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A Little Jingle PT1 (Newt Scamander x Slytherin!Reader)

Summary: Hogwarts organizes a Christmas party, and Y/N from Slytherin and Newt get chosen to help set it up. During the preparations, they become close friends and the night of the party, he confesses to her that he likes her.

A/N: IN THE CHRISTMAS MOOD AF RN. Also, this is my first Newt, so I’m sorry if this sucks. ALSO. HOW FRKN ADORABLE IS NEWT. Another also. This is a Slytherin reader so I’m sorry if you’re not in the best house ever. JUST KIDDING. I love all houses x

Also, part 1 is really dull, nothing really happens. BUT I PROMISE IN PART 2 THINGS HAPPEN SO PLEASE DONT BE DISAPPOINTED!

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A Little Jingle (Newt Scamander x Slytherin!Reader)

Y/N cackled loudly at the joke her friend said. This was a regular thing during class, Y/N never listening, always laughing and joking with whoever is beside her.

A few tables away, sat a quiet Hufflepuff boy, Newt Scamander. He was doodling softly on his History of Magic book, not really caring about the subject much. He had a real passion for Care of Magical Creatures and knew that he wanted to dedicate his life to it.

“So, that is what we are going to do for the holidays this year. Now, all I need are the two volunteer helpers from this year. Anyone?”

The class remained silent. No one really felt like being trapped with 2 people from each year, setting up decorations when they can be outside in the snow or chilling in their common rooms.

“No? Well, I guess I’m going to have to pick.” Said Professor Binns (he was alive at that time hahah). “Y/L/N. And Scamander. Since you two have shown SUCH big interest in today’s lesson, I’m sure you two will show as much to the organisation of this party. Come meet me after class.”

Y/N huffed angrily. She wasn’t really involved in any volunteer work of the sort and wasn’t going to look forward to it. Although, the holidays were her favourite, the white snow and just the cheery atmosphere overall made her so happy. She turned around to look at the so-called Scamander and smiled. Although she look a little tough on the exterior, she really did have a good heart inside. And damn, to her surprise, that so-called Scamander was hella cute.

Newt felt his cheeks grow pink as Y/N flashed him her gorgeous smile. She was very pretty, and not in a stereotypical way. She didn’t wear endless amounts of makeup, or spend hours doing her hair, she was a natural beauty. Some people weren’t too into it, but the ones who were, were crazily. She was effortlessly beautiful, and Newt liked that, because he did believe that natural beauty is the best beauty of all.

The bell rang, waking the young boy up.

“Scamander, Y/L/N.” Professor Binns called. Y/N dragged her feet to his desk as Newt stumbled forward.

“So, you don’t have to worry too much about this. Basically, tomorrow, Christmas night, there’ll be a huge party, and the Great Hall is going to be divided in sections. Each year is in charge of a section, and you guys, 6th, have to decorate the east corner and provide desserts.”

“What, don’t the house-elves cook?”

“You have to help. It’s kind of a little punishment for you students who don’t pay attention in class.” The teacher grinned nastily.

“Joke’s on you, I love cooking.” Y/N retaliated. This was true, she absolutely loved food preparation, and she felt she was going to have some fun with this.

They were dismissed. Newt, not really knowing what to do, left class.

“Hey wait up!” Y/N called after him. “Hey. I’m Y/N by the way, if you didn’t know.”

“Cool. I’m uh I’m Newt.”

“Awesome. So I heard after dinner when the tables get cleared away, we have to go to the Great Hall to start working. Maybe we can meet at my common room?” Y/N said.

“Sounds, sounds good. Um the Slytherin common room is near the dungeon right?” Newt questioned.

“Oh well, maybe it’ll be better if I come to the Hufflepuff common room? Like it’s right beside the kitchens?”

“Sounds good. Well, I’ll meet you there?”

“Yep. See ya Newt.” Y/N smiled broadly and patted his shoulder before taking off to her next class, leaving Newt grinning goofily.

She really was nice, he thought. She wasn’t what Slytherins were rumored to be (we’re not all bitches you know J). He felt himself start to take a liking towards her. The bell snapped him out of it.

For the first time ever, Newt couldn’t concentrate in Care of Magical Creatures. They were learning about Bowtruckles, a creature Newt already knew everything about. His thoughts kept on wandering off to Y/N. Her smile, her kindness, her laugh. Was she single? I think she is, he thought. But how on earth would he ever end up with her? Already that a Hufflepuff and Slytherin relationship was unlikely, but a relationship between him and her? Impossible.

The minutes ticked away and Newt found himself at dinner, sitting beside his fellow Hufflepuffs, chatting about the party. He was in the middle of a sentence when his wandering eyes rested upon the Slytherin table. Y/N was spitting out a mouthful of soup, eyes watering from laughter. She was so cute when she laughed, which was constantly. Her watery eyes suddenly lifted and locked with Newt’s. Newt reddened as Y/N grinned and waved.

 “Hey Newt, who you looking at?” his friend said.

“Hmm? Oh um. Nothing, I mean no one.” He finished his meal normally and took off towards his common room. To his surprise and his delight, Y/N was waiting in front of the door. Spotting him, she heaved a relieved sigh.

“Hey. I’m so stupid I forgot to ask you what the password was.”

“Oh I’m so sorry for not telling you, have you been waiting long?”

“What, oh no no don’t apologize, it’s not your fault. Um, I’ve been here a good 10 minutes but it’s alright, you’re here.” Y/N beamed.

 “So there’s still like a half hour until the tables clear, do you want to take a walk somewhere?”

“I’d love to.” Newt answered, his heart leaping in excitement.

“I love walks. They’re really therapeutical, you know” Y/N spoke. 

They walked and talked, conversation rolling smoothly. Y/N expanded on how she loved walks, how whenever her anxiety would hit its peak, she’d walk around the Black Lake. Newt looked at her speak adoringly. He had no idea on her problems, she always hid it so well.

“Oh my god.” She suddenly clapped her hands to her mouth. “I just realized I was rambling on me! Oh god, I’m so sorry.”

“What? Oh no, it’s nothing, I like learning about you.”

“Anyways, so um tell me about yourself.” Y/N said, resuming their walk. Normally, Newt was very reserved and introverted, but for some reason he didn’t feel uneasy one bit around Y/N. He started explaining how he loved magical creatures, how the wizarding society had a bad impression of them. Y/N watched him, smiling to herself at how cute he was, talking about something he loved. Y/N appeared to be very bold on the outside, but inside she was just as shy as Newt. 

They walked, talking and chuckling and smiling. This might sound cliché, but it did really seem they knew each other for years. The conversation topic soon turned to relationships.

“Well, I’ve dated 2 guys before…It didn’t work out too well.” Y/N fell silent. She had dated 2 bad boys before, both relationships ending disastrously. She had soon figured out that she wanted a sensitive guy, someone who can really love her. Fluffy relationships were much better than cool, thrilling ones, in her opinion. “What about you?”

“Oh I’ve never really um had a girlfriend. I’ve had a couple crushes, but you know. That’s it.”

“Cool.” Y/N didn’t really know what to say to this. “Um, do you have one right now?” Shit. What a not subtle thing to say, Y/N thought. Caught up in her embarrassment, her foot missed a step and she tumbled down the last few steps of the staircase.

“Y/N!” Newt cried out, worried.

 Silent gasps for air escaped her mouth. Soon, they turned into loud laughs. Newt ran down and helped her up. 

“Are you okay? Jesus you scared me.”

“HAHAHAHA my gosh, I must’ve looked so stupid!” Y/N continued to cackle.(little parentheses again hehehe guys I fall all the time on the staircase at my school, it’s so funny)

Newt still looked at her, still a little scared. God, he was so caring.

“Oh gosh. That was funny. Hey, I think we should head over to the Great Hall now eh?” Y/N chuckled

.“Yeah sure.”

They made their way to the Great Hall, chuckling and occasionally bumping into each other a bit. If anyone saw them, they would assume that the two were a couple. The two smiled unceasingly at each other, and although everything had happened very fast, their feelings for each other grew even faster. And inside, they both couldn’t wait for what this Christmas party might bring…  

Part 2

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Don't his parents live in the Cotswolds? How is it that a cameraman just happens to be there when he goes for a visit?

The same way the mean paparazzo knew to be at the IOW during Pilo’s christening a year and a half ago Nonny   :P

What I’m most intrigued about is what the narrative is supposed to be with these pics.

This is the first time in the past three years we know for a fact where Ben is spending his (family) holidays (apart from the set up sneaky pics we get every Christmas from the church at Edinburgh).  So, we now know for a fact he spent Easter with his family (and yes, I mean his parents) and get an indication from the Fail that his children and wife were also involved in the festivities.

My question is:  Why did Ben go to the trouble of very obviously setting up a pap walk where we only get to see him walking by his lonesome, looking gorgeous?  Is this an indication that we’re never going to see Weirdo, Pilo and Pilo 2.0 and just read about them on Fail articles from now on?

I’m Big On Social Media

      The other day I posted something on my personal Facebook and watched in horror as no one liked it. Full disclosure: a couple of people liked it. But after a few months of working at Buzzfeed (an international media company), I have become Internet spoiled. Before I started my job, I had about three Instagram pictures and five tweets, one of which was a stock picture of a penguin. It personally didn’t make any sense for me post into the void. Sure, I was a comedian in Los Angeles but I could never even wrangle enough people to attend a bringer stand-up show. Who was going to give a shit about my attempt at one liners and snap-shots of my pedicure? I faced enough rejection in my attempt at a career. I couldn’t take anymore. 

      But then something amazing happened. I suddenly had a full-time, creative job that gave me access to millions of people. My face was showing up in people’s newsfeed and it wasn’t just in the form of a desperate plea for someone to come to a comedy show. With the encouragement of my best friend, an online guru, I started to tweet. I started to post pictures. I started to take part in all the social media that had been happening without me for years. What’s even crazier? People actually cared. I remember sitting at breakfast alone, during my Christmas family vacation, plotting out how many followers I wanted and setting goals for myself in the next year. If I could just get to this number, my film degree would be validated. I would no longer be one of thousands of creative people floating around in Los Angeles without anything of substance to hold onto. I had followers. I had a fan base. I had a goddamn fan page. Me. The girl who dropped out of her sorority because she didn’t have any friends. I felt victorious as the sun warmed my face. It barely bothered me that I was eating alone while the rest of my family was spread throughout a resort. I was no longer myself, I was an Internet presence. 

      Here’s the thing. I’m not actually “famous.” Compared to movie stars and politicians, my follower base is minimal. Sure, if someone of my parent’s generation stumbled upon my Twitter account they would assume that I was doing something of significance with my life to gain 20,000 followers, but they would still have no idea who I am. Because here’s the other thing: followers don’t actually matter. Great content matters. Being a good person matters. Throwing away all your trash matters. Follower count does not directly correlate with your value as a person. But it’s hard to always remember that. 

     Sometimes I text my friends and they don’t text back. But I never post an Instagram picture without what feels like an immediate influx of likes and comments. It’s an easy feeling to get addicted to. I have nothing to do on a Friday night? Fuck you, I have over 50,000 Instagram followers. The problems in my daily life no longer matter if I can get more strangers to notice me. It’s a bizarre phenomenon that has had negative and positive influences on this 25-year-old version of me. For years I felt like no one wanted what I was putting out. Now all I need to do is snap a slightly blurry shot of my new haircut and it doesn’t matter as much that my scripts aren’t getting made. All those terrible open mics are slowly washed away with every retweet of a recycled stand up joke. I have grown more confident in the past six months than ever before, and I’m not even seeing my therapist anymore! When I feel like giving up I don’t because these incredible young girls from all over the world are telling me that what I do helps them and makes them laugh. That is an incredible feeling and I never want it to go away. 

      What I do want to go away is my incessant checking of a new post as soon as it goes up. I want to stop keeping track of every new follower and comparing it to the numbers on my friends’ profiles. I want to stand by a tweet I think is funny even if it doesn’t immediately get a bunch of likes. I want to live in the moment. I want to be happy and fulfilled and nice. I basically want all of the same things I wanted before I dove headfirst into the social media game. As the numbers on my accounts change, I need to remember who I am: a slightly unstable comic who will never take #OOTD seriously. Unless, of course, someone pays me to do it. Hashtag Unfiltered.