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Iwaoi; Food for thoughts

Since my earlier posts were all on the serious side of things, have some of my personal thoughts on my favourite pairing. Just note that these are all purely my personal opinion on things, it’s not meant to call people out in anyway. Let’s begin shall we?

I can just imagine Iwa getting a little clingy sometimes and nuzzling into Oikawa’s chest for attention; there are days where he yearns Oikawa’s warmth and wants to be doted on once in awhile. I want him casually sitting on Tooru’s lap, resting his head on his boyfriend’s shoulder for support, being really gentle when he is tired; not grumpy like how must people think he’ll be. He isn’t that guy who only threatens to hit Oikawa all the time, he has a soft side, I’m sure of it. Also, I imagine him to be very good with pets and children? Cats love him. Dogs lick him too much. Children fawn over him. And Oikawa thinks it’s really cute? 

I know we have a lot of Iwa being an actual sweetheart and taking care of Oikawa when he’s sick, but why not reverse it? Tooru trying his very best to take care of his small boyfriend, and though he occasionally screws up with the soup or something, Iwa is still grateful and very happy? He worries that Tooru might catch what he has and thus very firm on the idea of no kisses - though he really wants them too. Like come on, why is Tooru always the clingy one? Have some clingy Iwa who gets jealous about Oikawa’s fangirls; Iwa who wants as much attention as he can probably get from his boyfriend. Have Iwa be the one who initiates for kisses, holding of hands, cuddles, flustered sometimes when Tooru gives him surprise kisses and hugs.

Make Iwa the clumsy one; bumping into doors, tripping on his shoelaces, scalding himself with hot water. Swap all these around a little, give stuff you would give to Oikawa to Iwa instead. Make Oikawa the one getting a tattoo, Iwa always tracing it when he feels down or nervous. If not, better, give them matching tattoos. Give Iwa small freckles and moles, being a little insecure about them at times, but Oikawa right there with a weird obsession with kissing them, telling him he’s perfect the way he is. 

Give him days where he can’t keep it in, and he resorts to letting it out through crying - make Oikawa the person who tells him it’s okay, that it’s okay to cry, it’s okay to let it all out. Make Iwa be the one who pushes himself too hard sometimes, Oikawa having to tell him to take care of himself, don’t do things that could hurt himself or try and prove something he did long ago. Just give Iwa some softer headcanons, and Oikawa more badass ones, give them variety and explore. Don’t forget that Iwa isn’t just a gruff character, Oikawa isn’t just a soft, whiny one too. For fuck’s sake, have Iwa be the one upset with Oikawa being late for his date, going back on his promise. Have Oikawa protecting Iwa, hugging him and telling him he’s enough. 

Have Tooru be the one chiding him for questioning his role as ace. Have more Tooru assuring Iwaizumi everything is going to be alright. Have Tooru standing up for Iwa, comforting him with more canoodling in bed. 

Have these two idiots go on dates at the waterpark; compete on who could race down the slide the quickest. The aquarium; seeing a fish and telling the other, “Look, that’s you.”, before proceeding to laugh about it. Have them go to the beach, secretly taking photos of the other, genuinely enjoying themselves. Make them go stargazing, Oikawa telling Iwaizumi he’s prettier than the whole galaxy; even prettier than the aliens. Or even the zoo; their first time feeding a giraffe together.

Give them days where they fight, don’t talk to each other for awhile. Make them make up, having some make-up snuggles. Portray them as an actual couple who have their ups and down, learning how to overcome their problems together.

I don’t know man, but I’ve seen a lot of fanfiction and fanart with Iwa always being the stronger guy, just make him the soft guy for once. Make Oikawa the strong dependable guy he truly is.

How to hate on Gency 101

1. Be disgusted by the erasure of sexual orientation. Find out that many Gency fans are not straight. Call them “straighties” anyway.

2. Find out that many Gency shippers ship homosexual ships as well, such as Mchanzo and Pharmmetra. Call them homophobic anyway.

3. Understand that Gency is an interracial ship and that Asian men are rarely paired romantically with white women in American culture. Ignore these merits and call the ship racist anyway.

4. Agree that writers shouldn’t necessarily give into pressure based on fans flooding them with comments and popularity polls. Many writers have made unpopular decisions that you agree with like killing off a character or making a lead in their next work female. Ignore this and get mad that Michael Chu won’t make ships canon based on popularity anyway.

5. Be a huge advocate against racism. Believe Michael Chu identifies as Genji just because they are both Asian anyway.

6. Tag Gency hate in the Gency tag and write long posts about how terrible the fans and ship are. When Gency fans respond, call them “toxic” anyway.

7. Rage about your ship not being canon. When a Gency fan responds, say, “The straights are angry” anyway. Return to ranting a minute later.

8. Love that Michael Chu and the writers made Overwatch’s mascot character a lesbian. Treat Michel Chu like a homophobe anyway.

9. Understand that Mercy is no longer Genji’s doctor. Treat it as an unethical doctor x patient relationship anyway.

If you’ve managed all nine steps then… CONGRATULATIONS! You are ready to take your hatred for Gency to the next level. 

Daddy’s Girl

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“I talked to the girls earlier today. They are very excited to go filming with Daddy that they don’t mind me leaving.”

Christian watched with worry as you packed your suitcase. He didn’t even realize you were talking to him until you waved your hand in front of his face. “What?” 

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Imagine #1: Long, Long Night

The crying. It was nonstop crying. Not even for a few hours, but since you’d gotten on the plane in LA to fly back to London. Of course Harry wasn’t there. He’d left with the boys earlier that morning. 

So there you sat. Alone. On a plane. With your crying child. You’re daughter was attached to Harry, just as you were, but you knew that this would happen. She couldn’t bear being away from him when he went to the bathroom, so lord knows him being in a completely different time zone was going to be disastrous.

Harry had been amazing enough in always bringing the two of you with him. Whether it was touring, recording, press events, award shows or just traveling, he made it a point to have you and Y/D/N with you. You loved it. You loved him.

What you didn’t love was the high pitched squeals as you sat in the back of the cab driving you to your flat. You couldn’t take much more, and you knew Harry wouldn’t be done performing until much later in the night. In fact the concert probably hadn’t started yet. 

“Excuse me?” You leaned forward towards the driver. He raised his eyebrows at you and looked in the rear view mirror. “I’m sorry. But could you take us to the O2?” It was your only chance at peace and quiet…or at least no crying. 

The driver nodded and switched his direction. As he drove through the busy streets you did your best to calm your anxious daughter’s tears. 

“Daddy’s here honey. He just has to work.” Her young two year old mind couldn’t understand that he’d be home in no time. It was fair. Sometimes you weren’t even sure you’d get to see him. 

The crying intensified as the cab pulled up outside the stagedoor entrance. 

“You sure about this miss? They’re picky about who gets in here.” The cabbie was watching you curiously as you picked up your daughter and your two bags. 

“Trust me. It’ll be fine.” You assured him as you paid him and left him a tip. “I really appreciate.” You smiled before walking away. You reached the stage door and immediately it opened.

“I’m sorry, but do you have-” Paul stopped when he saw your teary-eyed daughter and your dreary eyes. “Oh my.” He chuckled stepping to the side so you could enter. “What’s the matter?” He asked relieving you of your heavy daughter. 

“She hasn’t stopped since we got on the plane. Not even to sleep or eat. She cries through food and hasn’t slept and neither have I. I haven’t eaten come to think of it.” Your stomach grumbled as you realized the series of unfortunate events you had lived through. 

“I guess she misses Harry.” Paul sighed as she kept crying even in his arms. He handed him back to you with a sympathetic smile. 

“She does.” You mumbled rubbing her back and bouncing on your heels. You were desperate at this point. Even though you’d been bouncing, rubbing, patting and cooing for almost 17 hours you were still hopeful that it might just work this time. “Is there anyway I could see him?” Paul’s face killed any hope of the end of the tears.

“They just went on.” He looked everywhere but at you. At least he understood how desperate you were. “You know what,” He mumbled walking away, leaving you to stand by the stage door.

“Paul?” You waited for a response. “PAUL?!” You called out again. You heard a whistle come from one of the back rooms. “What are you doing?” You followed the sound as your daughter kept wailing. 

“Here.” He placed a pair of soundproof headphones on your daughter’s head and she went quiet for a few seconds. “Follow me.” Paul began to lead you both down a long concrete hallway. “You should still be able to find some chairs in front of the stage. Maybe he’ll see you.” He shouted as the crowd became louder and louder. 

“Thank you!” You mouthed before slipping out from behind the curtain that hid the entrance to backstage. You walked alongside the tall stage hoping to find a seat somewhere. When you eventually found one it was the furthest from where Harry was standing. There was no way you were going to be able to yell over thousands of fans, and certainly no way you could jump or wave your hands to get his attention.  

You were beginning to question your wit. Bringing Y/D/N to the concert to see Harry and hopefully stop the crying fit seemed like a great idea. But now that it was in action it seemed like a waste of energy and time. You could’ve have been back in your flat by now. Unpacked, cooking something to eat and maybe Y/D/N would have stopped crying by now. 

Just as you were about to turn on your heels to walk away you saw Harry walk towards you. As you saw him he saw you and your daughter. His eyes lit up and your daughter stopped crying. 

“Hello!” You shouted as Y/D/N began to smile and laugh instead. “I told you daddy was okay.” You giggled as she waved. 

Harry watched both of you as he waited to sing. For the rest of the night, every time he sang he would blow you both a kiss when he finished. The concert lasted for a few hours, but the lack of crying made it seem like a few seconds. 

As the crowd began to usher out Paul came out to lead you and Y/D/N backstage again. Your daughter began to whimper the second Harry had walked off stage and a pit of anxiety was growing in your gut at the thought of the wails. Tiredly you continued to bounce her watching the door to the dressing room open. When it finally did you almost found yourself crying out of relief. 

“There’s my baby girls.” Harry nearly ran the short distance between the two of you. “Aww, what’s with all the tears?” He lifted Y/D/N out of your arms and held her close to him. “There we go. You gave mommy a hard time today didn’t you angel?” He smiled as she started to close your eyes. 

“Finally.” You mumbled as you watched the two of them. Harry heard you and chuckled. He looked you up and down before smirking a little. 

“You look hungry, tired and stressed.” He laughed a little but adjusted his hold on your daughter so he had an arm to wrap around you. 

“I am. I am. And I am.” You sighed, breathing in his scent and relaxing. Finally you were free of the crying and the desperate pleas for silence that went unheard by your toddler. 

“You wanna go home?” Harry asked kissing the top of your head. You nodded. “Okay. Let’s go. No more crying.” 

Lily + Sirius Friendship Headcanons

requested by @deerprongs (ily <3) wow this ended up being long af

  • Lily actually met Sirius in first year and they got on pretty well until she found out he was best friends with James
  • They didn’t interact much beyond pranks and arguments because Lily found it hard to be around the pair of them without getting homicidal urges 
  • That is, until the time she hexes him in front of all the other third years and Sirius isn’t sure whether to be angry or impressed as tentacles come out of his ears
  • He chooses to be impressed
  • They finally get close once James starts to clean up his act
  • Showing they care about each other through insults and name-calling to the point where people who don’t know that’s just how they are are slightly alarmed by the endless banter
  • The pair of them taking Astronomy together and going up to the tower to study the stars
  • “Hey Sirius, is that the star you’re named after?”
  • “Evans, I’m offended.  The star was named after me.”  
  • It’s during one of these night study sessions, on a cloudy night where it was nearly impossible to see anything anyway, when Sirius admits to Lily that he just as equally got kicked out of his home as he did run away from it, and although he puts on a brave face because he knows it’s what people expect from him, he’s not sure he’ll ever amount to anything but a disappointment
  • Sirius gets a Howler at breakfast the next morning and ignores it thinking it’s from his mum but then the envelope explodes and Lily’s voice shouts “SIRIUS BLACK, I JUST WANT TO LET YOU KNOW YOU’RE A WONDERFUL PERSON AND I REALLY VALUE OUR FRIENDSHIP, YOU’RE GOING TO DO GREAT THINGS!”
  • It means more to him than she’ll ever know.
  • “You know you’ve got my support no matter what, right? I mean it, I’ve got your back.”
  • Sirius constantly talking James up to Lily with things like “he’s such a great Quidditch player” and “wow hasn’t he gotten so handsome this year?”
  • “Are you in love, Padfoot?” :P 
  • Always rating things the other does out of 10 
  • Lily tripping and spilling her books across the hall and Sirius shouts “8/10, excellent form!” from a few feet away
  • Sirius burping and Lily scoffing 
  • “3.2, that was so weak, Black.”
  • Lily admitting to him that she would say yes if James asked her out just one more time and Sirius leaps up so fast he makes her jump, then bolts to find James with a long call of “PROOOOOOONGS!” as he runs down the corridor
  • Huge groans whenever Lily mentions James after they start dating because bloody hell, he thought smitten James was bad but it never occurred to him that smitten Lily would be 10x worse
  • But let’s be real we all know Sirius is the Captain of the Jily ship
  • In fact he has just as many Lily stories to tell at the wedding as he has about James
  • Like the time Lily helped him bewitch the benches in the Great Hall to appear solid, only to have every student fall right through them onto the ground
  • Lily is the only one allowed to give Sirius a haircut 
  • She’s actually giving him a haircut in her and James’s living room when she casually drops the pregnancy and godfather bombs on him and James is in the background, just beaming.
  • Sirius leaps up causing Lily to snip wayyyyy too big a chunk of hair but he doesn’t even care, he breaks down crying because he’s just so happy and then oh god they’re all crying and laughing and sniffling as they hug
  • “Stop crying, you sap!” “I will when you do!”
  • Sirius’s blood runs cold when he hears that Voldemort found them.
  • It isn’t Snape who holds Lily’s body that night, it’s Sirius. 
  • Because as heartbroken as he is over James, his brother, the fact that anyone could actually want to kill kind-hearted, gentle, laughs-like-a-tinkling-bell Lily makes him lose all faith in humanity. 
  • So he sits there, legs bent at awkward angles because they simply collapsed from under him when he walked in that room, and he’s holding Harry in one arm and Lily’s limp hand in the other, rubbing his thumb on her skin and staring blankly ahead with tears pouring down his face for what feels like years
  • And it’s that memory that haunts him most in Azkaban.

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*Tease* (Chapter Two)(1000 Follower Fic!)

Welcome back! Thanks so much for all the love on Chapter One, this is so much fun to write!
This Chapter is more of Nat/Tony because them as besties is the CUTEST!!!
I tagged everyone who liked/commented yesterday, sorry if I missed anyone! If you want to be added to the list just let me know!


Enjoy :)


“This.” Natasha handed Tony something in a dark red, and something else in pale blue. “Wear this.” She took another sip of her champagne, which was really half the reason she even shopped at this store. A glass of champagne as you browse the lace and silk and satin lingerie in the intimate little shop.

“Um, Nat.” Tony held up the two hangars, raising his eyebrows. “I will admit to being new to this whole, lingerie thing? But baby girl there’s literally nothing here.”

“Nonsense.” Natasha pushed her hair off her shoulder and grinned a little wickedly. “This is the top.” she slid her fingers through the lace. “And this is the bottom.”

“No.” Tony shook his head. “This is a string.”

“It’s a thong, Tony.”

“It’s a string, Natasha!” Tony retorted and she giggled–legitimately giggled at him.

“Tony. Just– okay, you obviously can’t try on the bottom, but please just try on the top. I think the red will be so pretty on you and Bucky wears red all the damn time. And that pale blue will make Steve’s perfectly shaped head explode.” She giggled again, tipping her glass up to empty it and taking the mostly full glass from Tony’s hand. “I’ll take this. You go try things on.”

“Okay. So red for Bucky, blue for Steve. So what do I wear if I want them both drooling over me at the same time?”

“Ah.” Tasha rifled through the lingerie rack in front of them. “This.” She held up something black and skimpy with a triumphant smile.

“I don’t even know what that is.” Tony said, his eyes a little wide and Natasha sighed.

“So you know when I wear those little dresses you boys all like so much?”

“Oh my god, like the leopard one you wore at my birthday?” Tony groaned a little. “Nat that killed me. Killed me. I’m dating two super soldiers, and I would still just–” he cleared his throat awkwardly. “Anyway. Leopard dress.”

“It’s alright, Tony.” She winked. “I wear those dresses for a reason. And I wear stockings under all those dresses, remember?”

“No.” Tony shook his head. “No, honey, my eyes stop moving when they land on that ass of yours.” He took the champagne from her and drank it quickly. “Explain this little…this little thing. Keep going.”

“Alright, well I always wear stockings. And this—” she held up the little black item. “is holding my stockings up.”

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Yours, Unfaithfully [Chapter 10]

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Chapter 1  Chapter 2  Chapter 3  Chapter 4  Chapter 5  Chapter 6  Chapter 7  Chapter 8  Chapter 9

There was no denying that you would never love another soul as deeply and as unconditionally as you loved Jaebum but still, as you finally fell asleep, one question resounded in your mind…

What about Jackson?

The soft morning light pulled you from your slumber and all you could feel was the warmth of Jaebum’s broad chest pressed against your back.

His strong arms wrapped around you tightly, holding onto to what he almost lost for dear life. Although you couldn’t see his face, you smiled as you remembered it all too well. His features were even more beautiful in the light of day, especially when he was this close.

You knew after a night like the one you shared, he would be out for a few hours still. His ability to sleep through just about anything amazed you.

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Coincidences Part I (Bucky x Reader)

Okay, so this is me attempting at one of those “I texted you by accident and we ended up talking and I actually think you’re a pretty decent human being” tropes. I don’t know how it’s going to work out because this is the first time I’m doing something like this, but I dunno.  Maybe it’ll be cool. 


Without further ado: Happy Reading!

Pairing: Bucky x Reader (Modern AU if that’s what its called)

Words: 4259

Warnings: I mean, swearing a little. But none other than that. 

Excerpt:  Blowing a sigh through your nose, you realize you probably should just leave it alone and not answer at all. Then again, you are slightly curious to at least find out who texted you. They obviously thought they were talking to someone else, so it couldn’t hurt to maybe steer them in a different direction. Maybe.

*After writing this first part, I have determined that this is going to have to be a multi-part fic. Yeah. This got away from me, but I’m gonna try to post the parts in succession. 

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Your name: submit What is this?

New Message from: Unknown

3:32 p.m hey u still wanna get that drink sometime? 

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I was just reading recently on a dance forum where someone had posted a photo of some untrained girls in pointe shoes holding onto a railing for a cosplay photo of Princess Tutu and Kraehe, and was calling it “despicable” and “offensive” and a “disgrace to ballet” it was mostly other ballet dancers that were dragging them for wearing them or not having the correct footing or position, and basically being bitches making fun of girls even who don’t go en pointe for cosplaying and dressing up as ballerinas

like first of all, I’m not going to say that it’s not dangerous. because it is, especially if you’re not holding onto something. so if you want to do a princess tutu cosplay, go ahead and buy some pointe shoes if you would like but PLEASE don’t actually go en pointe because you could really hurt yourself, fall, break a toe or ankle, or rip a tendon that could leave you with a life long injury. it’s your own choice in the end but nobody wants to end up falling and seriously hurting yourself. even most people in the cosplay community advise tutu cosplayers not to go en pointe

but that’s not my point (fuck, that was not supposed to be funny)

most of the girls here were acting like snooty stuck up pretentious bitches. if a girl loves ballet and she doesn’t have any training, let the damn girl dress up and have some fun! she’s not actually thinking she is, or claiming to be a real ballerina. shoes are just shoes. there’s nothing to get offended over and sorry to break it to you but you being a ballerina doesn’t make you better than any other girl. you aren’t the only one allowed to wear special shoes. you can’t police other people and stop them from trying on a pair of shoes and pretending and having fun dressing up as a fictional character for the day. and calling them a disgrace to ballet or making fun of their bad form (how would they even know if they haven’t actually had training, anyways) is just elitist and whiny

anyways, rant over

Broken hearted- Jughead x Reader

Request: Can I request an imagine where Jughead and Betty are like making out and reader walks in on it but Betty’s known the reader has been in love with Jughead since they were 7 or 8 and the reader’s so hurt and see how the gang reacts to that. You pick whose side they take in all of it. But can you make it like super angsty and more like the calm before a big storm in the beginning. I’m so sorry if this is too much to ask for. -anonymous

A/N: Of course it’s not too much to ask, thank you for the request Anon! Also, I made Betty out to be a bit of a bitch in this, but I actually love Betty! Don’t hate me!

Summary: The reader is in love with Jughead but catches Betty and him making out and it’s heartbroken. Will there be a happy ending?

Warnings: Swearing, fluff!!!

Word count: 1'774


It was no secret that you were completely and irrevocably in love with Jughead Jones. You had been for as long as you could remember, and had been best friends with him for even longer. Sometimes you felt like Jughead may like you back, but never had the courage to do anything about it in fear of rejection or ruining your friendship. It was always Y/N and Jughead. But you wished Y/N and Jughead meant more than the two best friends who kept themselves to themselves.

It was a Friday evening and you were heading to Pop’s to meet Veronica for a catch up over a milkshake or two. You’d had an awful day in all honesty. You’d woken up late, had a math test that you’d probably failed and for some reason Jughead had been somewhat off with you. You brushed it off and assumed it was just because of everything going on with his dad. You hadn’t actually wanted to go out tonight, but Veronica had practically forced you, but little did you know; your awful day was about to get a lot worse.

You stepped through the front door of Pop’s diner and were greeted with the familiar fluorescent lights that filled the darkness. You spotted Ronnie in a booth to your right and made your way over and sat down opposite her as she greeted you. “Hey Y/N, I ordered you a strawberry milkshake: your usual.” She smiled, pushing the full milkshake glass towards you, careful not to spill any. “Thanks V” you replied. “So today I was in cheer practice and…” Ronnie gossiped. But your attention was drawn elsewhere and her blabbering faded into the background and you spotted something you really had not wanted to see. Jughead and Betty. In a booth beside one another. That part was fine, but what happened next was what made your stomach drop into the bottom of your shoes. Slowly they leaned in and planted their lips on each other’s, and you could have sworn you heard your heart shatter. You began to shake as you brought your hand up to meet your mouth. It wasn’t just a quick peck either. They continued to deepen the kiss and it looked somewhat sloppy and intense. “Y/N are you even listening?” Veronica’s voice snapped you back to reality but out of the corner of your eye you could still see the two of them sucking each other’s faces off. A small tear rolled down your cheek and you managed to whisper “I’m sorry V I have to go.” And with that you stood from the booth. Veronica turned her head in the direction of the thing on which your gaze was fixed, and she let out a gasp. “Oh my god that bitch!” But by the time she’d noticed and was making her way over to their booth, you were already out the door. You didn’t know where to go. You couldn’t go home. Your parents would be quizzical about why you were upset and probably tell you to get over it. You couldn’t go to Betty’s house for obvious reasons. So you found yourself on a park bench in the middle of Riverdale, your knees drawn up to your chest and you heaved sobs and your mind raced. How could Betty do that to you? She was meant to be your friend. Everyone knew how you felt about Jughead apart from Jughead. You were suddenly hit by the realisation that you’d been kidding yourself for years. Jughead didn’t love you, nor would he ever. He obviously liked Betty now, and any chances of you and him being anything more than best friends had been flushed down Pop’s diner toilet. You hadn’t thought being broken hearted would feel like this. You thought you’d just feel empty and a bit sad, when in actual fact there was a deep and agonising pain in your chest reminding you of what you’d lost, but the truth is, you hadn’t lost anything, because Jughead Jones had never actually been yours.

What you didn’t know was that as soon as you left, Veronica stormed over to Betty and Jughead’s booth and tore the two off each other. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” She yelled, not loud enough to attract a lot of attention. The two of them just looked dumbfounded, however Betty had more of a knowing look to her for eyes. “Erm..V-” Betty began but was cut off. “Don’t you V me! I expected better of you Betty. You knew how she felt. How she always felt and you did this! Some friend you are.” Veronica shamed her. Jughead sat confused in the booth, separating the two of them. “Oh come on V, it wasn’t going to happen anyway, she had to get over it.” Veronica shook her head in disbelief and said under her breath; “You shady bitch.” Jughead finally decided to speak up. “Will someone please tell me what’s going on?” But Veronica shook her head in disbelief. “As if you don’t even know.” And with that she walked out of Pop’s leaving the pair alone once again.

Archie received a phone call from a very angry Veronica in which she explained the situation. Archie knew Jughead, and knew that he would never try to hurt you on purpose, but also couldn’t believe Betty would go behind your back in such a way. He decided to take matters into his own hands and also made his way to Pop’s diner. Once inside he spotted the same booth Veronica had been in only 30 minutes ago, except this time only one person sat there. Jughead Jones. It was definitely after 10pm so the diner was almost empty. “What were you thinking Man?” Archie asked his best friend as he slid into the booth opposite him. “I kissed Betty, what do you mean what was I thinking?” Jughead asked. He’d obviously been sat trying to put together the pieces and work out what he’d done wrong. Archie decided to put him out of his misery. “Y/N is heartbroken dude!” He whisper shouted. And suddenly Jughead’s eyes filled with dread. “What? Why?” He questioned, his voice faltering in fear that he always knew the answer. “Come on Jug, she’s obviously head over heels for you! She always has been. And to see you kissing Betty broke her dude!” Jughead was filled with a sudden rage at himself. He sighed and removed his grey beanie, running his slender fingers through his raven locks. “Oh shit.” Was all he said. He hated that he’d hurt Y/N. “She actually likes me?” Jughead asked in disbelief. “She loves you Jug, you’re the only one too blind to see.” And all of a sudden, fragments of his and your relationship came flooding back as he thought over all the hints, all the things he’d missed whilst he’d too been hoping you felt the same about him. “Archie the only reason I was with Betty was to try and get over Y/N! I thought she’d never like me and Betty was there you know, she comforted me!” Archie let out a snort. “Comforted you because she wanted to get into your pants!” He joked. Jug gave Archie a ‘not funny’ look. “I’ve fucked up big time.” Jughead whispered. “Yep. And I suggest you do something about it.” Archie said before again leaving Jughead with his thoughts.

Veronica finally found you on the bench you’d arrived at hours before. You were still sitting, your legs pulled up to your chest, tears escaping from both eyes. She ran over to you and placed an arm around your shoulders. “Shhh, it’s ok Y/N.” and you just buried your head into her pearl-covered neck and cried as she rubbed your back. “All boys are idiots, us girls have to stick together.” She reassured you, and you let out a little chuckle. “And don’t worry, I gave Betty a little piece of my mind before I left.” She said, obviously trying to cheer you up. You heard someone clear their throat from the other side of the bench and looked up only to be met with the person you really did not want to see right now. Jughead. “If you’re here to do some more damage, feel free to leave!” Veronica defended you. Jughead looked slightly taken aback but replied “I’d just like to talk to Kirsty, alone.” Ronnie met your gaze as if questioning you. “It’s ok V.” You told her, and with that she gave you a reassuring smile and left the two of you alone.

Jughead took her place on the bench and looked down at his hands as if anticipating what to say. “Y/N I’m sorry” was all he could manage. You stayed silent. “I had no idea you felt that way.” He told you, and you chuckled, wiping a twat from your left cheek. “Well now you do, not that it changes anything.” But Jughead began to shake his head furiously, turning so that he was facing you. “No it changes everything!” He said, catching your attention. “It changes everything because I was only with Betty to get over you because you are too good for me! You always have been Y/N.” when you remained silent, Jughead took that as his cue to continue. “I did it because I thought you’d never feel the same about me. I love you Y/N.” And his hand moved to cup your cheek. You leaned into his touch, enjoying it whilst it was there. “You’re so perfect, and I’ve never felt about anyone, the way I do about you. I love you.” He repeated, and you rested your forehead against his, hastily bringing your lips together. They swam the distance between one another and began to move in sync. Fireworks erupted in your stomach and slowly your broken heart began to mend. Jughead was kissing you. The boy you’d been in love with for as long as you could remember, and suddenly everything was ok again. You pulled apart due to the need for air, and you assumed the position resting your foreheads against each other again, short breaths escaping both of you. “I love you too” you told him, and his face flooded with the biggest smile you’d ever seen, a sort of relief filing his eyes, along with a couple of tears. He planted a kiss on your forehead and you curled into his side, inhaling his familiar scent. “I will never hurt you again Y/N, I promise.” And you believed him.

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NCT 127 reaction to you being dominant in bed


Anon: nct u/127 reaction to gf (or bf) being dom in bed please?? 😋 thank you~~

Hi! I hope you enjoy reading this lol - had a lotta fun doing it! Obviously this excludes Mark and Haechan. Tell me what you think! Bisous, Flo xx

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Genji, Zenyatta, Zarya, and Lucio (if that's too many I understand, go ahead and pick your favorites in that case) with an S/o who comes up with really weird nicknames for pretty much everything? Like, calling them "my favorite toaster waffle" as normal as calling someone "dear". Sorry if this is really weird. I love your imagines! <3


  • He finds it adorable, like everything about you. He was a little thrown off the first time but he quickly got into it. 
  • He could talk about your weird nicknames all day and has. Zenyatta finds his enthusiasm about you really cute but Hanzo looks a bit awkward, not sure how to react yet.


  • He doesn’t even find it odd at least until Genji points it out, he just shrugs and accepts it as a part of you.
  • He comes up with a few of his own, everyone giving the pair of you a weird look when you call each other toasters. Everyone’s relationships won’t be the same and the two of you love to do it, so why change it.


  • She kinda does it anyway, things getting a bit mixed up between the translation from Russian to English. You just encouraged that, calling her your stud waffle iron.
  • When other’s bring up it isn’t a normal thing in relationships, Zarya gets a little defensive. It works for the pair of you, why change things.


  • He finds you adorable, adoring the creativity with some of these names. His favourite is when you’re exhausted and you just babble out sweet names for him.
  • He sometimes wishes that he had your creativity when he writes music, sometimes wanting a fresh perspective.
Reaction #34: Because You Care

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Baekhyun looked at his door.  Knowing that he hasn’t had time to go grocery shopping he held the TV dinner in one hand and his keys in the door as he opened it, he smelled something cooking.  Slowly walking into the apartment, he saw his living room was also all clean and neat.  His laundry was sitting in the hamper ready for him to take to his room.  Taking off his shoes he saw your pair sitting there, neatly next to his.  Walking into the kitchen he looked over at you, bent over the oven as you pulled something out.  Lasagna.  Turning you smiled at him.

“Baekhyun!  Just in time.  I made lasagna so you would have dinner for the next couple of nights.  Sorry I didn’t call or text or anything, but this was kind of a spur of the moment.  You did mention how you would working late all this week and I just wanted to make sure you had something to come home to.  You know.  Anyway, I also wasn’t doing much today being my day off so I thought I would help out around the house since Jongdae moved out, the house hasn’t been clean as normal.  Why are you looking at me like that?”  You asked as he quickly walked over, his hands grasping your cheeks as he pulled you into a kiss.  A passionate kiss as his arms wrapped around you tightly.  

“Thank you.”  He whispered his forehead placed on top of yours.

“For what?”  

“For being you.”    

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He laid in bed.  His fever running high as you placed a cool towel over his forehead.  He looked up at you with a glazed over look.  

“Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere.”  You whispered as he nodded.  His eyes closed as he slowly sunk into sleep.  

Waking up Chanyeol slowly rose from his bed.  His mind dizzy as he looked for water.  Sitting on the small table was a glass of water and a bowl of porridge.  He smiled as he sat, eating it.  A blanket was wrapped around his shoulders as you squeezed in next to him, your own cup of tea in your hands.  

“Thank you.”  He whispered as he took in another bite.  Smiling you leaned over kissing his cheek.  

“Next time don’t work yourself until you pass out and you wouldn’t have to be thanking me.”  He smiled as he leaned his cheek over once more.  Kissing it again, he was thankful he was sick or else a blush would have graced his cheeks.       

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Jong-dae slumped in the front door.  He was fighting off tears.  Jongdae had lost a young patient on the table, under his own hands.  It was 3:00 in the morning.  He didn’t expect you there, yet there you were.  

“Jongdae?”  You asked as you walked out of his bedroom in his bathrobe.  Jongdae gave a weak smile, than suddenly started to cry.  You quickly ran over, wrapping him in your arms.  Jongdae sobbed for hours until he fell asleep in your arms.  

When he awoke, he found the two of you wrapped up in blankets on the floor near the door.  Looking down at your sleeping form, he realized that instead of lifting him and waking him you merely brought the bed to them.  Leaning in, he kissed you awake, your smile showing, remembering how you were the one who would comfort him when he was in the most distress.  

“Move in with me.”  he whispered.  Your eyes wide, his seriousness on his face.  “I want to wake up to you always.”  You nod your head kissing him on the forehead.  

“But don’t I have the bigger apartment?”  

“We’ll get our own.”  Jongdae hugged you, both of you laughing on the floor.  

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You Shaved

Pairing: Mick Davies x Reader
Word count: 2,062
Warnings: Minor hunting violence. Low key smut. Nothing super graphic. Unprotected sex. Mentions of male and female oral.
Request:@little-red-83 ) Ok so how about this for a Mick fic (it’s a thing now, calling them Mick fics. Cause I said so lol) anyways: Reader is a close friend of the Winchesters. And Mick makes it known that he is interested but she brushes him off. Sam & Dean know better, they can tell that she likes him & they ask her why she won’t go out with him & she says “Pfft, not with a beard like that. He needs to grow it or shave it off.” Mick overhears & the next day shows up clean shaven. Then she says yes and… smut? 

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Walking on Glass A little SJ fandom rant

Wow…. How about that new episode of Samurai Jack? Pretty trippy right? I mean, that part where he eats something and his head turns into a fish. Like how dose that work exactly? Pretty funny, huh? Heh…heh…heh… Where do I begin? So happen was, last night was the premiere of the new Samurai Jack season 5 episode 8, in which Jack and Ashi are making their way across the desert. Hmm… Why dose this sound familiar? Anyway, during their ride on a giant camel monster used as a bus, Jack and Ashi find themselves in a pretty close to each other and it is that this point where they’re relationship takes quite a turn. During their journey, they come across a large spaceship to escape a dust storm. Only to find out that the ship is still infested by a leach monster. After they finally defeat it, at the heat of the moment Jack and Ashi then make out and that when the “fans” starting setting fire to their insides. 

 I said I was gonna get back to the messy subject and the hail storm of raging “fans” that apparently this episode has brought upon. After reading through a number of these hissy-fit heated debates, I couldn’t help but laugh at a few, roll my eyes at most and have the rest cause me to put my hands in my face. Seriously, all it took was a kiss and some awkward but sweet bonding moments for people to get up in arms saying crap like “They ruined the show!” “How could you Genndy?” “The show’s gone downhill.” And those are just some of the less visceral comments I’ve seen…. It really makes me sad. It really makes me sad to see a show I loved as a kid, get second chance at finishing it’s story and the one tiny moment that wasn’t even remotely negative in any way, would then cause such a shit storm, that I have to sit back and wonder why did I have to be born as a human being… Oh am I sounding bit harsh here? *eh-hem* I suppose some would prefer it if I went back to my dark little corner of the internet and remain silent like I usually do. Heck No! I feel I should be aloud to express my own opinion, while setting somethings straight. (Pun not intended.) Now, I will not be completely demonizing people who are against this ship, because some do have a few valid points as to why they don’t like it or this episode and thats understandable. I’m not saying you have to like it. Again it’s all matter of choice and opinion. (get use to hearing that.) But! What I am irritated by is how people are practicality screaming out things like “Pedophile” “Forced” “Rushed” “Poorly Written” “Not gay equals bad” “Boy-cot” and other things that are just… Really really stupid… So I may has well give you guys my own two cents here. I don’t expect to change any minds here; just take what I say with a grain of salt. You have plenty of it, anyway…

Jack and Ashi should have been platonic. Like father and daughter.”

The moment I was first introduced to Ashi in episode 1, I knew she was going to play some important roll in the new season. I knew she was going to be some kind of ally to Jack. She wasn’t a mindless drown like her sisters. She was curious about the world. Now keep in mind, from the beginning, I wasn’t automatically shipping these two. I knew a bond was gonna form between them eventually, but I really didn’t know what type of relationship it was gonna be, nor did I care. Yes, it didn’t really matter to me, father/daughter, teacher/student, boyfriend/girlfriend, whatever! All I cared about was seeing these two lost souls find happiness in one another. They make a great team already, so no matter which way it was gonna go, I was going to be satisfied either way. Being the gray smudge that I am, I kept an open mind about this. I’m not a big crack shipper anyway. Then again I don’t get into ships that much because I know how scary they can be. So thats why I stick with pairings that are canon and that I like. But I’m sure that this might be one of the reasons why people were a upset by this. They were really hoping for that platonic relationship. Sorry, don’t know what tell you there. Not everything in a show is gonna go your way. This is what Genndy wanted, but just because you didn’t agree with it, doesn’t mean you should be flat out calling it bad writing and hate the rest of the series for it!  I’ll get into the pacing issues later, right now it’s time to adress the elephant in the room…

Jack’s too old for Ashi and Ashi’s a little girl!”

Yes, time is a BIG issue in this series and I can understand the problem some “fans” are having with the whole age gap thing. Like he should be really old by this point, but heres the thing. Jack doesn’t age. He’s still stuck in his 20’s psychically AND mentally. Yes, I said mentally as well. His mind is worn out but not old. Like Jack said, time has lost it’s a effect on him. As for Ashi, I’m almost more than certain that she’s in her 20’s as well. The real problem shouldn’t be the fact that he’s older than her. The REAL problem should be the fact that he can’t age but she still can. Really, I’m surprised nobody’s getting more mad with Aku about this, since, you know? He’s the one responsible for this whole issue in the first place. Whats more annoying though, is the fact that this has become the main and almost only reason “fans” have for not liking this pairing! I mean come on! I can go on for why Edward and Bella are a bad couple, not just because he’s a hundred years old, but also because despite being a hundred he still goes to high school for some reason, acts like a creep around Bella, calls her his personal brand of heroine (and how much he wants to eat her.) breaks into her room to watch her sleep at night and throws her against the wall. Yet she does absolutely nothing about it and still acts so dependent on him like she can’t stand on her own two feet! * hem* Getting a off topic, I should also point out that this is not the first time we’ve seen a fictional couple where one person is way older than the other. It’s been done many times in media. Aragon and Arwen, Rose and Greg, Aang and Katara, Inuyasha and Kagome and nobody bats an eye there. But I know you’re probably going make excuses as to why I’m wrong for comparing some these couples to Jack and Ashi. “Uh, but Rose isn’t even human! She’s a gem and they don’t age!” Still doesn’t change the fact that she’s still thousands of years older than him. What does being a rock- I’m sorry, a Mineral not a rock, have to do with her age? And that can go the same for Arwen and Inuyasha as well. “But-but Aang was frozen in a sphere of ice.” Yeah, keeping him persevered for over a hundred something years thus delaying his ability to age until he was set free and why he’s still twelve. Even though technically speaking he was born way before Katara was born. Hell, I could dare say that Jack is in his own sphere of ice. Just not literally. Time and age have stopped round him. Thing is, even with out the fifty year time-skip Jack would still be considered thousands of years old since he comes from feudal era Japan. So no matter what girl he ended up with in this future, he would still be way older than her regardless. The more I hear this excuse brought up, the less water it holds and the more desperate it sounds. Especially when you have no other strong argument to bring, as to why these two shouldn’t be together. Oh, and don’t even think about calling it pedophilia! Just because we saw Ashi growing up as a child doesn’t mean she is one now. I’m pretty certain she’s past the teen stage. In fact we even saw what she looked like during that stage. So treating her like she’s still a child is kind of insulting, honestly. You’re consent miss use of the word, makes me want to strangle myself. Okay I’ve been ranting about this for too long… Let’s- let’s get to our next topic.

Why does media keep pushing for heterosexual couples? What a bunch of Homophobes!”

*Sssssssiiigggghhh….* I know not everyone who disagrees with this pairing thinks this way, but my God Tumblr… What’s with the extremism? I’ve always tried to be more opened minded about a lot of things. Accept others for who they are and have always said love is a very strange thing. So don’t you DARE blindly accuse me as a “homophobe” for what a I’m about to say here… Not everything has to be gay, in order to tell a good love story! There I said it! A good love story is when you can feel the connection between two characters no matter what their sexual preference is. I don’t like Ruby and Sapphire just because they’re mineral space lesbians, I like them because of how much they care for each other and how they can have fights and make-ups like any other couple and so on and so forth. Thats what makes a good pairing. Also saying it’s out of character for Jack to have an attraction to a female because your head-canon tells you he’s either ace or homo, is also not true as well. Not saying you still can’t have your ace/gay Jack crack ships. You don’t have to have canon dictate to you what you can or can’t ship. I’m simply saying that Jack has always been attracted to woman in the show. Remember when he got kissed by that girl in the field when he was a kid. He still has fond memories of it. And is it just me or did everyone forgot, Ikra, Josephine, or that creepy flower lady from ‘Seasons of Death’ happened? Given how nervous he gets around woman he finds attractive and how flustered he gets when seeing Ashi naked, it’s clear to me now, that he is definitely not her biological father as well. Now that he’s out of his depression, it was only a matter of time before he started falling for Ashi. Why is this anti-hetero/homophobia thing even an argument at all?! Why is it even brought up?

But the pacing felt so rushed! How dare they force the love-interest trope down our throats. This came out of nowhere!”

Okay, I’m going to briefly play devil’s advocate here. I can get where the rushed pacing argument comes from. But forced? No, put a pin on that last one. We’re gonna get back to that later. First I can agree that the pacing felt a bit rushed. (Though this isn’t the first time I’ve enjoyed something with a rushed pace. *cough*9*cough*) Still, keep in mind that the creator was only given ten episodes to work with. So certain things had to be cut out, I’m sure. If they were going make thirteen I’m pretty certain that would have given them more time to further expand on Jack and Ashi’s relationship, rather then cramming all the more romanic stuff in it into this episode. However, that doesn’t mean that the romance came out of no where. There were some hints dropped here and there since the beginning of episode 3 infact. We got only two more episodes left, so 8 had to be the one to fully confirm how Jack and Ashi are starting to feel for each other. I do feel like there could have been some other things they could have changed in the previous episodes to help further accentuate the relationship a little better in this episode. As far as this season goes, it may not be one of their strongest episodes, but it’s not their worst either. I still enjoyed it, romance and all. Honestly I think the real weak point was the conflict of being lost in the ship with the leach creatures. Like where was everyone else, what was the backstory to this space prison. This episode was always going to be about Jack and Ashi falling love no matter what. It’s just everything else was going to just feel like a little bit of an after thought. Another complaint I’ve heard was that this episode felt like “filler” and did nothing to progress the plot of the story. Well, I like to think of this as the calm before the storm. (Irony) You know, a few light-hearted laughs to put us at ease before the shit it’s the fan. (At least thats what it was suppose to be…) Though something tells me they’re just doing this to break our hearts later… And what lack of plot progression. The plot progression was with Jack and Ashi. With that said, going back to the “forced” bit. As I said before it was hinted at early on, the moment Jack and Ashi started interacting with each other. But I think the problem is because they were hinted at so subtlety, I guess it’s kinda easy for most people to miss them. Thing is we don’t really know how long it took Jack and Ashi to go from that mounted to that market area or how long it took for them to find that bird. You can use your mind fill in the gaps there. But I feel that to really cover this topic and why I don’t find their relationship “forced” I’m going to have to dive in deeper.

Shoot me…

Okay, now I’m going to get into what I think of these two and why I think they work as a pair. Starting off with Jack, he’s pretty much been through hell at this point. Losing his home, separated from his family, spends the rest of his childhood training to earn his father’s sword, only meets his parents again briefly before he goes off to fight Aku. Only to have the rug pulled out from under him when Aku throws him into the future. For fifty years this man has had to deal with so much pain and suffering. Getting trolled with by Aku, always having something try to kill him, being alone, seeing all the Hell that Aku has raised, suffering from hallucinations and no matter how hard he tries, he can never seem to reach his goal. Ultimately what leads to his depression. The more time passes him by while he remains young, the further and further his goal gets. He has lost all hope. Somewhere during those fifty years, a cult of Aku obsessed women have a ceremony for their High Priestess who’s given birth to seven daughters for the soul purpose to kill Samurai Jack. However one of these girls is not like the others. Ashi, does not have the same mind set as her sisters. She’s curious about the world outside, wants to see the beauty of nature, but is trapped with in the confides of her abusive mother. Never aloud to play or have fun. Never shown any love or bonding with her family. Forced into training at such a young age and all while being told nothing but lies about the Samurai and what an evil person he is, ruining Aku’s “perfect” world. Having never met this man, it only filled Ashi’s heart with anger and hate. Now fully grown, training complete, she and her sisters set off to kill Jack. Not knowing what they were getting themselves into. Not realizing that there mother essentially sent them out to die. And thus the journey begins for these two lost souls. Jack struggling to keep moving forward while being haunted by his own negative emotions as well as being hunted down by a shogun of death. Ashi, blinded by hatred towards a man who’s done her no wrong, she does not realizes she’s fighting for the wrong side. During the search for the Samurai, Ashi and her sisters come across a doe in the forest. That’s when the buck shows up. Thinking it’s related to Aku, they thing it’s come to “devour the weaker one.” What they didn’t expect to see was the two deer nuzzling each others noses. This was the first time any of them have seen affection before. Which leaves them so confused, as they were never taught to love but to hate. One of them even says she doesn’t like it. I also consider this part foreshadowing. It’s is only after he defeats them, does the ball really get rolling. Jack assumes he’s killed Ashi like the rest, but the guilt of what he’s done continues to eat a way at him. Ashi then wakes up, still hell bent on trying to kill him. She ends up getting restrained by her own chain and it is here, where Jack finally has a chance to see the woman behind the mask. A very troubled woman, who has clearly lost her way like him. Seeing that she is not evil and feeling bad for killing the others, Jack not only lets her live, but goes out of his way to protect her. The real turning point comes when Jack and Ashi escape the goliath monster. Ceasing the opportunity, Ashi slowly starts to creep up on him, while he isn’t looking, but just as she’s a bout to try and kill him that’s when the ladybug appears. This triggers a memory of when she was a child. During her training, she sees a ladybug and lets it land on her hand. Her mother scolds her for this, taking the bug away and killing it in front of her. Going back to reality, that bug flies over to Jack. He rises his hand to it as Ashi watches, wondering what he’s about to do. To her surprise, he lets the ladybug go, showing an act of kindness. Causing Ashi to drop her weapon; he’s not the monster her mother made him out to be. Through Jack, she learns more about the world, Ashi begins to see the truth as he shows her the beauty of nature and horror that Aku has caused. Ashi does begin to believe him, but the moment that seals the deal is after they save bunch of children from enslavement, Jack freaks out when we thinks they’re all dead. He heads off with the Omen (the shogun of death from earlier) to commit suicide and she goes to find him. Thats when she meets some of the people Jack has helped over the years, thats when she fully sees the man he really is. Thinking of her past and all the good Jack has done, this is what inspires her to change her appearance. And it’s because of her that Jack was able to regain his hope. She gave him the strength he needed to fight off his own demons. She protected him while he was in deep meditation to find his sword. From an army and her own mother no less. She does not hold any ill will towards him for killing her sisters, as it was out of self defense. It was her mother who sent them out there in the first place. Now that his hope has been restored and is back to being his old self. Now that he gotten to know her and sees how much she has changed for the better, it should come has no surprise that they would start noticing each other in more ways. I mean this is probably the longest anyone has ever traveled with him. So how does any of that sound forced? There was build up. Sorry if you couldn’t see it.

Final Thoughts…

Ya know, I find it pathetic that this is the reason people are getting so upset that they want to quit the show when theres only two episodes left to go. And you call yourselves fans… Can’t we just wait to see how the out come and then make our criticize afterwards. I’m even more disappointed with the fan-base than I am with the episode because of how everyone is acting like this pairing is such a crime. When this season started I thought this was gonna be fun. But now I’m just left sour over yet another fandom like I was with the “9” fandom. I’ve seen people literally saying that it made them feel uncomfortable and ruined the WHOLE series for them. Say, you wanna know what makes me feel uncomfortable? Is the more I think about it, the more it disturbs me that anybody will get pissed over a healthy relationship like this one, yet you’ll see abusive couples like Harley Quinn and Joker, Fifty Shades of Gray and the of mentioned Twilight get glorified. Am I the only one who sees something wrong there? And after all the shit that Jack and Ashi have been through, wouldn’t you want to see them to be happy? Isn’t that what many of us wanted? My only concern is now that it’s established that Jack and Ashi have deeper feelings for one another, how is the final going to effect them. Are the rumors I keep hearing going to be true? I’ve always been wanting to know how this series is going to end since I was eight years old and nothing is going to stop me for watching the ending. I don’t even care how it’s going to end. I don’t care if it breaks my heart. At least I will now know and I will accept what ever Genndy has in store. Like I said from the beginning, you’re not wrong for disliking or disagreeing with this pairing, I’m not wrong for liking it and thats fine. But don’t act like this is such a travesty that it makes you dislike the entire series, don’t quite while we’re so close to the end. This whole mess has just become childish at this point. But hey, hate me all you want for expressing my opinion. There is nothing you can say to me that hasn’t already been said before. Hate never fixes anything. Hate is what got Ashi’s sisters killed in the long run. I’ve been rambling on about this for too long. Now if you excuse me, I’m gonna make some Jashi fan art while I still can. In the mean time enjoy this little quote.

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“Believe what you may, but if you open your eyes and let go of the hate. You will see the truth.”


(Kachhako cuteness for Sai)

Scenario: Imagine the UA kids go to elementary schools to talk about responsible hero-ing or what its like to be a high school hero or something like that. Anyway, Bakugo and Ochako get paired up and the little kids (being little kids) ask Baku if Ochako is his girlfriend.

Of course he freaks out that no she is not, but he’s so explodey in his denial that the kids all call him a meanie and say he’s a terrible hero because he’s mean to his girlfriend. The UA students are getting marked based on how the kids “review” them so Baku has to win them back over if he doesn’t want to fail.

Cue the kids insisting he make up with Ochako.

So Baku barely manages to kiss her on the cheek and mumble something that might be an apology (it isn’t) and he has to spend the rest of the day holding her hand and stuff and they’re both red and embarrassed but the kids love it and give them both really good reviews.

And at the end of the day Baku and Ochako are leaving and once they’re on the train or something, Ochako chooses not to mention to Baku that they don’t have to hold hands anymore.

Because if he hasn’t realized they’re still holding hands, that means he can’t mind that much, right?

Talk Russian To Me

I have this headcanon that Rose and Dimitri speak Russian to each other like all the time, no seriously all the time!

- and it’s not just Dimitri to Rose

- no it’s full on conversations at any time

- at first it’s pretty one sided because even after her time in Russia, Rose can only understand about half the language and forget actually trying to speak it

- but Dimitri is infinitely patient with her and slowly helps guide her tongue around the unfamiliar sounds

- it doesn’t take long for Rose to pick it up and pretty soon they speak it everywhere

- random times in public

- when they are intimate

- just hanging around their apartment together

- everywhere

- the first time the gang witnesses it, it’s pretty early in their relationship

- and everyone is still in that awkward phase, getting used to seeing Dimitri - a previous authority figure to all of them - involved with one of their best friends

- but anyway they find them in a secluded corner of Court, where they’re more likely to attract less stares and whispers

- and they are all entwined and being adorable together having a full on freaking conversation in Russian!

- so they all kinda gape at the pair for a few seconds *cough* minutes *cough*

- until Rose notices them and beckons them over, switching back to English easily

- and they still are shocked because no one realised how much Rose had immersed herself into the culture when she had spent that month in Russia

- anyway over the years, the language rubs off on the gang and they all find themselves using phrases here and there

- Christian picks up the very best of Russian swear words from Dimitri which come in handy when Lissa goes on her anti-swear rampage

- and everyone calls Rose and Dimitri’s unborn child detka throughout her pregnancy while they are still considering names

- speaking of children their children are definitely raised bilingual

- and they quickly surpass their mother in ability

- much to her annoyance

- Darius, their youngest son thinks it’s the absolute best way to pick guys and girls up

- much to his parent’s amusement

- But seriously just Rose and Dimitri speaking Russian to each other!

Between The Bars (3)

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Slytherin!Reader

Warnings: none really besides fighting/arguing

A/N: I proofread this, which I normally never do, because I’m pretty good at not making mistakes. Anyways, enjoy!

Who knew how quickly things could turn so shitty? We’d only been back at Hogwarts a week and the fighting with Draco began.

Everything was good despite having to deal Professor Umbitch, as I liked to call her. Until Blaise told me how she pulled him, Draco, Pansy, and about three other Slytherins aside. She wanted them to be her moles.

I was pissed that Draco agreed and that I found out the real reason he ditched me during study hall. He was hanging with Pansy, doing whatever they do.

I didn’t trust him around her. Not because I was jealous or intimidated, but because she was in love with him. And he knew I wouldn’t want them alone together.

After running into Blaise on my way to study alone in the library, I was pretty pissed. I slammed my stuff down on the table and sighed.

“Rough day?” Hermione asked me.

I chuckled, “Yeah just got some bad news is all.”

She nodded, “Trust me, I get it.”

We both laughed as she continued past me to probably sit with Ron and Harry.

After a few minutes of me flipping through my potions book, I was getting bored. Studying was always better with someone here. I was interrupted from my thoughts as someone took a seat across from me: Harry.

I arched an eyebrow at him, “What brings you to my table, Harry? You know you’ll probably start all sorts of rumors.”

He laughed, “I know we’re not friends. Barely acquaintances, but I just wanted to ask if you understood the potions homework.”

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It’s not smart, it’s not brave. It’s just cowardly.

She thinks about what he said, and didn’t say, all night. Doesn’t sleep for the bitterness in his words as they confronted the reporter, as Leanne West insisted she never meant for anyone to die. 

And as the sun dawns, all Kate can see is the hard look on Rick’s face in interrogation, how he wouldn’t look at her.

Is he Rick now? 

Yeah. God. The intimacy between them…

They’ve turned this interesting corner since the winter broke up and her anxious grief loosed its hold. The holidays aren’t good for her, but she damn well tried, every single day, to keep that from building back those walls. Therapy twice a week, and then pushing herself to connect with Castle even if it all she could manage was letting him see her true face, smiling or broken, either way.

He’s been rock solid. 

Until this case. She can’t put her finger on it; she can’t tease out the reasons why their parting at the precinct left her on edge, confused.

Okay, a little miserable.

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I just wanted to say I love your writing! Do you think you could write a KageHina fan fiction based of your username? If you have time please do 😂

“Kageyama I swear, I fell asleep for like…two minutes, tops, and when I woke up they were just gone. Like that. Poof, into thin air.” 

Kageyama scrubs a hand over his face, and sighs.

“You’re telling me,” he says, and he’s trying to be calm about it all, he is, but his jaw is already aching from the grind of his teeth and his forehead hurts from all the frowning, “that someone stole your shoes, right off your feet, and you didn’t even notice?” 

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