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So, uh, HC about MC who's depressed and often being told that she's useless and not worthy to be loved and she being left alone by her friends, so she pretend to be a happy-go-lucky person. So she helped RFA heal from their pain because no one ever help her before and she kind of understand how they feel. How will RFA V Saeran react if they found out about MC's real self? Sorry, if it's sensitive topic.

Hihi~! Admin Effe has already written a depressed MC [here] but I wanted to write this again specifically for your request—one I haven’t written it yet, and two, I write for my followers! (These turned into mini-fics, I’m sorryyy…) 

In all, I hope that my writing can brighten up your day, whether it’s been good or bad for you, even if only a little bit. If it’s not what you wanted, I apologize 

Warning: Angst / Fluff


Whispers, ancient whispers are echoing in your mind, swirling together to build a bigger, greater boulder of pain to bring you down. You can feel yourself struggling to escape them:

“She’s so annoying sometimes.” Someone who you thought was your friend had said that, not realizing you could hear their hushed tone.

“Hahah! Why would anyone ever like you?” You force a laugh, playing along.

Yet another friend walks away from you. Not physically, no, but you knew that your bond was weakening yet again. Dammit, why? What had you done wrong this time?

And then there were the unsaid whispers. Things that you knew others thought about you. Things that you knew others felt about you. Things that you knew were being said behind your back. They didn’t have to say it your face, but you could feel it. And especially…

“You don’t fit in.”

Your heart throbs in pain, letting the words sink in again… “You don’t fit in.”

Your eyes flew wide open, meeting a dark ceiling. Eyes shifting to the window, you notice that it’s early morning now. The sun had not yet risen. But you were already wide awake—you wouldn’t want to fall asleep and return to that dream, anyway. Sigh.

Your phone beeps with a message. Right. You were part of the RFA now. Today was the party.

The entire time, you’d acted all cheerful, happy-go-lucky and made yourself easy to get along with—just like you usually do with certain friends whom you trusted to an extent. But truthfully, you felt numb and empty. Well. You were depressed, after all. Not that anyone noticed. Nobody ever saw through your façade, you thought bitterly.

But today, you’d woken up from a nightmare (or rather, bad memories…) You weren’t sure if you’d be able to keep up your act today. But you had to try. You couldn’t let them find out about your real self. You just couldn’t. You’d hidden it so well, you didn’t want to ruin all your hard work, all your pretense…

…But some things just don’t go with the plan, huh.

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Righties scream and shout about how hard work and personal responsibility are the only things that determine a person's economic and social conditions. Yet whenever someone commits a public act of racism they can't wait to excuse their actions by citing the person's upbringing, the society they grew up in, the institutions they frequented and all manner of environmental factors. Can't racists be consistent? I'd love to see one demand that Jim Bob pull himself out of racism by his bootstraps.

Here’s a handy guide to racist thought: When something bad happened, white people are always victims of circumstance, people of color are always responsible for their shortcomings.

When something good happens, whoops, the converse.

1. A Day in the Life of Rita Ora

When Rita first announces that the theme of this week’s episode is “A Day in the Life of Rita Ora,” I was genuinely intrigued by the premise. Much like the models, I feel like the audience hasn’t had a good opportunity to get to know Rita yet (aside from the fact that she once worked in a shoe store) and this could clear up some misconceptions as to what celebrity life is like for her.

By the end of the episode, I can’t say that I feel I know Rita Ora any better.

Here is what Rita says happens in a day in her jam-packed life:

1. She walks down the street and the paparazzi take her picture.
2. She poses for a magazine cover.
3. There is no #3. That’s it. She’s done.

So, like, how else does she fill up those hours? Netflix and napping? I suppose if we wanted to read between the lines, Rita also hung out at a posh rooftop spot around brunch-time, but it’s not like she ate anything while she was there. Maybe Rita finishes out her day by visiting Universal Studios? That could explain the otherwise random trip there.

Fact check: It turns out Rita has been to Universal Studios.

Rita Ora and Travis Barker Enjoy PDA-Filled Date Night at Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights

I hadn’t realized Rita dated Travis Barker, but then again, of course she did.

Back to the question at hand: why even pitch this as a busy day for Rita if you’re only going to feature two activities? One of which is as simple as walking down the street for “free promotion” from the paparazzi. Or as Rita calls it “accidental modeling.”

I think that’s a good description of her career, actually.

At the not-a-cover-cover-shoot, Rita basically has nothing to do, and starts trying on things in the wardrobe department.

She also keeps giving “suggestions” to the stylists who are doing their jobs, because Tyra Rita always knows better. In fact, she thinks she should be hired!

Drew responds with nothing more than a smile because what else is he supposed to say? “Oh, you’re far too busy to have a real job, Rita!” That’s obviously not true.

So there you have it. Rita’s life is a whole lot of nothing. That doesn’t negate the educational value of the experience, though.

India tasted Rita’s life and she declared it scary. Can’t say I disagree!

5 Funniest Moments of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 23 Ep. 11

Gladion: Silver


Prompt: The Aether’s experiments caused Gladion’s memory to disappear, and he doesn’t remember anything when Moon finds him.

Warnings: The usual for Gladion’s things…

Author: Lotus

It hurt to breathe.

He did anyway, knowing if he stopped breathing he’d stop living, and as much as some part of him thought that seemed like a good idea the rest of him had a strong survival instinct. He’d always been good at surviving. He found it ironic, how well he managed to stay alive despite how often he wanted to just give up.

He coughed, blood dotting the floor in front of his mouth. He hated blood. Yet the sight of the dots of warm red across the cold white tile seemed to make the room just a little natural. It was as if the sight of his blood reminded him that he was here, that he was alive.

The smooth swish of the door opening made him look up into familiar silver eyes.

He couldn’t remember why they were familiar. He could barely remember anything but white. White coats, white walls, white machines…

Red blood. Red, living blood. The only colour in the blank room.


The voice came from the black haired girl with the silver eyes. Eyes that he couldn’t remember the importance of. A girl that he couldn’t remember the importance of, speaking a name that he couldn’t remember the importance of.

“Who?” he breathed, his voice ragged and worn and tired.

“Don’t you remember your own name?” the girl replied.

“All I remember is white, empty, sterile, cold, lonely, unnatural…”

He rattled off different words and the same ones, he couldn’t focus, he couldn’t care. All he knew now was the white room and the red blood, his blood, his pain, reminding him he wasn’t dead, he was still alive, still alive…

If you could call this living.

His mind had worn itself into the same groove, the groove where he thought of the white, thought he was dead, remembered his blood, his pain.

He’d lost whatever his personality had been. He couldn’t remember who he was, he couldn’t remember who the girl with the familiar silver eyes was. He couldn’t remember why those eyes were familiar. He couldn’t remember why he trusted them.

He didn’t struggle when the girl lifted him off the ground, just made himself as small as possible, still rambling, stopping occasionally to cough up a few red droplets of blood, staring at the colours of the girl’s clothing, colours he no longer recognized.

“Gladion,” the girl seemed to be talking to herself but he heard her, “what did they do to you to make you like this?”

He didn’t answer, his eyes fluttering shut, closing off the rest of the world.


He dreamed of those eyes.

Those silver eyes, and the girl they belonged to.

She was laughing as a creature he no longer recognized chewed on his hair. She was dancing with four winged beasts, shifting between their styles with ease. She was flying on the back of a large creature, him in front of her, her arms protectively around his waist.

He couldn’t remember what any of these things were.

He wished he could.


He blinked awake to see her above him. He didn’t move.

“You don’t remember me?” she asked, softly, almost disappointed.

“I know your eyes,” he mumbled. “Silver like the moon.”

The moon, the only thing he remembered other than the white room and the pain.

She stared at him, looking almost sad.

“Yes,” she said eventually. “Silver like the moon.”

  1. justice-turtle replied to your post: Irrational Hatred of Trite Sayings on Plaques: Trite inspirational wall-clings in homeless shelters are also pretty fucked up. I recall one that said “grow where you’re planted”. Kinda wanted to scream at that one. ^_^

“Excuse me, but how can you expect me to grow where I’m planted if you evict me every morning at 9? I’m planning to stay RIGHT HERE and grow, damnit. BRING ME A DONUT.”

My great granny was in a nursing home with one that said “The Best Is Yet To Come.” o_O I… okay, if we ASSUME everyone reading it believes in heaven, and that they’re loved ones are going to it, that’s still “Come on, you’ll die soon!” And if you *don’t* assume that… 


Bitty knows that Jack knows that Bitty knows how to dress warmly for the cold. After all, he had survived two entire New England winters yet. But he smiles and laughs when Jack pulls the beanie down over his bangs.

Jack chirps him about properly wearing toques and how you feel a lot warmer when your head is warm, and Bitty chirps him because no one uses the word toque down here, stop trying to make toque happen. They somehow end up talking about all the different ways to pronounce pecan.

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How do you figure out lighting? I can never figure out shadows on a human face. It's way different than a ball or block. Any tips?

EXCELLENT QUESTION one that fucks me up too even tho i’ve been drawing for a million years. I don’t think i’ve mastered lighting on the face yet, so i don’t really have a lot of tips to offer but here’s what i got: 

I guess first and foremost you have to familiarize yourself with the planes that make up the face. I only laid out the main ones here. Once you figure out where the hard edges of the face occur, it’s quite easy to lay out the most basic shadows. 

Sometimes i don’t constrain to realistic planes (like around the nose and lips) but that’s mostly because it’s just my style. 

Because the cheek is flat (in relation to the front of the face) it catches a lot of light even in the most dramatic lighting. It’s one of my favorite places to light up HEH (even if it’s extremely subtle) 

I also have a few lovely guides to share ! Most of these are tutorials on how these artists accomplish their lighting techniques, but i thought they were extremely helpful. 

Simple Face lighting tutorial 

Constraints of facial features 

Color + lighting 

Dramatic/expressive lighting 

Also this Virtual Lighting Studio is extremely useful if you want to simulate a specific lighting on the face! (it lags a lot but honestly this is probably the best thing you can get)

I haven’t seen anyone discussing this yet, so here I go.

Remember how there was a jump that only Seung-gil had ever landed in competition?

Yep, that’s the one. The quadruple loop.

But now…




the worst part about tumblr is that whenever a blog i follow gets into a new fandom and its all over my dash i’m so tempted to just watch one episode and i’m convinced it won’t be a big deal but then the show ends up being super good and i watch the whole series and it’s just like guys my life is already controlled by too many fandoms i don’t have time for any more yet here i am how is this my life

Same family tree, different genera.

Tried to base them on how their ults work more than anything. The Hanzo-dragons head is drawn over a crocodile skull more than anything else, and has a strong bite (go look up crocodiles bite force, they’re strong cuties), once you get caught you’re done for. Genji-dragon has narrower head, with a lot of small snarp teeth, here you won’t get any bones crushed but they’ll tear you to tiny pieces. Haven’t found anything to look up for this yet, might go read up on some predatory fish for this guy, what do you think?

And I’ll stop here, my Shimada dragon obsession is already bad as it is. 

I am endlessly troubled by “It’s not your place” rhetoric - you’re too young to be political, shut up. Singers actors artists should stick to what they’re good at and keep their opinions to themselves. How many times do we see “You need to keep to what you’re doing and stay out of politics.”

It is a very strange and yet effective silencing technique. Know your place. You’re not here to have a voice, you’re here to entertain us. You’re too young to understand. You’re a millennial, what do you know?

It’s an odd thing to witness. The assumption that a voting member of society can’t have an opinion because you’d rather ignore it. You’d rather like to picture your actresses as anti-feminist. Your musicians as nonplussed by racism. You believe this media was made for you, specifically, and that they can ruin it when they say unequivocally: no it’s not. You believe that the opinion of the youth is irrelevant even when they inherit the planet. You believe that anyone who speaks up against you is out of line.

Which begs the question. Who is allowed to have a voice? Who is allowed to speak up? You silence those with large platforms and dismiss the small ones. Do we all just turn a our head and stay out of politics? Leave it for the lawyers and politicians?

What’s wild is that the answer isn’t even yes to that. There are people evidently more deserving of office even if they’re unqualified, and we all know what that looks like now. And there are women who should have just stayed out of politics. Know your place.

noah fence but like i see posts on here with hundreds of thousands of notes talking about how you all want shows to give you realistic lgbt representation as a focus of a show, how you want your shows to have diverse casts, how you want your shows to have strong female characters, how you want your shows to have interesting, well thought out and developed storylines, and then USA network steps up and hands you Eyewitness on a golden platter, and y'all just sleeping on it. do yourself a solid, and watch the show, thanks

“That’s adorable, you came to college with a boyfriend from back home” he said smiling at the ceiling. We lay there, intertwined in each other carefully considering our next words.

“I know, I was ignorant. I thought I was in control and believed he was still interested in me. He wasn’t some insignificant relationship, it was two years of intense passion that never faltered while we were within a 15 minute drive of each other” I explained.

“Yet here you are, with me in my bed. How things have changed.”

—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #1221 // valentines day // no matter where I go or who I talk to, I always end up brining you up in the conversation as if you are still involved in my life // excerptsofstories

hey listen up u piece of shits i love ryan ross and brendon as much as anyone here but what yall really need to pay attention to is mr jonathon walker over here, who has continuously supplied us with content and amazing-ness for the past 10 years yet everyone forgets his existence so give up some time of your day to listen to jons solo music which includes the song “sun and moon” and you fucks should go listen to his eps and albums on his band camp right now and also how about u go show him some love on instagram and twitter because he deserves it you little bitches because he tweets amazing things like “#rice” and “#tacos” now that we got that straight lets talk about how amazing he is and without him neither would pretty. odd. or take a vacation! would exist the way they are now so how about we all take a moment to appreciate the little dumb stoner we call jonathon walker



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Hey guys!! Commissions are now back open! If you’re interested in commissioning me, you’re more than welcome to contact me at!

Some things you might want to pay attention to:

  • The price listed above are in USD
  • The payment is only via PayPal and must be paid (at least half) in advance
  • Any type of background and/or additional details will cost you more
  • Will draw: OCs, mild gore, ABO, most pairings
  • Won’t draw: NSFW, incest

In your email, I will need info regarding:

  • Type of commission (sketch, comic, etc)
  • Description (bust/waist up/full body, the character(s), coloring, etc)
  • Reference (only if you think i will specifically require one)
  • Deadline (if you have one)

If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask! I’m pretty flexible about the prices too, so as long as I’m concerned, the prices are negotiable :) Thank you and have a great day! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

(To take a look at the commissions that I’ve done previously, click here!)


Salomé, 1909, by Paul Antoine de la Boulaye (1849-1926)

Many may not be familiar with the story of Salomé, and those that do not are probably quite unaware with exactly what they are looking at when staring right at this painting. First of all, artist Paul Antoine de la Boulaye truly had exquisite talent at giving his female subjects a subtle yet readable expression. Here we see, what you’d assume - and partly correct - a young, light-hearted dancing girl. A girl seemingly more childish than sultry. This, however, strongly contrasts with the story of the infamous Salomé. A young girl whose beautiful erotic dancing pleased her king so greatly, he granted her wish to have John the Baptist’s head on a platter. When paired with the description “an icon of dangerous female seductiveness,” this painting does not exactly hold it up. This painting is a perfect example of how knowing the story behind a work of art can be the key to “reading between the lines” of paintings.

Requested by @taymitsu.