how is this a real game that exists

I just can’t take ppl who try and start Real Junker Discourse seriously because they’re objectively the most absurd characters in the game, the whole reason they exist is a mad max reference, one references snoop dog and the other references katy perry, they’ve canonically robbed an arcade and an ice cream truck

and people write meta about how, like………..Murder is Bad so You Should Hate Them

it feels like someone writing an essay about how you should hate bowser because a monarchy is an inherently corrupt system like I just can’t take it seriously


I just watched Black Sails s02e05 and I’m speechless, amazed, shaken to my very soul. After 25 years living in this planet I’ve finally met God and his face is that of Toby Stephens. Because if the fact that Captain James McGraw, a complex and badass queer pirate, has the leading role in a show like Black Sails isn’t proof enough that God exists, then I don’t know what it is.


I’d like to thank every person involved in the making of this show for making it possible, also tumblr for making me acquainted with it and to my dear friend who recommended it to me and said “No, it’s not queerbait”. You’ve restored my faith in humanity, I do not know how I managed to live in ignorance for years but I’m finally here, Black Sails has entered my life and I’VE BEEN BLESSED with its many fascinating queer characters and amazing storytelling.

PD: I will forever be grateful for casting in this particular roles men that have starred in adaptations of two of my favourite novels, Jane Eyre and Persuasion, it couldn’t have been more perfect.

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Idk why but recently I've been thinking what it would be like for Clark to come back from the grave to find the fully formed justice league. Like what the fuck. Why do we have a club now. How did you guys even find each other we all have secret identities? Was this all Batman or was there like a nominating committee or something? what the hell I wasn't dead that long who are these people.

clark’s so new to the game, i doubt he’s actually looked into other heroes outside of batman - i get the feeling that was his first real broadening of the horizons, so to speak. he knows they exist, but he doesn’t know much about them, aside from basic powers and a nebulous MO - actually, depending on how present aquaman is, which i feel is not at all, i’m thinking the only heroes superman may really know about are batman, wonder woman, and the flash. and he doesn’t actually know wonder woman, she’s just this armored lady who showed up and kicked ass that’s with neither him or batman. i don’t…. think he actually knows her hero title is wonder woman, actually. 

um. wow. clark’s going to look at batman and be like “are they with you?” and batman’s going to be like “no, they’re with you” and barry’s going to be like “but you’re the one who broke into my house in the middle of the night” and then superman’s gonna be -.- and that’s it that’s the movie

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Today was a bad ADHD day. I got nothing done, even with my meds. Exhausted but stupid ADHD brain won't stop spinning and jumping, so I'm just lying here, waiting for my head to stop and thinking about platypus, booming narrator voices (how DO microwaves work?), why is everything so loud, I'm hungry, do we still have fruit cups, why are fruits carbs, BREADFRUIT (what is UP with breadfruit?), TIME IS AN ILLUSION ITS A MANMADE CONSTRUCT IT DOESNT EXIST, words words words, I like words, I'm tired.

That is real af. The most important thing is to be patient with yourself. I know how unbelievably frustrating it is for your brain to be like computer with a virus. It’s not always possible, but try to minimize how much you have to do. If it’s not possible, take it one, paced step at a time. On days I have time for it, I try to burn myself with distractions (video games, music, creative stuff, dancing, whatever). Lol Idk if you actually wanted any advice. Feel free to also babble at me anytime, and get the words out of your head.


I drafted the Broncere Moment Realm, and I learned how to use Unity’s Directional Specular Lightmaps, which means the shiny part of light that reflects off of walls, moves in 3d space like in real life. I was just about to ask Unity to add “Baked Specular-Only Lights” but this feature already exists and works great smoothly in VR. Now if we can just get planar reflections like Unreal has, Image quality will be perfect – assuming the level is made well.

I am low-key excited that my interactive VR scenes can now look as good as my shitty cgi artwork from 2004.

smol gaster theory

so i just came up with this rly dumb undertale theory while doing my homework ahaha i had to write it down real quick before i forgot

what if gaster looks the way he looks (aka distorted and creepy/weird) bc his physical manifestation is a representation of the only thing in existence remembering him??

like,, the picture sans drew of PROBABLY him papyrus and gaster?????????? it said 3 smiling people???
idk how to explain it well but like.. maybe he looks all distorted and sketchy the way you see him in the game because thats how sans drew him,, and that picture is the only thing in actual existence that has proof that he was alive and existing at one point
gaster- before he fell into the core- probably didn’t look all.. Always Smiling Cracked Head Black Void Creepy
maybe he looks all weird because sans isn’t very good at drawing and his picture is scribbly and rushed,, he probably made it really quick before he completely forgot about him existing
thats why gaster looks weird???????????? i dont know aha i dont know how to put this theory to words i hope yall can understand


You don’t exist.You are a fragment —
of my imagination. You aren’t real.
You don’t exist. You aren’t real. You are dead.
Well basically.
You’re just in my head.

You were never here in the first place.
You were in my imagination a faceless conception
that just wont die, like an bad internet meme.
Past the screen.
You’re still a person.

You made a space in my heart
With every punch on the keyboard for the punch-line
that led straight to the heart emojis that beat.
Me, You win.
And things changed.

The game of pac man became real.
I thought I ate the last ghost on a final chase
But no matter how many secret doorways i take
You got me.
And I’m haunted.

You don’t exist, not here at least.
Somewhere out there is form in your silhouette
A mouth to the voice that I played on repeat
Eyes; a face.
That smiles like me.

When I remember you.  
Thank you.

—  For K. 

@occasionallydiverting could this other unreleased game be one that may or may not have issues with facial animations and the uncanny valley? I have seen a bit of that. I’m not in that fandom at all so for me it’s mostly been amusing to see all the funny gifs, but I’m sure it’s frustrating to people who aren’t bothered by the uncanny valley and want to be excited for the game in peace. So in conclusion, yeah, that’s how it goes with fandoms.

@mrolau @greyknightfranz with all due respect to my dear friends loptyr and gang, I just don’t see this as likely. Rudolf having sibling(s) who have children doesn’t retcon rudolfs…direct family in the slightest, it only makes the world bigger and more real feeling, since of course a royal family more than one emperor exists. And there’s SO little story in the original game, they had to add new characters and plot lines, that’s something I both wanted and was sure would happen from day 1. All gaidens narrative is is a few short story beats, and those main beats are all still almost certainly going to be there, they’re just going to add new stuff too to connect it all and make a fuller story. Most likely. And historically, the only character they added in any remake that people feel was a major detriment to the story was kris in new mystery, and there’s no avatar in echoes so I think that’s a very promising track record.

pokemon theory

there’s a picture in mimikyu’s room that looked like ash was in it, and you wonder, is ash canon to the pokemon games?

but we see some kids playing pokemon in a few pokemon centers, so the game Pokemon must exist in the universe of the pokemon in some weird meta way. it’s probably like the equivalent to nintendogs to us; raising virtual pokemon in a game even though pokemon are real, just like how people raise virtual pets even though pets are real

so anyway i think the pokemon anime is an actual show in the pokemon world, just like it is here. ash isn’t a real person, but a character! people tune in to watch the story of a fictional pokemon trainer and his pikachu, because even though pokemon are not made up creatures to them, its still probably entertaining to watch a trainer’s journey, especially since most viewers probably have never seen most of the pokemon ash comes across, like the legendary ones. and in the hano grand resort, theres a pikachu relaxing and the guy next to it says its a celebrity; perhaps the actor for ash’s pikachu and therefore the most famous pokemon in the world?

I have two big issues with Breath of the wild right now: the first is the lack of gravitas that led me to bumbling my way into the final boss without meaning to. I was aware Hyrule Castle was the final dungeon but it was so easy to waltz through it, and the door to the final boss was so mundane it wasn’t until I was in Cutscene-land that I realized where I was. There’s no musical cue, no ornate door, nothing to indict the final boss exists in anything other than an ordinary room. While Hyrule Castle’s music is amazing the lack of any real lead up to the final battle- no Zelda pep-talk, no serious opposition the door is just…there- really threw me off. 

The other big issue is how the narrative treats Mipha, all the champions really but especially Mipha. While the game never treats the elder generation of Zora’s as correct in their condemnation of Link for the death of Mipha it never truly calls them out entirely either. Muzu accepts Link eventually, but mostly in regards to the princess’ feelings for him like ‘oh she wanted to marry him, of course, she wanted to help.’ But that, by itself, invalidates Mipha’s choices as a person even as it confirms them. At no point does anyone, except maybe Prince Sidon, give voice to the fact that Mipha was a person with her own thoughts, and agency who was free to make her choice, and did so willingly. Even the few bits of character we can gleam through the snippets of memories we see do not portray Mipha as someone who would do something she truly didn’t want regardless of consequence. Her feelings for Link may have had an effect on her decision but it’s ultimately a disservice to her memory and her character to unilaterally link those and her willing choice to be a Champion despite the danger, and trials required of her. 


Soooo… a few of my real life friends were going on about how danrific is real and all that, practically shoving their opinions down my throat. They even cropped Phil out of some photos, so I thought “well two can play that game.” I tried to remove Cat from a few photos (because I ship phan) and this happend. I’m… I’m done existing

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30, 51, 58, 82?

ooh, bringing it back! i like it!

30. what’s your favorite candle scent?

normally i like the fruity ones but my mom got one that smells like champagne and vanilla somehow??? and i want 100 of them. i want my room to always smell like cookies and wine

51. how old were you when you found out santa isn’t real?

i’m jewish, so that wasn’t really a concern, and frankly I have no idea. from the time I knew what santa was, i knew that he didn’t exist.

58. do you have freckles?

nope! although there is one freckle in the center of my left eyelid, so that’s how you’ll be able to tell me from my evil twin when the time comes

82. favorite ice cream flavor?

stephen colbert’s americone dream. or just like…. vanilla. soft serve strawberry. cookie dough. most vanilla-based ice creams tbh

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  • Joshua: Hi boys and girls! It's Joshua's existential KIDS KORNER! The word of the day is FUTILE, as in your futile existence has no meaning. Hey Shiki, do you know any other words that start with f?
  • Shiki: fso uncool.
  • Joshua: Perfect! All together now!
  • Joshua, Beat, Shiki, and Neku: [singing] Your futile existence has no meaning!
  • Joshua: Okay lets get real here everyone in this room is dead.
  • Beat, Shiki, and Neku: [horrified look]
Another Ordinary Day (Kozik x Reader)

Beautiful Anon - this one is for you <3 I hope it lives up to your expectations. I know it’s not super sappy/happy but it’s a real portrayal of a real life situation. 

P.S. This imagine is 99% how my actual, in real life, story unfolded. If you’re interested – Tara is taking the place of my sister. Koz is obviously my SO. He wasn’t watching TV but playing a video game (hence the delayed reaction).

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Playlist: I Just Called to Say I Love You – Stevie Wonder

It was a whim. You’d been feeling off lately. Your body ached, more so than when you were PMSing. It was around that time of the month. You still hadn’t gotten anything yet, and the cramps were non-existent. Maybe you were just a day or two late, that happened sometimes. You pulled your shoulders back, the soreness of your chest echoing through your torso. That’s what had you standing here in the Family Planning aisle. That feeling exactly. It wasn’t normal.

You stared at the rows upon rows of pregnancy tests. Did women actually know which one to take? Was it common knowledge knowing which one was the best? You sighed and rubbed your eyes. You were probably overreacting. You grabbed the pink one off the shelf. It wasn’t the cheapest one, but it was a brand you remembered from commercials. You stopped by the snack stand and picked up a bar of your favourite chocolate. You figured that after all the stress you’d put yourself through, a little indulgence was ok. You dropped the chocolate and test down on the counter. The woman at the checkout rang them through and gave you the total.

You held up your bank card, “Debit.”

She nodded and pressed the button. You inserted the card into the machine, went through the motions of inputting your password and checking the account type.

“Would you like a bag?” The woman asked as you waited for the transaction to clear.

You shook your head, “No thank you.”

She handed you the two items and the receipt. You dropped them down into your purse. You exited the drug store and stood on the street corner for a minute. You couldn’t do this alone. You needed some guidance. You pulled your phone out of your pocket and texted Tara.

Can I call you? You pressed send and began walking home.

The sun was shining. It was early evening and you’d just finished work. You recounted the last few times you and Kozik had been intimate. You ran your fingers through your hair, you guys weren’t the best at being ‘safe’. About a month ago you’d gotten back from a trip back home – visiting family. The both of you were excited to be back near one another. There was the quickie in the bedroom after work one day. You hadn’t even managed to get undressed. You attacked him, pinning him on the bed and demanded his attention. Then there were the two times in the shower. You ambushed him first. He was taking too long and you needed to be somewhere. That led to you both showering together, amoung other things. Your phone rang in your hand and Tara’s caller ID showed up.

You smiled, “Hey girl.”

“You’re pregnant, aren’t you?” She cut right to the chase.

You stopped in your tracks. You hadn’t even voiced your concerns to anyone yet. This was the first time you’d even seriously given this thought. You thought about lying, just to spite her but you two knew each other so well that it wasn’t a surprise that she’d picked up on your worries early on.

“I bought a test.” You explained.

She squealed into the phone and you had to pull it away while she freaked out. You laughed at her reaction. Your nerves settling the tiniest bit. She already had Abel and Thomas. She knew exactly what to expect. You unlocked your front door and bee lined it for the couch.

“Ok.” She settled hearing as you entered your house, “Take the test right now.” 

You shook your head, “Isn’t it better to take it in the morning? I swear I heard that somewhere before.”

“Psh if you’re pregnant it doesn’t matter what time of day you take the test.” She explained.

You rolled your eyes, of course she knew best, she was a doctor after all.

“How am I supposed to pee on a stick and hold the phone at the same time?” You joked.

You heard a door shut on her end, “Put the phone down, pee on the stick and come back.”

You groaned. What if you really were pregnant? You were happy but scared at the same time. This wasn’t something you’ve ever had to deal with.

“Alright.” You said.

You placed the phone down on the table and pulled the test out of your purse. You went into the bathroom, ripped the box open, ignored the instructions and made sure that the bristles were in place. You frowned, this was almost as awkward as peeing in a cup. A shiver ran down your spine as you felt weird about the whole thing. Tara was willingly waiting for you to pee on a stick. Why was being a woman so strange sometimes? You set the test on the corner of the sink, finished your business and pulled up your pants. You pushed the cap over the bristled part of the test and then washed your hands. You grabbed the instructions and test as you went back to the living room. You glanced at the clock. It was only 5:30 in the evening. Kozik wouldn’t be home for another few hours.

You picked up the phone, “It’s done.”

“Yay!” Tara laughed. “Have you thought about how you’re going to tell Koz?”

You shrugged, “No. I don’t even know if this is real yet. I could just be overreacting.”

“Y/N, you wouldn’t have called me if you thought this was a false alarm.” She stated.

You groaned, “Ugh.”

Why was she always right? She laughed again. She distracted you with mindless prattle while you waited the three minutes for the test to finish. You left it sitting on the coffee table, upside down because you still didn’t know if you were prepared for the outcome.

“Three minutes.” Tara announced.

You took a deep breath and gingerly picked up the test. You flipped it over and creased your eyebrows in confusion.

“Uh – it has one solid line and one really faint one.” You told her.

You pulled out the instructions pamphlet and began scanning through. It mentioned that two solid lines meant pregnant but it made no mention of a solid first line and faint second one. Were all the tests this finicky?

“That’s exactly what it looked like when I was pregnant with Thomas.” She advised.

You shook your head, “This doesn’t make any sense. The booklet distinctly says that you have to have two solid lines. Not one solid and one barely there.” 

She chuckled at your denial, “Y/N you’re pregnant.”

“That’s not what the booklet says!” You fought back.

“You’re pregnant.” Tara said again.

You paused and then all the excitement of being pregnant caught up with you. Tears formed at your eyes.

“I’m pregnant.” You whispered. “I’M PREGNANT!” You screamed. “Ohmygod. Ohmygod! How am I going to tell Kozik?”

“Do something cute, like put the test in a pan and put the pan in the oven.” Tara offered, “Symbolically tell him you have a ‘bun in the oven.’”

You burst into laughter, “Isn’t that sort of stuff reserved for people planning on these things? This wasn’t exactly on our list of to-dos.”

You both broke into giggles. This was absurd and exhilarating all at once. You never expected to ever be a parent. It wasn’t something you thought you had in you. Now that you were pregnant, and with Kozik, you’d never felt more ready. The two of you could do this. You’d been together so long that this wasn’t going to be a problem. It was just another wrung on the ladder you continued to climb together.

You took a deep breath and then blew it out through tight lips, “He’s not going to be home until after 9. I can’t wait that long.”

“Mull it over. Figure out how you want to tell him. He loves you, remember that.” She gave me a minor pep talk, “Oh, and guys handle these things differently. Don’t forget that.”

You nodded, “Alright. Thanks Tara.”

“No problem. You have to call me and tell me how he reacts.” She demanded.

I laughed at her, “I will.”

“Alright girl, I’ve got to go. I’ve been paged five times now.” She spoke swiftly and then hung up.

You dropped your phone down onto the coffee table and turned the TV on. You had no idea how you were going to tell Koz. This was definitely not something either of you had talked about in a long time. There was a conversation years ago about hypothetical kids and names, but that was just a bunch of ‘ifs’. Now those ‘ifs’ were becoming ‘whens’.

He’d been home for at least an hour now. The two of you were just sitting on the couch, watching TV. You couldn’t concentrate on the show because there was so much going on in your mind. Your face was hot and a blush was covering your entire body. You had no idea why but you felt embarrassed. You hadn’t even said or done anything yet. The tension in your body was building and you were starting to freak out. What if he had a horrible reaction? You never did talk about this. It wasn’t in the plans. Shit! You needed to get out of your head. You couldn’t start making things up. He didn’t even know yet. You tucked your feet underneath you and cradled the throw cushion into your stomach. You felt safer, almost like you were hiding your secret.

“Baby…” You murmured.

He glanced over at you, “Yeah.”

“We need to talk.” You said, immediately regretting your choice of words.

Now he probably thought you were breaking up with him. How did other people do this? This was the hardest conversation you’d ever had to have in your life. He raised an eyebrow at you, waiting for you to speak. You opened your mouth but stopped. You didn’t know what to say. Your heart was thudding in your chest and the adrenaline soared through your body.

With a deep breath and your blush deepening you muttered, “I’m pregnant.”

He stared at you, completely silent. There was no change in his features, he just stared. He turned back to the TV, grabbing the remote and rubbing his thumb on the buttons. You stared at his profile, unsure of what was happening. You heart rate slowed and you felt like everything was under water.

“You should probably see a doctor.” He finally uttered.

You blinked. What? That’s it? Was no reaction a good reaction? You sat on the corner of the couch staring off into space. You couldn’t say that you were disappointed because honestly you had no idea what to expect. This wasn’t the kind of news that anyone prepared you for. You shook your head and stood up.

As you walked away you mumbled, “I’m going to bed.”

You changed out of your day clothes, pulling on one of his old t-shirts and climbed into bed. You curled onto your side and began to cry. You weren’t sad per se, just overwhelmed. You’d been so excited after finding out that you figured that he’d be too. You realized that not everyone reacted the same to everything. He was his own person. You needed to give him a chance to come to terms with the news himself.

You tried desperately to go to sleep but a few hours later found you still lying in bed with your eyes wide open. You’d done nothing but think about his non-reaction. Was he happy? Was he mad? Was he going to leave you? You heard as the TV in the living room switched off and heard his soft footsteps making their way to the bedroom. Without turning the lights on, he undressed and slid into the bed next to you. You turned over, notifying him that you were still awake. He dipped his hand under your neck, embracing you and pulling you close to him. He stayed quiet, pressing a kiss to your forehead. That was a good sign. You unwrapped your arms and cuddled into his chest.

“We’re going to need a bigger house.” He murmured into your hair.

You laughed, “Yes. That’s a given.”

He squeezed you closer and kissed your forehead.

“Shit!” He exclaimed and you pulled back, “We’re going to need to buy a crib, and save money. What about daycare?”

You smiled. There it was. The new dad panic.

You snuggled in closer, pulling him down to your face, “We still have another nine months before this baby comes. We have enough time to plan everything out.”

“I love you, Y/N.” He spoke. He reminded you every day but today it meant more to you than it ever did.

You kissed him in response. You were strong together. This wasn’t going to be easy, but you had each other to lean on.

okay okay so in class we’re watching the feminist frequency video about sexualized NPC characters in video games and she uses mass effect as a way to show that even if you play as femshep things like getting a dance from Asari hookers still happen and like, I get her point, right? But at the same time, there are so many mentions in the game about how the Asari are actively working to remove this stereotype from their people and the men who objectify them are vilified? Also, not to mention that while the Asari have this stereotype in-universe, no one uses this against them when they are not in sex work positions. 

you can’t use ME as an example for these things because some aspects of ME actually exist to subvert these tropes. If you want to rat on ME for sexist tropes, even oversexualization of NPCs and characters (let’s be real here: every shot of Miranda exists to be a shot of her ass, and don’t get me started on Jack’s outfits) there are actually a ton, but the Asari hookers are a horrible example to use because they’re supposed to highlight the problems of the male gaze in universe. That’s my opinion, anyways. 

(it should also be mentioned that the Asari hooker dances do absolutely nothing to give you benefits, unlike other games that impose the “background characters for sex” trope or whatever she calls it)

look they’re fun to talk about and a good way to understand and categorize certain behaviors and personality traits in yourself but hogwarts houses are neither an actual social institution nor an actual set of identities that carry any weight in the real world. no one is oppressed for being a slytherin nor is anyone celebrated for being a gryffindor because those things are not actual social constructs that exist in the real world. we can talk about how lin-manuel miranda is a slytherin and that one scientist from pacific rim is a ravenclaw all we want but let’s not pretend like it’s an actual thing like “reblog if you’d date a hufflepuff” or “protect slytherin kids who have to read books about how evil they are uwu” like….. it’s a fun game to play, not an axis of oppression

A simple thief trying to make it in the real world of war simulations, Fortune still believes that she’s getting paid to compete in the games. No one has the heart to break it to her, seeing as she already has enough problems. What, with her body constantly falling apart, among other things.

Also, as the only squid-cat-kid hybrid in existence, going to lunch with her is always…special.

Hollow Game
greedling trash
Hollow Game

I’ve had this recording saved on my computer for such a long time but have been self-conscious about the lessthanstellar vocals and sort of pretended it didn’t exist. But today I decided, “sakgjhskjghsgdf screw it.” So here we are ;__;

This is the full version of my Greedling mini-song “Hollow Game.” I also played it on my live stream if you were there! I hope you guys like this <3

The ghost in me is taking over my senses.
It was too easy to break through my defenses.
How could phantoms eat through immortal blood and steel?
Maybe I’m the one who isn’t entirely real.

Through whose eyes do I see?
Is there a monster hidden in me?

My breaths are not measured by days.
But I don’t know if I’m really alive.
My growing emptiness is all that I possess.

Self-indulgence is a hollow game.
Because I will never be satisfied.
I think all I ever wanted was something worth dying for that was mine.

Flickering through the broken souls we left behind.
I can’t remember which dying eyes mirror mine.
Where is the solace in the weight that I hold?
It’s an illusory version of the world.

I’m coming apart at the seams.
The monster inside is clawing out of me.

My breaths are not measured by days.
But I don’t know if I’m really alive.
My growing emptiness is all that I possess.

Self-indulgence is a hollow game.
Because I will never be satisfied.
I think all I ever wanted was something worth dying for that was mine.

I’m one with my desire.
What is left of my will is growing tired.

Everything is here.
What I want and what I fear.
It’s intangible and abstract.
And it can disappear.

My breaths are not measured by days.
But I don’t know if I’m really alive.

Self-indulgence is a hollow game.
Because I will never be satisfied.
I think all I ever wanted was something worth dying for that was mine.