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DEC:11:2017 - DEC:12:2017

Hey, so, I lied.

Pages are not returning next May. Well, they are, but for now, enjoy this very Merry (?) Christmas present from me to all nearly 600 of you!!

And yes, I’ve known I was going to do this since I realized at what point the pages were going to end come school, sometime, like, mid-summer? Yes, Mod knew. And no, none of you did. But I mean, how many times do I have to tell you all that I LOVE surprising you kids? and yes these are one reason i gave up on the halloween mini, i had to get these puppies going

This break has been outSTANDING for me. I’ve been able to recharge, rediscover my love for these pages, and work up an INTENSE longing to hang out with you all again. I’ve also collected and have been absorbing some great inspiration, so expect some big artistic changes moving forward. Of course, I’m still experimenting, so be patient, but I know you all will be anyway. You’re great!

So, Merry Christmas! Go hug a reindeer, shake an employee’s hand, and shove a snowball into your mouth. You’re going to need to be hydrated because the tears are coming.

- Administrator

THE FOLLOWING PAGES CONTAIN BLOOD. I WILL BE TAGGING THEM WITH “tw: blood” FOR A TRIGGER WARNING. Though this is a necessary part of the story, I will try to keep it not too graphic. I don’t like blood myself.


OneShot Part II

 [Part I]

Pairing : Loki x Plus Size Female Reader

Word Counts : 1,958

Summary : You meet Loki who’s immediately attracted to you, and adamant on convincing you to go on a date with him.

Warnings : Fluff

A/N : Pink roses symbolize admiration. Sorry this part is pretty short, but I do plan to write at least two more parts for this. Please let me know your thoughts!!

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A little tip for those new to Hellenic Polytheism: 

Be patient. Pace yourself. Know yourself and your limits.

I know how it feels to come into a new religion and look around at people who’ve been there for years in awe. To admire their knowledge and aspire to reach their level someday. 

But nothing rushed is ever long lasting. You will burn yourself out if you push yourself too hard. It took years for people to get where they are. Let it comfort you that they were once where you are now.

The Theoi are ancient and deathless. They’ll wait. And in two, five, ten years time you’ll have the chance to present yourself to them a work of art.

Skipping (EX’mas DC)

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38. “How long have you been decorating?” + 47. “You look so dumb right now. I love it.” + Minseok

You had spent all of December working. It was a depressing feeling staring at your empty, blank living room, but there wasn’t anything you could do about it. You were too tired and too busy for Christmas this year.

Things changed, however, one special evening.

You remarked at how you hadn’t meant to leave the living room lights on as you slid your key into the lock. Suddenly the door swung open and Jongdae scurried out. He slammed the door behind him and blocked the entrance with widespread arms.

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puricutie  asked:


djsjskskd i remember starting this blog in 8th grade and wow, it’s been such a long time??? honestly, junior year is killing me + it’s the pre-winter break week so i’ve got loads of work and studying to do :(((( its my birthday on friday so i’m hoping to get enough stuff done before that so that i can actually have some time to myself ahaha

thank you for asking and thank you for sticking around for so long! i hope your december has been lovely so far!

anonymous asked:

I only recently discovered I'm demi & it hasn't been good for me. I'm a very romantic person. I feel that a "real" relationship is supposed to contain sex & like.. no thank you. I'm so upset. I just want to be normal. I feel so broken. I thought I found the person that "fixed" it but it only worked for so long. I love them. I came out & they say it's ok but I'm not. I already have low self-esteem. How do I feel better about myself?

Hi anon! I’m finally there for you.This could be a bit long.First of all, breathe. Please keep some time to calm your mind.It’s okay, I know this may sound absurd, but it truly is okay.Everyone has different experiences and society and social construct actually reflects the ones of a few minority.Think about it, “Rich“ white cis straight allosexual sex positive sex favorable able bodied people. Compared to every other category they left out, they result to be a minority, but society sadly is still shaped in a way that advantages this type.

I’m not saying they have faults or they are bad, at all, good people are everywhere, but the world we live ill is still too much centered on them.

And this often obscures others’ experiences, and makes us believe we need to be “normal“ and freaks us out.I perfectly get how you feel because I often feel the same, and also, asexuality is hard, because the importance (completely subjective actually, everyone gives a different importance to it) of sex is showed down our throats continuosly.

But believe me, sex is not everything. Romantic attraction and interaction actually doesn’t involve sex, so you don‘t wanting it doesn’t invalidate you being romantic.And you don’t need to be “fixed” believe me, you’re okay as you are, don‘t try to be someone else just to fit into a suffocating world.

I know it’s hard, damn hard, and I know what daily, stereotyped exclusion feels like. Despite every “accepting“ person, people still avoid to have a deeper contact with me just because I have a disability, so, like…

I’m glad you have a partner who supports you, because if they said they’re okay with it, chances are high that they truly meant it, so try to relax a bit about it, it’s going to be okay.

I also had problems of self esteem, but I’m slowly working on it, day by day I try to validate myself, what I feel and how I do things, saying to myself that’s my way to live and that’s okay to be me.Sincere and -how to say- uhm… not-forced-to-push-you support is great at it, and if you need to chat, feel free to write to us again, we’ll do anything to make you feel better.

You can do it anon, you’re a good person, you’re valid, you are not broken, “normality” doesn’t exist. It can be hard but everything will be okay.You’re strong anon, even finding the strenght to write that out proves my point.You can do it <3 

This link can help you with some simple tecniques to feel better and schoo the negative effects of low self esteem

Believe me, it may sound nonsensical but start being more positive towards yourself little by little, you may say “I have problems being positive, how could I be positive?” I think that too.But start by praising yourself for any small thing you did like, hey I opened my window and now stiff air will go away and I will breathe freely and feel better.This truly helps, and little by little you’ll be more positive and feel better.

You’re doing good anon! Keep going!

-Mod Rowan

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how long have you been drawing? do you have any art school experience? how long it took you to be where u r now with your art - the style, the color choice etc?

this is the oldest cliché in the book but i’ve literally been drawing since i could hold a pencil. so u know. it took 24 years.

tho maybe that’s not entirely accurate, bc i’ve had different phases. from like…. 10 to 12 i was super into w.i.t.c.h. so i tried to copy that style. then i had the Dreaded Anime Phase that nearly every artist seems to go through. then i shifted to a more disney inspired style thanks to people like elsa chang and makani and jubilations, and then i started doing this cutesy adventure time-ish style also and that starting merging with my ‘main’ style and whomst the fuck knows what it even is now. i got a bit of taryn knight in the rough brushes i use, i got a bit of loish, there’s some kate beaton in there, i got the tarot card stuff from dragon age inquisition….. 

i mean that’s how you develop your style, it’s an ongoing process that never ends. you just smash all the things you like together and as you get older you add on new bits and all those bits add up to something new so yeah

24 years

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how did you meet hijikata-han?

LOOOOOOL FUNNY STORY!!! So, I was quietly pining over Silvia’s work and I was just writhing to myself about her. One day, after a long time of loving her from afar, I slammed myself into her inbox and poured my heart out to her. It turned out that she’d been thinking the exact same of my writing and we’d been a fan of each other for quite awhile. We became quick friends from there and basically just screamed how talented and amazing we thought the other was. I FELL COMPLETELY IN LOVE WITH HER LOLOL WE’VE BEEN CLOSE EVER SINCE SO LIKE 4+ YEARS AND YUP SHE’S JUST AS AWESOME AS THE DAY I MET HER!! 

anonymous asked:

i love your actor au and i hope you bring it back, but for now i'm imagining everyone getting all dressed up and looking gorgeous for the premiere and i'd love to see it if it's ok

Favorite parts of Thor: Ragnarok

•Literally everything

•There was no romance

•I cannot even decide what my favorite parts were

•But here’s a few

•*looks at skeleton* “How long do you think we’ll be here?”

•”Thor, son of Odin” “Surtur! Son of… a bitch!”

•”I’ve been falling for 30 minutes!”

•”Piss off, ghost!”

•”Fine, then point me in the direction of whoever’s ass I have to kick”

•Stan Lee cutting Thor’s hair

•”He’s a friend from work!”

•Loki being nervous around Banner

•”Loki look who it is!” “I’ve got to get off this planet”

•”I’m just really into this kind of thing”

• *throws something at Loki’s head to make sure it’s really him*

•The Revengers

•The ‘get help’

•The quinjet answering to Point Break instead of ‘Thor’ or ‘God of Thunder’

•”I had this unique hammer, made from the heart of a dying star. I would spin it, and I would fly.”

“You rode a hammer?”

“No, I would lie down.”

“The hammer rode you?”

“No, I would spin it and it would lift me off”

“Oh my god, the hammer threw you off?”

“Off the ground, it threw me off the ground!”

•The hole was called the devil’s anus


BC I NEED TO RANT (warning: long post ahead)

You wanna know why ARMYs are so annoying???? Let me tell your salty asses something. BTS’ success is a monumental feat other artists can only dream of achieving. Many of the most popular Kpop acts right now come from relatively large companies who have other well-known artists to help catch the eye of the public – BTS didn’t have that luxury. They came from a management so small and unknown that they had to use staff as extras in music videos because they couldn’t afford to hire real actors to play miniscule roles. They debuted at a time where no one gave a single flying fuck about their existence and pretty much everyone thought they would be lucky if they lasted a year or two. Also, the boys were so poor that the 7 of them lived together in a tiny ass apartment where one member constantly had to borrow his mom’s kitchen supplies for cooking because they struggled to afford going out to eat or even simple shit like ramen.

Other Kpop groups get famous simply because of the company they come from, but since BTS’ management didn’t house other famous artists, they really had to rely on their talent to propel themselves to fame. Kpop is no doubt a highly manufactured industry and I get why there are so many criticisms towards it because so many groups are literally robots who just do whatever their company tells them to do. It’s very uncommon for artists to write/produce their own music, but BTS is one of the very few musicians in the business who are heavily involved in the creation process of each track of every album. Not only that, but the songs they write and produce aren’t just restricted to love; from the faults in the education system and consumer culture, to female empowerment, to mental health, breaking gender stereotypes, the struggles of youth and loss, BTS has written several socially conscious lyrics and are never afraid to tackle important topics that aren’t discussed enough within the public.

Along with their hard work in the creation process (including the immense time and effort they put into perfecting their intricate choreography), they are just genuinely kind and humble boys who are incredibly passionate and have a bond that can only be described as brotherly. BTS have and continue to be involved in various charitable organizations, most recently they partnered with UNICEF and created the #LoveMyself campaign to help put an end to violence. However, BTS is known for always, literally A L W A Y S, staying connected to their fans even though it would be in their best interest to keep their personal lives private. Yes, some people in this fandom are genuinely crazy and unfortunately BTS has encountered “fans” who have no self-control and respect for other people’s personal space. Despite that, though, the boys still regularly interact with fans through social media and they always find a way to tell ARMYs that they love us and are forever grateful for our support – a claim in which they never fail to prove. Almost every interviewer in America has asked the boys to discuss the most insane things their fans have done to them, but each and every time they continue to reinforce the fact that unlike what many people may think, we aren’t all your average teenage girls whose only dream is to marry them someday; they always make sure to put reporters in their place and they continuously defend us even when they’ve had various unfavorable experiences in the past. Even in person BTS are all extremely kind and respectful: from fans who’ve had the chance to meet them outside of their schedules to people who have actually worked with/for them, literally no one has anything bad to say about the group other than antis or people who are too ignorant to look into them.

And finally BTS is just a group of stupid idiots who have a bond closer than family. Each of them is a meme in their own right (some more than others lmao), but on a more serious note, they each have a distinct bond with one another that it’s hard not to get emotional because their friendship is truly genuine. They constantly praise one another, celebrate each other’s flaws rather than degrading them, and even when they’re on their separate vacations they always talk about how much they miss each other and how much they feel lonely when the other boys aren’t around. Let’s also not ignore the fact that the older 6 members!!!!literally!!!!raised!!!!!Jungkook (the youngest) from a shy, insecure 15 year old into the playful and confident adult he is today. On numerous occasions, each of the boys have said that BTS saved them and they can’t imagine spending every single day with any other group of people. They’ve been with each other through loss, depression, the brink of disbandment, through everyfuckingthing you can think of and while there have obviously been hardships, their bond has only grown stronger as a result.

Each of them have grown immensely and overcome various obstacles both as a group and individually. They’re set apart through the fact that they each possess different personalities and different concerns, but fundamentally they’re all the same in the sense that their passion for music and love for their fans enables them to put 150% into every performance and makes all the injuries, long hours of nonstop practice, and exhaustion from constant traveling worth it. After all this massive success, they are still the same silly boys from 2013 who have never forgotten their humble beginnings and still feel overwhelmed over every award they receive. Every milestone is seen as an opportunity to improve and release better content; they have never settled for “good enough” and they never intend to, and personally I think their fame is an inspiring message to everyone in the world that no matter how much the odds are against you, success will always be attainable as long as you remain humble and put in the hard work and effort to get there. A few years ago these boys could barely fill small venues in their own country and they would get excited over having 200 retweets… fast forward to 2017 and they are exceeding the boundaries of Kpop, reaching global success, performing amongst world-renowned celebrities, and are making massive achievements in an industry in which English is the dominant language and Asians are highly unrepresented.

After everything they’ve been through, everything they’ve sacrificed, they deserve this recognition more than anyone else and enthusiastically voicing our excitement for them is the least we can do to express our gratitude. So yeah, sorry that we freak out over every little mention of BTS in American media. Sorry that we never seem to shut up about them. Sorry that our fandom is so “annoying”, but we aren’t going to apologize for loving, supporting, and taking pride in a group that has truly changed lives through their music and passion.

on-screen chemistry.

Originally posted by dacremontgomery

(dacre montgomery x reader) 

request: What about a dacre fic where he and the reader both work on Stranger Things (reader is an actor as well) and dacre is doing an interview and they ask about the reader and the relationship between their characters (whether it’s friendly, unfriendly, intimate or whatever is up to you) and if there’s any chemistry or feelings off set and dacre accidentally admits to liking the reader.

summary: turns out, dacre gets a little nervous when asked about you in interviews. and when he gets nervous, he word vomits. a lot.

word count: 2,144

“So, Dacre, how would you describe filming season three, compared to season two?”

You glanced up from your spot against the wall, watching as Dacre gave the interviewer a charming grin. You just let out the softest of snorts, earning a glare from the head of PR, Allison Hendrix. You just gave her a small shrug. They were using lav mics, for crying out loud. No lav mic was going to pick up a sound that quiet from across the room.

“Well, I, uh, I’d have to say that it’s been just as fun, if not more fun. I’m much more relaxed this time around, since I’m not the newest person on set.” He chuckled softly, hands flexing against his leg. He did that often, you’d noticed, whenever he’d want to look off camera. The entire cast had been sat down just after filming, everyone having to go through yet another meeting on interview tips and what you weren’t supposed to do. Everybody else had already been coached on such things, but you were the new one. Since you were the only one, and they didn’t want to single you out, they’d made everyone do mock interviews, and then pointed out each others flaws.

It had been a long day.

“Right, of course. Y/N Y/L/N is playing a new character this season, right? Anything you can give us on the character, or how she interacts with Billy?” With that question, Dacre did look off camera, a sly grin on his face as he cocked a brow to Allison.

“What exactly am I allowed to say?” He called back, gaze flickering to you and lingering for a moment. You knew exactly how this would play off on camera. The cheeky Australian wanting to spill the beans on season three. It had been all the rage in the media recently to pretend to leak things about upcoming projects. Dacre wasn’t stupid. It’d be easier to play along with that angle and actually not get in trouble for once on accidentally spoiling things.

“When is this being released?”

“Uh, lemme check,” the interviewer said, grabbing her phone and flicking through whatever apps to find the answer. Dacre looked to the interview for a moment, who was obviously having a little trouble finding the date, and looked back to you. He shot you a crooked grin, the sight making your heart do a little tap dance in your chest. “Two weeks after the season premiere.”

“Say whatever the hell you want that won’t give away anything for season four.”

Dacre gave a quick nod of his head, then winked in your general direction. It was easier for you to roll your eyes than read anything into it. The two of you had been flirting back and forth the entire time you’d been on set, and it was that that had made the PR department decide that you two would be paired up for interviews, despite the fact that the man had yet to make a single move on you. As far as you were concerned, he was just flirtatious.

“Right, so season three, me and Y/C/N, absolutely hate each other. Like, burning, passionate hate. It’s great. It’s a lot of fun to play around with, and she’s just, she’s incredible to work with. She’s absolutely brilliant.” Dacre wasn’t looking at you while he said those things, but then again, he didn’t have to be for your cheeks to burn red. The interviewer nodded her head slowly, most likely picking up on the almost - dare you say it - reverent  tone that he’d adopted.

“So you’d say that she’s great to work with?”

“Absolutely. I really believe that it’s going to translate so well onto the screen.”

“Well, from the trailer and few scenes that have been released, the chemistry between you two is palpable. How was it working on set?” The interviewer was speaking a little faster now, in a way that made you perk up. Maybe you were just being paranoid, but it seemed as though she was leading him somewhere.

“It’s the most fun that I’ve had in a long time. It’s waking up every day and going to work with your best g- friend.” He stumbled over the word friend, making you frown. In all the days that you’d been doing the interview circuit with him, you couldn’t remember once him stumbling over a word. And even if he had, his cheeks had never reddened like that before.

“I could see that. It’s like living the dream, right?” Dacre gave a nod of his head, hands clenching in his lap. He looked a little nervous now, his smile a little tense as he regarded the interviewer. You glanced over to the woman beside you, who probably should have suggested a short break for him to collect himself. But she seemed to be waiting for something, like she knew precisely where this was going. “Would you say that the chemistry between the two of you is the same off camera?”

“I’d say so, yeah,” he gave in and glanced towards the head of PR, just a brief little distraction, but a big show for his nerves. He looked back to the interviewer in the middle of her next question.

“Why would you say that is?”

He answered so fast it was obvious that his words were quicker than his brain in that moment.

“Probably because I really like her.”

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I Love You

Characters: Bucky x reader

Summary: ‘I love you’ isn’t a phrase you expect to hear from Bucky Barnes anytime soon, so when those three daunting words slip from your lips on a romantic getaway around Christmastime, your certain he won’t respond well, but he proves you very wrong…

Warnings: SMUT (18+ ONLY), oral (male receiving), unprotected sex, ( so much fluff dear god, probs bad editing sorry

Words: 3353

A/N: So this is just a random one for everyone whilst I’m on my break until the 17th of December. It’s christmas and smut all in one go. enjoy.

The sight of a warm fireplace was something that comforted you deeply. The crackle accompanied by the soft light and warmth, it all just made you feel safe.

A blanket wrapped around your shoulders, you sat in front of the fireplace, sipping at a cup of coffee as the pale shine from the moon outside cast a shadow on the wall of the living room.

It was a calm night, the type that made you sleepy at 8 pm as you sipped at a piping cup of tea, the liquid warming you from the inside out. A muffled yawn passed your lips as you stared into fire that cascaded upon the wood in front of you.

It had been Steve’s idea. A romantic getaway around Christmastime to ‘escape’ as he’d put it. You didn’t need to escape, Bucky was enough of a safe haven as you needed, but you weren’t going to refuse an all expenses paid weekend to a cute little log cabin in the middle of the best season of the year.

“I hope you’re not passing out on me.”

You smiled at the sound of the voice coming from behind you, and without turning around you replied, “I’m bored to sleep without you here.”

You listened as the sound of heavy, sock covered footsteps echoed in your ears, approaching you from the side. A kiss was pressed to the top of your head as Bucky sat next to you, rubbing your covered shoulder gently to help heat you up even more with the friction he provided.

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Witchy Asks!

Hello fellow witches! Here’s 50 Witchy Asks written by the-lunar-vixen. Please follow if you enjoy them. Blessed be! 

  1. What type of witch are you?
  2. What deities do you like to work with, if any?
  3. Have you ever created your own spell?
  4. What’s your favorite time of year?
  5. Do you have a witch you look up to?
  6. What makes you feel powerful?
  7. Do you have a favorite myth?
  8. Which famous/fantasy witch do you relate to the most?
  9. Are you a wiccan?
  10. What’s the most unique item you’ve ever used in a spell?
  11. Do you own any witchy books?
  12. Which misconception about witches annoys you the most?
  13. Have you ever created your own sigil?
  14. What element are you most drawn to?
  15. Do you have a familiar?
  16. Are you a part of a coven?
  17. What’s your spirit animal?
  18. Do you do tarot readings?
  19. What’s your favorite witch movie?
  20. How many crystal do you have?
  21. What’s the most unique item on your altar?
  22. Have you ever enchanted anything?
  23. What’s your religion?
  24. Do you have a favorite crystal?
  25. What are some of your favorite spells?
  26. What do you like to do to cleanse your space?
  27. When do you feel the most powerful?
  28. Do other people know you’re a witch?
  29. Has one of your spells ever gone wrong?
  30. What outfit makes you feel the most witchy?
  31. Have you ever tried astral projection?
  32. Do you have any enchanted jewelry?
  33. What does your altar look like?
  34. Have you ever seen a spirit?
  35. What’s your favorite spell sachet?
  36. Do you have a favorite sigil?
  37. What’s your astrological sign?
  38. Have you ever interacted with a deity?
  39. What color are you most drawn to?
  40. Do you believe in past lives?
  41. Where do you like to practice your craft?
  42. What’s your favorite season?
  43. Have you ever cursed someone?
  44. How long have you been a practicing witch?
  45. What drew you to witchcraft?
  46. In what moon phase do you feel the most powerful?
  47. What’s your favorite holiday?
  48. Do you know anything about your past lives? (if you believe in them!)
  49. Have you ever done an energy reading?
  50. What time of day do you like to practice your craft?
White Lies: Part 5

A Bucky x Reader / Fake Dating AU Series

Master List

A/N: Omg, another part in less than a weeks time? I know, I know. It’s a miracle. But I’ve got my writing mojo back, and it feels good. Also, I’m sorry for this part, okay? It was bound to happen. Don’t hate me (or Bucky :/) As always, I live for your asks, reblogs, and replies, so keep them coming. Let me know what you think (aka let me feel your pain) ♥

Word Count: 1,431

- mild angst.
- language.
- Bucky is a little shit.

Tags: (at the end)

*gif is not mine.

Pizza’s here…

It played over and over in your brain, echoing like a broken tape recorder; the anger building inside you making it louder and louder. You felt your fists ball up at your sides, wanting to punch the nearest object.

How dare he? This wasn’t just a game anymore. That kiss meant more than some kind of stupid ploy to convince his parents that you were a real couple. They weren’t even here. Who was Bucky trying to impress?

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☽Pairing☾ ; Yoongi | Reader

☽Genre☾ ; Fluff

☽Word Count☾ ; 1.6k

☽Summary☾ ; Being Yoongi’s first girlfriend, it also meant to accept his ways of showing affection. But sometimes, it feels like you are his best friend, rather than a lover. 

“Here, drink some water”  

Handing the water bottle to your sweaty boyfriend Min Yoongi, he didn’t hesitate to grab it. His Adam’s apple bouncing as he indulges the cold drink. You loved it when he asked you to come with him for practice as moral support, after countless of times pleading for the idea. 

You have been dating him for more than a month, and after the first time you two met accidentally in a dog salon in Daegu. It was even worse, when you couldn’t recognise him but it didn’t come as a surprise, with his iconic black mask and hat. Though, it was like love at first sight in the waiting room, looking at each other to examine the minor facial expressions that could be shown. Small talks, turning to casual dates and that’s how you two ended up falling in love. Though, the romance didn’t continue to blossom with presents, kisses and flowers as you had hoped it to be. Being his first girlfriend, you knew it would take a lot of time, for him to show affection. But sometimes, you wished he would do more to your relationship than tiny kisses and compliments. It was like, he didn’t even love you, as much as you loved him. 

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Originally posted by ohstylesno

This was a request from @ashgrayily! Thank you so much, this was an interesting one. Hope you all enjoy. xx - L

The story about Y/N and Harry’s on-and-off again relationship.

Warnings: Mention of smut

Word Count: 2,201

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