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i didnt even know this game was a real thing that happened until a really short while ago LOL!! ITS SO CUTE!!!!!!

 gay and straight relationships are just as capable of being deep and loving or distant and abusive & perpetuating the idea that gay relationships are always more pure or good kind of raises problems when talking about abuse in gay relationships (and can be very harmful to bisexual people who have gotten out of an abusive relationship w someone of the same gender, and entered a healthier one that happens to be straight) 


(More of the Android 20 universe, because that’s all that my muse is willing to talk to me about at the moment.)

Dr. Gero had taught 17 and 18 over and over again that nothing belonged to them.  Nothing.  Not their bodies, not their names, not their memories.  He even did his best to control their thoughts.  They had nothing because they were nothing – merely tools to be used and discarded.  Every time 18 woke up from stasis there was a tiny part of her, curled up small and hidden deep, that was afraid that this time she would wake up alone.  That this time Gero would have finally decided that her brother was a problem without a solution and would simply have disposed of him like all the rest of the other failures that had come before them.

Now Gero was dead, and 18 looked at the world around her and found that she wanted to hold onto things.  To own things.  To have things that belonged to her again.

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