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Spoiler king baek is back at it again 👀


endless list of favorite characters + Mary Stuart

“ I will let no one, not Elizabeth, not any usurper, take my country from me. Since I was a babe, I have been a Queen. Since a child, I have been alone on foreign soil. I know how to keep my life, my crown and I will. “

Scarlet Heart: Ryeo Episodes 10-11 (part 2)

[I ended up cutting part 1 too early, I fear. I still had stuff to say about So. Oh well. Here is your promised part 2. I’ll warn you now, I get into making my predictions for the drama’s end and it’s a bit of downer. No direct spoilers for BBJX though, just my own speculation.]

So’s Suicidal, Homicidal Love

So’s behavior in episode 11 is qualitatively different than it was in episode 10. It’s really only after he starts demonstrating his changed attitude that his feelings begin to have an affect on Soo. As soon as So can get to his feet after his ordeal he limps his way to her side. She knows almost instinctively that he drank the poison, at least in part, to avoid implicating her in the assassination attempt.

He denies this, of course, but his very presence outside her cell belies this and she rolls over his protests.

Again, Soo is firm with him. Even mildly accusing, “Did you think my feelings would change if you did something like this?” letting him know that her heart still belongs to another, and not to do anything so foolish again. So can’t even respond to that, and looks away. But it’s true that his selfless concern for her is stirring. Only privately does she acknowledge that what he’s done makes it harder for her to turn away from him, as she’s already decided she must. It’s both admirable and pitiable how determined she is to stay faithful to Wook until the very last moment, no matter what So might threaten or sacrifice.

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some good dr3 things

- monoca went to fucking space
- does juzo sakakura is gay
- komaeda is loved and accepted and looks like he is overall Feeling Better
- seiko kimura
- remember komaeda and his bird friend? haha yea
- mitarai/impostor relationship
- kamukura said memes like twice
- the fucken dub
- komaru and touko!!!
- taylor swift and justin bieber
- sonia appreciating souda
- byakuya
- komaeda made a Big Dog

Cywan’s semblance: Reins

Elastic bands of Aura that Cywan controls for various purposes. The bands are connected between two points that are fixed to solid objects- usually her hands, but she can fix them between other solids if she is within range of them. Simple at first glance, but versatile and effective for her fighting style. The greater the surface area generated, the more draining the Reins will become.

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Decided to load up my game and take a photo of YA Ruby, so… *throws this at you*

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What was your first OTP?

In FT? Or in all my life?

With FT, of course was Gruvia (the ship changed my whole life lmao) but I also shipped Jerza at Oracion Seis arc but not as much as gruvia

And the very first one since I started watching TV was…

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Please look at the dorks so beautiful so tender so shining so canon

I remember how much I screamed when Syaoran was jealous and blushing over Sakura geez they are so lovely I can’t with the childhood feels

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I find it a bit funny because Fell!Goth doesn't have that much attention as the others. It's like the others doesn't even know that he existed.