how is ur face like that

Headcanon that Keith has perfect skin naturally whereas Lance will break out if he misses even one day of his beauty regime

This is but one more thing to add to the List Of Things About Keith That Make Lance Grind His Teeth

“as long as i live, you will not harm him!”

this is mostly a testament as to why i shouldn’t draw whilst vaguely delirious at 1am (yes that background is MEANT to be atollon lmao) BUT -

i would love it if maul’s meeting with obi-wan was less ‘rar rar revenge time’ and more some sort of bizarre therapy session wherein obi-wan makes maul realise that he needs to make amends with ezra if he wants to move forward and have a chance at happiness. 

thus, maul leaves tatooine and makes a beeline for atollon - only to find that chopper base is under attack from the empire. maul cuts through the carnage to find ezra cornered by thrawn and a battalion of troopers (not pictured lmao) and - for, like, the first time ever - he acts unselfishly, taking on the battalion singlehandely so that ezra can escape alongside his crew. 

Six of Crows Crush Scale

How fucked are you cause of feelings six of crows edition

tag ur crush type ;)

in-fucking-denial-admit-it-you-like-her Kaz Brekker

in-denial-but-subcounciously-holding-out-hope Inej Ghafa

how-the-fuck-do-flirting-and-feelings-work Matthias Helvar

oh-shit-he’s-cute-what-do-i-do-oh-god-he’s-hot-help Wylan Van Eck

i-like-your-stupid-face Jesper Fahey

smooth-as-fucking-silk-flirt-game-on-point Nina Zenik

Some girl stopped me at goodwill today to lecture me about how I’m just an art hoe and I don’t need to shop here and I just zoomed in rly close to her face and was like “my net worth is 6 dollars, some half eaten bean dip, and a half dead cactus that I am willing to shove up ur ass”

emoji ranking of the cat face

this cat has a very shiny forehead…looks a bit like a plastic toy. also the eyes look deep but empty….4/10

very simple and cute!! i appreciate how its making the :3 face 10/10

microsoft why are ur lines always so thick…anyways i appreciate this cat! he looks old and wise…..althought can be silly at times with the blep. 7/10

nice colour scheme!! very simple, only like 3 colours (5 if u count black and white). although, it looks a bit dead inside. 6/10 for effort

this cat is probably the youngest of the group. she’s just trying to make it in the world and be positive, though it is hard with how rough the world is. however, she’s good at acting so u cant tell the difference between her real and fake smile. 4/10….shes sneaky

simple cat!! though he does have an oddly shaped head? is he okay? 2/10

i can see some detail was put into this cat…..but maybe too much detail. this is like the cat version of :) (passive aggressive smiley) 1/10 would not use

i appreciate and love any cat that is fat and looks like my cat. 10/10

this looks more like a lion cub than a regular pet cat…..0/10

this cat is very excited and happy!1!! very simple and cute. 9/10

this is like the cat version of that girl in your math class that you judge because she likes starbucks and wears makeup but ur forced to be partners with her one day and u learn she’s actually rlly cool and every friday night you hang out with her friends and go on rlly wild adventures and wake up on the ceiling fan in her great grandmother’s house. aka 10/10

very timid cat….she’s getting used to people but she usually scares them off with her wide eye stare :(……5/10 i like the colours

A VERY quick way I’ve seen abusers gain popularity on this site is making “witty” or “sassy” replies to people that is just plain ole’ abuse dressed up in funny gifs, passive-aggressive smiley faces, and reaction images.

How many times have you seen a post like this?

Person A: I was abused because I am asexual and I wish you wouldn’t joke something so hurtful.

Popular bigot: YiKES™ acephobia is not real lmfao plz go home crying 2 ur mom bc us Evil Gays © told u a mean thing on this blue Hellsite.

Let me be clear, this is abuse.

No matter how “funny” or tumblr-esque it maybe it’s still abuse.

its one in the morning and i cant sleep because i invented this lil fantasy world (you know how you make up stories when ur trying to get to sleep) where my book was published and had a fandom and i was like imagining ppl makin videos and doing in depth meta analyses of characters motivations and me doing book signings!!! and like people liking the book!!! and now im all pumped up and just. cant stop thinking about it like.

what a dream

Danny and Danielle riffing each other like dumb siblings tho
  • Danny: *rambling about space* and did u kno that Uranus has rings
  • Elle: YOUR anus has rings
  • Danny: That was dumb, ur dumb
  • Elle: Space is dumb
  • Danny: *GASP* HOW DARE U
  • Elle: fite me nerd
  • Elle: Good 'cause u ugly
  • Danny: that was uncalled for
  • Elle: your face is uncalled for
  • it kind of just goes downhill from there

youngjae message to Jackson <3

Jackson hyung who is so busy that its hard to see ur face
Seeing u make time even during ur busy schedule to take care of urself ur amazing
Ur the best
I always how should i say this i always diss u but its all a joke so dont keep it locked up inside i do it cuz i like u
It must be tiring but dont be too down and dont feel discouraged in front of us n always be bright and full of confidence fighting

how to tell the signs like u

& probability of them telling u

aries they get ??nervous?? around u and OMG they blush so much

72% chance

taurus they’ll laugh rly hard at ur jokes and will smile w their whole face, esp their eyes 

49.999% chance

gemini they won’t interrupt u when u speak, they’ll actually listen rly intently 

77% chance

cancer u won’t know bc they’re watching u from far away. lots of nervous laughter 

fuq no

leo they’ll direct attention to u instead of themselves :o

61.00001% chance

virgo they’re quieter and will smile at their hands when u speak… coy

20% chance max

libra soooo much body language always leaning on u and touching u 

90% chance

scorpio omg scorpios will deadass just like stare at u. looks at u rly hard when u speak

either a .01% or 110% with y’all

sagittarius they’ll make time for **u** which is rly rare and expect lots of adventures

92% chance

capricorn the way they’ll tilt their head a little and listen to ur voice like it’s a symphony

30% chance

aquarius they’ll ask u lots of questions about urself and txt u !a lot!

89% chance

pisces freaks out if u dnt txt back, expect lots of hugs :o) 

60% chance

anonymous asked:

hiii!! i ADORE how u draw ur head and faces!! would you ever consider doing a tutorial for it? it's okay if ur busy with other things! sorry to bother!!


Um, I really don’t know how to explain this but let me try:

i really don’t do that circle the head first and then draw the jaw thing because I’m really unstable with that so I just go with my feeling Hahha

though mostly for hamilton I draw different shapes to start, like this:

as for faces:

I really don’t have a distinct way to do anything I’m just lazy as FUCK and since most of the time I’m drawing irl people honestly just get their feature right.

This is what I care A LOT about when i draw real people:

I hope this helps ahhahaha tell me if you need anything else

how to fight
  • like rosa diaz: ok so here's the deal. i'm not gonna fight you. we cool okay? we cool. just- calm down, i may look mad at u but this is just my natural expression ok bro. let's just talk it out and- WHAT UP HERE'S MY FIST IN UR FACE
  • like amy santiago: *creates a clever distraction and takes u down in a single, effortless swing*
  • like gina linetti: *literally crashes into u with a gd truck*
How Haechan would kiss you

Originally posted by honeyxxxmoon

  • honestly
  • if we’re talking about your first kiss
  • it was one of the fastest kisses like
  • almost just a peck??
  • “it’s just that u looked cute ok don’t look at me like that i couldn’t help it”-donghyuck
  • he was red af and he was embarrassed ok but he would never confess that
  • ok but fast forward to after ur first kiss
  • he loves stealing kisses and then saying that he didn’t lmao
  • when he does kiss you i think he loves it the most when he cups ur face in his hands
  • or sometimes he just places his hands on your waist
  • lol honestly sometimes he doesn’t even place his hands anywhere bcs sometimes he gives out lazy kisses where he just leans over,gives you a kiss and goes back to scrolling on his phone
  • rlly he loves the look on ur face when ur surprised that he kissed you
  • “how does it feel to get kissed by an angel”-hae
  • “idk you tell me,since i can’t kiss myself”-you
  • “oH”-mark in the bg
  • “do you see this beauty that i can call mine :’)”-hae
  • ok but sometimes he does have these moments where he kisses u bcs he wants to know if u still love and appreciate him
  • at those times he holds u v close to him bcs he’s scared you’ll leave him and find someone better
  • pls cherish and spoil him in those moments
  • he’s honestly just a big baby ok he needs love
  • he could also randomly kiss u when he’s v happy
  • he also loves it when u kiss him bcs ur proud of him bcs it makes him feel ever more proud of himself
  • a fluff ball tbh

“Donghyuck..?Are you crying.?” you softly asked as you slowly approached him.He looked up and faced the other way when he saw it was you.

“No,I’m not.There was just something in my eye” he mumbled quickly as he quickly wiped away his tears.You sat down beside him and held his hands in yours.

“Donghyuck,look at me” you told him.He looked up and tried to hide everything with a smile.

“I’m okay,see?Everything’s fine” he tried acting cheerfully but he knew he couldn’t hide it from you.

You ran your hand through his hair.

“Just tell me what’s wrong,babe” you tried again.You didn’t want him to bottle it all up.

He sighed and laid his head down on your shoulder as he wrapped his arms around you.

“Y/N,why is the world so cruel sometimes?Why can’t I be loved for who I really am?” he asked softly.It felt like you were talking to a completely different person but it was still Lee Donghyuck you were talking to.

“Is this about the comments about your skin,Hyuck?” you continued the conversation going.It was nice to have conversations like these sometimes and to not have him roast you 24/7.

“Yeah,kinda..” he sighed.He never really felt like this but sometimes it was just too much.All he wants is to be loved.

“In the world,there will always be people who judge you,no matter what.But there are also always people who will love you,no matter what” you replied.

“I know you love me~” he grinned at you as he poked your side.You smiled as you knew that the happy Donghyuck was slowly coming back.

“Of course I do!” you exclaimed as he laughed and cupped your face in his hands.He smiled at you as he places his forehead on yours.

“Thanks for being there for me,I know I don’t say it a lot,but I’m glad that you’re here by my side” he mumbled right before he gave you one of the sweetest kisses you’ve ever had.

“Okay but did you hear that Mark is gonna get a bowl cut again?God,I can’t wait to take pics of it,I’ll have more blackmail on him then” he suddenly started telling you after he pulled away.

“Donghyuck,please” you sighed as he started showing you all kind of memey pictures of Mark.

But you were glad that the happy Donghyuck was back.

*Admin One*

tfw ur bfs bad habits are rubbing off on each other (PHRASING)

tfw the innuendos just won’t stop

tfw all ur bfs are taller than you and you can feel their glares boring into the back of your neck but you’ve learned to ignore it because that’s just how their faces look they genuinely can’t help it and you thank god that at least Yamaguchi doesn’t look at you like you’re a poorly trained but high-pedigree show dog with a nervous bladder at least not most of the time…

Tip of The Day

Colorism is not a Black movement. It is a darkskin movement. As lightskins, it’s not our place to add comments invalidating their oppression with things that we think also affect us because of colorism. Cuz we dont face colorism. Like at all. We’re the ones with the privilege. IF WE WERE TALKIN ABOUT RACISM THEN WE WOULD BE THE WHITE PPL IN THIS SCENARIO! So if you wanna go ahead and add that comment to a colorism post about how you face it too because you always felt like you weren’t black enough just understand that you sound like those white ppl who say they face racism because black people have more scholarships or that they couldnt get a job or accepted into college because of status quos and affirmative action. And just like i wanna beat they ass for inserting themselves in something they don’t belong to i wanna beat yo ass too. so next time you see a colorism post explaining the struggle of darkskin ppl and ur first reaction is “but what about me” sit yo lightskin ass down in several seats becky. cuz you actin like a becky trynna say that all lives matter bull shit when what they really mean is “i dont know what to do when im not the center of attention”. STOP SPEAKIN ON SHIT YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT!