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This Is War [5]
Request: jealous!bucky where he tries to outdo the guy in everything and its just ridiculous and funny (Again, wasn’t sure if this was an ACTUAL request, but I thought it would be fun as one :p)

Bucky Barnes X Reader

Word Count: 1154

Warnings: Alcohol consumption, some language

A/N: I feel like this part is also a little boring, but I gotta move stuff along somehow! Hopefully y’all enjoy it! Thank you for reading!! Feedback is always appreciated :)

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When u accidentally sorta-marry a fairy and the inlaws are crazy

lol but seriously im still working on this huge project and oh boy…still dreaming of it becoming a show one day :’)


University of Michigan Athletes - Tom Brady, Dylan Larkin, & Michael Phelps

Hail to the Victors!

Laurent made a point to sit up straight on the low bench he and Damen had been seated on and to keep his gaze politely on the singer.

No one would have blinked if he hadn’t. If Laurent had leaned into Damen’s side or rested slightly against his leg, none of the Patrans would have objected or been offended, and Damen himself would likely only have rested a warm hand on Laurent’s side in response. Torgeir’s wife was curled against his side on a separate low bench. Torgeir’s daughter Lisabeta was similarly leaning into her lover.

It was only Laurent’s own pride keeping him sitting carefully separate and upright; his ongoing battle (fought primarily in his own head) to refuse to be seen as Damen’s paramour and to insist on being seen as the King of Vere in his own right. He had probably half lost the battle already when he’d agreed to be seated on the same bench as Damen like all of the other couples, and he’d definitely lost a second half of the battle when he had let one of the servants pour him a second cup of the fortified Patran wine.

Torveld had told Laurent something of how they made it, when he’d showed Laurent one of the caves with the casks earlier in their visit, but the key was that it was much stronger than the wine traditionally served in Vere or in Akielos. Laurent could feel it going to his head. Infuriatingly, Damen had drank twice as much and showed no effects whatsoever.

The singer was a Patran woman. Laurent did not know if she was a slave and he hadn’t asked. She had dark hair and eyes and a beautiful clear voice. Laurent’s Patran was serviceable enough if his purpose was to flirt with Torveld at a dinner party, but the woman’s song was sung in an old style and Laurent could only understand one word in ten. It was not enough to be able to follow the narrative. He thought perhaps it was a love ballad from the occasional word he could understand – passion, lovers, remembrance – but it was hard to say. Also infuriatingly, Damen’s Patran was much better than Laurent’s and he probably knew exactly what the singer was performing. Damen had the gall to be seemingly effortlessly much better at languages than Laurent was, and even when Damen didn’t know how to say something he seemed to find effortless elegant ways to explain what he meant with other words, while Laurent had to go to elaborate lengths in his head to steer conversations only in directions where his vocabulary felt sufficient. Damen didn’t know any of the Patran words for the production of fortified wine when they started their tour of the caves, but by the end of the tour he was speaking easily with Torveld about the characteristics of the color as though he had known that language his whole life.

There were a lot of infuriating things about Damen. In addition to his alcohol tolerance and his linguistic ability, Damen was growing a beard. It was hideous; Laurent hated it. Damen insisted it was traditional for Akielon royalty to wear a beard, and that in fact Torgeir would expect it for their visit, and Damen had had the gall to be right about that also. Torgeir had remarked on Damen’s beard particularly when they met, saying it made Damen look like his father.

Laurent’s irritation had made him a bit petulant, so he was not kind when Damen and Torveld were reintroducing themselves after their last meeting.

“I am sorry I could not tell you who I was,” said Damen.

Torveld opened his mouth, probably to assure Damen that this was fine.

“He knew anyway,” said Laurent.

“What?” said Damen, as though his ability to disguise himself were actually convincing.

“I only suspected,” said Torveld politically.

Laurent still felt petulant. “You commented to me on the resemblance of my slave to the Akielon royal house.”

Damen was already smiling. “It is good to see you again nonetheless,” he told Torveld, and they were soon laughing together.

The woman’s song ended, and she curtseyed gracefully to a smattering of applause from the assembled nobility. Torgeir asked her for another song, and she agreed, swaying slightly as the musicians began the next introduction.

“Are you tired,” said Damen, under his breath.

“I am only sick of love songs,” said Laurent.

Damen smiled at him. “You can’t understand old Patran?”

It was apparently not a love song. Laurent decided to bluff. “I can.”

“The song was about wine,” said Damen. “And how it turns all men’s hearts to be fickle.”

“I love wine,” said Laurent.

“If you have more you will need help standing up later,” said Damen.

“I’m sure you will help me,” said Laurent feeling petulant and annoyed again for no good reason.

“Of course,” said Damen, infuriatingly kind even in the face of Laurent’s bad mood. Laurent sighed, and leaned slightly to rest against Damen’s shoulder. Damen wrapped an arm around him and settled him in comfortably. Damen was humming a little bit along with the new song the singer had started. Infuriatingly, Damen was probably also a good singer.


And there he stood, Harry the Heir himself; tall, handsome, scowling. “Lady Alayne. May I partner you in this dance?” She considered for a moment. “No. I don’t think so.” Color rose to his cheeks. “I was unforgiveably rude to you in the yard. You must forgive me.” “Must?” She tossed her hair, took a sip of wine, made him wait. “How can you forgive someone who is unforgiveably rude? Will you explain that to me, ser?” Ser Harrold looked confused. “Please. One dance.”.


A long time ago, the Greeks created their gods to be superior compared to all humans that stood in their wake. These gods were the embodiment of beauty, intelligence, and power. They could do no wrong in the eyes of the Greeks and were constantly spoken of in a superior manner. However, somewhere down the line, the people got sick of constantly hearing about the perfect lives of the gods, and began writing stories of failures. Soon the Greek gods were having affairs, shoving each other off Mount Olympus, and the demigods, a mixture of man and god, became a part of the Greek culture. These demigods were the epitome of what you should strive to be, these were men and women who had been half god, half human. Men like Heracles and Perseus were born, men who were more than men, stronger and more capable. They became legends, spoken in loud tones amongst groups of people. It was from the imperfections of the gods that these great heroes arose from the ashes.

Nowadays, the idea of demigods is quite laughable. These fictional men and women were born during a time when people believed the Earth was flat and that crocodile crap was a good skincare routine. It was completely irrational in our age to believe in such a strange ideology, so as you sat in your college class, listening to your professor drone on and on about one myth to another, you couldn’t help your heavy eyelids from ceasing to remain open. Yawning profusely, you bobbed your head up and down.

Now the thing about this time period was they lacked a lot of understanding of the human body, so their ideas of medicine were what we would think of as rubbish. Your professor bemoaned and you clicked your pen, trying to remain awake. Then you felt a light tap on your shoulder. A guy with dark hair and pale skin sat there, his eyes seemed to pierce into yours and you felt yourself getting a bit lost in the dark orbs.

Hey, can I borrow a pencil? He asked in a deep tone and you nodded quickly. Pulling a pencil out of your bag, he gave you a tight lipped smile, then sat back in his chair. You glanced once more at him, before returning to stare boringly at the professor who continued to tell you about how a mixture of feces and wine was made for women with medical illnesses. Shuddering at the thought you went back to scribbling the unnecessary information into your notebook. It wasn’t until after class, that you felt the tap on your shoulder again. Uhm, here you go. He murmured and handed you back the pencil.

Ah, thanks. You replied, gingerly taking the pencil from his hands. He smiled at you, before looking around then looking back at you suddenly.

My name is Min Yoongi. He said rather suddenly and you smiled.

Mine is Y/N, nice to meet you. You held out your hand, but he looked at it then up at you.

I’m sick, so I wouldn’t want to touch your hand. He muttered and you awkwardly took your hand away.

Oh, I’m sorry to hear that, why don’t you keep the pencil then. You muttered, holding the pencil out to him. He looked at the pencil then at you, taking it from your hand, but not before, accidentally touching your hand with his own. You retracted your hand quickly and looked at him with a bit of surprise. It felt as though his hand was made of ice, so cold that it almost burned a little.

Uhm, sorry. He muttered and shoved the pencil in his pocket. I was kind of hoping I could walk you home? He asked and you tilted your head to the side. You had seen this kind of thing in movies and people always told you about it before you left for college, but you never really thought it was a thing.

Sure, I live a little ways away. You responded and he smiled, showing off a gummy grin.

I don’t mind. He said and you felt yourself blush. Usually, you weren’t into guys like him, he was the opposite of your jock-type. But there was something about him that just drew you to him. As the two of you walked, he started up conversation. So what are you studying? He asked and you laughed a little.

Literature, writing, and rhetoric. You murmured back and he raised his eyebrows, and gave you a small impressed look.

So a modern age Jane Austen? He asked and you shook your head.

I’m pushing for more of a mix between H.P.Lovecraft and Edgar Allen Poe. You said with a shrug and Yoongi looked at you.

Lovecraft? He questioned and you smiled.

He wrote a lot of essays and short stories about people discovering weird alien cities and being taunted by creepy creatures. You said enthusiastically and he shook his head.

I thought girls fell in love with love stories. He said back and you shrugged.

Love stories are nice, but something that makes your skin crawl? That leaves impact. You murmured and Yoongi nodded. What about you? You asked and he shrugged, mimicking your motions from a moment ago and make you laugh a little.

Audio engineering. He replied and it was your turn to raise your eyebrows.

Wow, interesting. So you’ll be working with all the up and coming musicians? You asked excitedly and Yoongi chuckled.

Actually, I’m hoping to compose and manage my own production company at some point, so maybe. He said as he smiled at you. Maybe little Miss Literature can help me with lyrics writing. He continued and your cheeks blushed.

I don’t know if I’ll be any help, unless you want songs about things that go bump in the night. You laughed, but then you paused. So then why are you taking an ancient Greece course? You tilted your head as the two of you approached your apartment building. Yoongi looked up at the complex then focused his sights back on you.

Let’s just say it’s a family interest. He said vaguely before beginning to walk backwards. I actually live right over here. He said pointing to the large house next to your complex. So I guess I’ll see you around, neighbor. He said with a wink before turning on his heels and walking up the front porch steps. You shook your head, trying to stop the blush, before walking into your complex.

Yoongi made his way into the house and shrugged off his bag.

Yah! Hyung, I’m glad you’re home. Can you tell Jin hyung to stop summoning fucking Zeus whenever he’s angry with me? I swear he’s going to get me struck by lightening. Jungkook said quickly as Yoongi rolled his eyes and heard the footsteps of the eldest member of the house.

My father has nothing to do with this! Jin said, his eyes shining with anger as Yoongi saw the electricity in the house begin to flicker.

Yah, Jin hyung. Yoongi said in his usual aloof nature. Can we not do this now? He asked and Jin looked at him.

Where have you been? Jin asked suddenly and Yoongi raised his brows.

Nowhere. He mumbled and Jin rolled his eyes, the electricity flickering once more.

Tell me where, or I’ll zap you into next year. He said, a string of static making its way across the room.

I met a girl. Yoongi said quickly. Now get that shit away from me. He murmured and Jin raised his brows.

You met a girl? Where? He asked and Yoongi saw the static once more, rolling his eyes, he sighed.

My Greek Myth class. He replied and Namjoon came in shaking his head.

I always thought it was weird, you’re taking a class about our mythology. He mumbled, but Yoongi shrugged.

It’s interesting. He replied and Namjoon rolled his eyes.

Because you’re learning about our past lives. The tall guy responded quickly and Yoongi shrugged.

Makes for an easy A. He said.

As you walked into your apartment and raved to your roommate about the guy you had met in your Greek Mythology class, little did you know that he was more than just some guy.

He was Min Yoongi, the son of Hades, God of the Underworld.

Author’s Note: DUN DUN DUUUUN … I don’t know how well I’ll be able to write this, but I took a Greek Myth class in college and thought it was super interesting, which by the way, all of the facts about Greek myth are true, so MEH! 

Yuanfen - Part 5

Characters - Bucky x Reader, Steve (briefly)

Word Count - 1729

Warnings - None 

A/N - This is an AU. 缘分 (Yuanfen) is a Chinese word that has no direct English translation and (roughly) means “A relationship that is brought together by a force such as destiny or fate.“ It’s been MONTHS! Yuanfen is back, please let me know what you guys think! A special thanks to @bovaria for reading this over and giving me the confidence to post this.

Yuanfen Masterlist

“I’m not too sure about this, James.” You puffed out your cheeks, eyeing the stunning red dress that hugged your frame.

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a while ago i saw a commercial for a soap we have here in Brazil called Francis, and it always made me laugh. i promised i would do this and now i finally finished.

it’s a masterpiece.

The drive and ambition of an Aries burns deeply inside of you,
Leaving your skin rusted from hard work, and your bones burning from the fire,
You’re a phoenix that flourishes in the flames
You’ve learned to dance with the devil in the heat, causing any symphony of an ice cold heart to melt away like liquid gold.
The beauty of a Taurus is painted on your face and body
Your eyes glow like deep sapphires, I didn’t know blue could be such a warm color until I met you,
The strong mountains and thick trees are a resemblance of your strong limbs and how you carry yourself,
You’re lips taste like the finest wines, and are made out of cashmere and velvet
The energy of a Gemini rings like bells in your voice,
Your tone is ever so uplifting and bright, it adds color to my black and white day
The melody you sing and the tune you hum is like a hypnotic and gorgeous siren resting in the waves
I want you to pour your hopes and dreams into me as you hold me in your arms
Your core and soul is graceful and gentle has a Cancer
The water pools in your heart and waves calmly like a glass lake
When you hold me I feel the energy of a cascading waterfall reaching inside of me, and quenching my thirst for you
You love like a golden lion of Leo,
Passion and euphoria drips out of your golden eyes,
You are the lover that sparks lighting bolts through my veins
You are the lover that reminds me of spilt black ink on a white dress
Memories being stained on a blank canvas that is my life
Before I met you, I’d only make art in black and white
Now I paint in color
The sun falls into Virgo which shines purely upon your face
You remind me of fresh white sheets on a Sunday morning
You remind me of sleepy morning sex after we’ve drank our coffee
You strive for perfection, you want to fit in, you seek approval
If you only saw that you are perfectly imperfect in my eyes
The sensual beauty of a Libra posseses strongly over your 5 senses
The sight of you is like staring at a beautiful marble sculpture at the finest museums
The sound of you is like listening to a string of hypnotic melodies
The taste of you is like earthy beauty and sweet dreams
The touch of you is like running my fingers through a river of silk
The smell of you is like smelling the atmosphere at sunset on a lake
The cosmic sexual energy runs through your blood hot with lust and cool with love
You leave the colors of a galaxies across the planes of my neck
The way you make yourself at home inbetween my legs makes me feel brighter than the sun
Staring into your eyes is like staring into two deep blue twinkling nebulas
I wanna hide forever in your heart
I want to explore you’re body and soul like a Sagittarius would
I could plant kisses across the valley of your body
I want to climb the mountains of your heart
And swim in the ocean of your soul
I want to discover the coldest and darkest parts of you like Capricorn’s Saturn
To take the coldness you feel in life into beautiful ice crystals
To turn the bitterness running through your blood into pure untouched love
To turn the icy breath you breathe and make into fire
I will love you past your flaws like the heart of an Aquarius
I will trace imagenary drawings across your transparent stretch marks
I will feather kisses across the scars on your stomach from when you had cancer
I will rub the knots out of your sore back, and build towers made of kisses up your spine
You are loved, from the inside out;my sun and stars
I want us to make art out of each other like a Pisces would
I could paint my beautiful perception of you out of the richest oil paints
Spending days to get just the right shade to match your stunning ocean eyes
You could write poetry about me at 5:06am
Letting every ounce of emotion you feel towards me flow through the ink like a stream and onto the paper.o
—  The 12 signs live in your heart
I Am Human - Part VIII

Pairing: Jared x reader
Summary: He’s one of the two main actors. He’s 28, sexy, charming and funny.
She’s the new girl on set. The new assistent from a foreign country. And she is only 20 years old. She is also the one who stole his heart in milliseconds, just by being herself.  Jared Padalecki and (Y/N) (Y/L/N) are what you like to call starcrossed lovers, two fitting pieces of a puzzle. But we all know love is not easy. So what happens if their age difference becomes a problem? Can (Y/N) keep working for Jared when feelings get involved? And what secret is she hiding from him?
Warning: nakedness? smut in the next chapter

I Am Human Masterlist

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By Erika

I was thinking why do we miss people. I think it’s like with drugs. People don’t miss drugs,alcohol or cigarettes. You won’t hear someone say, ’ Man,I really miss heroin and wine.’
You will hear people talk about how it made them feel,and that’s what they miss. It’s the same way with people I think. You don’t always miss the person,sometimes you just miss the way they made you feel: the way they touched you,the way they looked at you,the way they laughed.
People miss feeling feelings. We all concentrated on work and our routines. We forget how to feel. And when we finally get to feel something we get confused and scared. The only mistake we make is we fall in love with a body or with a face,or the idea of being loved.
Everyone says love hurts. But that’s simply not true. Loneliness hurts,rejection hurts,losing someone hurts- everyone get these things confused with love. The reality is love is the only thing that covers up all the pain and makes someone feel wonderful again. You know??
And when we finally loved by someone it feels so weird because we don’t even like ourselves sometimes. But trust me you are the luckiest person in the world is someone loves you as much as you love them.

she’s my favorite pain. ( a dasey fanmix. )
listen here.

so contagious - acceptance // true love - pink // she’s killing me - a rocket to the moon // ships in the night - mat kearney // all this time - one republic // haunted - taylor swift // she’s a lady - forever the sickest kids // girls freak me out - the summer set // drumming song - florence + the machine // fallout - marianas trench // how you remind me - nickelback // the mess i made - parachute // poison & wine - the civil wars // all about us - t.a.t.u

Jimin’s Honeymoon

And now it is time for an actual angel, the first half of the Busan line, a total cutie who’s tearing this comeback uP like he just has this energy to him where every stage he steps on is his like I genuinely feel like he has born to perform but he’s doing s o fucking well with this comeback, Park Jimin aka chim

  • This is going to be part of the wedding series, I’ve done Jimin’s proposal (here) an alternate version to that is youtuber!chim’s proposal which you can find here, Jimin’s wedding (here) and husband!chim (here)
  • It isn’t required to read the others, you can v v easily read this without the others but if you want the full story and all the fluffy stuff, you can click any of those links
  • Okay so Jimin is a lil romantic at heart, he gets all tough when he’s on stage and shit but he’s actually just a huge softie
  • Like he’s the type to be all of course you married me I’m the best duh but then at night when it comes to cuddles he just melts and turns into this big pile of oh my god I love you so much I can’t believe you actually married me like I’m a husband now do you know what that means you can’t say I’m your boyfriend anymore my boyfriend days are gone forever
  • Okay so I have such a huge head canon for this like pretty much the second I started thinking about the honeymoons, I knew Jimin’s
  • Jimin would want to go one of the more popular romantic places like Paris or Rome but he’d also want to have some private moments bc even though Jimin is a beast on stage and has so much confidence, he’s actually a smol shy bby who gets blushy when you say you love him
  • You two would go on a lil tour of Italy like you’d start in a smaller city spend a few nights there, go to the next city spend a few nights and then the last place you two go to is Rome
  • The honeymoon would be a bit longer, closer to 4 weeks than just the usual 2 bc he would want to turn it into a vacation too he wouldn’t want to have to rush through all of the sights and be worried about getting to a certain place on time
  • He’s totally cool with extending it even bc he knows the second you to get back home, it’s gonna be packing and moving into the new house and you two are planning on getting a pet when you get back and he’ll have work and you’ll have work and he just knows you two are gonna be so fucking busy
  • So he figures he can stretch the honeymoon out as long as possible so you two can relax and de-stress and just enjoy being married for a while without having to think about what’ll happen tomorrow
  • He would absolutely want to go explore a vineyard, he wouldn’t even care so much about the wine aspect he just wants to look at all of the trees and see how the wine is made
  • I feel like chim is the type to just casually have a childhood friend that lives in Italy and works at a vineyard and he gets all the behind the scenes shit
  • You two stay for a little part of the wine tasting but then you two sneak off to go run through the trees like lil kids bc no matter how old chim gets he’s still a child at heart
  • He’d still make it romantic though bc he’d have his friend set up a lil picnic at the top of a hill that looks over the entire vineyard and there are a ton of lil Italian desserts in the basket (his friend’s favorites bc chim just told him to put in the best desserts in the area)
  • So you two just sit on the blanket and cuddle up and try all of the sweets and you two end up staying there until the sun sets which makes it even cuter
  • At that point, you’re both sprawled out with v v full stomachs from eating so many desserts and chim’s got his head on your chest and you’re both just enjoying the breeze and watching the sunset and it’s one of those moments where neither of you need to talk
  • You just enjoy being near each other and chim’s half asleep bc he’s listening to your heartbeat and your fingers are combing through his hair and he’s trying to stay awake bc you two still have to go back to your lil rented house
  • You two go to city after city, trying all of the food and seeing how each city does something a lil different like there are different sauces different pastas different flavors just everything
  • Okay but cute ass chim would try his best to speak the limited Italian he knows (from his friend attempting to teach him over the phone) and he’d get so shy about it
  • Like you know when chim speaks English and he just gets that shy smile and it’s so fucking cuTE that is exactly what happens whenever he attempts to speak Italian
  • But all of the cashiers and people he speaks to just coo at how cute he is and tell you how lucky you are to have such a cutie pie as your husband, which of course only gets Jimin’s cheeks even redder
  • You two would s o have to go on a gondola ride like that would just be on Jimin’s wish list he’s seen so many couples do it and he’s like that sounds so romantic and cute I ne e D IT
  • So once he finds out how he can set it up, he’s racing to get it done asap bc for as long as chim could remember, he’s wanted to do it
  • He’s super happy when you two first get in like he’s nonstop smiling he’s laughing at everything you say his dimples are just making an appearance
  • He calms down after a bit and holds you super tight and looks at everything he passes by he’s just so fascinated by all of the lights and the buildings and it’s really endearing bc you can just se e how happy he is
  • But honestly let’s just be real here Jimin’s the real view bc sure you have a beautiful city all around you and it’s super fucking romantic but then you have Jimin with his jaw dropped a lil bit and his eyes are all wide and lit up and he’s in so much awe of everything
  • And then he smiles at you and gets all shy when he notices you were looking at him bc even though you two are literally married and have known each other forever, he stills gets the butterflies when you look at him
  • The entire honeymoon is just a mix of playfulness and romance and sweet lil moments that could easily be overlooked but actually mean the world to both of you and it’s just really cute

anonymous asked:

Don't apologize! It came out so amazingly detailed! You're doing great, my friend! *w* How about first kisses between any three characters of your choice and their s/o?

Oh my gosh, you are so awesome…thank you so much. 

Also, moment of truth…as everyone is about to realize, I am in love with who I lovingly refer to as the three psychopaths of KHR.  And yes, I do realize that I need help.

Hibari:  It was dominating and long - not as rough as you would have thought, however.  He had been using your lap as a pillow as he napped in the Reception Room.  You were reading a book with one hand, the other was petting stroking his head.  You only knew he had woken up when he grabbed your wrist.  You looked down at him to find him staring intently at your face.  “Hibari, is everything okay?”  You asked him.  He let go of your hand and reached up.  Propping himself up on one arm and pulling your head down with his other hand, he guided your lips to his.  While someone viewing the scene would never call it “intense,” you knew better.  He dominated the kiss from the start adjusted your head with his hand as he needed.  Just as suddenly, he let go of your neck and laid back down on your lip.  “Hibari?”  You asked softly, your face a fine shade of red, wondering what had come over him.  “Hn.“  As he shut his eyes and went back to sleep, you spent the rest of the time running the finger of your free hand over your lips as you smiled down at him.

Mukuro:  It was teasing and dirty.  You had been on a picnic with Mukuro in a secluded corner of the park.  You had ended up in a play wrestling competition with him and were now stuck under him.  As you looked up at him, you realized what a bad idea this was when you saw him staring down at you, smirking and eyeing your lips.  You knew what was coming and as he leaned down a little more you let your eyelids slide down.  You did not expect, however, for him to kiss your forehead.  Your eyes snapped open as he pulled back and grinned down at you.  Then he leaned close again, once more your eyes shut.  And this time he kissed the tip of your nose.  Sighing, you let him lean down to kiss you once more expecting it to be your cheek or some other place, not that that lessened your blush.  Of course this was the time Mukuro captured your bottom lip with both of his.  Gasping, your eyes shut as you enjoyed the sensation of him sucking and nibbling on your bottom lip.  The illusionist took this as an invitation, of course and your eyes flew back open as his tongue pushed over your lip.

Xanxus:  It was rough and demanding.  It had also come out of no where.  You and Xanxus had been seeing each other for a few weeks at this point and you had somehow managed to convince him to come to your place for dinner.  All the rest of the time, you had to go to the Varia Headquarters - mainly because the great and mighty Xanxus was a lazy jerk who didn’t want to do anything that he wasn’t absolutely necessary.  After bribing him with a very expensive bottle of wine though, you had managed to get him to agree to leaving his lair headquarters.  You had made an authentic Italian dinner - one that you had spent a lot of time learning how to make, and made sure to get the finest wine that you could fine (you weren’t allowed to serve the wine you had bribed him with - oh, no, Xanxus was going to have all of that one.)  As you were clearing the plates from the desert crepes you had served, your boyfriend followed you into the room.  “Oi, Trash.”  You turned around at the term of endearment only to be pushed back into the counter as Xanxus sloppily forced his lips on yours.  You stood frozen for a minute before kissing him back, both of you fighting for dominance with the kiss.  Xanxus won, obviously - since he’s a brute who kept doing things with his hands to your body which distracted you.  Deciding that you weren’t going to win, you wrapped your arms around his neck and let him lead. 

So I feel like all three of the guys would completely take their s/o by surprise with the first kiss.  While they’re not forcing themselves onto their s/o, it would definitely be their idea to kiss when it first happens  since they’re all jerks who are obsessed with control.