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Happy International Women’s Day, all my lovely doves!
It seems like an appropriate day to finally show you my submission piece for Celebration Orlando (which didn’t get chosen - but I’m gonna keep trying). I think a big part of what’s kept me enthralled with Star Wars over the course of my life is how many amazing women are depicted in this universe, and it’s never made to be a big deal. Women are just as capable, inspiring, exciting as the male characters, and that’s just the way it is. Super love to all my Star Wars ladies (and all the EU ladies who I didn’t get to include here, but wanted to).

 I may do a super-limited, teeny-tiny Etsy/convention-exclusive print run on this - perhaps without the text- just because I still love it, and I want it as a physical object.

A woman’s place is in the resistance. Keep blowing shit up, y’all. 


Rhys & Feyre, looking all High Lord & Ladylike. This was soooo much fun to work on and I’ve already ranted and raved about how much I love these two… and everyone else in ACOMAF… and Sarah… and

Prints are available over on Etsy (limited hand signed run, once they’re gone - they’re gone) and regular copies are available through Society6!



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theme thursday: jumpsuits + rompers

linen jumpsuits by offon

somehow, guys, and i don’t really know how, but the jumper/romper trend is still a thing. more power to those long-torsoed ladies who can pull it off and make it look SO rad!! today i’m featuring five jumpsuit finds that i’m going to personally use as my springboard to trying out this trend!! a solid romper (in a bold hue like this, or even a neutral!) may be the way to dip your toe in these waters, like one of these easy-fitting options from offon.


# 2879 “How Much?” by Scott Bergey
Via Flickr:
12 x 9 , mixed media collage on illustration board. May 2014 (Sold)

Simple Soul Gem

This was actually one of the last pieces I made for the cosplay. I wanted a soul gem, but I didn’t want to be carrying it around with me all day. I had seen that you can get some hand made acrylic ones on Etsy and deviantart, but they were kind of too big for me to do anything with. I was close to giving up on the idea, not knowing how to make my own crystal replica, but then I went to my local craft market, and saw this stuff.

It’s called Aqua Aura. It’s a manufactured crystal, they basically coat quartz crystals with gold vapour, and it turns into that. For anyone who doesn’t have a lady selling crystals at a market near them, you can pick up points of it on eBay. It’s gorgeous, and it was perfect. It’s kind of iridescent, so depending on what angle you look at it, sometimes it’s a bit purple, sometimes pink… And it was a really good size for a pendant. (Obviously if you want to just leave it as is and have a few cool soul gems in your pocket, go for it, but if, like me, you wanna be able to easily show it off, keep reading.)

So, I took some jewelry wire, and wrapped it around a few times, leaving a loop at the top (the hardest part about this is choosing what colour wire you want. I went with copper, cuz it contrasted really nicely with the colour of the crystal). You don’t need to use pliers or anything for this, because the wire is so fine, but it’s easier if you do.

You’ll want to give it a couple of tugs just to make sure it’s secure, and then you just need to put it on something so you can wear it! I went with leather cord, because I wanted the whole thing to have a really ‘crafted’ look about it, as if I’d thrown it together at some tavern somewhere on a night off from killing dragons, but you could use a chain if you prefer.

But that’s literally it! Very simple, very effective. It’s one of the details that I felt just kind of completes the whole outfit. Plus, it’s gotten heaps of attention at the cons I’ve worn it to. ;)

Fuck these guys.

I’m a lady, I rarely curse, but these 3 men deserve it. I stumbled upon, which is a yucky site run by 3 divorced Salts (here’s their “About us”:

They’re basically teaching men how to hook up with younger women off of sugar daddy sites and avoid scams, while in turn scamming the girls. Some of their tips include buying jewelry that costs less than $10 on etsy and giving it to a young woman and making up a story about how exotic the jewelry is. The site encourages men to meet young women in hotel bars. They show techniques to hide the fact that you’re not a sugar daddy such as texting a young woman that you’re busy because you’re in Dubai (eye roll) and saying that you prefer a hotel over your own place to hide the fact that you don’t have money. 

What I found most shocking is that these men, the site founders, claim they’ve each had sex with 20 young women in the last 9 months. I’m sure not all of them were aspiring sugar babies, but I’m betting a lot of them were. 

This really shouldn’t enrage me this much, but it does. Why is this concept so hard for people to understand? If you’re a wealthy man (or woman, whatever) and have the resources and desire to spoil a young woman then good luck to you, but if you’re old and broke, stop pretending. I’m so tired of all the salt and Splenda stories. I just want all of us babies to band together and stop this. In the sugar bowl, if a guy doesn’t treat you like the goddess that you are, then you have no need for him in your life. The SB/SD relationship isn’t about money, it’s so much more than that. In my last 4 years in and out of the bowl, I’m appalled at how far downhill things have gone. 

Anyway, read up on their stupid website so you can recognize what bullshit looks like when you’re looking for your SD.


Ivy League Sugar Baby

We’re expecting – if this week hasn’t been one hell of a roller coaster, I don’t know what has. This was the last thing I was expecting after having a super hard week.

I am very early probably only 4-5 weeks along. So I am uneasy about telling anyone in our lives yet especially with a history of miscarriage. I want to get past chemical pregnancy stage and to the dating ultrasound first.

We bought Natalie a “big sister” shirt off of Etsy that we will be using to announce to friends and family. Play the how many people will notice game lol.

However, I figured there have been so many ladies on here who have been so supportive over the years and have been there with me through our TTC journey and my two prior pregnancies that it would be appropriate to continue to blog about it. So if you’re one of the few that I have added on Facebook please be mindful that I have not announced yet.


You guys remember me talking about my mom a while ago and how she’s awesome and crafty and loves Harry Potter as much as her kids?

(look here she is as Molly Weasley we’re so proud)

After getting a request at a convention, she’s now selling Hogwarts house cards in her Etsy store, and take it from someone who’s tried to steal them, they’re the bees knees. She hand assembles/stains/braids everything you see here.

So go forth, HP fandom, and support an incredible lady. (She can customize the text and stuff too, just send her a message.)


my new corgi pin arrived yesterday and it’s AMAZING! of course, machete doesn’t seem to be too impressed, but really, what does he know?

i got the pin from The Bad Wolf’s Burrow, the same amazing etsy shop that made my mini machete (and another mini corg i had made for a special lady).


For those asking about the craft lot… this is the reason why it is no longer available : ) 
Worked out a trade with the talented soul behind waxleaf and let me tell you… upon opening the package i was literally blown away with how amazing everything was….bay leaves, lavender, crystals ,stones, handmade lotions and tinctures. 
All are marvelous, well put together and made me so flipping giddy.
Ive been using the green tea lotion quite a bit.. its wonderful and melts in the palms of your hands <3 
So awesome, so stoked. 

Please check out this wonderful ladies shop on etsy

and her blog


So much love 



(and a teeny tiny bit of s10 info)

  • First off, so I was sitting crosslegged on the ground outside the theatre and Osric walked past so I waved & said hi. He looked at me like I was crazy at first lol but then he said hi back :)))
  • HES ACTUALLY MORE GORGEOUS IN PERSON which is not fair at all but I’m totally fine with it
  • Btw I’m in love with the pink pants they’re my new religion goodbye
  • I had a Mark Sheppard photo-op first & a girl in front of me had an Abaddon “The Devil Made Me Do It” shirt. When Mark saw it he made a face/noise of disapproval ahahaha
  • AFTER I HAD THE PIC TAKEN MARK SAID “THANKS DARLING” ♥♥ the king of hell called me darling and I hugged him whaaaaaaaaa
  • At Mark’s panel someone asked if Crowley should have a love interest & Richard Speight repeated it but said “should Crowley be screwing around with someone” and Mark said “Castiel.” MARRKKKKK
  • Then he said how Crowley & Dean are basically dating right now so
  • Mark: “If you’re not a fan of something there’s something wrong with you” wise words, sir
  • Mark was messing around with all the fans during the panel & being mr. sassy but at the end he stopped to say how much he loves these conventions and getting to interact with fans ♥
  • Oh and he also said how some of his favourite scenes as Crowley are coming up this season and that “yes, there’s a reason why we haven’t seen Crowley’s demon eyes” hmmmmmm
  • Rob was talking about his stroke at Torcon last year and how it was a good step for him just to be able to come back here :,,)
  • So @ the start of Misha’s panel he explained that the pink pants were cause he miscounted how many pairs of pants he packed lol so on his jog he stopped at some store to buy some. The only ones they had in his size were the pink ones & the worker lady told him “oh you wouldn’t want those” so he said OF COURSE he had to get them
  • You might’ve already seen the video where Misha says that at the last con, Jared left his credit card in the green room. So naturally misha used it to order a glass dildo off etsy and send it to jared’s house but he didn’t put his own email so jared ended up getting the order confirmation and Gen was like “uhhh jared..”
  • Misha said again how this season is much more personal for Cas and that he’s trying to “right some past wrongs”
  • Then he confirmed again that no, he didn’t hate the mishapocalypse, and said “who WOULDN’T want their face all over the internet? We’re all a little full of ourselves.. or I am at least.”
  • Misha also confirmed that he isn’t in the 200th episode but that if Cas had to sing a song it would be “something about rainbows or something by Metallica”
  • He kept joking how much we love all these middle-aged men #accurate
  • I could talk forever about this man but he’s honestly so humble and was saying how the fans and their stories inspire him to be a better person :,)
  • OK THEN MY MISHA PHOTO OP HOLYYYY every time I think about it I literally bounce up & down it’s bad

I feel so so so lucky that I’m able to go this year and I’m heading back tomorrow so expect another post about that!!!

In case yall are interested sigilstainedangels unlacingpeace collettestiel


Terra of FF3/6! An amazing lady who is very close to my heart. I did my best to personally detail the fabric for her tights, sashes and cape, and damn if I’m not happy with how she turned out! I poured a lot of love into this gal!

Sadly I’m not a doll collector myself, so this gives you the chance to get her for your own lovely collection! I’ve placed her for sale on my etsy in hopes she’ll find a loving home!

[For sale]


More Star Trek chibis, Carol and Gaila this time!!

Okay, actually I’ve drawn them more than one month ago ;7;“ I was requested them along with Khan and Pike and I wanted to post them all together, but I couldn’t draw Khan TAT I tried and tried again but I was never satisfied with the way he was coming, so in the end I gave up and these two ladies were left alone waiting for my muse to come back :°D But it was passing so much time and I was happy about how they’d come, I decided to just post them hoping I’ll be able to draw Khan and Pike too in the future. And then, I want to draw all the TOS chibis too!

Later I’ll also add them on my Etsy shop =w=

Chibi set part 1 . part 2


Look at what I received in the post today from dameofdownstairs !  I purchased this lovely teapot and cup from her Etsy shop and half the proceeds when to Alzheimer’s / dementia charity.  I cannot say enough how much I will treasure this and how talented you are dameofdownstairs not to mention how much it touches me that you are donating half of our March proceeds to a charity near and dear to my heart.  My beloved grandmother, who is with the saints, died from Alzheimer’s complications in 1986.  

Also, ladies did y’all notice my 1930s copy of Marie Stopes’ Married Love on the shelf? 


I’ve never been completely happy with how my Rapunzel silhouette came out (the ladies with long hair are always a challenge), so she is soon to be replaced by short-haired Punzie in my Etsy shop! (I’ll keep working on her long-haired version, because I know a lot of people like her best that way, too.) In the mean-time, Flynn/Eugene is available here. :)