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My Immortal: Hinata Shouyou Version
My Immortal: Hinata Shouyou Version


 Hi my name is Hinata Sunshine Little Crow Giant and I have fluffy sunshine orange hair (that’s how I got my name) with ginger streaks and sweat dripping tips because i volleyball so much that reaches my mid-back and radiant yellow eyes like sunshine tears and a lot of people tell me I sound like Ayumu Murase (AN: if u don’t know who that is get da hell out of here!). I’m not related to the Little Giant but I wish I was because he’s a major fucking hottie. I’m a middle blocker but my height is super short and I suck at blocking. I have pale white skin. I’m also gonna be an ace, and I go to a high school called Karasuno in Japan where I’m in the first year (I’m sixteen). I’m a middle blocker (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly black. I love volleyball uniforms and I wear all my clothes with them. For example today I was wearing a black and orange volleyball shirt with matching sweatshirt below it and black and orange volleyball shorts, white trainers and white socks. I was wearing black wing eyeliner (because I’m a crow!). I was walking outside Karasuno. It was snowing and raining so there was no sun, which I was very unhappy about. Oikawa stared at me. I put up my middle finger at him

“Hey Hinata!” shouted a voice. I looked up. It was…. Kageyama Tobio!

“What’s up Kageyama?” I asked.

“Nothing.” he said shyly.

But then, I heard my team call me and I had to go away.

Uh, this is my first ever story. Please tell me if it’s good. p.s. thanks to Applepi5 for editing my story. And stupid shiratorizawa stop flaming my story!

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Random question! Can you list some of the reasons why you love Bokuto?


He’s happy go-lucky, silly, carefree, all while still being super serious about volleyball. He’s competitive without ever being a sore loser, he invites first years to practice with him, teaches them things and is shocked and proud when they actually work. I love how he’s just so fucking loud all the time and doesn’t even care. I find his constant need for validation super endearing and also DAMN RELATABLE. I love how he has this strong personality but is so hard on himself, he gets his silly mood swings and is down for a bit but with the help of his team is back to 100% Bokuto in no time. I guess in a character-design sense I just really love his design, he’s got hair that’s so dorky it’s almost cool, pretty golden eyes, he’s almost always smiling when he’s not in dejected mode. Basically he’s a loud, happy, relatable owl dork and i love him a lot.

Oh and did I mention we share the same birthday (≖ ͜ʖ≖) Back when I was just kind of a casual fan I found that out and it kind of solidified him as my favourite character. It was meant to beeee.

I don’t know what else I can honestly say dude without just listing everything about him. I know he’s not everyone’s favourite character, and I’m cool with that but I get suuuuper happy when I come across a fellow Bokuto fan. He deserves the world.

things that I think get overlooked a lot about Bitty’s friend group:  

Farmer is Bitty’s pledge daughter-in-law. Which to me means they probably have each other’s numbers and text about topics related and unrelated to Chris. (and ok, Farmer in my book is a wiz in the kitchen so this is how they BOND but that’s just me)

Farmer dropping by to Lardo’s room at odd intervals because the volleyball team has too much drama but the hockey boys are too loud (and yes Lardo lives in the haus too but the sanctity of her room is respected for the most part) and them painting nails or binge watching Crazy-Ex Girlfriend or making plans to go on trips they’ll probably never find time for and Farmer always letting Lardo complain about people first because Farmer’s the one who decided to mooch off her room 

Lardo and Nursey getting close because of weed and Shitty (but what if they hung out the summer before Year 2 and they were tight by the first week of school and what if “chill” used to grate on Lardo until she got to know him better and learned that chill means a lot of diff things) 

ok you can say it’s “Bitty’s” or it’s “Jack’s” but it’s really Shitty’s. Shitty who became attached at the hip to the “coke addict douchebag”. Shitty who ngl probably crushed way too hard on the manager and made it a point to always remind people that she was just as much a part of the team as everyone else (dibs anyone?). Shitty came up with Ransom and Holster’s nicknames for fuck’s sake. Shitty was originally supposed to be Bitty’s best friend (although that shifted a bit I think we should never undervalue their friendship and how important it is esp during Year 1).  (And yea I guess if you want to apply it to the Frogs, he was already friends with Nursey, he and Dex has this weird argument relationship, and he really respects Chowder/there should be more moments like “the motherfuck between the poles”)

Tango being C’s pledge son (see this) you can’t convince me otherwise 

Chris trying to get the tadpoles acclimated to the team because he remembers what it’s like to be the new guy. 

Jack’s relationship with each Frog. Like c’mon: I think he empathizes a fuck ton with the aloof chill of Nursey. Sign me up for 3k about them getting each other but not getting each other and miscommunications that lead to them seeing a lot of themselves in the other person. Give me Nursey and Jack bonding about their successful parents and what that MEANS for them. Jack not just giving Chris his dibs because he earned it the most out of any player. Because he wanted the guy who was the heart of the team to always know he had a home on the east coast. Jack and Dex (although tbh go read my deximbits stuff for more of this) being soft grumpy dads who enjoy books, hockey, and have a soft spot for alt rock. 

Chris’s ability to take care of other people. He’s super fucking dependable and has more emotional intelligence than all of them put together sometimes I swear. Also he helps Dex with his homework and we definitely don’t talk about that enough. 

Ransom and Holster being Bitty’s pledge dads. The way you can see that carry over in the Tweets but especially in Ransom and Bitty’s bffls dynamic. The way Bitty is lowkey telling Holster to back off of yelling at Ransom before Ransom tells him himself. 

Which leads me to Tango is Bitty’s grandson and now I need to sit on this more for a later date 

And now for a list of friendships that I sorrowfully need more content for: 

Dex and Farmer

Nursey and Whiskey 

Holster and Chowder 

Foxtrot and anyone tbh (but defs more Tango) 

Bitty with Ollie and Wicks 

New to the Klonoa series? Curious or unsure about how to get into them? Let this guide be a way to find out more! This is a spoiler-free introduction to the Klonoa franchise that goes over each videogame and some of it’s related media. Pass this google doc around to those you think would be interested too!

<<View it here!>>


30 August 2017

Suga is the libero in Karasuno (cast members)? Interview with Engeki “Haikyuu!”’s Suga Kenta, Kageyama Tatsuya and Kosaka Ryoutarou

The Television featured these three casts of Haisute for an interview! Some points from the interview:

- Regarding how Kageyama is called among the cast, he said that there’s no particular way he’s called. Some calls him Tatsuya, some calls him Kage-chan. “But because of him (Ryoutarou)…
Ryoutarou: Yes, yes. Because my character calls him as Kageyama, they have the same surname so it’s like, “which is which?”
Kenta: A junior calling a sempai without an honorific; that kind of thing happened!
Ryoutarou: That’s inexcusable, no?

- We’re also waiting for a big highlight with regards to Kosaka’s role, Tsukishima Kei.
Ryoutarou: That’s right. So far with Tsukishima, he doesn’t hate volleyball itself but due to various reasons in relation to it. That’s why he’s a character that only does it as a club activity. With those reasons from the past along this time, Tsukishima will develop (as a character), and so I will be able to show Tsukishima and his everything.

- Will that intense episode with the childhood friend, Yamaguchi Tadashi, be included too?
Ryoutarou: I like that scene so much that I keep on reading it again and again! So I can’t help but be really excited for this stage. “It has finally come to this huh!” (lol)

Hover over some of the photos to see translated captions as well. If there are some mistakes, please feel free to correct me by sending a message through ask!

Haisute starts touring on September 8 until October 29!

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!! Hey hey Is it okay to ask for some Domestic Tendou headcannons?

God why can’t I just write five head canons and move along like normal people? This is why I take time, you lot.

- When it comes to eating, he has the tastes of a child; his favorite food is chocolate ice cream, for Pete’s sake. He has a very small selection of food he’ll eat, and even when his s/o gets them for him, he’ll only eat a little bit at a time. It stresses his s/o out, especially when they go on dates and Tendou has to order off the kids menu.

- He always wears fuzzy socks around the house, no matter the season. In winter, he gets extremely cold, so they’re his best friend. They don’t sell good quality ones for men, so he buys the ones for women in the largest size. They have pink puff balls and bows and everything, and he has no shame. He even thinks they’re cute.

- He’s one hundred percent an extrovert, no matter how much he likes to stay inside. Tendou actually cannot function without talking to at least one person throughout the day. When he’s by himself, he gets himself down, and he always needs another person there to talk to him, keep him distracted. Besides volleyball, a lot of his hobbies occur inside, but even if they do, that doesn’t mean he can’t get his energy off of being around people he loves.

- In relations to the last one, Tendou will always have friends over. After college, I see him living in an apartment with his s/o, so he always has a person with him, but with Tendou, he needs more. Not only are his friends invited over, but his s/o is pretty accustomed to Tendou sitting in the living room with three other guys and saying, “Hey! Remember that one guy in our anthropology class in college? Well yeah, this is his drug dealer and his cousin. They’re pretty chill.” His s/o just doesn’t even… question it anymore. Tendou gets along with the weirdest people.

- If Tendou and Ushijima keep in touch after high school, I see them getting together a lot on weekends, or any other time they have off. His apartment has an extra, voided bedroom (that doubles as a study) for when Ushijima stays the night. It happens pretty frequently, he might as well just start paying some of the bills.

- One hundred percent dependent on his s/o he it comes to his health, and if it weren’t for her he would be dead. I’ve mentioned this in a lot of my head canons before, but Tendou is pretty careless when it comes to basic human necessities. Unless somebody reminds him to go to sleep, he’ll wind up pulling an all-nighter. Unless somebody tells him, “hey, are you going to eat?” He literally will not eat for days. It’s not that he’s necessarily mentally unhealthy to the point where he wants to starve himself, he just forgets. He once went three days without both food, water and sleep and his body forcibly shut down on him. His s/o had to call the ambulance for the sheer fact that her boyfriend was being an idiot.

- Surprisingly, he’s not as clumsy as you’d expect a six foot two, walking string bean to be. On multiple occasions, he’s saved many vases and house plants from hitting the floor and saved his s/o’s distress along with it.

- His apartment has lots of little succulents and cacti, he finds that aesthetic cute. He couldn’t care for a pet, he can’t even care for himself, let alone another sentient being, so cacti work just fine with him.

- He plays the keyboard but only knows how to play anime intros, video game battle music and Gorillaz songs. He’s not even sure who Beethoven really is.

- There isn’t a day that goes by where he doesn’t steal his s/o’s clothes. If they’re around his size, maybe even a bit larger, he’d do it a lot more frequently. “Is that my baseball tee? That I bought yesterday?” She’d ask. Of course it is. He really doesn’t stretch the clothes much because there isn’t much of him to stretch anything, really.

- On weekends, the probability of him waking up before one pm is very, very, slim. Even if he goes to sleep, it’s not until the sun rises.

- Sometimes his s/o will find him laying across the most random of places; under the coffee table in the living room, on the bedroom floor, on her desk. Times like these, when he notices her presence, he’ll ask the most odd, obscure questions any human being could ever even ponder about asking. It drives his s/o insane because “god why can’t he just join a Reddit thread instead of making me overthink like this.”

- He knows all the misfortunes of the stains on the apartments carpets and walls. There’s a blotchy brown one in the study where his s/o accidentally dropped one of the succulents off of the desk. There’s several in the living room, all a different array of reds and pinks, from dropped popsicles in the summer. Tendou and his s/o got drunk one night and she accidentally snorted pink vodka all over their white bedroom walls out of her nose from laughing so hard. They don’t share the story behind it, it’s just “modern art” for anybody who asks.

- I can’t see him as the type who would strive to have kids. If anything, he would rather not. It’s not that he completely despises them, he’s just afraid of them. He’s afraid if he had a child they’d wind up like him and he wouldn’t know how to help them. He doesn’t want to burden another person’s life by having them inherit the bad parts of him.

- He has a map in the living room with pins all over marking the places in the world he has been and wants to go with his s/o. He really just wants to travel around and meet new people from different cultures who don’t think a mess of red hair is odd. Number one on his list is Scotland.

- When he gets into fights with his s/o, they’re usually petty things like, “How hard is it to cap the toothpaste up like this? There’s toothpaste all over the counter I wasn’t aware granite needed daily fluoride treatment too” and “Did you seriously use my hairbrush again?” “No.” “Really, ‘cause I wasn’t aware that my hair was bright fucking red.” Besides that, I can’t really see anything that is worth striking a domestic argument between Tendou and his s/o.

A Good Night’s Kiss

Happy Birthday to my wife @dontperishyet!! Here’s some floofy Kagehina for you :D I hope you have an absolutely fantabulous day full of self pampering and lovely dinners ^o^

Hinata Shouyou flopped like a fish when he slept. Which was especially terrifying to someone like Kageyama Tobio, who knocked out like a board, and stayed in whatever position it was he happened to fall asleep in.

It had scared the shit out of him, when they first moved in together. Maybe it was something he should have noticed before, considering how many training camps and sleepovers they’d done in the years prior, but for some reason, Kageyama had never noticed how much Shouyou actually moved.

Of course, noticing things that weren’t related to volleyball hadn’t exactly always been his strong point.

But it was impossible not to notice it now, considering he’d been kicked rather mercilessly in the thigh. And even if Kageyama was a heavy sleeper, Hinata’s kicks were always was enough to wake him up, even if it was 4:37 in the morning.

With a low groan, he rubbed his thigh, thinking there’d definitely be a bruise there by the time he woke up later.  

“Oy,” Kageyama nudged him, “Dumbass, you kicked me again—” he grabbed Hinata with a bit more strength than he’d intended, but dammit, if he was awake then Hinata deserved to be awake too.

“Oy, did you hear me—”

A low whimper trilled in Hinata’s throat, and though he didn’t open his eyes, he rolled over, snuggling into Kageyama’s shoulder. “—‘m sorry…”

Tobio blinked, hard, because that kind of image was too fucking cute for four in the morning. He swallowed, adjusting his arm slightly so that Hinata might be a bit more comfortable in their new position.

“Well…” he was glad it was dark, and that Hinata’s eyes were still closed, because the blush in his cheeks was something he definitely didn’t want his lover to see, “If you know then that’s fine. Just try not to move as much any—“


Kageyama sighed, “It’s fine already—”

“Didn’t eat—all the—mochi….”

Kageyama froze, a small twitch starting in his left eye.

Sleep talking??

He exhaled, shrugging Hinata off his shoulder and then rolling over, pulling the covers with him. That wasn’t anything new. Hinata was always talking in his sleep. Kageyama figured he’d be better off just closing his eyes and trying to catch a last hour of sleep or so before they’d have to get up for morning practice.

He was just about to doze off, eyes fluttering closed, when his back was smashed into, Hinata rubbing his head against Kageyama’s shoulder blades.


Kageyama stiffened, before giving off a low groan. No matter how hard he tried, he was always weak whenever it came to Shouyou. Taking another moment to collect himself, before he let go of the sheets, about to put them over Shouyou as well.

But he didn’t get to, because they were tugged harshly, all of a sudden, Hinata whining, “You always steal the covers Bakeyama!”

Kageyama twisted around, tugging the covers back just as harshly, “It’s because you kicked me dumbass!”

“I didn’t kick you—” Hinata was sort of yelling, but it was drawled out and heavy with sleep, “You always say I kick you but I don’t—” he struggled, managing to tangle himself in the sheets, “Kageyama—”

“Stop moving you idiot,” Tobio sighed, completely awake now, trying to untangle his lover from the complete fuck uppery he’d made of the sheets.


“I said stop moving!” He wrapped him in the blankets, pulling him up to his chest and holding him there, so that Hinata would finally stop squirming.

Shouyou blinked for a moment, nuzzling against Kageyama’s chest. “You’re warm…”

Kageyama clicked his tongue to hide his embarrassment, “Go to sleep. We have to be up soon.”

There was a soft exhale, Kageyama unable to resist running his hand through such a fluffy head of hair.

“…did I really kick you again?”

Tobio nodded, but then realized Hinata couldn’t see it, since his face was still buried in Tobio’s chest. So he made a general sound of affirmation instead.

“Sorry…” Hinata murmured, before shifting slightly, craning his neck up so that he could look at Tobio properly. “Goodnight kiss please.”

Kageyama felt his face flush again, squeezing Hinata in response, “It’s already morning…”

Hinata pouted, circling his fist around Tobio’s pajama shirt, “Well then make it a morning kiss!”

“That’s only after we wake up!”

“We’re already awake!”

He gave a low growl, but finally lowered his head, placing a quick kiss at the top of Hinata’s head. “There,” he said, “Now go to sleep!”

“Tobio you idiot—” Hinata flopped over, only managing to tangle the sheets again, sulking as he shifted off to the other side of the bed.

Kageyama blinked, eyes so heavy he considered just falling asleep and leaving it at that. But instead he found the strength to roll over himself, pulling Hinata’s back to his chest. “Turn your head.”


He sighed, losing patience, “Shou,” he insisted, “Look at me.”

Unable to resist the use of the nickname, Hinata craned his neck again, upon which Tobio grabbed his cheek in his hand. “You’re covered in drool.”

“So are you—”

“Then don’t complain.”

They kissed, about as unromantically as was possible at nearly five in the morning, lazy lips brushing over each other slowly.

Hinata hummed happily, snuggling into Tobio’s chest again. “Goodnight Kageyama!”

“It’s already morn—” Tobio decided to not even bother finishing his sentence, because he was too tired, and at this rate they’d never get back to sleep. If Hinata wasn’t at the top of his game for practice today he wasn’t about to let him off easy.

Of course, that’d fall to shit if Tobio was tired too.

So with a loud yawn, water gathering around his eyes, Tobio finally closed them, resting his chin on Hinata’s head, and letting his nose indulge in his lover’s scent. Better than any other pillow out there, definitely had to be Hinata’s hair. Because it was soft, and it smelled good, and even if it tickled his nose sometimes, there was just something about it that was intensely calming.

And it was precisely like that, nose happily buried in a head of fluff, that Kageyama finally fell back asleep.

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I know that blushy and prinzess like kageyama is a rather- ugh glitterly interpretation of the fandome but... i think it is also wrong to asume that all the kid things about is volleyball and jello, and that the he has rather no feelings. I don't think that kageyama is less anxious or emitional than tsukishima or oikawa, he just shows it in a other way or has a differend kind of braking point? He is still haunted from the middelscool game. But.. well this could also be me missinpreting him...

Also i dont get why it is necessary to make him extra blushy and girly like. Does the fandom not see how naturally adorable and cute he is? You don’t eaven have to make things up. Look at him. give him a ball in the hand and a milk and he smikes. Let other tease him and he pouts. And the best is how elegant and actual royal he looks in the court but off it he is a socially akward dork. Sorry i jus like this birb;;;(but i likely probably interpret him wrong )

I don’t think he has “no feelings”, he’s just not emotional. If you think about his reactions even to that “middle school trauma”, you’ll see how the only thing that affected him is basically related to the game:

Tbh, even I was surprised, that incident is horrifying on so many levels and here we have Kageyama, who’s like “Hah? Ah yeah, we were on the same team but we’re not anymore, no biggie.” 

All his characterization is this way tbh, he barely shows emotion save for irritation in game-related instances and volleyball is his “special interest” in any case. I’m also pretty sure he’s in the autistic spectrum. 

Also.. lol..Tsukishima is a severely repressed ball of angst, insecurity and ambivalence and Oikawa, Mr “I-toss-and-turn-at-night-then-act-dramatic-in-the-morning” isn’t exactly better. Kageyama is basically an ice cube in comparison, lol. Well.. not even in comparison, he is pretty fucking neutral and icy on his own lol he makes Oikawa and Tsukishima appear like characters from Greek tragedies.

Repressed ball of angst and insecurity, right after the “mocking” session:

yet another instance of that extra angst:

Mr I-toss-and-turn-at-night (also please note the shoujo-like choice of words, every time Oikawa talks about Kageyama’s eyes like that, I laugh, what the fuck? )

I’m pretty sure I could find much better examples lol but these were just within easy reach so yeah :’D

About why fandom ooc Kageyama like that… well, I could name a few possible reasons:

1) Kageyama is hard to write so they simply fail at it (I am not judging this one bc he really is hard to write)

2) They need angst and kageyama isn’t suitable for that so they ooc him (watch a fucking soap opera, who’s holding you back)

3) They ooc him so they can relate to him (don’t do this ever)

4) They wanna degrade him because he’s too superior and “unrelatable” (this happens to a lot of characters who are too perfect and whom people can’t relate to tbh, not just in hq. inferior ones get glorified, superior ones get degraded.every.damn.time. Just check how generic and mediocre chars like hinata, suga, akaashi, yamaguchi are treated in fanon lmao and compare it with kageyama, he’s always pushed into a weaker position, be it emotionally or otherwise)

(People who do the 4th should better start running in my opposite direction.)

Walls We Build

One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten | Eleven | Twelve

Alright kids… get ready to buckle up because there is going to be a lot to cover in these next few chapters. I’ve been dropping subtle hints and things you probably didn’t even know were significant since chapter three. I have no idea why I do this to myself, lol. Anyway, this is the start of it all coming out and to be honest I’m super excited to reveal all my little webs and connections, because there is a ton of stuff going on in the background of this story.

Reminder that this chapter is a little shorter than usual and I will explain why at the end.

“What the hell just happened?!”

Frustration bubbled up in Astrid’s throat and she felt like screaming. She just barely contained herself to stomping her foot and clenching her fists.

Once again Ruff knew things she didn’t. Ruff claimed she recognized Hiccup right away and instead of revealing this fact, she let Astrid flounce around in ignorance until everything blew up in their faces. She wanted to throw a tantrum and whine. It was always an uphill battle and she never felt like she was running down the other side.

After her momentary pity party Astrid wheeled around and marched until she reached Hiccup’s unit. She wasn’t about to let him avoid this conversation again; it was time for answers. She turned the door handle and cursed when she discovered it was locked.

“Ooooh, you little twerp.” She banged on his apartment door, uncaring about the noise. “Hiccup! Hiccup, I know you’re in there!”

She heard Toothless meow on the other side. “Hey buddy, let me in, huh? I need to talk to your owner,” she called to him sweetly. Her tone changed to a demand. “Come on, Hiccup! Don’t make me go get my keys, because I will just unlock the door. Either you let me in or I’ll-”

The lock clicked and the door swung open.

“-break in,” she finished. “Hiccup?”

He was gazing at the floor, half turned away from her with a distant and sad look on his face.

“Are you okay?” she asked, concerned.


“Can I come in?”

He sighed. “I’m really not ready for this conversation.”

“Too bad, it’s happening,” she said, walking past him into his apartment. “You’ve put it off long enough.”

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Inspiration for Cooperations

(All names based on a tweet by @ibis5)

  • Sakura Sojiro (佐倉惣治郎) -> Sakura Sogoro (佐倉惣五郎) 
  • Mifune Chihaya (御船千早) -> Mifune Chizuko (御船千鶴子) 
  • Iwai Munehisa (岩井宗久) -> Imai Sokyu (今井宗久) 
  • Takemi Tae (武見妙) -> Takemi Taro (武見太郎) 
  • Kawakami Sadayo ( 川上貞代 ) -> Sada Yacco aka Kawakami Sayako (川上貞奴) 
  • Oya Ichiko (大宅一子) -> Oya Soichi (大宅壮一)
  • Togo Hifumi (東郷一二三) -> Kato Hifumi (加藤一二三) 
  • Oda Shinya (織田信也) -> Oda Nobunaga (織田信長) 
  • Mishima Yuki (三島由輝) -> Mishima Yukio (三島由紀夫) 
  • Yoshida Toranosuke (吉田寅之助) -> Yoshida Shoin (吉田松陰)

My analysis and thoughts under the cut (it’s a long one again):

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I'm craving IwaOiKage hcs. Anybody got any?

i imagine kageyama gets crushes on both of them, successively (oikawa in middle school, iwaizumi in high school) but only realizes they were crushes pretty late, when there’s not much to be done about it

and then he finds himself in the same college as oikawa, and it’s the first time in years they’ve spent so much time together, and at first he’s really, really scared it will be middle school all over again, but they’ve both grown enough that once they get past the initial tension it might almost be called friendly rivalry

kageyama discovers that iwaizumi and oikawa are together and congratulates them like the good person he is and doesn’t dwell on past fantasies. he’s very happy to see iwaizumi again, though, and iwaizumi spends so much time catching up with him that oikawa forcefully drapes himself around his boyfriend to get his attention (they keep talking and iwaizumi pats oikawa every minute or so) (it would be strange to see them so domestic if kageyama hadn’t witnessed it before, back when they were only best friends and on a different side of the court from him) (not that he particularly paid attention to it.)

it’s strange, to be around them together, and even more so with the atmosphere cleared, or as much as it could be between him and oikawa, with their never ending race to be the best. it’s strange but he never wants it to end.

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30 Day Haikyuu!! Challenge!

Try not to repeat anyone too often~! 

  1. Your favourite character. 
  2. The character you first fell in love with. 
  3. The character you gradually warmed up to. 
  4. Your favourite non-Karasuno character (or Karasuno character if your favourite character isn’t from Karausno). 
  5. Your favourite team. 
  6. Your favourite volleyball position. 
  7. Your favourite wing spiker. (WS)
  8. Your favourite middle blocker. (MB)
  9. Your favourite setter (S). 
  10. Your favourite libero (Li). 
  11. Your favourite team captain. 
  12. Your favourite manager. 
  13. Your favourite non-player character. 
  14. Your favourite friend/ship. 
  15. Your favourite animal representation (crow, cat, owl, eagle, etc.)
  16. Your favourite uniform. 
  17. Who would you have on your volleyball team? 
  18. How would you fair on a volleyball team and which position?
  19. Beach volleyball! How would it go? 
  20. Alternate universe of your choice. 
  21. Crossover of your choice. 
  22. Personality swap of your choice (between as many people as you wish!) 
  23. Draw a tall Hinata (bonus if taller than Kageyama.)
  24. The character that you relate to the most. 
  25. The character that touched you the most. 
  26. The character that underwent the most development. 
  27. The character you want to be friends with. 
  28. The character you think is the most underrated. 
  29. Wild card- something of your own choice. 
  30. Last day! Anything to say to the cast if you could meet any/all of them? 
Character Personality Analysis (1 / ?)

Everyone gets annoyed when their favorite character isn’t portrayed as they think it should be, because not everyone pays attention as well to certain characters as they do to others. This is just a little series I might be starting based around how I believe characters were meant to be portrayed and keeping as close to canon as possible. Starting with two of my personal favorites [ and a lot of people’s favorites as well, I’m sure ], Tsukishima Kei and Oikawa Tooru. I found these characters to be the most complex and difficult to portray, and lord knows I love characters like them. This is also meant to be reference to me for when I am writing these characters.

Kei Tsukishima; The thing about dear french fry-san is that he’s easily misinterpreted if you don’t look closely enough. I reblogged a post I think pretty recently regarding him and giving better evidence than I think I might be able to now. How I’ve always thought of his personality is extremely teasing towards people he is close to. Here’s the thing though, Tsukishima is also extremely respectful of others. Have you ever seen him be a complete ass towards Yachi or Yamaguchi? Maybe Noya or Tanaka, or even Kuroo? No, because though he tends to be sassy, blunt and very apathetic at times, he still knows when to make sure that he doesn’t go to far. I feel that he just has a very dry sense of humor, also you can see him picking on Hinata and Kageyama because the traits that they had reminded him of his brother, whom as of right now he has a rocky relationship with. Even the nicest of people can become mean towards someone who annoys them at times. In spite of all of this, here is what sometimes annoys me about fanon interpretations of Tsukishima. He is portrayed to never smile. So, Tsukishima’s grin is usually rather condescending or ‘snake-like’, because he is just like that, I’m not sure what else to say about it. Sometimes he doesn’t want to do things and he’s a little scared to give his full 110% out of fear that he’ll end up disappointed in the end. But that doesn’t mean he’s not a normal teenage boy, I vividly remember an episode in the second season where Nishinoya is messing with him, trying to grab at his glasses or something and he’s laughing. People act like he’s this cold machine all the time, which rather bothers me I suppose, though maybe it’s because he is difficult to portray. He’s just a big nerd who likes music and dinosaurs, please love him. As one last thing, lets not forget that this boy is so smart. Through is character development he has shown to not only be observant and a quick thinker, but he makes such good plays and when he’s communicating he can absolutely help lead his team to success.

Tooru Oikawa; I almost think that Oikawa’s character is a little easier to show compared to Tsukishima, but only what is shown up front. A lot of times people forget the deeper aspect of his personality that is absolutely canon, or they go a little overboard with it. As is what happens with a multitude of different characters from different series. Oikawa acts outwardly cheerful and charming, and I think this is the result of his fangirls, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have these traits. In fact, I’m sure that he is the type of person to be rather obnoxiously sunny, to an extent. Let’s not forget that he is a teasing person and likes to get on peoples nerves, towards ‘Iwa-chan’ you can see this most clearly, with remarks like ‘you’ll get hurt if you think too hard without a brain iwa-chan’ or ‘You don’t have to show off, you’re trying a little too hard.’ Let us be reminded that usually after his cheerful remarks he says something serious and if you aren’t used to it, actually a little unnerving. It has been shown that Oikawa is extremely observant and intelligent (he is in class 6, which i’m not sure is average or not for third years, but it is above class 4, which is college prep). Also, people often forget how hardworking he is, Oikawa is not the type to slack off, especially when it comes to volleyball (whether it is for childish reasons or not, I’m not quite sure), and he has injured himself multiple times, putting off a knee surgery that he needs to keep playing. Lastly, I think the traits that make him relatable are usually overlooked in his fandom. He is childish and envious, having a ‘nasty’ personality behind his cheery exterior. These things make him an important character for me, because the drive his character and make him interesting. So hopefully this has shed some light on this sort of thing.

[If i’ve gone this far I might as well have just rewritten the wiki’s :’D In all seriousness though if you read this go ahead and add some things or use it to your advantage I guess, thanks for taking the time to do so.

+side note, when it comes to humor sometimes i’m not bothered by some of the mentioned interpretations] 

Blueberry muffins and milk:  III

(This is a full spoiler Kageyama Tobio meta for both the manga and anime.)

I.  If I’m your foil and you’re his foil and he’s my foil then we can all foil each other well enough (we’re all gems):  Kageyama & Sugawara & Oikawa

  • I set best free for the team:  Sugawara and Kageyama
  • Until your idols become your rivals:  Oikawa and Kageyama

II.  Dictator King to Decent King:  Failures at Kitagawa Daiichi

III.  As long as I am here:  That special person

IV.  The team is strong when all six are strong:  Relationship with Karasuno

V.  Setter Soul:  work ethic, passion, respect, faith

[Part I] — [Part II] — [Part III] — [Part IV] — [Part V]

III.  As long as I am here:  That special person

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In a futsal court,
MUCC VS Psycho le Cemu
in a soft-volleyball match.

I… missed how this is supposed to be related to The End Of The World, but I mean. It’s fun to watch, who cares XD;

MUCC lost

And all had to get an electric shock from the rubics cube from before.

Psycho le Cemu got to push the button on the car, the next stop will be 2014, TRENDY!

Don’t Let Me Go

[Part 2]

This is a little thing i started writing over the summer and finished now. I’m not sure why this idea came to me, but I really enjoyed it :3c so i hope you feel the same!
As always thanks Mari for being an awesome beta, you rock ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)

“Kageyama!” Tobio hears for the fourth time in 15 minutes. “Tobiiooo!”

Not bothering to open his eyes, Tobio hums in response.

“Come closer. I want to cuddle,” Shouyou says.

Tobio hears him clearly, but he can’t bring himself to move. His lack of response, however, isn’t enough to put an end to the requests. A hand starts sliding over one of his arms, fingertips carefully touching the skin until they sit in his palm.

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oikawa is honestly such a deep, multifaceted character, and very easy to relate to… it’s a real shame when people reduce him to just being a petty antagonist u_u

oikawa’s primary motivations are fear and insecurity. like many people, he places his self-worth in what he does; in this case, volleyball. so of course he wants to be at the top. he loves the sport, he loves to play, but he also wants to be recognized, so he does his absolute best to improve. he trains all the time, stays up all night watching videos, gives 100% at pretty much every moment.

and then someone much younger than him, a prodigy, comes along and with seemingly half the effort, begins to achieve everything he’s spent years working for.

so he feels threatened, because of his self-worth being so tied up in volleyball. he feels resentment, because he’s put forth so much effort. and the thing is, that is so easy to relate to, if you think about it. how many comics have you seen on this site about younger artists drawing masterpieces and making you feel like shit? yeah. it’s a genuine struggle that many of us have experienced in some way or another.

and i mean, ffs, oikawa teaches little kids how to play volleyball. he’s not a bad guy. he’s a teenager, struggling through doubt, insecurity, and jealousy.

in summary: oikawa tooru defense squad 2k15 and forever tbqh