how is this show so perfect

I have no words for this last episode of season 1

Bless this anime, bless the creators - they outdid themselves in every fucking frame, every movement of every finger of every character. Everything, down to every line, every note, every tone, was perfect.

Every line Reigen uttered, was perfect. Every expression of his face, wave of a hand.

And oh my god, Mob and Teru in this scene killed me

Shou is really fucking good with his powers. The way he dealed with that old man really shows how skilled he in fact is.

Mob was so cute with Tsubomi. He is the purest. (okay, let’s be real here, he was cute the whole episode)

“To me, my brother is stronger than anyone else.” keep still my heart

Both the Telepathy and Body Improvement clubs looking after Mob, they are all so good *cries*

What a beautiful experience.

Yes, I do know what happened and I cannot advise you strongly enough, for your own health and safety, to stay the hell away from that person. You are free to do whatever you please, of course, but truly, just reading this filled me with some anxiety because I just want to wrap you in a safety net and keep you protected. That person did all these things and more to me of their own choice and while it is possible for people to change, I can attest to you that this person has not changed at all. I know this because of how they treated one of my friends. When I answer anons ((like these, for example: One and Two)) I’m not doing so because I read advice like that in a book, I write it straight from the heart because one single person made it their objective to try and bury me, even try to get me to kill myself. ((Which they say they “don’t remember” but then admitted to doing it on purpose when they were drunk so….)) You can see more behaviors here, too. 

There is a reason I cut that out of my life and it was, honestly, one of my best decisions. I’m so fucking happy now, I can’t even begin to explain all the positive changes that happened once I had that person well and truly out of my life. I don’t even get anxious thinking about it anymore and rarely even think about it at all unless I get an ask asking for advice on abuse or something. Toxic people are draining and I truly think you’ll be doing yourself a favor by not seeking that kind of person out.

You’re more than welcome to message me off anon and talk to me if you’d like! If you really want the info, I’ll give it to you! I wouldn’t withhold anything from you if it’s what you really want and I do believe people can change, I just know that this one hasn’t ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

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Hiii soooo could I have a story with jimin with 1&3 smut Thank you anyway for allll the other tories they are soooo goodd

1. “Is there a reason you’re here so late?”
3. Rainy nights

as part of the noonatrash drabble game

You knew there was no point in asking Jimin why he always showed up so late. It was almost like clockwork: it hit 11:47 at night and your doorbell would ring.

‘Are you heading to bed?’ he would ask with a smile, and you would nod a simple ‘yes’. That was always ever it.

Your voice sounded almost perfect against the backdrop of rain crashing down on your open windowsill. It was rhythmic. Your breathing, his breathing. The way your breath hitched in your throat when he pushed into you. How your fingernails clawed into his back, desperate to have him closer. How easily his name fell off your tongue.

Maybe you should’ve put up the window because the moisture was thick in the air, making you feel warmer than usual. Small beads of sweat lined your forehead. Your skin was sticky and you clung to him, almost as if he would go deeper this way. 

He knew whenever you were close to the edge - he knew you so well. How long had you two been like this anyway? You didn’t know. Couldn’t remember when it started. But you didn’t even have to tell him ‘slow down, it’s better this way’ when your breathing reached its shallowest. He watched you first, just for a moment, enjoying the way your chest rose and fell, admiring how it was him that did this to you. 

Your body felt heavy and light at the same time. He leaned towards you, nestled his head in the crook of your neck and kissed you on your collarbone. ‘Are you okay?’ he asked.

You gave a lazy nod and began to thread your fingers through his hair. ‘Mmhmm,’ you hummed. It took too much energy to speak.

He gave you another kiss on your collarbone before moving away. A rush of cool air flew by your chest and you propped yourself up on your elbows, letting your eyes be dragged to the partially open window. You frowned. The entire sill was soaked now.


“It was awesome. Bucky surprised me and then Tony and Steve showed up and Bucky gave me a new cook book with old recipes from his time. It was perfect. I’m going to learn how to make that brown Betty cause it was good so good. The food was great and he made it all…well Steve helped at the end but still it was great. Especially when he said those three magic words.” *He teases nudging Bucky.*

“Clean your plate.” *Bucky says teasing him as Sam nudges his arm again.*

“No the other ones.”

“Oh the I love you.”



“yes?” Camilla said. Juniper pulled her from her chair and got down on one knee. “oh my god…”

“Camilla Mason, I have loved you since I met you three years ago at my sister’s wedding. You are beautiful, talented, and the light of my life. You taught me how to see the world in a diffrent way and you showed me what real love is like- it’s not like the movies where everything is perfect and wonderful and glorious all the time, we had fights and there were days where we ust didn’t feel like doing anything but curling up on the sofa and crying, but we got through it all. I don’t think there is anyone else in the world that I could possibly ask this question, so I’m going to ask you now.” Juniper pulled the box from er jacket pocket, where it had been consealed all evening. 

“Camilla, will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?”

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2 and Sebastian

“it reminded me of you” you stood, slightly shocked but smiling, in his hand he held a ring, it was simple but it was so pretty, you giggled at his explanation as to why he had brought it, you knew he could be charming but he seemed so genuine about this.

“thank you Sebastian, its very nice of you to think of me whilst you were out” you pulled him down to your level and kissed him to show your thanks before hugging him.

“im glad you like it” he said as he put his arms around your waist.

“how does it remind you of me though, it looks awfully expensive” you laugh partially at yourself and partially at Sebastian’s scoff.

“it reminds me of you my dear because its beautiful like you” he paused to check you were listening “and its bright and perfect and small, just like you” you smiled put punched him playfully for the last point.

“you big dork, i love you too” you giggled at him as you slipped the ring on and grabbed his hand to lead him inside so you could both go carry on with your day off.

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Can u imagine George teaching u to play the piano or ukulele. And like being the 1 person he'll bounce music ideas off of? That would be nice :3

yes omg just imagine him asking what you think of a new song he’s working on and asking if you think it’s good enough. you always say yes, but he always wants things to be perfect, so he’ll ask your opinion of every little thing until he’s confident that you completely love it. and imagine asking him to teach you how to play piano. he’d have you sit on his lap so he can show you where to put your hands and he would be so patient with you, explaining things as many times as you needed. and once you had the basics down, he’d play the part of the song meant for one hand and you’d play the part for the other hand, or he’d write songs for you to play together.

shoutout to the survivors who are not forgiving, who do not believe that what happened to them was ‘for a reason’, who know they did not deserve it, who are angry at what happened to them, and who do not show the typical 'good victim’ trope. You all get so much shit from people about how you should act from your trauma because only 'good victims’ are deserving of empathy and support. You deserve so much more than that.

Concept: The Pines family learns that Bill is now trapped in a statue that’s stapled to a tree and they all show up in the forest, stand around him and make endless “hanging around” jokes and tree puns.

“Welp, we finally got that three-sided jerk to leaf us alone.”

“He used to be so focused on world domination, I’m glad he managed to BRANCH out!”

“Ha! Good one, pumpkin!”

“Isn’t this a ponderosa? Looks like he finally found a Pine willing to put up with him.”

“Personally I think all this is a little over-ELM-ing.”

"Can you think of any way he might get out of this, Grunkle Ford?”

“No, Dipper. Frankly, I’m stumped.”


Oh, don’t mind me, I’m just crying over character development


for stevetopsbuckysbottom | Bucky Barnes + personality types

Zayn ft. Big Payno

“There’s no version of your story where you aren’t a hero.” (x)