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advocacy: have some perspective, don’t throw your own people under the bus

I’ve seen a lot of discourse lately about how Blizzard is handling Emily/Tracer wrong - how there’s no sign of it in the game, etc. etc. And there isn’t, yet. There isn’t any sign Tracer is gay in the actual game, so it’s fair comment. I’ve also seem what is pretty unfair conclusions about why this is thrown around, I’ve seen really nasty snark disguised as witty criticism., and it… leaves a bad taste in my mouth, really. 

A very close friend of mine works in an AAA studio. She’s worked in gaming for 10 years. She literally works herself to the bone trying to push social justice in games - and it’s like pushing a fucking boulder uphill forever, let me tell you. I’ve watched what this tireless advocacy is doing to her. Nevertheless, she keeps going. 

It’s because of people like my friend that Overwatch exists - people who have persistently, tirelessly, at threat to their relationships, livelihoods and careers advocated for diversity and representation in games. 

I can only imagine how fucking hard it’s been to change the culture in Blizzard into a company where they publish an AAA game that is as diverse as Overwatch. It’s because of people like my friend, allies, and other supportive people that we have Overwatch at all.

Let’s review some of the great things about the game: a variety of diverse races, ethnicities and identities - consultation was pretty fucking good for most of those. And they listen to our comments about what’s missing, too. We didn’t like that Pharah’s VA wasn’t Egyptian, so what did they do? They got an Egyptian VA living in Egypt to voice Ana. We didn’t like the lack of black characters, and they’ve promised more, and the latest new character is an Omnic created by child genius Efi who is black - and they got a black woman for Orisa’s VA.

Blizzard has handled female characters very well. We complained after they’d released their initial characters that the body type of the female characters was generic and not diverse. So what did they do? They gave us Zarya and Mei. We complained that Tracer was being objectified in one of her poses. What did they do? They changed the fucking pose. They have given us a Muslim single mum who’s 60 old, still a soldier, has sexual agency and is more than just her role as ‘Mum’. The spread of female characters isn’t 16-25 as per most games that have female protagonists, but 19-60, with the majority of them being in their 30s, and that is fucking great

And all of this is aside from the fact that Tracer - the face of the fucking game - is canon, confirmed lesbian in those words by both the devs and in ¾ of a big major comic. She’s in a healthy adult relationship. Plus, there’s more to come. We know more characters are queer, too. 

There’s probably more stuff to add, but off the top of my head - how great is this fucking game?????

Now, it’s not to say that all of this has been done perfectly - there’s always room for improvement. They always could do things better. But the tone of some of the posts I’ve read is as if none of this exists. As if Blizzard has spat in our faces, somehow, by not having Tracer have mentioned Emily in the game yet. The anger, the entitlement, the mockery. 

You’re mocking probably a bunch of queer people, people of colour and women who have pushed and pushed and pushed the gaming industry for decades in order to get a game like Overwatch. You’re mocking people like my friend who has slogged her fucking guts out to get what we’ve got in the games her company produces. Can you imagine what it must be like for those people, responsible for these changes in Blizzard and in the industry, to read people bitching about the fact Tracer doesn’t say anything about Emily (yet) when they’ve pushed so fucking hard just to get what we’ve gotten? 

Do you realise how horribly ungrateful and rude that sounds? You may not be aiming your criticism at these people, but they’re among us. They read social media. They’re real people with real feelings. 

Can we please have some appreciation for just how far Overwatch has taken diversity in games? Because there’s a bunch of minority folks behind this push, mark my words. 

This post is not to discourage criticism, but please, please think of the tone of voice you give it in. Don’t be cruel or unfair. Don’t mock. Don’t be ungateful, please. 

“It’s as if Emily doesn’t even fucking exist, I wonder why that is lollllll fucking blizz” works so much better as “Hey Blizz, I love that Tracer has a girlfriend! Let’s have Tracer mention Emily in the game? :D” 

There are ways to deliver suggestions and feedback that don’t shit all over the people who’ve worked so hard to bring this game to you. Please take an extra 5 seconds to consider not sounding entitled and awful, and think about how else you could deliver this feedback so you’re not hurting the people who have worked their whole lives so you have it <3

Arya’s journey is very much a feminine one and I wish it was recognized as such instead of people writing her off as “like a boy”. A major theme in Arya’s story is identity and it plays out in a way unique to her relationship with her femininity. Both Sansa and Arya are threatened with having their identities subsumed by a patriarchal society; Sansa by a society that treats her as a consumable object, and Arya because she can’t fit into that little box of what a woman should be according to patriarchal standards.

While Sansa’s journey involves being boxed in, her identity sold to the men around her who seek to possess her, Arya’s journey involves her being flung far across the continent and eventually landing in a place where, because she cannot be a wife and she cannot be a knight or a lord or a high septon, she literally (nearly) becomes no one at all. Because she won’t give up her name to a man, she must surrender her name entirely. Because she does not conform to the male gaze, she must become faceless. This is how women who don’t fit a certain standard are treated in real life. If you can’t or won’t play the game patriarchy wants you to play, then you are no one, and society and the media does their best to pretend that you don’t exist. Arya must give up her body because she refuses to give it, she must give up her emotions because she’s too emotional. She must contain and control herself because she won’t conform, she must make herself smaller and smaller until she doesn’t exist at all.

“The price is you. The price is all you have and all you ever hope to have. We took your eyes and gave them back. Next we will take your ears, and you will walk in silence. You will give us your legs and crawl. You will be no one’s daughter, no one’s wife, no one’s mother. Your name will be a lie, and the very face you wear will not be your own.”

On a meta level, this is very much a story about being a woman. About how patriarchy asks you to give all of yourself until you either fit into that little box or you get treated like you’re an androgynous, faceless being and not a woman at all.

Alrighty here’s the masterpost for Hell’s Studio, I guess

So what the heckity heck is this au about?:

This AU spawned from a joke I made with @arsonsara about bendy looking all weird in-game because joey sucks at 3D modeling.

Basically, Joey Drew got the idea in his head that he could potentially bring his original characters to life, and then goes to do that. However, it’s not all that easy, and he ends up bringing Bendy into the real world completely off model as this hulking mess of sentient ink vaguely in the shape of a demon. Obviously Bendy is very frustrated by this. But on top of being off model, he finds even more frustration in the fact that Joey wasted precious time trying to perform a demonic summoning ritual when he could’ve spent it making the actual goddamn cartoon. Seeing how impulsive and distracted the guy can often get, Bendy decides to appoint himself the new head animator and co-producer of the show if they want anything to get done. And it all kicks off from there.

So this AU doesn’t have a big overarching plot or anything, it’s mainly just episodic and things just happen. Think of it like The Office of Parks and Rec. Most of it is goofy comedic shenanigans, but i guess there is some drama-ish stuff in there from time to time, idk it’s a mess. It’s been built off of people sending me cool ideas on Tumbler Dot Com.

I don’t intend on making an organized timeline for things that happen throughout the au because literally anything can happen at almost any time and it’s constantly being added to, so I’m just gonna list a bunch of important points about the characters and how things work.

this is kinda just so y’all have just one big post to reference.

So here we go there’s a whole heckin’ lot:

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So based on what I’ve played so far, this is what I can tell (or probably theorize) about the world of our beloved choices stories.

1. The Freshman, Rules of Engagement, Royal Romance, LoveHacks, Haunting of Braidwood Manor, and Endless Summer are all set in the same reality. Like in these books, the characters can cross over because they’re all from the same world.

2. The timeline of these books can be traced in a logical and chronological order.
-The Freshman book 1 is the earliest of all the stories. Followed by The Freshman book 2.
-TF book 2 is set in the winter time so the events of this book probably happen at the same time as Haunting of Braidwood Manor.
-Since Brandon and Zack are officially together and Brandon has not yet left the States, it can be presumed that LoveHacks takes place around the same time as TF book 2 (or reasonably before TF book 2, but after TF book 1). Remember that in one chapter of LoveHacks, Ben and the MC see Brandon and Zack together at a baseball game.
-The Freshman book 3 happens after LoveHacks and Haunting of Braidwood Manor.
-Rules of Engagement book 1 happens after TF book 3. If you’ll remember, Madison mentions in the finale of TF book 3 that she, Logan, and Tripp are going on a cruise. And indeed you do see them throughout RoE book 1. This also makes sense because in RoE, Claire’s uncle Antoine appears in the boat which means he is no longer in San Francisco (where LoveHacks takes place). In other words he did not remove himself from the boat in order to have a blind date with the MC of LoveHacks, thus he should be on the boat AFTER the events of LoveHacks.
-The Freshman book 4 happens at the same time as Rules of Engagement book 1 because the events of TF book 4 happen very shortly after the events of TF book 3. In other words, while the MC, Zack, Zig, Chris, Kaitlyn, and James are road tripping, Madison, Logan, Tripp, (and apparently Edgar) are on the cruise of RoE.
-Rules of Engagement book 2 happens after RoE book 1 and probably might coincide with TF book 4 (given that Madison still appears in in RoE book 2).
-The events of Endless Summer coincide with the events of RoE book 2. In fact, the chapter where Blaire Hall calls Grace to tell her to call before her flight to La Huerta is where the events of Endless Summer actually begin.
-The Royal Romance is set years after the events of RoE book 2 (but not too many years far off; I speculate around 1-2 years). This makes sense too because the younger brother of the prince in RoE (I shall call him Leo just for clarity’s sake) is now crowned prince of Cordonia (I shall call him Liam). In RoE book 2, Leo is still the crowned prince of Cordonia. However, in Royal Romance, Liam mentions that Leo has already abdicated which left him as the heir to the kingdom.

3. Most Wanted is a series/franchise of this world. This is confirmed as it’s an arcade game in LoveHacks, TF, and Endless Summer. But how does this explain the crossover of some characters of Most Wanted into other books? Number 4 is purely speculation on my part.

4.Most Wanted is supposed to be based on real life, this is according to Zahra. My theory is that the characters of Dave, Sam, Cass, are real. They exist in the same reality as the other books. And Most Wanted is a series that is based on them. So let me repeat this in another way just to clarify. The people who are in Most Wanted all truly exist in the same universe as all other books. The murders did indeed happen in that world and Sam and Dave really did solve the case. And in that reality in which they exist, “Most Wanted” is a series/franchise/video game which is based on the true story of Sam and Dave. If you think about it this way, it would make sense as it would allow for the realistic crossovers of Cassandra Leigh, Ryan Summers, Alyssa Griffin, and Nikhil into TF, LoveHacks, and RoE.

5.Most Wanted events took place before the events of The Freshman book 2. I can’t confirm if it happened before the events of TF book 1. I’ve deduced this because in TF book 2, Alyssa Griffin has risen to fame (presumably after the death of Haley Rose/Tull) fulfilling her wish at the end of Most Wanted.

6.The Crown and the Flame books 1, 2, and 3 happen hundreds of years before the events of any of the books. This would make it chronologically the earliest (not TF book 1 like I mentioned earlier).

7.Since Olivia, from the Royal Romance is a descendant of Luther Nevrakis, it must be presumed that the characters of TCTF are from the same reality as the other books. My speculation about this is that all supernatural events of TCTF are most likely not real. The people, however, must be real.

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"oh, you don't wrestle? Huh, guess that means that you're not a real fan of wrestling. Sorry, we can't be friends now." I don't see how not playin a game automatically makes someone less of a fan of somethin. Especially when not everyone CAN play it, or are very good at the kind of game in question. Nor do I understand the thought that you shouldn't associate with someone who hasn't played said game. Seems pretty exclusionary and elitist to me. :T








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A thought. We've discussed how Toon Henry is now a bit more resilient, but he can still take damage. If he had, say, a broken leg or arm, it'd be evident by a kinked limb and later a cast. Would a break heal faster, in hours or minutes? Or would he be stuck with it for a while. And would any injuries carry over if/when he becomes human again?

Honest to goodness, and I hate to give what might sound like a cop-out answer… but it depends.

What I’ve not quite gone into yet in this AU is the exact nature of Henry’s status as a toon.  Yes, I’ve mentioned that he’s the equivalent of a side character, and thus doesn’t have as much malleability as Bendy, but that’s not what I’m getting at here.

In cartoons, a character can get seriously injured and then be perfectly fine in the next scene, depending on whether or not that character is either needed to further the story OR whether or not said injury would add anything to the story.

Oftentimes, it’s the MOMENT of the injury that’s funny – to illustrate this point most clearly, think of Wile E. Coyote.  It’s pretty funny when he lands after falling off a cliff, but by the next scene, he’s usually fine.  This is because the gag is complete – we don’t need to see what became of him after he landed.  Conversely, if a bomb goes off, we usually see him standing there in shock with the black soot all over his face.  Occasionally, we see him lumber off screen in a daze, still covered in the soot.  In this case, the injury lasts for a bit longer than the impact, so we can laugh not simply at the injury itself but at the aftermath thereof.

At the same time, cartoons can occasionally take a turn for the shockingly sober.  (You may remember a certain cartoon about a bulldog who believes his little kitty friend has been baked into a cookie.)  It’s not unheard of for a gag to go wrong in a cartoon, and these moments are often coupled with a sudden self-awareness on the parts of the characters – as soon as a character realizes the true danger of an action, that action BECOMES dangerous, even if it was harmless just earlier in that episode.

In other words, as soon as a gag is no longer funny, the danger it poses stops being a gag and becomes very, very real.

(Sammy’s death might make more sense now – he didn’t see the scene as a gag, and neither did Henry.)

In the situation he is in (along with Alice and Boris, once they’ve decided to help him out), Henry is technically the “antagonist” of the cartoon world that the studio has become.  The author of this cartoon, Joey Drew (as he is in control of the machine), has painted him to be the villain while Bendy is the hero of the story.  Right from the get-go, Henry is at a disadvantage – he is the Wile. E to Bendy’s Roadrunner, the Pete to Bendy’s Mickey, the Tom to Bendy’s Jerry (especially in the episodes where Jerry is more mischievous and seeks trouble with the cat).  He is more likely to be the victim of cartoon gags than Bendy is.

Of course, because all of this is following the rules of a cartoon, well.  The antagonist can’t die or be incapacitated until the end of the show, right?

Henry can absolutely get injured by Bendy’s gags, but whether or not the injury lasts depends on the “tone” of the moment, or the “scene.”  In other words, Henry’s access to his “toon powers,” as it were, depends almost entirely upon his mindset.

The toons see everything in the studio as a cartoon.  Reality checks run the risk of breaking them out of that, and force them to go off-model – after all, how can a toon exist in reality?  The logic doesn’t make sense.  Henry, however, is a human.  His instinct is to see the studio as HIS reality, not as a cartoon.  While this gives him the advantage once or twice of throwing Bendy off his game in the nick of time before he gets hurt, it is also ironically exactly what is putting him at risk of being hurt.  His logic dictates that a safe dropped on his head would kill him.  As a result… a safe dropped on his head WOULD kill him.

A human functioning under real-world logic also cannot access hammerspace.  It doesn’t exist, after all.  But it very much does for a cartoon.  The only thing preventing Henry from accessing it is his own real-world logic.

There’s one more danger that comes with insisting upon real-world logic in a world of cartoons.  As I said above, a toon forced to come to terms with something that is decidedly NOT cartoonish will be forced to go off-model.  Reality checks destabilize a toon.  The worse the reality check, the worse the destabilization.  It’s particularly bad if the toon in question isn’t that good at keeping their composure.

Now, what might that mean for a human turned into a cartoon?  If Henry refuses to function by toon logic… well.

We already saw what became of somebody who lost himself that way.

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I think you should know that I had a dream in which our!ciel very dramatically revealed that his real name is John and I woke up being convinced that this was canon so i spent about an hour researching clues that his name might actually be John (spoiler alert! There's no such clues xD)

…Well Anon, I’m afraid you only partially dreamed. :/ 

I don’t know how you could possibly find out but I now have to confess. I really tried to make these pages disappear from the internet when I edited last month’s chapter by hacking into Yen Press but…

…as a matter of fact you were right, this is how ch129 actually ends and I can’t hide it anymore.

So Our!Ciel’s name is indeed John, it’s just that it’s not him who told us but the real Ciel Phantomhive. You have impressive powers Anon and you caught me, so it’s game over for now. 

Please promise me you’ll find someone to come feed my dog as I am sent to prison. Please, she is completely innocent and just slept as I was trying to hide the truth. 

writing this mary meta is turning out to be so frustrating because im trying to be very clear and not be all snooty like “heh, i’ll leave you to your deductions” which could deter some readers who are not as practiced in drawing conclusions the way we’ve been doing for years, but ive been thinking about this for so long (since oct ‘14) that its basically second nature to me like,

  • mary exists to give john the life he thought he wanted,
  • a normal life of domestic bliss,
  • JUST LIKE moriarty exists to give sherlock the life he thought he wanted,
  • above everyone else playing a clever game no one else can understand,
  • but NEITHER of them ACTUALLY want that,

mary is moriarty’s equivalent and everything is johnlock how could i possibly explain it clearer than it already is on the show and why are people still questioning this


Spare a thought today for Howard Ashman (May 17, 1950 - March 14, 1991)

Howard may have suffered in silence, but he did have a voice. No doubt he was secretive and tortured, but he is all too easily pigeon-holed as a tragic martyr. I implore you - please, please do not condense him down to something so simple. Howard was brilliant. A funny, complex, warm, strong-willed, loving, sensitive, intensely bright man; often sarcastic and moody, but always caring, and a wonderful friend. Do not remember him the way most choose to. He once was a child, who put on plays with the children in his neighbourhood. He was once a young man, who fell in and out of love. He once laughed, loudly and fully, losing control with happiness. He had a rare true artistic vision. Do not misremember. He was a man, he was whole, he was loved.

I was very lucky from the beginning.

Nobody can deny that Howard’s work was so uniquely funny, and clever, and entertaining. Yet at his most poignant, Howard wrote about the unifying existence of beauty and pain, of secrets and understanding, of darkness and love. Drawn in by the cleverness of his lyrics and then struck by his work’s truth, we are all represented in Howard’s often simple but ever-effective verse as we are confronted with the parallel need for home and purpose in a world full of cynicism and greed. Through song he gently fanned the sparks that ignite the human soul, turning them into burning flames, illuminating even the most mysterious corners of the human existence. Howard’s distinctive voice that remains so alive in his work, triggers a remembrance of the most instinctual and elemental emotions that drive us, at times seemingly evoking an older than ancient feeling of what it means to love and be loved. We are sarcastic, cynical, and troubled, but in those seldom-illuminated dark corners of ourselves, we are basic, we are children. 

Beneath the puppetry and games beats the heart of a romantic idealist longing for a world that doesn't and never did exist.  

The true tragedy of arguably Howard’s greatest and most heartbreaking song, Disneyland, is not at all that Doria believes in the fakery of the titular idyllic fantasy world. Not at all. The greatest tragedy of that song is that she knows the magic world she craves isn’t real, but she wants to live there anyway. What happened to Howard makes it painfully clear how cruel and unjust the world can be. But, and perhaps this is the greatest tragedy of all, against all reason we still believe in the beauty of our own wants, desires, and dreams. Against our better judgement, we still get lost in those safe imaginative realms of possibility. Because of Howard, there is still somewhere to which we can for a time escape, just like children - children who are acutely and disturbingly aware of the dark cruelty of our world. 

“This is a magical land,” Howard said, “you may now make a wish”

A Nice Fan Account || Jack

Jack masterpost found here

Word count - 1,498

Summary - The one where your past is exposed.

(Y/B/N) means your blog name

Jack had a habit of stalking fan accounts. Whether they were Tumblrs, Instagrams, or Twitters, Jack had a way of finding them and snooping. He found it endearing that people all over the world would dedicate entire accounts to him and his friends. Sure, some of the posts were over the top and caught him off guard, but the support and utter kindness was what stood out the most to him.

The younger Maynard had been asked many times whether or not he would date a fan. He often made jokes like, well who isn’t a fan of me these days? to avoid answering the question. Truly he had no problem with dating a fan. As long as they didn’t cry on a date or faint when they first met him, he had no problem with dating someone who enjoyed his videos; maybe even someone with a nice fan account.

You met Jack quite randomly. Looking back, you liked to call it fate. You were very new to London. You moved there from a small town on a whim, not knowing anybody and not having a single clue what was in store for you there. One day you were out in town. You just wanted to walk around and explore but after a while you wound up lost. Your phone had naturally died which meant not only could you not call an Uber, but you also couldn’t check your maps to figure out where to go. On top of it all, even if you wanted to hop in a taxi, you didn’t know the address to your new flat to send them to. So, you resorted to buying a map of the area from a local tourist shop and walked around the streets of London feeling like quite the idiot.

After what felt like hours of wandering aimlessly around the city, you decided you had quite enough. You approached the first group of people you came across and asked them if they had any clue how to get Vauxhall Station; it was the nearest landmark you knew to be by your flat. Once you got there you were fairly certain you’d be able to find the rest of the way on your own. At that point, you were willing to try anything.

You were so busy focusing on how frustrated you were that you hadn’t even noticed who you had approached: Jack Maynard, Mikey Pearce, and Oli White.

You kept your composure completely. Should you ask for a picture? You didn’t want to seem like an obsessive fan, but this was a moment to document. “I actually live near Vauxhall,” Oli said. “We were just headed back to my flat. You can walk with us on the way if you’d like.”

“That’d be great,” you said honestly, breathing a sigh of relief. Not only were you about to finally find your way home, but you were about to spend the time it took to get there with three of your favorite boys on the Internet. And you didn’t want to overthink things, but you felt like Jack was staring at you a little longer than the others.

As you walked with the boys in the direction of the station, you chatted casually. You explained to them that you had just moved to the area and had no idea where anything was. They were very kind, assuring you that it took them all a while to get used to the city too upon their first arrivals. Things were going great and you told to yourself that you could ask them for a picture once you parted ways near the station.

As it turned out, you never parted ways. Once you began to recognize the area around you more, you realized you lived in the same complex as Oli. This meant that you ended up seeing a lot more of him and the other boys. You never needed to ask for a picture because you went from a random fan on the streets to a next door neighbor and friend.

Whenever you looked back on that day, you couldn’t help but laugh. You had updated your Tumblr followers, telling them of the bizarre encounter and how drastically you felt your life was about to change.

And change it did. Once you and Jack became official and the buttercream boys were more than just faces on the Internet, you abandoned your account and swapped fluffy imagines for the real deal. It had been so long since you touched your Tumblr that you grew to forget it existed at all.

One day you were laying next to Jack in bed. He was scrolling through something on his phone while you were engrossed in a random episode of Game of Thrones playing on the TV. Jack had been quiet for a while now but you hardly paid any attention. He told you he was working on something for a video, so you thought it best to leave him alone. So when he spoke your name, it startled you a bit. “What’s up?” you asked, turning the volume of the TV down.

“What’s (Y/B/N)?”

Your eyes grew wide as Jack’s lips turned up in a smirk. “What?” was all you managed to get out.

(Y/B/N),” he repeated, clearly trying not to laugh. “I was just scrolling through Tumblr, specifically the Jack Maynard tag for Monday’s video. And I found this really popular account called (Y/B/N).”

“Oh god, Jack no.”

“The bio says (Y/N) - (age) - just a girl obsessed with some boys online - Jack Maynard is mine don’t fight me on this,” he said, trying to keep a straight face. “And the last post they put is quite interesting too.”

“Jack I’m begging you-”

You’ll never guess what happened today. I’m shaking as I’m typing this-”

“Jack!” you shrieked, lunging now for his phone. But he was quicker than you and leaped out of the bed.

I met Oli, Jack, and Mikey on the street today and found out I share a flat complex with Oli! I can’t fucking breathe guys oh my god. ALSO JACK IS SO HOT AND I THINK HE WAS STARING AT ME but it was probably just shock I can’t think like that and get my hopes up oh my FUCKING GOD how did this happen to me GOD BLESS LONDON.”

Jack was practically doubled over laughing. You put your hands in your face, embarrassed out of your mind. “You were never supposed to find that!” you whined. “I should’ve deleted it.”

“I had no idea you had a fan account,” he said, walking over to you and laying back down in bed.

“That’s because I worked very hard to hide it from you,” you said back with a huff. “I don’t think I touched it after I met you guys. I should’ve deleted it.”

“This is adorable.”

“It’s so cringy!”

“It’s not! It’s endearing.”

“You’re just saying that because you have to.”

“I’m not. It’s cute. You’re cute.”

“I can’t believe I wrote that,” you groaned again, your face once again hidden by the palms of your hands. Jack grabbed your hands and pulled them away, forcing you to look at him.

“It’s okay,” he said. “I am really hot, I understand why you freaked out.”

“You’re the worst,” you said, pushing him away from you. He just laughed and rolled on top of you, placing a gentle kiss to your lips.

“Really, I think it’s cute,” Jack said. “You’re not weird, you were just a fan. That just makes me love you more.”

“You’re just saying that because you want to have sex with me tonight.”

Jack laughed and pressed another, firmer kiss to your lips. You couldn’t help but sigh into the kiss and wrap your hands around his neck. Your fingers played with the ends of his hair as he continued to kiss you, his hands on either side of your head. You felt Jack grin against the kiss before he pulled away with a small laugh. “God bless London,” he giggled against your lips.

“Stop!” you whined, unable to stop a little laugh from coming out of your own mouth.

“Hey, for the record, I was definitely staring at you that day,” he said, laying beside you in bed. “It wasn’t just shock.”

“Good to know,” you said with another short laugh. Jack grinned and pulled you close to him, occasionally placing kisses to your neck.

“Did you write any imagines?” he asked suddenly.

“We’re not talking about this.”

“Any smut?”


“Okay okay I’ll stop,” he laughed. “But really, it’s adorable. You’re adorable. I love you.” You sighed and turned to give him a small kiss.

“I love you too.”

Truly Jack had no problem with dating a fan. You didn’t cry on your first date or faint when you first met him. He had no problem with dating someone who enjoyed his videos; even someone with a nice fan account.

I like to think that after all the events of Night in the Woods, Mae tries to teach Bea how to play real drums (”Now you take this stick…thing. And you hit the sound part. A lot. Like it insulted your great-grandma or something. Or like those times you really wanted to punch me in the face but didn’t. Don’t try to pretend they didn’t exist. I was there. I saw eeeeeverything.”), but she’s like really good already and plays it off that Mae was a “pretty good teacher, I guess”.

I want to get something off my chest. Another reason why I love the all for the game series.

This trilogy isn´t about sexuality, that hardly matters in the last book. It´s about Neil and the foxes, it´s about abuse and struggle and friendship and all that. We all love the characters and YES andreil makes a huge impact in the fandom. But the plot of the book is not about ´look this character is gay/bi/demi …etc.´.

I love that Nicky isn´t just the gay guy and that´s it. I love that he has a real personality, flaws, weaknesses and strengths. I love that he had to deal with his homophobic family and took care of Andrew and Aaron. How he cares about Neil but yet when they got to know each other he obviously overstepped boundaries by kissing him/ helping to drug him (definitely not a good part of his personality).  His sexuality isn´t the only aspect of him, it does not define him.

I love that Andrew is gay and even though he does not ´look gay´ as one would say. That he accepted that part of him after Drake abused him. Even though his own brother often shows homophobic behaviour.

I love that Neil’s sexuality isn´t labelled (is this how you write it ??) and that he doesn´t care about any labels. He cares about Andrew and that’s what matters to him. I love that because it shows how sometimes sexuality is a little bit too complex to fit in any words.

Thank you, Nora, for making real people and not some fucked up stereotypes that only exist so the book fits in the lgbt+ category. Thank you, Nora, for making the characters we love.

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gendry coming back next episode what makes you say that?! I HOPE YOURE RIGHT GIRL

Putting aside all of the little hints and reminders we’ve had of his existence in the last two episodes, all I need to believe he’s coming back next episode is this photo that was leaked months ago:

Bearing in mind in this photo we see Jorah healed, and Jon and Daenerys clearly on side, and it looks like they’re leaving Dragonstone, I’d hazard a guess this is Ep4 - or the tail end of Ep3. There is no way it is later than that, because of how few episodes we have this season. 

Gendry is LITERALLY THERE. Now, assuming this is Ep4, why on earth would they have dragged Gendry out of King’s Landing, to Dragonstone, to then move him from Dragonstone in literally the same episode? Even by Thrones standards (or Varys’ merman standards, either or), that’s ridiculous. 

I reckon Davos (remember, he has a soft spot for Gendry and knows where Gendry resides in King’s Landing, having grown up there himself) will go and rescue him in Ep3. Gendry is the last of Baratheon blood, but he also can make weapons. Which they NEED. Davos will want to get him to protect him, but also will see worth in him. This is all theoretical, because ultimately we KNOW Gendry is coming back, somehow. I just strongly believe Davos is involved. 

This is all working on the basis this leaked photo is Ep4. Which, as I said, it cannot possibly be any later than. There is also a chance it’s from Ep3. In which case, that just settles the entire argument. 

Timing wise, I don’t see how on earth Gendry’s return won’t be next episode. AND I AM READY TO EXPLODE WITH JOY OVER THIS.

✨ new madd asks ✨

(most of these are meant to inspire long, in-depth answers, but feel free to answer however you wish. whatever makes you feel comfortable!)

1. Do you use a repetitive motion to stimulate daydreams (rocking, pacing, etc.)? What is it/are they? Can you daydream without repetitive movement?

2. Do your daydreams get violent? How do you feel about them? How do you respond to them?

3. When are your daydreams the happiest?

4. Do you daydream in first person perspective? Do you have a parame/avatar?

5. Do you have (a) linear daydream(s)? How long has it/have they been running?

6. How did you discover you had madd? How do you feel about it?

7. How do you feel about your characters/paras? Have you ever fallen in love with them?

8. Do you know any other MD’ers personally?

9. How did you feel about it before you knew what maladaptive daydreaming was? Did you think it was something everybody does or that you were unique?

10. What most influences your daydreams? Realtime events? Books? Movies?

(note: i’m aware some are more comfortable with terms like character or person, but for simplicity i have elected to use the term “para.” please, feel free to respond with the terms you prefer.)

11. If you have a parame, please describe them. Are they much like you? How do you feel about them?

12. Do you have favorite paras? Why are they your favorites?

11. How old are the majority of your paras?

12. If you could give your paras any advice, what would you tell them?

13. Do your paras appear in a style other than realistic? For example, like anime or in the style of a video game?

14. Do you have OCs?

15. Are any of your paras adopted from existing fiction? From real life?

16. Where do you get names for your paras?

17. Do your paras have tragic backstories? Will you share a few?

18. Are any of your paras deceased? How did they die? How did you feel?

19. Are your paras human? Mortal?

20. Have any of your paras ever completely disappeared/vanished from the daydream world? Is there a story behind it or was it an unconscious occurrence? Do you think they might return? Do you want them to?

21. Have your characters commit crime? Have they been to jail? Are they legally innocent? Are they socially innocent?

22. Do your paras often find themselves in dangerous situations? How/why? Do they go looking for trouble? Does trouble look for them?

23. What do you associate with your paras? Colors? Smells? Words?

24. Has a para ever broken your heart? Have you ever broken theirs (through a parame)?

25. Has a para ever made you physically cry?

26. Do you act out your daydreams? Do you speak to/through your paras out loud?

27. Have you ever been caught daydreaming?

28. What do you most dislike about being a maladaptive daydreamer? Are there things you like about it?

29. Briefly describe a daydream.

30. Do you daydream to music? Is music a necessity to daydream? Do you wear headphones? How loud do you keep the volume?

31. Do you have models/faceclaims for your paras?

32. Does daydreaming energize or exhaust you?

33. Do you think there is a pattern/correlation between your daydreams and how you daydream them? For example, are your daydreams more violent when you’re lying down?

34. Do you have distinct daydream triggers? Do your daydreams come and go as they please?

35. Does your mood affect the amount of time you spend daydreaming? Or their intensity?

36. Have you ever had daydream block? How did you feel? How did you break it?

37. Have you ever had abusive paras? If it is not too sensitive to share, will you tell us about your experience with them?

38. Do your paras directly affect you in thisverse? Do you only interact with them in fictional scenarios or do you find yourself reaching for them in realtime, too? For example, do you converse with them mentally when facing a difficult situation?

39. Do you only daydream fantasy? Do you dream about thisverse?

40. Do you do research for your daydreams? How much? How often? How deep?

41. What was your first maladaptive daydreaming experience? Do you remember it? How did you feel about it?

42. When did you know what you did was different?

43. Do you ever daydream through the perspectives of paras of the opposite sex? How is it?

44. Do you experience any confusion between fantasy and reality? Does daydreaming leave you in a haze or in a dazed state?

45. If you have a parame, do you experience any dysphoria because of them? 

46. Do you ever rewind your daydreams and re-daydream old material?

47. Do you remember your daydreams in detail?

48. Do you edit your daydreams? To what extent? How often/how much does your brain block you from controlling things?

49. Do you get excited when you see or hear a para’s name in thisverse? When you see someone who looks like them? When you see something you associate with them?

50. How might you describe maladaptive daydreaming to someone who does not experience it?
4chan: The Skeleton Key to the Rise of Trump
Trump’s younger supporters know he’s an incompetent joke; in fact, that’s why they support him.
By Dale Beran

This article is the absolute gold standard of tracking the evolution of a certain segment of online geek culture as it went from lonely snickering failures to unabashed self-aware Trump supporters.

I cannot praise this work highly enough, or excerpt it shortly enough to accurately encompass its scope and clarity and illumination into what I thought I already knew. I have never seen any examination of the borne-out consequences of 4chan “culture” that was as thoroughly wrought as this. It is brilliant.

It must be read in full to be understood, and it is a long read.

Still, to give you an idea, here are some choice paragraphs to provide an incomplete skeleton of the fully-fleshed work:

And thus the campaign proceeded like the video game it wasn’t. Menus of “target lists” were drawn up, their enemies (mostly women they wanted to harrass) labelled “warriors”. 4chan users pretended a furious amount of mouse clicking and virtual action would somehow translate into a concrete reward appearing in their computer screens, like it does, say, in World of Warcraft.

All that work cracking Skype accounts with wordlists did not yield the tangible reward of evidence of a cabal. The real world behaves differently than a video game. There were shades of grey. It disappointed. What you did and what you got for your efforts were muddled. It was more challenging than the safe spaces of a video game, carefully crafted to accommodate gamers and make them feel — well, the exact opposite of how they felt interacting in the real world — effective. In the fantasy world of the game, actions achieved ends.

It was almost as if all these disaffected young men were waiting for a figure to come along who, having achieved nothing in his life, pretended as though he had achieved everything, who by using the tools of fantasy, could transmute their loserdom (in 4chan parlance, their “fail”), into “win”.


To younger generations who never had such jobs, who had only the mythology of such jobs (rather a whimsical snapshot of the 1950s frozen in time by America’s ideology) this part of the narrative is clear. America, and perhaps existence itself is a cascade of empty promises and advertisements — that is to say, fantasy worlds, expectations that will never be realized “IRL”, but perhaps consumed briefly in small snatches of commodified pleasure.

Thus these Trump supporters hold a different sort of ideology, not one of “when will my horse come in”, but a trolling self-effacing, “I know my horse will never come in”. That is to say, younger Trump supporters know they are handing their money to someone who will never place their bets — only his own — because, after all, it’s plain as day there was never any other option.


Trump’s ventures of course, represent this fantasy: this hope that the working man, against the odds dictated by his knowledge, experience, or hard work will one day strike it rich — Trump University, late night real estate schemes, the casinos. Trump himself, who inherited his wealth, represents the classic lucky sap.

But Trump also equally represents the knowledge that all of that is a lie, a scam that’s much older than you are, a fantasy that we can dwell in though it will never become true, like a video game.

Trump, in other words, is a way of owning and celebrating being taken advantage of.

Trump embodies buying the losing bet that will never be placed.

He is both despair and cruel arrogant dismissal, the fantasy of winning and the pain of losing mingled into one potion.

For this reason, the left should stop expecting Trump’s supporters to be upset when he doesn’t fulfill his promises.

Support for Trump is an acknowledgement that the promise is empty.

He is both the “promise” (the labyrinth”, the “alpha”) and the empty center (“the promise betrayed”, the “beta”), in a sublime, hilarious combination that perfectly reflects the worldview of his supporters.

In other words, we can append a third category to the two classically understood division of Trump supporters:

1) Generally older people who naively believe Trump will “make America great again”, that is to say, return it to its 1950s ideal evoked by both Trump and Clinton.

2) The 1 percent, who know this promise is empty, but also know it will be beneficial to short term business interests.

3) Younger members of the 99 percent, like Anon, who also know this promise is empty, but who support Trump as a defiant expression of despair.

And after that, the tone turns there-but-for-the-grace-of-god personal before providing further examination of how the left and its stance on gender fails to help that third pillar.

Excerpting more would only lengthen this post. Suffice to say, the last fifth of the article takes what is already priceless and shines it to a mirror finish. I want to keep it under glass on a velvet cushion.

Oh, and it turns out the author has a Tumblr, too. @daleberan. Go read his work. Read it and learn more about your world.


“If a female warrior like her existed in real life…”


This is how the woman that is on the picture that is hanging in BS’s bedroom looks. So not only does this mean that he keeps the portrait of her hidden in his closet as an altar of her awesomeness, but he also made her into a main character of his game and has her larger-than-life billboard hanging in the lobby of his company so everyone could admire her awesomeness! MH brings hero-worship to a completely new level!

BONG SOON IS MIN HYUK’S MUSE, GUARDIAN ANGEL, SLAYER OF HIS DEMONS, HIS HERO AND HE IS HER BIGGEST, MOST DEVOTED FAN who made her pretty much immortal! BS has always wanted to create a character that was based on her without actually knowing that MH already did it!

And the fact that now they meet in front of it is so freaking symbolic!

nightpool  asked:

I've been doing some research on WTF, and it seems fair to say that (aside from its author) you may be the leading authority of WTF on the internet. Have you played it yourself? Any tips on a successful game?

I wouldn’t go that far, but I’ve given it a spin a time or three, yes.

I think the most important thing to understand about WTF - apart from having a thorough grasp of the tripartite division of traditional GM roles, as previously discussed - is that under the deliberate obfuscation (which exists largely as a self-parody of high-concept indie games and isn’t particularly essential to play), the game is basically a specialised sort of nomic. You can find any number of excellent articles out there on the Internet about how to run a successful nomic, and much of their advice is equally applicable to WTF.

Also, play it either in person or via a forum, not via chat. Face-to-face play lets you engage in real time wrangling, while a forum game is self-documenting, both of which have something to offer to this sort of game; playing via chat gives you the worst of both worlds for WTF.

shae-c-art  asked:

I've been meaning to tell you I found a really great new article about Krem. It's called: how trans consultants saved dragon age inquisition by Laura Kate Buzz. It's really interesting and shows some of the stuff they got to change to avoid harmful stereotypes and in my opinion really saved his relationship with Bull and aspects of Bulls character. (Apparently in the original script Bull outed Krem as part of a joke but the consultants got that changed. ) I think you'd really like the article

Oh crap!! I forgot to mention there’s mention of rape in the Krem article. It’s in the part explaining what they took out of his backstory but I realized I should have still sent a heads up.

1. here’s a link to the article, which i highly recommend reading

2. the title is not an exaggeration at all, holy shit. those consultants saved Krem’s character (and Bull’s, and like….. the whole game)

tbh the article uses really kind language to describe how Krem’s early draft hit basically every button you can think of for “tragic trans backstory written by and for cis people.” i hadn’t realized how awful it had been. and it’s so frustrating (more like infuriating) that he’s so explicitly written for cis consumption, even after massive overhauls in story and dialogue that make him a wonderful character

”we got Krem to a point where that sexual assault was not the defining point of Krem’s existence.”

good fucking job guys that must have been real tough. big difficult change to the story there. cookies for everyone

oh wait. no cookies. not even sarcastic cookies. 

“A major focus of the consultant’s revisions was to take Krem from a character who was not out about their transition and got outed against his will, to a character who was willing to talk about his trans status, but only with people he trusted.” 

The idea that our trans character shouldn’t be outed by anyone but that trans person was something that I was completely blind to”.

reading this article and learning what Krem’s presence in the game could have looked like was like hiking up a mountain in the dark, and then you go back down during the day and realize you were right next to a fucking cliff the whole time

but anyways here’s another gem: 

“great lengths were taken in order to ensure accuracy in Krem’s answers to those invasive questions that would be informative and beneficial to non-trans players.”

like wow that’s super neato for you bud, but is that what you were doing with any of the other characters? making them “informative”? “beneficial”??? wtf

they did succeed in that at least. i’ve seen some very sweet posts about cis dudes loving Krem and using that to help them be better friends/allies to real trans people. but they could have done so much more. maybe if they didn’t write their trans characters explicitly for the education and consumption of cis people. (maybe if trans writers were on the writing team at the earliest levels and not only brought in as consultants later on?)

maybe one of the lessons they could have included in their Teachable Moment is “don’t ask people you don’t know very well about their genitals” or perhaps “we expect trans people to play our game. here’s a dialogue option that shows that”

but yes this is an excellent article and i love Krem and i’m so so grateful to the consultants who saved him

I work at a video game store. Yes I play games, but I’m a broke as heck college student that barely even has the energy to play games most of the time. Even if I did, I still can’t possibly know every little thing about every dang console/game that existed.

Cue some grump that calls asking what the difference is between the Nintendo 3DS and the PS Vita. Yes he knows that they play very different games, but how else are they different? You don’t know if the vita plays movies? Yes you can put me on hold so your co-worker can help him out.

I put the guy on hold and tell my co-worker what’s going on, hasn’t been a minute before she picks the phone up and asks how can she help him. Then she hangs up real quick.

Apparently the guy started screaming at her about how the employees need to be better trained and how he just wants to get a handheld for his daughter. Nevermind the original reason he called. He had no way of knowing if she was my manager, in fact I was the m.o.d. at the time.

What kind of a-hole starts yelling at someone because of another person’s faults??

Stardew Valley gets SNAPCHAT

one day the farmer is on their phone, taking a photo of themselves, while Mayor Lewis walks by. He asks what they are doing, and they explain snapchat to him. They assure him that the other young adults in the valley most likely have it, or have heard of it, at least. “Hey, Sam!” they call out, to the blonde skateboarding past. “You know snapchat, yeah?”

He doesn’t. It has been years since anyone in the town had lived in the city, and the app had only come out since the residents of the valley had left. No one in the town has snapchat, and the Farmer takes it upon themselves to fix this!

                                           -events that follow-

-blurry photos of bugs and shit charging towards the farmer captioned “dudes bout to get fucked up”. harvey wonders out loud to them if maybe the reason they get hurt so often is because the spend the time in which it takes for an attacker to hit them taking photos instead of dodging

-shane sending sad drunk messages and the farmer immediately replying with photos of chickens to make him happy again. 

-jas or vince going “CAN I PLAY ON YOUR PHONE” and abusing all the filters and taking a shit ton of videos and being adorable

-haley doesn’t have snapchat (she hates the idea of any photo she took TIME and EFFORT into taking being deleted) but if u add Alex be ready to be bombarded with her random ass selfies that she sends to everyone whenever she steals his phone (which is a lot)

-harvey has been slightly conditioned to FEAR the snapchat ringer because 9/10 times its someone doing something dangerous/something he told them explicitly not to

 -sebby is such an emo kid. Uses the black and white filter,, but is also slightly androgynous and LOVES all the makeup filters

-sam is such A FUCKING MEME it’s all just close up pictures of his face or other people without them realizing or some shit

-penny is the gal who takes SO MANY PICTURES OF HER FEET!!

-em’s snapchat is poppin. Vibrant as all hell, a new theme every 24 hours, rainbow af, great photography. STREAK MASTER. The only one in town who had snapchat before the farmer showed it to them and has SO MANY FRIENDS. At least 100 days or more with everyone on her list, 200 with her best friends (including sandy)

-abby is PRANK MASTER. She only has snapchat so that she can 1 record all the times she fucking OWNS her two best friends and 2 so she can get back at sam for those close up photos DIRECTLY

-once alex found out what streaks were, he became determined to have a higher streak than em.

-alex asked abby first to help him, they got to 40 before abby accidentally sent alex a nude and the only thing he knew about how to respond was “NEVER SEND DICPICS” (some advice from farmer)

-next up was sam, but the two only got to 10 days until sam sent the SAME FUCKING NUDE PHOTO with the caption “r u seeing this shit sebby?”. alex blocked him

-next was penny, and the two got to 60, but penny missed a few days because she had a sleepover at the library with Jas and Vincent to teach them about stars

-maru found out and gave alex a program Seb had made that counted every day for your streaks no matter whether you or the other person was active. She proceeded to explain how nothing on the internet was actually real and that the boundaries and laws we think exist online can be completely nullified by literally anyone with enough of a brain to google search how to do it. Online the only reason every mere user doesnt declare themselves god is because they dont want to be aware of how little that title means in a world where the pentagon was hacked into by a 13 year old for a game of truth or dare

-alex deleted his snapchat

-haley now takes her selfies on the farmers phone so EVERYONE in the town gets to see her try EVERY new filter EVERY day

-one day alex wakes up with his phone in his room again ?? even tho he threw it out

 -when he turns it on and unlocks it it immediatly crashes and wont change from a photo saying “maru is love maru is life” (sebby, abby, sam, and maru laugh in the distance)(sibling bond time is fun time)(alex is scared of cellphones now)(and shrek memes) 

-(leah and elliot dont have cellphones :( elliot probably got rid of his when he moved to the city and leah CLEARLy only has the cord phone her ex calls her on, meaning she probably switched numbers to avoid him)