how long have you been working in this


Okay guys lil update on my college journey with my wife for our first time; so far we are doing great in class. I’ve been out of school since the age of 16 (got expelled 🙄🚮). Anyways I got my GED and now at almost 26 I’m in college majoring in criminal justice with my wife! It has been difficult at times, well is only our 3rd week but I have to work twice as hard because of how long I’ve been out of school. However I’m getting great compliments from my professors and that is just fueling me to do even better 😭😍. My wife on the other hand is not only gorgeous but very intelligent as well. She’s excelling in all her classes as well. Thank you for whoever had been praying for us 😍🙏🏾🙏🏿🙏🏽.

i love how anti self dxers act like getting diagnosed is such an easy thing. like, even if you want to be diagnosed, & you have the means to get diagnosed, it’s still really hard & takes a long time

for example! idk how it works in other countries, but in the uk you first have to get referred to a therapist, which is hard enough as is. luckily, i saw a good gp who was willing to refer me straight away, and also luckily i live in an area where the local camhs is decent. yet it was still over a month until i had my first appointment w my therapist, and it was a further 4 months until i met my psychiatrist

now, ive been seeing my therapist for just over a year. everyone at camhs refers to me as having anxiety & depression, and yet i do not have a diagnoses. i am seeing a professional, receiving treatment, and have been offered antidepressents all without an official diagnoses. a lot of therapists dont like diagnosing minors!

now, even assuming that you show symptoms & your therapist is willing to let u pursue diagnoses. great! …except the waiting lists. in my area, the waiting list to be assessed for autism is years long.

so even assuming that you want a diagnoses & are able to pursue one, it’s really not as simple as just going to your doctor & asking for one

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Could you write part 2 to your latest Hogwarts AU drabble (bc it was so so awesome and I totally need more)? For example, Caroline is stressing out before her first quidditch game on Slytherin team and Klaus helps her "relax"? Smut encouraged but of course it's up to you :)

Sorry for how long this took! It’s a bit short, but I hope you like it :)
Part 1
Smut (sex in a public place)

           “Caroline? Love, are you ok?” Klaus asked her after the rest of team had left. They were in the locker rooms, having just come out of their last practice before the game the next day.

           “Yeah.” She forced a smile. “Great speech, by the way. ‘Win this game or you’ll wish you hadn’t been born’… Very inspiring. Also, no pressure at all.”

           He shrugged, “It works. Now, are you going to tell me what’s going on?”

           Caroline bit her lip, looking down. “What if I’m not good enough?”

           “What?” he asked surprised. Caroline was always so sure of herself, talking about her abilities as a keeper the first they’d met.

           “I mean… I know I’m good, I get that. But what if it’s just not enough? What if I can’t take the pressure and don’t play well? Everyone will think I’m awful and we’ll lose and everyone will blame me and-“

           “Sweetheart, believe me, we’re not going to lose. It’s a game against Hufflepuff, for goodness sake.”

           She punched him playfully in the arm, “Snob.”

           He smirked, “And we’ve won many games with worse keepers than you. You should’ve seen the guy who played last year… You have no idea of how happy I am you transferred to Hogwarts.”

           “But what if…”

           Klaus rudely interrupted her by capturing her lips with his. “I think that you need to relax and I have just the solution.” He grinned, pressing kisses along her jaw.

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How long have you been writing poetry? Your so good. You have a really personal style I like a lot. I'm jealous, but not in a bad way, I can never get my words right. I feel like I'm just copying everybody that's good. Do you have any books out? I looked on Amazon but didn't see any

i dont have any books but i love you for asking bc its a secret wish of mine for someday, dont tell anyone. 🙄 i started writing poems every day in may of 2014. before that i focused on art. every day i worked on or thought about art. sometimes i wonder if having so many forms of entertainment keeps us from focusing on something anything. so i try to focus. if i had one wish about poets on tumblr, it would be that they try to use the skills they have but write about something in their life not typically accepted as poem material. i try to have fun. i post things that are not always enjoyed even to my close allies. make mistakes and have fun. its ok. delete if you need to. bust out. i use so many techniques in poetry that when i hear i have a voice, i am amazed. im writing bc i love it. love. i was excited when i had 20 followers. i would write for one honest fan. just enjoy yr writing and try to go outside the typical for subjects. im rambling. you are so kind and im grateful. im the same as you but im me. xo

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So I've been thinking about getting a FitBit... how long have you had yours? And does it work well for you? My dad says that everyone he knows that has gotten a FitBit has had to replace it in a year because it has broken, and as I want to use it to track stuff but I also don't want to spend a hundred dollars (give or take) on something that will break. What do you think? Thanks so much!

I’ve had mine for a few months and haven’t had any problems. I know a number of people have had issues, but I’ve heard good things about their customer service! As long as you aren’t using it improperly (like jumping into a pool with it when you knew it isn’t waterproof) they’re usually pretty good about replacing it! I think it’s a good investment of it’s something you’re interested in.

jaglarsvenska asked:

How long have you been learning Swedish for? And also what have you found works best for you?


I started learning Swedish just over a year ago - in January 2015. I’ve found Duolingo to be an incredibly helpful resource. I know that it isn’t everything, but it’s very useful - I’m just a couple of skills away from finishing my tree now. I’ve also sporadically been reading articles on 8sidor and klartext. This has helped me get a feel for swedish word order and improve my ability to understand Swedish without translating back to English so much. For beginners, I’d also recommend ReadLang, which allows you to click any word and see it translated into English - it means I don’t have to flip back and forward from dictionaries, but I’m trying to decrease my dependence on it.

I’ve only tried one text book: Complete Swedish (from Teach Yourself) and I’d definitely recommend it. I was very doubtful when I picked it up, but it’s taken me ages to get through 5 chapters because it’s got a lot in there. The main reason I’ve been so slow with it is because I’ve been putting my energies primarily into Duolingo (I’ve got a streak to maintain, skills to keep golden, and new lessons to learn!!). Hopefully I’ll get into it more when I’ve finished my Duo tree.

As far as listening goes, I’ve had no discipline sticking with it, and so I still don’t understand much at all. I would recommend Clara Henry on youtube because she usually speaks in Swedish, provides English subtitles, and is an absolute gem. Sometimes I watch her weekly video with subtitles, and then try again without. 

Other good places to practice listening are , and watching Swedish movies and TV - although these can be hard to track down without using a VPN. 

I’d recommend finding someone to chat with in Swedish - the best site I’ve found for this is iTalki, as you can find people to chat with online (over skype, or the iTalki messages system). It also acts as a place to find a tutor - and the tutors you find on there are generally pretty cheap. I always notice that my skills improve a lot when i chat with people.

Finally - speaking! If you can, it’s great to do this with a native - that you find through iTalki or whatever other means. Tutors can help a lot with this. I’ve had trouble finding people to talk with, and I keep putting off tutoring till later, although I’m not sure what I’m waiting for, so I’ve been making videos where I just talk about something in Swedish, and posting them here. I’ve found doing this very helpful because when I first started making them I struggled to get any words out at all, and I was very shy about it. I’m still shy, but my confidence has improved, I find it easier to find words, and it’s easier to switch over and start speaking in Swedish.

Hopefully something there helps! I’m no expert, and many others learn much faster and better than me I’m sure, but I’ve certainly learned some Swedish in this past year!

For the Record: Leysan

Welcome to another installment of For the Record! From today, the interviews will be a regular feature again. Today’s Q&A is with Leysan ( @leysankin ) who was kind enough to share her thoughts on journaling and her process:

About Leysan

I’m Leysan, a 23-year-old girl from Kazan, Russia. A few months ago I got a degree in international relations but I work as an English teacher, because it makes me happy.

1. How long have you been journaling?

Actually it’s quite hard to say precisely. I think I started keeping a diary when I was about 7 years old. I wasn’t patient enough to finish them so I’ve got plenty of old notebooks that are half empty. I suppose I started doing this on regular basis only when I turned 20.

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mysticairghuleh asked:

I NEED to please you Rick! I want to suck your cock and ride you for as long as you demand it of me! You've been so good to me, and I think it's time I returned the favor 💋

Y’know, when-when so many of you want to please me like this, well…shit. good.

So I’ll let you do all the work this time, right? Slide those pretty lips up and down my cock, s-show me how much you love it. Make sloppy, wet noises, fuckin moan around my dick, pump my shaft with your hand while you stare at me and tell me how much you love having my big cock in your mouth. Keep twisting that fist around my cock and lean down, use that slutty little tongue on my balls, sshit yeah babe. 

Beg me to let you ride me, tell me how much you-you want my dick inside you, how bad you want to fuck me till my eyes roll back and I fill that tight pussy with my cum. How can i say no? Climb up, use those hips, mmm, you know what to do babe. 

revving-up-the-harley asked:

Garnet how long have you been a fusion?

“Well over five thousand years. But it took a great deal of time for me to reach the point when I really felt like I was my own Gem. Once Ruby and Sapphire worked out their feelin’s for one another, and once they felt unified and knew how to work together better, I became my own bein’. And I can stay like this for a long, long time. Serious injuries not withstandin’, of course.”

anonymous asked:

You work on multiple fics at once, Fate and Conquest etc. How do you manage that? I find myself scared to start planning another story - if I have one already in progress - in fear that I will simply lose interest in one or the other. Any advice would be appreciated.

I’m sure there’s some people who say I can’t manage it. 

I used to update more regularly and have been slowing down as time goes by. There’s some complaints here and there, sure. But I figure as long as the chapters keep coming, I’m good.

I can say from experience, that starting a new story didn’t dampen my interest in my other stories. Once you get an idea brewing, it’ll gnaw at you. Trying to get into the mindset to write Fate when Conquest was pounding in my head was damn near impossible. This guy couldn’t focus until I got that new story out.

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reunion falls- sock opera [part 1] [part 2] [part 3] [part 4] [part 5] [part 6]

all i can say is…. wow. its incredible to finally have this done, i never imagined i would be working on it for this long. but even then it’s been a ton of fun, from writing the script to laying out the panels to deciding which red paint splatters should go where. thank you so much for bearing with me all this time. and now that this is finished, there will be more au stuff to come!

“I love you.” “I know.” - M. C.


Rating: PG (Swearing.)

Word Count: 2572

Summary: “If she says, ‘I love you,’ and I say, ‘I know,’ it’s beautiful and it’s acceptable and it’s funny.” - Harrison Ford

           “The Empire Strikes Back.” Michael said incredulously. You and your boyfriend of four months were sitting across from each other in your favorite coffee shop, talking about movies. You had been gushing your excitement about the new Star Wars movie, admitting to Michael that the Empire Strikes Back was your favorite romance movie of all times. “Seriously, your favorite romantic movie in this entire world, is the Empire Strikes Back?”

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Why should I vote for Bernie ? I want a president, not a dictator and he's a socialist

Wow, this question actually makes me sad.

It is a perfect example of how the powerful have high-jacked discourse in this country.

If you grew up in the United States, you have been fed these false equivalencies over the course of your life. Liberalism=Socialism, Socialism=Dictatorship, America=Democracy. But that is not how ideologies work. Through the course of history we have seen dictators from all parts of the ideological spectrum, not just socialist dictators. By conflating the ideology of Socialism with Totalitarianism the powerful have caused the American Public not look for the creeping Totalitarianism within our own country.  

But anyways, let’s move on and answer your actual question.

Bernie Sanders would like to Socialize American Democracy, that is why you should vote for him.

“American Democracy” has been using democratic institutions as a facade for Oligarchy for far too long. All Bernie Sanders wants to do is take the accumulation of power by the wealthiest people in the country and distribute it more evenly amongst all of us.

See, that is one of the things that is meant when you hear the phrase Democratic Socialist. It simply an ideology rooted in redistributing the power within our government much in the same way that Economic Socialists would like to redistribute wealth in an economic system, evenly.

That is why it is so ironic to hear people decry Bernie Sanders being “socialist” when they are not already a part of the rich and powerful. Without even realizing it, they are saying, “We don’t want a voice in our government, we want the wealthy to be able to determine how we are ruled.”

Which is fortunate for them, since that is the country we currently live in.


moonlight-greed asked:

Hello crayon queen :) I have a question. How do you do it making your AU popular. Like I have one of my own and it's called MEDEVILTALE. It's a bit of startert but you make it look so simple. Any suggestions or words of encouragement.

This is gonna be bad advice, and I’m really sorry but…. I literally have no idea how any of this happened. I mean, part of it I know, is because I’ve been doing comics for a very, very long time. (I’ve been writing comics since I was two years old, and discovered the funnies in the newspaper. The moment I realized I could string stories together through panels, I never stopped) I throw all my passion into my work and the quick updates and plot twists and developed characters are all probably reasons people read what I do. And when I become passionate for a comic idea, I become almost totally CONSUMED by it, planning plot twists, developing characters, listening to very specific songs over and over again for inspiration, hell I’ll take long walks just to think. Not always on comics, but the other day I spent and hour alone on a walk, just to brainstorm. But overall, I truthfully have no idea. But the MAJOR point is, you don’t draw something hoping it becomes POPULAR. Never ever ever. You draw because you’re passionate. I started Aftertale because I had an idea, and I LOVED it and just HAD to put it down on paper. I started AskError, because the MOMENT I realized I had some really cool plans I had no choice but to start. Inspiration is what started both those things. CPAU is the lovely CPAU, of course, eh hehehe. But truthfully, you never draw for the soul purpose of hoping it becomes popular. Before this? I drew and posted comics for almost 12-13 years. For the first half of those, I never made a dime. I hardly had any viewers. No one read my stuff.

Second half, I made maybe 20 dollars a month, maybe, but I just kept going and pushing and drawing. The idea of being noticed was nice, but that was NOT the official intent. The major thing was that I just HAD to put these ideas on paper, and whether someone read them or not? *shrug*. Obviously I wanted readership, but that was not the goal. The goal was I had to draw it out. If you’re passionate about your idea, that’s what happens. If people like it, awesome!

Example: I’m currently in the process of brainstorming ideas for my own story, following my two skele-twins, Salt and Pepper. But I haven’t had an idea just. CLICK yet. I’ve had some cool concepts I’ve played with, but nothing yet has sent me into waves of inspiration and planning and all that. So? I don’t start anything. (That and I have to finish a current project before even THINKING of starting another one) The idea isn’t ready. The concept isn’t final. Its not ready for the public, so I won’t do it.

I still dunno how I ended up with so MANY WONDERFUL PEOPLE reading my stuff and loving what I do. And once again, I appreciate all yall. You’re all the best. <3 But this is what I’d have to say about that. Just keep working towards your goals and loving what you do!!!!


It’s that time again!

Welcome to the second annual celebration of black cosplay talent, passion and representation - ‪#‎29DaysOfBlackCosplay‬! This is a month long event that is designed to inspire, unite and showcase black cosplayers of all shapes, ages and sizes. Wondering how to get in on all the fun? All you have to do is post your cosplay pictures on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr, and tag them with the hashtag #29DaysOfBlackCosplay. It’s that easy!

Kicking this year off is the one and only Jazzmin Jolly! She’s a beautiful girl with a beautiful spirit - I’ve been following her work for awhile, and it’s always such an unexpected treat to see her pictures come down my feed. I mean, the camera pretty clearly loves her, right?

Jazzmin is 29, hails from Philadelphia and has been cosplaying for five years. Her first costume was Tifa from Advent Children. When asked what advice she would have for a new black cosplayer who was worried about being on the receiving end of backlash online, she had this to say:

“Do it! I’ve heard a phrase that you could be the most delicious, ripest peach in the entire orchard and there will still be a person that doesn’t like peaches. It doesn’t matter! You do you and have fun doing it! Never let anyone talk you out of doing something you might enjoy!!!”

This year, we’re compiling a list of 29 reasons why we feel black cosplay representation is important. Here’s what it means to Jazzmin:

“Because, no matter WHO you are, if cosplaying makes you happy, it makes me happy to see you do it regardless of race, age, and color. I feel like many people of color are hesitant to cosplay because of what others will say, but I am happy that they are willing to summon up the courage to pursue the hobby anyways!”

I absolutely love her positive attitude <3 Photography credits are as follows: SF Design, Salk City Productions, Gestalt Photographs, Aaron Stallworth Photography, Emily McGonigle Photography, D. Brooks Photo 82, Elysiam Entertainment

What an act to follow! Keep it here for more amazing examples of black cosplay all month long!

A studio visit with Amy Harrity

photographs by Molly Matalon

Where is your studio exactly and how long have you been working there?

My studio is a second bedroom in my apartment in Alameda, CA. I have been working here for a year and a half. Alameda is a small island resting in between SF and Oakland. Time seems to be frozen here in 1950s.

What are the pros and cons of your studio?

Some pros: Living outside the city allows for more isolation and in turn, more productivity. I get to hang with my pup while I work. My location is conducive for morning walks.

Some cons: I wish the space was bigger. I wish I had to option to shoot in it - at the end of the day most of my work is on location so it really isn’t a hindrance. It’s also hard when I’m 4 seasons into Sopranos and the couch is sooooo close.

How many hours do you usually spend there per week?

30-50? Home and work life is pretty seamlessly merged for me at this point.

Do you sometimes wish you had your own studio?
Having a big office/studio space with friends definitely sounds fun. If the right opportunity came along, I’d jump on it. For now I am happy with what I got.

What excites you most about photography?
I love having a picture in my head and then making it come to fruition - I work like that a lot. In the moments where I don’t have something staged in my head, I ~let the light guide me~. A big breakthrough moment for me stylistically was when I realized I couldn’t make pictures in even lighting. Complex shapes and shadows and watching it all change and move around me is what really starts to get me going.

Do you think one can learn a way of seeing?
Absolutely. Whether we realize of not, culture has greatly shaped our way of seeing. Some people walk through life never questioning it, others challenge it and pick it apart. Understanding your way of seeing has been pre determined is the first step to deconstructing it.

I grew up in a conservative Christian home, I spent my adolescence in Kentucky. People’s scope of “seeing” was narrow to say the least, and mine was shaped by my environment. Photography, along with other life events, is what changed it all for me. I absolutely learned how to see, it wasn’t innate.

What’s the best thing you’ve seen recently?
This tumblr.
This pic by Paul Outerbridge

How much do you shoot on a weekly basis?
If I don’t pick up my camera for a week, I start feeling icky. When I first started shooting, everything was my subject. As I’ve found my voice, I’ve become more deliberate about what I will and will not take pictures of.

Does editing your work comes naturally to you?
Yes! I love going down the editing hole. I think editing/presentation of photographs is so key to every photographer’s vision.

What do you look for in an image?

I don’t necessarily look for anything in an image, and if I did wouldn’t know until I see it. I make really vunerable images and are drawn to them, but I have a great appreciation for pictures that abrasive or shocking. Looking for one type of images seems limiting and sad.

What makes something worthy of being photographed for you?
My pictures are about finding something dark, strange and beautiful. Most of my photographs are grounded in natural light, but take a big departure from reality. I really like exploring that space, between the real and imaginary.

Do you think people understand photography?
I think people understand photography on a basic, fundamental level. What’s exciting is all the nuance a photograph carries and is missed on an elementary level. Bad photographs can become good photographs and visa versa when you begin to dissect pictures and their potential.

What is your favorite track to edit photos to?

for more of Amy’s work, please visit her website

zachsketches asked:

How exactly did you get a patent for Harpy? I've been trying to figure out how to do that but I haven't really been able to find anything

I’ve had a few people asking this, sorry it’s taken so long to reply and gather my thoughts.

I don’t know about a patent, but I can tell you how to get your work copyrighted, which is very important!  I make a book pdf out of each chapter of my comic, and send it into the copyright office.  You can actually make a pdf of a lot of art, so you don’t have to register each piece individually, it keeps costs down too. The process can take a few months for a small fee, but you get an official paper and registration showing the work belongs to you.  

I have used and spoken with entertainment lawyers in the past, and this is what you’ll need to prove ownership in case the worst happens.  Watermarking your work is not enough, but always do that with what you put online too.  I’ve used legal zoom before (they also offer help with obtaining a patent, if that’s what you really want), but you can register with the copyright office by yourself. 

I am by no means an expert at copyright, but this podcast is a must for artists confused on how copyright can protect your work.
Good luck! 

i would swim all the oceans just to see you smile

words: 5647 chapters:1/3 

“If you don’t have love, how do you know it exists?” Zayn asked.

“I saw it once. And I want it.” Louis shrugged. His attention was pulled by a loud, nearly obnoxious laugh from down on the beach. Louis’ eyes enlarged, he stood up and pointed to the source of the laugh. “With him.”

“Harry?!” Both Liam and Zayn shrieked.



Louis has five days to prove to his father that love exists. Naturally, it’s not as simple as he thought.

(Based on the 2006 Movie Aquamarine)

Read on AO3.

Part 2 is here. 

Summary: You’re an engineer, stationed at Starkiller. You’re desperate for recognition in your career, but issues with your assignment (spoiler alert: it’s the Command Shuttle) end up making you the clean-up crew, instead. Your annoyance with Kylo Ren ends up getting you into some hot water.

Word Count: 2182

Warnings: None. For now.

Characters: Kylo Ren x Female!Reader

A/N: Untitled, eventual smut, I have no clue how long this will be. As a warning, when the smut comes, I’m super into Dom!Kylo right now, so… don’t get invested if you hate that.  EDIT: Find this under “Fix Your Attitude” from now on.

Your stomach was churning as you walked to work.

Being stationed at Starkiller Base was supposed to have been one of the biggest achievements of your career. Here you were, a fledgling engineer, already a few months in at your assignment to operate within the elite fleets of the First Order. Of course, you felt pride, but there was another feeling that was burrowing into the back of your skull.


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since this occupation is a highly popular choice for characters within the roleplay community, but unfortunately also often portrayed in a highly wrong way, i have chosen to make you all a little guide on how to portray a bartender. i work as a bartender myself and have been for a long time now, so therefore this guide will be build on a lot of personal experience, professional knowledge, and facts from a bunch of research. the guide will be found under the cut, and of course, as always, if you found this post useful in any way please like or reblog it, and please do not copy and claim as your own, since i worked my butt off on this. thank you in advance. happy roleplaying !!

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