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I think what’s more disappointing than markiplier talking about respecting someone after doing something that does not deserve respect is that he’s reacting to criticism of this as “guess I’m the worst person ever haha”

I think about the mcelroys talking about how they see someone be hurt by what they said and feeling Garbo about it to the point of wanting to take a step back and asking “how can we do better?”

Like empathize with your fans, understand that they were hurt by Felix because he said they should die and despite the tone and context it’s something real people are saying with real hate in our own hometowns and it’s not okay and not something to “respect”.

I’m so so tired of people getting to a certain level of fame where they discredit all criticism of their behavior as something to mock.


The Forgotten Ones - Anaris

He loved nothing more than a good game, or so the stories go. Tempt him with a bet, or a riddle, for he is always looking for some new novelty. He cannot turn down a challenge, for his love of games is rivaled only by his desire to win at all costs. 

Some legends say he once made a bet with The Cunning One, and lost the game. But The Cunning One disappeared before they could claim their prize, and Anaris searches for them always, for he hates nothing more than owing a debt. 

Anaris is named only in an old tale, in which Fen’Harel tricked him while he dueled with Andruil. 

Here’s the first tarot card in my Forgotten One series! Little is known about them, aside from the names of three of them, so most of the lore is my own, and is not canon. And the background is a go board, because I think that the ancient elves likely had a similar game they played, rather than chess.

As we’ve learned recently, the Evanuris were not the benevolent gods that the Dalish believed them to be, which makes one wonder if the Forgotten Ones weren’t quite as evil as history tells. Some were, of course, cruel and frightful, but others were likely misunderstood and misrepresented by history. They may have began, perhaps, as rebels fighting against the slave-owning Evanuris, and their rebellion turned them into tyrants themselves as they sought power to defeat their enemies. 

if you remember that life is fluid you’ll never feel stuck. nothing is the end all or your only option. when something ends it’s your time to start something new. it doesn’t matter how often doors close if you’re always moving forward. don’t dwell or try to open those old doors. the more you keep moving, the more you’ll see life is working in your favor.

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What is your favorite thing about Edd's friendship with Eddy? How does it differ from Ed?

lol i feel like im in EEnE class 101 turning to page 256 to answer questions 1-5 under the critical thinking section. 

I like when Double D kind of jokes at Eddy’s expense cuz Eddy doesn’t quite get something. When they argue is also pretty hilarious. But if i must be honest, I really can’t see why Edd continued to hang out with Eddy. He is such an ass almost the entire series. Don’t get me wrong, I like Eddy, he is a hilarious little shit. But damn did he piss me the fuck off when I was a kid. He treated Edd and Ed so bad sometimes. Which is why i especially loved the few times Edd sought some sort of revenge. Edd is so nice and forgiving, so is Ed, and Eddy really took advantage of that a lot. Even when Eddy was doing the right thing it was like, umm yeah boi you dont get no cookie for acting how a friend should, especially when you caused the problem in the first place.

But, i do like how Eddy, in his own way, has tried to give Edd confidence, even if his methods are a little pushy. And i honestly think that’s why Edd hung out with him, and Ed, because they pushed him to do shit that Edd would have never ever done on his own because of his sheltered upbringing, and part of him is thankful for that.

Ed and Edd have a much more docile friendship, but Eddy kind of balances it all out. Actually, they all balance each other out. Without Eddy, Ed and Edd wouldn’t have nearly as much excitement. without Edd, Ed and Eddy would never get anywhere and would really hurt themselves, and without Ed, Edd and Eddy would never get along because Ed’s innocence brightens their outlook.

Worried Dad

Requested: Could you write something about y/n and Shawn’s first baby getting sick for the first time?! Xx



“Babe, she’s really warm.” Shawn says, concern filling his voice, as he holds your three-month-old daughter who is fussing in his arms and not stopping no matter how hard he tries to calm and comfort her.

Shawn was at work in the studio, writing today. You had texted him that your daughter wasn’t feeling well so he came home early. From the second he walked in the door two minutes ago and took your fussing baby from your arms, he hasn’t stopped firing questions at you, most of which you didn’t know how to answer.

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i know this may sound really weird but im so happy to find a chinese blogger on tumblr who posts asian fashion. you're so pretty also!!! idk why but it feels like ppl in west look down on china but love Japan and south korea so much, especially where i live so yeah im happy :3 sorry for being weird i know it sounds shitty but its nice being represented as something more than just "the poor dog eating communist" >.<

It’s really saddening how people around the world view China ; n ; tbh I love that place with every pound of blood my heart pumps out. Our culture is so vibrant and beautiful otl I really wish that people are willing to discover and learn more about us! It really sucks when some random Chinese tourist does something stupid over seas and the media zooms in onto it; bringing our whole nation down with them lol. It’s a shame how we are portrayed by just a few of those pity tourists I ESPECIALLY DISLIKE THOSE SORT OF CHINESE PEOPLE IM ALWAYS LIKE OML PEOPLE LIKE YOU ARE THE REASON WHY PEOPLE DISREGARD US anyhow I feel like my generalisations might bring a lot of opinions please don’t attack me tumblr is scarily sensitive yikes

I keep thinking about the two separate topics we seem to be focusing on (Green Day not being seen as a 90s band and Billie Joe’s behaviour prior to rehab) and something just dawned on me that made me feel a bit sick.

I forget who it was but someone added commentary to @gstringofsuburbia’s post explaining the different attitudes towards Green Day from millenials vs the generation before us, and how over the span of their career they’ve gone from playing primarily to their own peers to playing to their children’s generation.

People are always talking about how we, as a generation, experience mental illness more severely and in greater numbers than other generations. It’s really common for us to talk openly and freely about our experiences with things like mood disorders, panic disorders etc. whereas our parents are more likely to see those things as something shameful, and it made me realise that perhaps this change in their target demographic was what turned things around.

I don’t know, I mean maybe I’m reaching a bit here but you guys are pointing out more and more instances in Green Day lyrics where Beej talks about some genuinely troubling and concerning things and clearly, our parents generation brushed those things off as just ‘edgy punk rock aesthetic’

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Congrats on the weight loss and diet! It's great that you feel better in your body, I hope it keeps going so good for you! Tho, I didn't know tumblr had such a problem with diets? Oo


And I mean it’s not tumblr as a whole, but I see plenty of posts cross my dash that rail on dieting and this culture of thinness and I see a lot of commentary on them accusing people who try to lose weight of being victims pressured by society to do so and suffering from internalized fatphobia. 

I think this can ring true in a lot of cases, particularly for people who have naturally larger bodies and are made to feel ashamed that they’re not “doing enough” to please other people with their existence, but it’s not the case for everybody. Poor health got me to where I was, and I was uncomfortable in my body, so I did something.

The only person you should be pleasing with how you look is yourself, and wanting to slim down doesn’t make someone a victim. That’s the essence of personal body positivity imo, looking in the mirror and saying “wow!”, and what makes people say that is different for everyone.

I find it really interesting how, despite being a man who believes in firm practicality above anything else, Kira is also someone who is at least moderately superstitious. He has a serious hang-up on whether or not luck is in his favor, and even uses his nail clippings to divine fortuitous happenstance.

However, whereas most people would figure throwing one’s fate to chance lessens their control overall, I feel that, paradoxically, Kira actually uses this minor divination to feel like he has more control over his life.

Kira is highly arrogant–and that arrogance leads to him viewing luck as not “chance”, but as something that is due to him. He WILL experience good fortune, and even boasts about good things always happening to him in his worst situations, because good luck is owed to him, because fate would not allow otherwise. His nail clippings don’t divine good and bad years to kill–only, to him, the most fortuitous years to do so, where his already excellent luck is at its peak, and so he feels entitled to nothing but the best fate has to offer.

His minor breakdown in the end is heavily centered around the fact that the universe is not, in fact, catering to him, and what should be a given that every child learns at age 10 shreds him apart mentally more than even being cornered did.

The idea that something as powerful as fate and fortune and luck is being ripped out of his control, out of his possession, and dared to side with someone else is maddening to him, because he can’t even wrap his mind around luck being anything but something that belongs to him.

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I saw that go is on the asd and started crying because I'm on asd and just I love you so much right now it's always so rare to find asd representation that's healthy and does he have breakdowns too b/c I have breakdowns when I get overwhelmed and what are his stims omg this is SO amazing and does he have aspergers symptoms and is he high functioning or low functioning and how severe is it I can help explain stuff if you need it or write something for the faq

yeah, he has aspergers symptoms, and it’s not super severe, but it was when he was a bit younger !! he tries to stay away from bigger groups because of all the overlapping sounds and stuff … it makes his head feel crowded, and he can’t think. sometimes he flaps, but he gets real embarrassed because he doesn’t want people to laugh at him or call him names 🤕 reese acts as a bodyguard in these situations since they hate seeing him down, especially when it comes to something he can’t control ! they’ll speak softly and let gale run his fingers through their hair, or they’ll give him his worry stone. he has a spinner ring, a necklace that he stims with (the chain, more specifically), and a pair of black vans that he uses to stim because they’re velvet and that’s his absolute favorite

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Hi I was reading this fic like a week ago where dan brings home his gf Ella (I think that's her name) and she stays with them for the first time or something and makes phil realize that he's fallen back in love with Dan. Louise was also a part of the fic and dan thought that she was dating Phil. Plz help and btw I love what u guys do and spend hours on this blog bc I have no life

1. I’m in love with your boyfriend. - Dan’s girlfriend Ella comes to stay with him and Phil for a week and Phil is shocked by how he feels about it.

- Tori

Downtown Deery Meadows - Wednesday, 2pm

“If you could say something to Lily, to your wife about this, what would say? Lay it out there.” This was the easy part. Ashton didn’t hide how he felt from Lily. It was quite difficult when Supernaturals eyes gave away a lot and she’d been with him long enough to know such. It was putting his feelings into words that were hard. That’s why he used to dedicate songs to her. To tell her how he felt without falling over his own thoughts.

“…I would say…I’m done saying sorry. Only because I know she’s tired of hearing it. Sorry won’t take back what I did. It won’t erase it, it won’t change it. She did do everything a wife is asked of, but it was me who failed as a husband. I made it difficult for her to do a simple things like, go to a park in public because I’d lose my temper with photographers or other men staring at her.

I’d get into fights or get arrested and she’d have to bail me out because I thought I was protecting her. I made it difficult for her to trust me. I made it difficult for her to feel confident in herself and I made it impossible for her to love me. I don’t love myself, I barely even like myself and I’ve heard people say you have to love yourself before someone else can love you.”

Lily fought not to show the emotion inside on her face. She honestly wanted to cry. Not because she felt bad for him, but because once their marriage was so fairy tale like. The bad boy falls for the good girl. The beauty and the beast. Now, it was just shambles. “I would say to her that I kept those papers she tried to get me to sign months ago and if that was still her wish, I’ll sign them. Not because I don’t want her, but because she’s not happy when she deserves to be. Needs to be.”

“Vampires can’t part for their brides, am I correct?”

“There’s many things I don’t believe in. I didn’t believe in coming here, but I did it for her. Same goes for divorce. I’ll do what needs to be done.”

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hello! my girlfriend and I love each other to bits but both have mental health problems, and we are good at helping each other, but she feels like she doesn't deserve me and I don't know what to do. obviously I tell her she does deserve me and that relationships aren't about deserving something, they're about love, but she still hates herself so much that she thinks she doesn't deserve me, and if anything I don't deserve her. any suggestions on how I can reassure her she DOES deserve me?

Hey I totally understand this, both my boyfriend and I have anxiety and can help each other through a lot of it, but he has problems like this too. 

You are basically doing all that you can. Everything that you said that you do is perfect. Unfortunately, her anxiety is telling her that she isn’t worthy. You can’t take away someone’s anxiety/self hate. Its not possible and its not even your job. Alls you can do is comfort her like you are already doing. Tell her how great she is and how much you love her. 

This is something that I personally struggle with, because my boyfriend has very similar problems, and sometimes i feel like i should be able to fix them all. But I can’t take away his anxieties, I can only do my best to support him and comfort him. 

feel free to message/ask me again with any more questions. good luck <3 

Change is all here is, it happen regardless. You have no control over it and thats terrifying. Growth is authentic and spontaneous and you dont feel prepared when you feel something is going to change and you’re scared. Whether you told yourself when you dont feel ready, what do you believe, when you dont feel ready? Growth happens because it has to, our problem is we have dont have to design it,  all we have to do is act on that feeling you can’t describe that there is something more in you. There is you and what you decide; its painful, its not easy, it takes everything you have to start over again and its hard to trust that feeling to change or to let something go, but the beauty is you dont have to know how to do it, you only have to decide. All you have is what you feel and if something is going to happen its going to happen now.

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(NSFW-ish ask) Okay so the way I perceive sex is weird--when I'm reading a smut fic or looking at smutty art or something it's not a reaction of "this is hot" it's more of an "aww they love each other" kind of reaction. But then when I think of said acts involving myself, it immediately becomes disgusting and/or repulsive. Is this still Ace?

yes of course!! as long as you do not feel sexual attraction, you are ace, no matter how you view sex

Something I don’t think I’ll ever understand; why myself and girls like me are constantly told that we have no respect for our body because we post pictures of it on the internet. Huh? I’m sorry, my friend, but it means the exact opposite. We have so much love and respect for our body that it feels like an utter crime to not be proud of it and show other people how cute it is. When you cook a meal and make it look really pretty on the plate you wanna take a picture and show people, right? Because it looks good and you’re proud of it. Why can’t people be proud of their naked body? We all have one under our clothes. 

And before you say “WHY CAN’T WE SEND YOU DICK PICS THEN??? WE’RE JUST BEING PROUD OF OUR DICK”, there’s a difference between posting pictures on your own personal blog that people have a choice whether they want to follow or not, and sending someone a picture directly that they can’t avoid seeing (especially when it’s clearly printed on their blog that they don’t wanna see it).