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My Immortal: Hinata Shouyou Version
My Immortal: Hinata Shouyou Version


 Hi my name is Hinata Sunshine Little Crow Giant and I have fluffy sunshine orange hair (that’s how I got my name) with ginger streaks and sweat dripping tips because i volleyball so much that reaches my mid-back and radiant yellow eyes like sunshine tears and a lot of people tell me I sound like Ayumu Murase (AN: if u don’t know who that is get da hell out of here!). I’m not related to the Little Giant but I wish I was because he’s a major fucking hottie. I’m a middle blocker but my height is super short and I suck at blocking. I have pale white skin. I’m also gonna be an ace, and I go to a high school called Karasuno in Japan where I’m in the first year (I’m sixteen). I’m a middle blocker (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly black. I love volleyball uniforms and I wear all my clothes with them. For example today I was wearing a black and orange volleyball shirt with matching sweatshirt below it and black and orange volleyball shorts, white trainers and white socks. I was wearing black wing eyeliner (because I’m a crow!). I was walking outside Karasuno. It was snowing and raining so there was no sun, which I was very unhappy about. Oikawa stared at me. I put up my middle finger at him

“Hey Hinata!” shouted a voice. I looked up. It was…. Kageyama Tobio!

“What’s up Kageyama?” I asked.

“Nothing.” he said shyly.

But then, I heard my team call me and I had to go away.

Uh, this is my first ever story. Please tell me if it’s good. p.s. thanks to Applepi5 for editing my story. And stupid shiratorizawa stop flaming my story!

things that I think get overlooked a lot about Bitty’s friend group:  

Farmer is Bitty’s pledge daughter-in-law. Which to me means they probably have each other’s numbers and text about topics related and unrelated to Chris. (and ok, Farmer in my book is a wiz in the kitchen so this is how they BOND but that’s just me)

Farmer dropping by to Lardo’s room at odd intervals because the volleyball team has too much drama but the hockey boys are too loud (and yes Lardo lives in the haus too but the sanctity of her room is respected for the most part) and them painting nails or binge watching Crazy-Ex Girlfriend or making plans to go on trips they’ll probably never find time for and Farmer always letting Lardo complain about people first because Farmer’s the one who decided to mooch off her room 

Lardo and Nursey getting close because of weed and Shitty (but what if they hung out the summer before Year 2 and they were tight by the first week of school and what if “chill” used to grate on Lardo until she got to know him better and learned that chill means a lot of diff things) 

ok you can say it’s “Bitty’s” or it’s “Jack’s” but it’s really Shitty’s. Shitty who became attached at the hip to the “coke addict douchebag”. Shitty who ngl probably crushed way too hard on the manager and made it a point to always remind people that she was just as much a part of the team as everyone else (dibs anyone?). Shitty came up with Ransom and Holster’s nicknames for fuck’s sake. Shitty was originally supposed to be Bitty’s best friend (although that shifted a bit I think we should never undervalue their friendship and how important it is esp during Year 1).  (And yea I guess if you want to apply it to the Frogs, he was already friends with Nursey, he and Dex has this weird argument relationship, and he really respects Chowder/there should be more moments like “the motherfuck between the poles”)

Tango being C’s pledge son (see this) you can’t convince me otherwise 

Chris trying to get the tadpoles acclimated to the team because he remembers what it’s like to be the new guy. 

Jack’s relationship with each Frog. Like c’mon: I think he empathizes a fuck ton with the aloof chill of Nursey. Sign me up for 3k about them getting each other but not getting each other and miscommunications that lead to them seeing a lot of themselves in the other person. Give me Nursey and Jack bonding about their successful parents and what that MEANS for them. Jack not just giving Chris his dibs because he earned it the most out of any player. Because he wanted the guy who was the heart of the team to always know he had a home on the east coast. Jack and Dex (although tbh go read my deximbits stuff for more of this) being soft grumpy dads who enjoy books, hockey, and have a soft spot for alt rock. 

Chris’s ability to take care of other people. He’s super fucking dependable and has more emotional intelligence than all of them put together sometimes I swear. Also he helps Dex with his homework and we definitely don’t talk about that enough. 

Ransom and Holster being Bitty’s pledge dads. The way you can see that carry over in the Tweets but especially in Ransom and Bitty’s bffls dynamic. The way Bitty is lowkey telling Holster to back off of yelling at Ransom before Ransom tells him himself. 

Which leads me to Tango is Bitty’s grandson and now I need to sit on this more for a later date 

And now for a list of friendships that I sorrowfully need more content for: 

Dex and Farmer

Nursey and Whiskey 

Holster and Chowder 

Foxtrot and anyone tbh (but defs more Tango) 

Bitty with Ollie and Wicks 

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I know that blushy and prinzess like kageyama is a rather- ugh glitterly interpretation of the fandome but... i think it is also wrong to asume that all the kid things about is volleyball and jello, and that the he has rather no feelings. I don't think that kageyama is less anxious or emitional than tsukishima or oikawa, he just shows it in a other way or has a differend kind of braking point? He is still haunted from the middelscool game. But.. well this could also be me missinpreting him...

Also i dont get why it is necessary to make him extra blushy and girly like. Does the fandom not see how naturally adorable and cute he is? You don’t eaven have to make things up. Look at him. give him a ball in the hand and a milk and he smikes. Let other tease him and he pouts. And the best is how elegant and actual royal he looks in the court but off it he is a socially akward dork. Sorry i jus like this birb;;;(but i likely probably interpret him wrong )

I don’t think he has “no feelings”, he’s just not emotional. If you think about his reactions even to that “middle school trauma”, you’ll see how the only thing that affected him is basically related to the game:

Tbh, even I was surprised, that incident is horrifying on so many levels and here we have Kageyama, who’s like “Hah? Ah yeah, we were on the same team but we’re not anymore, no biggie.” 

All his characterization is this way tbh, he barely shows emotion save for irritation in game-related instances and volleyball is his “special interest” in any case. I’m also pretty sure he’s in the autistic spectrum. 

Also.. lol..Tsukishima is a severely repressed ball of angst, insecurity and ambivalence and Oikawa, Mr “I-toss-and-turn-at-night-then-act-dramatic-in-the-morning” isn’t exactly better. Kageyama is basically an ice cube in comparison, lol. Well.. not even in comparison, he is pretty fucking neutral and icy on his own lol he makes Oikawa and Tsukishima appear like characters from Greek tragedies.

Repressed ball of angst and insecurity, right after the bullying session:

yet another instance of that extra angst:

Mr I-toss-and-turn-at-night (also please note the shoujo-like choice of words, every time Oikawa talks about Kageyama’s eyes like that, I laugh, what the fuck? )

I’m pretty sure I could find much better examples lol but these were just within easy reach so yeah :’D

About why fandom ooc Kageyama like that… well, I could name a few possible reasons:

1) Kageyama is hard to write so they simply fail at it (I am not judging this one bc he really is hard to write)

2) They need angst and kageyama isn’t suitable for that so they ooc him (watch a fucking soap opera, who’s holding you back)

3) They ooc him so they can relate to him (don’t do this ever)

4) They wanna degrade him because he’s too superior and “unrelatable” (this happens to a lot of characters who are too perfect and whom people can’t relate to tbh, not just in hq. inferior ones get glorified, superior ones get degraded.every.damn.time. Just check how generic and mediocre chars like hinata, suga, akaashi, yamaguchi are treated in fanon lmao and compare it with kageyama, he’s always pushed into a weaker position, be it emotionally or otherwise)

(People who do the 4th should better start running in my opposite direction.)

do u ever realize how wild it is to be like All About haikyuu in that it is a fucking volleyball anime. but like. it’s amazing and the characters are so relatable and well written and and the animation is so good and the story is engaging and captivating and the voice acting is top notch so it’s not crazy bc we all know it is so good but to those who do not know of haikyuu it sounds like the fucking dumbest thing ever. like it’s a show called volleyball!! in japanese about a short volleyball player on a team of underdog misfits who work really hard and are scrappy but improving constantly…taking on other teams who also have v outlined types and like it’s dramatic but there’s humor and also moments where you are emotional and others where you are soaringly happy. like wtf it is a v o l l e y b a l l  anime 

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Hypothetically, if there happened to be a little captain squad get together that wasn't directly volleyball-related, would you have any headcanons about how Ushiwaka might interact with the other characters? Please and thank you c:

- Ushijima is just an awkward guy in general but if he’s surrounded by mature like minded people then he should be alright. Though, mature isn’t the first thing you think of when you’re with Kuroo and Bokuto; they’re bound to take advantage of his gullible nature and make him do crazy dares with him.

- Daichi is pretty chill with Ushijima, considered the two aren’t up for too much bouncing about and all that. Ushijima’s pretty curious as to how Daichi runs his team so it’s a lot of asking questions but he’ll just suddenly go quiet after a while since he doesn’t want to come off as too intimidating to someone he finds quite easy to talk to.

- Talking to Kuroo is actually pretty easy since he’s a big nerd. The two could actually get along pretty well if they’re talking about pretty much anything; they’re both pretty smart and all but the conversation would mostly be reliant on Kuroo. Kuroo’s a real big help when the two have to go somewhere together and Ushijima isn’t that confident to speak.

- He doesn’t like Futakuchi or Terushima. They come off as ill-mannered to him and far too loud for his liking but for the sake of being social, he’s trying his best to keep his words in. Though, he does acknowledge the two for being second year captains, he has some prejudgement when it comes to the two.

Character Personality Analysis (1 / ?)

Everyone gets annoyed when their favorite character isn’t portrayed as they think it should be, because not everyone pays attention as well to certain characters as they do to others. This is just a little series I might be starting based around how I believe characters were meant to be portrayed and keeping as close to canon as possible. Starting with two of my personal favorites [ and a lot of people’s favorites as well, I’m sure ], Tsukishima Kei and Oikawa Tooru. I found these characters to be the most complex and difficult to portray, and lord knows I love characters like them. This is also meant to be reference to me for when I am writing these characters.

Kei Tsukishima; The thing about dear french fry-san is that he’s easily misinterpreted if you don’t look closely enough. I reblogged a post I think pretty recently regarding him and giving better evidence than I think I might be able to now. How I’ve always thought of his personality is extremely teasing towards people he is close to. Here’s the thing though, Tsukishima is also extremely respectful of others. Have you ever seen him be a complete ass towards Yachi or Yamaguchi? Maybe Noya or Tanaka, or even Kuroo? No, because though he tends to be sassy, blunt and very apathetic at times, he still knows when to make sure that he doesn’t go to far. I feel that he just has a very dry sense of humor, also you can see him picking on Hinata and Kageyama because the traits that they had reminded him of his brother, whom as of right now he has a rocky relationship with. Even the nicest of people can become mean towards someone who annoys them at times. In spite of all of this, here is what sometimes annoys me about fanon interpretations of Tsukishima. He is portrayed to never smile. So, Tsukishima’s grin is usually rather condescending or ‘snake-like’, because he is just like that, I’m not sure what else to say about it. Sometimes he doesn’t want to do things and he’s a little scared to give his full 110% out of fear that he’ll end up disappointed in the end. But that doesn’t mean he’s not a normal teenage boy, I vividly remember an episode in the second season where Nishinoya is messing with him, trying to grab at his glasses or something and he’s laughing. People act like he’s this cold machine all the time, which rather bothers me I suppose, though maybe it’s because he is difficult to portray. He’s just a big nerd who likes music and dinosaurs, please love him. As one last thing, lets not forget that this boy is so smart. Through is character development he has shown to not only be observant and a quick thinker, but he makes such good plays and when he’s communicating he can absolutely help lead his team to success.

Tooru Oikawa; I almost think that Oikawa’s character is a little easier to show compared to Tsukishima, but only what is shown up front. A lot of times people forget the deeper aspect of his personality that is absolutely canon, or they go a little overboard with it. As is what happens with a multitude of different characters from different series. Oikawa acts outwardly cheerful and charming, and I think this is the result of his fangirls, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have these traits. In fact, I’m sure that he is the type of person to be rather obnoxiously sunny, to an extent. Let’s not forget that he is a teasing person and likes to get on peoples nerves, towards ‘Iwa-chan’ you can see this most clearly, with remarks like ‘you’ll get hurt if you think too hard without a brain iwa-chan’ or ‘You don’t have to show off, you’re trying a little too hard.’ Let us be reminded that usually after his cheerful remarks he says something serious and if you aren’t used to it, actually a little unnerving. It has been shown that Oikawa is extremely observant and intelligent (he is in class 6, which i’m not sure is average or not for third years, but it is above class 4, which is college prep). Also, people often forget how hardworking he is, Oikawa is not the type to slack off, especially when it comes to volleyball (whether it is for childish reasons or not, I’m not quite sure), and he has injured himself multiple times, putting off a knee surgery that he needs to keep playing. Lastly, I think the traits that make him relatable are usually overlooked in his fandom. He is childish and envious, having a ‘nasty’ personality behind his cheery exterior. These things make him an important character for me, because the drive his character and make him interesting. So hopefully this has shed some light on this sort of thing.

[If i’ve gone this far I might as well have just rewritten the wiki’s :’D In all seriousness though if you read this go ahead and add some things or use it to your advantage I guess, thanks for taking the time to do so.

+side note, when it comes to humor sometimes i’m not bothered by some of the mentioned interpretations] 

Inspiration for Cooperations

(All names based on a tweet by @ibis5)

  • Sakura Sojiro (佐倉惣治郎) -> Sakura Sogoro (佐倉惣五郎) 
  • Mifune Chihaya (御船千早) -> Mifune Chizuko (御船千鶴子) 
  • Iwai Munehisa (岩井宗久) -> Imai Sokyu (今井宗久) 
  • Takemi Tae (武見妙) -> Takemi Taro (武見太郎) 
  • Kawakami Sadayo ( 川上貞代 ) -> Sada Yacco aka Kawakami Sayako (川上貞奴) 
  • Oya Ichiko (大宅一子) -> Oya Soichi (大宅壮一)
  • Togo Hifumi (東郷一二三) -> Kato Hifumi (加藤一二三) 
  • Oda Shinya (織田信也) -> Oda Nobunaga (織田信長) 
  • Mishima Yuki (三島由輝) -> Mishima Yukio (三島由紀夫) 
  • Yoshida Toranosuke (吉田寅之助) -> Yoshida Shoin (吉田松陰)

My analysis and thoughts under the cut (it’s a long one again):

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I'm craving IwaOiKage hcs. Anybody got any?

i imagine kageyama gets crushes on both of them, successively (oikawa in middle school, iwaizumi in high school) but only realizes they were crushes pretty late, when there’s not much to be done about it

and then he finds himself in the same college as oikawa, and it’s the first time in years they’ve spent so much time together, and at first he’s really, really scared it will be middle school all over again, but they’ve both grown enough that once they get past the initial tension it might almost be called friendly rivalry

kageyama discovers that iwaizumi and oikawa are together and congratulates them like the good person he is and doesn’t dwell on past fantasies. he’s very happy to see iwaizumi again, though, and iwaizumi spends so much time catching up with him that oikawa forcefully drapes himself around his boyfriend to get his attention (they keep talking and iwaizumi pats oikawa every minute or so) (it would be strange to see them so domestic if kageyama hadn’t witnessed it before, back when they were only best friends and on a different side of the court from him) (not that he particularly paid attention to it.)

it’s strange, to be around them together, and even more so with the atmosphere cleared, or as much as it could be between him and oikawa, with their never ending race to be the best. it’s strange but he never wants it to end.

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30 Day Haikyuu!! Challenge!

Try not to repeat anyone too often~! 

  1. Your favourite character. 
  2. The character you first fell in love with. 
  3. The character you gradually warmed up to. 
  4. Your favourite non-Karasuno character (or Karasuno character if your favourite character isn’t from Karausno). 
  5. Your favourite team. 
  6. Your favourite volleyball position. 
  7. Your favourite wing spiker. (WS)
  8. Your favourite middle blocker. (MB)
  9. Your favourite setter (S). 
  10. Your favourite libero (Li). 
  11. Your favourite team captain. 
  12. Your favourite manager. 
  13. Your favourite non-player character. 
  14. Your favourite friend/ship. 
  15. Your favourite animal representation (crow, cat, owl, eagle, etc.)
  16. Your favourite uniform. 
  17. Who would you have on your volleyball team? 
  18. How would you fair on a volleyball team and which position?
  19. Beach volleyball! How would it go? 
  20. Alternate universe of your choice. 
  21. Crossover of your choice. 
  22. Personality swap of your choice (between as many people as you wish!) 
  23. Draw a tall Hinata (bonus if taller than Kageyama.)
  24. The character that you relate to the most. 
  25. The character that touched you the most. 
  26. The character that underwent the most development. 
  27. The character you want to be friends with. 
  28. The character you think is the most underrated. 
  29. Wild card- something of your own choice. 
  30. Last day! Anything to say to the cast if you could meet any/all of them? 
Blueberry muffins and milk:  III

(This is a full spoiler Kageyama Tobio meta for both the manga and anime.)

I.  If I’m your foil and you’re his foil and he’s my foil then we can all foil each other well enough (we’re all gems):  Kageyama & Sugawara & Oikawa

  • I set best free for the team:  Sugawara and Kageyama
  • Until your idols become your rivals:  Oikawa and Kageyama

II.  Dictator King to Decent King:  Failures at Kitagawa Daiichi

III.  As long as I am here:  That special person

IV.  The team is strong when all six are strong:  Relationship with Karasuno

V.  Setter Soul:  work ethic, passion, respect, faith

[Part I] — [Part II] — [Part III] — [Part IV] — [Part V]

III.  As long as I am here:  That special person

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oikawa is honestly such a deep, multifaceted character, and very easy to relate to… it’s a real shame when people reduce him to just being a petty antagonist u_u

oikawa’s primary motivations are fear and insecurity. like many people, he places his self-worth in what he does; in this case, volleyball. so of course he wants to be at the top. he loves the sport, he loves to play, but he also wants to be recognized, so he does his absolute best to improve. he trains all the time, stays up all night watching videos, gives 100% at pretty much every moment.

and then someone much younger than him, a prodigy, comes along and with seemingly half the effort, begins to achieve everything he’s spent years working for.

so he feels threatened, because of his self-worth being so tied up in volleyball. he feels resentment, because he’s put forth so much effort. and the thing is, that is so easy to relate to, if you think about it. how many comics have you seen on this site about younger artists drawing masterpieces and making you feel like shit? yeah. it’s a genuine struggle that many of us have experienced in some way or another.

and i mean, ffs, oikawa teaches little kids how to play volleyball. he’s not a bad guy. he’s a teenager, struggling through doubt, insecurity, and jealousy.

in summary: oikawa tooru defense squad 2k15 and forever tbqh

Asuma Kousuke’s Fan Meeting Event Report (1st day 1st session)

Hi again fellow fangirls!

Another story time from Felicia Angelika today! Thank you for always reading my gross fangirling babble experiences meeting my obsessions idols in Tokyo! (´∀`)♡

Yesterday (June 18th) and Today (June 19th), our angel Asuma Kousuke had his first fan meeting event! Well Kousuke himself didn’t call it a fan meeting event, he called this event “fan gratitude event” because he wanted to thank all of us, his fans ꒰˘̩̩̩⌣˘̩̩̩๑꒱♡ this boy is just so sweet I can’t

I feel so blessed because I managed to take 3 tickets for me and my 2 other friends to go to the event!

The event was basically a talk event in which Kousuke answered lots of questions and tell us about things we didn’t know about him. Every session’s topic is different but if you’re curious about what did he talk about in the first session of the first day, please keep reading!  ♡

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13 Years

Beca Mitchell was ten years old. No, not currently. But she was ten years old when they, her and Chloe Beale, had made that deal.

They met when Beca’s family moved from Portland to Atlanta, courtesy of Benjamin Mitchell’s new job as the English 101 professor at Barden University.

Beca had been five years old at the time, still as grumpy as could be, especially after a missed nap time. She had stumbled out of their family mini van and took in their surroundings, frowning at the change in weather.

Chloe Beale had been eight at the time, playing outside on her pink sparkly bicycle with her two older brothers, Connor and Michael. Their three year old black lab Jumper was chasing the three of them.

Years went on and the two neighboring girls became an odd duo, but best friends nonetheless. It wasn’t uncommon for them to be hanging out in the Beale’s treehouse on a hot summer day, which had prompted Chloe to make that deal the August before her eighth grade year started.

“If neither of us are married by age thirty five, then you and I should get married,” the redhead said without even looking at the ten year old brunette beside her.

“Okay,” the smaller girl shrugged, not a thought to it.

And that was it. Not another word about it.


Beca always felt an attraction towards Chloe. Anyone could see the way the younger girl gravitated towards the redhead, no matter what they were doing.

So when Chloe was thirteen and a half (the half was apparently very important) and she had her first “boyfriend” Beca felt uneasy, to say the least. She chalked it up to not spending as much time with the redhead as before. She never thought too much about it.

But even thirteen and a half year old Chloe made her relationship as mature as she could. That Zack or Jack or whatever his name was took up all her free time, riding bikes in their neighborhood or walking to the park. Beca did not like that kid.

She had even told Chloe that, multiple times. Chloe shrugged it off, telling Beca she was just too young to understand. And that set Beca off. How dare her best friend tell her she was too young? Age was never a problem until now. Until this Zack or Jack or Mack or whatever his stupid name was.

Finally one day Beca was fed up. She told Chloe once and for all why whatshisface was no good for her. He was a cheater. Not on their relationship, no he was monogamous for a thirteen and three quarter year old (and yes, the three quarters made that much of a difference and proved just how “mature” this kid had been). But he cheated on one of his tests, and he told Beca that.

Chloe Beale liked a lot of things. But a cheater was not one of them.


The summer before ninth grade and Chloe Beale went to a camp for three weeks in Colorado. It was some sort of musical retreating hiking camp that Beca really didn’t understand. All she knew was that her best friend did this every year, along with a girl named Audrey or Aubrey or whatever her name was. And the only thing Beca was certain of was she was going to be best friend-less for three weeks of her summer.

Beca considered writing her redheaded friend a letter while she was away. She wanted to know how the older girl was doing, and what she was doing. But after her fifth attempt at writing a letter she decided to just wait until the older girl got home.

When Chloe returned from her camping experience the younger girl was stoked. Or, actually, stoked was a bad word for it. The young DJ doesn’t say stuff like that.

Chloe and Beca spent hours up in the Beale family tree house while the redhead explained everything that happened at camp, including her first kiss with a boy named Brad Gardner. Beca didn’t know the first thing about this “Brad Gardner” kid and she already knew she didn’t like him.

Fourteen year old Chloe Beale explained to the eleven year old Beca Mitchell just what it was like to kiss a boy.

Beca wasn’t interested.

But all the brunette ever heard about from that day on was “Brad Gardner this” and “Brad Gardner that”. Beca was extremely irritated by the fourth time she heard his name come from Chloe’s mouth within ten minutes.

Eventually Beca had exploded and went on a fifteen minute rant about how since Chloe came back from Colorado the only thing she wanted to talk about was her first kiss with Brad and how amazing of a boyfriend he was and how the only thing Beca ever heard was Brad, Brad, Brad!

They didn’t speak for a couple days.

Chloe dumped Brad.


<p>In the span of Chloe’s freshman year to her sophomore year of high school she had three more boyfriends. There was Nick, Justin, and Wes.

In some way or another each boy was good for Chloe. And Beca noted that. But it still didn’t take that sinking feeling in her stomach every time the DJ saw her best friend with one of them or heard any of their names.

All three of those relationships ended because of something Beca said about them.

For Nick, the boy the redhead was with at the end of freshman year, it was the fact that Beca pointed out his biggest flaw; he chewed loudly. Beca only said it nonchalantly one day when they were watching a movie together, just making a note that when they all went to the park the day before, along with Nick’s friend Tony who was set up with Beca, the redhead’s boyfriend ate his food like an animal.

Chloe then started to notice Nick’s chewing habits all the time, essentially ruining her toleration for the boy.

For Justin who Chloe dated briefly her sophomore year, Beca talked about how he spent more time with Chloe’s school friend Abby than he did with her. It was just an observation in Beca’s defense, but Chloe became paranoid and dumped the poor guy anyway.

And then there was Wes. He was Chloe’s longest relationship. A whole six months before they ended it at the end of the summer prior to her Junior year. He was a handsome and funny football player for their school’s team. He played some position that was obviously important, however it wasn’t important enough for either Beca and Chloe to remember what it was.

Wesley Shawn Marx was a very popular guy. He was on the football team and friends with all the football guys and he was on the baseball team with all the baseball friends. Chloe was on the cheerleading team and the volleyball team, being friends with a plethora of popular gals. They were a match made in high school heaven. Except Beca had to open her stupid mouth.

Apparently Wes wasn’t the smartest guy at their school. That didn’t bother Chloe too much, she tended to overlook it and didn’t ask too many questions related to school. But Beca one day said something about how neither of them ever had a real conversation, and how he only focused on talking about sports or parties, two things Chloe was only vaguely interested in. And once Beca pointed out his lack of intelligence, well, Chloe was disinterested.

They broke up a week later.


Chloe swore off boys her junior year of high school, stating how all her relationships ended after some stupid thing and she really just needed time on her own.

Beca was pleased at that.


Beca supposes having Chloe as a friend really helped her out. When the shorter girl’s father moved out and sent divorce papers to their front door back in eighth grade, Chloe was the only one who consoled her. Beca’s own mother was too distraught over Benjamin Mitchell leaving her to take care of her daughter.

When asked by one of Chloe’s close friends the summer before Chloe’s senior year of high school why Beca always had to point out flaws in the redhead’s boyfriends, the short DJ just shrugged and explained that she needed Chloe. Those boys always took her friend away.

That was when Beca finally learned Chloe’s camp friend’s name. Aubrey Posen.

And Aubrey told Beca to leave Chloe alone. The blonde was stepping in as best friend now, and the younger girl had to accept that and let the redhead date whomever she pleased.

Screw summer camp, Beca rolled her eyes.


Beca and Chloe barely had any contact during Chloe’s senior year. Chloe had tried to reach out to the high school freshman, but every time he taller girl would smile at the smaller girl in the hallway or wave at her, Chloe’s blonde camp friend, the one who apparently moved to Chloe’s school just for senior year, would always be there and shoot the freshman a deathly glare.

Needless to say Chloe’s boyfriend Derek lasted the entire year.


Beca wondered who Chloe was seeing while the older girl spent her time away at Barden.

Those were the only thoughts consuming the small DJ.

And they were the only thoughts that consumed the small DJ until it was her time to go to Barden as well.


The DJ manage to avoid the redhead for a while, until her father told her she had to go to class and do something with her time at Barden if she wanted his support in moving to LA.

Beca saw the redhead at the activities fair, deciding very quickly to ignore the feeling in her stomach and to not say anything.

It didn’t really work.

The redheaded senior immediately noticed the small brunette with the abundance of dark eyeliner and tattoos.

After a rather normal encounter at the Barden Bellas booth, Beca took the flyer and insisted she couldn’t sing, ignoring Aubrey’s glares and Chloe’s we-should-catch-up appearance.

Beca formally met Jesse some time after that and they got into a friendly relationship. The way Beca saw it was, if she couldn’t have Chloe, well at least Jesse was a good guy.

Unfortunately one thing led to another and before Beca knew it she found herself feeling uneasy again.

The first wave of uneasiness came when Chloe barged in on the freshman’s shower.

The second wave came when Chloe’s boyfriend Tom barged in also, noting her voice was nice.

And then Beca fell into the habit of unintentionally trying to push Chloe’s boyfriends out of her life.


Beca went on causing Chloe to break up with her boyfriends for a few more years.

Eventually she found herself twenty three and the redhead was twenty six.

They were in the middle of a massive argument, something about Beca purposely scaring off Chloe’s latest boyfriend. He was some guy named Alex and Chloe really liked him and thought he was going to be “the one” for her.

Beca got there first though and warned Alex that Chloe wasn’t the girl he should be with. Instead, Beca told him that Chloe was commitment phobic and partied way too much.

Chloe found out through Aubrey, who had caught up with Alex a week after he broke things off with Chloe because he “wasn’t feeling right”.

So there they were, Chloe’s apartment in a full on screaming match about what happened.

“You told him I was commitment phobic and partied way too much!” Chloe screamed.

“I was protecting you! He’s not the guy, Chloe. He doesn’t even respect your love of the Bellas or singing!” Beca countered.

“It doesn’t matter. My relationships are my business, Beca,” Chloe groaned. “You do this every time!”

“Do what every time?” Beca scoffed.

“You sabotage my relationships! Every single one of them. You’ve never approved of any one of them! I’m sick of it, Beca. I’m almost twenty seven. Well on my way to thirty. I want to get married and have a family! Don’t think I’ve never noticed how you always bring up every one of my boyfriends’ fatal flaw!” She yelled.

Beca was stunned momentarily before she continued her argument.

“That’s not true!” She yelled.

“Yeah it is! You don’t approve of anyone and you spend all your time trying to ruin it for me! You didn’t like Jeff or Mike or Sarah. You didn’t like Carey or Lacy or Sam or Reed. I don’t get it, Beca. Why is nobody good enough?” The redhead was tired now, placing her hands to her head and adjusting her stance.

“Because,” the shorter girl said.

“Because?” The redhead prompted.

“Because it should be me. We made that deal thirteen years ago, Chlo. That if we were both single by thirty five-”

“Then we’d marry each other,” Chloe finished for the brunette.

“Yeah,” the DJ breathed.

“I thought you were happy with Jesse,” Chloe looked at Beca, the smaller girl not able to return the eye contact.

“It’s you, Chloe. It’s always been you.”

Their eyes finally met as Chloe crossed the room and grabbed Beca by the cheeks. Her breath was hot on the other girl as they stood in silence for a minute, neither of them moving.

“It only took you thirteen years.”

Beca couldn’t even laugh at Chloe’s remark because as soon as the redhead finished saying it she attached her lips to the DJ’s.

And they were both content because finally, Chloe was in a relationship Beca wouldn’t have to sabotage.

Haikyuu Fic Recs #4

part 1 / part 2 / part 3


Falling For You by skeletalparade (boythighs)

This is how Hinata Shouyou, recently eighteen and still no taller for it, ends up with one foot at a precarious, risky balance on the lowest level shelf, and the other teetering on the edge of the next one up. He’s just about got the deodorant, too, where it’s pushed a little back and his fingers are finally starting to brush it, when he feels the entire shelf give a foreboding lurch. In a blind panic, Hinata quickly loses his footing, trying to ensure that he doesn’t take the whole rack down with him.

Everything seems to go in slow motion; he topples back, eyes still locked on the stupid, fucking deodorant, half a mind to sue the company after this – provided he survives the catastrophe – when, suddenly, blissfully, thankfully his descent to the quickly rising floor is prevented by a pair of arms locked beneath the (likely sweaty, stinky) pits of his own.

Love and Victory by bigspoonnoya

After losing to Shiratorizawa in their final Spring High preliminary, Kageyama leaves Miyagi on a sports scholarship, and Hinata remains in Sendai for university. Or, that’s what Hinata thinks, until he runs into Kageyama on the first day of volleyball intramurals and they set out to form another winning combination.


After-Hours by kvhottie

When talking about what makes a perfect dancer, Oikawa had it all—the height, a lean body, the perfect technique, and flexibility. But the current lyrical piece that his college’s contemporary dance group was working on called for more than his usually fluid and graceful form. It needed a visceral yet controlled power to every step, something that Oikawa had trouble with. And to make matters worse, it was Iwaizumi’s forte.

What If It Only Gets Colder by tenmilliontrinkets

“Don’t tell me you’re planning on fishing here.”

mermaid!au (it’s fantastic)

Bet On It by originalblue

Hajime knows exactly how shitty Oikawa’s personality is, and has no scruples whatsover about betting Oikawa six thousand yen that he can’t be nice for an entire week.

The Night In by Authoress

After knowing Oikawa for thirteen unfortunate years of his life, Iwaizumi can recognize an Oikawa-related trainwreck when he sees one.


That Was Then by bigspoonnoya

She probably won’t even come.

Right. It makes no sense to get all worked up about it, when the likelihood is that Yachi Hitoka will not be seeing Shimizu Kiyoko tonight for the first time in four years.


Repetition by daisuga

There’s something about the way he smiles.

Vital Warmth by yaoi_yaoieverywhere

Some days words and volleyball alone aren’t enough to pull Bokuto out of his disheartened state. Akaashi, in an attempt to gauge how close he can get to his Ace, finds a new remedy.

“This warmth is my life, Bokuto-san. Doesn’t it feel good to lie against it?”

il mio ragazzo falso by Karasuno Volleygays

With his grandparents’ fiftieth wedding anniversary looming fast and large, Akaashi finds himself urged to bring a date and not quite to the point where his family knows that said date will not be of the female variety.

At some point, he has to decide which will be the least frightening prospect — braving coming out to his family or endure Operation: Find Keiji A Girlfriend 2k15.

And why is the only person he can think of to drag along to this thing his overly-spirited volleyball captain?


Kissing Ace by Karasuno Volleygays

It happens right after training camp.

Akaashi Keiji has a secret he has guarded since he was a child. He won’t go so far as to call it a fear, but more of an aspect of himself of which he is horribly mortified. No one on the team knows about it, and Akaashi does his best to keep it that way.
But years of dodging hugs and casual contact come to naught in the blink of an eye and the swipe of a hand.


Broken Things Can Be Mended (And We’re Just as Good as New) by heyyyfuturefish

The feeling of being lost isn’t a strange one to Daichi anymore. He’s lost pretty much all the time now, with schoolwork, with the team, with Suga. Especially with Suga.

Talladega by carriecmoney

There is an abundance of talent that goes into any motion picture, and it’s not just the faces that get put to film. This the story of two pieces of that talent pool, re-edited. Stunt man!Daichi/stunt driver!Suga AU. 

And That’s The Way It Should Be by ofperspicacity

AU where you only see your colors when you meet your soulmate (and you lose them when they die)

Everything in Sawamura Daichi’s life was completely average, thank you very much, until the day he saw his colors and Sugawara Koushi was to blame.

World Will Follow After by Authoress

Sir, are you interested in the flavor of the day? Is that what’s going on here?? Could you please decide whether you’re looking over here or looking downward??? Is this some kind of weird Morse code???? Sir I don’t understand what is going on and my face is burning sir please—


Virgo by yaoi_yaoieverywhere

“you cradled your heart all your life with such care, and when the day came for you / to hand it to another, it shattered like glass in their grip. they did not mean to hurt you, you know. / they just wanted to hold on, afraid it will slip through their fingers like sand.” -angelicxi

Asahi does give him a chance. Quietly hands over his glass heart and pretends he hasn’t stuffed it in lunch boxes and careful gestures. He does it so well he’s not sure Nishinoya even notices, though Suga side-eyes him worriedly.

Stop My Bones From Wondering by cerasi

After graduation, Asahi hides from the world and needs help from a few sources to find his way back.

so. fucking. beautiful.

Just Let Me Be Your Fire by justlikeswitchblades

Asahi occasionally had trouble articulating his own desires, and this was not always because of his nervousness–more often than not, he just did not want to disrupt the status quo.

Nishinoya is more than willing to change this.

Tangled Up by SheenaChan

Asahi isn’t a huge fan of movies, but Nishinoya is convinced that he’ll be able to find one he likes!

KuroKen Headcanons
  • Kuroo covering Kenma’s ears whenever one of their teammates talks about dirty/sexual stuff

  • Kuroo placing Kenma on his shoulders just so he can get a better view in a crowded place

  • Kuroo stumbling over his words and trying to act it off coolly (and failing) once he realizes his feelings

  • Kuroo getting intrigued by Kenma’s games, so he asks Kenma to have a gaming night. He gets ultra smashed by Kenma’s gaming skills, but he refuses to accept defeat, and when he wins one round, he gets really excited (Kenma secretly let him win just so he could get that reaction) Kuroo’s not bad at video games, he’s actually pretty good. Kenma’s just 100000x times better

  • Kenma completely and utterly disappearing inside Kuroo’s jacket because it’s really warm and it gives him the perfect space for him to play video games without being bothered (also, yeah, it smells good, ok? Don’t judge him)

  • Kuroo throwing socks with little rocks inside at Kenma’s Windows, hoping he doesn’t break them, because he’s so not paying for it at 3 am

  • Them cuddling until it’s like 4 PM because neither of them want to get up until they realize they’re actually quite sweaty and smelly, so it goes like, “we should…” “yeah…” “…yeah ok”

  • Kuroo loving it whenever Kenma talks about a new game, because he gets really excited and yeah he probably doesn’t understand two shits about what Kenma’s talking about but please don’t make him stop

  • Kuroo persuading Kenma into getting a snapchat account so they can talk (and, yeah, so that he can get pretty pictures of his boyfriend without looking like a stalker– sue him)

  • Kenma being reluctant at first because he’s really not comfortable with taking pictures of himself and Kuroo just hugging him really tight and telling him that he’s the most beautiful person in his eyes

  • Kuroo knowing whenever Kenma’s down because he’s really good at reading people

  • Them skyping when Kuroo’s off to college. Their conversations go a little like, “you miss me” “no I don’t” “yeah you do” “no I don’t” “you do” “i don’t” “…” “…………don’t” “…” “………ok maybe a little.”

  • Kenma secretly loves it when Kuroo’s talking about volleyball because he loves his passion for it


  • “What’s the menu today?” “…. Ramen noddles.” “Okay I’m cooking.”

  • 95% of the time Kuroo’s making cheesy puns and Kenma’s just like, “….that didn’t even make sense.“

  • Kenma and Akaashi bonding over how dorky their boyfriends actually are

  • Kuroo talks about Kenma almost 24/7 and he doesn’t even realize it like he’s constantly making a Kenma related-reference and it’s the cutest thing ever


  • Kenma taking Kuroo’s hand whenever he feels his social anxiety kicking in and Kuroo immediately knows what’s going on so he tries soothing him by rubbing circles on Kenma’s Palm

This is what I think about at 4 AM when I can’t sleep. I just want to make a point-

KuroKen doesn’t have to be over sexualized. It can be completely asexual and fluffy and cute. Stop making Kuroo be a sex god when in reality he’s probably the biggest dork in existence.

kageyama x fem!reader

concept: optimistic and studious fem!reader who has never played a sport before wants to play volleyball, but has nobody to teach her

and she watches one of the karasuno boy’s matches, where she sees kageyama tobio - the legendary first year setter two years ago who went to nationals with them. she sets out to find him, who is now a third year

but he refuses to help her with anything volleyball related, saying he is no longer interested in volleyball and reader later finds out that he got kicked out of the team 

but he’s so fucking impressed on how determined she is, and after a long time he relents and decides to “coach” her, eventually developing into a different relationship other than teacher and student, which our tsundere kageyama does not take well.

tl;dr the bookworm falls in love with a tsundere third year volleyball player through sports.

So, Tsukishima being fond of music is more or less the headcanon (or fact) agreed upon, right?

I’d like to imagine Kageyama accidentally getting to take a look on his playlist, and asking him something like “wait, you listen to jazz?” much to Tsukishima’s confusion and wonder why the volleyball-centric dork was able to know that it was jazz from the titles. So he asks why and Kageyama would honestly mutter something like “I happen to listen to them when my parents play the tracks in the house.”

They talk about it though, and Tsukishima becomes comfortable enough to give some recommendations to Kageyama to search up and listen to.

Kageyama starts to take more notice whenever music is played in his home, and he talks to Tsukishima about it, as well as the other songs the latter recommended to him which he, surprisingly enough, really searched up.

They would probably talk about music even more in the following days, and Tsukishima relishes the fact that “finally it’s not just about volleyball he could talk with this guy”. He later learns Kageyama’s music preferences, and that’s how their conversations basically go.

Volleyball to music to volleyball strategies to music preferences to personal things. As time went by, their conversation topics became wider yet more personal, and before they knew it, they were already comforted by each other’s company.