how it feels to be an outsider

Just because we support Cole and Lili's relationship doesn't mean

• we don’t care about them as individuals
• we don’t see who they are outside of the relationship
• we won’t support them branching out of Riverdale someday
• we can’t tell the difference between Sprousehart and Bughead
• we hate KJ, Cami, or any of their other cast members
• we are homophobic or racist
• we have no lives outside of this relationship

Feel free to add because these antis are seriously starting to get on my nerves. Also, if you’re a fan of one of them, you should be thankful for the other. You can’t call yourself a Lili fan and low key throw shade on Cole, and vise versa, IMO. If you’re really a fan you’d see how happy they are. This past year Lili realized she’s “a warrior of love” who “wears (her) heart on (her) sleeve” (her words, not mine). And it seems she hasn’t had a depressive episode in a while. Cole was in a terrible relationship and was also coming out of a deep depression, and yet now we see him with someone who supports and trusts him unequivocally. He deserves someone who respects him, and it seems he knows he’s blessed to have Lili, too.

Not trying to act like a victim, but I feel like SH/BH shippers get shit from all sides (antis, Cole/Lili fans, other shippers from the fandom) and it’s really getting old. Let’s live and let live, yeah?


  • this boy
  • so cool, like in the calm and serene way
  • it could be the hottest part of a desert but just being around him makes you feel cooled off
  • but like that’s only on the outside
  • his inner self is a super goofball
  • not on seungcheol’s level, but he’s up there
  • for example, he’ll be on his way for a meeting with some great important person. and he’ll just be mindlessly doodling or looking out the window
  • and when he looks out the window his driver sometimes thinks that he’s thinking about the future or some deep stuff
  • nope
  • he thinking about how good it would be to have some fried chicken right about now
  • because let’s be honest, we all need a constant supply of fried chicken
  • anyway, he’s a goofball, but only when he’s comfortable around people
  • otherwise he’ll just be silent and cool, reading his books and stuff
  • secretly thinking about chicken
  • okay, moving on from chicken
  • one day, wonwoo’s parents decide that it’s a good idea to paint a portrait of the crown prince, like all other crown princes before him
  • sooooooo they hire the best artist they could find in their kingdom
  • enter you, dear reader, best artist in the kingdom
  • you normally stay in your apartment on the outskirts of a nearby city, painting to your heart’s content.
  • when you get the message that you will be painting the crown prince, your heart skips many beat
  • you’re extremely happy, do not get me wrong, like for the first ten minutes you’re bouncing around and screaming like a madwoman
  • but then the anxiety sets in
  • like holy crap you’re painting the prince
  • what if you mess it up
  • what if you accidentally make his nose too big?
  • what IFFFFF
  • you spend the next five hours worrying about how much you might fail
  • then you realize that it’s pretty pointless to worry.
  • you still do anyway.
  • but you go to the palace anyway
  • because you can’t deny the prince or his family
  • you stumble in with your paints and palette and brushes
  • you brush a stray lock of hair out of your face
  • apologize for making them wait even though you’re perfectly on time
  • you take a look at the prince
  • wonwoo looks at you
  • and he just smiles
  • and you immediately feel a little calmer than you once did
  • he’s just sitting there on a stool waiting for you
  • “sit down, please, and set everything up,” he says as he stands up
  • you nod nervously and smile
  • you get everything set up and wonwoo walks over to your station, just watching everything being set up by your graceful and precise hands
  • his father told him just to wait to be painted, but he can’t help himself
  • he looks at all the different brushes
  • “whats all this?” he asks, honestly curious
  • you look up at him, surprised
  • he takes half a step back and smiles
  • “sorry, i’ve never seen tools like this before,” he says with a grin
  • you chuckle in surprise
  • “what? not even a paintbrush?” you ask
  • he laughs and you feel butterflies breackdancing minghaoing in your stomach
  • “no i’ve seen paintbrushes, just not this many different kinds,” he admitted, picking up a fan brush and stroking the bristles
  • you take the brush back and start mega info dumping about the brushes and different paints you brought with you
  • he just listens and kinda gently messes around with the mustache
  • “It looks like mustache,” he murmured, grinning
  • you roll your eyes,
  • when you’re finished, you look at Wonwoo
  • “so what are you going to do to paint me?” he asks gently
  • you take a look at the portraits of Wonwoo’s predecessors, all perfect oils and look refined and regal
  • you slowly wince, because you don’t think you can see Wonwoo as this way all the time
  • “i don’t know, maybe i’ll just paint you like your father was painted,” you sighed, and Wonwoo looked at his fathers painting as well
  • “paint me how you think i should be,” he said steadfastly, turning to smile at you
  • you feel your cheeks get warm but you nod, getting everything set up
  • for the next couple weeks you come in and paint Wonwoo while talking to him, making jokes and general smiling at each other
  • it’s all amazing
  • you take breaks and then wonwoo brings you to see his garden
  • and he’s just a goofy bean
  • and you can’t help but chuckle and do quick sketches of him
  • you find out more about each other, and about how clumsy both of you can be
  • but it all goes to heck one day
  • you’re in the middle of painting him when his father
  • the KING
  • comes in to see what you’re doing today
  • he sees so many colors and his son smiling in the painting
  • he just stops for a moment
  • the room is dead silent
  • you just stare in horror as disgust burns in his eyes at the painting
  • wonwoo is the first to speak
  • “father-”
  • “don’t try,” the king sneers, turning to wonwoo
  • fear is plastered on wonwoo’s face
  • “you’re my only heir, wonwoo. you carry our legacy.” he starts to speak, slowly and coldly
  • his voice is a frozen wasteland
  • “I expect you to act as such,” he continues, lecturing wonwoo
  • he turns to you
  • “please redo the painting in a more dignified manner.” he tells you before leaving
  • both you and wonwoo release a slow breath you didn’t realize you were holding
  • you looked at wonwoo
  • he looks at you
  • you can’t bear to hold his gaze
  • “i think i should go home for today,” you murmur
  • wonwoo opens his mouth to stop you but you’re already starting to pack up and leave
  • he does nothing to stop you
  • you leave the castle grounds and head back to your home
  • you fall on you bed and just stare at your wall for a very long time before you realize you were crying
  • you wipe your tears and stare at the portrait that the king hated so much
  • all you could see was the prince smiling at you, like he had just finished laughing at one of your jokes
  • it was almost taunting you
  • it confounded you
  • it really made you kinda PISSED
  • how could something this beautiful make the king so angry
  • needless to say you did not return to the castle for a very long time
  • weeks passed
  • wonwoo missed you more and more with each day
  • it was driving him crazy how much he missed you
  • even some minister’s mustache reminded him of you
  • the king noticed wonwoo growing more and more grumpy
  • he had sent letters to you, and wonwoo did too
  • but they all ended up on your desk, for you were too busy
  • busy fixing the painting, so that it was good for the king
  • it was he who was paying you after all, not the prince
  • you were barely sleeping or eating
  • you devoted all your time to that painting
  • which might i say is unhealthy!
  • quite! qUITE uNhEaLtHY!!!!
  • anyway
  • your hair is in your face
  • you’re sweating because you are so stressed, and you feel like this painting is worse than ever
  • you glance over to your desk
  • you pick up a letter, wiping your forehead
  • so, so, so tired
  • you read something about offering more money, triple what you were going to be offered in the first place
  • your head really hurts
  • pounding, throbbing, drums
  • wonwoo decides enough is enough
  • you pick up another letter
  • vision blurring
  • “please come up”
  • “i loved the painting”
  • “i loved having you around”
  • “i love you”
  • you hear a knock on the door, and you feel yourself hit the floor
  • then darkness
  • you wake up in your bed, and with a monster headache
  • the headache to end all headaches
  • your eyesight focuses and above you you see wonwoo, making sure your forehead is cool and you’re comfortable
  • “if i’m dreaming, dont wake me up,” you mumble, giving a breath of relief
  • you hear a soft chuckle in return
  • “i’m afraid that you are no longer dreaming” wonwoo smiles at you
  • finally you’re aware enough to know what is going on and you start pushing his hand away
  • “oh wonwoo, get out of here! i have to get back to work, your painting,” you started to protest and sit up
  • but wonwoo gently but FIRMLY pushed you back into bed
  • “no you’re obviously ill, even a prince like me can see that,” he responded, getting some food out of a basket he brought
  • “what?” wonwoo asks, looking at you concerned
  • “i just need to work on your painting!” you shout
  • “your stupid painting that I can’t ever get right and its horrible horrible HORRIBLE,” you start weeping
  • wonwoo just quietly holds your hand while you shake and weep
  • you calm down eventually after minutes of crying
  • “y/n, i know you’re porbably stressed-”
  • “prOBABLY?!?!?!?!!!!!” you screech
  • wonwoo blinked and shook his head
  • “you are VEry stressed, and i’m sorry about that.  but please hear me when I say i love the painting you did, the first one”
  • “oh shut it.” you cover your hand
  • “no, listen, it was magnificent. almost as magnificent as you,” he murmured softly, stroking your hand.
  • you go still
  • “what was that?” you whispered
  • wonwoo took in a slow breath. he forgot that he had said that
  • it kinda fell out. whoops
  • but there was no going back
  • “y/n, please don’t think this forward of me, but i think i am… well… terribly in love with you,” he said quietly
  • silence fell on you both
  • “wonwoo,” you spoke
  • “don’t say anything, you’re sick, you silly,” he said quickly, going back to taking care of you
  • everytime you treid to speak, he shot you down
  • eventually he left
  • you got better
  • you began work on your painting once more
  • and a month later you sent a letter to the king telling him that you were coming back with a finished painting
  • he told wonwoo and he was ecstatic
  • the day finally came around when you arrived with a covered painting
  • the king gathered an audience for the great reveal
  • you went in front of them with the painting
  • you took a breath
  • wonwoo met your eyes and smiled
  • “this picture is the mage of the prince that will one day be our king. i hope you all like it.” you announced before taking the cloth off the painting
  • it was the original painting, finished proper
  • the king was flabergasted, but wonwoo couldn’t help but grining
  • “i love it!” wonwoo shouted, running to pick you up on his arms
  • he hugs you and sweetly kisses you on the lips
  • you are shocked but kiss him back
  • when you pull away you are smiling
  • “i think i love you too, your highness,” you grin
  • wonwoo chuckles and just kisses you

lukestarkiller asked:

Hi there! Do you have any advice on how to manage yourself while researching a disturbing subject for your story?

Lots of self-care, meaning take breaks, expose yourself to lots of positive/happy things, do activities that are fun and uplifting. Know the difference between stepping outside of your comfort zone and exposing yourself to things that will be traumatic or psychologically harmful. Pay attention to how the material is affecting you, and if you feel like it’s having a significant negative effect on your health or well-being, take a step back for a while. If taking a long break from the research doesn’t help, you may need to consider that this may not be a healthy topic for you to write about.

Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you! Prohibited asks: how to portray/describe (characters, emotions, situations), specialist knowledge requests (medical, military, mental health, etc.), asking for tropes/cliches or resources, triggering/controversial topics; broad, vague, or complex questions. Asks directed to other anons/askers. I get dozens of questions per day…please don’t ask if I got your question. See master list & main site for more info!

doodles23  asked:

How did you too end up together?

“Well, if I am able to remember correctly, Fang and I were both at a NightWing meeting. We didn’t know each other and we were the only two hybrids that had shown up. The NightWings weren’t completely fond of us being there, or at least one of them anyway. A NightWing named Shade decided to start a brawl outside with Fang. It didn’t look too good.” 

“I was in the process of flying away, the meeting being mostly over, but I chose to turn around and help out the Hybrid. I wasn’t going to at first, I didn’t feel like it was any of my business, but that choice changed my life. We had fled from the NightWings, but later on down the road we started to grow close.”

“And even today I am glad I went back for her. That is how we met.”

anonymous asked:

Hey! So I've been struggling with basic self-care, like getting to bed at a normal hour, waking up and actually getting out of bed, eating healthy, heck, even showering. I've just been struggling to get myself to do the most basic things. I would really, truly appreciate some prayer, that God helps me find the motivation to actually take care of myself. Thanks. I really love how caring and loving this blog and the followers are.

Hey there! Mental illness means I struggle with self-care sometimes too, and I know how frustrating it can be to want to do these basic things and just…not be able to.

If it would help you to have someone holding you accountable, feel free to come on or off anon with updates on how you’re doing! Such as letting me know if you’ve managed to shower or eat something healthy that day, and I’ll celebrate with you :)

I’ll be praying that God gives you some motivation, plus outside support if it turns out that’s what you need! <3

Creator God,
You fashioned each of us with love and care, and I know you continue to look after this person now. You have seen how they struggle with basic self-care; fill them with your energy and life to motivate them into movement. Remind them when things get hard that this is not a reflection on their worth or competency, and help them to take things one step at a time. Encourage them on the hard days, and celebrate with them on the good days.
If this person needs outside support to get through this, I pray that you send your Spirit of courage and hope to help them seek it out, whether that be in the form of a therapist or medical assistance or a friend who can hold them accountable. May they have loved ones around them who support and uplift them.


Hey guys.

So the script of the final episode has been leaked. 

We now know what happens to Petyr. 

It’s not good guys. Basically what we have thought would happen, happens. 

Idk how I feel about it. I’m glad I know ahead of time for certain. However, it just makes no freaking sense. Like, I think I would be “okay” with it if they didn’t freaking ruin his character. If he was going down, I would have wanted it to be epic; like Olenna. Outside of Petyr and Sansa, she was my fav and her death was amazing. 

While I find it poetic that he is going down by Arya with the blade he held at Ned Stark’s throat, it was so poorly done. Like, no. The better idea behind that would have been A) so much better with Sansa doing it (and this is going with the theory D&D created in the show-not the books) B) if they didn’t give him such a fucking stupid story line since season 5. 

What they should have done at the end of season 4 was introduced Harry Haryding, made the Vale a major player like they hinted at since season 1 and kept Sansa in the Vale to seduce and marry Harry. They still could have had the Winterfell scenes in season 5 by using Ros (this is of course the fact that they didn’t kill her in season three). The use Ros to “pose” as Sansa and Petyr uses that as punishment for her working with Varys. Basically giving her Jeyne Pool’s storyline since they cut her character. Remember how Theon and Ros were screwing in season 1? It would have worked. 

Then! Sansa marries Harry (I would have him be a knight or something in the Vale army). She either sends Harry or Royce to the Wall to speak with Jon. Then the Battle of the Bastards happens between Jon and Ramsey but Sansa and Petyr still save the day with the Vale army. 

Harry dies in battle, which Petyr arranges I think. Sansa knows of course b/c she really does not like Harry (finds him boring or something, Idk). Harry’s character would have to be developed more. I think he is a man whore in the books if I remember correctly.

Sansa becomes a widow. Ramsey dies. Sansa and Jon rule over Winterfell and Petyr is there BUT Sansa does not have this anger towards him for Ramsey. Thus, this shit plot line we’ve gotten does not happen. Arya comes. Bran comes…..and well I can’t really fix this shit plot line in Winterfell for this season like I can for 5 and 6. I’m sure over time I can think of something. 

They missed a major opportunity with the Vale. 

They missed a huge opportunity to nurture Sansa correctly.

The missed a huge opportunity with Petyr and his amazing character.

Like, I would have been okay if Sansa and Petyr never got together in the show as long as they didn’t do this to BOTH characters. 

I think that is what bothers me the most. Not that he is dying but because they ruined his character. I think I’m just going to imagine that Petyr somehow fakes his death and runs off to the Iron Bank whom he has secretly been working for this entire time.

Try and convince me otherwise.

Finally, perhaps I should do a rewrite. It would be a fun collaboration if any other fanfic PxS writers would be interested in working with me. Would this be something people would be interested in reading? A season 5-7 re-wright? 

anonymous asked:

Heyyyy so um I'm leaving for vacation tomorrow and I haven't packed anything yet so.... how much sense do you think Harry would talk into me because I just procrastinate BUT I GET IT DONE EVENTUALLY


I feel like Harry’s so organized with his packing. Like, he does the thing where you wrap an outfit into a little ball so it’s compact and lots of them fit. He has a system for everything, like where all his toiletries go and where to put his toothbrush specifically and his laptop goes in the pocket on the inside because the outside one is too dangerous. He’s just very organized rather than throwing everything in there.

And then he’d look over at you with your suitcase open and empty as you lay on the bed on your phone and give you a little scowl.

“Get to it, pet.” He tries to snatch your phone a couple of times, but you dodge him easily.

“In a minute,” You respond all distracted, not even glancing at him.

“Yeah, that’s what I’ll say when you’re wired up and need me t'help you. ‘In a minute.’”

Daddy Issues - Tig Fanfic

hey my lil babies how you doin???

this chappy is super cute because it’s mostly about Jamie and Eva’s friendship <3 but there is a lil flashback that shows some dark kinda stuff that happened in Jamie’s teenage years..

tw: mentions of drugs and prostitution

(when this gets 5 or more notes i’ll post the next chapter)

have fun!!

tagging list: @samcrolivesforever@caitcrook


13 - Girls Night

That evening, after her shift had finished, Jamie grabbed her stuff and waited outside for Eva to pick her up. Jamie couldn’t help feeling nervous about spending the night at Eva’s. Not only because Eva was totally into her, but because she’d never had a sleepover at a girl’s house before. She had no idea what to expect.
Jamie took out her phone and called Jax to let him know about the change of plans. He picked up the call straight away. “Hey Jax.” Jamie said with a smile on her face.
“Hey darlin’. You alright?” He asked her with a bit of worry in his voice, he was wondering why she’d called him.
“Yeah i’m all good. I’m gonna have to take a rain check on tonight though.” The blonde girl sighed. “I’ve been invited to go back to Eva’s for a ‘girly night’.. Whatever that means..”
Jax let out a laugh. “You sure that’s a good idea?” Jamie had told him all about Eva’s flirting and affection she’d shown her. He was a little jealous but also found it really hot. They were both beautiful women and he couldn’t help but imagine them getting off with each other.
“I mean.. I don’t know. But she asked and i couldn’t exactly say no. That’d be rude.” Jamie told him, her voice muffled slightly as she had put a cigarette in her mouth. “Plus, I’ve already friend zoned her so she knows i ain’t into her.”
“Well, good luck then baby.” Jax said, making Jamie’s lips curl up into a smile. She loved being called darling and baby by him. “And if she makes a move on you and you need me to come over and break it up.. Or join in.. Give me a call.” He teased.
Jamie rolled her eyes. “You dirty bastard.” She said with a laugh.
The sound of a vehicle approaching made Jamie look up, she saw Eva in the driver seat waving at her through the window of the car.
“Alright, she’s here now. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Jamie said. “Tell Abel i miss him already.”
“You only saw him yesterday.. But i’m sure he misses you too. Have a good night baby, i’ll be thinking of you.” She knew exactly what that last part meant. He was going to pleasure himself to the thought of her. “Bye darlin’.”
Jamie hung up the call, smirking as she made her way over to Eva’s car. She quickly finished her cig and then dropped it on the floor.
“Hey girly.” Eva said as Jamie got into the car. “You ready for the best night in your entire life?!” She giggled, excitement clear in her voice.
Jamie let out an awkward laugh. “Yup.. Sure am.” And with that, they drove out of the parking lot and made their way to Eva’s apartment.

It didn’t take long to get to the block of flats, maybe 20 minutes of driving. Eva pulled up outside in the car park of the big building and turned off the engine. Then the two of them got out of the car.
The females chatted about random things as they went inside the building and got into the lift. A few seconds later, they got out on the 4th floor and walked down the narrow hallway before Eva stopped outside of a room marked 44.
“This is me.” Eva said, taking out her keys and unlocking the door. “Welcome to my humble abode.” She laughed, banging on the door a couple of times before opening it. “The door sticks sometimes..”
Jamie walked into her apartment which was one big room and smiled. She wasn’t expecting anything but it still surprised her a little. It was much smaller than she had thought.
“It’s cute.” Jamie told Eva who shut the door and locked it behind them. “It’s small.. But cute.”
Eva appeared at her side and smiled. “Just like me.” She said, making the both of them laugh. “It’s not much, but it’s perfect for me. I don’t like big rooms, mostly because i’d end up buying everything in sight to fill it.”
“I just have the essentials. Along with a couple little bits here and there.” Eva explained as Jamie looked around the room and nodded. There was a kitchen area, lounge space where the TV and couches were and a double bed in the corner of the room. There was also a small room near the bed, that must be the bathroom Jamie thought.
“Go get comfy, i’ll get us some drinks.” Eva told Jamie who nodded. She took off her shoes and put them by the door where Eva’s collections high heels and sneakers were.
Jamie wandered around a little, doing a bit of snooping before taking a seat on the couch in front of the TV. The TV was pretty big, it took up a lot of space. Between the TV and the couch was a rectangle table which was stacked with magazines, the controls and an ashtray. A little box was on there too, it was a pretty green colour and had a floral pattern on it.
The blonde looked over her shoulder and saw Eva boiling the kettle, then she turned back to the box and picked it up. She was curious about what was inside. Lifting off the lid, careful not to make a noise, Jamie peered inside and her eyes widened.
The box was filled with pills, rolling papers and little Ziploc packets of powder. It was a box full of drugs. Jamie gulped when seeing the drugs and quickly closed it and put it back before Eva noticed.
Her body tensed up and her heart began to race with anxiety. She couldn’t help but feel slightly triggered by what she’d seen. Jamie used to have a box just like that when she was a teenager. But she didn’t leave it out in the open, it was hidden underneath her bed in her room.
“Here you are, my dear.” Eva spoke, handing Jamie a mug of steaming hot coffee. Jamie gave her a smile which wasn’t real at all.
Eva sat down beside her and picked up the controls and turned on the TV. “Right then, first rule of girly night is, picking a movie.” She said, flicking through the movie channels.
Jamie was watching the TV as Eva searched for a movie, but her mind was in another place. She was thinking back to her teenage years when she was a completely different person to who she is now..

The girl sat up in the bed, pulling the covers with her to hide her naked body. She looked over her shoulder at the man next to her, who was also naked, and sighed. She was full of regret and felt disgusting for what they’d done. But it was worth it to get what she wanted.
“You leavin’ already angel?” The man, much older than her, asked rolling over in the bed. He didn’t bother to hide his very naked body. He was proud of it.
Jamie cleared her throat as she grabbed her clothes that were all over the floor. “I told you, i came for one thing only. And that wasn’t you.” She replied bluntly.
“Well i’m glad you came anyway.” The man licked his lips, watching as the teen stood up and put on her clothes. He reached forward and slapped her ass, hard enough to make her wince in pain.
The girl didn’t bother to react, she knew she’d get in trouble if she did. “So are you gonna give me what i came for..?” Her voice trailed off. She wanted to leave as soon as possible so she didn’t get roped into doing other disgusting things she didn’t want to do.
The man sighed in annoyance and climbed over the other side of the bed before walking across the messy bedroom to his chest of drawers. He opened the top right drawer and brought out a brown paper bag.
“Here you go, kitten.” The man said, walking over to her with the bag in his hand. He outstretched his arm and when she tried to take it, he grabbed her by her throat with his free hand and pulled her close to him.
Jamie looked up at him with eyes full of fear. He was holding her in a tight grip but she was still able to breathe. The man raised his brows at her and pulled a face that said 'i’m waiting’.
Inhaling a shaky breath, Jamie gulped. She hated this part. A fake smile appeared on her lips and she looked up at him, acting innocent. “Thank you daddy.” She said in a sweet tone of voice. Acting this way made her want to throw up but she didn’t really have a choice.
His face broke into a creepy grin and he leant down and kissed her lips roughly. As they kissed, Jamie took the bag out of his hand and pulled away.
She put on another fake smile as he released his grip on her throat. “I’ll see you soon, princess.” He told her, giving her a quick kiss on her forehead before letting her leave.
Jamie walked through of the man’s small and messy house, her eyes filled with tears and her hands shaking from the withdrawal she had had from not taking drugs in the past 48 hours. Jamie didn’t have much money, not enough to buy drugs anyway, so she had to give him other things in order to get her high. Never in her life did she ever think she’d become a 16 year old prostitute.

The sound of clapping and hands being waved in front of her face ripped Jamie out of her thoughts. She broke out of her daze and looked over to Eva who had been trying to get her attention for a couple of minutes.
“You alright?” Eva asked, her facial expression full of concern. She was telling Jamie a story about looked lost and was frozen staring into the TV for about 10 minutes.
Jamie blinked her eyes which felt sore from not blinking in a while. She nodded and took a sip of her coffee which was starting to go cold. “Mm hmm.” Jamie mumbled.
Eva’s brows furrowed. “No you’re not. Lets get whatever is on your mind to fuck off.” She told her, reaching over the table and grabbing the box full of drugs Jamie had snooped in earlier. Jamie watched, her hands beginning to shake with anxiety.
She rummaged through the drugs before finding what she was looking for. “Here we are..” Eva muttered, bringing out a small circle pot full of weed that had been ground up and ready to be rolled. “You smoke weed, right?”
Jamie let out a trembling sigh and shook her head. “Not anymore.” She said quietly, her eyes fixated on the little container in her hands.
“Oh.. Okay..” Eva mumbled. If Jamie was having a break from alcohol, she thought she wouldn’t mind smoking weed. What else was there other than alcohol and drugs to make you feel better?
“Marijuana isn’t addictive if that’s what you’re worried about?” Eva tried to reassure the girl who looked slightly uncomfortable but also kind of in need of it.
Jamie gulped, looking up at the brunette. “I uh..” She tried to speak but her words were all muddled up in her head. Eva was kind of right, weed wasn’t a drug that made you dependant on it unless you took it on a regular basis, then obviously you’d get withdrawal symptoms. But you can get like that with anything, even junk food.
“I ain’t forcing you to.. I’m just sayin’, it might help y'know?” Eva said, waiting for Jamie to make her decision. “You don’t have to do anything you’re not comfortable with, okay?”
Jamie went silent, thinking about whether or not to take up Eva’s offer. Despite being sober for about 6 or 7 years, Jamie couldn’t help but feel like she wanted to break it. Just this once. She wouldn’t have to pay Eva back either.. It was very tempting..
Oh how Jamie wished she could get the rush she got from drugs from anything else. She’d tried all sorts of activities and things, but nothing compared to what she felt when being high.
“Actually..” Eva muttered, putting the little container back in the box. “I know what will help.” Eva said with a small smile on her lips. Jamie felt slightly disappointed that they weren’t going to smoke weed, but part of her was relieved.
Eva got up from the sofa and walked across the room the the bedroom area. Next to the bed was a small set of drawers and on top of it was a stereo. She turned it on, music blasting out loudly throughout the room.
Jamie watched the brunette as she began to dance. She jumped and skipped around with a big smile on her face.
“C'mon!” Eva shouted to the girl who shook her head. She wasn’t in the mood to dance. “Dance your troubles away!” Eva made her way over to Jamie, grabbing her hand and dragging her over the open space.
Jamie stood there awkwardly, not having much choice but to dance. She started bobbing her head to the beat of the song that was playing. Eva rolled her eyes. “I know you can dance better than that, come on lady! Let loose!”
Jamie laughed, moving her body a little bit more. She watched Eva who was being way more enthusiastic than her and sighed.
Dancing crazily while sober wasn’t something she did often but that was usually because of being worried of people judging her. However, it was just her and Eva in the room.
Jamie shut her eyes, listening to the song as she began to dance without a care in the world. She moved her whole body, waving her arms and hands in the air.
Eva giggled. “There you go!” She squealed, appearing at Jamie’s side.
The two of them danced together, their long hair bouncing all over the place. They giggled and laughed and sang, it was a really great moment for the both of them. Jamie was thankful for Eva being so understanding and encouraging, she wouldn’t have done it otherwise.
Who knew you could have fun sober?

anonymous asked:

Do you think coming out to your mom via text is a good idea? I'm an anxious person in general and even to my family, I don't think I'd physically be able to say 'I'm trans'. Also, I don't quite know how they feel about trans people exactly (I think they're generally okay w/ it), do you have any links (preferably outside of tumblr) explaining things in a simple, positive way?


Yeah text is a good way of doing it if you feel most comfortable.
And there’s links for parents in our FAQ you should check out -Matt

An English Blizzard- Part 3

Warnings: None!

A/N: So this is the third part and the last part you’ll get until tomorrow 😉 Enjoy!’

Chapter 3

“At least it’s warmer in here than outside,” you whispered to a glasses-free Greg as the two of you looked up to the ceiling filled with stars.

Greg looked down you to, you were lying back further in your seat so it meant he could gaze down at you without noticing.

You somehow managed to catch him almost every time he looked at you.

“How beautiful is this?” You whispered full of awe “I feel like too many people take stars for granted. I mean how lucky are we? We can look up and just be blessed with them. They don’t ask for anything from us but the least we could do is appreciate them a bit more.”

Greg couldn’t help but admire you more. He was completely infatuated with everything about you from your voice, your smile, the way you’d talk so passionately about things, your laugh…oh he loved making you laugh. That sound was like music to his ears.

You went wide eyed feeling something warm take hold of your hand. Greg had subconsciously slipped his hand into your own and was about to pull it away after he realised what he had done but you laced your fingers with his with a small smile on your face.

You shifted yourself up a bit and placed your head on his shoulder “It’s only been like three days since I met you,” you smirked “But it feels like I’ve known you for a lifetime…in a good way!”

“Good,” Greg chortled “Because I feel the exact same way…incredible isn’t it?”

“A whirlwind…” you whispered.

After the stargazing experience you and Greg agreed on a nightcap at the pub before parting ways.

Greg got in the drinks and you told him stories of your experiences at university. “So I argued with this girl until I was blue in the face about Romeo and Juliet. She genuinely thought it was an incredible love story and that they were ‘so in love’” you rolled your eyes and made inverted comma marks with your fingers. “So I told her it was a tragedy and that Romeo and Juliet were stupid, rebellious, horny teenagers. I mean Romeo isn’t exactly a romantic…he said ‘Juliet is the sun’. What man compares a woman to a huge burning ball of hydrogen and helium!” You laughed with Greg as you both took a sip of your drinks.

You held your hand up in defence and swallowed your drink “Now I know Romeo, in that context, is saying she’s inspirational and what not but still…you think of the sun and the first thing you think of is the star in our sky.”

Greg scooted forward slightly, bumping knees with you “So how did you get into law?” You asked him.

“Well,” Greg lightly shrugged “I was always interested in it and when I studied it at Oxford I realised I was more interested in sharing what I had learned and passing it on to others. I want them to be just as passionate as I was when I was a student.”

“Oxford?” You went wide eyed “Very impressive! Almost puts me to shame!” You jokingly laughed.

“Oh don’t say that,” Greg placed his hand on top of yours making your laughter hitch slightly at the sudden contact “I’m sure you’re great at what you do.” The warmth from his hands spread through your body and even though you had felt his hands interlocked with yours a mere hour ago, it felt as if each time he touched you was the first. “I should take you home,” Greg pulled out his phone to check the time “It’s getting late.”

You involuntary gasped seeing the most adorable picture on his phone screen “Is that your dog?”

Greg turned on is phone again to show you “Yeah that’s Cooper my border collie. I adopted him a few years ago.”

“My god he’s adorable!”

“Who’s more adorable? Me or Cooper?” Greg asked.

“Cooper wins, hands down!” You laughed and Greg let out a small groan while rolling his eyes. “But you’re still pretty adorable…” you bit down on your lip and you could see Greg’s tinge a light colour of pink.

He took you out to the cold, only now it was snowing and a stillness flooded the streets of London. An unpredicted blizzard. You walked home in a comfortable silence, the only sound coming from your feet crushing the fresh snow, with your hand wrapped around Greg’s. It soon began to get heavier, luckily you were almost home and Greg could get a cab back to his before the weather got worse. “I’ll wait with you until it comes,” you insisted and huddled closer to him like you were two penguins.

“You’ll catch a cold,” Greg shifted and sheltered the both of you with his scarf, only bringing the two of you closer. You looked up, you were both hidden from the world and more importantly, the windows of your flat. Greg turned his head slightly just as you moved yours, your noses almost bumping.

“Should we be doing this…?” You asked in the quietest whisper to ever leave your mouth.

Greg gazed into your eyes as if they held the secrets to the universe “Well,” he whispered just as quiet as you did “It is our second date.”

You smirked as you closed your eyes and gingerly pressed your lips to his, just applying enough pressure to feel warmth spread though your body. You pulled back, but barely. Greg’s hand found itself on the back of your neck, it was the catalyst that brought your lips together again only this time with much more force and passion. He tasted like beer and honey and it made your heart flutter.

He slowly removed his hand and pulled away “That’s my cab,” his warm breath danced over your face, it fought with the cold air circulating around you. “Can I see you tomorrow?”

“Yes…” you replied with your eyes still shut. Greg pecked your lips once more before leaving you for the night. You turned your back to the can with a smile, it was only then you realised you still had his scarf. You turned on your heel but by that point the taxi had already gone.

You walked back to your flat with it in your hands, constantly feeling the soft material between your fingers. You could smell his cologne as you brought the scarf to your nose and hugged it tightly against your chest.

The flat was silent, everyone was asleep. You carefully made your way to your room and changed into your pyjamas before climbing into bed. As you got comfortable your phone vibrated with a message you opened it and the biggest smile overtook your whole face. It was a photo of Greg with his dog with the words 'Cooper and I say goodnight x’

You bit down on your lip to refrain your mouth getting sore from smiling so much and held his scarf closer to you. 'How did I get so lucky in just a matter of days?’ You asked yourself. You had completely fallen for the brown eyed lecturer. How could one man be so incredibly perfect?

Mary and Molly both wolf whistled as you walked into the living room wearing a black dress with lace all over it and black tights underneath to protect your legs from the cold. You felt your face burn and waved off their whistling “Very nice! Where are you off too?” Mary asked.

“Y/N will be seeing her fancy man she’s been out with all week,” Sherlock smirked and you narrowed your eyes.

“I’m not Sherlock!” You gritted your teeth in embarrassment “I told you I have dinner tonight with dad and Seb and a few of their friends.”

Sherlock, Mary, John and Molly shared unconvinced glances. The day after your second date with Greg they found out you were seeing someone, but didn’t know who. They had been tirelessly guessing all week.

“Sure…” John drawled out with a grin.

“Don’t you start, Watson! I’ll be back late or I’ll stay over at dads. Depends how bad the weather gets.” You glanced outside and were thankful that the snow had melted over the last few days. “See you all later!” The flat filled with 'goodbye’ as you grabbed your coat and bag and left.

You dad was a five minute was down the road. He lived in a townhouse split over three levels on the bottom there was the kitchen, dining room and living room, on the second floor was your room, guest room and the bathroom and on the top floor was your dads and Sebastian’s room.

You let yourself in and the heat smacked you in the face as soon as you walked in “Only me!” You called out and slipped off your heels by the door, instantly changing into your novelty slippers that were always waiting for you by the doorframe. As soon as you slipped them on you were home. You smirked at them every time, bright green slippers that were like dinosaur feet, they had brown claws sticking out them and everything.

“Hello you!” Sebastian peered his head around the corner and walked over to you to give you a hug. He engulfed you in his muscular arms and pecked your temple.

“Where’s dad?” You asked pulling away.

“Right here,” he walked forward with a large smile on his face “Trust you to be the last one to turn up. We’re all waiting for you!” He brought you in for a hug before pulling away, he still held your arms “Square root of 3721?”

“Jim stop pestering her with math questions!” Sebastian groaned.

“61 dad,” you smirked and Jim pecked your forehead with a proud smile.

“Come on I’ll take you through, dinner’s almost ready.” Your dad took you through, still holding your shoulders “Got some friends over tonight did I tell you?” You nodded as a response “Well there’s Mycroft, Sally Donovan and-”

The last name you already knew. Greg’s eyes were almost as wide as yours.

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Shout-out to girls with hijab that doesn’t look like they belong on the street style blogs, shout-out to girls with hijab that are not fashionistas, shout-out to girls with hijab that doesn’t have strong eyeliner game, shout-out to girls with hijab that doesn’t wear any makeup, shout-out to plus sized girls with hijab that feels like no hijab suits your face shape, shout-out to girls with hijab that gets catcalled on the street despite the coverings, shout-out to girls with hijab that have to remove so many pins when they’re shopping for clothes, shout-out to girls with hijab that are having a bad hijab day where everything is wrong and you feel like you just look plain messy, y'all look beautiful today. Thanks.

i hope the lack of color cordination with the new lionwagoning gets addressed as a joke in s3. and the paladins themselves get confused.

“i’m the blue pal— no wait i’m in red now so yeah i’m the red pal— no wait” and so on lmao

eventually even when shiro comes back they still switch for fun sometimes and keep confusing everybody in the galaxy

In a world where Symmetra has interactions
  • Zenyatta: You recite the mantra of illusory life and death, yet work for a corporation motivated by physical gain.
  • Symmetra: A mind unburdened is easier to enlighten, wouldn't you say? A cleaner, better world is the first step.
  • --
  • Symmetra: How can someone so hyperactive be quite possibly the most balanced one here?
  • Tracer: Dunno! I just like to let loose and enjoy life, I guess!
  • --
  • Sombra: You should get a life outside of your work.
  • Symmetra: You should live your life entirely outside of yours.
  • --
  • Zarya: Could you make a construct so heavy I could not lift it?
  • Symmetra: I would have to ascertain there is something you cannot lift, first.
  • --
  • Hanzo: I want to ask you: Is the path you walk in life one you know is right?
  • Symmetra: I can only believe it is right. Though even that...
  • --
  • Symmetra: How can you so gratuitously waste money blowing up your mech?
  • D.Va: Chill out, I got sponsor money for days!
  • --
  • D.Va: It's kinda weird chatting with somebody my BFF hates.
  • Symmetra: And his feelings should affect yours because?
  • --
  • Symmetra: ... I mean, a peg leg, really? I could make a prosthe--
  • Junkrat: Don't even think about touchin' me!
  • --
  • Doomfist: It is easy to understand. We cannot attain higher ground if we are complacent, and unchallenged.
  • Symmetra: It is easy to understand. We cannot attain higher ground if we are chaotic, and dead.
  • --
  • Mercy: I know you might not hear this much, but, I truly admire your ideals of a world to benefit all, Ms. Vaswani.
  • Symmetra: But it is your selfless desire to help others that is to be praised, Doctor Ziegler.

drawing commission for Brittany


donthugmeimweird  asked:

Hello I'm a young aspiring artist that just started high school and I want to be an animator. Lately I've been stressing my self about how good I am and if I'm going the right path to be where I want to be. I get so worried about the future and if I'll be able to achieve my goals enough or on time I know this is long and your a busy person so please don't answer this if you don't want to. But do you have any advice at all anything will be appreciated thanks so much

The trouble is, even when you’ve ‘made it’ and you’re a working professional that feeling doesn’t go away! It turns into “oh god I’m a hack, they just haven’t seen it yet” or “im not good enough to be here”. The difference is, pros have these feelings and they keep drawing. When I was in high school I had the lowest self esteem but I kept drawing and striving for my goals because it was better than doing my homework. (haha I was an awful student. dont be me)

Also, there’s no such thing as “achieving goals on time”. Everyone has a different path. Yes, art school > internship > job is the path everyone obsesses about but it’s not the only way in. I have friends who didn’t work in animation until their 30s, and honestly it made their work more interesting and beautiful! I have a friend who never finished high school and lived out of a car for two years while stacking produce at a corner store. Now he’s an award winning Character Designer! One of my heroes never went to college and just pestered people until someone gave him a job. It’s all persistence, and maybe that’s why this job isn’t for everyone because that shit is HARD. When you’re feeling great, keep drawing. When you’re feeling bad, keep drawing. That’s how you know if you’re on the right path, if you can persist even when you’re at your lowest point. 

I’m sorry this advice isn’t very practical outside of “keep it up”. But that’s all you can do, that’s all I’ve ever done, and that’s all we have to keep doing. Good luck on your journey! 


older!Corvo and older!Daud meeting someplace out-of-the-way for a smoke for @yellowcandy