffic, and some people are fine for years, but you don’t want to risk it, yeah?

What are the risks unsafe of binding?

  • Damaged ribs (bruised, broken, deformed, warped, cracked, etc), aggravation of existing conditions (such as asthma), heart and lung problems, ulcers, build up of fluid in the lungs, vomiting, coughing up blood, etc
  • If you deform/damage your ribcage, you may never be able to get top surgery, or never be able to bind again.
  • A non-harmful side-effect would be softer chest tissue, stretch marks on the chest, and a more saggy chest. You will likely get sagging after a while even if you bind safely!
  • These exercises and advice can help prevent binding injuries

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Hi there! I'm Jameson and I've been reading Ghost Lights on Patreon and it's so amazing! I'm awful at art but I'm trying to improve everyday and I want to create a comic but I'm worried I'm not skilled enough for were people would like it or read it. Any advice? (Also if you want to know the story line of the comic I would be more than happy to share! 😊) I'm sorry for the long ask!

💕 thank you for becoming my patron, you help me out so much and i hope you’ll like what i post there

one advice i have is: please don’t wait until you’re “ready” because you never will feel ready ; ; pretty sure most comic creators don’t feel like their art is good enough. but the nice thing is that a comic is a living piece of art? it’s not finished and readers get to witness the steps. how do i say it… it grows along with you and the readers. i noticed that my readers find it interesting to see my art improve. while it’s a bit embarrassing for me, they really like even the earlier updates and that’s so relieving!! it doesn’t have to look all great to be liked. better don’t go into it with the mindset that it has to be perfect from the start

there are many popular webcomics with “simple” art styles, too, and they convey exactly what they need to convey and the stories resonate so much with people and that’s why i absolutely think great webcomics can be done well even without amazing art skills. while not everyone with amazing art skills can automatically do an amazing webcomic in my opinion. there’s a different skill set needed and they (would) need to learn that, too

some more tips, but more technical:

plan your story out completely (beginning - middle - end, climax etc.) so you have fixed points, and then stick to them. it will give your story stability and yourself enough freedom to make changes anytime without destroying the whole plot

study panel composition! it’s important that the story flows and that the reader’s eyes won’t get stuck every five panels

speech bubbles are a part of the comic and you can do so much more with them than to put text into. they can be used to show feelings, too~ or place them where the reader’s view needs to be, etc.

try to capture the right moments of your characters so that the plot will advance without getting boring. not every little movement needs to be shown, but some things absolutely need to be shown (i.e. storytelling techniques like chekhov’s gun are pretty helpful). use their surroundings, the environment, everything around the characters to tell what’s going on. it’s all there to help

backgrounds are important but the perspective doesn’t have to be right all the time. really, it doesn’t. it just has to look right, not be right

i think i’ll take this and expand it on patreon with some examples, too! for improving your drawing skills you could do quick pose drawings, study anatomy (from real people), and so on 🌻 or start your comic because you have to draw everything and you can’t just avoid the things you’re not so good at every time. it makes you improve very fast tbh