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Top five Fruitshipping moments. Cause I want to see a good show don't tell relationship and we have plenty of moments to fill a large variety of these lists.

Oh god just 5??? Okay I got this be still my heart

5. Episode 2, Yuzu and Yuya’s action duel

Okay I know this is pretty early in the series and it can be seen as platonic, but you get so much character from this scene and grounds of a solid friendship between them. Like:

Yuzu’s getting shit because she was rude to Yuya like some of the fandom does to her lol but instead she just goes with it.

Like at this point of the story we now know both Yuya and Yuzu are entertainers, and now we get to see them doing what they love together and how they work off each other.

Not to mention this scene is funny as hell. Like wow it’s just showing us two cuties performing together (granted it’s not perfect because Yuya’s in funk atm) and I already fell for their dynamic at this point and its only ep 2. 

ALSO they fucking used Plain Plain (where this duel took place) in episode 141 to rip my god damn heart out and to show this duel had meaning and we should realize that we’re missing Yuzu.

4. Yuya is PISSED/cry baby (eps 50 + 51)

At this point in the show we’ve gotten a good basis on their relationship. Yuya and Yuzu are childhood friends with the same goal and they inspire each other to become stronger. Pretty standard and honestly nothing new.

And then they get separated.

Like I did NOT expected them to act the way they did when this happened (at least Yuya because when has a main protag ever cared that much for the female protag minus Anzu from season 0)

I am 98% sure that this is the first time Yuya has cried openly to people without his goggles AND ITS CAUSE OF YUZU. This boy has hidden his emotions about his dad, his bullying, and pendulum summoning but Yuzu’s apparent capture is what got Yuya to finally show his sadness and not cover them with jokes and his goggles.

Yuya as we know, when he’s not berserker, is a pacifist but he’s going out of character because he’s so mentally distraught and sad. Like the only person I would get like that for is my twin so to me this speaks volumes since Yuya values Yuzu’s well being over his own values.  

And then in Yugioh it’s a known thing that the female protags most times stay on the side line and cheer on the main protag AND THEYRE ACTUALLY ACKNOWLEDGING IT AND IT’S SUPER IMPORTANT TO YUYA. Like apparently Yuma’s says something similar to Kotori near the end of Zexal but I’m not there yet but like this is ep 50 compared to 140-something.

Looking back this is super important. Like when Zarc got revived he stated he was surprised/thrilled that there was more to Pendulum Summoning than he first thought (combining all the three methods w/ it) and the reason Yuya was able to do it was because of Yuzu. He was able to go beyond Zarc’s expectations and plans BECAUSE OF YUZU.

God when has a main protag screamed out a female protags name like that before in yugioh??? 

Yuzu is also a cry baby three episodes down the line.

3. Yuzu saves Yuya from Zarc

It speaks volumes when nearly all your friends (including your bff THE MAN Gonzengaka) can’t save from Satan, but the moment you say one sentence to you, you regain some control.

Like god, I love their relationship. Zarc and Ray are literally trying to destroy the other but these two can break through their previous lives soul’s to communicate with one another cause of how god damn much they mean to each other.

Listen if you go across DIMENSIONS to get save someone in Yugioh YOU KNOW your ship is real (Spiritshipping and Keyshipping being the other prime examples). But like in my fruitshipping video (which ya’ll should watch) this moment is when I used the lyrics ‘no distance can ever keep us apart’ because WOW dimensions AND demonic/angelic possessions isn’t enough sever the bond between these two.

Also my otp tag.

2. Yuya summons Odd-Eyes Raging Dragon

Lowkey this moment is up so high because Yuya’s just fucking amazing in this scene. Like Zarc’s influence is getting stronger but like LIST OF THINGS THAT HAVE CAUSED YUYA SO GO BERSERKER 

-Ep 39 with Zarc’s trigger words and Yuya didn’t even remember it

-Yuto’s memories of being attacked the Academia 

-Being electrocuted in the god damn brain

-Being in the same area as all four boys that causes a hole to open in the sky

-Creepy old guys touching Yuzu

Like one of these things is not like the other lol

Seriously though, the others are near close to psychological torture and PTSD but someone touching Yuzu inappropriately invokes the same amount of rage from Yuya. THATS A HUGE ASS COMPARISON. Also the scene was gorgeous god damn.

1. Yuzu inspires Yuya during Friendship Cup

Okay this moment…THIS is when Fruitshipping went from a casual ship to god damn otp for me.

So for the past couple eps, Yuya has been feeling like shit (ground facility, losing Jack, missing Yuzu), of course Yuzu doesn’t know some of bad shit that’s going on, but goddamit the citrus is going to show the tomato that she’s okay.

Like dueling for other people is nothing new to yugioh but holy SHIT

Of course Yuzu doesn’t know the cost of losing, but all she wants to do is make Yuya feel at ease (which the poor boy hasn’t felt in so long fuck)

Yuzu hasn’t spoken to Yuya this entire arc but she knows how he’s feeling right now. She knows Yuya. This just furthers the belief that they’ve known each other for so god damn long and are ‘irreplaceable’ to one another.

Look at how goddamn surprised he is. Like instead of worrying about herself, she’s worried about him?? Granted this might have to do with Yuya’s self worth issues And as the duel goes on, it’s not just her feelings she trying to convey to Yuya (hot-blooded and shivers). Instead of ‘oh look it’s your love-interest’s feelings’ she shows that everyone from back in Standard are also with Yuya.



Just…fuck me. 


I was slow to walk, you know… the doctors, even Father, they told Mother I would be fine in my own time. It would happen one day. But “one day” wasn’t fast enough for her. She couldn’t be the queen with the crippled, slow son. Not after Coriane gave the kingdom a prince like Cal, always smiling and talking and laughing and perfect. She had my nurse discarded, blamed her for my shortcomings, and took it upon herself to make me stand.

I don’t remember it, but she told me the story so many times. She thought it showed how much she loved me.

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Why do u love Richonne ? And as a black woman how do u feel about the way Michonne is written in the show and they way Rick is with her? I'm black too. By the way Lemonade is in my top5 Richonne's fanfiction. A masterpiece i hated and loved Rick. When i finished i was like " girl Richonne is fine, Richard didn't do that in the show ". Well done ! Gimple needs to take some advices form you. Excuse my english, I'm french.

Aww, thank you so much! 🖤And no need to apologize for your English, it’s perfect. 

Oh man, why do I love Richonne. For so many little reasons, but broadly speaking, because it’s a healthy, mature relationship that stemmed from a bond of friendship and trust and mutual respect. They went from almost enemies to bringing one another back from the brink of death – both figuratively and in some cases literally. And in those moments and their connection to Carl, they became this family inside the bigger family. They became intimate. And they’re just so well-written. No unnecessary drama, no badly executed tropes or stereotypes. Just two really beautiful people whose worlds were turned upside down, but they saw what they wanted and needed in one another, and they made a relationship out of it. Finally. I can’t believe this zombie show gave me one of the best onscreen relationships I’ve ever seen, but… here we are. It probably helps, though, that they aren’t the focus of the show. Just a really great byproduct of it. 

As for Michonne, I have to say that I’m pretty happy with the way she’s been portrayed. When she first showed up, I was so enamored by her mere existence. This dark-skinned woman with dreadlocks and a sword saving white ladies in the woods. I was in. Then she refused to talk to people, even when she had important shit to say, and it got on my nerves. But… I was still in because she wasn’t dead yet. And then Scott Gimple came along and shattered all of my fears about her any longer being just the angry black woman who refused to cooperate. In season 4, her relationships with Rick and Carl were fleshed out, and the reason behind the guard she had up became clearer as the season went along, pretty much at the same time that the Grimes boys had managed to knock it down. Finding out she was a mother and how she lost her first family and seeing her break down in After was all so heartbreaking but necessary. It all went a long way to showing her as an actual person. And the subsequent seasons, while not as heavily focused on her at all, did reinforce that. They gave her the full range of the human experience, from loss and anger and heartbreak to love and sex and fulfillment and happiness. So seeing her journey and watching her relationship with Rick blossom into what they have has just been so satisfying for me. That’s not to say it’s been perfect by any means, but when I look at the picture so far, I love what I see.

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So Daenerys has to be portrayed as this powerful, unyielding, fearless robot-like goddess. Nothing fazes her (for more than a moment at least). She gets her ass beaten but she's right back up intent on fighting on. The writers just can't have Daenerys show weakness, be afraid, resigned, tired, overwhelmed, want to run away like they did with Jon in season 6 huh? Of course they can't. How special snowflake of her.

They had Jon down in season 6 and another character had to build him up (a female character because the showrunners need to compensate for the years of having been labelled as misogynists). Is Daenerys so special they can’t have her go through the same? She’s too strong and perfect for that?

Jon selling out his people’s independence (on top of it not even giving them a heads-up first) just because he may personally like the girl is the worst case scenario in this whole thing. It makes him look 1000 x worse than Robb. A King should not act on his personal feelings. If he doesn’t have to do it (Daenerys being already willing to fight WWs) then doing it is unnecessary and purposeless. He’d betray the trust of his Lords for what? He already has her support. It’d happen for no reason.


I’m going to lump all three of these asks together because I assume they all came from the same person. 

The perimeters of your asks are just littered with these simplistic dichotomies, black and white is the only way you and some others seem to think in terms of. You can’t seem to understand or grasp the complex layers of human emotions. And while I’ll be the first one to complain about D&D’s struggle to show the emotional complexity within Dany, having Dany devastated and inconsolable at the lost of her dragon chid and still wanting to get revenge for his death is still well within her character. 

You can’t equate what Jon went through in season 5/6 with what Dany will presumable will go through in season 7. Jon was betrayed by men who called themselves his brother, by a boy he mentored and acted as a big brother too. Being betrayed by your own people and dying because of that betrayal is obviously life altering. Because the world as you knew it is no more. On the other hand being attacked by an in-human horde of ice zombies who go on to kill one of your children is life altering in a completely different way. Dany wasn’t betrayed by the WW, they did what any enemy does, kill the other side. 

Jon had to be rallied because he didn’t know which side was which anymore. He thought he was on the right side, but the people who were suppose to be on the same side as him betrayed him. Can you understand how that can mess with a person? And of course, that’s not even getting into the fact that he died and came back to life. 

I fully expect Dany to be absolutely devastated and shocked at the death of Viserion. I also expect her to need the love and support of her friends to help her get through this. But I would never expect her to be someone that would give up when attached by an enemy. It’s just not who she is. This isn’t just the show, this is in the books too. The difference is that in the books we can read her thoughts, and while she shows the world a strong and unflappable woman, we know that inside she is riddle with doubt, loneliness, sadness and pain. That’s something that the show has had a hard time in portraying. 

Regarding Jon’s actions, as I said before, I don’t know the events leading up to it, I don’t know what is happening at the time he supposedly makes that decision and I’ll reserve judgement until I see it. But as a king Jon does not need to consult the lords to make a decision that will save a great deal of Northern lives. If the North can’t see that then quite frankly they don’t deserve the protection Jon is brining North. It’s false to compare Jon with Robb, while Robb’s decision weakens the North greatly, by breaking promises and eventually alliances. Jon’s decision creates alliances and strengthens the ability of the North to fight the WW and increases their probability of survival exponentially. 

Also, quit it with the fucking misogynist bullshit, the only one here who is being a misogynist is you. It just eats at you that Jon needed Sansa, his sister,  to help him find a purpose after dying and being brought back to life. And it kills you that Jon needs Dany to help fight the WW. You want Jon to be able to do it all on his own but he can’t, and the fact that he can’t makes him weak in YOUR mind. And you can’t stand that Sansa and Dany are show, in your estimation, to be stronger. Your world view is so warped that men can’t be weak and women can’t be strong. 

Sorry to disappoint you but the she-bosses of Westeros don’t give a fuck about you think. 


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I really like how you qualified your 9s&10s as perfect "in their own way". I find so many reviewers/critics who rate/talk about the show/book/game/comic in the wrong way. They miss the point of the thing they are reviewing or unfairly compare it. Like comparing the art/technical work of LOGH to FMA:B and judging LOGH lower because it doesn't "match up". I appreciate that you can appreciate works for what they are first and how they compare second. Oh, and your blog is awesome. Keep it up!

Ahhh thank you! I’m glad you like it <3

It true, there’s no way to compare animes such both since they’re very different in many ways. And the gap opens up even more if we remember that one was animated from 1988 to 1997, meanwhile the other one from 2009 to 2010. That means we’re talking about twelve years since the last episode of LOGH was issued, that’s too much time!

But both animes are excellent in the things that they did, plus they used very well the “animation” and in a way that suited perfectly their stories.

With FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood you have a shonen, so a flowing animation when fights are carried out are necessary and FMAB has very good ones, visually they look great without too much sudden movements, and the plus is they are battles that use the intelligence most of the time. BONES knew perfectly how to do it.

While Legend of the Galactic Heroes the thing is quite different, we are talking about a war, a drama in space, where the main thing is the story, its characters and dilemmas, so you really don’t need a spectacular animation, but even with that, there are really exciting moments in he anime, especially in the debates that I particularly found incredible and the music is phenomenal.

I personally think that both animes are 10/10 material, complete in every way and if you haven’t seen them you are depriving yourself from two of the best exponents of the anime.

Thank you so much, have a nice day! <3 

Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood

i’m just really tired of all these angry posts about “characters shouldn’t be perfect blablabla don’t judge them, it is very ignorant / rude of you, how dare you etc”

Well, the point of the TV SHOW (if you have forgotten that this is a tv show) is a discussion, an ability to express your opinion, to learn some new things (if a show is really good) and so on. People have different points of view, personal experiences etc. Yes, we should always be kind™ , but we also have a right to express our views. (i live in Russia so i’m pretty sensitive about it) 

And if someone believes that Noora is whiny, Even & Sana are shady and Vilnus is gross -  well, that’s okay. You might be agree or disagree and that is also okay. Just PLEASE don’t attack anyone sounding like a trumpet on the peak of the moral high ground (credits to Lady Grantham)

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I think Iris×Eddie is WestThawne :)

Aha! The obvious of course, so no mesh of the names. Got it. :-)

I remembered the reference I always make for situations like this, where a show gives me a ship I like better than the end game, therefore I just can’t be happy with anything else. 

How I Met Your Mother. 

I just liked Robin and Barney SO MUCH. Honestly, I didn’t care what happened to Ted. My husband and I are this weird mix of being both like Marshall and Lily, and like Robin and Barney. So those were the couples I related with and wanted to see happy. The show then proceeded to have one of the most hated endings of all time. But if you stop watching after Robin and Barney’s wedding and when Ted meets the mother, it’s perfect. 

my biggest problem with the whole noorhelm relationship/storyline is not the fact that william is a pathetic, emotionally abusive creep who noora deserves someone 100x better than because, let’s be real, there are so many people out there like him in real life (especially within the straight teenage boy population) and i’m grateful to julie for showing us such a realistic character who reminds me way too much of my first boyfriend. no, my problem with this storyline is that julie apparently seems to be completely unaware of just how abusive and horrible her character dickhelm is. even the more emotionally mature characters in the show, such as sana (who in my opinion would be the perfect person to school noora on just how much of a dick dickhelm is) seem to not see just how poisonous the little weasel is and how awful he has been to noora. 

i saw someone compare what dickhelm has done to the bad things that the characters of isak, jonas and even have done and honestly, with the exception of even (who did kinda have a valid reason for what he did, even if that doesn’t excuse it) the difference is that what isak and jonas did and how they treated eva was actually shown in the show in a negative light. honestly, if i hadn’t seen season 3 before season one i would legit have thought both isak and jonas (especially isak) were complete dicks and probably hated them. but hey, i didn’t, i saw season 3 first and saw how both characters had already grown and continued to grow throughout the season into bigger and better people. dickhelm, on the other hand, has continued to deteriorate into an even bigger slimeball than he was in the first two seasons and refuses to learn from his mistakes, and there are people out there, including the people writing the show (julie!!!), who seem think that his behaviour is perfectly acceptable, who don’t see him as the manipulative abuser that he is and think that being on the receiving end of the kind of treatment he has shown noora since day one is okay, and actually even kind of romantic. 

it’s actually dangerous that there are young girls out there that think noorhelm’s relationship was healthy and cute. as someone who was manipulated at a young age by someone (who as i mentioned was scarily like dickhelm) and was pressured and manipulated into doing things she really didn’t want to, please julie, don’t finish this season without making noora realise everything he’s done and pointing out what a shitty person he is so that the viewers who think his behaviour is acceptable and romantic realise that it isn’t. 


Harry Styles + Cocky/Smug Moments


I suffer from depression and anxiety, and having a show and having a character that portrays a young woman who is dealing with that and the consequences of it — how it affects her friendships and her relationships with her mom and her sister — it’s beautiful to see that. Someone who’s seemingly so perfect on the outside is very much broken on the inside and trying to piece themselves back together.


There was a huge push from Asian-Americans to cast an Asian-American actor as Iron Fist, and it would have made this story more compelling for precisely the reasons you’re saying: The narrative of having an Asian-American going back to Asia after losing his parents as a metaphor for regaining power is a really great one. It feels like a missed opportunity.
It is a missed opportunity. That’s exactly how I feel about it, word for word. It would’ve been a brave thing to do, for sure, for Marvel. I can see how that was difficult to make that decision. I think, personally, it would’ve paid off. But I think it’ll come next because people are feeling underrepresented. People are like, “Yo, this was a perfect opportunity to represent us.” They chose not to, and it’s not even their fault. I see why they stuck to the source material because it’s very risky to move away from that, but they’ll move away from it in other areas and in other shows where they’ll take an Asian character and make him white. So you can’t really win with that argument. Because we’ve seen many times when they’ve taken Asian characters and made him white.

harry: i need to convince the world that i am a human and not an alien…therefore, i must mimic human emotion while on social media

harry’s brain: try saying something to show you are excited like “yay” or “exciting”

harry: what about how fun?

harry’s brain: yes that sounds great

@Harry_Styles: how fun!

harry’s brain: no that is too excited…they’ll be suspicious….

@Harry_Styles: how fun.

harry’s brain: that is perfect. incredibly natural. I’m so proud of you.

AU where instead of going to Samwell, Jack starts a widely successful Publicly Broadcast show for children.

Jack learns that he is great with kids after coaching them for a little over two years. Moreover, kids are good with Jack. There is no pressure to be anything other than who he is.

It all starts with a local news program doing a fluff piece on Jack Zimmermann’s coaching ability. But then it turned into something completely different when Jack skated onto camera and started to introduce every single one of his kids and what was special about them. He was…really enchanting actually. He didn’t ever really talk down to them. Jack just treated them as a tiny friend. 

They ARE his tiny friends, but that’s not the point. 

The footage they got of “snack time” was really the best. Imagine a good 16 kids piled around this massive man teaching them the best way to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. 

 It should have been obvious that a local channel would contact him. It still surprises Jack. They want him to host a show? Why? Everyone always teased him about how impersonable he was during interviews. Is it because he’s Jack Zimmermann’s son? Or Alicia’s? 

Jack asks all of these questions to his mother and she just laughs. “You made a PB&J interesting to 16 kids just by being you”

Jack figures it wouldn’t hurt to give it a shot. 

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I suffer from depression and anxiety, and having a show and having a character that portrays a young woman who is dealing with that and the consequences of it — how it affects her friendships and her relationships with her mom and her sister — it’s beautiful to see that. Someone who’s seemingly so perfect on the outside is very much broken on the inside and trying to piece themselves back together. That’s what Betty is doing in Season 1. She puts a lot of pressure on herself, and her mom puts a lot of pressure on her to be perfect, and it’s overwhelming for Betty. She definitely hits some breaking points. She’s just a young girl trying to navigate today’s world, and that’s hard. It’s hard for all of us.

You weren’t suppose to leave. I wasn’t suppose to be in the pain I am right now. We were suppose to be together doing everything we loved to do, like go on random trips to random places and eat all the food we loved. I’d be holding your hand as we drove, and sneak over the occasional kisses. We would have our amazing dates where we would dress up, as well as our staying in dates, where we would watch all your favorite shows and movies. Even though I didn’t like some, you know I would always do anything for you. We would have our late night conversations about the most random things like aliens and mermaids. Or about the universe and how we both believed we were soulmates. I’d be admiring the sleeping figure in my arms as your breathing evened out. I’d be observing you as you slept, and not to be creepy at all, but I would always do it any chance I got because dear God, you were so perfect and so unaware of it. I could have sworn you were the one. You brought so much happiness to my life and you made it complete. You encouraged me and believed in me when no one else did. But what happened? How did I end up in the corner of my room sobbing as you left and took my life with you? How did it end like this?
In Regards to Hate: On Victuuri

I don’t know what suddenly happened again but there’s a shitton of hate for Victuuri/Viktuuri(/etc) in the tags lately. People are welcome to feel however they want for a particular ship, but I just wanted to give my two cents by tackling the common complaints I’ve seen. I’ll start from the beginning so I’ll be addressing basically all the arguments against this ship I’ve seen so far. I’ve tried to maintain some sort of order for these, but honestly I just winged it at some point.  A lot of these arguments are also heavily character-based, so keep in mind that I’ll be deconstructing several scenes as well as character motivations as I go.  (As a note, this assumes you’ve seen the whole show. Also, I’m only using canon evidence from the show itself.)

This is like an informal follow-up to my super old post but also not really.

No I’m not avoiding work why would you say that.

WARNING: This is a massive post/wall of text. Grab popcorn.

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Can I just say that I just LOVE BD's character design? The balance between the design's likability and interesting characteristics is so perfect. Some people think that her design is a step down but I think it's a gigantic step up. Her sillouette is stronger, her facial complexion gives her more personality, the various sources of inspiration! One of the best in the show imo

i agree with what you said, and let me elaborate!

look at the diamonds we’ve met so far, and how their design says everything about their personalities

first look at the leading lines here. everything about bd’s design seems to be pulling her down, giving her overall posture a very droopy feeling. and what do you know- Blue diamond lives with the ever existing burden of grief, and she allows it to pull her down. literally. she doesnt have many straight lines, or corners for that matter.

in Yellow’s case- many corners. many straights. every time two lines meet it creates an angle. she’s super pointy. she doesnt seem very approachable… well, she isn’t. she’s harsh. and the design tells you that before she even speaks.

this is made super clear when u look at their silhouettes

and the most amazing thing? they have the exact same body type!

it’s the same proportions, but YD is slightly taller b\c heels+hair. (maybe BD is wearing heels too but i doubt it)

you just don’t notice it, because the people who designed them were professionals who clearly knew what they were doing.

me: I’m so happy that Ross is getting into a lot of projects, he deserves it my sweet little angel. I know he’s going to do gr8, can’t wait to see him in movies/ or tv shows
me also: Ross fucking Butler was made for fucking Reggie Mantle. When god was making him, he was like “ oh gotta make him the perfect fit for Reggie Mantle in future “ HES SO GOOD AT ACTING LIKE A COCKY JOCK, with hIS varsity jacKET & lil smIRK. how can he be rePLACED?? how dARe You leave hsjsansbd


Let us, once more, simply appreciate and admire the gift that is Colin O’Donoghue on Once Upon a Time. He brings so much to this character - his portrayal of Killian Jones so perfect and beautifully nuanced. The way you can feel how Killian feels simply by the look in his eyes. From exasperated acceptance, to determination, to shock and amazement. And don’t even get me started on the reunion/second proposal scene that could’ve had a gifset all to itself showcasing Colin’s ability to make you feel effortlessly (that smile/giggle moment tho!!). Like we are truly blessed to have this talented guy playing such an important character on this show. So truly blessed.