how ive missed you so

Every time I think about having to be an adult I get so mad. Like I want to call around to see if I can get lower car insurance but I literally have no idea what I would be saying. Besides “I want cheaper car insurance”. Like wtf is a premium, wtf does 100/300/100 mean, how much insurance do i need???

viv reached 100 !!

thank you to everyone single one of my followers!! im hella lazy and too tired to be trying to do blog rates (that im sure my five active followers would participate in) so i’m just gonna roll with this! tagged below are any hp mutuals (with a couple exceptions:)). friends or anyone i’ve actually talked to are in bold :))

okay please ignore the title idk what im doing i just started this blog less than two months ago just ignore me 

oh and my awkward spaces its 12am and i havent done hw this is my way of procrastinating..

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Anime announcement for the prequel of the yuyuyu series, ‘Washio Sumi wa Yuusha de Aru’

Sequel(?) to the yuyuyu series i assume since sonoko is there (if anyone can clarify, please do!)

direct link for those who cant see the video

PV for the event, announcements include:

  1. Decision for Hero club character production(?)
  2. Illustration novel for ‘Nogi Wakaba is a Hero’
  3. Announcement confirmation for Mankai Matsuri 2
  4. Confirmation for ‘Washio Sumi wa Yuusha de Aru’ Anime
  5. ‘Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru’ Sequel confirmation


i. i know you hate it, but your voice is my favorite sound. something about it makes my love run wild. something about it makes me see a future inside of this depression.

ii. i love thinking about you. your calloused hands. your self-conscious stance. the way your voice shakes, but i’ve never seen anything so sturdy. i’ve never seen anything so brave. you make me feel like maybe things are gonna be okay.

iii. i hate thinking about how you’re not here. how you’ll never be here in the way i want you to be. how you’ll never love me. how something so beautiful could slip through my fingers. how you’re gone. how you’re gone. how you’re gone.

iv. some nights, i miss you so much, i give myself bruises from constantly touching your space in my memories. i don’t mind, it’s worth it to feel your touch. it’s worth it to imagine what it’d be like if i was enough.

v. i don’t want a future without you in it. that’s it. that’s all.

—  oh god i’m gonna die alone
one last time- mature pt2

as you wished anon :) [mature imagine justin x reader]

“You always seem to come back for more,” you say as swing your arms around Justin’s neck, caressing his baby hairs, softly tugging them.

“You don’t seem to mind” he shoots back, “do you?”

“No-but,” you quick as a bullet unravel your fingers from his hair. “I have someone in my life now.”

“Seriously?” He speaks, not angry but amused, “do you have a boyfriend?”

“Yeah, sorry” you say as you stare into his eyes, trying to make out what he was thinking at the moment. “After the last time we slept together, you hadn’t called me,-I assume it was over.”

Justin awkwardly coughs as he watches the way you were acting so innocent like, just because you had a boyfriend, justin knew how and when you were ready for a bit of fun, he knew you were holding back. He could tell how you were shuttling your legs back and forth, he could tell how forced and awkward this little speech was.

“Did he tell you to end things off with me?” Justin says breaking your explanation off, “what’s your boyfriend’s name?” He grins as he taps his fingers on your lower back.

“Justin! I’m serious. This has to end!” You raise your voice, getting angry that this was all fun and games to him.

“Babe, I can tell he forced you to say these things to me.” He says as he steps a bit forwards, making you feel his body heat against yours. You could smell his signature scent that made your head spin. You gulp down as you feel his large hand sneak it’s way under you shirt.

“Justin-I have a boyfriend.” You say hoping he’ll stop with the touching cause you knew you’ll melt into his touch again.

“babe, you should know by now how much I love you, how much I love your body, how much pleasure I could bring you, how much it could bring us,” he says taunting me as he allows his hot breath to hit my neck. “Let’s stop these little mind games, aye babe? Let’s go back to way it was.”

Justin places a soft kiss, his pink lips against the side of your neck, nipping the skin softly. You moan as you feel the feeling of his teeth bite down on your skin. You feel his cold fingers brushing your waist, causing a shiver to run down your spine.

Justin pulls away from abusing your neck and travels his kisses further down, pulling a your shirt off your shoulder as he places his tender loving kisses across your upper chest. “You see,” he mumbles as he places one last kiss at your shoulder before yanking your bra down your chest, exposing your sensitive skin, “you belong to me.”

You feel the coolness of the air hit your exposed nipple making goosebumps travel around your arms. You moan out as you feel his wet mouth around your bud, tugging it with his teeth.

“Who do you belong to now babe?” Justin smiles as he pops his mouth away from your hardened bud. He watches as you, waiting for you to make a move.

“So perfect and tasty, how could I ever give you up?”

You watch as Justin picks you up with ease, grabbing your thighs and moving you on top of the kitchen counter. You watch as he looks back at you with nothing but lust worthy eyes.

Justin takes in his flushed you were, how your skin had gotten so sensitive after only one month of not seeing you, how shaky you were, how perfect you looked, how amazingly gorgeous you were and how you were all like this just for his eyes.

“‘Ive missed you so much,” Justin spills the truth from his lips uncontrollably as he quickly begins to work on your jeans. He easily pops the button open with his skillful fingers. He yanks them along with your panties until they reach your knees.

Justin watches how shy you had become just after one month of not being intimate with each other. Justin sees how unresponsive you were, this worried him. Were you not enjoying this?

“Are you ok?” Justin says in a serious tone, eyeing you with suspension as you sit there on the counter, closing your legs together.

You sit there, kind of ashamed of yourself. Your boyfriend would body shame you like hell, comparing you to his previous girlfriends he had in the past. Sure you weren’t the skinniest or the prettiest girl but you could help but feel the insecurities coming back to haunt you, even though it was Justin and not Adam you were being intimate with. You didn’t feel the love or intimacy in a long time during sex, you couldn’t help but feel ugly again.

“I-I don’t know if you Will see me the sand way,” you say honestly, “I’m used and worthless and-”

“ what?”

“I said, i’m worth-”

“Who said this! Or was this just a thought? Did someone tell you this?” Justin says as he brings his hands around your waist, rubbing circles on your back, hoping it’ll calm you down.

“He says I’m used..” you trail along in shame, “I’m not yours anymore. I’m sorry, I should just go.”

You felt wrong to let Justin see you anymore, you don’t want Justin to see you like this. You felt like old worn rag that nobody wanted to love.

“Don’t leave.” Justin says as he holds your face with his hands harshly, gripping you to look at him directly, “don’t fucking think like that-you are beautiful.”

Justin presses his lips against yours. You felt all the strong feelings you’ve missed over the month, you felt how wanted felt like, how much passion the kiss was worth.

You feel Justin’s cold fingers dancing between your legs, indicating to spread them. “Justin” you warn as you pull away from the long passionate kiss, “I-”

Justin touches your clit, feeling your legs feel a bit dry and empty. Justin twists his head in confusion, “why aren’t you wet?” Justin questions as he doesn’t feel the usual damp feeling he was used to making you feel. “Is something sexually wrong or..”

You sit there, not having a explanation at all, staring at him blankly.

“when was the last time you had sex?”

You hesitate but answer him “2 days ago,” you sigh out.

“well..” he trails off, the answer surprising him and not really making any sense to why you were suddenly had no sex drive.

“did you cum?” He asks.

You feel heat rising in your cheeks as you hear him ask you such a private question. “Did you?” he urges you.

“No..” you trail off into a soft voice “ I haven’t in a long time.”

“How long?” He shoots a question that make you want to hide under a rock again.

“I don’t remember” you say as you feel his eyes on you, boring a hole into your skull. I think the last time was with you“

Justin’s eyes were now laced in concerned. “here, “ he says as he travels down to your heat, gripping your legs tenderly, “i’ll make you cum- I can make you cum.”

Justin watches with wide eyes as he tugs your bottoms off your legs, leaving them bare. You sit there, awaiting his next move.

“Don’t be scared, i won’t judge-i promise.” justin cooes as he watches your expression cautiously. He slowly spreads your legs apart, widening them apart for his eyes to see everything.

You violently blush as you see his eyes on your exposed womanhood. You keep telling yourself it’s just Justin. But you couldn’t help but feel so wrong and forced. “Justin-stop-its not going to work.”

Justin takes a glimpse of your worried expression before pushing his thumb on your clit, rubbing slowly, warming you up. “It’s okay baby,- relax, feel it, c’mon babe.” justin whispers as he feels how stiff and hesitate you were being. Justin knew he could make you cum. He had many many times before, he knew this time was no different, he knew your body.

You start to feel the slow rubbing on your bud tingle a bit on your stomach. You could feel the familiar tug at your lower stomach.

“That’s it baby girl, you’re getting wetter.” he says as he quickly rubs a tad faster, his thumb rubbing up and down, he could feel the warm juices start to build up along your heat.

Justin removes his thumb from your bundle of nerves. He latches two fingers into his mouth, coating it with his saliva before pressing them against your entrance. Justin holds your hips still with his other hand as you squirm a bit at the fingers entering.

“God- you are so tight,” justin breathes out uncontrollably as he feels your walls around his digits. He pulls out, before pushing them back in, feeling and missing how amazing you felt.

He looks at how easily his fingers could slip in and out of you, how every time he would pull out, his fingers were coated in your juices. “Baby, are you wet enough?”

“Yeah,” you reply simply, “i think its working.”

“No shit babe,” he smirks, “you’re fucking coating my fingers.”

He pulls his fingers out before examining how your juices were sticking between his fingers. He grins as he shoves the fingers in your mouth.

You suck, kind of out of discomfort as justin holds your face with his other hand, forcing your mouth apart. You knew justin and how he liked being intimate with you, you had remembered what he liked and what he hated.

“How’d you taste?” he asks as he pulls his fingers out of your mouth with a pop. “sweet?” he questions before lunging in and pulling your head towards his, plunging his tongue into your mouth, before you could even swallow the taste.

“Dont fool yourself, y/n, don’t go back to him. I can treat you so much better,” he says he pushes your ankles until they hit the back of your thighs, exposing yourself fully. You could feel the tingle hit your core because of this position.

He mouths over your heat, eating you out with desire. “Are you gonna cum today?”

You feel your stomach plunging and twisting with a strong indication you were going to let go any second now. You feel his tongue dip his way into your entrance, making you shiver from your top to the tip of your toes. You quickly stumble your fingers into his light locks of hair.

You wail out as you feel him flick his tongue over and over your clit repeatedly, making your squirm and push your hips onto his face.

You close your eyes shut as you feel yourself finally let go, after what felt like years. “That’s it baby girl,” he mumbles against your core, the vibrations making you go wild.

Justin pulls away between your legs. You shyly blush at how messy his brown hair was, how he was wet from the tip of his nose to the end of his chin. He doesn’t say anything but grasp your hair and pull you into a passionate kiss.

hostghost84  asked:

I've been out for so long. *hugs* IVE MISSED YOU HOWS UR DAY GOING✨ I've missed a lot of commotions here qwq

Oh- I read bad… WELCOME THEN! ★ …thats it right? :I

its been a super rough week here @ elmpy dot tumblr ive been drinking every day this week except for today (tryna get back on that waggin) as you all know hospital lolz…. the program i need for my course (visual studio 2012 w/ visual basic) doesn’t run on my virtual machine so i have to pray they have it installed in the uni library computers or else im fucked like failed step 1 style fucked…….the man supposed to be getting me a job hates me now and so does greg the psychologist BUT audrey and i are both trying adult sandplay therapy (for different reasons obvz but should be interesting) on tuesday so hopefully all that works out well!!! we both really want Gerard the nice super-helpful super-endearing old-man psych nurse to come back from holiday soon bc we miss him and he was really great support for the both of us. sick of tha system and how its failing me at the moment. sick of being a fuxxing migrant and sick of there being no jobs (and even the few jobs available to me not anymore because of mr fucking idiot fuckface DENNIS mcgee who wont help me find jobs even though it would be good for simply to save his own slimy ass urgh)

anyway how are all you going!!!! please tell me how your day/live is going ive missed so much n love you all n.n 

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awwww camille!!!!!! i’ve been so good, just getting back into semester 2 of uni which is stressful, and i’m sure you know the feeling going into term 3!!!!! hope you’re doing well though and i miss youuuu 💓