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how about Iroh x Happiness?

Let me tell you something. There are very few things in the world that I love more than Zutara and Harmony, but Iroh x Happiness is without a doubt one of them.

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Although I’m sure Iroh probably did his fair share of sins during his military campaigns back in the day, I can only see the man he was during the actual time line of the show.
So based on that….
I want Iroh to wake up every day and be able to do whatever brings him joy. Whether if that involves playing Pai Sho, challenging Boomi and Aang to bending matches, pestering kitchen staff over their lack of skill in the art of preparing tea, or attending political meetings with his nephew (aka his most precious adopted son) so he can advise but also make Zuko crack a smile or two.

I want Iroh to open his own tea shop–one in the Fire Nation and another branch in the Earth Kingdom because of nostalgia and pretty Earth Kingdom ladies.
I want Iroh to find love and companionship again in a woman if that is what he wishes.

By everything good and holy in the world, let Iroh swell with pride and joy every time he notices what a wonderful, incredible man and leader his nephew has become. To have Zuko in subtle and sometimes not so subtle ways show his uncle his deep respect, love and appreciation for him. All of that because it’d make Iroh so blissfully happy.

I desperately want Iroh to be able to dote on and enjoy his grandchildren; I think he’d be the most amazing grandfather, constantly taking care of the little ones, telling them stories and taking them on mini adventures; feeding them sweets before dinner time and teaching them how to play instruments and bending stances.
And of course, telling them of how ridiculously grumpy and sulky their dad used to be. Katara would laugh and play along adding her own testimony, while Zuko would sulk and pout.
Actually, I want Iroh to become everyone’s grandfather.
So have Iroh work closely to Zuko in reconstructing the Fire Nation and the New World. Have Iroh participate in the Fire Nation market and festivals, telling the young and impressionable tales of his travels and the lessons they should take from his stories. Have Iroh participate in debates, let him lecture in universities and give bending classes. Have Iroh teach children how to play pai sho and the Tsungi horn on Music Nights.
I think Iroh would enjoy feeling needed and busy again.

But most of all, let Iroh spend his days enjoying the company of his family.
Have Iroh arm wrestle with Toph while exchanging colorful advice.
Have Sokka take Iroh on wild hunts while they bounce off invention ideas off each other.
Have Iroh remind Aang he is still only human–and “still very much just a kid”–when Avatar duties get too heavy. Let them talk about their beliefs and tactics.
Please let Iroh spend peaceful evenings with his nephew full of laughter and long conversations.
Let Iroh change diapers and give baths to little water bender babies with their father’s golden eyes but with their mother’s temper. Let him get soaked from head to toe only to just create steam to his grandchildren’s delight.
Let him have tea and sweet breads with Katara every day at 3pm so they can both talk and relax from the day’s events.

As long as he is with those he considers family, he will be.

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Phichit’s Eyeliner

The eyeliner Phichit wore in Episode 10, wings and all, caught my attention and it’s just so amazing and better than anything I’ll ever be able to do

I believe this beautiful frame had the purpose of showing off his flawless eyeliner help me this is too beautiful

But just imagine this:

- Little Phichit sees a beauty magazine cover of a woman with flawless eyeliner and boy is he captivated

- Little Phichit asking his parents if he could have such flawless eyeliner too

- His mother puts on eyeliner with the little wings for him

- He’s just so excited and keeps looking at himself in the mirror

- He takes nearly two hundred pictures of himself on his dad’s phone and his parents are just sighing over how cute he is

- His dad never deletes the photos

- He refuses to remove it even when it’s time for bed

- Little Phichit upset because his parents refuse to let him wear eyeliner to school

- Fast forward a few years and Phichit, having watched so many eyeliner tutorials, steals his mother’s eyeliner and decides to try it for himself

- He pokes it into his eye by accident the first time and he got a little scared

But he never gives up on anything and he tries again a few hours later after nervously watching about a thousand more videos, this time with success

- Phichit tries out different ones to find a type that suits him, from plain black pencil eyeliners to glittery golden liquid ones, and he secretly loves sparkly ones the best

- Soon Phichit begins wearing eyeliner whenever he can, he thinks it makes him feel beautiful and that’s just beautiful

- Phichit don’t care about the haters, he knows they’re just jealous of how beautiful he looks

- Phichit decides to make an eyeliner youtube tutorial for his fans and it goes viral within the first day

- Beautiful supportive fans encourage him to make more tutorials and he does, showing his fans how he does his makeup and everyone goes crazy (come on don’t tell me you wouldn’t)

- Phichit’s beauty channel becomes one of the most popular and even other beauty gurus admire his skill

- Phichit teaches Guang Hong to put on eyeliner and they take so many selfies together (LOOK AT THEIR SELFIE IN EPISODE 10 BOTH OF THEM LOOK LIKE THEY HAVE EYELINER ON)

- He encourages any boys out there who like makeup to not be ashamed of wearing makeup in public and he’s just so inspirational

It’s just such a beautiful thought

BONUS: Phichit cringing at Georgi’s overly dramatic eyeshadow from the sidelines

DOUBLE BONUS: Phichit applying his own makeup before competitions to calm his nerves because he’s just that good at it

BTS reaction to their idol crush showing interest in them

Anonymous said: How would BTS react if an female Idol (they have a crush on) actually Shows her interest in them ?? ( + a Lot of other Male Idols have crushes on her and actually tried to Date her)

Ah, I’m so sorry it took me practically forever to get to this ;-;

I hope you still enjoy it though! c:

Rap Monster (Namjoon):

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Namjoon would be backstage with the rest of BTS at a music show, watching your performance in awe and amazement. As the music would echo through the venue, he would watch your powerful movements, his eyes fixated completely on you, wondering how you could pull off such difficult choreography and still look flawless in the process. The other boys would nudge each other, chuckling and giggling to themselves as they would glance over at Namjoon who would still be completely mesmerised by you. 

The truth would be, he would have had growing feelings for you for a few months now, falling for not only your good looks, but also your lively personality, the way you lit up the atmosphere of the room as soon as you walked in. The way you were always smiling and staying strong, even through difficult times. Plus it would be an added bonus that you were a natural beauty. “No wonder practically everyone has a crush on her,” he’d muse to himself, as you watched you take centre stage, capturing the attention of everyone there.

So, when your performance finally ended, the audience would roar up in applause, the lights on stage going out and so allowing you and your group to exit the stage. Namjoon would finally snap out his trance, vigorously clapping and bowing politely as you walked by. While the rest of your group smiled and thanked everyone before walking onward, you’d linger behind, looking directly at Namjoon as your lips curled up in a genuine smile. His heart would skip a beat, a curious expression forming on his face as he’d look around to ensure it was him you were looking at. You’d walk up to him, and before long, the two of you would be deep in conversation, to the complete surprise (and slight jealousy) of the other males idols around. Though Namjoon would act chill about the whole situation, his heart would feel like it was about to burst out his chest in joy, and so when you’d say your goodbyes and walk away, Namjoon would stand there, a grin etched on his face and the other members would pat him on the back and cheer for him. 

Jin (Seokjin):

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You would be part of a popular girl group under BigHit Entertainment, and although you would’ve just debuted only a few months ago, your powerful style and sheer talent would attract attention worldwide. Being under the same entertainment company as BTS, you would often bump into them; on your way to practice, on your way out, even when coming in to record.

Jin would notice how cheerful you always were, always greeting the staff enthusiastically, and always putting 100% into everything you did. He’d appreciate your hard-working nature, your strong work ethic inspiring him to work harder. He would admire your seemingly effortless beauty, from the way your smile seems to shine brighter than the sun, immediately lifting the atmosphere, and improving the mood of everyone around you. The way your hair would tumble down your shoulders, bouncing around as you walked along. The way your eyes would light up, a small sparkle dancing across your pupil when you danced or sang.

So, one day on his way into practice, he’d notice you humming along with your earphones in, your hair swinging around in a cute ponytail as you’d throw your bag down into a corner, sliding your jacket off your shoulders and you’d prep for a long day of practice. You’d quickly adjust your hair, only to look up and see Jin standing by the doorway, a small smile tugging at the corner of your lips and you’d beckon him to come in.

“What, me?” Jin’s facial expression would contort into one of both surprise and curiosity, as you’d beckon him to come into the room. He’d tilt his head to the side, a little like a puppy, which would cause you to giggle and stroll up to him, grabbing his hand and pulling him in. His heart would flip inside his chest, a smile forming on his face as you would endearingly grin up at him.

Suga (Yoongi):

Originally posted by pjkook

(A/N: I’m sorry if this part came out crap, my brain basically fell asleep ;-;)

You would be a solo artist, one of the most charismatic and successful female rappers in this present age. You’d never fail to get the audience hyped at your performances, lights flashing as you’d jump around the stage, the audience roaring and dancing along, as you (pretty much) spit fire from your vocal chords, rapping at seemingly the speed of light. Yoongi would admire you since your debut, clearly impressed by your rapping prowess. 

On the other hand, you would also be an avid fan of Yoongi himself before you debuted. You’d admire his amazing song-writing skills, always listening intently to the lyrics of every song of his and of Bangtan’s. You would look up to him, and so your own style of rapping would have a lot of elements of Yoongi’s style also, from his flow to even how he shut down haters.

During a music show one day, you’d be preparing for your performance, which would be straight after BTS’ performance, staring intently up at the screen while make-up artists would rush around the room, make-up products lying everywhere. During Yoongi’s verse, a grin would creep up onto your face as you’d admire his sheer talent, feeling your body moving along to the beat. When their performance would finally end, and you’d move backstage, mentally preparing yourself to perform. As BTS would walk past, you’d bite your lip anxiously, debating whether to say anything or not. 

“Ah, Yoongi sunbae?” You’d call out, causing him to stop in his tracks, looking over at you curiously. “I was wondering if you had any tips for me before I went on stage?” You’d ask, as you fiddled with your hands behind your back. 

“Uh, sure,” Yoongi would smile, pretending like his heart wasn’t soaring in his chest. He’d feel so happy that you came to him for advice, not Rap Monster, not J-Hope, but him. “So, what you want to do is…”

J-Hope (Hoseok):

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Hoseok would grin down at his phone, his eyes skimming over the text you had sent him.

You: Hey is this Hoseok?

Hoseok: Yeah who is this?

You: Ah this is (Y/N)? From (Y/G/N)? I was wondering if you could help me with some choreography, knowing how amazing you are at dancing haha

“Ah, what should I do? What do I do?” Hoseok would pace around the room, trying to work out what to text back to seem cool. “Namjoon, what should I say to her?”

“Just tell her, yes, you’d love to help, and arrange a time and place,” Namjoon would laugh, shaking his head with a smirk. “Clearly she admires you, calm down and stop freaking out Hobi.”

He’d take a deep breath, before sending;

Hoseok: Ofc, I’d love to help, when do you wanna meet? ^^

“Phew,” you’d sigh in relief, your heart doing somersaults when you’d realise that you were actually going to meet him, one on one. While you could use some help with your choreography, this was also partly an excuse to spend some time with him, as you would admittedly have had growing feelings for him since the time you first met him.

You: Is Friday good? At around 12 maybe?

He wanted to help you, so why were you feeling so nervous?

Hoseok: Yeah thats perfect, see you then ;)

“Do you think the winky face was too much?” Hoseok would dramatically press his hand against his forehead, a long sigh escaping his lips.

Namjoon would simply hit him playfully, assuring him that everything was going to be fine.


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Jimin would stand in front of the mirror, practising what he would say to you, how he would act. He’d push his hair back, smirking in an attempt to look suave, but this charade would only last a few seconds before he’d scrunch his eyes up in embarrassment, giggling at himself, shaking his head.

“Are you still freaking out?” Yoongi would smirk, leaning against the door frame, holding his fist to his mouth as he’d try to suppress his laughter. 

“Hyung!” Jimin would whine, still giggling as he’d push Yoongi out the bathroom, brushing his fringe out of his eyes. He’d sigh, anxiously looking down at his phone, anticipating a text from you.


You’d pace around your dorm room, nervously chewing on your lip as you’d glance around at all the clothes scattered around. “What should I wear, Lisa? Casual? Or should I dress up? Heels or flats?” You’d wave about five different items of clothing in your best idol friend, Lisa’s face, as she’d step back, laughing as she’d wave her hands. “Aren’t you the one who asked him out, (Y/N)? Why are you freaking out so much?” She’d laugh.

“Girl,” you’d put your hands on your hips, looking at Lisa with an expression of disbelief. “Have you seen Park Jimin? Ah, he’s so…” Your lips would curl up in a smile at the thought of him, causing Lisa to hit your shoulder, laughing.

(A/N: That last paragraph is low-key how I feel about Jimin ;-; He’s been wrecking my bias list recently, I’m so sorry Tae ;-;)

V (Taehyung):

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Taehyung would look around when you’d approach him, looking a little like a lost puppy. “Is… she talking to me?” He’d ask, his mouth stretched into an O-shape as he realised it really was him you were addressing, despite all the idols sitting at the tables.

While he would be flattered that you’d chose to talk to him, he’d be a little confused as to why him, and not all the other handsome male idols in the room that most girls would kill to even make exchange greetings with. After all, you were one of the most popular female idols in the present age, known not only for your stunning visuals, but also for your amazing voice. So why him?

Despite this, once you took a seat next to him, a pretty smile on your face, he’d relax, and the two of you would hit it off almost immediately, talking about everything and anything, the conversation flowing from topic to topic effortlessly. 

Truth is, you wouldn’t have given much thought about all the others who’d approached you before, trying to act suave as they’d attempt to talk to you. You’d simply politely greet them, turning them down gently so as to not come off as rude. But when you’d see Taehyung sitting there, a rectangular smile on his face as he interacted with everyone in the most enthusiastic way, you wouldn’t be able to help the grin that would creep onto your face, tilting your head slightly as you watched.

You’d exchange numbers, giving him a hug before you walked off again, leaving a blush creeping up on his face while his group members would all simultaneously cheer for him, as he’d press his hands to his flushed cheeks.


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Jungkook wouldn’t know what to do with himself when he’d see you walking towards him, especially as he’d glance around to see the slightly jealous expression on the faces of the other idols, who were also waiting backstage. He would have had growing feelings for you for a while now, but he wouldn’t know what to do, whether to approach you, or whether to just keep quiet about it, leaving his feelings to bottle up out of control.

You’d approach him, touching his shoulder as you’d greet him. He would open his mouth to say something, only to close his mouth again when he’d realise he had no idea what to say, or how to greet you. You’d giggle at his awkwardness, instead deciding to take lead of the conversation, talking about pretty much anything, from their comeback, to other idols you looked up to. He’d eventually begin to relax, a grin beginning to appear on his face as you’d talk. He’d finally join in with the conversation, laughing and chatting along. 

The other boys would glance over at him, some of them holding their hands to thier mouths, laughing yet surprised at the same time that Jeon Jungkook, out of all people, was actually holding a successful conversation with a girl for once without finding an excuse to run away.

“Wow, our Kookie has really grown up, huh?” The boys would comment in awe, as they stared at the two of you, deep in conversation.

only real YJ fans will remember this:

Remember how we spent like 85% of season 1 hating on miss martian and her weird schoolgirl crush on Conner and her stupid “Hello Megan” and her general bubbly teenage girl stereotype personality even going so far as to join a cheerleader team called the fucking bumblebees and remember we hated on her being called like a powerful telepath and we were like ‘oh great she’s a mary sue now’ and then the show pulled a fast one on us and gave us a backstory that was compelling and tragic AND gave us a completely plausible explanation for her weird idiosyncrasies and remember how after we all saw that episode we sat there completely dumbfounded with nothing better to say than “well fuck.”

remember that.

I’d never felt so played by a show like fuck the execution was flawless.

Anyway I’m watching YJ again and idk I like M’gann a lot more now

I love how in stranger things Mike has a crush on eleven, a bit of a strange awkward girl with a shaved head instead of the typical movie popular pretty girl with flawless skin and flowy hair. I remember being 12 years old and being so self conscious about my looks and thinking no boys would ever think of me as pretty. I’m glad that stranger things broke that stereotype showing that you don’t have to look any one particular way to be pretty.

Imagine distracting Sam from research

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Imagine: Distracting Sam from research. 

Word count: 309

A/N: I kind of tried to objectify Sam ;) Thanks to @imadeangirl-butimsamcurious for beta. I hope you guys like it. As always feedback is appreciated. ;)

You walked into your and Sam’s shared bedroom only to see your boyfriend lounging on the couch with his laptop still in his lap - probably doing some research - and still dressed in his Fed clothes, except the coat and tie. The white shirt he was wearing showed off his upper body just perfectly, his broad chest looking even broader, biceps egging to be freed from the white cotton shirt and the folded cuffs that gave you a splendid view of his impressive forearms. Your eyes moved towards his lower abdomen only to be mesmerized by how tightly the pants were surrounding his flawless thighs. You were practically drooling over Sam and then the realization hit you that he was all yours, so you started making your way towards him. Sam noticed you and after mumbling a barely audible, “Hi,” his attention was on the laptop again.

You sighed, thinking how indulged he was in his boring research, but you had your ways to distract him.

“Saaa-aaam,” you said in a sing-song voice, then started to pull the laptop away from him.

He let out a chuckle and raised his eyebrows in an inquisitive manner as you straddled his - now free from laptop - lap.

“You don’t give me your attention,” you pouted.

“Oh, Sweetheart, all my attention is yours.” Sam winked.

“Really?” You started tracing your pointer finger on his chest, making invisible patterns. “Let’s play then.”  

Just when the words were out of your mouth, Sam snaked his arms around your waist and stood up, his other hand guiding your legs to his waist.

You gasped at the sudden man-handling. “Someone was really into his research few moments ago.”

“And some beautiful woman just distracted him.” He gave a little tug to your earlobe and moved towards the bed.

This is a lot better than researching, you thought.

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This is jungkook’s natural skin 💗💗💗

No his skin isn’t flawless and perfectly smooth but you know what? This flaw just made him 10X more appealing to me because he’s keeping it real and that’s what I love about him.Jungkook is human just like all of us and seing this side of him makes me somehow want to spoil him . The guy is probably breaking out because he’s stressed and he’s been working so hard on this album. His imperfections just show how hardworking he is and I would like him to know that he exceeded all the expectations Army ever had. He grew up to be such an amazing man ❤❤❤

Looks™ by Even

lets start off with mr. hot and movie star even, just casually sitting there with his feet propped up on the table like nbd and don’t be fooled, he actually is this flawless 

imma just take a moment to now mention joint-tucked-behind-my-ear even, its crucial to show how extra even really is

and just for the aesthetic, imma add the oh so famous remake of the talk show host scene where even is a literal movie star figure and he just HAS to bring out the shades because he’s that guy

we got some lounging!even w his hood up, no shoes, chilling on the floor action going on. theres more hoodie up action coming up, stay tuned 

now this is just put in here because even is just so effortlessly beautiful but this is even tryna act cool and collected but secretly his heart is beating super fast

now for one of my personal favorites, the time where even got us ALL shook with his extra ass self, with the whole jean jacket shoulder thing going on. honestly, he’s too extra, why is he like dis


next we got wet hair and wet body and wet shirt and just WET even with his shoulders just there being all broad and hot and ugh wow what a look (shook)

hey we got another example of this hood up cute look by even. what a puppy. what a lil baby. isaks lil baby. so cute wow, PLUS he’s wearing our favorite shirt thats been passed around

now we got “hey we just had a magical day which included lots of great conversations and cuddling and i slept over but i snuck out in the morning and haven’t spoken to you in like 2 days but hey im back and imma fuck around and hook up with sonja in 2 days but i look good” look. honestly what even is that scarf

another personal favorite, frat boy, super chill and laid back even. honestly, ill be very offended if i don’t see this kind of guy in frat parties next year when im off at university. that is all.

ok now my heart is breaking at this one but here is “i just broke your heart and my own heart but im just going to watch over you by a distance and hope you’re out and sneak drawings into your locker and pocket and ill still love and wait for you and maybe purposely run into you in the shop” look

heres a lil sad puppy whose terribly in love and just wants to b loved and saved in return and is sorry for leaving but is also really horny and wants to fuck

and now we got even being the flawless being that he is and rocking the whole white shirt thing with isaks grey sweatpants. “mr. cooking in the kitchen the morning after. mr. i didn’t leave this time, im here, i love you. mr. I LOVE GABRIELLE. mr. say im the man of your dreams” look with his signature lil hair piece flopping on his forehead

self explanatory. we can’t forget even’s pale ass getting mAC DONAldSS

bringing back another personal fav: the look where even is terrified and super in love but he’s also really ill and just needs someone to save him and be there for him. protect this boy at all costs please

here we have cuddly and sleepy and ill even but not to worry! isak is there for him, saving him right back. how adorable is he

this look is actual proof that even bech naesheim is the literal sun and he’s very beautiful and deserves all the love and support from the world. isaks grey sweatpants are making a comeback!!! and also the reused hoodie

and to finish off with another one of my favorites, the happy!even look. so cute and happy and disgustingly in love with his lover and its the perfect look to finish off the season and hopefully that look was proof he’s season 4 main LMAO IM OUT

  • Sirius: Alright, alright, so hear me out.
  • Sirius: I'm out of prison now and I want to see Harry, right?
  • Remus: Yes.
  • Sirius: Just want to see how the lad has grown up into a man and all of that.
  • Remus: Completely understandable, yes.
  • Sirius: So how about I visit him-
  • Remus: Wait, what about-
  • Sirius: In secret, of course.
  • Remus: Oh, of course then, yes.
  • Sirius: And instead of sending him a letter first to explain to him who I am and what happened and why I'm not a mass murderer,
  • Remus: ...okay....?
  • Sirius: I show up in a dark alleyway as a large black dog and stare at him before mysteriously disappearing into the night.
  • Remus: ...What- no-
  • Sirius: Flawless plan.
  • Remus: Sirius, maybe you should just write the letter-
  • Sirius: And then I'll send him a gift at Hogwarts. An absurdly expensive gift that will probably raise a few red flags.
  • Remus: Sirius no, I really think-
  • Sirius: Nothing about this can possibly go wrong.
  • Remus: Sirius, I dON'T THINK-

I know I talk about this scene a lot. But I could talk about it for hours. 
It’s so emotional, but so well done.

You can see how guilty he feels
How he regrets killing his own brother even though he saved someone else’s life
He believes he’s a monster who deserves to be punished
He just wants Linda to believe and understand
Also his shaky voice that shows how hopeless and powerless he feels/is
And then Linda’s reaction after seeing his true form
The hope in his eyes
The little smile
And then the sadness

This scene is just flawless. The little details are incredible.


Steven Universe #7 - “Car Trouble”

Here’s my third guest comic for the Steven Universe comic from boomstudios!  I’m really happy with how this one turned out, it’s the first one to deviate from the setting of Steven’s room and the stormy pallet was fun to work with.  Also I’m happy that among my guest comics I’ve managed to give focus to just about everyone in the main cast.

I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about my watercolor process, so I took more WIP photos in an attempt to show how I layer my colors.  It varies from project to project, but for this comic I started with highlights since the light source was important in this comic.  Then I laid down the base shadows, then the base colors, then darker shadows, and then final touches.  In summary, it’s a series of washes applied in a specific order.  But this is just my system and is by no means a flawless or the only way to use watercolors!  It’s the method I’ve found works best for me in making watercolor comics.

i could literally write a novel about how insightful and great maggie is for her healthy communication skills in this latest episode but no words i can string together would do justice. just know, her non-verbal communication skills and verbal communication skills could win her girlfriend of the year. 

in a summary, maggie sawyer is flawless and communication skills are sexy as fuck. bye. 

Dear Stelena,

there is something I have been trying to tell you for some years now, so here it goes - none of this is your fault

I remember the good old days when your show was good. Tolerable. Watchable. Back when storylines made sense, when scenes moved me to tears, when I had to cover my face with a pillow because I could not handle how absolutely adorable you are, when writing was so good, inspiring and motivating it made me want to write too. After you left us, things started going downhill. I started scoffing at the storylines, plot holes multiplied in number, nothing made me wonder, nothing made me smile, nothing made me cry, and everything made me angry - until, finally, your show became too unbearable for me to watch, so I stopped. Which is when I realized, your show was never flawless, it was you who made it flawless.  

I remember the day I was finally pressured into watching your show - it was the day I fell in love with you. The show already had two seasons, but I knew nothing of your relationship, I was absolutely spoiler free. But I loved the way you felt, and moved, and looked, and smiled, and talked. I was told you are not a very popular ship, that you have some pretty heavy competition, and to this day I have zero idea why since none of your competitors are worthy enough to compete with you. It took me only 10 episodes to love you, and 14 to know I’m never going to stop loving you, and there were twice as many episodes that made me regret that decision - with you, I have learned what love is, but with you I have also learned what pain is, both good and bad kind. Despite it, I do not regret loving you, supporting you, standing up for you, because you were a ship that made me happy, and safe, and satisfied for as long as they allowed you.

I am not going to tell you how absolutely wonderful you are, because you already know that. I am not going to tell you have good you are, how right you are, or what a better choice you are - I already said that in numerous posts prior to this one, and it makes no sense to point it out anymore since it has become obvious that no one is listening. This is for your ears only. For years, I had to defend you against numerous attacks on various subjects, and I was more than glad to do so. People would describe you as safe, like it is a bad thing, and they would label you boring, cliche, they would say you are only meant to be remembered as a first love, and that your love story always felt more like a friendship. But I assure you, as someone who remembers every kiss, every hug, every word you said to each other, every look you shared, as someone who has your smiling faces embedded in their mind, I assure you were so much more than that. You were the future. You were always gentle, and kind, and challenging in all the right ways. There were so many bumps on your path, but that never made you bitter, or angry, or harmful. People would say that you are too real, too everyday, too real-life scenario, and that you do not belong in a fictional show. Relationship like yours should be everyday, and they should be real, and they should be a norm, but they happen so rarely. And that is why, even after you left us, I kept watching, hoping for your return.

You never did come back, and it took you a long time to actually and completely disappear from your show. I remember the day you left us. I knew it was going to happen, but I never knew it was going to happen in such an ugly way. I never knew that they are going to tear down everything that took them years to build. I never knew that they are going to replace you with something so ugly and rotten. How could have I? They didn’t only take you away, they took your characters away as well, and they kept taking them bit by bit until the only thing left of you to love was a memory. I keep calling it your show, because it was. You did not own it, it was not only about you, yet you fit into it so nicely that you made it yours, that every time I would hear its name, I would think of you. And now, when I see what a mess it is, I am kinda glad you are not a part of it anymore, yet I can’t help but wonder if they allowed you to stay, would it even ever turn into a mess it is?

So, here it goes - it was not your fault. They made you too perfect, too strong, so when they decided that they do not want you anymore, the only thing left for them to do was destroy you. Set you on fire and leave you to slowly burn. They made you to last forever. And in a way, you will, because they never really gave you a proper ending. You will always remain an unfinished sentence.

This is my way of saying goodbye. You deserve a soft epilogue, my loves, you have suffered enough. 

Sorry, Not Sorry, Tumblr! #BeautyAndTheBeast

For the next couple of weeks or so, you’re definitely gonna see my Tumblr be covered in Beauty and the Beast posts. I’m not kidding you, I’m living for one of my all time favorite Disney story’s again and the fact that the live action rendition of it was flawless just makes me feel so alive. I love how they brought justice to all of the characters and giving them actual backstories, not to mention showing both interracial love and lgbtq characters (Josh Gad + LeFou + Being Gay + Actual characteristics and empathy = FUCKING AMAZING). They even got Emma (Tea Reading to Tea Pot) Thompson, SIR IAN FUCKING MCKELLEN, and OBI WAN KENOBI (I know his name is Ewen McGregor but I couldn’t help myself lol) as Lumiere! Then you got Stanley Tucci as a brand new character that loves Madame Garderobe (Opera singing Audra McDonald), and even Kevin Kline as Maurice and the beautiful Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Plumette! PLUS, the fact that I need both Dan (Sexy Growling, gorgeous as a human being and beast-like-man singing one of my favorite songs!) Stevens and Luke (Hot D-Bag Beast Hurting, Glad karma got his ass) Evans in my life again! And of course how FLAWLESS EMMA WATSON WAS AS BELLE!!! HERMIONE GRANGER HAS ALWAYS BEEN AND IS BELLE!!!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️🌹

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The Outsiders Headcanons: Dallas dating a curvy girl

This was requested, hope you enjoy! X

- Dallas absolutely loVING to kiss your thighs, and leave lots of hickies on them.

- They are his favourite body part of yours.

- When he’s not kissing them he is always touching them in some way. When he drives he rests his hand gripping one of them gently.

- Dallas always reminding you of how hot he thinks you are. He never uses the words “beautiful” or “gorgeous” mainly because it’s just not in him for him to say that but you always know that he truly does think you’re absolutely flawless.

- Going to him when you feel insecure, knowing that he will make you feel better in no time.

- Dallas always wanting you to wear tight fitting clothing (mostly dresses) because he loves your curves and he loves showing you off when you two go out.

- He goes with you when you shop just so can come in the change rooms and tell you which he likes best and which show off your curves most.

- You were always a little insecure about your weight and you could never understand why someone like Dally would fall for you, but he could never understand how you could think of yourself in that way.

- Sometimes he gets a little angry with you when you put yourself down due to your appearance. He doesn’t mean to, it just upsets him that you don’t think of your physical appearance as highly as he does.

- He literally always. wants. sex. Just so can get a good look at your body, and show you how much he adores it.

- Constantly flirting and sexual references in every single conversation you two have cause he’s Dallas and he’s awful sometimes.

- He never fails to make you giggle when he starts at it.

- Despite how much you may dislike your body at times, it’s hard to feel that way around Dallas because he makes it almost impossible. As vulgar as he may be at times he truly means well.

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Modern!Credence Makeup Headcannons
  • Credence lives with Newt now and found himself his own squad (outside of Newt’s circle) when he’s adventuring outside of the suitcase
  • at least one of his new friends is crazy about makeup ~looks~ and it always takes him a minute or two to tear his eyes away from their makeup because it’s so flawless and he just?? Wishes that he could look that pretty
  • his friend notices and invites him for a makeover one day
  • they introduce him to things like! Winged eyeliner!! Highlighter!!! GliTtEr EyEsHaDoWs!!!! 
  • Credence has such a good time with them and doesn’t realize that he’s still wearing makeup and looking fly af when he comes back home
  • but before he has time to feel ashamed Queenie and Newt just!! Tells him how awesome he looks!!!
  • Queenie asks him to help with her makeup and show her how to get her wings as sharp as his
  • his friend totally agrees to help him find a daily makeup routine, and some quality products for him bc he only deserves the best
  • he loves makeup brushes so much, they’re so soft!! And they come in cool shapes and sizes and one of the drawers in his own shack in Newt’s case is completely full of those
  • Credence first starts with basic eyeliner, but once he’s comfortable, he makes his eyes more defined, then moves on to accentuating his amazing!cheekbones, then his lips
  • his favourite lip colours are either shy pink nudes or bright, popping colours that make people do double-takes as they pass by him
  • Newt, Queenie, Tina, and even Jacob!! let him give them makeovers to practice!!!
  • once he gains enough confidence with them he gives the rest of his squad makeovers!!!
  • his makeup friend is so proud!!! they take selfies together all the time!!!! they compliment each other and give each other urban decay and too-faced palettes for birthdays and holidays!!!!!
  • Credence loves to wear glitter and finds a healthy method of self-care that also makes him look fresh to death™!!!!!!!!!
MARVEL team Preferences. Nicknames !!

     A/N: Honestly, nickname preferences are my favourite to read because they are so darn cute, holy shit.


     Steve Rogers / Captain himself:

     Yours for him: Tough guy

Obviously you loved Steve in every aspect, but you believed that he was still overly serious at times. Calling him tough guy was a cute way of showing how you knew that he was strong mentally, emotionally and obviously physically (because goddamn). Also, not only that, but since he was ‘mr. tough guy’ on campus, you called him that in hopes he might lighten up a bit.

     His for you: Puddin’

Steve knows how sweet you can be, and how sweet you are. He sees you are something flawless and irreplaceable. Steve believes your voice is smooth and sugary, and he loves to hear it; even when you’re mad. You are someone he finds over appealing. So of course, being himself, pudding was what he found to be a suitable and cute nickname for a overall cute person. (and because he is cheesy at heart lmao)

     Bucky Barnes / Winter pop:

     Yours for him: Ass man

 “Oh my god Bucky, you’re an asshole.”

 “(Y/n), dolly, babe, sweetie, no. I’m not an asshole. I have a PHD; I am a certified ass man

You ended up laughing disturbingly loud.

     His for you: Baby face

You’re cute, and he wants you to remember it. While simultaneously mock you about it. Because you are even cuter when he teases you.

     Tony Stark / Tin can:

     Yours for him: Iron ass

After Sam’s comment of 

“On your suit, I noticed that your ass, is like, twice its actual size. Like, I’m sure you could break a coconut on that damn thing. Iron ass. I aspire to have that.”

you really couldn’t call him anything else.

     His for you: Cabbage Patch

“You’re so small! And adorable! And small! And have the features of a doll! AND SMALL


(A/n): ALRIGHT. I think these are pretty cute, holy damn

kiss you / remus lupin

Anonymous said: Hi ! I was wondering if you could maybe please write a Remus x Reader where the Reader is a Metamorphmagus and they’re best friend with Remus but they both love each other and at one point there’s a party and reader gets drunk and just pushes Remus up against the wall and makes out with him? Your writing is flawless, I love it. I hope you have a nice day !! :~)

y/n/h/c : your natural hair color

word count// 1,386

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i wrote this while having a headache so that shows how much i love you guys

Cold, brisk air nipped at your cheeks and nose, causing them to flush bright pink. You nuzzled your nose further into the plaid scarf around your neck and tried to maintain your focus on the Quidditch game before you. It was the most anticipated match of the season, the one for the house cup, and it was Gryffindor versus Slytherin. Hardly ever did you attend a Quidditch game, but with much persuasion on James and Sirius’ end, you found yourself in the stands between two of your closest friends. With the freezing air and screams coming from Sirius, you were more than ready to curl up in bed with a mug of hot chocolate and a really good novel.

When it came to you, nothing slipped past Remus. He saw the slight shake to your body when a particularly harsh gust of wind hit you and he didn’t hesitate to wrap both arms around you, trying to protect you from the cold as much as one boy possibly could. You hummed contentedly into his sweater at the impeccable heat that washed over you and Remus chuckled when you squeezed him tightly, refusing to let go. His nose nuzzled into your pastel blue hair that he swore had been y/n/h/c a few moments ago and held you just as tightly as you held him.

“Remind me to never come to a match again,” You grumbled into his sweater, finally feeling warm against him in the cold weather.

Remus chuckled and you smiled as his chest vibrated against your cheek. “Oh, come on love. It’s not that bad,” He hummed and stroked your back to keep you as warm as he could. 

“Says the guy whose a walking furnace,” You mumbled.

“M’not a walking furnace. You’re just always abnormally cold,” He teased and smiled into your hair. His fingertips danced along your back, tracing letters or shapes against the material of your sweatshirt and you hummed in content. He always drew on your back with his fingers and the subconscious act had spoiled you just slightly. 

“I am not,” You retorted and pulled your head from his chest, tilting your head back quite a bit to look him in the eye. 

“Alright, love,” Remus said and dropped his arms from around you. “We’ll see about that.”

“I guess we will, Lupin.” You turned away from him defiantly and crossed your arms across your chest. 

You heard him laughing and the sound almost made you grin, but you turned your body away from him to conceal it. The cold air whipped around you and caught your pastel blue hair, the locks fluttering from the harsh winds. Your gaze remained steady on the pitch full of bodies on broomsticks and the sound of the commentator mingled with screams from the stands filled your ears. As much as you wanted to submerse yourself into the game, you weren’t into it at all and you were focused on not shivering under your best friend’s watchful stare. 

However, it wasn’t very much longer until you felt his hands snake around your waist and pull your back to his chest. His hands encompassed your much smaller ones and he held you tightly. Pink cheeked and content, your tense muscles relaxed and you sunk into him further. Just as you had settled against Remus, roaring erupted in the stands and you lurched slightly in surprise.


“Fuck yeah, we won!” Sirius bellowed and earned himself a dirty look from Professor McGonagall. He rubbed the back of his neck and grinned slyly at her, waving a hand at her. “Sorry, Professor. Didn’t see you there.”

Rolling your eyes, giggling, you tipped your head to the side a bit to catch a glimpse of Remus behind you. “Can we go inside now?” 

Chortling, Remus released you and wrapped his pinky finger around yours. “Yes we can, love.”

A raging party commenced in the Gryffindor common room after the defeat of Slytherin. You were tipsy as you sipped on your third fire whiskey and swayed to the music from the armchair you sat in. The strong alcohol felt warm as it went down your throat and in a few seconds, you had tipped the cup back completely and downed the rest of the liquid. Just as soon as you’d set the empty cup aside, the song switched to another and Closer by The Chainsmokers filled the room. An audible squeal left your mouth and you shot off the armchair, stumbling rather clumsily to Remus who leaned against the wall opposite you. 

Remus’ hands shot out to your waist, steadying you when you tripped over the end of a rug. He smiled slightly as you giggled up at him and gazed at him with a child-like look to your face. “Easy, love,” He hummed and tucked a strand of hair behind your ear.

“Will you dance with me?” You asked innocently and blinked up at him with big y/e/c eyes that were one of his weakness. 

He smiled gently at you and shook his head. “You don’t want me to dance with you, Y/N. I’m horrid.”

“No!” You cried and pouted your lip cutely. “I want you to dance with me, please. Please, please, Remus.”

“Love, I dunno, I —”

You gripped one of his hands in yours and tugged him to the makeshift dance floor. Remus’ cheeks flushed pink when you placed his palms on your waist and your arms looped around his neck. He fumbled over his own two feet and you giggled drunkenly at him and the fact that you two were the only ones slow dancing to a fast paced song. The poor boy’s embarrassment grew larger when you attempted to twirl him like he was supposed to do to you, but he obliged for your sake. You found it extremely funny, the alcoholic beverage heightening every emotion by twenty, and laughed rambunctiously. Remus tucked his head further into your neck, hiding his bright red cheeks and shy smile from view. 

The fire whiskey had most definitely clouded your mind and urged you to pull back, looking Remus in the eye. The determination and pouted look on your face made him smile down at you in admiration. “I wanna kiss you,” You declared firmly, your words slurring together a bit.

His brown eyes widened and his cheeks warmed up once more. “You’re drunk, sweetheart,” He murmured softly, your bodies still swaying to the music.

Hiccuping, you frowned and blinked up at him in a confused manner. “I-I am not and I want to kiss you,” You repeated and your expression contorted to sadness shortly after. “You don’t want to kiss me?” You whimpered

“I do, sweetheart, I do,” Remus cooed and held your face between his hands. Your eyes were watery and he pecked your nose, knowing it always cheered you up. “No crying, alright?”

“Fine. If you won’t kiss me then I’ll kiss you!”

Remus scrunched his brows up, confused, but you pushed him against the wall behind him and kissed him. He hesitated for a moment until your fingers tangled in his hair and he held your face carefully, moving his lips tenderly to yours tainted with fire whiskey. He couldn’t remember how long he’d been waiting to kiss you and although you probably wouldn’t remember it, he didn’t even care because he was kissing you. Your giggles broke the kiss when Remus lifted you off the ground a few inches before placing you back down again, his smile lighting up the room full of drunken teenagers. 

“I told you I wanted to kiss you.” You giggled and twirled strands of his hair around your fingers.

Smiling gently, Remus ran his long digits along your cheeks and pecked your nose again. You laughed gleefully and the sound was music to his ears. “Alright, love. I think you’ve had enough partying for the night,” He declared before sweeping you into his arms.

Squeals left your mouth and you grabbed onto his shirt as he took the stairs to the boy’s dormitory two at a time. Sleepily, your head fell onto his chest and just before you slipped into sleep, you murmured three little words that made Remus’ heart quicken.

“I love you too, sweetheart.”