how long before they eat you too

Smol human tol turian

Vetra: Wow, I always forget how short you humans are.

Ryder: You don’t say?

Vetra: I mean I have to be careful out on a mission, I don’t want to step on you.

Ryder: You’re too kind.

Vetra: But don’t worry, I’m sure if you drink your *looks at note* milk and eat your *glances at note again* vegetables, you’ll grow up to be big and strong.

Ryder: I’ll keep that in mind.

*A few feet away*

Liam: So for how long has she been doing these?

Peebee: Like twenty minutes, and I don’t think she’s gonna stop.

Jason Todd Headcanon (NSFW)

Request: Can you please do headcanons for what jason todd is like in bed and maybe his kinks as well? Thank you!

  • Um this boy definitely has some kinks
  • At least I feel that he would
  • And hickies
  • So many hickies
  • He just lives for covering you in hickies.  They’re everywhere
  • Praise Kink?
  • Like he’ll tell you how good you’re doing over and over again
  • He could probably go on for a REALLY long time.  And he does
  • Sometimes he’ll just eat you out for hours before doing anything
  • He just loves to eat you out
  • He’s so skilled at it too
  • During sex he’s probably fast and rough
  • But then sometimes he’ll go really slow to tease you
  • Oh god he’s such a tease
  • I feel like he’s really vocal during sex
  • He’ll probably moan really loud if you scratch/bite down too hard
  • And he’s always moaning
  • Afterwards he always makes sure that he wasn’t too hard
  • Like he makes sure that you’re ok and then he covers you in kisses and is just really affectionate

it has been tough- you and me and the dog, trying to survive-
break even,
   eat meat more than twice a week,
        mow the lawn before the weeds get in it all. 

these are the hard times.

                     my body worn, my mind impatient.

      it reads like a recipe for fast thrills and long mornings.
            it reads like you and me looking out to the future
                     and seeing  wastelands. that is how it turned out.

but i am young and the world is too beautiful to stay hidden in the scars of us.

                 today the air felt like spring- and you know how i hate spring                  ( i used to tell you, when you still asked me things)-
        the absurdity of weather,
                  the unsettling bleakness.
                         reminds me too much of the human heart-
wavering and fickle.

so i put on your old shirt and brewed some coffee,
told myself i could ignore the craters you left behind.
made my sister breakfast and took out the trash.
waved haphazardly to the bitter granny down the street.
i threw away the pizzas that remind me of those binges.
they remind me of how little i wanted.
they remind me of how little that was. 

anyway the air felt like it does when they leave.
        cold, unsettling, arms hanging onto a shadow. 

       and i thought i was going to cough
             but it was your name
                    scratching its way up my throat.

                  (it tastes cheap coming out my mouth).

                                                        this is how waiting feels.
                                      waiting for a sign, a pair of kind eyes,
                     a phone call that will never come.
(i was always waiting)

only this time,
      there was no such feeling.
             only this time, i realized i was waiting for myself. 

no more long nights cooking for someone
who didn’t care that i saved
every penny for one hour dinners,
no more nights sleepng in my makeup,
keeping my neck perfumed,
my body so clean
so you would come into the softness of me.

            it always felt like a test.
                  was i worth it only when i wore that blue dress?
                  was i worth it when i was thinner? 
i tell myself, 
                             girl, did he ever strive for perfection like you?
              did he ever stay up night
  with the heaviness of emotional labor
             hurting his back, reddening his eyes?
                        girl, he sleeps just fine. 

(and still).
i loved him when he forgot to shave.
i loved him when he yelled. 
i loved him when he told me he didn’t.
none of that matters now. 

i cried at an advertisement,
   the kind selling a Dream
          and asking me to buy something.
we love stories, don’t we?
we love anywhere that isn’t here.  (i am learning to be present)

there are parts of me still unintelligible.
      i know this.
          people tell me who I am and I realize they were poor          translators.
       people tell me they love me and don’t know how to “show me” but                         leave anyway. 

i am learning that “i am staying” is the only real way to say i love you.
i am learning all else is noise.

the ones who stay are the only ones who really see you. the ones that stay aren’t looking to advertisements to cry, to feel. they are alive in your story & they stay for your words, not your invention. i am learning to stop waiting for others. i am learning to wait for myself.

& i am here, aren’t i?

maybe surviving is all i have right now,
      maybe thriving comes later.  
lately it has been me & a cheap bourbon & your old photos but-

it is tuesday, and these are the hard times. there will be days like this. the craters are deep and thinking of hands makes me queasy. but i am going to keep loving until i fill those spaces with poetry and art. i am going to keep giving because it is what my father taught me. dig out the dark earth until there are only flowers left.  i am going to keep reaching out for people who are feeling like tuesdays are too much.

—    tuesdays like this | H U N G R Y   G I R L   P O E T R Y | @lafemmenuit
Imagine playing hide and seek with the Hobbits and dragging Boromir into the fun

For iheartthelochnessmonster :)


It was early in the afternoon when you stopped for lunch and not long after eating you and the hobbits had found yourselves with nothing to do. Merry groaned in boredom and lay down on the grass, Pippin was looking almost too intensely at a blade of grass, Sam was resting his head in his hands and Frodo was watching the clouds.

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I Think

Anonymous asked: 32 and 80 with Alexander? (:

A/N: Probably the quickest fic I’ve ever written. Hope y’all enjoy!

Word Count: 1084

TW: Pregnancy, death mention, sickness, headaches, being hungry, period mention.

AU: Modern

Pairing: A. Ham x Reader

The past few days had been rough. As a high ranking lawyer, you were used to working your butt off and being fatigued. You worked all day long and stood around in heels, walking from here and there, tiring yourself out. But this was a whole different level of it.

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Tell her that she will never win,
because I’ll fight for you.
She may be beauty,
but it’s too cold
and you need this warm.
The feeling of light,
to breath and eat.

I’ll give you all
because I was there when you fell for the first time.
This is not a forever,
I’m too poor for that
but It’s an as long.

She may be rest
and a stop from this,
the promise of a better bed
and food and drink.
Maybe she is beautiful,
but her skin is too pure,
her body too hard,
and her chest is too empty.

It doesn’t matter how much she offers,
how much she tempts you,
she will never win over me,
I’ll have fight before
and in sweat and dirt,
I’ll do it again.

I’ll fight for you and
get my hands dirt,
wrecked and hard.
I’ll pray for you and
bleed for you before I
please her for you.

You will survive her,
like you survive me
and the past 
and this future.

—  I told you, I’ll make you unstoppable. nc.

anonymous asked:

How long before I start feeling better? I'm pescatarian but don't eat dairy and not even eggs anymore. I just want to feel better. I've had such terrible health problems. This is my last chance, or i think i will be too ill to do much of anything.

well cutting meat, dairy, and eggs is good but probably not enough. so you still eat fish and cheese? because fish is still horrible for you and cheese is REALLY horrible for you. do some research and cut them out of your diet asap… the best diet for humans is a plant based vegan diet with little to no processed foods and oils. if you have major health problems then clearly you need a really healthy oil-free processed foods-free plant-based vegan diet. i can’t stress this enough. this diet literally helps so many people with multiple health problems from cancer to heart disease to Alzheimer’s. 

how oily is your diet? processed oils (coconut oil, olive oil, canola oil, vegetable oil, etc) are TERRIBLE for you. your oils should come from plant foods like nuts, seeds, and avocado. they also can cause health issues. but the main offender is the CHEESE and the FISH. 

see a vegan doctor and ask them about it too if you can.

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I was going to talk about how @erlenwald and @zeldabard (the loveliest people) have facilitated my developing an interest in Dragon Age, but then thought of the food blogs I’ve seen ramble for three screens before they get to the recipe and thought better of it. Long story short: if you want me interested in a fictitious location, tell me what the people there are eating. The second World of Thedas book includes an in-universe cookbook entitled The Whole Nug, which is where this recipe comes from. It’s very good!

Some notes:
- Half the sauce was just enough for one squash. I wouldn’t try to stretch it across three, unless they were quite small.
- I think I put in ½ tsp red pepper flakes?
- You might want to add the spinach last, to save yourself stress and derision. It does cook very quickly.
- I didn’t plate it nicely because I forgot feta on the grocery list, was out of pine nuts, and hadn’t remembered to ask my mom if I could nick a few of her flowers before she left for work. (All orchid flowers are edible, though apparently a few species can irritate sensitive stomachs. The ones I have had tasted like radish.)

ETA: One squash with sauce would be just enough for four people, but plenty for four if served with garlic bread or buns.

ETA again: now the recipe part is readable!

I saved you cake from the party. I drew yellow icing stars on your slice and they got smudged under the plastic wrap, sticking to it when you unwrapped it.

And we drove around town to find a place to eat it, playing You May Be Right too loud with the windows down, because my house was full of small talk and yours was too empty to be comfortable. We settled on the little courtyard behind the coffee shop where we used to eat greasy pizza slices after school on Fridays. It’s the kind of place so worn out with memories that the feeling of solid ground, benches, trees, is surprising. Surely we long ago wore them away with our laughter.

Do you ever think about that? The presence of memories, how they never really go away, just caking the surfaces of our lives like dust until we can’t remember what this place looked like before we loved it to pieces.

I think about that. It’s hard not to when there are so many of my best memories dusted on your skin like freckles and woven into your hair. We are each other’s best memories. At least, I hope I’m yours as well.

—  Tell Her About It

anonymous asked:

I'm scared to ask my parents to help me with my recovery because they always make fun of me for being overweight but they don't know that I'm struggling with an eating disorder. They make me feel like I don't deserve help because they think that I eat too much

First of all you deserve help regardless of your weight/ how long you’ve had an eating disorder/ if you think you’re not ‘sick enough’/ if other people tell you you don’t deserve help. Basically if you’re struggling with your eating or have unhealthy eating behaviours or/and thoughts you should get help. Some people struggle to understand eating disorders so maybe speak to a doctor first before you talk about it to your parents so you can explain it better or even find some websites online about it and then that might help them to understand what you’re going through x

Karno fanfic: Jealousy

This was requested by an anon. Thank you so much @elletxt for helping turn on my creative light bulb and help me with ideas for this last request. I hope you all enjoy it!

After spending all day in the heavens, Karno returns to the mansion and is invited to the common area with an intriguing smell. Karno finds you cooking in the kitchen and no one else is in sight. He watches you far enough so you don’t notice he’s there. He admires how concentrated you look when you’re cooking. He’s had your good before and will eat anything you put in front of him. He knows that the gods have their own favorite foods but you only cook for him, or so he thought.
“Karno! How long have you been there?” You ask in surprise.
“Not too long.” Karno chuckles at your cute reaction.
“At least give me a warning. You scared me.”
“I never intended to do that. I don’t ever want to put my goddess in an uncomfortable position.” Karno wraps his arms around your waist from behind and kisses your earlobe.
“I wasn’t scared in that way, I was just surprised. I didn’t expect you to come so early. Everyone is working hard in the heavens lately. It’s actually been a bit lonely.”
“Well, I’m here now, _____.” Karno smiles sweetly.
“Yes, but I need to finish making these.”
“What are you making today?”
Karno loosens his grip around your waist after hearing your casual response.
“Meatballs? Aren’t those Leon’s favorite?”
“Yeah.” You continue making he meatballs without looking at him.
“Are you cooking for Leon?” Karno finally asks after struggling to find the courage to utter those words, afraid of what your response was going to be.

Karno steps back and tries to regain his composure. He almost never gets possessive or jealous but he could feel it brewing inside of him.
He has so many questions running through his head but the only thing that came out of his mouth was, “Why are you cooking for him?”
“He won a bet.”
Karno can’t believe what he is hearing and keeps his thoughts to himself. He’s trying to sound unbothered when he speaks but he will give himself away soon.
“Why were you guys betting?”
“It was just something silly that happened one day when Leon returned from his duties.”
“So it was just you and Leon?”
“No, Teorus and Ichthys were there too.”
Oh great, the prince and the troublemaker were there too.

“What did you guys bet on.”
You turn around to face Karno and you laugh when recalling what happened that day before telling Karno the story.
“We betted that Leon would slack on his work all week. If he was productive, then I would make him meatballs and if he didn’t…” You pause to laugh again and compose yourself before finishing, “…well Teo and Ichthys would decide on that.”

“Wait, that’s why Leon has been doing so well this week?”
“Haha probably.” You turn back around to finish the meatballs.
“So you’re rewarding him for his productivity.”
“Yes, with his favorite food. It’s good motivation.”
“Why don’t you ever reward me for being productive, ____?”
“What do you mean? You’re always productive, Karno. I couldn’t reward you everyday.”
“Yes you could.” Luckily you aren’t able to see the smirk that is painted across the god’s face.
“Well if I rewarded you for being productive everyday, you should reward me too.”
“You don’t think I do? I always treat you sweetly when we’re on our own.”
“That’s just you being yourself. A sweetheart.” You quickly turn your head to give him a smile and turn your head back to the meatballs.
“I’ll be sitting on the sofa.” Karno says and you just nod your head and quietly say ‘ok’.

Karno’s jealousy slowly cools down but it’s not long until the minister of the Department of Wishes appears in the mansion.
“Mmm…something smells good.”
“Perfect timing! They’re still very fresh.” You take the platter of meatballs to Leon and hold it in front of him.
He takes a meatball with a fork and bites into it. He facially expression changes into a pleasant one as he indulges the flavor.
“These are really good…”
“Thank you!”
“…for a goldfish.”
“Come on, Leon. Admit it, they’re good.”
“I have more pride than to admit that a goldfish is able to produce such incredible meatballs.”
“Haha I’m not so sure. You could just snap your fingers and make some meatballs but you agreed to me making them for a reason and you worked hard this week for a reason, and that reason was my meatballs.”
“You have no shame for what you say, especially in front of a god.”
You are left in defeat from Leon’s egotism and roll your eyes.
“How do you tolerate this goldfish Karno? Ka–oh…I thought he was sitting here.” Leon looks around the room confused.
“Yeah he was here just a moment ago.”
Leon reveals his devilish smile and looks at you. You can’t help but step away from him as he stares at you.
“I think your God is jealous. Better go check on him little goldfish.”
“Don’t be ridiculous, Leon. Karno doesn’t get jealous.”
“Oh ho I’m not so sure.” Leon smirks and walks away leaving you alone in the large room. You head over to Karno’s room assuming that that’s where he is.


“Karno? It’s me, ____.”
Karno opens the door and pulls you into the dimly lit bedroom. He presses you against a wall and traps you with both hands on each die if your head.
“I’m yours, correct?”
“Wha–of course. But why–”
“And you’re mine, right?” Karno cuts you off.
“…I’m yours.”
Karno smiles with the look of satisfaction, “Good girl.”
“What are you doing Ka–”
“You said that I work hard, right?” Karno cuts you off again.
“Yes you’re a very hard worker. I’m so proud of you.”
“Do you think MY hard work should be rewarded?”
“Uhh well yes. What would you like me to–”
“I’ve already decided on my reward.” Karno answers without giving you time to process what’s going to happen next.
“And what’s that?”
“You.” Karno says quietly before his soft lips land on yours.
The first kiss was sweet but his kiss gradually becomes more intense and more passionate. You grab onto Karno’s blazer to pull him in closer to feel more of his heat. The quiet room is filled with heavy breaths and sloppy kisses due to the dimness of the bedroom.
“Now, now my goddess. I’m glad you’re eager but this time I’m going to take over. You’ll have to control yourself.”
Karno lifts you up and places you on the large bed. He removes his clothing so his upper body is exposed.
Karno leans in and whispers in your ear, “It’s still evening so I’m going to take my time.”
Your body shivers at the sound of his deductive voice and his hot breath against your ear.
Karno strips you of your shirt and kisses your neck. He goes down and nibbles all the way down to your collarbone. He takes his time by pecking your stiff nipples and having his lips travel as they please around your chest and abdomen.
“Ahh Karno.”
Karno doesn’t usually tease but when he does, he DOES. The only way you can think of quickening his tedious process is to provoke him.
“Mmm Karno. Are you…jealous?”
Karno freezes for a moment and then raises his head so your eyes meet.
“I don’t get jealous.”
“Leon really enjoyed his meatballs. It’s too bad that you missed his reaction.”
Karno continues to stare forward, deep into your sparkling eyes.
“Leon said that–”
“Don’t say another man’s name unless it’s mine in this bedroom.” Karno growls. “Tonight you won’t be saying my name, you’ll be screaming it.” Karno smirks.
Yes, this is what you wanted.
Karno snaps his fingers and the both of you are naked. Karno’s fingers feel hotter than fire as they trace ever curve on your body. You can already tell that your entrance is wet just for him. You feel Karno’s arousal on your inner thigh as he hovers above your smaller form.
Karno positions himself to go in and teases your entrance.
“Damn, my goddess really wants me.”
“Karno I want you, I need you. Please reward me.”
“This isn’t a reward, this is your punishment.”
You don’t even ask for what because Karno pushes his full length inside of you.
“Ahhh Karno!”
Karno is usually very gentle and steady but tonight he’s rough and stern with every movement.
“Mmm you’re even wetter inside.”
Karno moves in and out in a moderate pace with some rougher thrusts in between.
“Mmm ahh K-Karno ahhh.”
“____ you feel so good.”
The room is significantly hotter and the noises that can be heard are your moans, his grunts, and the action happening below.
“Mmm Karno faster, please go faster.”
“I’m in control remember, my goddess.”
Karno begins to make painfully slow thrusts. You move your body at the same pace as his hoping that he’ll pick up the pace soon.
“I can tell you’re frustrated.” Karno smirks.
“I just want you to fuck me. You’re the only one that gets this kind of reward. It’s for you and only you.” You kiss his lips sweetly.
“You are terrible, seducing a god like that. No wonder you can’t be among us gods in the heavens anymore.”
Karno lifts your legs and encourages you to wrap your legs around his waist and you do so. Karno pulls out for a moment and begins to ram into you relentlessly.
“Ahhh Karno!!”
“That’s mmm it. Scream my name _____. I want to hear you scream.”

Karno continues to abuse your tightening entrance with his hard, thick length. You are unable to suppress the screams and moans that Karno produces with his powerful movements.
“Karno I’m going to cum.”
“Let go, ____. I want to be inside when you let go.”
“Ahh Karno!!” You finally reach your high which triggers Karno’s as well.

Karno flops right next to you as he’s trying to catch his breath from the intense activity.
“I’m so sorry if I was too rough. Are you all right?” Karno asks with genuine concern. He’s back to his normal self.
“I’m fine, though I might be a little sore.”
“I’ll be gentle. Think of it as an apology for letting my jealousy get the better of me.”
You can’t help but giggle at Karno’s chivalry.
“Karno I said it already, but you’re the only one that is able to get this reward. Just remember that. I might cook for the others or make them gifts but you have my love.”
“I love you, _____. My beautiful goddess.” Karno kisses your forehead.
“We might have to wait for round two for a bit longer braise the really wore me out.” Karno blushes.
“It’s fine we can just lay here.” You grab onto Karno’s hand.
“That sounds nice but my fingers and lips are still efficient.”
“Karno!” You lightly slap his broad chest.
“You don’t want me to do that tonight?”
“Well, I mean it’s not that I don’t want you to but I–uh–umm.”
“Luckily I’m in control.” Karno smirks.
His reward continues through the night and doesn’t stop until early in the morning when you wake up in each other’s warm embrace.

BTS reaction when you laugh at them for doing something stupid

May i request a bts reaction please ? When you cant stop hiccuping because you laughed too much when they accidentally do something stupid (?) Thank you before :))

~Sorry it took so long I hope you like it sweetie~

Jungkook: Yeah, I knew you laugh….Thats why I did it….totally…

Jin: Stop being a rude ass and go get some water.

Taehyung: *Laughs with you until he can’t breath* *Laughs harder after you start hiccuping*

Jimin: But Jagiya, What i’m I going to eat now?

Hoseok: *Is happy that you’re laughing* How did I even do that?

Namjoon: Every fucking day

Yoongi:  Stop laughing. It wasn’t that funny. *Super embarrassed*

~Credit to gif owners~

What I’ve learned is: the story I got told about what it meant to have a fat body, that it must mean that I sat around all day eating deep-fried stuffed-crust pizza and watching TV—that story just wasn’t true. The story about how people who look like me hate to exercise just isn’t true. It’s so easy to let the media you see or the discourse you hear define who you are before you’ve even learned about yourself. And I bought into it for too long.

When exam season rolled around, you prefer to study on your own, away from any possible distraction, especially the person that is Kim Mingyu. You’d avoid Mingyu in the hall ways, around the campus and even in the library. You would find a place where you can study alone and in peace, although he understands why you avoid him because his “beauty” is too distracting and he “doesn’t blame you” but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t bombard you with texts to make sure you eat or you don’t stay out for too long studying and get home before it gets dark. Before he goes to sleep he’d text if he could call you to hear your voice because he didn’t get to see you that day and he misses you. You’d agree and answer his call only after one ring, he’d tease how eager you are to answer his call and you’d pull a tongue out at him even if he doesn’t see. “I miss you too, you know” you’d say and he’d chuckle and say you sound tired, his voice laced with concern. You’d smile, he’s always this thoughtful and you tell him exams will be over soon and he should take you out on a date. Mingyu will agree and you make him promise he will and he’d say “Promise, cross my heart”, “Good” you reply. He’d smile and wonder what time you’re going to sleep and you say ‘soon’ and he’d hum as if he knows soon would be at the crack of dawn. “Get some sleep Y/N-ah~~~” his voice groggy and tired, you can tell he could barely keep his eyes open and you’d reassure him you won’t stay up too late and he should sleep. You would say your goodnight’s and I love you’s before hanging up. 


I have never submitted before, I am quite shy tbh. It’s been a loooong journey with lots of ups and downs, but if I did it, believe me you can do it too! I still have a long way to go but I am so happy to be where I am today. I didn’t think it was possible. I took the after picture today and I was so shocked when I compared it with the before one, I didn’t realize until now how different I am!
I am going to be honest, I didn’t really watch my eating and didn’t exercise that much until the begging of June. All I did was drink a lot of water, green tea, and trying not to eat after 6pm.
But now I started to change my eating habits, I’m cutting down on carbs, sweets, etc.. And eating more veggies, fresh fruits and lean meats. I do not count calories but I mind portions. I joined a gym and I am hopping to see more and better results.
10 kg difference between the two pictures (about 22 pounds) It took me about seven months.
Gosh, I am sooooo happy and motivated!

NATURE: How the Killer Whale Avoids Eating People, Helped 19th-Century Whalers, and Became Public Enemy Number One

An excerpt from “The Killer Whale Who Changed the World” by journalist and filmmaker Mark Leiren-Young:

Veteran killer whale watchers and long time researchers all have stories about the ones that got away. They’ll tell you about the orcas that waited until the moment the cameras were no longer pointed at them—or the moment after the film ran out or the battery died—before doing something spectacular. Is it too much of a stretch to wonder if they can sense friend or foe? Some longtime whale watchers are convinced that orcas will perform when they have the chance to endear themselves to humans who are working to save them. Says Erich Hoyt, author of Orca: The Whale Called Killer: “Fanatic whale watchers—I’ve heard them talk—suggest that the friendlies, ‘the crowd pleasers,’ know their fate rests on humans and that they are on their best behavior with us, putting on one last show as it were before the big curtain, extinction, falls.”

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I’ve struggled with weight gain and eating, as I’ve posted before. I consistently restricted my food intake and had a difficult time with eating. It’s been a symptom of my borderline PD. I’ll punish myself or try to avoid a “full” feeling, or I simply lack appetite from my moods.

I would eat one meal a day, if that, give or take some.

I’ve tried to find ways to keep talking myself into eating consistently. As some of you may remember, I posted a question to budoblr not TOO long ago asking how it would affect my training and muscle gain if I continue to hardly eat much.

I received so many helpful replies, and I learned so much. I’ve trained more consistently than ever lately with the help of my Sensei Ryu ( @shaped-by-karate). I’m so happy with where I’ve been getting to in my training.
-I’ll update my summer training entirely at the end of August or around then :)

Not only that, but I’ve eaten regularly with his encouragement and the help from my friends who have known my struggle.

Anyway, so what prompt this post?? I just went through my jean drawer…..

…. 17 pairs of my jeans don’t fit me anymore. Some won’t go past my knees, others won’t go past my thighs.

6 pairs of leggings don’t fit me anymore.

(Yeah don’t ask why I had so many jeans lol…… That’s a diff story)

All of these fit me like.. A year ago. Maybe two, idk. All I know is this past year, I’ve been so much stronger and healthier.

This is a major accomplishment for me, and I can’t stop smiling. I’ve been hitting the gym, martial arts training, and eating regularly– I’m really happy to see where I’ve come. I go up and down, as usual, but I’m doing better.

I will admit I got a little nervous seeing the actual “proof” that I’ve gotten “bigger” as a trigger. But I can’t see how it would be a “bad” weight gain when I’ve grown from the gym and weight lifting, training, and actually eating for once. Not from sitting around and eating fast food lol. I was underweight. I went from around 100 exactly to 115 in this past year.
I keep trying to say I gained healthy weight and muscle, and I’m so happy.