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this was kinda a request, I just elaborated and added a bit more.  Idk how I feel about this one, but I hope you guys like it!!

The Man Across The Street

The sun shone heavily on your back causing warmth to spread through your entire body.  It felt nice after spending eight hours in your air conditioned office space on the twelfth floor.  You gripped your briefcase tightly in one hand and stretched your neck side to side before settling in a consistent stride.  

You focused on the ground in front of you, watching as your shadow mimicked your poor posture and flat feet, until something else caught your eye.  

The man across the street walked at an almost identical pace.  You recognized him immediately as the guy who held the elevator door for you just minutes prior.  You’d seen him around the building other times, as well; in the hallways, on the stairs, by the coffee bar on the main floor. That bright pink hair was painstakingly recognizable.  

You pretended to ignore him the entire way home, only throwing glances out of the corner of your eye, until you stopped in front of your building.  You watched for a moment as he continued down the street, one hand in his pocket, the other clutching a beige bag, never looking up from his feet.  

- - - - - -

The cool autumn air gave rise to goosebumps all over your body.  You wrapped your sweater around yourself tighter and continued down the cobblestone sidewalk.  You kept your head up, marveling at the infinite shades of golds and reds that had taken over the city.  

Leaves crunched under your flats, making an auditory note of every step you took. It covered up the sound of your breathing, which had grown heavier from the cold air shocking your system.

The man across the street paid no attention to the crunching leaves beneath his feet.  You watched briefly as he kicked a few of them around before continuing on his way.

His hair matched the pink sunset overhead, bright and bold and beautiful.  

It was the last thing you noticed before walking into your apartment for the night.

- - - - - -

Heavy snow fell from the sky.  The street lamps lit up the sidewalk, illuminating the thousands of large flakes around you.  You made a mental note to start wearing heavier boots to work for nights like this.  

You tucked your gloved hands underneath each of your armpits and trudged home, trying to pay attention to each step you took so as not to fall.

The man across the street had a scarf, hat, and mittens on.  You were jealous of how prepared he seemed to be for this snow storm.  You made another mental note for yourself to start checking the weather before leaving for work each morning.

The man walked faster than you.  His winter boots clearly had better traction than your dressy ones.  As he got further ahead, you noticed the back of his hair poking out.  Except, it wasn’t pink, it was yellow.  

You trudged on and used it as your guiding light through the storm the whole way home.

- - - - - -

Spring had always been your least favorite season.  Snow and ice melted with no boundaries, leaving traces of mud all over the sidewalk.  You stomped your bulky boots through scummy puddles and tried not to splash remnants of it everywhere.  

It wasn’t dark yet, which made you feel hopeful that this dirty weather wouldn’t be around for long.  

The man across the street walked without a hat for the first time in months.  You smiled seeing his yellow hair in full for the first time.  It was bright and flashy.  The kind of thing that demanded attention.  It reminded you of blooming flowers and sunshine, infinite growth and beauty.  

You walked home, your strides aligned once again.  And as the sound of snow melting from building tops covered up the sound of your boot’s heavy stomps, you couldn’t help but notice his bright hair out of the corner of your eye the entire way home.  

- - - - - -

The first thing you noticed upon leaving work was how freeing it felt to be outside once again without a heavy jacket weighing you down.  You had brought one, just in case, but it lingered in your arms, unneeded and more of a burden than anything as you started your walk home.  Summer was just visible in the horizon, but the weather still fluctuated between sunny and warm and breezy and cool, so it was impossible to ever be fully prepared.

The second thing you noticed upon leaving work was that the man across the street wasn’t there.

He’d been particularly easy to spot in the last few months with his yellow hair, but as you scanned the other side of the road, up and down, he was no where to be found.  Your heart sunk a little, which surprised you.  But you justified your disappointment as normal.  He had become a part of your routine, just like eating a peanut butter and fluff sandwich everyday was.  Your heart would sink if you opened your lunchbox to bologna, just as it did in the man’s absence.  Nothing strange or unusual about being effected by a disrupted routine.  

You frowned slightly before deciding it was time to head home.  You walked for less than a minute before you heard rapid footsteps behind you and felt someone grip your elbow.

“Hi honey, how was your day?” A man’s voice asked.

You instinctively tried to jerk your arm away, but the grip was too strong.  When you turned to look at who was grabbing you, you were shocked to see the man with yellow hair.  

He leans down, close enough so that you can smell him, and whispers in your ear, “Someone’s following you.”

Once he’s confident you’re not going to shove him away, the man loops his arm with yours, leading you down the road en route to your apartment.   He casts a couple glances over his shoulder, subtly trying to see if the person following you had gone.  On his second glance, he sighs a breathe of relief and loosens his grip on your arm.

“He turned around.”

You automatically let go of his arm.

“Who was it?” you ask.

“I didn’t recognize him, which is what made me nervous… I’d never seen him before.”

You nod, exhaling the anxiety that had been building up inside of you.  “Well, thanks. I appreciate it”

You were relieved to see you apartment building just over the hill.  You didn’t feel much like walking alone the rest of the night.

The man nodded and extended his hand, “I’m Josh, by the way.”

You smiled, taking his hand in yours and shaking it, “Y/N.” you introduced.  

“It’s nice to finally meet you,” he grinned.  

You thought about his comment later that night as you laid in bed.  You found yourself wondering if Josh had noticed your presence on the opposite side of the street as much as you’d noticed his.  

- - - - - -

You felt slightly paranoid walking home the next day.  You immediately noticed Josh across the way, which felt increasingly comforting, but you couldn’t help feel like someone was lingering behind you as you made your walk down the sidewalk.  

You kept casting glances towards Josh.  You found yourself wondering things about him, like which floor he worked on or what his inspiration for his sporadic hair colors were.  Every time you would gaze for too long, he’d glance over and you’d quickly look away in response.  You really had to work on your staring problem.  

After three different occasions of awkward eye contact with Josh, you watched out of the corner of your eye as he looked both ways, then started jogging across the street.  

“Hey,” he called, as he hurried to catch up to you.  You stopped, of course, baffled and unsure as to whether or not he was talking to you.  “Mind if I walk with you?”

You froze then, wondering immediately if the same person was following you again.  

Josh noticed the fear on your face and put his hands up, “It’s okay to say no…” he says.

You lower your voice and try to whisper loud enough for just him to hear, “Are they following me again?”

“What?” Josh asks, confused momentarily before understanding what you were referencing, “Oh… no! No, no.  I just thought maybe we could walk together tonight.”

You sigh a breathe of relief before smiling, “Yeah, that would be really nice.  I’d like that.”

The two of you walked, side-by-side, step-by-step, all the way home.  

You asked about his hair.  The burning thought that had been on your mind for so long was finally set free.  It turns out, Josh was bored by routines, but his hair was one thing he could be spontaneous about.  The pink was an after-effect of a wild red.  The yellow brightened his gloomy winter.

“What color is next?” you had asked.  

“Only time will tell,” he says, his eyes shimmering.

Josh walked you right up to your apartment door before saying goodbye.  You were so intrigued by everything he had to say, and had to admit you were disappointed to be at your doorstep.  It was the first time you’d ever wished your walk home was longer.  

- - - - - -

Every day in the weeks to follow, Josh was waiting outside of the building by the time you got out of work.  His face always breaks into the same, huge smile when he sees you walking through the double doors, and you can never help but reciprocate.  

You talk the entire way home, learning about each other.  Likes, dislikes, pet peeves, funny childhood stories.  Josh was a man of infinite laughter and curiosity.  You looked forward to walking home with him daily.  It was, often times, what got you through until five o’clock.  

“How was work?” he asks, one evening, extending his arm for you to take.

You’re surprised by his gesture, but ultimately flattered.  You latch on, and start walking with him down the cobblestone.

“It was long,” you respond. “How was yours?”

“Also long, equally boring.  Why do we work these jobs?” he asks.

You shrug, “Gotta pay rent I guess.”

“I’m serious though— I mean.  I hate my job, I don’t get why I do it.”  

He’s silent for a moment, like he’s thinking hard.  “What would you do—“ he finally says, “if you didn’t have to worry about rent or bills?  If you could do anything?”

You furrow your brow, thinking about his question, “I suppose I’d travel.”


“Europe, I think.”

“Have you ever been?”

You shake your head.  “No, I mean, I have work…”

“I think that’s a crime.”

You frown, “What do you mean?”

“That’s your dream, right?  To go to Europe.   And you’ve never been because of some dumb job you don’t even like.”

“Yeah,” you agree, “But I have responsibilities.  I’m committed to my job.  People count on me.”

“To what? Fax papers for them?  It doesn’t really mean anything.  Neither of our jobs do.”

You frown at Josh’s remark, offended by his blunt tone.

“I don’t understand what you’re getting at,” you say honestly.

He shakes his head, “Nothing.  I’m just… bored.”

The two of you walk the rest of the way in silence.

- - - - - -

Josh isn’t waiting for you the next day.  He’s not across the street either.  

You walk the entirety of the way home without any pinks or yellows to brighten your day.

You hate how much it bothers you.

- - - - - -

You accept Josh’s outstretched arm, “Where were you yesterday?” you ask.

“Just a personal day,” he says.  “Stayed home.”

“Oh… Well, I missed you.”

“Aw, you flatter me.”

“I mean it!” you say, “Walking home with you is my favorite part of the day.”

Josh stiffens beside you.  You try to gage what he’s thinking by his face, but it’s too stoic.  

“See?” he says, “How pathetic is it that a walk home with me is the highlight of your day?”

That was definitely not the reaction you were hoping for.  You let go of his arm and step away from him.  

You can’t really think of a response or defense, but it was clear that Josh didn’t feel the same way.  

“Your life is boring.  Just admit it!  It has no meaning behind it.  No passion.  You do the same thing everyday, hoping that eventually, you’ll be happy.  Or satisfied, or whatever it is.  But you’re lying to yourself.”

“You don’t know anything about my life,” you say back sharply.  “I like my job, and I like my life, just the way it is.  Not all of us need radical hair colors and spontaneous life choices to be happy.  Get off your high horse and don’t pretend like you know what’s good for me.”  

Josh bites his lip, but has no response, so instead, you shake your head before picking up your pace, leaving him behind.

You ignore him as he calls after you.

- - - - - -

You make an effort to rush out of the building the next day, hopeful that you won’t run into Josh.  Luckily, you’re out a solid ten minutes quicker than usual, and by the time you’re turning the corner on the cobblestone steps, he’s nowhere to be seen.  

You walk the whole way home alone.  

- - - - - -

This pattern continues until Friday when you’re forced to stay until five o’clock on the dot.  You try not to think about seeing Josh outside as you ride the elevator down to the main floor, but as soon as you push through the double doors and look to the street, you see him.  If he hadn’t been standing right by the lamp pole, you probably wouldn’t have recognized him.  His hair was no longer bright or flashy.  Instead, it was dulled down to an off-brown color.  It didn’t catch your attention by any means and you frowned at the sight of it.  

You almost skipped right over to him, before you remembered that you were mad for insulting your “boring life”.  You huffed a little before walking down the steps and turning the corner, hoping to avoid his attention.

You should be so lucky,

“Hey!” he calls, rushing up behind you.

You ignore him and keep walking.

“Wait up!” he hollers.  “Y/N, stop!”

“What do you want, Josh?” you snap, whipping around to face him.

He stops dead in his tracks, clearly taken aback by your harsh tone.  The look on his face makes you feel slightly guilty for being to abrupt, but you hold your ground.

He scratches the back of his neck, looking anxious.  He takes a deep breath before speaking.

“I just wanted to say goodbye.”

Your angry frown turns to confusion as his words sink in.

“Goodbye?” you ask, your tone civil again.

“Yeah, I quit.”

“You what?” you gasp.

“I quit my job.  Just now actually.”

“Wh— what?  Why?” you sputter.

“The only thing keeping me going, was the idea that everyone else was just as miserable as I was doing what I did.  But not you.  You’re happy.  And you were right… I shouldn’t have judged you.  I was wrong to assume that everyone was as depressed as me.  But… I just.. It made me realize that I needed to get the hell out of here.”

You listen to his words, letting it sink in that he truly meant it.  He was leaving.  You shouldn’t be as upset as you were.  Selfishly, you were mourning the infinite number of walks you thought the two of you had in the future.  But hearing Josh admit to his misery made you logically ignore the voice in your head begging him to stay and instead ask him a question.

“What happened to your hair?”

He smiles, looking up to his forehead, as if he could see it in his peripherals.

“I don’t need interesting hair anymore, cause I’m going to have an interesting life.”

- - - - - -

Summer fades fast and the warm, humid air is replaced by a brisk breeze.  You crossed your arms across your chest and shivered as the night set in.  You were grateful to be wearing a hat on top of your head and a scarf around your neck.  You let your eyes scan your surroundings, marveling at the infinite shades of golds and reds that had once again, taken over the city.  

Leaves fell, crunching and blowing every which way, as autumn swept through, clearing out the old and making room for the new.  

You stopped dead in your tracks at the turn with the cobblestone steps and gazed adoringly at the melted sunset in the horizon.  The pouring pinks and blistering yellows caught your eye, reminding you of the man across the street and being your guiding light all the way home.  

Be My Valentine

So this is my firs time writing anything NSFW so please be gentle with comments on it, feed back is greatly appreciated so that I can improve :) I hope you enjoy this.

For years I had waited for this day, the day that I would open my very own bakery/café and it was a very successful grand opening. After that my little business became even more popular and eventually I had become one of the top Café’s in the area, I was starting to get to know all the regular people who would come in and they were all so kind to me. There was a very special day, a day that I could never forget, it was the day that I met a man named Saeyoung. He was the kindest and funniest person in the world, always came in on the weekdays in between the morning and lunch rush maybe because there were less people that way. I fell for Saeyoung the moment I looked into his beautiful bright golden eyes; my heart didn’t stand a chance against his warm smile and happy laugh as he would tell his jokes every day.

Saeyoung would sometimes bring his brother in with him, he was a kind person but he never really talked to anyone. Saeran had mint green eyes and the same bright red hair as Saeyoung they were twins after all but they were very different from one another, Saeran was a quiet person who didn’t really like people so you would be lucky if he was your friend, and Saeyoung was so outgoing and funny he really enjoyed making people laugh and smile. I was lucky to have them both as my friends, they were always coming in to the café to see me, I enjoyed their company they always came in while it was slow it was nice because they would be my only customers for a time.

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dreams-of-feysand  asked:

It's Nothing and/or Stepping Up for Rowaelin, pls!

It’s Nothing was the most requested prompt, and since this lovely user specified what ship, i answered this one!

No more prompts please! I just needed a little break from my other story, but thank you all for taking the time to ask!

Btw, a little different from a SickFic, more of a HurtFic!

Pain lashed through Aelin Galathynius’s calf, and for a moment, she thought an arrow had struck her. Then she looked down.

Nothing. There was nothing wrong, asides from the black blood of the Valg covering every inch of her.


He was hurt.

Panicked, she looked around the crumbling courtyard of the little manor house. Where was Rowan?

She swore as the distraction nearly cost her an arm as a Valg swung for her. She dodged it easily and plunged Goldryn into its spine. It gave an unearthly howl of pain and then it was dead. Aelin looked around again. She must’ve just had the last one.

The twins and Aedion were checking the corpses, making sure each one was dead, and Lysandra sat with Elide and Lorcan in ghost leopard form, purring as Elide scratched her neck, but…

“Rowan!” she called.

Both Rowan and Gavriel were missing.

Aelin sheathed her sword and gave a firm tug on that glimmering bond that bound her to Rowan. There was a moment of nothing, then, Aelin, I’m fine—

Aelin swore as she saw Rowan limp up from behind Lorcan and Elide, a wound evident on his calf.

Aedion said something, but she didn’t hear it as she sprinted towards her mate.

Her injured mate.

Both panic and anger rose in her chest, but Aelin shoved them down. “What happened,” she said as she finally neared,

He was walking. He was fine just a large gash on his… leg.

A wave of nausea wrapped around Aelin’s insides at the sight. She didn’t know why. She’d seen and given much worse injuries.

Rowan didn’t even glance down, he just met her eyes briefly. “I’m fine, Aelin, one of those bastards got a little too close with a broadsword,” he looked her over. “Are you alright?”

She nodded, breathless.

Rowan scanned her again and offered her his hand, which she took without hesitation. He stopped walking and turned towards her, cupping her face with one hand. “I’m fine, Fireheart. It’s nothing.”

Aelin leaned into his touch. “It’s hard,” she admitted. Rowan nodded, “I know. It is for me too.”

Aelin still felt shaken twenty minutes later when she had finally— finally— sat down besides Rowan inside the ruins of the building. They’d come in to make sure nothing nasty had decided to stick around in the house, but after a few minutes, she had ordered Rowan to sit down and rest his leg. He hadn’t protested.

Aelin reached into the pack she’d carried in and grabbed the clean bandage and tin of antiseptic balm. He didn’t say anything when she rolled up his pant leg and began to ever so gently dab the strong-smelling balm on the gash. Rowan winced, and Aelin mumbled an apology.

“Aelin,” he said after another minute of silence.

She didn’t look up from her work, pausing only to grab the cotton bandages.

“Aelin, love, look at me.”

Tears gathered in her eyes, she didn’t know why.

Rowan leaned forward and cupped her face with his warm hands. “Aelin, I am fine. It will heal. It doesn’t hurt that bad.”

Aelin swiped at her eyes angrily. “I don’t know why I’m being so,” she unrolled the bandage, “gods-damn emotional, Rowan. It’s the mate bond, I think. I felt when you got wounded and…”

She met his pine colored eyes. “It scared me, Rowan.”

“It’s not bad to be scared, Aelin. Especially if you’re scared for the ones you love.”

Aelin sighed and pressed a soft kiss to his lips. He smiled against her, and reached to tug her forward, but Aelin pulled away.

“I’ll kiss you, Prince,” she ran a hand up his calf, “When I’m done.”

He rolled his eyes, “It really is nothing.”

She just shook her head and wrapped the bandage slowly.

Rowan rotated his foot slowly, “Thank you.”

She hummed and began crawling into his lap. When she had settled, Aelin tucked her head into the crook of his neck.

He wrapped his arms around her and began tracing invisible patterns on her back. She breathed him in, and placed a soft kiss onto his neck. “How long,” he drawled, “do you think we have until they come looking for us?”

Aelin shrugged and raised her head. “I don’t care,” she said roughly. Then she kissed him. And despite the overwhelming shit that was going on around them, Aelin felt as though she had found peace. The two of them together equated in peace.

I Like Spending Time With You | Joe Sugg

“I literally look bad in everything” you sighed, turning slightly to look at yourself in the mirror from a different angle.

“No you don’t” Joe argued. He was sat on the bench inside your changing room, on his phone whilst he waited for you to finish trying on your clothes.

“I do” you pouted, walking closer to him, “nothing suits my figure”

“Baby, you look lovely in everything” he reassured you, pulling you closer to him so you were standing in between his legs, his hands around your waist, “you’ve got the most gorgeous figure in the world, and we’re gonna find you something to wear, okay?”

“Okay” you smiled, leaning down to kiss him before starting to remove your dress, “are you sure you don’t mind waiting?”

“Nope” he grinned, looking up at you, “how can I complain? All I have to do is sit here and watch my gorgeous girl take her clothes off”

“Shut up” you laughed, covering his eyes with your hand.

“Besides” he started, kissing your hand, “I like spending time with you”

You’d been invited to a baby shower and had nothing suitable to wear, so you’d dragged Joe out into London to help you find something. After deciding that he needed a few things, and you seeing some items that caught your fancy, your quick trip out had turned into a shopping day.

“Shall we go in one of your shops?” you asked as you left Topshop empty handed.

“Why, are you tired?” Joe laughed, grabbing hold of your hand and walking into the flow of people rushing down Oxford Street.

“Yeah” you replied, clinging onto his arm as you searched for one of Joe’s shops to go in.

About 10 minutes later you were in Zara, following Joe as he searched the rails for something to go with the rather eccentric jacket he’d bought a few days earlier.

“You know it would just go with a black top?” you reminded him.

“That’s so boring though” Joe complained, “I want something black but with a pattern on or something”

“Don’t you think that’ll be a bit too much though?” you asked, picking up a black top to show him, “what about something like this? The material’s a bit different to what you’ve already got”

“I don’t know” he sighed.

“For a lad, you’re way too fussy about clothes” you laughed, “my brothers just throw on whatever’s closest to them in the drawer”

“I’m a fashion icon though” Joe joked, walking over to you and taking the black top from you.

“What do you think?”

“Yeah, I’ll just get this”

“Okay” you smiled, sensing that Joe was getting tired. You walked to the checkout and joined the ridiculously long queue.

“You okay?” Joe asked, extending his arm as an invitation for a hug.

“Yeah” you replied, burying your head in his jacket, “just tired”

“Same” he responded, “how about we pay for this then get a taxi home?”

“Yes please” you smiled, looking up at him.

“Then we can get in our comfy clothes, get a duvet and cuddle up watching a film, yeah? We can get a takeaway as well if you want”

“And a bottle of wine?”

“Always” Joe smirked.

“That sounds really good” you smiled. You’d had the best day with your boyfriend, and couldn’t wait for a lazy night in.

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Prompt: Hi! I love these stories, and I have a request. So I know you have a story that is similar like this and I love it, I was just wondering if you can do one where they are on a press tour instead of just a panel ? I love the idea of being asked questions with the cast. I’m sorry if this is too much of a bother but it would be cool if you could do it thanks for reading this😁
Word Count: 686
Author’s Note:

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Brighter Lights Back Home

Happy EdWin Day everyone!

Word count: 2133

Read on AO3

Ed and Al’s first night back in Resembool after the Promised Day. Edward and Winry have some things to talk about.

Winry laid the old knit quilt at the foot of Alphonse’s bed. “Anything else you need?”

Al shook his head, exhaustion written across his face, tugging heavy eyelids downward even as he sat on the edge of the bed. “Thanks, Winry. I’m sorry I can’t stay up later with you guys. I wanted to be more fun on our first day back.”

“Don’t be sorry. We can talk more tomorrow.” Winry looked over to where Edward was digging through a suitcase.

Ed glanced up at her. “Yep. I’m just gonna help him get ready for bed and then I’ll be up for a little bit still. Now that I’m not sleeping for two,” he added, grinning at his brother. Alphonse chuckled.

Winry leaned down to wrap her arms around Alphonse, still marveling at the newfound warmth. “Sweet dreams.” Releasing him reluctantly, she crossed to the doorway. “I’ll be in my room when you’re done,” she said to Edward.

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chloeolivialuce  asked:

Can you do some headcannons for laxus, loke, grey & nastu on how get act when their jealous please X

god this ask is old im so sorry for the wait ;((
but pls enjoy this finger guns

Laxus Dreyar:

  • he gets really grouchy for the longest time, seriously he can hold a grunge for a really long time that it gets super annoying when you want to talk to him and he brings up that one time from ages ago
  • so when he gets jealous it’s one of the worst things ever since he doesn’t let it die, no matter how long ago it was and it gets hella annoying oh my god
  • he’s borderline like a little kid with his arms crossed and how he won’t look at you unless you have to show him something. it gets really annoying when you want to talk to him
  • oh and he does that thing where he answers with only one-worded answers or simple hums, which is really annoying. all you want to do is have a conversation with laxus, not this
  • he doesn’t admit he was jealous though because it’s super embarrassing (to him anyway), but it doesn’t take a genius to figure it out, just mention it to him and he’ll immediately deny it and let it go to prove you wrong

Loke/Leo the Lion:

  • the most calm one about the situation to be honest, sure he gets annoyed, but he lets it slide since sometimes he can flirt (in your opinion) with other too much, so fair fair
  • it’s actually really hard to notice when he’s jealous, but when he grabs your hand a little tighter than usual or grabs your waist a little tighter than usual. it’s not that hard to work out
  • it’s all the little things you have to notice when he’s jealous, he doesn’t really do anything big about it (hence why he’s the most calm) so you have to be observant to notice
  • he gets really upset when you mention the thing that made him jealous in the first place, but loke being loke doesn’t show it through big things and you have to notice it
  • like these boys he’ll never admit he was jealous, he’d just push his glasses up with a laugh and say something to make you think he wasn’t jealous
  • just shut him up with a comforting kiss so he gets the idea that he doesn’t need to be jealous for any reason otherwise he will go on for days about how you thought he was jealous

Gray Fullbuster:

  • the second most chill (aHA GET IT) one about this situation, he doesn’t really do drastic things, but he does frown a lot more with multiple pouts and arms crossed
  • like laxus he answers with one-worded answers and hums so he can prove his point, though unlike laxus he doesn’t hold a grudge and he’ll probably just do it for a day or two
  • he thinks he does super well at hiding how jealous he is, but honestly it’s just what he thinks. it’s really easy for you to notice when he’s jealous, but you don’t tell him how it’s easy to notice
  • going back to the whole doesn’t hold a grudge thing, gray can’t hold a grudge against you. he’s tried multiple times, but it’s really hard to not talk to you for a long time honestly
  • just help the poor boy and tell him you know he’s jealous (without telling him how easy it was to notice) so you can see his embarrassed look when he denies it
  • if you grab his hand while doing the top one he’ll ignore the whole jealous situation and change the subject so he doesn’t have to be embarrassed anymore

Natsu Dragneel:

  • never calm (or chill) about this whole situation and will stop it the second it happens. he has no hesitation or second thoughts about stopping some guy from making you laugh
  • there’s two things he does: tucks the bottom of his face in his scarf and pouts with arms crossed, or he pulls you away from the situation. you will never know until he actually does it
  • he still talks to you, but with a flat voice and not a single trace of excitement. it gets kinda annoying, but he still talks to you so you can deal with it for a little
  • will still hold your hand even though he’s jealous just so he can prove to you he’s fine and nothings wrong, but with his tight grip and face tucked into his scarf its not hard to figure out
  • he will admit it over his cold dead body, will refuse to admit he was because it’s just not him to be jealous over something. you can point it out, but he’ll never admit it okay
  • give him a comforting kiss with an “i love you,” and he’ll be back to his original self, smiles and all. never talk about how he was jealous though because he will instantly get silent.
BTS Reaction To Their Girlfriend Breaking Her Arm

Namjoon: “Crap let me call. Wow did your arm really..”


Taehyung: “How’d you break your arm? Can I draw on your cast?”

Hoseok: “What did you do?”

Jin: “(Y/N)! Are you ok? Oh my… Ahhh…. we’ll go to the hospital to get a cast. I’ll- Ok I won’t touch you but let’s go before it gets any worse.”

Jungkook: “Can I draw on your cast though?”

Yoongi: ““I came right after practice. Your mom texted me everything are you feeling better? How long do you have to wear the cast?”

Jimin: “Doesn’t it hurt? I’m going as fast as I can right now. Stop laughing it looks so painful.”

onnie-spected  asked:

How do you imagine Onyxes looking? (Really creative choice considering my url)

onyx’s are quartz, but they are built for defense. they are massive tanks, larger than most quartz’, have lots of stamina, are sturdy, and have amazing defense. they can shape shift their arms into large shields for an indefinite amount of time, and are generally placed in the front lines of an army. they are super slow though, and take a long time to reform if they are poofed.

(im not taking anymore gem reqs so plz dont ask for any)

Hot Enough (Smut)

scenario// morning sex after your first time
content// smut: m-rated, read at own risk
characters// Leo x reader (first person)
word counter// 1.6k
extra information// Y/N = Your Name

Seeing the male’s face beside mine made me smile wider than anything. Taekwoon had been the perfect gentleman the previous night, as we had been on a date in the centre of Seoul before we headed back to his apartment. Earlier in the week, we had both agreed that after the date we would share our first time together. Both of us have had sex before, but we wanted to share this intimate moment together as if we had never done anything. It went perfectly, ending the night in the most magical way. I couldn’t have imagined the evening turning out better than it did. As Taekwoon was still sound asleep, I watched in silence, admiring every inch of his features. I loved watching the way his toned, porcelain chest rose and fell with each breath he took. I loved the way he mumbled to himself in his sleep, hearing what is really on his mind, as he doesn’t often tell anyone. I hummed in appreciation as I observed his face, knowing that he would be sleeping for a while longer.

In defeat, after memorising every detail of his appearance, I decided to get out of bed. My nude body was suddenly shocked by the cool air of his bedroom which was like an ice box in contrast to his warm and comfortable bed. Grabbing my undergarments which were laid at the end of the bed, I pulled them on and began searching for something to wear on the upper half. Taekwoon was sure to have a shirt for me to wear, though I knew for a fact that they would be extremely long because of the height difference. I ended up finding a grey shirt in one of his drawers; one of my favourite ones that he has worn. When I pulled it on, the bottom hem of the shirt sat around my knees, and it was very baggy. I remembered that the shirt looked quite loose, even on Taekwoon. Giving the male one last look, I walked down the hallway and into the modern kitchen that a bachelor would own. I have only been dating ‘Leo’ for a few months now, but I have been with happy with everything that has happened so far. As I began rummaging through the contents of Taekwoon’s fridge, I heard a voice from behind me. “I thought you had left.” He sounded relieved, and his expression seemed to match as I turned to face him. “You weren’t in the bed when I woke up, so I thought that you decided to go home. I’m glad you’re still here.” The look on his face seemed sincere, though it was hard to tell, due to him almost always being expressionless. Even though we’re dating, he still seems to intimidate me. Maybe it is the glare that never seems to leave his face, but maybe it is just the aura that he holds.

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Imagine your nose piercing being infected (Twilight)

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“Hello, yes, it’s one in the morning and i hate life. Therefore i am going to get a thousand year old vampires to help me.” You said. “The lovely Demetri volturi is the camera man and the rest of this castle and the covens are tuned in with my misery. This” You pointed to your face, specifically a nose piercing. “is a problem, it’s infected and i really messed it up…and it hurts!” Your eyes narrowed. “I do not look attractive at all. Demetri, you liar. I have red eyes and everything and you called be bloody beautiful! There is no way you’d ever find that attractive!”

You got a Q-tip to clean the infected area. “it’s twisted. I don’t. know. what. im doing…and there is puss!”
Demetri made a noise of distaste. 
“I ain’t even getting him to help me. That’s disgusting! He has like microscopic vision!”
“I’m not sure i’d want to. I love you, but this is infection and possible mucus.” Demetri said.
“Ughhh, it’s so twisted! I don’t know which way to- WHAT THE F-”
“Noooo.” Demetri said firmly. “You’re doing so well with your language. Don’t lose it now.”
Your eyes welled up with a grin. “This sucks.” You dabbed at your piercing. “I want to die. Just kill me, end the torment - nothing else crappy could happen to me, it already has!”
Demetri hummed briefly. “Do you want me to do it?”
You panted slightly. “I can’t breathe and i can’t swallow.”
“Okay, relax, put your head in between your knees.” Demetri reached out squeezing your shoulder before extending his long arm further to rub your back. “Do you want me to do it?”
“No, i don’t want you even looking up my nose nevermind poking your fingers up my nose.”
“Don’t be a child, i’ll do it.” Demetri said firmly. putting down your phone so everyone could still see. 

Demetri tilted your head up to the light looking up your nose. “I don’t want to touch the metal incase i make it worse love.”
“Do you see it though? Like do you see how twisted it is?”
Demetri nodded. “I don’t know, i really don’t know. Not without hurting you. The only suggestion i have is pulling it out which we aren’t doing.”
Your exhale was heard.

You leaned forward to read the typing.
“So, some people have said to just pull it out, some said ‘go to hospital’ and others said ‘haha, good luck with that’. Dr Cullen said to clean it immediately.”
You looked into the mirror and put your finger on it. “Ow!” You yelled hitting the wall a few times. You tried again with the same outcome, this time grabbing Demetri and shaking him.
You seemed determined as you quickly tried again. Suddenly you screamed with a slight laugh. “AHH!! I made it worse! no! That’s bad, i’m gonna cry! that’s so much worse.”
You quickly tried again, groaning. You looked up and blinked twice. 
“Did you get it?”
“It’s in.”
“It is?”
You nodded. “Yeah, bet you’re pissed now Demetri. You hate this thing.”
“That’s so true.”
“Just so we all know for future reference, I am very aware i sounded very dramatic but words cannot describe how painful that was.”

Three Months

Fandom: Fairy Tail

Pairing: Graylu

Rated: T

Summary: Fresh out of a bad relationship, Lucy lashed out at the one person she needed the most. Fate was a funny thing-and Lucy quickly learned to never leave things unsaid. 

Word count: 3850

Written for Graylu-Angst week! sorry if there isn’t enough angst it’s more hurt/comfort and based off a few prompts, e.g., stars, guilt/regret/apology

I actually struggled so much with this I usually don’t struggle with angst.

Hope you guys enjoy!

Happy ending?? Read to find out ;)

She’d always loved the stars.

They were a constant companion of hers, always there for her when she got lonely. She would gaze up and find her favourite constellations, tracing them out with a finger, smiling as she watched them twinkle.

But now she found it hard to look at them.

They no longer gave her peace. They gave her sorrow, because they reminded her of him. And that made her sad, yes, but more than anything it made her angry.

She’d never shared her love of stars with anyone the way she had with him. And he went and messed it all up. He’d manipulated her, cheated on her, and worst of all, he’d said he loved her.

She wiped away the tears that started to fall from her eyes as she looked out her window, the stars especially bright tonight. A sob ripped through her chest, unable to stop it now that it started. She was hurt—she had trusted him. Loved him. Opened herself up to him.

But no more.

Lucy rose from her window sill, almost numb as she gathered up her coat and bag, needing fresh air. She couldn’t stay in her room. Couldn’t be surrounded by a constant reminder of him—of them.

Slamming her door behind her, she walked to the nearby park, almost as if on autopilot. She didn’t want to feel anymore. She didn’t want to think. Briefly, she thought it was probably cold out, but she couldn’t bring herself to care.

She sat down on the park bench, bringing her legs up to cross them, tilting her head to the sky.

How she longed to look at the stars and not feel the pain in her heart. The stars were the only thing left she had of her mother. And now she couldn’t even have that.

She groaned, pulling at her hair as she sobbed, tears streaming down her face, stinging her cheeks from the cold. She wanted to scream, to let everything out and to try to find some peace.

So she did.

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Birthday Boy

TITLE: Birthday Boy
AUTHOR: storylover92
GENRE: smut
RATING: Expicit
Warnings/notes: for @quoting-shakespeare-to-ducks SSS

Tom walked into his house from the airport. He sighed contentedly and hung up his coat and looked at the clock wondering if it was too late for a cuppa. He put the kettle on and walked into his living room to get a book so he could read while he waited for the water to boil. He turned the light on and was greeted with a silken voice.
“Hello, Darling.” Sitting in the arm chair was a woman clad in black leather and green velvet, long black wavy hair covered her shoulders. She looked at Tom with piercing green eyes.
“Who are you?” Tom was getting ready to pull out his phone and call the authorities. Her smirk faltered a little.
“You don’t recognize me? Though, I do look different as a woman. Especially if you’re used to seeing me in my male form.” When Tom still showed no amount of recognition the woman sighed, stood, and spread her arms. “I’m Loki.”
“You’re…real?” Tom shook his head. “Look I don’t know who the fuck you are or how you got in here but I like my privacy. Cosplayers are not allowed in my house, without an invitation.”
“I’m not some mortal fan. I’m here to thank you, I haven’t been this worshipped in my life. And I didn’t think you’d mind a birthday surprise from your favorite Norse god.” Loki watched with a fair amount of irritation as Tom began dialing. He levitated the phone to a nearby table. “None of that now.”
Tom’s eyes were wide as the green seidr dissipated from his phone. “You really are real.”
“Of course I am.”
“So, why are you a woman right now.”
“I thought you’d want a woman in your bed, since I’ve never seen you with a man.” Loki’s form slinked across the room and wrapped her arm around his waist. “But there is a first time for everything, isn’t there?” She licked the shell of his ear and his eyes drifted shut. “Go turn that contraption off. You won’t need any tea tonight.”

Tom walked to his bedroom ahead of Loki. He felt her eyes wandering over his form. He took off his sweater and tossed it aside. Loki came up behind him and tore his shirt down the front, Tom could feel her firm breasts press against his back. Her nails scraped down his chest as she bit the nape of his neck. His breath caught and a small moan came from his barely-parted lips. Her hands slid down his torso to the waistband of his jeans. She hooked her thumbs in the two front beltloops.
“So, what would you like to do for your birthday? What is your fantasy? Exhibition? Bondage? Role play? Toys?” Loki kissed along Tom’s shoulder and Tom grabbed her by the waist and pulled her in front of him. He wrapped his hand in her long hair and pulled her into a deep kiss. When their eyes met, Loki noticed a difference in Tom’s eyes, a domineering side had emerged. He kissed her again, with more ferocity this time, he began pulling her dress off. Apparently, Asgardians didn’t wear anything underneath. He broke the kiss.
“I want you to kneel,” his voice was gravelly and his eyes were a deeper blue. Loki smirked and resisted for a moment before letting Tom tug her hair so she was on her knees. Tom kept her hair wrapped around one hand and pushed his pants down with the other. Loki licked her lips at the sight, he was an alluring mortal to be sure. She met his eyes and flicked her tongue over his tip before taking his head into her mouth. The hand in her hair tightened, she didn’t need to be guided but what was the fun in that? She took him deeper until she had nearly his full length taken. He pulled her hair back and thrusted into her mouth until he felt her gag. “That’s it Darling.” Loki shot him a look suggesting that ‘Darling’ wasn’t working for her. He chuckled, pulled her up and he kissed her slipping his tongue against her lips. Tom pushed her back onto the bed and opened a drawer only to pull out a pair of handcuffs. Loki quirked an eyebrow and smirked.
“So, bondage it is then.”
“Back against the headboard.” Tom growled into her ear.
“Oh, yes sir.” Loki’s smirk deepened and she rolled her eyes. She turned to crawl up the bed when Tom grabbed her ankle and pulled her to the end of the bed so her feet were on the floor and she was bent over the bed.
“I was going to eat you out after tying you up but that eye roll earned you something else,” Tom growled in her ear. He pinched her nipple and walked back over to the drawer and pulled out the short riding crop. He ran it over her hips and on the inside of her thighs before bringing it down hard on her ass. Again. And again. And again. To Loki it stung but didn’t hurt by any means, after the tenth swat she moaned and Tom switch to using his bare hand. After leaving a few pink hand marks on her ass and thighs he dipped his fingers into her, only to find that she was dripping wet. She moaned and pushed back onto his hand. Tom flipped her over onto her back and immediately bit her neck, leaving a mark, then worked his way down to her breasts. He bit and sucked her nipples, smiling as she arched her back and moaned. He took his thumb over her clit and teased until she was at the cusp of her orgasm. Then he stopped. Loki shot him an annoyed look, causing Tom to chuckle.
“Still want to tie me up? Or perhaps gag me since you can’t sew my lips shut.”
“Fun as that would be, I think we’ve both had enough foreplay, don’t you?” Tom rubbed his head over her folds and nudged at her entrance but didn’t enter her. Loki’s eyes half-closed at the sensation. “Don’t you think so?” Loki quickly nodded her head.
“Oh, yes.” She arched her back and let her eyes slide shut. When Tom only continued to tease her, just barely sliding his head into her Loki groaned. “Don’t forget who I am, Mortal. I could tie you up and be riding you before you could blink.”  Tom put her legs on his shoulders and bent down until he was close enough to kiss her. Their lips met, searching and hungry, when she moaned Tom thrusted into her in one fluid motion. Loki jumped a little at the sudden intrusion but soon relaxed into the rhythm Tom was setting. He was thrusting into her as hard as he could, she arched her back and cried out as her orgasm began to overtake her. Loki twined her fingers into his hair and took her nails down his back. Tom picked up the pace and felt Loki tighten around him, he bent down a little more to bite her ear lobe. Loki screamed as her orgasm overtook her, the coil in her belly finally releasing. Tom kept pumping into her, now seeking his own end. He thrusted deep and circled his hips causing her to moan again, her second orgasm came quicker, as did her other five. Tom knew he was close and pulled out with a groan. He moved up the bed and straddled Loki’s shoulders and grabbed her by the hair again. The head of his member was against his bottom lip.
“You’re going to take what I give you and swallow it all, understand?” Tom’s natural baritone had dropped to an even lower pitch. Loki nodded. He pushed himself into her mouth and thrusted being careful not to choke her in the new angle. His hand tightened on her hair and his head fell back as he moaned. He pumped into her as he spilled into her mouth. Tom got stood up and pulled her into his arms and kissed her, he could still taste himself on her tongue. He fell asleep spooned up against her back but he woke up the next morning she was gone. A rose and a couple chocolates had been left on the nightstand in her absence. Under the chocolate was a note that read, ‘Until next time…”


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He Hates Me *A Klaroline Drabble*

A/N : Hi guys this is a drabble for my loveliest friend Jess’s birthday @jesskatethings , sorry I’m two days late but wifi issues are the bane of my existence. I hope you like it. 


Rated M for language , slightly anti-kla//mille.


“Oh god he hates me.” Caroline grumbled taking a seat on a barstool in the Mikaelson bar beside Kol while Rebekah moped the counters.

“Who hates you?” Kol asked and Rebekah ignored her.

“I’m talking about Klaus.”

“Forget Klaus. The man is grumpy as hell why don’t you go for a Mikaelson who will treat you like a queen.”

“I don’t know Elijah is a huge bore.” she feigned innocence.

“Come on blondiepie you know I’m talking about myself. One date honey just one.” he insisted.

“You were still in your mother’s womb when I was stealing Klaus’s lunch. It’s creepy, Kol.”

“Actually I was still in my dad’s balls but age doth no matter I shall love and protect thee with all my heart.” he stated with one hand over his heart and other extended towards Caroline.

She made a disgusted face shoved his hand away and addressed Rebekah, “How long are you gonna avoid me Bekah. I have been back for more than a week now.”

“Kol can you tell the woman sitting beside you that I am busy right now and I have no time for traitors.” Kol smirked and Caroline rolled her eyes at Rebekah’s over dramatic monologue.

“Beks I am sitting right here.”

“Kol tell her or no free beer for you.”

“Caroline Rebekah doesn’t want to see you since you left for cooking school in France five years ago and how dare you go away to follow your dreams.”

“You nincompoop thats not the reason I am mad at her.”

“Then why are you mad at me?” Caroline got up and blocked her path.

“You didn’t even bother to remain in touch. I called you several times and you just flat out ignored me. And now you come back all ready to open your fancy bakers shop and you expect everything to be okay.” Rebekah ranted.

“I’m sorry. I did try to keep in touch initially but culinary school was expensive even with the scholarship. And wifi and international calls cost a fortune. I did send postcards.” Caroline tried to explain her reasons for not being able to stay in touch.

“Only on christmas. You didn’t even have the decency to remember your best friends birthday.” Rebekah quipped somewhat softening.

“You know how it was for me. This was my only chance to make something of myself. I didn’t have money like you guys nor did I have parents who believed in me. It was important for me to prove myself. I could never forget you Beky. I am so sorry. Please forgive.” Caroline curled her bottom lip making a baby face.

“Put that baby face away. I’ll forgive you only if I get a lifetime supply of chocolate chip brownies with coconut frosting.”

“Ten years.” Caroline bargained.

“Fine I give in just because I am feeling generous.” Rebekah replied. Then Caroline stretched her arms out wide, “Hug?”

“Ughh. The things I do just because I have a soft heart.” Rebekah teased and hugged her childhood bestfriend.

“You totally do.” Caroline remarked and Kol hugged them both tightly, “Cool group hug.”

“Sod off Kol.” they yelled together and pushed him away.

He smirked and sat at the barstool.

Rebekah moved behind the bar and Caroline sat beside Kol.

“If only Klaus would forgive me this easily. He literally changes lanes when he sees me. Avoids me like I am a plague infested rat.” Caroline said wistfulness coloring her voice. There was a time he couldn’t bear to be away from her and now he couldn’t bear the sight of her. From kiddie pool to high school sweethearts, everyone had assumed that one day Klaus and Caroline would grow up and marry each other but assumptions sometimes turned wrong. Caroline had moved away to culinary school and Klaus had married someone else.

“Of course he hates you. He is sexually frustrated because his wife turned his hardware into software and the last time he was able to plug his joystick in a panel it was yours.” Rebekah commented and Caroline choked on the water she had just taken a sip of. Kol thumped her back.

“She is right. His stick got no joy from Camille.”

“You two do realize that you are talking about your brother’s … uh…” Caroline felt a bit awkward completing her sentence.

“Penis.” Rebekah supplied.

“Schwantz.” Kol added at the same time.

“Eww you guys are so indecent.” Caroline chastised.

“Would you prefer sophisticated names like manhood since your holier than thou-ness is back from Europe?” Rebekah sarcastically added.

“Oooo. I got one member.” then he nodded at Caroline.

“I would prefer no names at all. Okay. And I would actually prefer if you guys helped me with this Klaus situation. I am back for good and he can’t avoid me forever.”

“I’ll help you. Since I always wanted you to be my sister-in-law and now that Camille is out of the way thanks to Nik finally seeing the light and getting a divorce we can start on mission Klaroline Reunion.”

“A what reunion now?” Caroline asked.

“Klaroline. Mash up name for you and Nik.”

“Koroline would be sexier.” Kol commented.

Caroline cupped his face like a baby’s with one hand and blew a kiss. “Oh sweetie I’m tempted but my joystick isn’t.” and had Rebekah laugh.

Just then Klaus came in. The first thing he saw was Caroline, still the same, world’s most ravishing woman for him, blow a kiss to his younger brother. The stoic expression of his face turned to a scowl. That’s when she looked at him. Sitting more than twenty feet away she still managed to affect him, his felt his heart in his throat when her gaze found his. She gave him a tiny cautious smile and he felt familiar poignant stirrings in his heart and of course his pants. It miffed him that even after all these years and her leaving him without a backward glance he was attracted to her, how pathetic was he? He looked through her pretending he didn’t see her lovely smile and walked away to the pantry.

Caroline had witnessed the emotion flicker on Klaus’s face, longing and desire but maybe she wanted to see that because she was still desperately in love with him. Though they had relieved each other of the commitment they had during the time they had begun dating she was still sour over the fact that he had moved on and that too so soon. Just a few years after her move she had found out that he was dating someone named Camille. Camille, what kind of name was Camille anyway she thought over the rush anger when Klaus again pretended to be unaware of her existence. Oh no he didn’t she put her mental and literal foot down and followed him to the pantry excusing herself from Rebekah and Kol.


She slammed the door to the pantry to alert him to her presence although she freaking didn’t need to since her flowery scent preceded her.

Klaus turned and gave her a nonchalant lift of an eyebrow. It incited her anger even more.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” she almost yelled and twisted the lock beneath the door knob.

“No wait.” he muttered trying to prevent her from doing that but then gave a long suffering sigh when Caroline didn’t stop.

“Wait what? This time you don’t go anywhere until I have  made myself clear.”

“I won’t be able to leave even if I wanted.” he said under his breath. God she was even lovelier since the last time he had seen.

Caroline didn’t hear him. “How long do you plan to keep this up?”

“Keep what up?”

“You acting like you don’t know me.”

“As long as you are here.” he replied and saw hurt flash on her face. It gutted him but he stubbornly stood where he was even though he wanted to take her in his arms and take away that hurt.

“So for the rest of my life then. Great!” she crossed her arms and looked like she was about to leave.

He stalled her , “What do you mean?”

“I”m here for good. I do not plan to leave again.”

“Well that’s fantastic.” he snarked.

“Clearly not for you.” she bit out. Dammit his eyes were still the colour of a violent sea perhaps reflecting his inner tumult. Klaus had always been so intense and she had always been a sucker for his complexities and his passion.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It means what it says. Don’t you dare pretend that you don’t know what I’m talking about. You hate me.”

“Caroline..” he could see how badly she was hurting and felt like an arse for making her feel that way.

“No. Do not interrupt me. I know you hate me but you have no right or reason to do that. You said you were happy for me when I got into culinary school and you told me you would let me go so I can follow my dreams. But you didn’t mean that did you? You resent me for leaving. I wanted to be with you I was ready to do that long distance thing but you’re the one who broke up with me before I left saying that I needed to focus on my career and …” her voice louder than normal.

“Just a second. I never resented you for following your dreams. I have always wanted you to be happy. I would never hate you for that.” his voice matched his.

“Really. Is that why you can not stand the sight of me and avoid me like I’m the grim reaper after your soul? Admit it. Admit that even though you acted like you were fine with me leaving you, you weren’t. You were a selfish asshole who just pretended to be okay with it and now you are punishing me for that.”

“How can you say that? We were best friends before we were anything else. I have always wanted and wished you to have the best of everything.” his yelled back feeling hurt that she would think that he was selfish. Maybe he was in his interactions with everyone else but never with her. She was the only person in the world that inspired selflessness in him.

“Then why are you acting like a jerk to me? I left you alone Klaus when you decided to get married last year because it was too much for me. I have never done anything to sabotage your happiness. I ….” Caroline’s ire escalated.

“That’s the problem Caroline. You left me alone. We were best friends and you didn’t even bother to show up at my wedding. You left me without a backward glance. I let you go but that didn’t mean I didn’t need my best friend.” he interrupted her in a quiet voice.

Her heart ached. How could he have expected her to be his friend after he had decided to spend his life with someone else.

She realized it was pointless to pursue this matter. It was better if they stayed away from each other.

“Are you insane? How could I have shown up at a wedding to watch the man I love marry another woman. I am not that strong Klaus. I think it’s better if we stayed out of each other’s way. You can avoid me all you want but be subtle about it at least. I can…”

“I didn’t hate you for leaving. I hated you for not asking me to leave with you.” he murmured she couldn’t be more shocked.


“I would’ve gone to hell with you if you had asked and I’d have been happy with it because you’re my heaven. I was only with Camille to convince myself i could get over you but i was wrong. We both married each other for the wrong reasons so it didn’t even last for a few months. It was over months before we actually got a divorce. ” he whispered taking a step towards her and she was suddenly very aware of the small size of the pantry and how hot the air was getting inside it.

“I couldn’t ask that of you, Klaus. You had just been accepted to the most prestigious Art School. I couldn’t take that from you. I loved you.”

Maybe she had been feeling courageous to confront him propelled by all the rage and adrenaline earlier but it seemed to have left her the moment he had told her he would’ve left with her and she was his heaven. Poetic arshole always had a way with words and it always made her go jello in the knees. Her heart began thudding when he backed her into a wall.

“Loved?” he asked.

“Yeah. I mean of course… I mean you know..we together.. for a year.” Caroline was nervous now. He had his hands flat on the wall on either side of her head.

He had the urge to check if her mouth still tasted of sugar coated berries. She was fiend for those things.

“And now?” he leaned his head closer and nuzzled her neck when he saw desire and some other pure emotion cloud her eyes.

“What do … you… want… me to say?” she breathed when he licked the pulse at the base of her throat.

“Rebekah thinks you came back because I got a divorce. She listed a number of points to support her theory yesterday evening.”

“She did?” She loved it when pressed light kisses over her jaw.

“Mmhmm.” Her skin still tasted the same. “She also thinks we need to have to sex asap so we can stop affecting other people with the weird sexual rays we emit every time we are in the same room.”

“Okay.” she mumbled and he kissed her then. Her taste was the same, a flavor that he had been addicted to. Kissing her desperately he pulled her in his arms needing a fix for his addiction. Her hands fisted over his back her nails dug in his muscles. It spurred him he lifted her tucking her around his waist. Her mouth open slightly as if surprised by the evidence of his desire and he laughed against her mouth. His hands sneaked under shirt massaging her breasts.

She needed to talk to him before it got out hand Caroline thought fighting against the onslaught of desire burning through her veins

“Nik.” she stated once and when her voice didn’t register she held his face in her hands.

“What are we doing?” she asked and Klaus smiled. Then he kissed her softly and replied, “What do you think?”

The potency of emotion she saw in his eyes shook her. She could see he still loved her.

“Rebekah is right. I came back when I heard about your divorce hoping..” she couldn’t complete her sentence when he crashed his lips to hers. After a few toe curling seconds he prompted, “Hoping?”

“Hoping you’ll be easy pickings.” she teased.

“Really? So you think I’m easy pickings?”

“Totally.” she answered and he laughed.

“Well even if I weren’t I couldn’t stop you from ravishing me. The lock is faulty. Thus I think I might as well be a good sport and surrender my virtue.” he kissed her again and she felt the bulge in his pants getting harder.

“You totally should. I still love you and Klaus I know I always will. You’re it for me. Have always been from the day when you punched Jesse for me for throwing a frog at me in sixth grade.” she bit her lip.

“You’ve been the one for me from the day you stole my lunch in third grade and blamed it on Rebekah.” Klaus placed kiss over her forehead. “I love you Caroline Forbes.”

They smiled and were about to kiss again when a note slid under the door. Klaus let Caroline go and picked it up.

“It says Happy Sexing my darlings. Pantry sex is the best. Ps Caroline make it fifteen years of brownies for blaming me for stealing Nik’s lunch. And Oh Nik I’m taking your Italian scotch for knowing about it and still getting me punished.

Love Rebekah.”

Then a packet slid under the door with a paper wrapped around it.

Klaus lifted it too, unwrapped the paper and saw it was a condom. There was something scribbled on the paper. Caroline took it and read it.

“For heaven’s sake Nik. Next time buy a condom first. Don’t check your wallet I stole that one months ago.

Ps Caroline if his system is broken you know where to find me.

*winky face* Kol”

They both laughed and then proceeded to put the borrowed condom to good use.




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7 + deamus

I’m on mobile right now, so I can’t bold the quotes…or do anything w/ the text pretty much, so sorry if it’s messy lmao

#7: “Do you have any idea how long I’ve felt this way about you?”

“Dean I need to talk to you,” Seamus told his best friend.

“Alright. What’s up?” Dean smiled at him.

“Well I’ve been meaning to tell you for a while now, but I’ve only just worked up the nerve to do it…” Seamus trailed off, looking anywhere but at Dean.

“Spit it out then, mate.”

“Okay well I uh…Ithinkiminlovewithyou,” he rushed out.

Dean was pretty sure of what he heard, but it couldn’t be true. He’s had a crush on his Irish friend for as long as he could remember. There’s no way he felt the same way, though.


Seamus blushed.

“I said I think, no, I KNOW, I’m in love with you.”

“Haha. Very funny, Seamus. Now what did you really need to tell me?”

Seamus finally looked Dean dead in the eye.

“I’m serious, Dean! Do you have any idea how long I’ve felt this way about you?! I bloody love you!”

“Well…that’s good then. Because I bloody love you too. So I guess that makes you my boyfriend.”

“I guess it does.”

Dean grinned and lunged at Seamus, who just wrapped his arms around the other boy and crashed their lips together for a kiss they’ve both been yearning for for ages.

i can’t help (falling in love with you) - a dipper/pacifica fic

Dippica Week: Day Seven - Post Series
Drawing by: @iamjoemom / @mygfblog
Story by: @diisco–girl
(A/N) AGAIN. A day late but it’s over now and this week was super fun! As always, such an amazing pleasure working with @mygfblog. Everyone go follow this blog for more GF drawings!!!! 

His favorite view in the entire world is waking up next to her.

And Dipper has been through countless adventures, seen things no one has ever dared to even imagine about, faced hell and back and has managed to stay alive– and yet Pacifica with her hair around her, the sun slowly creeping into their bedroom and slowly illuminating her from the edge of their bed up– is the most beautiful image he’s ever witnessed.

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A Genos and Fem!Saitama fanfic

Or “What Genos thought during his first interactions with fem!Saitama”. Please, enjoy.


The first thought that crossed his mind the first time he saw her in action was something between “Damn...” and “How in all the known hells?”.

In front of him was this bald and NAKED woman that with just one slap (ONE.FUCKING.SLAP.) obliterate into a red splat on the buildings the bat shit crazy mosquito monster girl that left him as a shredded piece of cyborg gore. “Who is this woman?! How did she do that?! Is she even human?!”

-  Man, I hate mosquitoes. – she said with the silliest of smiles.

-  WAIT! – he screamed, succesfully making her look his way – I AM GENOS! A CYBORG THAT FIGHTS FOR JUSTICE!! PLEASE TELL ME YOUR NAME!!! –

-  Eh? – she looked at him, her egg like face more than evident – I’m Saitama, why? –

-  ALLOW ME TO BE YOUR DISCIPLE!! – he requested in a scream.

He was desperate.

He needed to know how to become that powerful, needed to know how to be that immeasurable strong… in those times he had thirst for strenght… he had thirst for vengeance.

And this woman was the key to his goal.

-  Ah… Okay. – she said before turning on her heel and leaving.

Genos stayed laying there for a while, watching her back as she walked away and until it dissapeared from his sight, then using the communicator that Doctor Kuseno installed into his head he called the good Doctor to be retrieved and fixed. He had field investigation to do.


He is not a stalker, alright?

He is not.

One thing is field investigation and another very different is the shameful act of stalking.

He has an analitical mind. He needs stats, samples and observation notes before reaching any conclusion, and from his observation week on Saitama-sensei there is only one logical conclusion for her God like strength and that is that it is a total mistery.

-  You actually came… – she said in this suspicious incredulous whisper, her almond shaped eyes squinted in his direction – Errr… What was your name again? –

-  It is Genos, Saitama-sensei. –

-  How the heck did you found my place? And please don’t call me that. –

-  Internet, mistress. –


She invited him into her apartment and offered him a cup of tea while mumbling something about proper etiquette towards a guest (expected or not).

“This place is smaller that expected…” Thought Genos as he followed Saitama into the living room “…and dirtier.”

She was wearing that dreadly yellow full body suit.

“The cape is cool but… Ugh, that color.”

Once settled, Saitama put a very simple tea cup that had a wise quote printed on it in front of him.

-  Go home after you finish this one, I’m no lookin for discip-uh? How come you are in one piece again? –

-  Yes, since my body is mostly artificial it is easy to find spare parts. –

-  Dude, you are so weird. – she said flatly.

“Alright, let’s get this going.”

-  Sensei, what kind of artificial parts do you use? – he asked as directly as only he could.

-  None. – she answered as flatly as only she could.

-  Eh? Then what is that skin colored armor on your head? –

“She cannot be really bald, is she?”

-  It is MY skin. – Saitama was getting annoyed.

-  But that could only mean that you are already ba-


“Change of subject then.”

-  Could you hear my problem, sensei? –

-  No, thank you, please go home. –

After unsuccesfully telling his tale and being treated like an annoying ten year old, Genos finally put into ten exact words what he wanted from Saitama.  

-  Please, teach me how to become strong like you, sensei. –

“That’s it, I said it, please don’t say no, please don’t say no.”

-  Hmmmm. – Saitama seemed to deeply think her answer – Genos. – she opened her eyes and looked at him.

-  Yes, ma’am! –

-  How old are you? –

-  I am nineteen, ma’am! –

-  So young… I’m sure you will surpass me in no time then. –

-  Really?! –

-  You see, Genos, I’m twenty five, but I was twenty two when I started training three years ago. –

“Is she for real?!”

-  I don’t mind teaching you, Genos but… I’m not gonna lie to you, it’s gonna be tough. Are you ready to take it on? –

The seriousness in her voice, in her eyes, the sharp angles of her face, everything about that question screamed “ARE YOU READY?!”, challenging his resolve.

-  Yes, ma’am! –

And then he sensed them approaching.

The house of evolution.

That was a very eye opening day for Genos, that day he understood that there still are certain things that not even science can explain, no matter how common they seem.

This woman… this average looking bald woman surpassed all the human limitations by sheer will power and a ridiculous excercise routine.

-   …You guys messing around with evolution and the new human race and all that jazz will never make it far, the true power, our true power as human beings, is that we can change our selves on our own! – finished Saitama her speech.




“Are you shitting me?!” Thought Genos after hearing the ridiculous answer Saitama gave to the Asura Kabuto.


Saitama’s face deflated after hearing Genos rampage, it was obvious that he would not believe her… shit, not even she could believe it but…

-  Genos… - Saitama called him, her serious face becoming and egg once again, the sad light in her eyes stoping Genos’s rage – That’s all I did… I’m not lying. –

Genos was not sure if he could believe her words, but he certainly could believe her eyes.

“She is not lying.”

She was not.

And the one punch hit that exterminated Asura Kabuto was more prove than enough.

“Well, if not even she understands how her strength came to her… maybe I can find out how and apply it to myself.”

So he decided to stay by her side.

That was the second most (the first one being becoming a cyborg) important decision that would lead the rest of his life.


Turns out, she really was a very simple average woman (that could obliterate anyone and anything with one single punch), she liked discount sales, discount coupons, read manga, watching the news, cheap or free stuff, and her favorite hoodie was this oversized (yellow colored, again) thing that said “oppai” in big red letters at the front, and yet he found her charming in the most bizarre of ways.

She would make this silly little smile when a good bargain was in her hands, the usual blank stare could get this twinkle when a flyer announcing a new discount sale would land in her hands, her face could get all serious when the hero in her manga got into a pinch… and she was so humble and kind and selfless… How come no one knows about this woman?! How come no one is worshiping her like the heroine she is?! WHY?!

-  Wait… sensei, could it be that… since you are just a hero for hobby… –

“It can’t be, can it?”


The face that Saitama dedicated to Genos after his explanation about what the association was, was one of pure shock and disbelieving.

-  I had no idea. – she said, the surprise in her face making it even rounder – Wait, Genos, are you registered? –

-  No, why? –

-  Let’s go register our selves! – the silly little smile make its apperance in her face again, apparently this idea excited her – If you register yourself with me, I’ll make you my disciple for real this time! –

-  LET’S GO! –

Funny thing is, the first time Genos spoke to Saitama she was naked, yet he did not paid attention to her body due to the inmense awe he felt at that time (and because it was rude to stare), but when they did the physical part of the association entrance exam he could not tear his optical cameras from the hand like sculped body that was wearing a royal blue sports leotard. All the stats that appeared in his systems surpassed by far all the records… and those legs…and her long neck… and her thing yet firm arms… and her waist looked so frail, but one could see the faint line of her hard rock abs…

-  Genos, why are you naked? – she asked when her gaze landed on his figure.

-  I am not naked, sensei. Even though I’m not wearing clothing I am wearing my chastity plate. –

-  Uh-hu, dude you have officialy advanced from weird to creep. Anyway, you done too? –

-  Yes, Saitama-sensei. –

-  And? How did you do? –

-  Both the written and fitness tests were a walk in the park. –

-   I know, right?! I can’t believe it was so easy! –

-   One needs at least seventy points to pass the written part, but the fitness test is the one that really matters, so it shouldn’t pose a problem. –

When the results were given to them, Genos was not suprised to find out he was in the S-class, the strongest among the hero ranks but, if he was in the S-class, where could they place his sensei? Is there a God-class? Wait, what if they make a whole new class just for her?! That wouldn’t be surprising tho.

-  I-I… I ba-barely passed the wri-written part with a se-seventy one… I’m in C-class. –



-  Genos, are you sure about this? – Saitama questioned him when they arrived to a desolated place.

-  Yes, sensei. Thank you very much for accepting my unreasonable request. –

-  Yeah, well… I did promise I’d make you my disciple for real this time, but remember, this is just a sparring. It’s not like we are actually gonna fight, got it? – explained Saitama while taking her place some meters away from Genos.

“But that is exactly what I had in mind, sensei… I will attack you with all I have to make you fight back seriously too.”

But nothing made her be serious. His cannon blasts a mere breeze for her. His punches and kicks equals to the touch of a fly for her. His speed just like slow motion in her eyes. She was playing with him, he became the toy of this child like goddess whose eyes sparkled amusingly at the sight of his laser lights, and that made him feel so angry, he put more, and more, and more power into his attacks but nothing seemed to make her take him seriously.

Or so he thought.

It was just the fraction of a second, shorter than a blink… but it felt like if the time froze.

Death was staring right at him… powerful and cold… unstoppable.

He felt like the ant facing the gigantic thump that was about to squash it into nothingness… and then a flick to his forehead, as light as cardboard and as quick as a the tip of a whip… and then that was it.

And there was Saitama, smiling her silly smile and as fresh as a fucking lettuce.

-  I’m hungry. time for lunch, Genos! Let’s go eat udon! –


-  S-Sure… let’s go. – he mumbled.

He saw her retreating back for a second before turning his head and look at the damage, just then he understood…

A huge scratch like hole cut through the rock and beyond for what seemed to be kilometers, like if a giant nail scraped a piece of fabric.

“It doesn’t matter what I do… I can’t see myself coming even close to be as strong as sensei.”

-  Hey, what’s wrong? Don’t tell me you don’t like udon. –

Her voice brought him back to reality.

-  N-no, sensei. I do like udon. –

-  Good, because this place got one of the best I’ve tasted. –

The udon was good and the restaurant clean, Genos found himself feeling at peace and relaxed… When was the last time he felt like that?

Saitama seemed really impressed by the quantity of udon Genos could eat.

-  Well, you certainly don’t act like a nineteen year old boy but you sure can eat like one. –

Genos found himself smiling to the comment made by the woman.

-  Thank you, sensei. –

And then Amai Mask appeared and the good mood ran away, but when he came back to Saitama (who was waiting for him with a tiny worried frown between her eyes), they said good bye to each other and the next day Genos made the third most important decision that would lead the rest of his life…


-  Can I live here? – he asked as Saitama looked at him like if finally all sanity has left him.

They were at Saitama’s small apartment, it was almost noon but Saitama was still wearing her pajamas and was reading manga in a very “chill” position.

-   No. - she said while looking flatly at Genos.

-   I’ll pay rent. - he says and then smash a huge stack of money on Saitama’s tea table, right in front of her face.

Saitama looked at the money.

Saitama looked at Genos.

-   I hope you brought your toothbrush. –

“Victory.” He thought, a tiny smile in his face.


Kinda short. I don’t know, maybe will do a second part.

Hellos and New Starts Part 01

Draco Malfoy X Reader

Request: Nope

Warning: Torture. Fluff. Marriage talk? Fear

(AN: Takes place post wizarding war. Draco is smol bean. Haha… Next part is fun)

Originally posted by stunning-i


Shyly, you placed a shaking hand into Draco’s, fighting the tears stinging your eyes. You had absolutely nothing in common with Narsissa or Lucius Malfoy except for your love for their son.

You were a Hufflepuff, a half-blood, a fighter on the light side. You and Draco’s love was strange and forbidden, but intimate and passionate, simple and classic. The same relationship that your grandpa and grandma had always had ever since you could remember.

Noticing your nerves, Draco squeezed your hand and kissed your neck, “They will adore you, Y/N… Fret not.” He whispered tenderly in you ear causing a small ghost of a smile to spread on your lips.

“This is me we are talking about Draco. Fretting is more of a hobby than something I do.” Chuckling, I laid against his shoulder while he knocked on the door, rubbing my hand as I took deep breaths in order to calm myself, knowing that it would most likely be his mother who would answer.

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