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His girlfriend was a charming woman. 

Germany could admit that he was a little skeptical as to date her. He was a nation and she was a human…For some reason, she knew about nation’s existence and pressed the idea that their love would be shared temporarily as an experiment and for some reason Germany fell head over heels. 

He was awkward with her but she didn’t seem to mind. 

Kissing was nice. How sad was it that he was hundreds of years old and his first kiss was so recent. 

Over time however, things seemed to strangely grow quiet…And then it hit him. 

“Japan, have you seen Italy around?” Germany asked. 

Japan looked hurt at his question, “Oh Germany…I thought you knew” 

“Knew what?” 

“He’s been missing for awhile now” 

Germany felt as though his heart had stopped right there, “What do you mean missing?” 

“He was at my place one day and my the next gone. When he didn’t return and I found that he didn’t go home either we filed a missing report and well…Nothing came up” Japan explained “It’s like he disappeared out of thin air”. 

“How long has he been gone?” Germany question, this story grew more and more concerning my the minute. 

“Two weeks now”

“Two weeks?!” Germany gasped “How could he be gone for that long and I haven’t noticed?”

How could Italy just disappear from his sight like that? He had been so caught up with other affairs he didn’t even realize Italy was gone until today…He let him go for one second and he slipped away…

“I haven’t gotten to talk to you much since you started dating Valery” Japan admitted “It’s been hard to get a hold of you, it really affected Italy to” 

Germany pressed his hand against his face and bit his lip. How could he possibly so immersed into Valery that he cut off relations to his friends and Italy especially.

“Are you sure you don’t know where he is? Have you come across any idea of where he is?” Germany asked, oh god, he hoped Italy could be found soon…Two weeks…Where did Italy go for two weeks? 

“We’ve got nothing…I’m so sorry” Japan said, his voice was cracked and he grew more emotional, “Believe me, we’re all worried and we’re trying our best”. 

“Did he…Did he say something before he left?” Germany asked. 

“Nothing” Japan said. 

That was it. Just nothing. 

Italy never gave any indication of where he might be going, no goodbye letter, he didn’t even bother trying to talk to Germany…

Germany had returned home and browsed through his emails. It became apparent to him that he had not opened his emails in a…Long time. 

He missed work emails, emails from others, and possibly emails from Italy. 

It was scary that a lot of his mail were emails trying to reach out to him over the course of a month, about the same time he started dating Valery. How could he be that distracted? He was always on top of everything. 

Italy must have felt so alone…Heck, Italy must be alone now that he’s been venturing god knows where for weeks without Germany even noticing. 

“Come on Italy…” Germany practically begged his computer for some sort of sign that Italy tried to voice out his feelings, “Please…Please let there be something from you in here…”. 

“Honey, what are you doing in your office? I thought we were going out to dinner tonight” Valery spoke up, her dyed black hair was tied up into a loose bun and she was wearing a dark velvet dress…That’s right, they were going on a date tonight. 

“Hang on, I’m just finishing up something” Germany replied, he hadn’t even been in his office that much since Valery came into his life. 

“What’s wrong sweetie?” she maneuvered herself to look over Germany’s shoulder. 

“I just found out my friend went missing without a word. I’m just looking to see if he said something to me” Germany said, he was more hoping for something rather than looking. Italy’s name didn’t pop up in his emails at all. 

“Which friend?” Valery asked. 

“Italy. The one with the red hair” Germany described Italy fast. 

Valery’s expression instantly changed to one that resembled disgust, “That one” she said, “I’m really sorry that happened, but can it wait? I had this restaurant reserved for weeks”. 

Weeks. That’s how long Italy’s been gone…Weeks. 

“This is really serious, I’m worried about him” Germany looked up to her, she looked back at him with a lack of a sympathetic expression. She had no feeling for Italy at all. 

“He’ll turn up eventually. He’s a nation…Unless, do they need someone to take his place?” she now seemed intrigued. 

“He’s got an older brother who’s filling in for him” Germany answered. Oh god, Romano must be worried sick… 

 “Oh, well then it’ll all be okay” she brushed it off quickly, “Come on, we have better things to talk about!”. 

She grabbed his hand and lead him out of his office and outside to their car. 

“Like what?” Germany asked. 

“Like how we should share our country together!” Valery said so simply, yet the concept was so huge. 

“Share…A country?” he gasped out. 

“Yeah! We’ve been together for a while now, and I was thinking maybe I could be added into the nation society, we can share like we always do. How does that Italy guy do it with his brother?” she asked. 

“My Italy is the North and his brother is the South…” Germany explained to her, things grew increasingly suspicious. 

“Then can’t I be just half of you?” she said with a cunning smile, she tries to make it seem innocent…But it wasn’t turning out that way. 

“My brother already is, he’s East Germany…It’s what keeps him alive”

“Well, don’t you want me to be alive to?” 

Why was this conversation taking such a weird turn. 

“Valery, I’m sorry but can we talk about this later I need to go” Germany made he halt the car so he could get off. 

“Where are you going?!” she shouted at him, pulling her sunglasses off her face to glare at him. 

“I’m looking for my friend!” he shouted back. She gave up and drove away as Germany attempted to call for Japan to drive over from his hotel in Germany. 

Why is it now that Italy’s gone he finally comes to his senses? 

There is no way Germany is going to rest until he knows where Italy is and if he is safe. 

“Japan, I’m going to help you search” he said “I don’t care if this is two weeks overdue, I am going to find him”. 


To be continued…Maybe ;) 

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