how ive missed making gifs of this

i cannot possibly express my gratitude enough, thank you so, so much for helping me hit a follower milestone! thank you for your reblogs, likes, heartwarming messages and comments, your support and encouragement all this while ♥ i’m incredibly touched ( ; u ; )

even though i’m just an amateur trying to do what i can do to contribute to the fandom and community, it makes me really happy to know that there are people out there who like what i do. it keeps me motivated and pushes me to work hard to polish my skills (`・ω・´)ゞ let’s keep doing our best together!

( ^ω^ ) i’m also very grateful for all the lovely people i’ve met and all the amazing friends i’ve made ♥ even if we’ve never directly interacted before, you are part of the community that’s helped me grow as a translator, writer, etc, and most importantly as a person, and so for that i am thankful! [bow]

i’m honoured to have been given the chance to (even if only for a bit) make you smile. from here on too, i’ll keep doing my best to produce content that i hope will colour your lives a little, and bring a smile to your face. thank you very much!!! (≧◇≦)

Making kitchari

Kitchari has been a real delight each day whilst on the Live Below the Line challenge. It’s tasty and hot and sustaining-and costs literally pennies.

I’ve actually been enjoying the simplicity of eating exactly the same foods each day and so far, it’s not bothered me. It’s been nice not having any veg to chop, I suppose, although I do miss having it.

Although I do naturally notice the difference having porridge made with water and not almond milk, the plainness of the oats is quite enjoyable and isn’t a problem for me. It’ll be nice to go back to having half and half almond milk and water after these five days because I like to know I’m getting that added little bit of calcium and protein and it does of course taste nice! I have also enjoyed not using any Truvia- I usually add some to my porridge but I’ve really not missed it this week and if I can do without that is definitely better. It’s been good to cleanse my palate in this way.

Another good thing about this temporary change in my diet has been an improvement to my IBS symptoms. This is 100% down to the fact it is triggered by almost all vegetables and although I can eat the ones I do without a lot of pain these days, they still cause very bad, often uncomfortable bloating and some other quite unpleasant symptoms (let’s not make this any more TMI than we have to! 🤦🏻‍♀️) So I really do need to make a compromise with my IBS and limit my vegetable intake after I switch back to my normal diet- this is obvious to me. So! That’s one very helpful take-home tip I’ve benefited from trying this challenge.

I have really been missing the little ‘treats’ in my day, however. I’ve missed the coffee I share with The Lovely Husband each evening when we get home from work, and he has really not enjoyed having his ‘alone’. This is a very real issue; food and drink are social things and those of us without the means to join in are by default, made slightly apart.

I’ve also missed the cups of herbal tea I enjoy at intervals during my working day. They are a psychological break in activities and help me relax and refresh myself for the next stint. A cup of something tasty and hot really does brighten the day. Similarly, Ive missed my soluble B-vitamin drink which I really like the taste of and which peps me up for the day each morning.

I’ve missed having fresh fruit to snack on… I’m salivating just thinking about it. What’s more, I can only imagine how distressing it must be to have children to care for and to not be able to give them the fresh fruit and vegetables you know their bodies sorely need…


bts 2017 summer package!

Hi guys! So, like 2 days ago i just hit 1000 followers in this blog *shrieks* I’m seriously just thankful to everyone of you and i love you all ಥ⌣ಥ My list is kinda short  and if you don’t see yourself included, worry not because ya’ll have a piece of my heart  ♥

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I’m really glad how they did make this out to be and not actually killing him off. The theories were really freaking me out there for a while. But this is a really fucking awesome way to incorporate those little hints to give us this. Not what we expected but it’s still not wrong. The pieces just added up to something a little different just God bless this show. I’m really going to fucking miss it.