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Soar above ruins and glide across sands as you discover the secrets of a forgotten civilization.  -  J o u r n e y (2012)

Discover a lush hidden world as you descend into the heart of the ocean, where ancient secrets lie forgotten and encounters with majestic creatures await.  -  A B Z Û (2016)


This was Macen’s idea, I’m glad he got to live to see it through. Thanks, Scott.


Me and @gayradwhitedad were talking n we ended up getting on the topic of domestic n married boyf riends n i made a daughter for them CUZ THEY WOULD MAKE GOOD DADS OK AY

shes a quiet kid who is the only responsible one of the three of them BUT MICHAEL AND JEREMY LOVE HER A LOT

The 100 Fandom: A Summary

Clarke: Saves the world for the 334912767918321 times, never leaves anyone behind, exiles her herself up for something she was forced to do, sees her girlfriend dies from a stray bullet directed to her.

The fandom: Ugh, Clarke is so selfish.

Raven: It’s cheated on by her first love, Takes a bullet in the spine, becomes disable, lives in constant pain, is tortured, is manipulated, is exorcised, has a severe brain damage, always saves everyone.

The Fandom: Ugh, Raven is so Mary Sue.

Octavia: was locked in the ark, brother tortured all the boys who showed interest on her, tried to learn grounder culture, feels more accepted between grounders than her own clan, still fights for her clan, saw her soulmate being killed right in front of her eyes, always saves everyone.

The fandom: Ugh, Octavia is so selfish.

Beach ball: Manipulates the delinquents, tries to save his ass by throwing Raven’s radio in the river, even knowing it’s condemning then to death, tortures Atom, Tortures Lincoln, Kidnaps Clarke even knowing she was safe with Lexa kills 300 unarmed and sleeping grounders that are there to protect them to grieve, helps Pike to become a dictator and support his regime, indirectly set Lincoln’s death, condemn the life of 400 persons to save 25 over a character we barely know, even knowing they will probably be dead due Prime Fire.

The Fandom: Beach Ball is the hero of the show, boyfriend material, goals af, prince charming. I don’t know why X, Y and Z parts of the fandom hates him.     


you ever think about how super powers may be real? Not like flight or teleportation or super speed, but little powers that we don’t really notice

Like the ability to always guess something correctly, or for some reason animals aren’t as prone to being skittish around you. Or maybe you didn’t study for that test, but as soon as you sit down to take it, you know how to solve every problem

Idk. Sometimes i think about that

Okay ive decided my next video i record is gonna be about witchcraft

Anyway should I lowkey come out…..ish. On FB. Like hint at not being gay but not being straight either sort of thing. Or shld I not cuz my grandma’s friends with me on FB and will definitely see it at some point.

What is the deal with people trying to drag shit up about Bill Nye after seeing episode where he clearly is trying to educate people about sexuality and gender identity?

It just seems backwards to me to do that when a person is clearly trying to help the community rather than being an “ally” or against the community.

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Hi, I watch the series, and I'm honestly baffled by how the writers make Eugene and Rapunzel's friendship/relationship so realistic with issues couples face in real life. I really hope to see them have a healthy friendship (even tho people erase him shipping Rapunzel with Cassandra) but idc, people can ship whatever they want. Speaking of Cassandra, what's that woman's issue? She doesn't open about herself but is quick to meddle into other people's affairs

Wow, that was a lot of stuff for one ask! lol

Here’s how the writers make it so realistic: the writers are real people, and they treat Rapunzel and Eugene like real people, instead of like stereotypes. They get into their heads and work out what a real person’s motivations and reactions would be instead of cliche, television reactions.

Rapunzel and Eugene already do have a healthy friendship, and we saw that in the first five minutes of Tangled Before Ever After. But yes, I’d like to see more of Rapunzel and Eugene spending quality time together, being goofballs.

The only affairs Cassandra is really meddling in is Rapunzel and Eugene’s relationship, but we have yet to see her actively tell Rapunzel that she shouldn’t be with Eugene. (She has told Eugene that she doesn’t like him for anybody, but there was no… serious trying to break them up from that statement, so much as the typical acid-laced banter.) She’s not really meddling, so much as making her opinion clear, which isn’t really the same thing. Asking Rapunzel to keep her secret despite the strain is was putting on the relationship was to protect her own hide, not to break them up.

“Cassandra v. Eugene” was on again last night, and watching the scene in the jail cell where they were talking about parents, she did talk a little, but she also pretty politely said, “I don’t really want to discuss this with you,” when she closed herself off. I think Eugene is more willing to be Cassandra’s friend than vice versa, but Cassandra seems pretty closed off in general, and you know what? She has every right to be. No one is required to share things about themselves that they don’t want to share. Even Rapunzel has things she’s not talking about. I’m actually not mad at Cassandra for saying, “No thanks, we’ve reached my limit of sharing.”

I do feel that she interprets much too much of what Eugene says as self-centered. I actually didn’t find any of the things he said he wanted for Rapunzel in Tangled Before Ever After to be self-centered, because they were all focused on Rapunzel’s happiness. It wasn’t like he said he wanted Rapunzel to be a good princess and to fit in. But Cassandra’s knee-jerk reaction was to accuse him of not thinking about what Rapunzel wants.

Eugene: I want Rapunzel to be happy.
Cassandra: Yeah? Well, what about what Rapunzel wants?
Me: … Does Rapunzel not want to be happy?

And in the jail cell, I can see Eugene’s point of view. He was a criminal a good chuck of his life. He actually very likely has a good chance of knowing what he’s talking about when it comes to prying doors open. And Cassandra turned that around on him, saying everything was about him again, because he wanted to show her the best place to put the jack.

So her issue here seems to be a refusal to let Eugene be right. But their fighting like cats and dogs relationship is not entirely on her shoulders.

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Thats right April! Girls are awesome. I like how you can show that sexist turtle Leo who is a real ninja! Girl power!!

I agree with your first, second and fourth sentence. The third however let you down.

You sound like you have an issue with Leo. I’m good at picking up sexism in people and I have never gotten that impression from Leo. He isn’t sexist so I really don’t know why you’d make such a claim. 

You seem so angry at him. What did he do?

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Most more martial arts breakdowns my dog

There’s a story behind why I don’t post more. Back when I was Gutsanduppercuts (no hyphens) and had 32,000 followers (brag), I used to post martial arts breakdowns all the time. I’d post a lot more about martial arts themselves and not just movies.
But, sadly, I got a lot of hate mail from anons telling me I don’t know shit because I don’t practice a martial arts. They were mad because I wasn’t a real martial artist. So how dare I write about martial arts!?
The pressure from these people caused me to stop posting about martial arts entirely. I just stuck to movies. Only recently have I wanted to get back into posting about various styles and such.

Today is one of those days were I came to at work, because I seemed to have floated here half asleep, and I am amazed I have been assigned any responsibility for anything. How am I a real adult? It’s laughable that someone says DO THIS, COG and I do it ( when I’m not goofing off and not getting caught for it ever because self regulation out of fear of reprimand from my bosses only goes so far after so many years and no one cares enough to check in on things and no one bats an eye at the lady with blue hair sitting on the ground folding things.) But, like, I work for a billion dollar global lab of snake oils sales that alleged responsible physicians use and I AM BAFFLED because I am a laughable employee that gets her work done but spends half of their day DOING NOTHING it seems like. What is reality I don’t get it. How is this a thing ????