how it feels

The hero and the sharpshooter


“You could slowly start to resume normal physical activity.”

“Hey.  Hey, Danny.  You awake?”

Head nestled into his pillow, Danny is much too snoozy and satisfied to answer.  He’s just drifting off when familiar hands land on his back, fingers poking in a quest for attention.  With a grunt, he gives in and blinks his eyes open.  “What, babe?  What, what?”

Steve looks delicious, all rumpled, his hair a mess and a goofy smile on his face.  “I’m really grateful that you asked.”


Enjoying a nice night on their balcony :3

Happy Aqours 2nd Anniversary!

It’s been two whole years since Love Live! Sunshine!! was first announced in Dengeki G’s Magazine on April 30th, 2015!

Looking back on the past year, we can see that Aqours has released a whole bunch of albums and a TV anime. They’ve also had a handful of mini-lives and performances as well as their first major live concert! And now they’re currently on their way to a second live concert and many more smaller performances, not to mention they have a second anime season coming up. On top of that, they’ve basically brought an entire dying town back to life. Aqours has worked so hard and accomplished so much ;__;

Thank you so much, Aqours. I love each and every one of you.

Since it’s a perfect time to reflect upon my personal involvement in Love Live! Sunshine!!, I wrote a bit about that too. Under the cut. Do not read if you don’t appreciate excessive amounts of sentimentality, I’ll gross you out.

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Soul-crushing X Files season 11 concept: Scully sacrifices her immortality to save Mulder’s life

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8 for a fenhawke!

8. being unable to open their eyes for a few moments afterward 

Fenris’s heart hammered against his ribs as if trying to flee the scene, but he couldn’t help but to feel a sense of satisfaction when he sat back and found Hawke’s face still lifted, lips parted, eyes closed. When he finally opened them, blinking, almost sluggish, the elf felt a victorious kind of thrill. He had done that.

They were in Hawke’s chair in the Amell mansion’s study. A quiet weekend, rain pelting the windows outside. Hawke had been reading and Fenris pretending to do the same but really just watching him, enjoying the silence and the comfortable way they had and the play of firelight off Hawke’s strong face.

Hawke had poured him a glass of wine, but Fenris couldn’t have blamed the alcohol for his sudden surge of boldness. He had had scarcely half of it before he rose, and crossed the room, took Hawke’s book from his hands and straddled his hips in the chair, cupping Hawke’s surprised face in his hands, and –

They had kissed less than half a dozen times. They were still feeling it out, still a little unsure about admitting their attraction to one another in words and actions and Fenris – Fenris thought about kissing Hawke all the time, these days. Since the first thrilling brush of lips – no, before even that. It seemed he was growing obsessed with the mage’s mouth.

“What – ? Is that - ? Um. Thank you?” Hawke said.

“I like that,” Fenris told him, point blank, because Hawke was still so careful about the whole situation and Fenris hadn’t kissed him nearly enough yet.

“I like it too,” Hawke said, and he looked surprised, pleased, as Fenris, a little more boldly, took his hands and helped him slide them over his thighs. Hawke stretched his neck to kiss him again – tentative, at first, then harder as Fenris responded favorably, the sweetness of the wine on their tongues. Hawke’s hands seemed to burn him through his leggings; Fenris felt warm in ways he hadn’t anticipated. He arched against him as those hands moved around to his backside, and it was unexpected, how exciting it felt. Fenris fed at his mouth. He tugged on his bottom lip with his teeth, and met Hawke’s seeking tongue with his own, and his whole body felt flush, warm, stirring. Hawke pulled him closer and he arched against him and realized with surprise that he could feel Hawke – that Hawke was – was –

Fenris broke the kiss, and grasping Hawke’s wrists he pulled his hands from his backside.

They were both panting, staring at one another. Fenris’s lips felt bruised, and his body felt – felt –

“Um,” Fenris said, with extreme eloquence, and Hawke released his breath slowly.

“That’s – probably enough for one night,” Hawke said, as if it was his idea, and Fenris felt the urge to apologize.

“I – don’t know what I’m doing,” Fenris told him, which was only partially a lie. He knew the mechanics of it, but had no experience with his own rising reactions, the surprising urge to feel Hawke’s hands on his flesh, to taste his sweat on his tongue.

“We aren’t – ah – in any rush,” Hawke told him. He looked at Fenris as if he wanted to devour him.

When they could walk without embarrassing themselves, Hawke saw Fenris to the door.

“I’m sorry,” Fenris told him again, and Hawke shook his head.

“I’ve known I was in trouble since the moment we met,” Hawke said.

Fenris didn’t trust himself to kiss him goodbye.

Ymir’s death isn’t bothersome because we didn’t want our favourite to die. 

(The Bury Your Gays trope IS relevant, because it always is, but I’m going to ignore that for a second in light of the “everyone dies” argument.)

“If I’m ever given a second chance in life, I want to live for only myself.”

That’s not what happened.

Ymir already “died,” her sacrificing herself is just repetition. There’s no development. Ymir giving up her life, giving up Historia goes against everything she said she wanted to do differently. Throwing herself into battle to protect Historia is also not the same as throwing herself away to appease people for something she wasn’t even aware she was doing.

Ymir dying on her knees is insulting.

I’m not upset there’s no happily ever after. I prefer bittersweet. But if anyone’s story would have fit, it’s hers – if not, then dying fighting for herself/Historia. 

I’m mad because it feels rushed. It feels like bad writing. It feels like an actually important character’s death was a single panel that threw away everything we knew about her.

Withering Away Innocence (Part 3)

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Pairing: Hvitserk X Reader X Ivar

Word Count: 4100

Warnings: about 3000 words of the sex

Since the idea was brought up of a more open marriage, you’ve finally made a choice of who to take that kind of leap with. Someone who you could feel a little more on equal ground with. Certainly not the one the rest thought you’d pick.

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18 and 50 Hamilsquad or John please?

(this is so cute fuck me up)

18. Waiting for me & 50. In the afterlife

tw: death

You were the last to go. First it was John, who died during the war. Then it was Alexander, lost in a car crash. Hercules was next, a victim of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Last was Lafayette who had simply aged like you were. Being the last was painful, having to go through the pain of losing a lover four times was rough, especially when three of them had been taken from you so suddenly. Lafayette promised to see you again before he passed and you wondered what was waiting in the afterlife. What happens when you die? Would you actually be able to reunite with your boys? You would find out soon, you knew your time had come but, you weren’t worried. Acceptance was something you had for a while now. You slowly closed your eyes, waiting as your breathing slowed down.

Eventually, it stopped.

A bright light, clouds and a gate. Those were what you were greeted with when your eyes reopened. You stood up with an ease that shocked you considering you were aching horribly due to old age a few minutes go. At least, it felt like a few minutes ago. Did time matter now? You slowly walked to the golden gate, looking around at how empty it was where you were. Where was everyone?

The gate slowly swung open and you covered your eyes as the brightness around you increased. After a few moments, it dimmed and slowly you lowered your arms, barely able to register the person dashing towards you until they had tackled you with a hug.

“I never got to say goodbye.”

You gasped, immediately clinging on to the person as you immediately recognized the voice.

“John!” was all you could get out before you were choked up, tears blurring your vision.

You felt John’s body tremble in your arms and knew that he was also crying.

“I missed you, I missed you so much.” John sniffled, burying his face deep into your shoulder. 

You smiled, the longing for John had finally come to an end. In the distance, you noticed three more figures. One bouncing up and down excitedly, you would bet one hundred dollars it was Alexander.


“John, is that…” You trailed off, trying to blink the tears away so you could see.

John pulled back, looking behind him and smiling.


With a tight grip on John’s hand, you ran over to the others, grinning as Alex, Herc and Laf’s face came into clear view. You made a beeline for Alexander, jumping on him and hugging him tight. Alexander’s arms wrapped around you, squeezing you as close as he could. Then another pair of arms wrapped around you, and another pair. Soon enough it was a full blown group hug with everyone crying and blubbering about how much you all missed each other. Slowly everyone broke apart and Alexander set you down.

“Herc, it’s so good to see your face.” You cupped his cheeks, smiling up at him.

“Same to you.” Herc kissed your forehead, returning your smile.

Lastly, you turned to Lafayette and opened your arms. Instead of hugging you, Laf pulled you closer by your hips and kissed you softly. You giggled as the others groaned in protest. Laf pulled away, turning to the boys.

“Not my fault you all didn’t think of it first.” He shrugged, smirking.

“Don’t worry, we have plenty of time for kisses. An eternity.” You pointed out, grabbing Laf’s hand.

“So, who’s gonna show me around?” 

Send me a prompt and a person (only doing x readers)


One moment,
Unimaginable and choking on
Eggshells, dizzy with
Anticipation, lights up!
So out of place in the
Hot stage lights
Stands a girl,
Somehow melancholy,
Fiddling with her dress
Somewhat surreptitiously.

The world is silent,
But I am cold as ice
When the lights come up
And I stand,
Stock still,
This Inscrutable in the
Hot stage lights.

And in one moment,
When the world is centered
On that girl,
That spotlight shining
Bright into my eyes,
Malicious and blinding;
I melt
Into who I might have been
And who I am still to be.
I am past and future and loss:
No lights could ever
Shine on that.