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krayzkit  asked:

Got any art tips on drawing hands? More specifically finger placements?

SO this is kinda the template that i use to draw hands

to figure out where the fingers would go, i draw a curve to indicate where the tips of the fingers would be (or the knuckles, it works both ways). by following that curve, i’m able to figure out where the fingers would go. 

you don’t have to follow it perfectly, but staying along the curve makes the finger placement look more natural and makes it easier for me to draw hands

i hope that helps!!!

AYYY i got to draw another card for @jojotarotproject bc someone couldn’t complete their card and i accepted to do it instead– couldn’t say no to drawing precious jona for the 7 of wands~ pls check out this project if u haven’t already bc a lot of amazing artists participated ^^

Today I played a match where my mother called and asked for my help just before the 20 minutes mark and I had to surrender. I explained why and our Trundle thought I was a kid. I’m a 23 year old woman with a Bachelor’s degree that doesn’t even live at home, parents don’t stop needing help when you get to 18+ and move out! He said it was “sad” and “embarrassing” that I had to help my mother. Life happens. I can’t help that I’m the only other person with a driver’s license in my family?