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Request: soulmate au- when you reach 18, you stop ageing until you meet your soulmate. 

Pairing: Anthony Ramos x reader

Warnings: mild angst

Word count: 2,797 

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You celebrated your eighteenth birthday in seventeen eighty three. Your parents, ageing together for twenty years, looked on fondly as you accepted their gift- new writing supplies and a diary.

“Write about your life,” your father suggested. He had fought in the revolutionary war alongside Washington himself, meeting your mother when he had returned from to New York to begin his life anew.

“Thank you,” you told him. Your best friend Theodosia had already found her soulmate and, despite you being born before her, she now looked older.

You carefully signed your name on the inside cover. The ink shone on the page and you decided you would write a letter to your soulmate each and every day until you met them.


You pushed your way through the streets of New York, shivering in the cold. Having invested your money well over the last two hundred and thirty years, you didn’t have to work full time, and could afford to spend your time in coffee shops, writing.

You were on your two hundredth journal. You always carried your first one and your latest one with you- the beginning and the end of your life, you reasoned. You had written over eighty-five thousand letters to your soulmate.

And you had never met them.

A couple of times you had tried to find someone else- someone who had lost their soulmate or who hadn’t found them yet either, but it never worked. If they had known their soulmate, you could never be enough.

You slipped into your current favourite coffee shop- a two story independent shop that was a stones throw away from Broadway. You wondered idly if there was a new show you could go and see, and decided to head over to take a look later.

There was a new barista at the counter. Her hair a golden-brown that caught the light as she chatted animatedly to her coworkers. You slid into your favourite seat - a cushy armchair by the window - and pulled out your journal.

You opened it to a fresh page and pulled out a pen and a paperclip. You wrote the date above the lines and fished around in your jacket pocket for a moment before finding your ticket to an art exhibition you had been to. You clipped it to the page and started to write.

Dear Soulmate,

New York is so different now- so busy, so tall, and so alive. It’s no longer the city I grew up in, but I suppose the world moves on even if I don’t.

There was an exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art about soulmates - I saved my ticket. They had photos of people with their soulmates, dressed in the clothing of the era they were born in. The kind of thing they might have worn on their eighteenth birthday.

Couples from all over the world - every nationality, every gender, every sexuality. Little placards letting you know how long they’d waited for each other. People born during World War One - a horrible time - meeting their soulmates today.

It gave me hope that I might still find you.

You closed your journal as the waitress brought over your coffee, setting it down with a smile. You thanked her.

Over two centuries you had met people who had waited for their soulmates for just as long as you had. Many of them had watched their families die, as you had, and struggled to keep faith. Every one of them had found their soulmates eventually and promised you it was worth it.

So you waited.

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Timed Prompt (15 min)

  • Prompt: Kyungsoo goes on a date to a restaurant, only to be waited on by a jealous ex.

It’s baffling, really. As he sits in the small booth near the center of the restaurant, his eyes catch sight of his ex. Yes, sure, the man looks the same–those same long legs that go on for miles, the same broad shoulders that he used to stare at, that same dazzling smile with perfect teeth and tiny dimples piercing into his cheek. Kyungsoo doesn’t realize he’s staring until a shadow looms over his view for a second as his date enters the booth.

“Hey Soo,” he snaps from his reverie and smiles sweet, kind.

“Hey Baekhyun, how are you today?” there’s a smoothness in his voice with the deep tone of his timbre. He’s got this down pat, and isn’t going to allow Jongin’s presence to disrupt this date. Especially since Kyungsoo was the one who chose to leave the relationship. Apparently, he had to learn the hard way, that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

Regret prodded at his mind shortly after the breakup, but he overcame it eventually with the aid of friends to support him no matter how idiotic he was.

Now here he is, on their fourth date. Things are going well with Baekhyun, he likes to think. And maybe that scares him but, he’ll flow with life and go wherever it leads him.

“I’m fine. So did you read the latest article about that group Exo? They sold out a huge stadium, talk about Kings, right?”

“They’re legends,” he says as he reaches for his glass of water.

“Couldn’t agree more.”

“Hello,” a voice comes from the side of their table and Kyungsoo knows that voice well–too well. It’s a reminder of the man whose voice would wake him up every morning and sing him to sleep every night. Everything about his voice is a memory Kyungsoo wishes would remain inside the abyss of his mind. Yet, when he sees Jongin more clearly now, it all comes back like a rush of water. “I’m Jongin, I’ll be your server today, what can I get you to drink?” he smiles. It’s fake. Of course, Kyungsoo could tell. With the plethora of Jongin photos saved in a folder inside of his phone, how could he not notice?

“Oh Kyungsoo, is that you?” he gives Kyungsoo a lighthearted nudge on the shoulder, “I mean, you were here not too long ago with that girl…what was her name again?”

What? Kyungsoo’s eyes widen. He throws a worried glance toward Baekhyun who has confusion plastered over his face.

“I’m sorry, I think you have the wrong–”

“No, no, I’m sure it was you. You bring all of your dates here,” Jongin turns to Baekhyun, “I mean, just two days ago he had another guy here, and they ordered the risotto. I personally recommended it,”

“Jongin!” Kyungsoo whispers loudly, “I would like to speak with you over there,” he hurries to his feet and yanks Jongin by the arm. He hauls the tall man out of hearing distance, nose flaring with anger.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

“What does it look like? I’m ruining your date.”

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A/N: Surprise! The final part of the I can’t keep calm series. Sorry it’s taken so long, I love this series but other stories distracted me & I had no idea how I wanted to finish it off. I hope you loved the series as much as I did!

I Can’t Keep Calm Masterlist

Dean x Sister!Reader   Sam x Sister!Reader   Adam x Sister!Reader

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Dear Sammy,

I’m just gonna get straight to the point, that’s always how we always were, man that feels weird to talk about myself in past tense. Anyways, I know you’re not happy with what I did, but I had to do it and I hope one day you understand. I had to save Adam and putting Lucifer back in the box after we let him out was a plan that we just came about after talking to Rowena. I know what you’re thinking, ‘we could have thought of something different,’ but you’re gonna hurt yourself thinking that. So stop. Also, please don’t kill yourself trying to find a way to save me, you know there’s no way of doing it without possibly letting Lucifer out. Don’t make my sacrifice for nothing buy letting him out. I also need to make sure you take care of Adam, he’s going to be so confused and lost, he doesn’t know what life is like without Mom or me, so please be the amazing big brother to him that you always were for me. Don’t let him get dragged into this life, please. I’m telling him to go back to school. To have a life. To be normal. Make sure he does it. Watch over Dean too, him and I never got the chance to fix everything and I know he’s gonna beat himself up over it. He’s gonna be the usual Dean and blame himself, please don’t let him.

Okay, so I’m done telling you what to do, now it’s time for me to say goodbye. Sammy you are the best brother that I could ask for. When I lost my mom and Adam I was lost. I felt like an outsider with you and Dean when I first started following you guys, but you were quick to change it. You didn’t stop until you broke down my walls and got me to let you be the brother you wanted to be. Thank you so much. Please take care of yourself Sammy and don’t forget about me.

I love you Sammy,


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On August 8th, 2016, exactly 3 months ago today, I got a major jaw surgery from my underbite.

A little backstory for those who may not know, around 9 years old, i started developing a severe underbite. My orthodontists saw the signs of the severity and tried everything to prevent me from necessitating a surgery to correct it. In the past Eleven frickin Years, I’ve had expanders, bands, headgear, invisalign, and braces taken off and on again more times than i care to count, to try and prevent this major surgery. However, my bone growth is a mean and stubborn bitch so the surgery had to be done.

Now getting the surgery done is a whole other fuckfest. Did you know: my surgery was delayed. Not once. Not twice. But 6 fucking times. Due to reasons like my bones were still growing, or they forgot to extract a tooth, or insurance wouldn’t accept my shit. Ive unnecessarily taken off time from school and work for surgeries that never came. So it made my life a fucking mess.

Then one day, after i came back from 10 day vacation break with a friend who was visiting from Utah, my family and i get a call from my jaw reconstruction surgeon and he says that the surgery was set and ready to go.
That following Monday.

*cue silent slapstick comedy montage of me running around and getting Pre-Operational appointments done within 3-4 days*

Then August 8th came. 11 years of pain and squabbling finally came to a head and the bullshit was over. I didnt have to skip school or get my hopes let down anymore. This was it. Then, finally, I went under.

Woke up the next day with a new (SWOLLEN AF) face, and now this is me 3 months later. I can say, honestly, I wasnt sure if I liked my new face at first. At times it felt like i made a mistake from how miserable i felt while recovering, but i can confidently say, im happier than ive been in a very long time. Not just because i have a new face but the process really changed me. But that story is gonna be saved for a different post. (Particularly one about my progress photos!💞)

Im telling you guys because ive had tumblr for about 6 years now, and this blue paged hell feels like a part of me. As cheesy and shitty as that is, its true. So i just wanted to celebrate this milestone with you guys. Thank you for making me laugh and sticking with me through this nonsense. I cant wait to show how much more i can grow.

Fun fact: The second to last photo is from August 8th. And the last one is from today, November 8th.

TL;DR: i was nasty before. Then a nice white man broke my fucking jaw, and now im still nasty but i look a little better. #NewJawWhoDis