how is this shit even called

the fact that even after all that shit ppl STILL dont get why some of us are upset, ASTOUNDS me. it has nothing to do with the other boys or pitting them against each other or who is more ~popular or whatever else certain stans think, its about niall getting shown and recognized in his OWN DAMN FANDOM for the accomplishments hes had, not only over the course of his career in 1d but all during the break as well. 

we, as niall stans, have sat by for YEARS and let it go bc well, we pride ourselves in not taking shit so seriously and not being extra as fuck, but its 2016 and we are STILL seeing the same old shit day after day. its SO easy for someone else to say “oh lets not worry about the amount of attention each of the boys get lol” like thats literally NOT what its about? we dont care about twitter followers or the amount of articles written about him, its about the fact that we as fans have literally had to sit back and watch niall constantly get over looked and swept aside within this fandom bc for some goddamn reason, whatever he does is literally NOT enough to be consider an achievement. its never enough (haha no pun intended).

hes constantly dumbed down by everyone, besides his own stans, to be nothing more than a beer drinker who loves sports. like its 2016 for crying out loud, when will this stereotype of him end?

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How can u, a petrified piece of shit (white person) say that a person of colour isn't a person of colour. But I bet u won't even answer this because u want people to think ur a "good white person" loooool smh

You mean other than the person in question calls herself white and her husband calls her white? Yeah, I’m so mean for calling her white.


@mariuspontbambi (I’ll bet you all thought I was done making call out posts. HOW WRONG YOU WERE!!!!)

• Gave me a heart attack with the url change but that’s okay I forgive her
• The nicest human bean you will ever meet. I didn’t even know they made people this nice!
• So good. So pure. A delight
• Posts such quality stuff, from fan fiction to historical things to social justice things and I’m just constantly in awe
• Part of my posse
• Part of my heart!!!!!

“Actual communism has never been tried. We call it maoism, leninism, stalinism for a reason. Can’t you see?”

Karl Marx’s views were flawed and full of partially vague shit. “Real communism” has never existed, as in it’s an undetailed ideology that has to be individually interpreted to be sat in action. Even marxist-leninism led to immediate splits in the party. Morons couldn’t even agree on how the so called revolution would be initiated or how to lead it, hence you have the bolsheviks and mensheviks. No wonder they needed democratic centralism to get anything done.

Actual communism has been tried, and it has failed miserably every single time. 

The new yandere sim update added burying bodies, but to ward off police being able to have dogs sniff it out, (a very real possibility) you’re supposed to…. kill a kitten????? And… bury it above the body??? To fake them out…?? But honestly. That doesn’t make sense. With how shallow the hole is and just the fact that the dog would still be freaking out and is trained for this shit the police wouldn’t just not bother to keep digging. That’s called negligence. It’s completely nonsensical. And it’s not even ‘video game logic’ because YandereDev has stated, multiple times, that he wants this game to be realistic.
Also, animal cruelty is an entirely new level of taboo for me. It’s disgusting, and I’m just really disappointed. Even worse is that the whole comment section from the fans responding to the update is full of people patronizing and yelling at the people who are upset by literal unnecessary kitten slaughter, saying “oh so killing people is fine but when it’s kittens it’s horrible? Idiot” like?????? YES?????
Before I even get into my own personal beliefs I’ll stick to the facts. Humans are at a higher intelligence level than animals, they operate on conscious thinking, reasoning, and a system of morals to some degree, rather than animals who, for the most part, follow instinct. They don’t think about right or wrong, they’re guided by thousands of years worth of instinct embedded into their brains that directs them to operate under one motive: survival. Humans are the only species (that we know of, at least) at a level of sentience where they’re capable of knowing something is morally wrong, and actively choosing to do it anyway. An animal wouldn’t even understand why it was being killed, and the human killing it is preying upon that fact and taking advantage of it. On my own personal stance, I don’t believe what many are implying when they criticize the people upset by this little 'addition’, that the life of an animal is worth any less than the life of a human. No species was given any more importance than any other, regardless of any particular belief systems, I’m not even a religious person. While I’m at it, no, like many are being accused of, this isn’t some edgy 'because I hate all people euugggggghhhghghgh’ babbling, it’s acknowledging how sick it is to not just follow a gruesome and selfish agenda, but to prey on weaker, smaller creatures, incapable of even comprehending why their life is being ended for such repulsive and trivial purposes, in infancy no less. Forgive me for just divulging into my own anger about this for a moment, but how fucking entitled and arrogant must you be to think that you came into existence on this earth just the same as all other forms of life, but for no reason other than because you say so, your life holds more value? It’s repulsive to me. On top of all else, there’s no real reason for this to be added, considering the wood chipper is directly next to the plots to bury the bodies, which is simpler, faster, and easier. There’s no reason for it other than some petty and unnecessary attempt by YandereDev to remind us that yandere-chan is, in fact, a terrible human being, which we’ve already been reminded of time and time again. Yeah, definitely, the murder of fellow schoolchildren wasn’t enough to clue us in, buddy.
The moral stance isn’t even the bottom line here, because honestly, if you’re trying to draw a line in the sand for morals in a game about murdering schoolgirls you’re following a lost cause. It’s the fact that as a game developer, if YandereDev is considering the feelings and opinions of anyone other than himself, he’d understand that making a game TOO vile, and dark just for the sake of being dark, is going to make it impossible to enjoy for a large amount of people. Including people who could have previously been fans of his project. Having an antihero is one thing, wanting people not to misunderstand that you approve of the behaviors of the protagonist is as well, but going to such lengths just to add 'Edge’ to your game for no apparent reason other than because you seem to take some weird joy out of it? I’m just. Really disappointed in YandereDev right now to be honest. I thought pretty well of him for the time that I’ve been following this game’s development, despite occasional frustration with how he chooses to spend his time when working on the game, and how he’s rumored to treat some of his volunteers, I never thought less of him or really questioned what kind of person he might be before this, save for one particular incident involving the implementation of pushing a girl to suicide. Even that wasn’t enough to make me totally disgusted. It was realistic, it kept its desired ties to the workings of Japanese schools, and while it made me uncomfortable for personal reasons, I was able to just say “well, I just won’t be using that method then.” and move past it, just because if nothing else, it at least held the same realism YandereDev wanted the game to have, and he didn’t seem to make light of it either. Which is something I appreciated. I always thought that the reason he made some aspects of the game so vivid and gruesome was for the sake of assuring that players didn’t take any of this lightly, but a trivial and seemingly random addition like this has me thinking that, on the contrary, he just enjoys the violence, which is kind of disarming.
Again, a game’s purpose is for entertainment. Making it so morbid and dark that the player is just upset by its content will drive away a lot of people when you finally push the envelope too far. All in all, it’s left me disheartened, and just, all around saddened I guess. With how much excitement I had for such a long time because of just, the personal appeal of this trope to me, (a morbid interest of mine, it’s true. But believe me I don’t reach YanDev’s alleged level of vicarious enjoyment from acts of mindless cruelty. I’ve just always had an interest in the yandere trope, and when I thought this game was going to be a new wave, uniquely angled take on that trope as a whole, and not just 'Dumb Ways To Die: School Murder, Incomplete Edition’? I was really enthusiastic.)
And trust me, I know that making and programming a game is a tedious and time consuming project, especially an indie game that doesn’t have the funding or the team that others have, but if you’ve spent the amount of time I have watching YandereDev focus on Easter eggs, improving graphics, and adding new kills rather than crucial elements of the game STILL incomplete and leaving it that way for years, repeatedly pushing back his expected completion date and responding with absolute condescension and dismissiveness to those frustrated by it? You start to feel a little irritated. Now I’m just kind of iffy. I know I keep repeating it, but it’s for no reason other than emphasis: really disappointed. I should clarify, since it’s kind of unclear because of the frustration in this post: I’m not done with yandere simulator or YandereDev yet, I have some hope that maybe he’ll change his mind and try to change his act as well, but if things continue the way they are, sadly, I will probably be on a steady decline of interest.

All I want for Christmas...

…is for certain segments of the Supernatural fandom to learn what bullying and hate actually means, and the difference between healthy self esteem & rampant self-importance.  If you’re a bitch and someone is a bitch back, that’s not bullying and it’s not hate - it’s reciprocity.  If someone disagrees with you, they’re not being a bully, that’s called not being a mindless mimic of YOUR thoughts - welcome to the world of respecting other people’s autonomy so long as their autonomous choices do not negatively impact others’ lives & choices (example: shipping anything you like hurts no one, but sending copious amounts of social media messages harassing cast/crew/fellow fans about how your ship is so canon on a show with no actual romantic ships negatively impacts others’ lives because someone actually has to read at least some of that shit you’re shoveling - and that doesn’t even touch when you devolve into calling people ‘homophobic’, etc.).  If someone outsmarts you and has better arguments than you, that’s not being a bully, it’s just called being correct (or smarter than you or likely both).  If someone calls you out on your shitty behavior, that’s not them bullying you.  If someone says you did something inappropriate, that’s not being a bully.  Criticism is NOT bullying.  Criticism is NOT hate.  If you did something shitty and people shit on you for it…guess what?  You earned it.  You did something WRONG.  If someone tells you that you were wrong, that’s not bullying and that’s not hate. (Example: if you violate any reasonable person’s idea of appropriate behavior - like kissing someone who didn’t ask you to or give any indication of welcoming such - and your whole response is ‘sorry but I’m not sorry’, it’s not hate or bullying when people tell you it’s shitty).  Here’s a shocking fucking memo, you’re not always right, and other people SHOULD call you on your screw-ups/misbehavior.  If you can’t admit it when you’re wrong, whether in behavior or your ideas or how you expressed yourself, then you have a massive problem - either you’re a narcissist or you’re an insecure intellectual child who lacks the self esteem and education to be able to admit when you earned criticism or fair disagreement.  Self esteem is not just about thinking you’re the greatest thing since sliced bread - in fact, if you think that, you’re suffering under some serious delusions of grandeur.  Healthy self esteem comes with having the confidence to admit you’re wrong when it occurs, the strength to keep your convictions when you’re right, and the intelligence to know the difference.  You have to actually DO something worthy of esteem before you start esteeming yourself.  Otherwise, it’s just rampant self-importance.

Oh, and before someone yells “hypocrite” - read my blog.  I admit when I’m wrong, whether I erred in expressing myself or was simply mistaken on a point. I do so because I’m an adult who recognizes that sometimes I screw up and deserve to be corrected.  I may not be wrong as often as some of you would like (or would like to think), but it does happen.  

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Lol, u talk about how Low head and imature the swiftes are and how they are 12 years old! But here we have grown ups speculating a couples relationship as there own!! Going to other blogs and then coming back to the blog to talk mad shit how crazy and dum they are. It Isn't bad to have some dreams a times even though they are crazy!! Some of u guys are so ignorant that it is crazy!!! U here calling Taylor swift all kind of namnes, but when it comes to u, u are being bullied!

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(last anon btw) wait what the fuck is ace tumblr doing w/ the dove and what did they doing to Jewish people? this is why I stay out of the discourse holy shit


the dove makes me so angry!!!! its just. this one piece of shit made a dove icon ig to show how Kweer they are (or smthng about solidarity with ace ppl or w/e) and its eerily reminiscent of the nazi eagle

and jewish people have called them out on it and instead of taking it down or even apologizing they’ve proceeded to call lgbt jewish minors fascists and in general have conflated “the rise of acephobia to the rise of nationalism, fascism, and antisemitism” all while being reactionary antisemitic assholes who refuse to profess to their mistakes

so its just a mess

I hate how people are now scrambling for any excuse to come for Taylor’s aid. Yes, Kanye’s lyrics are often sexist and objectifying but that’s not the only issue here, the main issue in this beef is that this bitch consented and then lied because she knew she could get away with it. Why? Because the word of a black man has no chance against the word of a privileged white girl who has known how to play the media for years with her fake-ass, carefully rehearsed “girl empowerment” (that only applies for her and her skinny, white/passing friends) and she milked that shit for all it was worth.

Yes, the lyrics are slightly different but she clearly said that she had no idea, at all, about the song even though she did. No, she probably didn’t consent for that naked wax figure to be made but then again probably none of her exes, and Katy, consented for those songs to be written about them nor did Camilla Belle consent to be called a whore.

So yes, Kanye deserves to be called out. Hell, he always needs to be called out about something and he is constantly been called out, but stop using that as an excuse to defend/justify Taylor because she has had it coming for a long time. Kanye did well to have his back covered but let’s just take a moment to dwell on the fact that he, as a black man, needed to gather all the evidence he possibly could just to prove the world that he was saying the truth while Taylor, as a white woman, only had to say a few words to have the world at her feet, believing her and singing praises to a scheming liar.

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How are the boys handling pokemon go? robinses, batsys and supes alike, i bet diana has even popped onto the scene


“Yes, Mr. Wayne?”

Bruce rubbed at the bridge of his nose. “First of all,” he said, “if you’re trying to convince me you haven’t done anything wrong, don’t call me Mr. Wayne. Now I’m going to think you’re full of shit no matter what you say.”

Jason frowned. “I was trying to work the precocious angle.”

“The precocious angle only works on people you don’t know.”


“Jason, please explain to me why there’s a herd of millenials traipsing through my property.”

Jason looked over his shoulder. “Public outreach program,” he said, very convincing except for the part where it was bullshit.

Someone in the herd screeched. “There’s a Lapras by the duck pond!”

As one, they ran toward the unassuming water feature.

Bruce sighed. “Are you charging people to catch Pokemon in the backyard?”

“There are a lot of rares up here,” Jason said, having pivoted easily from denial to nonchalance. Straight from ‘why would I do that’ to 'why would I deny it’ without the slightest sign of whiplash.

“You know we live in a mansion, right?”

“No one would pay if we lived in a suburb,” Jason said, as if Bruce were the one being absurd with the observation.

“A mansion,” Bruce repeated. “Because I’m rich.”

“Yeah,” Jason shrugged, acknowledgment without understanding.

“If you need money, you can ask for it.”

“What would I need money for?” Jason asked, and Bruce sighed again, hands in his pockets.

“You don’t need to grift people,” Bruce said, spelling it out.

Jason frowned. “I don’t follow.”

“I’m a billionaire.”


“I gave you a credit card with a five-digit daily limit.”

“You did.”

“Parting fools from their money is unnecessary.”

“You lost me.”

Bruce rubbed the bridge of his nose again. “At least tell me you didn’t charge the little girl,” he said, gesturing toward a small child furiously running around the legs of adults as she tried to find something good.

Jason made a face. “No. It’s a sliding scale.”

“Do I want to know where the scale tops out?”

Jason pointed. “See the guy with the moustache-print fedora?”

“I would prefer to go back to simpler times when I had not.”

“I charged him fifty bucks.”

After a moment’s silence, Bruce nearly clapped a hand onto Jason’s shoulder. He stopped himself, hand in the air, never touching him. The intent was conveyed enough for Bruce to put his hands back in his pockets. Jason relaxed. “There’s all different kinds of justice,” Bruce said seriously, gaze distant. Jason nodded. “Have these people gone in the next ten minutes or I’m releasing the hounds.”

“You don’t have hounds,” Jason said as Bruce headed back toward the house.

“You don’t know that for sure,” Bruce called back without looking.

Jason’s brow furrowed, looking thoughtfully at nothing. “I’d know if he had hounds,” he said finally, to no one. “Right?”

My cousin shared some tweet about how black can't win because we were #blacklivesmatter last week and this week we into Pokemon

And it bugged me cuz I know for fact there are still a bunch of us out here still fighting even if we take time to play a game or get a break from all this shit. I called her out and was like we are allowed joy. We are allowed to find something to be happy about in the midst of the death. I mean we barely can enjoy the game since we’re all waiting for some black person to get abused by the cops for playing Pokemon Go. So really nah…there isn’t a break being taken.

we gotta stop doing that shit. Acting like finding a corner of happiness is some sin against the movement…..I’m not with the militant side of shit. I will fight but let me enjoy the small things in life while I still have one. Damn

Y’all Taylor Swift isn’t stupid. 

There’s no way that woman can put that much effort into her good girl image without knowing exactly how antiblackness benefits her. There’s no fucking way. Especially after being called out on it since 2009.

The reason why she’s silent on issues concerning Black people or even LGBT+ folks is because she’s not going to bite the hand that feeds her. Her fanbase is ugly lil whities with racist parents that don’t want them listening to gangster rap. No way in hell would she ever say some “polarizing” shit like Black Lives Matter, because as long as people believe that our lives don’t matter, she’s still cutting multimillion dollar paychecks for putting her anemic voice over shit produced by Black people.

She’s a conniving rat. Fuck her and Kim and Kanye. They’re all shit.

It’s a wild FlowerMark!!!!! Happy thing to draw while hanging around at my de-er’s. 

Also I did a speedpaint for this thing! It’s a small one, no actual sketching in the video since I’m still not good at controlling the time limit, and edited with primitive tools, and the thumbnail is shit, and the music doesn’t fit at all, but I use it anyway because I love Gen Hoshino so much. It’s weird the way you burn your first toast, but I did it so it’s gonna be here and ya’ll can’t say shit bout it. That was uncalled for. Sorry. 

Anyway here is that speedpaint: 

Shit abusive parents say

“You don’t want to be spoiled, do you?”

“I don’t want you getting any funny ideas.”

“That was years ago. Get over it.”

“You were a difficult child.”

“I’m only doing [extremely shitty thing that wasn’t even remotely necessary] because you made it necessary.”

“I did [things that I was legally and/or morally obliged to do as your parent] and THIS is how you repay me? How ungrateful!”

“I am the adult. I am your parent. I am in control.”

“You don’t call the shots here.”

“I could kick you out if I wanted to.”

“You’re the reason I don’t have a career.”

“Life isn’t fair.”

“You’re not going to survive in the real world with that attitude.”

“There’s no manual for parenting. How was I supposed to know [blatantly abusive thing that every pamphlet and advert says is a definite nono – also it’s literally illegal and everyone knows that] wasn’t the right thing to do?”

Feel free to add more :)

Lmao okay I’ve seen some posts and wtf how can the Twitter fandom call us thirsty when literally the fucking replies to 90% of Calvin’s tweets are fucking ‘fist my nostrils with your reptilian tail daddy please I want your scales in my ear holes’ like are you kidding me??? Seriously?????????? Are you really that fucking brain dead because you should really see a doctor about that.

And I highly fucking doubt Calvin even gives a single shit about what we post, we’re just trying to have fun within our own community of people that like the same fucking thing there’s no need to be so salty yOU’LL FUCKING HAVE A HEART ATTACK WITH ALL THAT SALT. I’m just lookin out for ur health honeys.

Replying to jaded geriatric fucks saying shit like “how about instead of pokemon GO you open up an app called job GO and find one of them” with how many jobs you have or how much you work and still play pokemon GO is horseshit. Fuck you.

How about you instead don’t throw unemployed (and often disabled or mentally ill) people under the bus and maybe mention how bullshit hard it is to find a job these days and that unemployed people are *gasp* actually fucking allowed to enjoy things too and don’t have to be job searching 24 hours a fucking day, or even the fact that many people are simply unable to work but are able to get out for a little each day to do something they enjoy and they should 100% not be shamed for that. Literally anything other than your fucking masturbatory  “Excuse me but i fit in the ableist, fascist, capitalist idea of a useful, profitable human being and I still play pokemon” reply.

Prisoner - Part II [Nate Maloley imagine]


*Nates POV*

I got to my place, completely out of my mind, I don’t really know how I made it there, but I made it. “Y/N” I called her, no response, “Y/N” I called her again a little louder, still no answer. I walked to our shared room, hoping she was asleep, but I’ve found a paper on my pillow. I took it and read it. Shit. I fucked it up, I was drunk, but sober enough to understand I fucked a while ago when I was even more fucked and that she was gone.

I couldn’t let her go, she was my everything, I started thinking where could have she gone, I grabbed my phone and called Y/BF/N, she must be there, she’s always there when we argue. “Hi?” a sleepy voice answered, it was her, “Y/N, babe, please come home, we need to talk” I begged her “Skate?” “Indeed” she hung up, she was not going to get rid of me that easily, so I grabbed my car keys and headed to Y/BF/Ns place.

*Y/Ns POV*

I was trying to sleep, when Y/BF/Ns phone rung. As I didn’t want to wake her up, I answered. It was Skate. He wanted to talk, I didn’t want to but I would let him speak, even tho I probably won’t forgive him, I got a hoodie and waited for him outside. I sat on the front door when I saw his car getting to the driveway. “Fuck.” I thought to myself. Skate ran to me and got me in his arms, I didn’t hug him back. “Babe…” “Talk, I don’t have nothing to say” “Why?” “Why, what?” “Why you leaving?” “You know why? Because I don’t belong to your lifestyle, I don’t belong to this clubbing thing, this weed and alcohol thing, I mean nothing to you, Nathan, I always thought I did, and I didn’t want to see reality, I was fucking blind, until tonight you showed me how many fucks you gave about me. I’m done” “Babe, I didn’t mean to” “Old same excuse, bye Nathan” I turned around and opened the door. Nate grabbed the handle and closed the door “You’re not going nowhere until you’re mine again” “So we’ll stay here forever then”

We both heard the door opening, we turned to see Y/BF/N trying to understand what was going on. “Guys, come in and talk inside” Skate entered and I followed him. “Try not to break everything and wake all the neighbours up, thanks.” Y/BF/N told us and walked to her room. I sat on the couch and Skate sat next to me. “Ma, what do I have to do to show you that you are my fucking everything and I need you more than you can imagine?” “Nothing Nathan, I can’t trust you anymore” Skate took my face in his hands and turn it to face him. “Look into my eyes.” now my eyes were staring deeply into his “I. Love. You.” His eyes showed he truly meant it, but there was something inside me that told me not to trust him. I stood up “What?” Skate asked “Nate, I think we need to take a break, get things clear, you know?” “I don’t need to get anything clear, I know what I want and it’s you by my side” “Don’t make me this even harder and go, please” “If I leave now, tomorrow I’ll be back” “Nathan, please, I’m begging you” “I’m not giving up until you’re mine again, you get it?” I nodded and opened him the door. He kissed my cheek, whispered an “I love you” and walked to his car. I closed the door and went back to my room. I put changed again and got into bed. My phone vibrated, a new message, it was Nate “I love you forever, never forget it. Sweet dreams, lil ma. ”