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Argument for Season 2

Because I spent a couple of hours tossing and turning in bed, thinking about this.

The one thing about Yuri!!! On Ice that has been low-key bothering me is the fact we’re only following  Yuuri through to the Grand Prix Final. We all know there are other competitions after this – Nationals, Four Continents, World Championships. Yes, the Grand Prix is arguably the Biggest and Most Important and determines the trajectory of the rest of Yuuri’s season, but – this is not the end of the season for him, either. He’s still got other competitions to go through! 

Which leads me to this: 

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This is an engagement ring. We’ll get married when he wins gold.” 

The implication here is that Yuuri’s going to have to win gold at the Grand Prix Final for the wedding to happen – though let’s be real here, Victor wants to marry this boy no matter how well he does.


If it IS on the stipulation of when he wins gold, my prediction is that Yuuri doesn’t get gold during the Grand Prix Final. I think the actual winner will be Phichit – and that Yuuri will get second place, Yuri third. There’s also that line from way back in episode two, “Oh, and we can defer my coaching fee for now. I’ll bill you once you’ve won something.” 

Once you’ve won something. 

We’ll get married when he wins gold.

Sounds similar, doesn’t it? 

If Yuuri doesn’t win at the Grand Prix Final in episode 12, then he still has a chance to win other competitions – as the figure skating season won’t be over ‘til the World Championships in late March/early April. I’m pretty sure he and Victor are still gonna get married at some point no matter what (because let’s face it, their perfect for one another), but – if it’s really “when he wins gold,” there are still plenty of chances for Yuuri to do just that.

I don’t know if we’ll get a season two, but if we did, he’d win gold during Worlds. 

And then we’d get the motherfucking wedding. :D

Look at the proud parents repping their huge family.

Daichi: fuck Suga is so damn sexy what do I do *internal screaming* I’m not ready

Just look at how much of a disappointed mom Suga-mama is right now

and Dadchi is just sitting back like, hun pick your battles.

This episode was perfect in so many ways, but especially how much Dadchi and Sugamama showed up.

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okay, it’s time for everyone to sit the fuck down because I’m about to rant about something that’s been bothering me for weeks.

So, HAIKYUU!! IS NOT A QUEERBAITING SHOW! and let me tell you why. The whole definition or reasoning of queerbaiting, is the use of implied queer characters or relationships to boost a series popularity. In other words, the series only has these elements for benefit of the producer/author etc. Unfortunately we see this a lot in anime, especially the sports anime genre.

Free! is a PERFECT example of this. Instead of focusing on swimming (the sport the show is supposed to be based upon) they rely heavily on “shipping” and gay relationship elements between the characters for the success of their anime, which, yeah, Free! gained a lot of popularity and fans especially for this reason. Several other anime companies took notice and started using the gay ship formula for their anime, like Prince of Stride. BUT instead of actually having the balls to include queer relationships they only use it as a tool to lure the gay fetishizing (mostly female) fans.

Haikyuu never does this (and it never will). Sure, the haikyuu fandom boasts A LOT of queer ships but here’s the thing. THAT’S THE FANDOM. Unfortunately, i’ve noticed a lot of people in fandom communities having a big issue separating fanon from canon. That’s what problem is. The actual canon series has no instance (and quite honestly I invite anyone to prove otherwise) of queer “flirting” or gay relationship elements only to promptly play a “ no homo” card or “blushies” immediately after. Haikyuu!!’s focus is people playing volleyball and developing as a team as well as individuals, not fanservice flirting that’s all so common with queerbaiting.

Listen, just because you have gay ships does not mean it’s queerbaiting when the producers don’t make your ships canon. LEARN THAT FANON AND CANON ARE TWO DIFFERNT THINGS. For god’s sake if anything it just shows you’re acting entitled to your gay fetishizing headcanons. Stop it. I’ve had enough.

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So I decided to rewatch yoi and it really hit me how different Victor was from ep 1-3,where he was still trying to impress Yuuri with his Charming Persona,vs what we know now,this very pure,very lovable,very touchy-feely man. I love how that wall got smashed. I love that not only Yuuri goes through a fantastic personal journey,but Victor does too. I wanted so bad to see Victor vulnerable,but I realised that him as happy as he is now IS him being vulnerable to the world.

And the first time that Victor ever became that pure man was when Yuri showed him complete,pure fun and laughter and surprise. That reveal was put in the perfect spot,if it were earlier than we wouldn’t see the huge impact that Yuri has brought into Victor’s life. HE brought out that pure love. And stupid Victor came to the onsen putting on that Persona. He was actually insecure of this pure side of his,and anxious of showing his vulnerability to the world. Man I love this. 

RIGHT ANON?!? I totally get why the man was so intent on putting up that persona at first, poor thing. I guess he felt like he needed to in a way not only to protect himself but also because he wanted to impress Yuuri or whatever it was he was trying to do. And because we know he was pining for a while already, he was 100% def trying to seduce Yuuri like Yuuri seduced him lmao until he realized that his rather blunt way of doing things was just not going to work, because this Yuuri was far too shy without all that alcohol fueling him.

And I love that Victor realized this and just… shifted gears. He understood and changed his way of showing affection/attraction from something blatant to something Yuuri was far more comfortable with–and it worked. It worked because those gentle touches, those warm hugs, that emotional support were all things Yuuri craved. Victor realized that Yuuri wanted him for who he was, wanted him to just be there as himself, and that gave him the courage to show off a softer side to himself. He softened up in a way because he fell even deeper in love with Yuuri, because for once here’s a person who’s said in plain words to Victor that Victor is more than enough, just the way he is. There was no need for that playboy persona anymore. And it’s no wonder Yuuri fell in love with Victor–who always treated him with respect and made sure he knew that he was loved and never alone.

I wish I were more eloquent today but I just woke up lmao. Basically I’m crying forever, anon. I love this too. ;____;

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What is your favorite shipp? 😱 My favorite is captain swan!!! 😍😍😍🙈🙊🙉💙❤💙❤💙❤💙

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AW HELL YEAH THEY’RE SO CYUTE MY GOD;; They’re so perfect for each other and so selfless. I love how this show plays on selfless love even though it’s the most painful act ever ughh..

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I love these two as well, even though their relationship has gotten so messy. I hope they mend things very soon cause, I love them together ever since I laid eyes on them.

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these two….these two I….*happy sigh* I can’t stress enough how much I adore them? No matter the dark times, they’re always there for each other…THEY SHARE EACH HALF OF SNOW’S HEART FOR GOD’S SAKE WOW??? I wanna do that.

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…….okay huge spoiler alert so beware to anyone who hasn’t watched the show, yes Robin is dead but hell I’m still shipping these two Regina deserves love man….

‘Alt er ok’ like, that means so much? Things aren’t perfect, but, they’re not terrible. They’re okay, because, although they have a lot to work through, right now, they’re exactly where they need to be. They’re ok. It’s honest and realistic, and just so true to life.

This show is so important.


me: I have some much work to do


tbh I’m just so happy to watch an anime that is so wholesome, has healthy main relationship, the main couple gets together not just at the last episode, this show wasn’t queer-baiting me, the animation is so fluid (though can be a little unclean but I prefer movement over how perfect it looks anyway), lovely music and a same sex couple that isn’t hated by every character cause they’re gay or they must keep it secret. Most of all it isn’t just about them having sex in the series or the’top’ isn’t focusing themselves on the other one, it still greatly follows the skating, shows other characters stories, has good humour and focuses Yuri + Victor’s connection too <3

Bless this anime

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I love how we are so focus on Bonnie and Enzo's wedding lmao everyone is so negative and we are like "so if Enzo proposes by March on their anniversary we could get a early summer wedding or early fall, what type of wedding dress should Bonnie wear ball grown or mermaid cut dress, veil or tiara, who will be Enzo's best man Ric or Matt. The twins will make beautiful flower girls. will Damon ruin the wedding by showing up drunk and bitching about something until Caroline beats his ass."

OMG 😂😂 I want to frame this. Everything is perfect but the bit about Caroline is my fave. We all know that if anyone can put Damon in his place it’s his future sister in law. There is no way in hell she is letting anyone ruin her Bonenzo wedding, she has waited a long time for this. 

Lexember 6: Sex

I would assume that the Nevarran outlook on sex and sexuality is, at the same time, both more liberal and more conservative than the outlook in Orlais. This is, of course, going off of the very limited amount of information given to us within canon. But I would assume that the Nevarran outlook on sex is very open, but at the same time the culture expects you to keep it behind closed doors. So while the Nevarrans would look down upon the outward displays of affection and sexuality that the Orlesians show, there would be a lot more permissible within the proverbial bedroom in Nevarra than Orlais. I’m basing this off of how closed Cassandra and other Nevarrans seem to be, yet if you romance her, Cassandra turns out to be incredibly open and engaging when it comes to sex. She also shows absolutely no aversions to homosexuality, outside of remarking that she doesn’t like girls that way. While she’s most likely not a PERFECT representation of Nevarran culture, I doubt it would be likely that someone like her would at least be a small window into her culture. 

Contrast this with Orlais, where they seem to be more open about sex in public, but seem to be more reserved overall (though not by much). Homosexuality seems to be accepted in Orlais, although still viewed as somewhat taboo. Overall, the cultures would be quite similar, but it seems that public displays of affection would be considered rude, and perhaps uncomfortable, in Nevarra.

noun. masc. “sex,” “sexual intercourse,” “intercourse,” “lovemaking,” “sex act”

It should be noted that this noun often has its gender changed depending upon the person speaking, and who they are speaking about. For example, if a woman was speaking about herself she would use the noun fýlí whereas another person might use the neutral fýles if they either didn’t know the genders of the people they were speaking of, or if they were not speaking of people in general. However, in general, fýlo is a masculine noun, and is traditionally used in the masculine when a gender is not specified. 

noun. masc. “gender,” “sex,” “race,” “species,” “biological category”

It should be noted, that unlike English, sex and gender are not separate words. For example, whether you are talking about someone’s biological sex (e.g. gender assigned at birth), or their actual gender, you are going to use the word genos. It should also be noted that genos is also used to mean race, species, or specifically differentiate between biological categories. As far as Nevarran is concerned, arsénos (male) is just as much someone’s genos as anthrópines (human).

Só ení eo ándros - “He is a man.”

Só ení arsenikós - “He is male.”

Só ení eo arsénos - “He is a male.”

Tí ení ei gyní  - “She is a woman.”

Ti ení thílykís - “She is female.”

Ti ení ei thíly - “She is a female.”

Toí échí óchí genon - “They have no gender.”

Toi ení transgenikún - “They are transgender.”

‘I’ve never seen John be so impulsive’ ohhh boy, Johnnyyy. It’s nice to see that when it’s his friends who are personally in danger he gets all worried. John being provoked to show emotion is one of my favourite things.


“You know my name?” “I know lots of things.” Kayo you pure perfection itself and I love you. 


Go Johnnnnnnn. ‘Thankyou Eos.’ XD ‘Would you give up Thunderbird Five’ not a chance in hell nope no way that did it XDD

Dad: ‘the cable’s going to snap’ …. they did make a big deal of how strong the cable is in Eos/Skyhook … hope that was foreshadowing… so maybeeee…


ohhhh boyyyyyyyyyyy man this plot is amazing

hehehe am glad to see the exo-suit thing again. JOHNNNNN AAAAAAAAAAAA

AAAA, SPINNNING, god you look ridiculous, are you going to throw up in that space suit, AAAAAAAAAA

Scott’s little worried ‘Virgil. Alan…’ hgfdksaldjdfkslfjdksla


BOOOOOOM, thur she goeeessss. Man that was pretty awesome. FISTBUMP.

Overall: not that bad. I’ve been wanting John to have space friends for so long, but I wish I was more of a fan of Ridley? Give me more character development on her TAG, give me her family and backstory and children and have cute Uncle John moments or something to make it less weird and kind of awkward

Skam why are you being so perfect? I feel sad because I know no other show can ever compare to this.. Everything was just made so perfect on that last clip.. First Isak staying awake watching over Even making sure he is feeling warm and wrapped up.  Like just few hours ago Isak was scared that he might loose Even so after something like that it is hard to sleep. All you want to do is watch over that one you care so much and make sure they are safe and feeling comfortable.. I feel like crying already.. Then can we talk how much Isak has grown .. like he is 17.. and he is being so  responsible contacting Sonja making sure that Even’s parents know their son is okey.. and don’t even start with Sonja.. that girl is so strong.. she really must love and care for Even.. only thing she wants for him is that he is safe.. I just loved everything about that conversation between Isak and her.. Isak saying he understand how Sonja was feeling.. Sonja helping to Isak to help Even.. Even is lucky to have two person who loves him like that.. 

Also Henrik Holm is such a great actor.. you can see and feel how Even is struggling with depression..Like I could literally feel that weight he is feeling..trying to push Isak away.. I’m just thinking how many times Even had convince himself that it’s not going to work out between them.. I’m just thinking those two weeks they were not talking.. what things has been going on in Even’s head on those days.. Then the ending .. Isak is determined not to loose Even again.. he is doing everything so that it would work out.. like no one knows how the future will be.. but at least they are making them to be strong enough to handle it.. and i’m really crying now.. 

This show has been just everything.. I love how they gave us all that silence that is so important between two person.. talking and words aren’t always the only thing that delivers the message.. and when you have two great great actors with great great chemistry this is the results.. something magical that doesn’t always need words to makes us feel everything.. seriously I would just want to hug everyone that made this show possible.. they are genius.. I feel seriously so inspired after this.. also a bit sad that I could never make anythings as awesome.. 

How do you write stories about Skam? Like…this show says literally everything that needs to be said, what else can you even talk about. I was thinking that I wanted to write something but you know…it’s too perfect and too delicate for me to even elaborate a story. It’s complete. God I love this show so much.

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Askthetik Qs 5, 8, 25 please? P.S. Love your blog

5. What movie character would you choose to be your parent and why?

Ugh, this question is hard. There’s so many to choose from. I’d like to pick from a TV show instead if that’s okay? Lorelei Gilmore from the Gilmore Girls. She’s so much like my mom, not perfect, a difficult start to motherhood but she found her grit and pushed through. She loves her daughter more than anything and spent a lifetime putting her first.

8. Would you rather have clouds for feet or suns for hands?

Clouds for feet! How do you hug some one with hands that will melt them? Plus like gravity and stuff.

25. What are songs that make you want to become the sky?

Hyde’s “White Song” , Kate Walsh’s “Your song” The “Elephant Love Medley” from Moulin Rouge.

Jes: and thank you so much!


In this chapter book, Scarecrow rampages through a corn maze during Gotham’s Annual Harvest Festival; which is also hosting an after prom party for a local high school. Sounds like the perfect place for a Scarecrow to get revenge, considering his own prom went sour.

What I love about this book is how it turns the tables on Jonathan Crane. Instead of being mocked by his peers, the teenagers openly accept him and try to convince him to come join the dance. Sure, it was only clever ploy to coax Crane out from the corn stalks, but his reactions were real. I did not expect a children’s book to go this route, and the writing is really underappreciated. If you’re a fan of the animated series, you owe it to yourself to go out and buy the batman chapter books.

From: Scarecrows Nightmare Maze
More quotes: [X] [X]


Oh, don’t mind me, I’m just crying over character development

Concept: The Pines family learns that Bill is now trapped in a statue that’s stapled to a tree and they all show up in the forest, stand around him and make endless “hanging around” jokes and tree puns.

“Welp, we finally got that three-sided jerk to leaf us alone.”

“He used to be so focused on world domination, I’m glad he managed to BRANCH out!”

“Ha! Good one, pumpkin!”

“Isn’t this a ponderosa? Looks like he finally found a Pine willing to put up with him.”

“Personally I think all this is a little over-ELM-ing.”

"Can you think of any way he might get out of this, Grunkle Ford?”

“No, Dipper. Frankly, I’m stumped.”