how long before they eat you too

  • Lance: Keith told me you are a leap child. Does that mean-
  • Shiro: That time is a human concept that doesn't affect how our body behaves? That Earth doesn't care where the sun rises first and last? That the sun was rising and setting long before humans decided to start counting how many times it happened before the ground was too cold for farming? And that it will keep rising and setting even when all the clocks stop and all the calendars are burned, until the sun explodes in a super nova, eating our solar system with it? That, despite being born in a day that happens only ever 4 years in our fragile system, my body and mind still grew normally, completely unaware that my birthday technically didn't happen, and so I'm still older then you? That in the end it doesn't matter, for we all will have the same end, embraced in the cold arms of death?
  • Lance: ... you know what nevermind holy shi t
Mr. Hemmings

To be honest, you don’t know where this new found confidence is coming from since you’re normally a red face blubbering mess in front of him. Maybe it was the wink he sent you this morning or his eyes constantly roaming down your body, whatever it was made your confidence boost and let your wild side escape.

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Words: 5.5K

Request: No


The sound of your bedroom door creaking open and the shutters of your blinds getting pulled up had your eyes beginning to peal open, the sunlight shinning through the curtains had a hiss falling from your lips as you turn your body over to look at whomever decided to disturb you so early in the morning.

“Y/N what time did you go to bed last night?” Your mom questions as you hear her wining your window open. The sound of birds chirping and lawn mowers shaving long strands of grass begin to flutter into your ears.

“I don’t know, two maybe four in the morning?” You respond while groaning and throwing your head into your pillowcase, the softness of the pillow comforting you as you let a please sigh slip from your lips.

“Really Y/N! Why were you up so late?” Your mom ask with such frustration in her voice that your actually scared to look at her, but you’re actually relieved when she sits down at the foot of your bed and begins to rub your calf in her thigh.

“I was binge watching The Vampire Diaries sue me.” You say, voice muffled because of the pillow but your mom lets a tired sigh fall from her lips before pinching your calf gently.

“You shouldn’t be doing that. It’s bad for your body.” Your mom says, only leaving you to blink your eyes open and roll them.

“Ugh.” You groan before turning around in her grasp and looking up at her, the sunlight somewhat blinding your eyes.

“It’s the truth Y/N, anyways freshen up. Breakfast is downstairs and I need to talk to you also.” Your mom states while rising up and off the bed, her warm skin leaving your body, causing you to pout.

“What do we need to talk about?” You ask while raising up, your left hand coming up to cover your eyes from the beaming sun as you watch your mom begin to walk out of your door. “Come downstairs and you’ll find out.” Is the only thing she says, causing another groan to fall from your lips before you hear the door slam shut, making you stand and  walk out your bedroom and straight to the washroom.

You quickly brush your teeth and wash your face before you hop in the shower, the feeling of the warm water hitting your cool body had a please sigh slipping through your lips as you quickly washed up and hopped out.

You made your way into your room and quickly put on your under garments before lotioning your body up, the scent of coconut in the air as you walked over to your window with your towel wrapped around your body just in time to see your beautiful neighbor.

Just a few yards away from you, you saw Mr. Hemmings just getting out of the shower also, his body glistening with water as a white towel was loosely wrapped around his hips. His once blond hair now resting dark amongst his forehead, he brings his hand up and brushes it out of his face, making his body look so lean and slender.

A satisfied moan slipped from your lips as you watch Mr. Hemmings continue to paste around his room, continuously looking around for something that he lost. You watch as his body begins to walk towards the window that reflects yours, his arms reaching out and pulling open a drawer that is conjoined to his desk, his arm moving around like he is searching for the item before pausing and looking up towards you.

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FP Jones/Andrews family/Riverdale imagines - Oh Dear Part 9

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AN: This chapter is a little different… It’s also a little short so I may release the next chapter a little earlier than Friday. 

(Part One) (Part Two)(Part Three)(Part Four)(Part Five)(Part Six)(Part Seven)(Part Eight)

Overall Summary: You’re Archie’s old sister and you have a thing for a certain serpent

Pairing: Reader x FP Jones, Sister!Reader x Archie Andrews, Daughter!Reader x Fred Andrews

Word count: 1,335

Warnings: Well, FP is clearly older than the reader in this fic, none really

Before homecoming…

FP watched you leave the trailer with a unconscious smirk on his lips. 

You really were something else. 

He turned to the kitchen and poured himself a coffee, he had to be at Alice Coopers in an hour and if he was honest, he was kind of nervous. 

He knew Alice. He knew that this wasn’t just some social gathering to bring the Cooper/Jones family together but he said he’d go since Jughead seemed so damn excited about it. And in the end, he didn’t care that much about Alice’s intentions as long as his son was happy.

And your surprise visit was enough to encourage him to get through the rest of the evening. Knowing that you would be at the Whyte Wyrm in a pair of combat boots and black washed jeans that clung to you so tightly was enough to help FP through the night. 

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temete-la-bella  asked:

21 with Yoongi please! ^-^ Roommate!AU Thank you! And congratulations!

thank you so much for requesting, i hope you like it! and thank you!

21.“Why are you naked in my bed?”


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Jason Todd Headcanon (NSFW)

Request: Can you please do headcanons for what jason todd is like in bed and maybe his kinks as well? Thank you!

  • Um this boy definitely has some kinks
  • At least I feel that he would
  • And hickies
  • So many hickies
  • He just lives for covering you in hickies.  They’re everywhere
  • Praise Kink?
  • Like he’ll tell you how good you’re doing over and over again
  • He could probably go on for a REALLY long time.  And he does
  • Sometimes he’ll just eat you out for hours before doing anything
  • He just loves to eat you out
  • He’s so skilled at it too
  • During sex he’s probably fast and rough
  • But then sometimes he’ll go really slow to tease you
  • Oh god he’s such a tease
  • I feel like he’s really vocal during sex
  • He’ll probably moan really loud if you scratch/bite down too hard
  • And he’s always moaning
  • Afterwards he always makes sure that he wasn’t too hard
  • Like he makes sure that you’re ok and then he covers you in kisses and is just really affectionate

(A langst fic inspired by @alienslovetea’s “Frost.” Check their blog out!)

Lightening surges beneath his fingertips. His muscles convulse, clench, loosen. His eyelids flutter as he seizes.

Garbled screams come through the intercom, distorted and lost to his electrified ears. Lance wants to answer back, but he’s locked in place, his body contorting against his will.

Blue shuts down completely, overloaded with power. Electricity still runs through her, burns under Lance’s skin and creates tracks of fire up his face.

All at once the electricity stops dead, though a cooling wave of relief cannot crush the way his body tingles, the way his body aches the way it does.

Lance heaves a great breath, head rolling limply in his seat. He is dazed, shocked — literally and figuratively — lost to the pain he feels. Light flashes and pops outside of Blue, faint behind the dead screen. Lance feels himself being carried, but cannot move to try and fly away. He only hopes it is his team.

The world swirls around him, dips in and out of his vision, plays a game of catch with his eyes. Lance can hear himself breathing, a dry, rattling noise he can’t stand, but he is so, so tired and is willing to put up with it if he can sleep.


Just shut your eyes.


It’s so quiet here.

“LANCE!” A voice shrieks in his ear, jolting him awake. The pain that streaks through him wakes him up more than whoever just screamed, though, but the saltiness of his tears shocks him more. His tears burn, sting, somehow reminder this situation is all too real.

Lance can’t move himself to speak. He tries, he really does, but his throat screams when he swallows to say something. Lance settles for humming.

“It's— it’s Shiro. We’re taking you back to the castle. I’ve got you buddy.”

He hums in acknowledgment, and… promptly blacks out.


“Just a few more ticks,” Allura snaps. Keith gets a vague, sickening feeling of deja vu, a mirror of a situation from years past.

“What’s a few more ticks going to do? Let him out!” Keith urges, impatient. He’s waited so long for Lance to leave the pod, and how’s a few more fucking ticks going to affect his recovery? Keith huffs.

“Calm down, Keith. You’re not the only one waiting on a friend,” Shiro murmurs, and Keith briefly wonders if he’s talking about Lance before turning his attention back to the pod.

“It’s been a “few more ticks,” Allura. I’m opening the pod.“

From the corner of his eye, Keith can see Pidge glaring at Lance’s pod. She looks just as tempted to press the button as he is, but Keith wouldn’t be surprised if Pidge actually—

A hissing sound followed by mist leaks from the pod, which was then followed by a body falling forward. Keith steps forward, catches him, whispers “I’ve got you,” and hope no one hears.

Hunk barges forward, and nearly snatchesLance away from his arms, eagerly searching for signs of life on his groggy face. “Heeeeeeey buddy,” Hunk begins, patting and petting his friend’s hair and face. “I know it’s been a while but how do you feel about eating?”

Keith inches forward a little closer. He wants to see Lance’s face.

“How long have I been out?” was the response instead, Lance’s voice thick and quiet much like one waking up from a nap.

“Too long, pal,” Hunk grins, and Pidge says “Like, a month! Do you know how long we waited for you?”

Lance stands, slinging his arm around Hunk’s shoulder. “Maybe a month?”

Pidge immediately looks surprised before laughing, and even Keith has to admit that was pretty clever. He won’t tell anyone he laughed, though.

“Alright Lance, let’s get you to the kitchen. Some food goo will do you good.” Hunk secures his grip on his friend, totters away chatting like nothing ever happened. Pidge trots after, chattering like a bird.

Keith makes to follow, but he feels a heavy hand, albeit warm, on his shoulder. “How are you feeling?” Shiro asks, just as familiar as always. “I know you were pretty anxious to see Lance again.”

“I’m fine, Shiro,” Keith says, even though he knows Shiro is right and he’s already feeling jittery to catch up. “Thanks for asking.” He says, though it’s more of an afterthought than anything.

Shiro blinks, chuckles, pats Keith on the back. “Alrighty tiger.” He nods his head in the direction Hunk and Lance and Pidge went. The second Keith feels Shiro’s hand retract, he’s off, ignoring Shiro’s laughter and Allura’s inquiries.


“Let’s calm down, okay Lance?” Hunk smiles at him, but the way he holds his body screams of defense. Lance knows Hunk is feeling threatened. His body language reflects that, but Lance doesn’t know how to shut this off.

Frost. Frost everywhere.

It sears his fingertips, encompasses nearly the entire kitchen except for the patches Hunk and Pidge stand on. She stares at him with owlish eyes, fascinated and frightened. “I— I am calm,” Lance says, though it sounds more like a question even to his own ears. A burst of ice shoots from his hands seeing his friend’s distress. “I don’t.. I don’t know what’s happening.”

“Maybe it’s.. you…” Pidge starts, before something clicks and she gasps. “When you were electrocuted inside Blue, maybe, maybe she transferred some of her powers to you. Maybe it was through quintessence, in an attempt to help you survive all the electricity— that really was a huge ball of electricity that fleet through at you, there was no way you and apparently Blue alone could take a hit like that and survive, so, so—”


“Right, sorry. I think you have Blue’s powers now.”

Lance winces, and the frost hardens, thickens to what may be ice. “How do I… how do I control this?”

Pidge shrugs like it isn’t a big deal.

Hunk, however, takes a step forward, nearly melts like the ice does around his foot when he makes it safely. “It seems you want to protect us, maybe? I guess we shouldn't— we should keep you calm, huh?” Pidge starts again, taking a tentative step towards Lance as well. Lance feels like a livewire, jittery, stripped raw and nervous. One wrong move, He thinks. One wrong move.

“What’s going on in here?” Keith stops in, crushing the frost beneath his boot. “Keith, wait—” Hunk and Pidge shouts, but it’s too late. Lance starts, jumping, a spout of cool mist covering the floor and freezing all four paladins in the room up to their knees.

Lance’s heart races, and he feels so terribly stupid for letting go like that. Now his feet are cold and his friends are covered in ice… and he has no idea how to voluntarily melt it.

His fingers twitch. They’re cold.

Left For Good

Justin Foley X Reader

Word Count: 962

Warning - Abuse, Reader is Abuse

Originally posted by clony

You and Justin were friends who bonded over horrible things. You were nice and understanding, he noticed that when you worked together. He met you before he was popular and so he protected you when he was but there was a time when he forgot about you and you knew it. You never tried to make it out to be anything else. Something Justin didn’t know was that you were going through the same thing if not worse, you parents didn’t want you, your dad thought if he bruised you enough that you would fade into the shadows and your mum thought it was best to just ignore you. Most nights you slept in your car and you were late for school every morning because you waited for them to leave before you went in to get changed and shower.

One night when you were in your car, scrolling through the phone that you had because they forgot about you. Justin knocked on the window of your car, you slowly turned because your stomach still hurt from when you dad punched you. When you realised that it was Justin you leant forward and opened the car door. You still got money from you various other family members so you weren’t starving, you kept most of the food in the car. “What are you doing in your car?” Justin asked as he climbed in.
“What are you doing out at 2 in the morning?” You asked and he shrugged, his eyes landing on your arms which are usually covered during your time at school.
“What happened to you?” He asked grabbing your arm to look at it properly before looking at your other arm too.
“My Dad happened to me.” You answered pulling your arms back and reaching into the back of the car to grab something to eat from the back of the car. “You want something?”
“How long has this been going on?” He asked.
“What?” You asked.
“This!” He gestured your arms and you shrugged.
“It goes on whenever he can get his hands on me.” You answered. “What are you doing out here anyway?” You asked as you put some M&Ms in your mouth and offered some to Justin.
“My mum’s boyfriend.” He answered.
“Like all the others?” You asked.
“What?” He asked.
“Don’t we’re two sides of the same coin.” You smirked gesturing yourself.
“I’m sorry that I left you all alone.” He sighed.
“Well, you can make it up now right?” You asked and he nodded for once someone was giving him a second chance.

From that day on he never let you grow apart and he spent more time in your car then he did at home, he added to your food stash and made sure that all of your cuts and bruises were treated and you did the same for him. He told you about Hannah tapes and you advised him to tell Jessica but you didn’t know her very well so whatever he thought was best was probably better.

It was weeks before the next incident and you were Justin’s first call, but he didn’t know that you weren’t doing too well, he walked up to your car and realised that the doors were unlocked, they were never unlocked, he looked in to see that you were curled up in the driver’s seat, he walked around and opened the car door, you flinched back breathing picking up and arms flailing, Justin grabbed your wrists “(Y/N)! It’s me… It’s okay, what happened?” Justin asked.
“He w-was w-waiting.” You answered.
“Damn!” Justin cursed, he gently moved you over to the passenger seat and crawled in after you and then began cleaning your cuts, he noticed the bruise forming on your waist where your top had risen up. “Do you mind?” He asked and you shook your head, he gently pulled your top up and the bruise spread over your stomach and up your side. “I think your ribs are broken.”
“What’s with the bag?” You asked your voice still weak.
“I left home, I’m not going back,” Justin answered.
“Maybe we should just leave.” You mumbled.
“Maybe we should,” Justin mumbled back before locking the doors and climbing into the back of the car and then gesturing for you to come lay with him.
“What about Jessica?” You asked, you never laid together before because he was with Jessica.
“I’m not with Jess anymore and you need me more than she wants me around so…” He trailed opening his arms. You slowly climb into the back with Justin guiding you until you were lying with him.

The next morning you waited for your parents to leave like always and then Justin helped you into the house, you both showered and changed before getting back into the car but before you could go anywhere Justin put his hands on yours “Do you still want to leave?” He asked and you looked at him shocked you thought that was something you’d say but never address and you thought for a second before nodded. “Then let’s go.”
“What about school and your scholarship?” You asked and he shrugged.
“We’ll find somewhere else to go to school.” He answered. “Or we can just work.”
“Are you sure?” You asked. “I have nothing going for me here, no friends, no family are you sure you want to leave?”
“No one wants me… I want to leave.” He answered and you nodded starting the car.
“Let’s go then…” You smiled before leaning over and kissing his cheek “there’s always someone who wants you.”
Justin dove forward kissing you careful of your bruises “you missed.” He whispered before you giggled and you guys left for good.

Requests and general question!

True blood son...and daughter - Damian Wayne x Sister!Reader

Summary : Your first meeting with your half-brother didn’t really went well, both of you being quite hot headed…Slowly but surely however, you guys warm up to each other. 

It’s meh, I’m so dissatisfied with my writing lately…hope you’ll still enjoy it :

(My masterlist blog here :


-Don’t forget I’m the true blood son ! 

-Oh yeah ? That’s funny because you know what ? I’m the true blood daughter ! So your argument is invalid. Do you think before you speak ?

Your father looked between you and Damian, not knowing what to do…This wasn’t going how he wanted it to go at all. 


Your first encounter with your half-brother Damian was…tense, to say the least. One day your dad came home with the boy, and boom, I guess you had a new brother. You were super excited. At least at first. You quickly realized that he wasn’t really…the nicest. 

Even before your father explained where he came from and all, you knew he was definitely your brother. He looked almost exactly like your dad when he was a kid. Almost exactly, because his eyes weren’t blue but green, and his skin was way darker than your father’s pale complexion. Other than that…it was like seeing a mini-Bruce. You hoped he wasn’t like your dad mentally too, because that was gonna be a nightmare…And he wasn’t. He was worst. Oh my god so much worst. 

The first words he uttered to you were full of disdain : 

-You look weak. 

Your father stiffened, ready to intervene. He knew that with you, this could go only two ways : you’d loose all control and fight Damian, or ignore him completely, much like your mother would. Your mother, Catwoman, champion in ignoring people that annoy her since the day she was born. You took the second option, and with a little smile that made Damian fumed, you turned away from him, going back to the work you were doing on the bat mobile before your dad emerged with your brother. Hum. Half-brother. 

But Damian wouldn’t have it. He already met the other batboys, and he made sure they knew that Batman’s TRUE son was home. He went too you, under your father’s gaze. Your dad was still ready to lunge forward between you two. 

-Did you hear me ? 


Damian was confused. Even Dick, who seemed like the most collected one, reacted to his provocations. And here you were, kinda ignoring him, a smug look on your face. He had to assure his superiority on you, and you had to react for it to work !! 

-You look very weak. 

-You already said that. Redundant. 

-You look like you…

-Hey, listen, I know what you did to Dick, Jay and Tim ok ? Won’t work with me, I don’t care about your little need to feel better than us. So here we go, I’m gonna tell you know : hey, you’re better than me. Cool right ? I bet you feel great now. 

-Well at least you know your place. 

Oh damn. You were doing such a good job. You were being so calm and collected, like your father taught you. You should have kept ignoring him, just like your mom did to people she didn’t like…You knew he was eventually going to say something that’d make you mad. And here. “Know your place” ? “KNOW YOUR PLACE” ? How dare he ?!  

You stood up to face him. He was almost as tall as you, even though he was definitely years younger, no more than 10, and you were already (your age). You were kinda short. Like your mom. In the corner of your eyes, you could see your father coming towards you, but you made him understand with your eyes that he shouldn’t intervene. You needed to do this. And so he stopped, and looked at you two. 

-Do you want me to teach you your place ? 

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Where She Went (Part 2)


pairing: daveed diggs x reader

summary: daveed and reader were high school sweethearts who had a bad breakup, fate (and a well-timed cello concert) brought them together in NYC. they had a lot of catching up to do.

warnings: swearing, mentions of car wrecks and death, smut at the end because i’m still me after all.

word count: 6,459

a/n: ayyy it’s day five of the @hamwriters write-a-thon which is reverse POV day. this is a continuation of my lit day fic, linked at the top of this post, and i can’t tell u how to live ur life but it really would make more sense if you read that first. love u!!!!!!!! hope it was worth the wait!!!!!!!!!!!! 

“Daveed,” you breathe. “Hi- I, um…I hadn’t really figured you’d come backstage.”

Daveed shifts uncomfortably, looking around the room.

“Yeah, well…I almost didn’t,” he admits, rubbing the back of his neck.

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Zalfie Knows / Joe Sugg

Zoe had invited her brother and one of their childhood best friends to stay over at her house for a few days, and she was surprised when they told her that they had already been hanging out the last couple of days.

When they got there, they acted like everything was normal between them, and Zoe would have believed everything was the same if it hadn’t been for the little things that happened between them in the next couple of days.

First, it was the way they talked to each other, it was always soft and with a smile on their faces, and then Zoe realized how often he called her ‘love’ and she called him ‘sweet’. At first she thought nothing of it, but there was this one time that she called him ‘handsome’ and her eyes went wide before changing the subject.

The next day, she caught them making breakfast together. She was humming lightly and he was standing next to her, watching as she made the pancakes with a loving smile on his face. And when he kissed her temple and whispered something in her ear making her giggle, she could have sworn he had told her that he loved her. That’s when she decided to go back to bed.

“I think Y/N and Joe are dating.” She whispered to her boyfriend, who had just woken up.

“Why’s that?” He frowned.

“Pay attention today and you’ll know what I’m talking about.”

“Is that a problem, though?”

“No not at all. Been waiting for this my whole life.” She laughed.

That day, Alfie did what his girlfriend told him to do, only to find that she was right. There was something about Y/N and Joe that you just realized that they weren’t just friends anymore. They would hold hands under the table, and they would kiss each other’s cheeks when they thought no one was looking.

That night, when the four of them were hanging out, both couple cuddled on different ends of the sofa, Y/N showed Zoe something funny in one of Joe vlogs, and she kept watching it when she saw her friend in it. Giving the phone back, she typed her brother’s vlog channel and watched some of his latest vlogs, Y/N being in every single one she watched.

“Ugh,” Zoe let out, making everybody look at her. “Why didn’t you guys just tell me?” She asked.

“What you on about, Zo?” Y/N asked.

“You and Joe being together!” They looked at each other before looking back to Zoe, who sighed. “Were you scared I wouldn’t approve or something?”

“Zoe.” Alfie whispered but Joe just shook his head with a smile.

“We were going to tell you, tonight. We were going to make dinner and tell you while we were eating.” Y/N laughed, her fingers lacing with Joe’s. “You were just too impatient.”

“Oh.” She smiled. “Well, since now we know…why did it take you so long?!” She ran and hugged them, making them laugh. “How long have you been together?”

“Eight months.”

“Eight months?!” Alfie asked, surprised.

“But you guys came to stay last month!” Zoe said and then looked at Alfie. “We’re blind, Alfie!”

“You aren’t, we just were extra careful, that’s all.” Y/N laughed, standing up and looking back at her boyfriend. “Come on, Joseph, dinner isn’t going to cook itself.” She smiled and started walking towards the kitchen.

“Coming.” Joe said, sitting up on the sofa. “Damn, I love her.” He said, looking at his sister.

“I never thought I’d hear you say that.” She and Alfie laughed.

“Joe?” He heard Y/N’s voice call from the kitchen, so he got up and walked there.

evamoans  asked:

prompt: isak taking care of even in one way or another, maybe he has food poisoning because isak decided to cook food for him in their new apartment :)

Hello there, @evamoans my dear! I’m so, SO sorry for how late this is–between a couple of trips and work being crazy, the prompts in my inbox got away from me (also, I’m the worst, which I think is well-known at this point). But I loved your prompt and couldn’t leave it unfilled, so here you go! It got way too long and way too schmoopy, OOPS. Thank you for sending it my way! Can also be found on AO3 here.

the boyfriend experience

The thing is—and Isak supposes it should come as no surprise, given the ludicrously romantic timing and circumstances of their first kiss—Even is an absolutely phenomenal boyfriend.

And it’s not just the comforting, casual touches and the unreasonably frequent cuddling and the life-altering, mind-blowing sex, either.

(Although that stuff is pretty damn good.)

(Like, seriously. He cannot over-emphasize how good it is.)

It’s the soothing backrubs, and making sure Isak eats breakfast before school, and surprising Isak with baked goods or coffee or little trinkets that remind Even of something Isak said the previous week. It’s knowing when Isak is one textbook paragraph away from studying himself to an early grave and coaxing him into taking a break with the promise of sleep or snacks or Netflix (and yes, sometimes sexual favors are on the table. Hell, sometimes they take place on the table). 

It’s knowing when to press and when to hold back, when to offer quiet support and when to take the lead. Knowing when Isak needs to be alone because he got a shitty text from his shitty father, and when he needs to talk about it, or be spooned within an inch of his life, or fuck to forget.

The point is: Even is great. Even is perfect. So perfect, in fact, that the alarming and ever-growing disparity between them, in terms of boyfriend-ing, has become impossible to ignore. Try as he might to talk himself down, Isak can’t quite stop that ugly fear from gnawing at him—the fear that Even will wake up one day and suddenly realize, fuck, why in God’s name am I doing all this work for a smelly, socially awkward slob with no money and no skills and Dorito crumbs in his bed?

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Smol human tol turian

Vetra: Wow, I always forget how short you humans are.

Ryder: You don’t say?

Vetra: I mean I have to be careful out on a mission, I don’t want to step on you.

Ryder: You’re too kind.

Vetra: But don’t worry, I’m sure if you drink your *looks at note* milk and eat your *glances at note again* vegetables, you’ll grow up to be big and strong.

Ryder: I’ll keep that in mind.

*A few feet away*

Liam: So for how long has she been doing these?

Peebee: Like twenty minutes, and I don’t think she’s gonna stop.

The Odds of Winning (M)

Originally posted by jikookfantasy

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 1,529

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Description: After making a two week long bet with Jimin, you come home and catch him breaking the bet.

Warnings: Sub!Jimin, Voyeurism, Sex toy, Profanity, Masturbation, Teasing, a little bit of over stimulation

A/N: Firstly, @avveh came up with the idea but @metaland-dust polluted my brain with so many filthy ideas. This is just the start of what we’ve talked about. Feedback is always appreciated.

You stuck your hand out in front of Jimin and waited for him to agree with you, “You’re on, ___!” he softly chuckled while staring into your eyes and shaking your hand.

You shook your head and walked away, “Good Luck Jimin! You’re going to need it,” you exclaimed while walking out of the room you shared with your boyfriend of three years.

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Time After Time (1/1)

Inspired by this post.

Emma is a Traveler, able to travel through time but unable to control it. Killian is her Taler, always there to greet her and keep her from being alone while out of her time. Neither of them know how it works but they don’t mind so much as long as they have each other. A Captain Swan AU.

Warning: Mentions of character death.

The first time they met they were the same age.

Emma had known it could happen at any moment but that hadn’t made her any more ready for when it actually did.  Her parents had explained over and over what to expect for her first trip.  They had made it sound fun, exciting, something only a teeny tiny amount of people were able to do.  What they hadn’t told her was how dizzy she would feel, or that her mouth would be filled with the taste of cinnamon, or that she couldn’t be sure that her eyes would stay in her head.

“The year is 1648.  Hi, my name is Killian and I’m your Taler and… and why are your eyes closed?”

“I don’t want my eyes to fall out,” Emma whispered, unsure if she would start crying or throw up.  She was leaning towards throwing up, it would be less embarrassing.

“Your eyes?  Why would your eyes fall out?  Do they give you some sort of fanciful eyes from your time?  Is that something that happens then?  People’s eyes popping out?”

“No!” Emma snapped.  Her eyes opened against her will to glare at the boy, Killian she remembered, who was talking too much, “My eyes are just eyes idiot.”

“Oh, they are,” Killian frowned, apparently disappointed in her normal green eyes.

He looked like all the other boys that were in her fifth grade class at school except for his clothes looked like something from her history book.  Killian was skinny, his hair black and all over the place, and his eyes were blue as far as she could tell since he was squinting at her funnily.  She stuck her tongue out at him.

“Oy, that’s not very nice!” He stuck his tongue back out at her. “I’m trying to welcome you like a gentleman and you’re being very rude.”

“A gentleman?” She scoffed, “You’re not old enough to be a gentleman.”

“I’ll be eleven next winter, I’ll have you know, and Papa said that you have to be a gentleman around ladies.  Even when they won’t treat you like one,” Killian scowled and then seemed to realize that it wasn’t gentlemanly behavior.  He smiled at her, wide and fake, “I’m your Taler, the year is 1648 and I hope your trip wasn’t terribly awful.”

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  • Sun: Okay Blake. Just remember All you have to do is talk to her. It may be hard at first but you can do this. You got this.
  • Blake: I don't know Sun. I'm really nervous. I mean it's Yang.
  • Sun: Exactly! It's Yang. The girl of your dreams. You're best friend and partner. Well second best friend next to me. *Blake frowns at him.* Look the point is if you are still nervous when Yang shows up just think of something else.
  • Blake: Like what? When Yang is around she is all I can think about. *Blake groaned as she hang her head.*
  • Sun: Fair enough. *Sun nodded, thinking for a moment before getting an idea.* OH! I know! Just picture her in her underwear.
  • Blake: Picture her... In her underwear?
  • Sun: Yeah. Or like in granny panties or something.
  • Blake: Uh, Okay. That may work. I'll just picture her in her underwear. In her underwear.
  • Sun: See? You got this. *Sun smiled patting Blake's back as he looks towards the entrance of the restaurant.* Oh look There... she... whoa. *Sun tracked off, his jaw dropping as he watched Yang walked in with his new outfit.* Oh fuck. Blake for-
  • Yang: Hey Sun! Long time no see. *Yang smiled waving at her friend interrupting him.*
  • Sun: Heeeeeey Yang. Was, uh, wassup?
  • Blake: *Meanwhile Blake froze in place at the sound of Yang's voice, her cheeks turning pink with the embarrassment of how excited she has become. She then after taking a deep breath Blake turned to face the woman she loved and abandoned despite Sun trying to stop her.* H-hello Yaaawow. *Blake started to greet but was suddenly struck with awe at her partners beautiful.*
  • Yang: *shocked Yang was at a lost of words.* ... Blake?
  • Blake: Oh god she is more beautiful then I remember. *Blake thought as her blush continued to grow upon seeing how beautiful Yang looked before closing her eyes to focus.* Focus Blake! You need to talk to her not gawk at her! Just... Just imagine her in her underwear, like Sun say. *She told herself before reopening her eyes to find Yang wear only a very revealing underwear and screamed in her head with a full face and cat eats blush.* OH NO SHE'S HOTTER NOW TOO!
  • Sun: Uh Blake? You still with us?
  • Yang: Blake? *Yang said taking a step first.*
  • Blake: 0////0 .... *Faints*
  • Yang/Sun: BLAKE!!
Dance With Me

Brief Summary; You’re a Hufflepuff who doesn’t know what to do about her longing crush on a certain scar-faced boy. When his best friend tries to get close to you but how will it all go over when you see how they really are?

Words; 6195

Warnings; Fluff and Bullying of young Severus, Cuteness but also bullying isn’t cool.

Pairings; Sirius x Reader(Slight), Remus Lupin x Female!Reader.

Note; I do not agree with what James and Sirius did to young Severus, nor do I agree with what Severus did to them. Bullying is not cool no matter who is doing it. I respect both James Potter and Severus Snape. But for the sake of where I wanted the story to go, I did have the reader believe and side with the marauders. Please don’t hate everyone is entitled to their opinion. I love both of these men so much, so it was hard picking a side and I could rant for days about these two so let me not. Anyway, enjoy.

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The Great Hall was bustling with student chatter and excitement. Hogwarts was holding the Tri-Wizard Tournament this year. Which meant the yule ball. Girls were talking about what they were going to wear and boys were dreading having to ask a girl to the ball. Dumbledore rose to address the students.

“This year, we are holding the Tri-Wizard Tournament as many of you already know. This means the Yule ball is fastly approaching. Students in 5th year and up are required to attend. The head of your houses’ will each set a time after classes ended to teach you how to dance. That is all.” He hummed before taking his seat back at the table before the food started to arrive.
Unlike most 6th year girls you weren’t that excited about being forced to attend the dance. You much rather avoid it all together, you fiddled with your black and yellow tie before looking around your house table. Being a Hufflepuff you knew you could find a boy to go with you, even just as a friend. You examined each boy slowly as if trying to figure out who you would have a good time with when your friend Dylan poked your shoulder.

“You’re not gonna believe it but I think those Gryffindor’s are staring at you.” He chuckles softly before pointing, you gaze following where he was looking at the table closest to the far wall, right beside yours. A soft blush coming to your cheeks as you catch the eyes of none other than the Marauders. Quickly averting your eyes down to your food Dylan chuckled again. “What if one of them asks you to the dance?” 

“I hope not, everyone knows those Gryffindor’s love trouble and pranks. It might be a setup.” You were loyal and kind and patience but everyone knew the rep of those four. Letting out a soft sigh you just toyed with your food before glancing back towards the table, your eyes landing on a pair of soft blue eyes. It sent a shiver up your spine, you knew who the eyes belong too. Remus Lupin, the only boy in the entire school to always get injured every week it seemed, then again being friends with Sirius Black could do that to you. Offering a shy smile to the wide-eyed boy you then turned back to Dylan.

“Okay, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if Remus asked me.” You mumbled with a smile before finally taking your time to eat your food. Dylan just laughed and shook his head softly.

“How long have you had a crush on that boy? 3 years now? And you’ve never even said one word to him.” Dylan shook his head before shoving a fork full of food into his mouth.

“You aren’t one to talk Mister-I’m-in-love-with-the-Slytherin-Quidditch-Captain.” You huffed before shaking your head talking a sip of your water.

“Ouch that hurts, Y/N. And for your information, I have at least talked to her.” He rolls his eyes softly before looking back over at the Gryffindor table. “They are all looking over here again, I wonder which one is crushing on you.”

“Who said it was me they were looking at?” You retorted slyly before giggling at the thought of Sirius or James crushing on Dylan.

“Oh very funny, Y/N. Hey look here comes Sirius.” He smirks before putting his head down a bit. You didn’t have much time to brace yourself as Sirius sat right across from you with a wide smile.

“Y/N? Right? We have Potions 5th period together.” His voice was dripping charm and pride as you lifted your head to offer him a small smile and a nod. “Well, I just came over here to ask if you wanted to be my partner for the project. I know you’re like the best in potions class and it would be cool if you could teach me a few things.” He seemed sincere and you couldn’t fight the small smile on your lips. You weren’t the best at potions but it was a great confidence booster than someone acknowledged how smart you were. 

“I- uh. Yeah sure why not. I don’t have a partner yet anyway.” You tried not to sound or act too weird, The Marauders practically ran the school and this one project could find you some new friends.

“Great. Meet me at the library? I got grab my books.” He chimed before standing up and smiling. “Oh, and by the way, you look pretty today.” And with that and a charming smile, he headed back to his table. 

You didn’t notice a soft pair of blue eyes staring at you once he knew the news. Your cheeks tinted red as you stared down at your food. You never got attention like this and it was weird. Dylan just smirked and bumped shoulders with you in a way of saying told you so. But you two didn’t talk the rest of the meal. As soon as you were all dismissed you nearly ran back to your common room and up to your dorm. Throwing yourself on your bed you quickly pulled out your potions book and notebook as well as your favorite quill and quickly ran out of there towards the library. 

What you weren’t expecting was to see all of the Marauders standing there as Sirius approached you and smiled. “Hey, you ready to get started Y/N?” His voice was still warm like honey and you gave a shy nod holding your items to your chest. 

Sirius walked beside you as you guys ended into the dungeons, a few classrooms were available for said project as long as you let Professor Slughorn know. And that’s what James and Lily did as Sirius and you headed to the empty potions classroom. You and Sirius took one of the tables in the middle of the classroom as you started to set out your books and notes. Then you turned and headed to the back closet for the supplies you would need for the potion. Bringing them back and setting the items spread out on the table. By then James, Lilly, Peter and Remus were also in the room. 

Taking a deep breath you did your best to try and focus on the potion at hand. Your project was to create a spin on a simple potion you all had been creating for years. It didn’t have to be a major difference, maybe a new color or smell. But it was still a project nonetheless. 

“Sirius, can you add the Eels’ eye?” You hum as you make sure to evenly stir the mixture as you two started. He did as he was told, standing a bit too close to you but it was fun nonetheless. You would call out ingredients and how much and he would add so you didn’t have to stop stirring. This particular potion had to be continuously stirred or else it could explode. 

You and Sirius were almost done and It was almost perfect changing from a light green to the deep purple it needed to be. But then he slipped his arm around your waist giving you a tight side hug making you hesitate and hit the cauldron before looking at him with a soft blush on your cheeks. 

“Thanks for helping me Y/N. You’re the best!” He hummed before biting his lip softly. You had totally forgotten what you were doing. This boy was a walking honey trap, tricking everyone with his soft eyes and velvet voice. 

The sweet moment was almost perfect until your cauldron started to bubble and pop with anger. Your eyes went wide as you quickly tried to fix it, added calming agents and mixing as fast as you could to get it to settle down. But you knew it wouldn’t. 

“Everyone get down!” You called out as it started to overflow with bubbles that were turning red. You were still stirring in an attempt to calm it but there was no use. Everyone had dived under the tables expect you. That was until a strong hand pulled you back to the floor and under the table holding you close as the cauldron exploded shooting the red liquid onto the ceiling and all over the table they were at. It fizzed and turned a soft yellow before finally resting.  

Opening your eyes you expected to see Sirius as you looked up but the soft baby blue eyes held a twinkle as they stared at you. “Remus.” You mumbled no louder than a whisper. The corners of his lips twitched into a soft smile before Sirius grabbed your hand helping you up. You cleared your throat trying not to think about Remus’ warm embrace. Then again he had just saved you from pure embarrassment. 

“You alright Y/N? I’m sorry I didn’t mean to distract you.” Sirius apologized before pulling out his wand and using a cleaning spell on the room. You quickly check all the supplies and they were safe, the potion didn’t affect them at all, thankfully. Professor Slughorn was nice but he wouldn’t have taken kindly to them ruining his ingredients. 

“I’m fine Sirius, promise.” You flash a smile before looking back at the boy who had basically saved you before wiping liquid off of your books before chuckling softly. “Still sure you wanna be my partner?” 

He smiled widely and let out a soft chuckle, “Of course this assignment is gonna keep me on my toes that’s for sure!” 

“You got that right.” You hummed before shooting a thank you smile at Remus
The 6 of you then got back to work this time you were able to perfect the potion without distraction and bottle it before smiling widely. You looked over the deep pink potion before just wrapping your arms around Sirius in a hug. Anyone else might not have wanted to be her partner after she messed up but Sirius not giving up on her meant a lot. 

“Thanks, Sirius.” You smiled and hid your face in the taller males chest. He wrapped his arms around you as well before James cleared his throat.
“We can all live if you and Y/N need some alone time Sirius.” You knew from the sound of his voice that James was just teasing but it made you pull away from Sirius with soft pink cheeks. 

“Oh hush, don’t mind him Y/n.” Lily smiled after hitting James’ arm with her book. “He’s harmless. Promise.” 

You smiled looking around at everyone, at your possible new friends. Sure this time it had been you that messed up. It made you wonder if their reputation was just them each messing up and taking the fall for each other. Either way, it made you smile. You and Sirius then went on to chat about various things while waiting for the others to finish. About home life, your parents, what you both did last summer. He even told you some pretty funny stories about Remus and James. You were laughing and everyone was telling you that’s not how it happened and that Sirius made a lot of it up. Either way, you couldn’t remember the last time you had this much fun. 

But it was soon over as Peter and Remus finished and bottled their potions. The group of you all walked to Professors Slughorns office to turn in this part of your assignment, the other part was an essay which no one was looking forward too. 

Once the potions were all squared away you let out a yawn, realizing it was pretty close to curfew. “I should get going guys, my common room is the farthest away.” You chimed before looking down the hallway at the way you had to go.

“Hey, Thursday do you wanna work on the essay part? We could spend the afternoon in our common room. It’s really nice promise.” Sirius offered as you nodded and held your hand up to your mouth to cover your yawn. 

“That sounds nice. See you guys then.” You waved as you headed down the hall. James nearly jumping on Sirius back as they laughed and made their way to the Gryffindor common room. You were quite pleased with having actually met them and not taking the word of everyone else. Once you reached your common room you saw Dylan sitting by the fireplace reading. Plopping down beside him you sighed loudly. 

“Hey Y/N, how was your time with your future husband?” He smirked as you punched his arm lightly before letting your head fall back onto the couch.
“They are all really nice actually. And it was good until I made my cauldron explode.” You chuckled before Dylan turned to face you, closing the book in his lap. 

“Tell me everything.” Dylan deadpanned before you started the long story about everything that had happened.

The next day flew by and before you knew it all your classes were over with and it was time for the dance lessons. Which would have been fun if a few of the boys didn’t wanna just goof off the whole time. You and Dylan partnered together agreeing it would be easier to apologize to each other if you step on the others foot than a stranger. 4 hours and soon the dance lesson was over and no one had really managed to step on anyone’s feet. 

“I’m glad that’s over.” Dylan laughed before falling onto the couch when they arrived back at the common room. You chuckled and nodded looking around the common room wondering how the Gryffindor one was. Was it really that different or was the color scheme just different? You were so lost in thought you didn’t notice Dylan standing up and waving his hand in front of your face.
“Earth to Y/N” He chuckled before you came back to reality and offered a sheepish smile. “I dunno how you do that so often. C’mon lets go get a game of Quidditch going. I know a few Ravenclaws who are down.” Dylan smiled before you nodded and quickly headed with him. 

It was a very makeshift game. Using old quidditch equipment that was no longer deemed usable. 4 Hufflepuffs’ versus 3 Ravenclaws’ and a Gryffindor. It was quite fun to be able to play without normal rules. No one ever took it to far as to knock someone off their brooms because it was all for fun and games.
Just as you were about to land for a quick water break Dylan beats the ball out of the field you guys were playing in and it lands on the other side of the black lake. 

“I’ll get it guys don’t worry.” You quickly fly over and land picking up the ball and just as you were about to fly back you heard a familiar voice.

“C’mon Snivellus just show us what your writing.” James chimed wand at the ready to steal the notebook he must have been writing in. Severus pulled out his wand and aimed it at the brunet before James zapped it from his hands with ease. 

“Now, now that wasn’t very nice.” James chuckled before looking to see Sirius at his side wand raised as well. Severus let out a stream of curses and possible hexes while he tried to grab his wand but James was too fast and jinxed him so he couldn’t move. 

“That wasn’t very nice Snivellus, let’s wash your mouth out.” And with that James muttered a spell that had bubbles and soap producing inside of Severus’ mouth. You watched in horror for a moment before heading over there to stop all of this. 

“James, Sirius!” You nearly yelled once you were close enough to them. “What do you think you are doing!” At this point, they had Severus upside down threatening to take off his pants. 

“Oh Hey, Y/N wanna watch me remove Snivellus’ trousers?” He hummed as if he was doing nothing wrong at all. Anger bubbled inside you, Severus wasn’t really your friend but you two had talked once or twice. Without much thinking, you held out your wand straight at James and Sirius. 

“Put. Him. Down.” You commanded with as much courage as you could muster. The boys looked at you like you were crazy but as you took a step closer they knew you meant business and let Severus fall to the ground as he tried to fix his robes. 

“You’re not gonna bother him ever again. Got it?” You hissed moving to stand in front of Severus as if to protect him as he tried to grab his wand off the ground. By now Remus had finally walked over and saw you and went pale. He didn’t want you to find out about this. 

“Sure sure Y/N don’t worry. We will be best friends with Snivellus.” Sirius chuckled before lowering his wand when James did. 

“C’mon Y/N it’s all fun in games. No one likes him anyway.” James spoke taking a step closer to you with his hands out. 

“I DON’T CARE.” You shouted as you helped Severus off the ground. “He is a person and that’s not how you treat a person.” You looked to Severus to make sure he was more or less okay. He was finally done spitting soap but his pale cheeks were a deep red. “You mess with him again and I’ll hex you both.” You hissed finally picking up your broom from where you dropped it. 

Hand softly on Severus’ arm leading him away from the Gryffindors and back to where you and your friends were playing Quidditch. Taking the long way instead of both of you riding on your broom.

“Hey, I’m sorry about them. I am, really.” You sigh before glancing to him. His cheeks were a lesser red but still, you knew he was embarrassed.

“I didn’t need any help.” He muttered trying to defend what little pride he had left. 

“I hope you didn’t, but I’m not gonna let those jerks hurt someone who did nothing.” You offer a slight smile as you both approach where you were playing.

“I thought you got lost, Y/n… Whoa. Hey, Severus?” Dylan was confused and looked to you for answers before you just smiled softly and grabbed the extra broom and handed it to Severus. 

“He’s gonna play with us aren’t you Severus?” You hummed as he wrapped his thin fingers around the broomstick looking at you like you were crazy.

“C’mon I’ll teach you.” Now not even Severus could say no to your puppy eyes. The next few hours were full of fun moments. Severus cursing and mumbling about how he hated this game even though you swore you saw him crack a smile a few times when he helped his team. Soon enough it was getting late and you and Dylan were cleaning up and taking the equipment back to the storage closet where you had found it. Severus was going to head back to his dorm but James glared at him. 

“Why don’t you come with us, Severus? We could use the help?” You chimed gesturing for him to grab the extra brooms and follow you and Dylan. Dylan wasn’t giving you a crazy look anymore but just accepted the fact that you were a sweet little Hufflepuff who liked helping people. Soon enough everything was back in the storage closet and you offered to walk Severus to his dorm but he turned down the offer and gave a small thanks before heading down the hallway. 

You stood and watched until he was out of sight. “Why did you bring him along? I’m used to you normally bringing strangers in. But a Slytherin? I thought you hated them?” Dylan asked as he headed back to the dorms with you. 

“I don’t hate Slytherins I hate people who think they are better than everyone.” You corrected as you two walked, you couldn’t believe these amazing people picked on someone who did nothing to them, for no reason. 

“So basically all Slytherins?” He corrected you. All you did was shake your head and sigh. You didn’t feel like talking about it anymore. And as soon as you got back to your common room you mumbled your goodnights and headed straight to bed trying to figure out any reason James and Sirius would mess with Severus. But soon enough you feel asleep and it didn’t matter. 

You even skipped potions, one of your favorite classes just because you couldn’t stand to see Sirius’ face. Hiding out in the hospital wing with a fake stomach ache. However, Madam Pomfrey knew better but let you stay anyway. But as soon as you knew the class would be released you headed out.
“Thanks, Madam Pomfrey I’m feeling much better!” 

“Oh. Ms. Y/L/N, If it’s a matter of the heart don’t fret. You are young and will heal.” She hums without looking up from her paper. You blushed and nodded as you exited and headed to your common room to get ready for dinner and hopefully find Dylan so you two could sit in a different spot today. Luckily you found Dylan and he didn’t mind sitting with the first years to avoid Sirius. One look at you and he knew he couldn’t say no. 

Dinner was over quickly thankfully, Sirius not even walking up or attempting to talk to you. Once dinner was over you and Dylan headed out, you were going to go work on your essay’s together by the lake. That’s when a hand on your shoulder stopped you, your smile fell when you saw who stopped you.
“Y/n You still coming by to work on our essay?” Sirius hums as if yesterday had never happened. 

“How dare you ask me that after yesterday.” You hissed as he looked taken back. 

“Y/n, You know Snivellus started it right? Hexing James and calling Lily a mud blood. James wanted a little revenge. James was still the bigger man, not even physically hurting Snivellus. He had made James bleed last time.” Sirius talked softly before you looked to Dylan. Your heart slightly breaking. Severus? No, he wouldn’t have done that. 

“Slytherins, act like they are you friend and then lie to you.” Dylan huffed before crossing his arms. You didn’t know what to say, maybe you shouldn’t be so quick to jump to conclusions. 

“Dylan and I were going to hang out by the lake and do them if you wanna come?” You offer looking to Dylan who just shrugs before Sirius nodded.
“I would like that. James and Lily have Quidditch practice but Remus and Peter will probably wanna join if that’s okay?” Sirius asked as you glanced behind him at Remus who had his nose stuffed in a book while Peter was going on about something while Remus just nodded. 

“Sure. See you guys soon.” You nodded and headed off with Dylan to grab your books. 

“Do you really think Severus could have started all this?” You asked him as you both grabbed your books. 

“Slytherin’s are tricky and try to play it so the blame isn’t on them. You only saw a bit of the feud, he might have started it. I don’t blame James if he called Lily that word.” Dylan spoke softly as he tapped his fingers on the bind of his books. “I would hex someone who called you one.” 

You smiled “Thanks, Dylan, you’re the best pure-blood best friend a girl could ask for.” You teased before bumping into him slightly. 

“Yeah well, you’re the best muggle-born witch in the world!” He teased before you made your way over to the lake where the 3 of them already sat waving at you. 

“Boys, this is Dylan.” You introduced your best friend to these Gryffindors. You couldn’t really help but forgive them. Especially since Dylan said he would have done the same. Soon enough you were all working on your essay’s and laughing and making jokes. 

“Okay but this one time. James and I had snuck out and made it all the way to the edge of the forest before Remus realized and came after us still in his pj’s. We needed some unicorn hair for a prank potion we were brewing. So as we are all going through the forest I swear Remus’ bright pj’s were attracting everything but a unicorn. So James suggested that he make some horse noises.” Sirius laughed as he told the story. “And he did! Then a herd of unicorn ran our way and went totally crazy over Remus. One even offered him a marriage proposal!” 

“That’s not even close to what happened. It actually went more like this-“
“Yeah, well Moony no one like your version. Right Wormtail?” Sirius asked looking to Peter who nodded quickly. 

“You’re insane Sirius.” Remus huffed as he kept working on his essay. You were smiling slightly while you all worked away. Even sharing a rather funny story that happened to you and your muggle friend back home. Everyone laughed even Remus. His face was cute when his eyes wrinkled and his smile was wide and showing off his teeth. Once the essays were all finished you all decided to head back for the night. Dylan had slightly pulled you aside and smiled. 

“I think Sirius is gonna ask you to the dance. If you don’t hurry you might be stuck going with him.” He teased as you took a deep breath and nodded.

“Hey, Remus.” You let out a deep breath and smile at him as his eyes met yours. “I uh. Was wondering if you wanted to go to the dance. With.. uh. Me?” You didn’t know what you would do if he turned you down but you had to take the chance before Sirius asked you. 

“Me?” He asked as he glanced to Sirius who looked quite amused. “uh. Sure?” His voice was soft and shy as a slight smile was now on his lips. Peter was grinning ear to ear bumping his shoulder into Remus.

“Cool.” You smiled a soft blush on your cheeks before you and Dylan ran off. You were laughing once you were far enough away. “I CANNOT BELIEVE I JUST DID THAT!” You wanted to scream but you couldn’t find the air and your heart was racing. 

“I see that Miss-I-Know-What-I-Want.” He teased before slinging his arm over your shoulder. “At least your going with your crush now.” 

“Oh no. We gotta get you and Emma going together.” You chimed feeling like you could do anything right now. His face paled as he stared at you thinking you were kidding. But all you did was grab his hand and lead him back towards the school. 


The Yule ball was starting within 2 hours and you had even managed to get Dylan going with his crush, none other than the Slytherin Quidditch Captian Emma. You were quite proud that you were able to help your best friend talk to the girl of his dreams. 

“What was that you said about Slytherins?” You hummed as you helped him do his tie and fixed his hair. 

“That they are amazing and super smart?” He sasses back before chuckled softly and pulling you into a hug. “Tonight is gonna be a great night Y/N! I can feel it!” You just shook your head and pulled yourself away from your best friend. 

“Dylan you are absolutely insane, I love it.” You teased before adding on a soft red lipstick to complete your look as you and Dylan made your way to the dance. Remus was waiting outside for you. Dylan squeezed your arm softly and gave you a smile.

“Go on I see Emma.” He whispered before leaving your side as you approached Remus. He smiled sheepishly and quickly pulled out a flower from behind his back. 

“This is for you.” He bit his lip shyly hoping this would do. He wasn’t sure what he was really doing at a dance. This was Sirius’ and James’ thing, not his. 

“Thank you, Remus.” You smiled and sniffed the flower before he held out his arm to you. You wrapped your hand around it as you two headed into the ball. James and Lily were already partying on the dance floor. Even Peter had managed to find a date. And from the looks of it, Sirius found several. You laughed as James started a funny dance towards you before hugging you. 

“I was so glad to hear Remus finally got it in him to ask a girl out.” He teased before you glared up at Remus playfully. 

“Actually.” You started before James chuckled. 

“Oh I know, You asked him out.” He smiled before lightly patted Remus’ shoulder. You were so happy and ready to have the time of your life until a slow song played and James winked at you as he took Lily’s hand and headed onto the dance floor. You smiled at them and looked around even Sirius was slow dancing with one of the girls. 

“Hey. Uh.” You heard Remus say as you looked up at him softly. 

“Yes?” You hummed softly as he held out his hand to you softly and nodded towards the dance floor. What he didn’t expect was you to take his hand and lead him onto the dance floor. He set his hand on your waist tightly holding your other as you set yours on his shoulder. At a time like this, you noticed that he was in fact quite tall and you were glad you were wearing heels to even it out a bit more. 

The soft song played slow and beautifully and Remus seemed to really know what he was doing. 

You’re in my arms and all the world is calm,
The music playing on for only two
So close together
And when I’m with you
So close to feeling alive’

He softly spun you around as you continued your dance, he was right on beat to the music and you were pleasantly surprised that was for sure. He offered you a smile as you shifted closer to him, he danced you in small circles. James even shot a smile over your way and you returned it. Your heart racing in your chest, after all this time you finally were dancing with Remus. 

‘A life goes by
Romantic dreams will stop
So I bid my goodbye and never knew
So close was waiting
Waiting here with you
And now forever I know
All that I wanted to hold you
So close’

By this point, the two of you were spinning flawlessly around the dance floor, but still managing to keep just to the section where your friends were. Remus wasn’t much of a show-off but he did know how to make you smile.
“You look really beautiful Y/N.” He whispered once you locked eyes with him, a smile growing wider on your smile. Your eyes looked at his lips as time seemed to stop and freeze. 

‘So close
To reaching that famous happy end
Believing this was not pretend
And now you’re beside me
And look how far we’ve come
So far
We are
So close.’

Remus wanted nothing more to kiss you and you could tell by the way his eyes danced over yours but he spun you out of his arms and then back in close to his chest smiling widely at you as the music kicked up and you danced around the dance floor, everything felt so natural with him and you were getting quite used to this butterflies in your stomach and your racing heart. 

‘How could I face the faceless days
If I should lose you now?
We’re so close
To reaching that famous happy end’
Almost believing this was not pretend
Let’s go on dreaming for we know we are’

Remus and you had stopped spinning and he held your hand tightly pulling you against his chest as everything became a blur and you wanted nothing more than a kiss right now. It would make everything perfect. You bit your lip waiting, trying to tell him with your eyes what you wanted. He knew and as soon as you saw him lean down towards you, your eyes flutter shut.

‘So close
So close
And still’

You could feel his breath on your lips and it made you tremble in his strong arms, your knees growing weak with anticipation. He was so close and you felt your heart pounding so hard in your chest you were sure he heard it. Hell, it was louder than the soft ending of the beautiful song.  

‘So far’

Just before your lips were about to touch Sirius bumped into you both with his date. 

“Oops, sorry Y/N, Moony. Didn’t see you guys there.” He chimed, both of your eyes snapped open and looked to you. You wanted to glare at him but Remus just chuckled and rubbed the back of his neck. Another upbeat song started playing and Sirius grabbed both your hand and Remus’ as he started this weird dance that involved a lot of jumping. His dance just looked happy to be there.
I shrugged looked up at Remus before starting to try and do this weird dance with Sirius, Remus slowly joined in as well. Soon we were dancing to all the songs, even James and Lily were with us. We were laughing and dancing and having the night of our lives. That was until it was basically over. The group of us were one of the lasts to leave. 

“Hey Y/N, Remus? James, Lily, I and Samantha are heading to the astronomy tower to hang out. You two coming?” Sirius chimed as he had his arms wrapped around the pretty blonde he had been with most of the time. 

“Nah, we’re good,” Remus answered before they headed off, I looked up at him and smiled slightly. He took my hand in his and walked me back towards my common room. But we stopped in the front courtyard, the soft music could still be heard and he looked at the half-moon knowing it wouldn’t be long now. You squeezed his hand before cupping his cheek softly getting him to look at you. 

“I had a lot of fun tonight Remus, the most fun ever.” You smiled and he returned the smile as his free hand brushed your hair out of your face and behind your ear. It was stupid but it made you smile more as he leans down and placed a soft kiss to your forehead, wrapping his arms around you as you watched the quiet world around you. 

You two stayed like that for some time before you let out a yawn and he leads you back to your common room door. Smiling at the photo you muttered the spell to open it before holding the painting and looking back at Remus.

“Thank you for everything Remus.” You hummed and turned to head into your common room but he grabbed your hand before you could and pulled you to him as his lips softly met yours. He was trying his best not to mess this up, tonight had been perfect and it all felt so right. You hummed softly and ran a hand through his hair keeping him close. 

The kiss was soft and simple but purely perfect. His soft lips moving carefully against yours, it made you smile and your heart race and it was amazing. You two pulled away breathless and smiled softly before you heard loud laughing as Dylan and Emma rounded the corner. You blushed and laughed as well as Dylan saw you two clearing knowing what was happening.

“I’ll see you later Remus.” You whisper and kiss his cheek as Dylan kisses Emma once before she heads off too. You and Dylan walk into the common room and fall onto the couch smiling. 

“how’d –“ Dylan started. 

“It go?” You sighed happily “Amazing. What abo-“

“Me? Oh, Emma is amazing. Everything I’ve ever wanted. I cannot believe it.” He hums before you both just sit there in silence reflecting on one of the best nights of your entire life. 

And both of you cannot wait to see your ‘Partners’ again.

Seventeen Hip-Hop Unit Reaction to you being insecure about your weight

Anonymous requested: Can you pls do a seventeen hip hop unit reaction if their gf is self conscious of her weight thank you :))

I sort of made it ambiguous on if you thought you were overweight or underweight because it really could be either tbh.

Seungcheol (S.Coups) and Vernon would definitely be confused at first if they saw you looking in the mirror or heard you talking to a friend about how you thought you needed to lose/gain weight. They thought you were fine just the way you were and would definitely start to wonder if they may have said something that set you off or if someone else said something. They’d wait a bit to see if you actually meant it by studying you closely to make sure you’re still eating and aren’t spending too long in the mirror studying your body, and if you were, they’d come behind you and hug you, asking what’s wrong. It’d take some courage and a few times where they repeat the question before you answer them. It’d be no time before they’re scolding you, telling you that nothing is wrong with your body and how they love you so much and that you shouldn’t care if anyone says anything to you.

“Yah! What makes you think that you need to lose/gain weight? If you make healthy choices, there shouldn’t be a problem, right? I better not hear you complaining about it again or else I’ll have to do extra work to show how much I love you…”

Originally posted by pabospoiler

“I don’t know how you can see anything other than perfection whenever you look in the mirror.”

Originally posted by sneezes

Mingyu and Wonwoo would take a slightly different approach if they noticed you were being insecure about your weight. They definitely would be mindful of what they and other members say to you like Vernon and Seungcheol would be, wanting you to feel safe and comfortable when you’re around them.  It would basically just be a day of appreciation for you, making it known that they like everything about you and can’t find any flaws with your appearance. Mingyu would most likely be the most serious he’s ever been about anything with you, not wanting you to be down on yourself about something like this. Wonwoo would most likely have a similar approach, acting carefully as it was a pretty sensitive topic for you.

“How many times will it take for me to say that you’re perfect for you to actually believe it?”

Originally posted by fuckyeahmingyu

“Talk to me if you get worried about your weight, okay? You’re amazing to me, so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.”

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anonymous asked:

can you do one where josh notices the reader in a bar and like protects her from a creepy guy? then they go back to his place and it's just fluff?


When Josh walked into the club, he was immediately hit with the smell of alcohol and sweat. He wrinkles his nose as Tyler, beside him, takes in a breath and walks straight to the bar ordering them a round of beer.  Josh sits on the barstool next to him and drums his fingers against the counter.

Josh didn’t want to go out tonight. Tyler had practically dragged him, because he needed to ‘let loose’ for a while.  Josh had been working double shifts most of the week for his coworker, who was away on vacation.

Josh says he doesn’t need to let loose, but Tyler says that his cranky and arrogant attitude says otherwise.

“Stop frowning so much. You’ll have wrinkles by the time you’re thirty.” Tyler laughs loudly.

Josh rolls his eyes whilst taking a drink from his beer.  He plans on spending the evening right here at the bar, people watching. It’s one of his favorite hobbies.

“Oh, c’mon, Josh!” Tyler sighs. “The night is young. Live a little. If you know what I mean.” He winks and plasters a huge grin on his face.

“No way,” He shakes his head with a chuckle. “Not going to happen. I don’t do that.”

“I think a fun night’ll loosen you up a bit” The brown eyed boy mumbles, making Josh glare up from his beer.

After another beer, Tyler decides to go ahead and play some pool across the room. He invites Josh, but instead he stays seated looking around the club.  He wanted to get out of here as soon as he could.  

He’s mumbling the song that’s playing under his breath when you stumble into the bar laughing rather loudly. Josh turns his head and chuckles at the staggering girl who’s ordering her drink with a wide smile on her face. The bartender hands her a glass and she just goes off singing, or slurring rather, the words to the song.  You soon disappear into the crowd dancing your way around.

Josh just shakes his head to himself thinking about the headache that poor girl will have the next morning. He doesn’t realize it, but he keeps an eye out for you most of the night.

He finds it kind of adorable how your cheeks were so rosy and flushed, even from where he was sitting across the room. He also found amusing how drunk off her ass you were.

“What’s so funny?” Tyler asks sitting on the stool next to Josh.

“Nothing, man.” Josh lies, trying to see if he can find you again.

When Josh spots her, you’re still singing and dancing around drunkenly looking like you’re having a good time. Josh doesn’t notice the amused smile tugging at his lips until Tyler comments on it; Josh only rolls his eyes. He feels like he wants to know who you are but he stays seated.

Josh orders himself a drink and turns around in his stool again to watch you some more. Not in the creeper way, but more of a ‘if-I-could-be-your-friend-I’d-be-your-friend-but-I’m-too-embarassed-to-come-talk-to-you’ kind of way. He really wishes to know who the mysterious girl is. At least your name.

Josh just keeps watching, completely ignoring the presence of his friend. Tyler tries to grab Josh’s attention, but it is no use. He sighs and leaves Josh behind to go dance for a bit.

Josh sighs, before ordering another beer.  He contemplates his choices.  He could stay here, creepily staring her down.  Or, he could swallow his anxiety and just go talk to her.  Josh takes a solid gulp of his drink before going to scan around the dance floor. He shivers as people are throwing themselves at him. He politely tries to move out the way.  When Josh spots you, he starts to weave his way towards you. It’s proving to be difficult by the amount of people in the place.

When he spots you again, you’re no longer singing to the song playing, or laughing or smiling for that matter.  Josh frowns.  There’s a rather buff guy cornering you to the back of the club.  You look extremely uncomfortable, trying to duck around him, until you’re blocked by his arm. Josh scowls as you try to push the guy away but he doesn’t budge. Then he gasps under his breath as he guy actually grabs your wrist aggressively and starts to drag you.

Before he can stop himself, Josh is running forward, shouting a ‘Hey!’ over the music, grabbing everyone’s attention. “Let her go.” he hissed.

The buff guys chuckles. “What are you gonna do about it, pinkie?” He says, words slurring.

Once again, before thinking, Josh punches the guy straight in the face. He staggers back holding his jaw. Josh is fuming, clenching and unclenching his fists. “Get. The. Fuck. Away. From. Her.” He grits through his teeth. He turns to you, looking mortified.

“Are you okay?” He asks softly.

You nod in surprise, your eyes still wide. “My name’s Josh.”

“Y/N.” Josh notices your sparkling eyes and soft voice.  His legs start to feel like jelly. “Thanks for that.” you seemed to have sobered up a bit. “Can’t believe I couldn’t even fend for myself.”

“It’s alright.” Josh smiles. “Um, I don’t think you should stay here. You, um, want me to drive you home?” He says meekly.

You smile genuinely. “I’m sorry, I’m still a bit shaken up. Could I um—. I mean would you just like, wanna hang for a bit?”

“Yeah—“ Josh agrees almost too-quickly.  “Yeah, we could do that if you want.”

You beam at Josh and you two begin weaving through the crowd. You nearly lose him twice so you opt to grab onto Josh’s hand. He glances back at you, and you look away sheepishly. But he only smiles and tugs you closer, feeling weirdly protective over you. Once outside Josh texts Tyler, letting him know that he’s going home.

“Where’s your car?” you ask, tightening your grip on Josh’s hand when you spots a group of guys looking oddly suspicious in the corner.

“Just down the block.” Josh gently pulls you along, the only sound the few cars passing by and your footsteps.

Josh unlocks the car and you both get in. He drives in silence to his apartment, you looking out of the window like a child. Josh smiles fondly at you, who has managed to make his heart flutter in under an hour.

When you’re in the elevator, Josh presses the elevator button. The ride up is quiet. He can sense you’re feeling a little nervous because who in their right mind goes home with a random guy?

“Want something to drink?” Josh offers once you’re inside.  

“I don’t think drinking is a good idea.” you say following him to the kitchen.

“Not that kind of drinking, I was thinking maybe some water or soda.”

“Water’s fine. Need to sober up a little more.” You tell him, sitting on the barstool. Josh hands you a glass of water and you thank him before taking a sip.

“Thanks again,” you say, after swallowing down your water, “for having my back at the bar.  That guy was a total jerk.”

“No, it’s fine.  I’m just glad I saw you two— Are you okay now?”

You nods sheepishly, tucking a loose strand of hair behind you ear.  “Yeah I’m great now.”

You two keep the small talk going on for a while until Josh suggests watching a film. You agree on a Netflix comedy neither of you have seen. After Josh pops in the movie he settles down next to you on the couch. After about half an hour into the movie you kick off your shoes and curl up on the couch, sleepily resting your head just near Josh’s shoulder, hoping he’d take the subtle hint.  He smiles widely before inching closer, and wrapping his arm around your shoulders cuddling you properly.

When the movie is over you’re fast asleep, steady breathing emitting from your mouth. Josh smiles softly, running his hands through your soft locks. He gently stands up, without waking you up, and grabs a couple pillows and blankets from his bedroom. Josh helps you lay down on the couch comfortably, before covering you with his comforter and shutting off all the lights.  

When you wake up it’s nearly noon the next day. You stretch your limbs and frowns when you are greeted by the cold apartment. You spot the note on the counter after standing up.


Good morning! I’m sorry I’m not there. I had work and I couldn’t stick around. And I didn’t want to wake you up. You looked pretty peaceful sleeping, even if you drooled all over my pillow. If you need anything just give me a call.  Feel free to whatever you find to eat.

Josh xx

You smile like an utter idiot as you walk around Josh’s kitcehn. You wince at the raging headache and make your way to the bathroom instead. You see a sticky note on the mirror signaling where the painkillers were.

You take a few before going back to the couch, hoping to sleep the rest of your headache away. You close your eyes and before you even know it, you’re fast asleep again.

When Josh comes home from work, it’s quiet. A little too quiet. No telly is on, no water is running. He toes off his shoes and walks in, stopping dead in his tracks when he hears soft snores coming from the living room. He smiles when he sees you asleep on the couch.

He sets his stuff down and bends down next to you, softly running his hands through your hair. “Y/N.” He says quietly. “Y/N, wake up. C’mon, I’m hungry, let’s get something to eat.”

You stir, opening your eyes slowly. “Josh.” you smile, rubbing your eyes. “You’re back. How was work?”

“Busy. And boring. Did you sleep all day long?” he asks, standing back up. You smiled sheepishly answering his question.

“Alright. Come on. Let’s go eat then,” you stand up and stretch your hands out, hoping he’d take them.  

Josh loosens his tie and smiles before reaching out too.  

“Y’know all I wanted to know was your name.” He tells you truthfully.

“Really? Just my name? C’mon, Josh. We both you wanted to know more.” You burst laughing at Josh’s red face in response. “Not that way!”

Josh just blushed even more.

You choose your favorite restaurant that served the greasiest food for your hangover, and you and Josh spent the evening laughing and learning more and more about each other.

When the evening’s done with, and you admitted to probably having to find your way home, Josh drove you.  He even walked you up to the door when you arrived, neither of you knowing what to say.

“I, um, I had fun, Josh.” you smile playing with the hem of your shirt.

“Me, too. Let’s do it again.”

You nod your head happily. “Well, I’ll see you around, Josh.”

“Yeah.” He breathes out before leaning in and kissing your cheek softly. “I’ll see you soon.”

You can’t stop smiling. “Soon, Josh. Soon.”


Iideku one-shot for healing…

Rating: GA
Words: 3,100
Warnings: bullying


It was late by the time the internship meeting ended. The dorm’s common room had bled out of color and settled for ocre shadows and the stark light of the TV that only Kaminari was watching. Tenya had been stretching for a few minutes after his evening run, near the window that gave to the courtyard so that he’d have an excuse to look out as he bent over and pulled at his muscles gently. He heard the sound of Yaoyorozu’s voice behind him as if coming from a distance. He hadn’t even noticed her arrival.

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Birthday Secret [Jason Todd x Reader]

A/N: HAPPY BIRTHDAY JO @memento-scribet !!!!! I saw your day wasn’t the best but I hope this may make you feel a bit better. It has your two favorite things, Jason and French Fries! I hope the rest of your special day is the all time greatest! Love you!! <33


It was that time of the year again. A very special day had made an appearance, your birthday! The amazing day that you came into this world, and Jason was grateful for this day more than anyone. Who knows where he’d be without you around?… Don’t answer that.

Any who, Jason had to do something special for you. He loves you to the moon and back, but how could he show that to you?

That’s when the light bulb turned on. Oh, did he have a plan, a very very special plan.

As you slept that morning Jason slipped out of bed quietly getting ready to put his plan into motion. However you were still passed out, completely unbeknownst to his absence.

Before the sunlight began to stream in through the windows, lightly pulling you awake. You probably would’ve fallen back asleep if you hadn’t heard the sound of a pan falling to the floor and a string of expletives run out of a certain boyfriend’s mouth.

Laughing you got out of bed and found him with a hand over his mouth, having tried to stop himself. He was hunched over picking up the pan in question. Though it didn’t take him long to give you an innocent smile.

“Whatcha doin?” asking with a certain childish tone. Raising an eyebrow at him with a grin across your face.

“Just making my beautiful girlfriend her birthday breakfast.” He stood up and walked over to you. Wrapping his arms around your waist and yours went around his neck. “Happy birthday” he said before kissing you. Making the smile on your lips grow wider. But you pulled away much to his dismay, “Finish making breakfast. I’m hungry” you laughed before pushing him away.

He only chuckled and shook his head before returning to the meal. You sat up on the counter and watched him. “So what should we do today?” asking as he continued.

“I actually have a few things planned.” He answered while focusing on flipping a pancake. “Like what?”

“I was thinking maybe go to the bookstore, then just take a walk before getting lunch. After that maybe head to the movies and catch that movie you’ve been wanting to see before dinner.” listing the idea he had for the day.

“Beauty and the Beast?!” You smiled widely and he nodded. “I think that sounds like a fantastic day.”

He plated the food before picking them both up. “Yup, so are you planning on eating there or are you going to come to the table like us normal people.”

Rolling your eyes you hopped down saying, “You sound like my mother.” Making him laugh, how you love that laugh.

Both sitting down to eat, randomly talking about things. Him saying he won’t have patrol or anything for the night and that he’s all yours. Making you beam at him.

When finished Jason cleaned up the dishes as you went to get ready for the day. It didn’t take you too long to shower, get dressed, and do your make-up.

When so, you both set out for the book store. Deciding to walk, though when Jason noticed a shiver go through you he detached his hand from yours and instead wrapped an arm around you. Pulling you into his side.

Keeping you warm until entering the small bookstore near your home. The both of you browsing the shelves together, eventually breaking away from the other. You had gone off to find a book you were dying to read recently. Upon finding you slid it from it’s spot and headed over to the cashier.

However, when you took out your money to pay it was plucked from your grasp. “No way” a voice you recognized as Jason say. Turning to see him hand his card to the cashier, “It’s your birthday, you’re not paying for anything.”

“Jay I could’ve paid for it” crossing your arms over your chest. “Not on your birthday” smirking while taking his card back. “Now come on let’s go for that walk” taking your free hand and leading you out of the store.

The walk turned out to be rather short as both your stomach’s growling interrupted it. Your walk ending at a nearby diner with the most amazing milkshakes. You ordering your favorite flavor and Jason saying he’d just steal some of yours. After ordering your lunch, Jason having made sure there were extra fries, you both enjoyed the milkshake. You also explained what the premise of the book you had just gotten was.

“I’ll have to read it when you finish, it sounds good.” he smiled, holding your hand from across the table. “Yeah I honestly think you’ll like it a lot.” taking another sip of the shake.

“Yeah I –” Though his sentence was cut short by his phone ringing. He pulled it from his pocket and checked the screen, “It’s Dick I have to take this really quick. I’ll be back in two seconds” saying as he slid out of the booth. As he left you cracked open the book to start it as he took the call.

“Hey Jay, so we’ve got things going pretty smoothly here. Roy just went out with Kori to get the cake but everything should be set for after the movie. Just wanted to give you an update.” Dick’s cheery voice spoke on the other end of the call.

“Great, glad to here. She’s going to love it.” Jason smiled, his voice almost sounding as happy as Dick’s. Which honestly surprised his brother.

“Yeah, any suspicion going on at that end?”

“Nope, we’re all good. But I’ve got to get back, thanks for the update” Jason said quickly before ending the call.

When he came back he found you already eating one of the many baskets of fries and your nose in the book. He sat down across from you again “Any good?” he asked, which had startled you.

“Sorry” he laughed “I didn’t mean to scare you” taking your hand again. “It’s okay, everything alright with Dick?”

“Yeah, he just had a question. But let’s eat I’m starving” picking up some fries himself.

The both of you didn’t really talk much while eating because you were both rather hungry. But finishing in time to catch a showing of Beauty and the Beast that Jason had planned for. During the movie he had his arm around you the entire time, occasionally hearing you hum along to familiar songs.

When it was over you had the biggest smile on your face, ranting about how good it was. So caught up in your own talking you hadn’t realized you were almost back to your humble abode. “I thought we were going to dinner?”

“We are I was just going to drive because of how cold it’s supposed to get tonight. And I want to stop by the Manor really quick to grab somethings.” taking note of how you could see his and your own breath due to the dropping temperature. “Yeah good idea”

Hopping in the passenger seat of Jason’s car you picked out the music. Saying how it was your birthday and it was only fair. Jason raised his hands in defeat and let you blare your playlist. Of which you both jammed to the entire ride.

Sadly having to end one of your favorite songs halfway through because you pulled up to the Manor. Both getting out of the car and walking up to the door. Jason using his key to get in, you found it strange to find a certain Alfred missing. Though you pushed the thought out of your head, figuring he was helping Bruce in the cave or something.

Walking in to find the Manor dark and motionless. Where was everyone?

Walking in farther, going into the living room first. But you about jumped out of your skin when the lights all turned on and everyone yelled a loud ‘SURPRISE!’ at you. You basically jumped into Jason’s arms before letting out a laugh.

“Holy Shit guys! What? Who?” confusedly asking while looking at all the familiar faces of your and Jay’s family and friends.

“Give ya one guess” Roy nodded to a certain boyfriend behind you. Turning to find Jason with a smug smirk on his face. “So that’s why you were so organized today” hitting his arm.

“Ow, that’s what I get for throwing you a party?” Fake wincing at the blow. “No that’s what you get for scaring the hell out of me” laughing before continuing “This is what you get for the party” pulling his lips to yours. Getting a whistle from who you assumed was Roy.

Pulling away you began to hug everyone there. A wide smile on your face as Jason just watched contently. Happy to see you enjoying yourself. “Not bad little bro” Dick placed a hand on Jason’s shoulder. “She really brings out your soft side” this time teasing.

Jason rolled his eyes before laughing. “Yeah, maybe you should take some advice from us. Perhaps you’ll actually keep a girlfriend” he answered back.

“Ouch” Dick winced before laughing.

Upon leaving Dick, Jason came up behind you and wrapped his arms around you. “Having fun?” whispering in your ear. Giggling you answered “Yeah, the chili cheese fry table was a nice touch” turning to face him.

He smiled, “Good birthday?” resting his forehead on yours.

You kissed him after giving him a beaming smile and answering “the best.”