how it keeps on despite you and it frightens you

You Really Got a Hold On Me

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Request: “ Can you do one where the reader is kylo’s girlfriend or wife or something is a teacher to the children on base but she has KYLIE wrapped around her finger and he does anything she says and stuff like that. Just fluff I guess”

Summary: Kylo, who is put into an arranged marriage by his consent to the princess of an overthrown planet, finds himself slowly having a change of heart. Though he is still the brooding and fear striking Commander of the First Order, he finds that over a span of time he has somehow grown a soft spot.

A/N: Ok, not gonna lie, fluff is actually really hard for me to write haha, it’s just not entirely my thing. That being said, in terms of Kylo Ren the true character, this is pretty floofy for him. It’s also kinda inspired by some floof @primma-dona sent me when I was feeling down, so thanks for that! Hope you enjoy!

With forceful and heavy thuds echoing through the air, Kylo marched his way through the various halls of the brand new First Order base. His broad shoulders were held stiff and high as they faintly shifted with every step he took, his fists clenched at his sides. The entirety of his appearance exuded his growing impatience with this day as well as his unquestioned physical strength. Though most days his robes concealed his physique, his brooding posture and walk did him justice.

Despite their growing recovery from the destruction of Starkiller, the First Order still had days as scrambled as this, still had to deal with the Resistance just as they had before. No matter how much territory they gained or alliances they formed, the Resistance never seemed to diminish in the slightest. 

The stress was high on this particular afternoon, given the renewed efforts of the Resistance to tamper with the Order’s newest location. Given just how advanced the base was in terms of innovation, it was more than a saught after target. Much like today, Kylo was pulled from his preferred tasks in order to deal with yet another prisoner, hoping something would be divulged to his advantage. 

Stopping before one of the many cell blast doors, Kylo huffed out a deep breath as he turned to the two troopers standing guard. Both troopers bow their heads faintly as they keep their hands on their blasters.


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Fright - Akira Kurusu x Reader

Where did the school go? Your mind went blank as you stared at the castle before you, knees quivering as its dooming and dominating presence made you uneasy. You were sure you had gone the right way when getting to school, making this trip much more confusing and frightening. True, you had heard Ryuji’s loud voice from the midst of the alley that you use to get to the academy, but didn’t think anything of it when mindlessly walking through the alley until your vision shifted and morphed, making you almost believe you were dying. You gripped your bag tightly, sensors in your brain telling you to get out as fast as possible. But how? Your brain was clouded with confusion and fear. Why was there such a huge castle here? You didn’t pass out, did you? You pinched your arm just to be sure, wincing at the incredibly real feeling of pain. No, this is.. real.

You swallowed the accumulated saliva in your mouth and took a shakily step forward, extremely wary of your surroundings. You tried to see if your phone was on and luckily it was, however, to your dismay, there was no signal. You bit your lip and put your phone back into your school bag, setting a foot forward in the direction of the entrance of the palace. Perhaps there was someone in there that could help you, though deep in your heart, you realized it was a foolish idea, even if there were no other way.

The interior was decorated nicely, elegantly, making your jaw drop as you stared at the room. Despite the superficial decor in the room, everything seemed to shift before your eyes, making your head spin, as if this were all a distortion of someone’s imagination. You took careful steps around the stairs, slowing your breathing down to make sure your racing heart remains steady and not loud enough for any passersby to hear.

Every moment that you continue to walk in the palace is another moment that you wish for your significant other’s embrace and calm voice to tell you that you’re okay, that everything is fine, that he loves you. You smiled a little at the memory of Akira petting your head and pressing his lips on your forehead. However, the peace is shattered as your eyes set upon a flurry of guards that wandered around the halls, grumbling and keeping their guard up, as if they were expecting intruders. You stumbled back, accidentally crashing into a broken vase and it’s stool, gaining the attention of those.. Things. They weren’t human. Not with those red eyes and malicious stances. Your mouth quivered with fear as they rushed over to you, commenting on how they thought you were a prisoner that escaped. They had grabbed you, resulting in a loud scream from your lips as you pleaded to be let go and that you weren’t a prisoner here, tears already accumulating in your eyes and streaming down your face as the threats of becoming a prisoner frightened you and made your anxiety overflow from the strange castle to the disorientation that filled your vision.

You genuinely thought you were going to die in this hell of a nightmare.

Thrown to the ground of a cold prison cell, you huddled up with your bag in the corner, shaking uncontrollably as tears streamed down your face and your breathing choppy. You were too much in a panic to understand anything at all, the only thing in your body telling you right now is that there was no escape from this and that there was no hope.

You only wish you could have told everyone you loved them one last time.

The high pitched scream made the entire Phantom Thieves freeze, jumping to a hiding spot in the corner of the hall. Joker snapped his head over to where the the scream came from, his face hard as stone as he recognized the voice. Joker’s heart stopped in his chest, a sudden fear that he had never realized suddenly washing over his body. There was a possibility he could lose you. No, it would never come to that. He’ll never let it come to that. “That scream wasn’t a figment of the distortion, right?” He asked with urgency, turning to the wide eyed Mona. “Which way did they take them?” Joker added on, looking to the cat for help as his eyes were stern and his jaw set with a mixture of fury and fear.

Skull hissed to the two, obviously confused at the sudden turn of events. “How the hell did someone else get in here?”

“Because you were probably careless, Skull.” Panther’s remark caught him off guard, causing him to glare at the teen with displeasure. “You should be more cautious about being a Phantom Thief in public.”

Mona thought for a moment and hopped back up, looking at the way that lead to the many cells in the dungeon, the very same place that Joker and Skull met Mona. “They took them… to the dungeons.”

No sooner than Mona’s words reached Joker’s ears, he sped off in the direction of the dungeon, leaving the others to scramble behind him confusedly. The others cried out in protest, but Joker wasn’t having any. He asked them to watch his back and take care of the guards. “I have to save them-!” Joker growled, speeding up, ignoring the many enemies that stood in his way and barged into the dungeon, his voice raising and calling out for you. “(Name)!” He exclaimed, voice ringing through the dungeon as his black cape fluttered behind him, heart beating quickly as he heard the choked sobs and desperate cries that escaped your lips.

“A-Akira..” You choked out, crawling over to the front, a complete mess as you desperately longed for comfort in the choking cell. There was a flutter of wind by you until you saw concerned eyes peering into yours, startling you before you slowly recognized that it was Akira who stood before you, eagerly working on the cell’s door with sweat running down his cheek and eyebrows furrowed in concern.

Joker ripped the door open and dived into the cell, grabbing a strong hold of you and pulling you in his arms, his racing heart mixing in with yours. You sobbed carelessly, burying yourself into his arms as the stress crumbled beneath the relief. “I’m here, (Name), it’s okay. It’ll be fine. You’re okay.” His soft voice cooed, gloved hands wiping away the tears that streaked your flushed cheeks.

“I… I’m so confused… and scared… why are you dressed like that..?” You asked, voice breaking as you slowly composed yourself. Akira gave you a smile, leaning in and pressing his forehead to yours, breaths mixing.

His lips brushed against yours as his hands stroked your hair comfortingly. “I’ll explain it later. For now, we have to get you out of here. One day, I’ll bring you back here, but I’ll be with you at all times.”

You nodded, exhausted from the experience, not complaining as you were picked up by your knees and he small of your back as he carried you bridal style. You clung to Akira, burying your face in his neck and relaxing under the scent of him, a splendid mix of coffee and his cologne. “I’m sorry, you guys were probably doing something important, right?” You mumble, moving your head to look at Akira, admiring the thief get-up. “I want to help you all… I want to be braver..” You admit, hands trembling as you cling to Akira.

Akira looked down at you, a wide smile on his lips as he watched as a spirit of rebellion seemed to flicker in your heart. “For now, you need to rest. We’ll call the mission off for today.” He explained, meeting up with the rest of the Phantom Thieves, who stared at him with wide eyes, carrying you in his arms.

“We’ll finish this tomorrow,” Joker announced as the leader of the group. “Next time we go in here, perhaps we’ll have another member of the group. We’ll see what fate decides.” He said, watching as the others calmed down and agreed, the alert in the palace extremely high to continue forward with a non-persona user.

“Sorry you had to end up in that kind of situation,” Panther sighed, patting your arm with a kind smile. “I know the feeling, don’t worry.”

“Aren’t you.. Ann?” You asked, staring into her blue eyes. “And that’s Ryuji… and..” Your eyes widened as you spotted Morgana. “A cat..?”

“You couldn’t have known, but I’m not a cat.” He exclaimed, a little frustrated with having to explain it so many times.

You nodded, rubbing your temples. “Akira.. Please don’t make me wait long for an explanation. I don’t want to go through that again.” You mumble, a bright distortion overcoming you before you realize everyone was back in their normal outfits and you were all in the very same alley that you started at.

Akira sent the others away with a grateful ‘Thank you’, before setting you on your feet, an arm wrapped around your waist, while Morgana jumped into his bag. “Let’s go to LeBlanc. I’ll explain it there, alright?” He promised, pressing a chaste kiss to your forehead. “You gave me a huge scare today and I just need to be with you the rest of the day.”

“Same here,” You breathed, leaning into Akira. “… I love you,” You say suddenly, catching Akira off guard. “I need to tell you that a lot more often. When I was in there..” Your hands shook, but you continued despite the fear that crawled on your back. “I thought I was going to die. And my biggest regret was that I couldn’t tell you how much I loved you.”

Akira stopped and pulled you close, closing the gap between your lips and his, a sweet kiss that made you realize he was just as frightened as you were.

“I love you too, (Name). I want to protect you no matter what. One day, I hope you’ll be able to join Ryuji, Morgana, Ann, and I as a Phantom Thief. Until then, I’ll keep you safe.”

You giggled softly, arms wrapping around his neck. “That’s another promise to add on to our growing list then, huh?” You point out, eternally grateful for being able to understand a new part of Akira, even if the cost was a panic attack that nearly made you give into despair. It just made you realize the importance of your relationship with Akira, the resolve that you wanted to uphold, and the future that you could be apart of.

And you’ll strive to help them no matter what.

Being from Rick's group and Gareth having a crush on you would include :

(Woooo more prompts! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-Him going blank the instant he sees you walking in with Rick and the others

-Him smiling to hear you speak to him despite it not being really kind words

-Him wanting to keep you in separate compartment from your friends so he can visit you as he wishes but not acting on it as he knows how frightened you must be

-Him looking at you and being at a loss for words as he looks at your skin as you’re being taken away by his men and just regretting to feel that way for you

-Him stalling the process of getting you all killed just to have the chance to speak to you and see you more

-Him telling his men that they can’t kill you, especially during the crossfire when you all escaped

-Him regretting not making you his before you left and hoping to see you again and somehow prove himself to you

-Him smiling to see you within the church and just wanting to barge in to take you away

-Him thinking of multiple plans to just kidnap you and asking his people to help him think it through as he’s serious about it

-Him begging Rick to spare his life all while looking at you as well, only to admit how much he has fallen for you

Kai Parker Imagine: "Leverage"

Based On: imagine kai kidnapping you and elena to practise magic on and him showing you his sweet side

Word Count: 1,475

Author: Me: (

Warnings: minor violence

Note: I may do a part two to this imagine, I’m not sure yet, let me know if you’d want one!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

⠀⠀⠀WHEN you opened your eyes you felt a mixture of pain, fatigue and confusion registering throughout your head. Whilst groaning in pain, you tilted your head to the side stunned to find your friend, Elena, tied down to a chair text to you - currently trying to set her hands free of the ropes she was tied down with.

Your eyes immediately widened in shock and you attempted to bring your hands to your face, only to realise that you were in the same fate as Elena - only your ropes weren’t covered in vervain. You began to freak out slightly, thrashing your hands around as you cried out in worry hoping that someone would come to your rescue. You were brought out of your thoughts by a devilish chuckle filling your ears. You looked up only to find Kai sitting opposite you and Elena, an amused expression on his face.

“What the hell?” You shrieked, your eyes narrowing as you stared at Kai.

“Let us go!” Elena ordered Kai. You still continued to struggle through your ropes as she spoke. You could feel them beginning to rub against your skin and winced in pain at the touch but continued attempting to escape, nonetheless.

“No can do. See, I need you to help me with something.” Kai said almost innocently.

“Are you crazy?” Elena laughed, shaking her head. “I’m not helping you with anything.” Kai shook his head in response, tapping his fingers on the table.

“How unfortunate.” He paused for a moment before his eyes locked with yours. “For her.” He grinned mischeviously, getting out of his seat and making his way towards you and Elena. As he got closer to you you began to thrash around on the spot trying to get as far away from him as possible, but he wasn’t having it. Kai pulled your chair further away from Elena’s and rested his hand on your shoulder, his eyes meeting with Elena’s again for a moment. “See, I had a feeling you’d refuse to help me which is why I brought (Y/N) here.” He spoke simply, his fingers caressing your cheeks. You flinched at his touch, shutting your eyes in a hope it would stop him because the situation made you feel so awkward - it didn’t.

“Just leave her alone.” Elena demanded, her eyes wide with worry and fear.

Kai held his hand to his ear, “I didn’t hear you agreeing to help me.”

“Just let her go!” Elena snapped harshly.

“You’re in no position to make demands. If I wanted to I could easily snap her neck with my magic. New trick I learnt.” Kai beamed happily, proud of his achievement. “She wouldn’t wake up like you though, would she?” Kai’s fingers trailed over to your neck and rested there for a moment as he studied Elena.

“What do you need me for anyway?” Elena asked. Kai smiled.

“See, magic is hard and I need someone to practise on. So, I thought who better than a vampire? But I guess I could always settle for a human.” Kai began muttering some words under his breath and the ropes on your hands burst into flames. You stood up in alarm, immediately attempting to run over to Elena when Kai pulled you back. “Oh no you don’t.” He said as he wrapped his arms around you, holding you tightly against his body. You tried your hardest not to blush at the sudden proximity of the two of you and elbowed him various times but he didn’t budge.

“Let go of her Kai!” Elena demanded yet again which only made Kai smile in return.

“I wonder, what would happen if I were to just..” He trailed off as you began to feel a burning sensation in your head. You dropped to the ground, screaming in agony as you clutched your head.

“Kai stop it!” Elena shrieked. “Kai you’re hurting her, just stop! I’ll do it, whatever you want! I’ll do it just let her go! She can’t heal like me, stop!”

Kai beamed in happiness and all of a sudden the pain was gone. You quickly wiped the tears out of your eyes and shuffled backwards, gaining as much distance as you could from the sociopath. So that was what the pain felt like. You’d witnessed Elena, Stefan and Damon getting these agonising headaches countless times, it must hurt ten times more for them though. You couldn’t bear the thought of it, I was so horrible.

“Excellent.” He said before turning round to face you. He began to skulk over to you, lifting you off of the ground and dragging you away with him.

“Kai! What are you doing? You said you’d let her go!” Elena yelled.

“I never promised anything.” He said before pulling you to the storage room with him.

“No, Kai! Let me go!” You shrieked as he pulled you away, locking you both in the storage room. He let go of you and you retreated backwards as he began chanting under his breath again. With tears in your eyes, you began to speak. “What have you done?”

“I put a spell on the room, Elena can’t hear anything that’s going on in here.” Your heart practically shattered at his words.

“Oh god, I’m going to die.” You cried out as your hands covered your mouth. “Please, just leave me alone. Don’t hurt me.”

“Why would I hurt you?” Kai asked as if you’d said something stupid. You stated at him in disbelief, your body still shaking uncontrollably in fear.

“You said you were going to practise magic on me, you just did.”

Kai rolled his eyes. “That was only to scare Elena, I’d never hurt you.”

“Stop lying to me! You just gave me an agonising headache a couple of minutes ago!” You bit back immediately making Kai narrow his eyes in return.

“I had to make it believable.” He paused for a moment before walking towards you. Trying to keep strong, you didn’t move away and allowed him to place his hand on your shoulder. You couldn’t control how fast your heart was racing though - whether it was because you were frightened or nervous being around him you didn’t know. Despite everything, you had to admit you had a slight crush on Kai. You shouldn’t, but you did. He was an attractive man, you knew that, anyone could see that. But there was something about him which instantly attracted you to him, which led to you being nervous around him. “Don’t you understand, I can’t hurt you (Y/N). You’re the only one of them that I actually like, why would I want to harm you? You were simply leverage.” Kai informed you as if it were the simplest thing to comprehend.

“But why did you bring me in here then? Why not just keep me in the same room as Elena.”

“I didn’t want to hurt you any more than I already had. So to make Elena agree to my terms I had to take you away.”

“Why not just kill me? It would be a hell of a lot easier.”

Kai’s eyes glistened for a moment, his lips curling into a smile. “Is that an invitation?” Your heart sunk almost rapidly but you were brought back to your senses when Kai chuckled. “Just kidding. Believe it or not (Y/N), I actually like you. You’re..” He paused for a moment, trying to think of a word. “Interesting.” He finally decided.

“You liked Bonnie but that didn’t stop you from stabbing her countless times and shooting her with a crossbow.” You bit back which resulted in a nod from Kai as he laughed.

“True. But I don’t care for Bonnie like I care about you.”

“You care about me?” You repeated in disbelief. Kai was silent for a few minutes before clearing his throat.

“I won’t hurt you, (Y/N). All I need to do is a little bit of experimenting. I’ll be back for you soon.” Was all he said before he left the room, slamming the door shut in the process.

You ran over to it and attempted to pull it open but it was sealed shut, which only left you with one option; to sit down and think about what Kai had just said. Strangely enough, Kai seemed to have shown you his sweet side - sort of. He’d developed actual feelings and you’d gotten to experience them first hand. Although it was scary you couldn’t help but feel happy at the fact that Kai admitted to caring about you. You shouldn’t be feeling this way, you knew that but something about the guy drew you in. Perhaps it was his cockiness, you had no idea. But you were keen to find out - as soon as you busted yourself and Elena out of the Mystic Grill.

12. Scary movies.

Jack G: You knew that you shouldn’t have let him turn it on. But he was persuasive and he promised it wouldn’t be that bad and that he would protect you, and so, you let him put the disc in the DVD player. And now you were suffering the consequences because every creak of the floorboards and every passing shadow was an approaching killer. But I guess you could say that he was also suffering the consequences because he had to endure a night of you clinging to him, literally clinging to him, with your arms and legs wrapped tightly around his body and your face pressed firmly into his chest. And every now and again he’d give your back a little rub and maybe he didn’t actually mind. Not too much, anyway.

Carter: He hated to admit it, but he was scared. Probably just as scared as you were. And he didn’t admit it, not verbally, anyway. He didn’t admit it because he was supposed to be the big tough boyfriend who isn’t afraid of horror films and protects his girlfriend when she’s frightened. And to be fair to him, despite his growing anxiety, he did protect you and make you feel safe. Although his stomach twisted when some guy’s head got chopped off, he didn’t let that stop him from throwing an arm around you shoulder and allowing you to press your face into his chest. And although the mere sight of blood gave him a headache, it didn’t stop him from putting on a brave face and making sure that you were comfortable first.

Aaron: If he was honest, he wasn’t really paying any attention to the movie. He was too caught up in you; your head lay on his chest and your legs entangled with his. He was so transfixed by the way your body felt against his when you jumped after something popped out. And he was so transfixed by the delicate way your hair fell on your back, some locks falling from your shoulder. Every now and again, he would place a kiss on your forehead, reassuring you. And then he would go back to noticing the way you hid your face behind your hands and the way your heart rate increased when you were scared. And although he had no idea what was going on in the movie, he didn’t care. All he cared about was the girl lying with her head on his chest. All he cared about was you.

Cameron: Perhaps it wasn’t his brightest idea to bring you to see a horror movie on your first date because, judging by the way you were hiding behind your hands and squirming in your seat, it didn’t particularly look like you were enjoying it. And he kept asking if you were okay and you kept giving him a little nod and a breathy “yes,” but he knew you were lying and he knew you were feeling scared. So he made a bold move; hesitantly taking your hand from where it lay on your lap, he laced his long fingers with your shorter ones, giving you a knowing nod before returning to face the movie. And his hand was so warm and a little calloused but it was strong and steady too and it made you feel so safe that the movie didn’t seem so bad, after all.

Shawn: Blood and guts and horror movies in general were never your strongest points, so you were slightly frustrated and slightly puzzled as to how he convinced you to watch the movie with him. Although you were a little mad at him, the anger bubbling up inside of you was disregarded for the time being, because at that moment, all you wanted to do was hide your face in his chest and allow yourself to feel safe within his presence. So that’s what you did and, because he knew how he scared you were, he had no problem with running a large hand up and down your arm and giving it a light squeeze every now and again to reassure you. And during a particularly frightening part of the movie, he always made sure to place a kiss on your forehead.

Matt: Feeling his bicep flex lightly under your hand, you hugged yourself closer to him as inconspicuously as possible. But he noticed and couldn’t help but let out a breathy chuckle. Questioning you again on whether or not you were scared, he took note of the way you clutched at his arm a little and the way you tucked your face into his shoulder every now and again. But you were defiant, insisting that you weren’t scared, despite the fact that the movie playing on the television was making you feel queasy and and a little dizzy. He hummed before removing his arm from your grip and wrapping it tightly around your body. After putting up a weak resistance, you sunk into his embrace, allowing yourself to become immersed in the safety of his arms.

Jack J: He shouldn’t love the way you press your face into his chest. And he definitely shouldn’t love the way you’re mouth forms and ‘o’ shape and your eyes grow wide when a particularly scary part comes on. But he does. He loves it because it gives him the opportunity to pull you into his lap and stroke your hair, telling you that it’s just a movie and that none of it is real and that he’s right there with you. He loves being able to make you feel safe and protected because it satisfies him to know that you’re content and well. And even if it is just a horror movie and even if all the blood and guts is fake, he knows that it scares you. And that’s okay, because he gets scared sometimes, and you’re there for him. So, he’ll be there for you.

Nash: “Are you scared?” his voice was crisp and a little hoarse and he was wearing a sweater that was soft against your cheek but the hardness of his chest could be felt beneath the fabric. And despite the fact that you hated scary movies, you didn’t feel scared at all. How could you? His arms were wrapped in a protective embrace around your body and the rise and fall of his chest was soothing, along with the strong steady beat of his heart. “Well, are you scared?” your reply was just as crisp as his and he replied with a chuckle that rumbled in his chest and a no. “Well then, neither am I,” and with your almost intimate reply, his arms tightened around you and a contagious smile quickly spread across his face.

Taylor: Looking around the room, the boys and a few girls crowded around the television, you realized that you weren’t the only one who was scared. However, this did not help the fact that the blood was making you feel nauseous and that you would find difficulty in sleeping later that night. His warm hand was rubbing your shoulder and despite the fact that he already knew, you had an urge to tell him that you were frightened. So, you did. And the way that you were looking at him with those sad eyes and furrowed eyebrows made his heart melt a little. And then he was pulling you closer to him and whispering in your ear about how it was all just a movie and how, that night, he’d be there to keep you safe and sound.

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How about Supercat for #23?

23. “Just once.”

“Can I stay here for a while?”

“’Course.” The unspoken ‘Kara’ sits heavy on her tongue, but Cat doesn’t speak it aloud. It’s painfully obvious by now that the woman sitting before her and her assistant are the same. If it weren’t obvious that Kara was always mysteriously absent whenever Supergirl was on the news, Bizarro had proved that it was possible for two Supergirls to be in the same room at the same time, and she’d seen the news report of a shapeshifting alien that had broken just a handful of hours ago to take Supergirl herself down. Couple all of that with Kara Danvers’ abrupt personality change, coinciding with Supergirl’s mean streak, and Cat has never been so certain of something before in her entire life.

But she will bite her tongue, even though it stings to think that Kara must think her an idiot, to have not figured it out on her own. But it is Kara’s secret to tell, and though it hurts to know that Kara doesn’t trust Cat with it, she understands.

She doesn’t like it, but she understands.

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You should write a short Drabble about this whole raspberry scent thing!!!!! Yes that would be so cool!!!

*laughs nervously* if by “short drabble” you meant I should write a 1200+ word ficlet rife with domestic fluff, then here you go!! 

Exfoliating - SFW

“You better go first,” Kagami laughs, unlocking and opening the front door to his apartment before stepping aside. Daiki grunts his agreement, noticing how Kagami presses himself against the wall to avoid accidentally brushing any part of Daiki as he passes by, scrunching his nose.

“I can’t believe the fucker barfed on me,” Daiki groans, struggling to get out of his shoes without bending to untie them.

Kagami gives him a lopsided smirk. “He probably finally had enough of looking at your face.”

“I thought Nigou was the one true bro!” Daiki whines, ignoring Kagami’s jab. Why bother rising to such an obvious lie?

“I thought I was your one true bro,” Kagami snorts, shoving Daiki toward the bathroom. “Gimme your clothes so I can wash ‘em.”

Daiki strips his shirt and jeans off in the bathroom doorway, trying to keep the soiled fabric away from his face, the smell overwhelmingly sour. “Next time he’s sitting in your lap, and I’m gonna drive.”

Kagami gathers Daiki’s clothes into a pile, holding them at arm’s length. He makes a disgusted, faintly terrified face at the thought of having to hold Nigou for an entire car ride. “As if your driving wouldn’t make him sick- you take turns like a fucking drag racer.”

“Gotta go fast,” Daiki replies, dropping his boxers and peeling off his socks. When he looks up, Kagami’s standing with one hand on his hip, appraising him with a stern expression. Daiki’s vaguely offended that Kagami isn’t drooling over his naked body, despite the fact that dog vomit isn’t exactly known as an aphrodisiac. Still, he tests the water. “Wanna join me?” He waggles his eyebrows for emphasis.

“No, fuckwit, I gotta do laundry,” Kagami snaps, but a slow smile creeps across his face. “The faster you get clean the faster I might actually wanna touch you again.”

Daiki raises his arms, about to lunge and see how much of his Kagami’s face he can touch before being shoved off, but Kagami slams the door closed with frightening speed, pushing against it from the other side to keep Daiki at bay. Daiki slips one hand through the gap in the door, groping blindly at whatever of Kagami he can get, a maniacal laugh building in his throat.

“Get yer gross puke fingers off me,” Kagami growls. Daiki finds himself suddenly pitching forward and nearly tumbling to the floor as the pressure on the other side of the door gives way. He catches himself and peers around the corner, where Kagami’s watching him from the corner of his eye as he gets the detergent out of the cupboard and tosses it on top of the pile he’s gathered in the hamper.

Daiki sighs, leaving the door open as he finally heads toward the shower. He turns the water on, letting it run until it’s warm enough to tolerate before getting in, taking the detachable showerhead off to spray his stomach (where Nigou deposited the bulk of his…gift) directly. He applies a light rinse at first, then looks around for some type of soap, shivering at the phantom feel of the gunk still crawling over his skin.

Kagami keeps his stuff on a shower shelf that hangs from the shower spout, completely different from the array of half-empty bottles that decorate the edges of the bathtub in the Aomine household. At least I can see what all the damn bottles are at my place, Daiki thinks, fumbling past the 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner combo and the women’s shaving cream Daiki likes to pretend Kagami doesn’t use to take care of his particular manscaping requirements.

He finally spots a bottle of Old Spice body wash at the back, right next to a pink tube of…it’s written in English, but Daiki’s fairly sure it says something like Raspberry Facial Scrub. He knows the word 'facial’ well enough from frequent visits to American porn sites. Lathering himself quickly with the body wash to take care of the last of the vomit residue, Daiki keeps his eyes trained on the raspberry stuff, rereading the label several times to make sure he’s not hallucinating.

Once he’s done he puts the body wash on the edge of the tub, then plucks the facial scrub from the shower basket. He pops open the cap, brings it up to his nose, and squeezes lightly, the scent of raspberries hitting him like a strong orgasm, smudging his thoughts at the edges.

The smell is so familiar, nostalgic, threading itself around his heart and tugging. He’s caught its fragile scent before, on Kagami’s pillow in the middle of the night when Daiki wakes, reaching out for him, using his broad back as a shield for protection from the nightmares that still lurk deep in the shadows in his head.

He’s smelled it in the morning, Kagami fresh out of the shower, hair dripping onto the towel around his neck, stubble brushing Daiki’s lips when he leans in to press a kiss on his strong jawline, often in the hopes that his playful nips will lead to something a little bit hotter than oatmeal for breakfast.

Raspberry motherfucker, Daiki thinks, slightly annoyed as he pours a generous dollop onto his fingers. That’s why his face is all smooth, too. Cheater! He smears the paste over his cheeks like warpaint, grinding the smell into his skin, half in love with the butterflies it stirs up in his belly.

“Daiki? Daiki are you-” Kagami rounds the corner into the bathroom, the door still wide open.

Daiki’s fist clenches in surprise, squeezing the tube and sending a huge glob of it splattering across the wall tiles. The steam carries the smell with it, filling the entire bathroom with its sharp sweetness.

“What the hell are you doing with that?” Kagami scowls, twitching the shower curtain aside.

“Exfoliating,” Daiki says, sticking the tube back in the basket while continuously scrubbing with the other hand.

“You’re only supposed to use a little bit, not half the tube!”

Daiki stops to take a long sniff of what’s left on his hand. “Why do you even have this? Isn’t it for women?”

Kagami shrugs, unabashed. “Mom sends it from L.A. I dunno. Keeps the zits away, I guess.”

“It smells like pie.”

“I can…get a different kind, if you want?”

No,” Daiki protests, a little too fast, a little too loud. He yanks the curtain aside a little more, ignoring the water pattering onto the bathroom floor, and pounces on Kagami before he can escape. Kagami yells something incoherent as Daiki wraps his arms around him, water soaking into his t-shirt where he clings. “Don’t even think about it.”

Kagami exhales slowly, giving in to his fated dampness and enveloping Daiki in a hug. “I didn’t know you liked raspberry pie so much. Geez.”

“That’s what we’re having for dinner, right?” Daiki mumbles, running his fingers through the hair at the nape of Kagami’s neck.

Kagami lets out a long suffering sigh. “You could try to convince me to make one,” he whispers in Daiki’s ear. “I mean…I might as well join you now.”

Daiki only smiles, tugging Kagami into the shower with him. Maybe the raspberries aren’t the thing causing the butterflies, after all.


Adventuring the World’s Waterfalls with Kayak Instructor Aleix Salvat

To see where Aleix’s next adventure takes him, follow @aleixsalvat on Instagram. For more stories from the Spanish-speaking community, follow @instagrames.

(This interview was conducted in Spanish.)

Kayak instructor Aleix Salvat (@aleixsalvat) is keeping up a family tradition. His parents were also kayak instructors who took Aleix out on his first trip at 4 years old — he’s been paddling the rapids of Europe and Latin America ever since. “I love how you feel in the water,” the adventure-seeker from Catalonia, Spain, says. “You feel so alive after making it through a difficult rapid.” Despite jumping a 78-foot (24-meter) waterfall on his most recent kayaking trip in Peru, Aleix is anything but reckless. “I’m usually frightened when facing tough rivers,” he says. “You always need to keep a cool head and analyze the situation.”

Aries - There’s so much about you that no one knows. It’s all lying beneath the surface.

Taurus - I think it’s awfully brave of you to stick around.

Gemini - Where are you? I can’t find you anywhere amongst all the things you’ve become for others.

Cancer - Indecision is a decision.

Leo - Stay away from people who make you feel lonely in crowds.

Virgo - Even when you’re so afraid your knees are shaking, keep your head out of the sand.

Libra - Your mind isn’t as clear as you wish it would be. It’s a beautiful mind anyway.

Scorpio - Maybe it’s a sign. Maybe it’s just a bad day.

Sagittarius - Ghosts are blowing through your curtains and rattling your bed, but that’s all they can do without your permission.

Capricorn - We’re all just as nervous and frightened as each other. You are not inferior for admitting it.

Aquarius - Despite how you may feel about yourself, there is more love in you than hatred.

Pisces - Most of the time, nobody will notice your little changes but you. That’s still something, though.

—  s.s.
Magi Ending - エデン
Aqua Timez
Magi Ending - エデン

Magi - The Kingdom of Magic Ending Theme

Note ;; Has this been translated?? Because I can’t find any translations for this song! So I went ahead and translated this- but please, link me if there’s a more accurate version of this song’s translation around because I’m sure I did a terrible job with this song, this song was so hard to understand >< The translations may be rough because my language is not up to standard. Feel free to correct me if I get anything wrong. The bracket-ed parts are parts I’m not entirely sure of, but feels natural as I translate it in that manner. As mentioned, feel free to correct me, I’m eager to learn! Japanese and Romaji lyrics are under the cut!

If we just turn our backs towards each other,
We become each other’s wings.
But now, there is no longer a place for us to even take off..

Even without someone shedding a single tear, 
We became used to being kind (to each other).
Even without turning someone into a villain,
Surely, we became heroes (in our own way)..

It’s just like when the little magician girl abandons her magical staff,
On it, there’s still a lingering warmth of being held.
When we’re born into this world, certainly,
There’s no burden that we’re made to carry.
That’s because there’s just so many things
Meant for us to hold in our arms..

It’s as if you and I are bound with a butterfly knot,
Softly, we’re entangled,
Even though this bond will one day become undone.
What is known to us as the skies
Isn’t a thing that would flap its wings and fly away,
And when I look up at it and all its grace, 
I think to myself, wouldn’t it be nice to just give up?
If only I can just take your hand, and start walking,
That would be nice..

Have you lost something that’s precious to you?
Is the thing that you’ve lost something precious?
Even if you’re being confronted with by yourself,
I wonder if we can finally be truthful (with ourselves)?

Even when the little magician boy stops being able to use any magic,
That child has already decided to keep smiling,
Despite it all, you see.
If we can just make the people we love smile,
Even when the sun stops all its sound,
We’ll still wait for the next morning,
And it won’t be frightening..

Just like how you’ll open an umbrella on a raining day,
Just like how you’ll feel your heart open
As the skies start to clear into sunshine.
And so, just you and me and our harmonious laughter,
Floating up to the skies one by one like soap bubbles..
That would be nice…

When we were young, we had our papa and mama with us,
Whether it’s you, or me, we all had a place to return to.
With or without any magic,
With or without any wealth,
In that place, there is a scent of nostalgia that’s called ‘love’.
On those eventless mornings, they are actually there-
Those precious everything were right there,
And now I understand…

It’s like that for you too…
Now, if we just turn our backs towards each other,
We become each other’s wings.
But now, there is no longer a place for us to even take off..
Now that I’ve met you, my long journey has ended.
Now, I won’t go anywhere far away,
I’ll stay right here and embrace you.
Strongly, closely, I will hold you (right here with me).

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