how loathsome

I designed this spell to repel various specific persons. It is not a general spell to keep people away from you, though. It targets a single person. 

It will cause them to avoid you. It is best used in situations where you’ve no other way of getting the person to leave you alone. It’s good for unwanted suitors and other such folks.

First, you must discover something that the target fears or finds disgusting or distasteful. General gross or frightening things won’t work, and risk repelling everyone. It must be something that the target themselves personally detests. 

For some folks, it’ll be something simple like spiders. For others, it may be a more complex thing, like a famous person they dislike or something similar. You may have to be creative in finding this out. And yes, interacting with the person to find it out is unfortunately going to be necessary.

Once you’ve discovered what it is the target hates the most, you can begin the spell! Find a representation of it. For most things, a simple photograph or visual representation printed on a slip of paper will do. 

You can get creative! Choose something very evocative that represents the person’s fear/disgust. Then, consecrate it. You can do this by holding it and imagining the target reacting with disgust or fear when presented with it. You could also enchant the object/image with words, by saying,

<Target> hates you and all you are.
Keep <Target> away, and always very far.

Then, stash the object/image somewhere discreet on your person. I usually tuck it into a pocket or into my purse when I use this spell. Once you’ve done this, the target of the spell will drift away from you. 

They may even seem to avoid you on purpose! It’s unlikely they’ll know why, and usually, they’ll rationalize it to themselves in some way. Still, you’ll be rid of them.

A few caveats, though. Don’t use this on someone you need to be in contact with, no matter how loathsome they are! This spell could backfire and cause major problems if that’s the case. 

You must also be very careful to tie the object/image to the target. Otherwise, other people with the same fear/disgust might begin to avoid you as well.

I’ve used this several times with good results. In most cases, the focal point of the spell was a picture of the thing in question. Once, though, I used an actual dead spider I found, tucked it into a very small bottle, and stashed it in my pocket. 

This was especially effective against a person I was trying to avoid who hated spiders. Still, I wouldn’t say that a picture is any less effective. It all depends on how much focus and intent you put into this.

now your jelly roll might be fine, 
but it ain’t as good as mine
(I know you want it- you can’t have it, i ain’t gonna give you none)

Based off of the Coffee Art: Frisk Holding Chara’s Hand

saemi-the-dreamer submitted: 

That wretch.

Chara had walked through these ruins a countless time before, they used to know them like the back of their hand.

Until that damn child fell and took away their power.

The Caretaker gasped as they felt the ground beneath them crack and quickly stepped back. Chara looked around, at loss. Where to go now? They were lost. They could not find their way back home anymore.

The ruins had become a maze to them.

But how was that even possible? Did that little demon use and abuse RESETs so much that Chara was now confused? They could not even clearly remember the previous timelines, when they had been chasing that human.

And of course, they had left their cell phone in their house. Chara wanted to slap themselves for doing such a mistake. But how could they have known?

They should have been more on their guards the moment they realized the child had the control of that power. Since it was just a child, a trusting and naive one moreover, Chara had been over-confident.

That loathsome child!

How Chara despised them!

The moment they would found them…!

A giggle echoed.

“Do you need guidance?”


“I hate you.” Chara hissed as they carefully walked besides Frisk.

“For now.” Frisk answered cheerfully. “Who knows? You might come to adore me someday!”

“I highly doubt that!”

Chara’s eyes shot daggers at the child who sipped at his hot cocoa.

That little demon dared to use my kitchen and helped themselves while I was trying to find my way!

How Chara missed their dagger, they felt powerless without it. But leaving it behind had been part of the deal.

They wanted to wipe that smug off that brat’s face so bad!

“Come on!” Frisk grinned. “We’re almost there!”

Chara hissed like a cat when Frisk grabbed their hand and started pulling them forwards.

Maybe they could still strangle them?

Tower of God S2ch244 Thoughts

I’m gonna change the format for this a bit and go for a line-by-line analysis instead because I feel like that’s what would work the most when dealing with that Baam-Rachel scene. Also, lots of references to their Train City reunion.

“Karaka is coming soon!! He’ll take away the piece of the thorn if he captures you!!”

From the get-go, we see Rachel’s motivation for heading towards Baam. For a long time, Rachel has wanted Baam to stop chasing after her. But then, in Hell Train, there was a shift in her actions that it seemed like she wants Baam to continue chasing. And now we see it was because they needed Baam in order to fulfill their plan. They wanted to let Baam find the piece of the thorn for them and then swoop in to steal it at the last moment.

“Rachel.. the reason you’re telling me to run away isn’t because you’re worried about me. But because you’re concerned that Karaka might take away the piece of the Thorn”

Baam, unlike when they met at the end of Train City, is now in a calmer state of mind to process everything. Instead of deluding himself that Rachel still has good reasons for doing all of these, Baam decides to look at her head on. A lot of time has passed since Train City which also gave Baam time to think about him and Rachel. Before the Train City reunion, Baam must’ve been deluding himself that Rachel couldn’t have betrayed him just like that. That she must have a valid reason like, say, being controlled by FUG the same way he was being used as a Slayer candidate. However, during the mess that was Train City, he finally realized the gravity of Rachel’s ambition is to her. He can see how much it means to her to the point of doing all of these and he can now accept that he will never be as important to her as she is to him.

“If I listen to you and give up everything like this, will we return to the old days? I would be happy enough if I could. But would you, Rachel?”

Baam saying he would be happy enough if they could go back to the old days but then questioning if the same would be true for Rachel is such a nice contrast to Train City’s “We were happy back there… just being you and me / let’s go back to that place where we were happy”. Even when they’ve been in the cave for so long, Baam has never understood Rachel’s desire for the stars. But what’s worse is that he ended up projecting on her the things he values, expecting her to value the same things he does. To Baam, nothing is more important to Rachel that he expected her to be the same way to him. But now, he thinks of her separately from him and takes into consideration what Rachel wants and how she feels.

“I.. have a reason to go”

And then Rachel glares. For a long time, Baam’s reason has always involved Rachel. But now, Baam is starting to separate himself from her. And something must’ve triggered this sudden change in him.

<image of Baam riding the Blue Oar>

THE PARALLELS WITH TRAIN CITY IS JUST!!! Baam riding his Blue Oar and Rachel riding the Navigator as they leave the other

“Arlen Grace”

Rachel knows the clue about the princess was about the thorn. But she also knows that the thorn is related to Arlen. That must be why she wants to know Baam’s reason so much, if it really was related to Arlen. If Baam now knows about Rachel’s relation to her and how, all his life, how could Rachel never even once mentioned her to him?

“That place where we lived wasn’t like a paradise, wasn’t it? [..] I know you despised that place. But because you were there, that place was paradise for me..”

Again, just to reinforce what I have written above. Rachel’s presence alone makes any place paradise to Baam. But that wasn’t the case for Rachel and him realizing this is what enables him to let go (even if it hurts)

“That’s why I’m going to find it so that everyone in this place can become truly happy. A real paradise!”

Baam says this as he breaks Rachel’s barrier. As he severs his ties with Rachel. As he goes after a purpose that is entirely separate from her. Symbolically, it’s similar to Rachel’s push(es) but also fundamentally different.

During the first push, Rachel wanted Baam to have nothing to do with her journey anymore. A complete severing of ties. During the second push, Baam wanted Rachel to give him reasons. However, Rachel just kept on going “this is not a place for you to go up” not giving Baam any concrete answers (aside from telling him that the stars mean more to her than he could ever be) to keep him going. If she had any choice, Rachel wouldn’t want anything to do anymore with Baam but she needed him for her goals and so she must have Baam keep on climbing.

Finally, we get to this scene which I fondly call the reverse “push”. Baam is “pushing” himself away from Rachel but he says “everyone in this place” and everyone still includes her. He may be severing ties with Rachel but he still truly wants her to be happy. Even if her happiness means he can’t be with her anymore.

(Not related to Rachel and I know Baam’s idea of paradise is where everyone is happy and him together with them but damn do I feel really apprehensive when he said that)

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“There was something scummy about adolescence, it wasn’t sex, it was how I hated myself when I was confused, how loathsome the act of waiting for something was.”

–Eileen Myles, Chelsea Girls

Face Down

Pairing: Lavender Brown x Astoria Greengrass

Setting: Modern, non-magical, prep school zombie apocalypse AU

Word Count: 1,229

Written For: @borginburks [#payback2k15]

Lavender Brown gets her heart broken by Ron Weasley in the spring.

She spends an entire weekend re-watching all the depressing parts of Love, Actually and crying into Parvati’s mint green Kate Spade pillowcase and it’s cathartic, mostly, because by Monday morning she’s back to using her own bronze-blonde bobby pins and spot-blending her under-eye concealer and bickering with Daphne Greengrass about leaving slimy salon-grade conditioner residue on their tiled shower floor—and if Lavender still feels a little like the world is ending when she thinks about how many of her Firsts she hadn’t even hesitated to give to Ron Weasley—


Two days before prom, the world actually ends.

It’s like The Walking Dead without rednecks.

The two hundred year-old graveyard out by the lacrosse field turns into a warzone—mostly-rotted corpses punch through the summer-softened earth and storm the locker rooms and it’s so horrifying and so utterly ludicrous that Lavender can’t help but unleash a torrent of hysterical giggles when Daphne’s little sister makes a Hocus Pocus joke by asking when Bette Midler is going to be by to collect her boyfriends.

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Sometimes, when we get a letter that stands out, we read the special portions out loud around the office, and everyone gets a good laugh. It’s gallows humour, it truly is, but it’s that or letting the reality of how fucking depressing and loathsome the essence of our job is and succumbing to despair.

So today, this happened.

me: “With all my heart, in the name of those you’ve harmed, we wish for your blood to stain the first road crossing you come up to, for your legs and speech to be taken away, and for you to be unable to die.” So I’m registering this as a customer complaint?

coworker #1: what

coworker #2: what the hell.

coworker #3: watch how well-mannered our clients are!

manager: these aren’t things you wish on an enemy

coworker #4: is this directed at a sales agent?

me: I guess it is, I mean there is no sender signature. Oh, and there’s no reply address either, we basically got anon hate. Wow. Much bravery. Yo, how do I register this without the sender’s personal data? Or do I throw it into the trash?

manager: don’t register it, give it to me

me: uh, okay, here you go

Read by Sophie Hunter and Louise Brealey
Letters Live, 13 March 2016

Recently I received the following letter: 

Dear Madam, 

Unless something is done at once about your disgusting exhibition in the filthy play you appear in every night, I and several of my friends will do something very unpleasant about it. 

What you do nightly in public is a slur on English womanhood. “Fallen Angels” is disgusting as a play, but your performance in it makes it loathsome. How the powers that be could permit such an exhibition is past the understanding of a God-fearing woman who supports the present Government—and thanks God for them. 

I give you fair warning to leave the play, or it will be the worse for you. Our wrath will strike at you in your home, or maybe during a performance at the theatre. 

A. Friend 

To which I replied: 

Huntington Hartford Theatre
Hollywood, California 

Dear Friend, 

How clever and capricious you are, cloaking yourself in anonymity, and I must confess I cannot for the life of me guess which of my many friends you can be. You have sent my head spinning and my imagination whirling. Could you be found among my dear friends, intimate friends, close friends, childhood friends, pen friends, family friends, friends of a friend, friends in distress, friends who are closer than a brother, friends in need, or school friends. Your letter shows quite clearly that you are not illiterate, and therefore we can rule out my school friends. Your masterly command of the language banishes the thought that you could be found among my friends from overseas. Your witty criticism of my performance makes me think that I might find you among my nearest and dearest “bosom friends,” that is, if you did not choose to address me as “Dear Madam"—a clever move this, and one that reduces my last thought to mere stupidity and you to a "casual acquaintance.”

An awful thought has dawned—it is all a joke—and you aren’t really my friend at all. I must try to dismiss this thought. It depresses me. To lose a friend like you in a few words, oh no. 

So, dear anonymous friend, if this should chance to meet your eye, please keep your promise and come around one night—yes, and bring your friends, too, for I know intuitively that your friends will be my friends. 

Cordially yours,
Hermione Gingold

P.S. If you wish to strike at me with your wrath in my home, I am always in between ten-thirty and twelve in the morning, excluding Tuesday, which is a had day, as a lot of tiresome tradespeople call for the same reason. You will easily recognize my apartment from the letter A marked on the door, over the knocker there is a notice, “Bell out of order, strike twice and wait.”

anonymous asked:

For a prompt! Hartwin - Eggsy gave Harry a supersized shirt with the words SEX MACHINE as a joke. Harry uses it one time as a sleepshirt. Naturally that is that one time that someone tries to kill the Queen and Kingsman needs his Arthur ASAP in the HQ. Merlin and the other knights see him in his shirt and so Harry gets his new nickname. (This could also totally be Percilot or Roxlin or maybe it includes everything but please no Merhartwin.)

I had seen that ‘imagine your otp’ trope floating around tumblr, and I must say it was pretty funny to write it :D

I hope you like it dear anon!

Also, I’ve received 7 prompts in total, including that one, three more of them being from lovely anons. I will be working on them in the order I’ve received them and should be done with all of them sometime in the following two weeks! Stay tuned :D

Quick note before I let you read, this is unbeta’d so I’m sorry for any mistakes there’s bound to be in this.

Warning: While it is merely mentioned, there is some ‘off screen’ consensual spanking in this. I prefer giving you a fair warning in case it really isn’t someone’s cup of tea!


“Eggsy, what is this?” Harry’s distaste at the item he was currently looking at was clear in his voice.

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Parents who ostracize, isolate and punish thier children for the simple fact that they are trans are among the Earth’s most loathsome creatures. How does a human being get to a point where they are completely incapable of empathy towards THEIR OWN CHILDREN?

Right now I’m thinking about the tragic death of Leelah Alcorn, and I’m trying to fathom how ANY parent could treat their child as her parents treated her. I can’t. I’m just blinded by rage.

My children know that my love for them is unconditional. Leelah Alcorn didn’t get that from her parents, and now she’s gone.

Damn them. And damn every parent who decides in their twisted, bigoted minds to bully their trans children. I am an atheist. I don’t believe in Hell. But if such a place exists, these abusive, small-minded cowards deserve prime real estate near the Lake of Fire.

How strange, how sad, and how loathsome.
Like trashy children playing in a tangled concrete jungle.
With our paste and paint and falsies.
Painting over chipped nail polish and pretending that we’re on top of it all.
Strung out and spun into the thinnest thread imaginable.
There is no quick fix long-lasting enough, no safe escape.
There is only finding joy where you can, with whom you can.
Learning to live for the moments, which come to mean everything in the world.
We’re all the same brilliantly flawed creatures at times stumbling…

…but finding our way through the endless lonely night.

—  How Loathsome, Ted Naifeh/Tristan Crane

The few pages in sequence I could rip from the clutches of Amazon, since there’s no proper digital version of How Loathsome and it’s not a superhero comic so there’s no fan made scans available (That I can find, anyway).

How Loathsome is so fantastic and just saedgfvsdxfv

Everyone needs to read this. It’s cheap, especially for a hardcover. Pick it up, I guarantee you’ll love it.