how long did this take you wtf

What I say: I’m fine

What I mean: but why did Kylo Ren bridal carry Rey instead of just letting her fall to a heep on the forest floor?? Why didn’t he order the stormtroopers to take her to the shuttle? Was he holding her in his shuttle for the entire ride back to the ship??? Were the stormtroopers just like ‘uhhhh sir you can set the scavenger down’ and was he like ‘no’ and just sat down on the shuttle and had her in his arms as if she were some sleeping puppy while all the stormtroopers awkwardly coughed in the corner?? Like wtf Kylo??? How long did he hold her??? Did he strap her in the chair??? Was he just walking around the ship and passing by Hux with this unconscious girl dangling in his arms until someone said something?????


“I just wanted to say that… I’m sorry and, uh… I hope… that you know that I did what I had to do. You’re not a bad person. I know that. That’s all that matters. And, uh, I want you to know that I’m gonna be better from now on. I’m gonna help people. I’m gonna find out what happened to us down there. I don’t care how long it takes. I’m gonna get answers. I’m gonna do it for you, and I’m gonna do it for Steve. And… I just… I love you, man. I didn’t ever get a chance to tell you but I love you.” (Chronicle 2012)

i started this blog about 2 ½ months ago expecting no one to follow it and now i’m about to hit 3.5k and i’m ??? what ? how ? idk guys, but thank you all so so much! i love all of you :) i’ve felt very welcomed and want to thank you all for being so nice and making my experience such a nice one <3 :) favs are bolded, but ur all my favs tbh

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