how it is

Question… why do Sims YouTubers romanticize “teen mom” challenges?

Like okay I get that it’s a unique type of gameplay challenge but damn, Alpha Haired Abigail and her Heartbreaker Jock boyfriend Brayden here should not be living in an expensive lavishly decorated apartment with their cute toddler son named Kieran

  • viktor: i bought us matching silver rings yuuri!!
  • yuuri: wow that's so sweet!
  • viktor: i melted down the pole you danced on during the banquet and made them
  • yuuri:
  • viktor: let me explain-

what level of bitchy are you from 1 to harry going to jays wedding wearing a sheer black shirt buttoned half way making sure all of louis family members saw the little louis bird on his gorgeous chest and making sure he stood out and looked hot as fuck because ugly was there as a bridesmaid


best surprise ever: a happy Mark popping on the screen throwing confetti 🎉🎁