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When They Develop Real Feelings For Their WGM Partner (BTS)

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Author: Taebaby

NAMJOON: It would kinda creep up on him, then hit him pretty hard. You’d be out on some date (a picnic, maybe) and he’d start to notice how beautiful your face looked when the sun hit your face, how the breeze lifted your hair gently, flowing like soft silk. He’d fall head over heels and wouldn’t even see it coming

YOONGI: He’d keep quiet about it, not wanting to appear too forward. He’d show his affection in little actions, ones that everyone noticed (except you of course, of course). Like giving you his jacket if you were cold, or pulling you away from busy traffic because he was worried, or even just giving you a complement when he knew you weren’t having a great day.

HOSEOK: He wouldn’t of been nervous about being your partner at first, but as soon as he realized he had real feelings for you, he’d start stuttering words and tripping over himself. He’d catch himself (and you would too) staring at you more and more. At some point, he’d be blabbering and accidentally let slip about how he really feels about you (freezing immediately, because ohmygodwhathaveIdone)

SEOKJIN: Kinda like Hoseok, He’d go into the show feeling very confident and unconcerned, until he fell for you. It’d be like the flip of a switch, compared to what he used to be. He’d get so shy and so so frazzled. He really wouldn’t know how to handle it and may come off a little weird

JIMIN: Chimchim would get super blushy. Like every time you so much as looked in his direction *blush* you sneeze? *blush*  you blink? *blush* you breath air one time in front of him? *blush* Honestly, super cute

TAEHYUNG: Tae would try to keep it cool, surprisingly. His sudden feelings for you would surprise him at first, but he wouldn’t want you to think he was weird, so he wouldn’t change his behavior at all. If anything, he may laugh a little more and be nicer (not that he wasn’t already a sweetheart)

JUNGKOOK: This sweet Busan boy. Super smooth in MV’s, not as smooth in real life. He would be shy as it is coming onto the show and with his luck, he had to fall for you. If you thought Hoseok would be bad, get ready to pack a first aid kit with you on every date you go on because he’d be trippin, knockin into shit, cuttin himself somehow. And all because he’s trying so hard to process his thoughts, all the while not being able to take his eyes off you