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‘Great British Bake Off’ winner Nadiya Hussain is getting her own show

  • Nadiya Hussain, a British Muslim woman, made a name for herself by winning the Great British Bake Off’s sixth series in 2015.
  • Two years later, Hussain will have her own show. Nadiya’s British Food Adventure will be an eight-part series featured on BBC Two.  
  • “Our country’s regional cuisine is much more than tried and tested traditional dishes — there are quirky and clever food producers out there who are reinventing British food in unique and exciting ways,” Hussain told BBC. Read more (2/23/17 10:52 AM)

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A Fresh Start ( part 4)

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Setting: Single Mom AU

Pairings: NaLu (Other major ships included.)

Summary: Lucy Heartfilia was a single mother of a three year old boy. Between her new job and raising her son by herself, she had no time for anything else, especially finding love. That is until Lucy finds herself having a crush on local firefighter Natsu Dragneel… who also happened to be her son’s soccer coach. Nothing awkward about this situation, right?

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“Oh man, that was good.” Natsu sighed, sliding down in his chair.

“Indeed it was.” Erza agreed, wiping off her mouth with a napkin. “How was your meal Lucy?”

“That food was delicious!” Lucy answered, putting her leftovers in a styrofoam container. “I’m definitely coming back here with Kade.”

“Well, whenever you’re comfortable letting him around us he can come with us!” Levy said with an excited smile.

“I’ll think about it.” Lucy smiled back at her, looking at her watch. It was five o’clock, just three hours shy of picking Kade up. She couldn’t wait to see her son again, being away from him broke her heart a little more with each passing minute.

The one who said distance makes the heart grow fonder obviously didn’t have children.

“Is something wrong Lucy?” Natsu asked bringing her out of her thoughts. “You’re staring into space over there.”

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Daddy Ignis HC's

• When his little one is sick he goes out of his way to make her feel better. He will make her favorite food and make sure she drinks plenty of fluids. Got to stay hydrated lest the fever comes back. He can’t bear to see his little girl in pain.

• If he can’t get out of work that day he will call his wife as often as possible to see how their little princess is doing. He will have food and a teddy bear sent to his princess and a bouquet of flowers to his queen with a love note telling her what a wonderful mother and partner she is.

THANK YOU @rococopoptart for this amazing take on Daddy!Iggy. <3 I love that even if he has to work, he is sending his love from afar. I would MELT if he sent me flowers with a note like that. HE DA BEST

mayhemxtwins  asked:

Kara doesn't talk about her birth family very much, even to Alex, but one day Lena is crying/upset about something to do with Lex or her mother and Kara doesn't know how to comfort her (beyond food and cuddles) besides just start talking about her own family, about how her parents had an opportunity to save Krypton but only made it worse, her aunt being a killer and her uncle being even worse, and it doesn't fix things but it lets Lena know that she's not alone

seriously it’s crazy how much these two have in common and how well they’d fit as a couple <3

so they sit together on Lena’s couch , kara is telling her about krypton dying and how alone she felt when clark left her with the danvers (she understands but it still hurts) but that after all that pain things can get better.. so kara not only talks about how her family dealt all wrong with krypton’s distruction etc but also about hope.. about her starting to feel at home with the danvers about how much they did for her, how much they showed that they cared and that that’s what kara is going to do for lena.. being there for her and making her feel loved (even when she is upset) she’s her family now 

questions on spiritual practice, please reblog and comment!

ok tumblr, I am having a lot of trouble making offerings. I make them way too often, feeling obligated to talk to every effin’ spirit that says hi in my dreams. too many spirits want food or drink. I’m exhausted. my practice just isn’t feeding me anymore.

I feel like a lot of my misconceptions around offerings has been glimpsing brief tumblr and wordpress posts about other people’s practices. so maybe I can ask here:

how often do you make offerings? what do you offer? do you make food offerings? do you eat them? do you make “sense sharing” offerings to your deities? 

what are your boundaries with the spirits? where do you say no? 

how often do you talk to your gods? what do you consider a prayer? 

when do you ask for help? do you consider it okay to pray for other people?

I might come back with more questions later.

man that tomato post reminds me of a high school science class when we were taking a quiz on the metric system and were supposed to answer a multiple choice question of how much an average chicken egg weighed, and this girl was like “how am I supposed to know how big a chicken egg is?” and the teacher was assuming maybe she didn’t buy/eat eggs and started in “oh, like have you seen eggs at the grocery stor–” and the girl was like shocked and horrified that “grocery store eggs” came from chickens. 

sometimes it terrifies me how little people are taught about food production. 

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HC for when the RFA finds out MC is a Vegetarian

oh this was a fun one to do! i’m actually a vegetarian so i hope this is accurate lolol. i mean its accurate to my experiences but i know everyone’s experiences are different! hope you enjoy!


-At first he’s concerned

-He’s heard that being vegetarian is expensive and he doesn’t know if he can afford to make you food

-Once you tell him that it’s relatively cheap (and send him some vegetarian college student resources) he’s all on board

-Won’t go vegetarian himself but any time he cooks for you he triple checks that you can eat it

-Does start eating healthier by your example

-(oh who am I kidding you guys eat oreos and soda while you’re in your 5th hour of LOLOL)


-At first he’s like “but you’re beautiful you don’t need to diet”

-You glare and explain that it’s not a diet

-Once he sees how important your food choices are to you, he stops asking questions and just lets you eat what you want

-Starts eating more vegetarian because you cook all the time

-Perks of a vegetarian s/o, basic knowledge of cooking (at least usually)

-His director loves you, Zen’s never eaten better

-(fish shaped bread is vegetarian so he always gets you a lot of it)


-She’s never really thought about her food choices

-Her diet is “available at the convenience store or as take out”

-But once you guys are running the coffee shop she realizes she has no idea how to actually eat healthy

-So you jump on the opportunity

-She’s never been condescending to vegetarians, but she did believe that it was really difficult to stick to

-So you’re constantly delicious vegetarian food for you guys to eat

-You send her links to vegetarian baking tutorials and vegetarian things to eat at restaurants

-She starts trying to get you to sell some of your dishes at the cafe


-The first time you eat dinner with him he has his chef make steak

-When the plate comes out you awkwardly tell him

-He commands you for helping animals

-He is concerned for your health

-Makes you meet with a nutritionist to make sure that you’re not malnourished (Jumin pls)

-If him eating meat makes you uncomfortable 100% quits cold turkey

-And if the media makes a fuss you best believe he gets PISSED

-”I’m sorry that my wife’s food choices apparently affect you so much. I thought you’d be estatic she’s not eating animals, considering you’re a pig yourself.”


-”Are Honey Buddha chips vegetarian?”

-Yes Seven

-”What about Doctor Pepper?”

-Yes Seven

-I mean technically he’s vegetarian cause that’s all he eats

-Get ready for constant vegetable puns

-One of his favorite hobbies is grabbing a random vegetable out of the fridge and coming up with a pun for it.

-His proudest moment was making headphones out of beets

-”Hey MC check out these sick beats”

Andalite busker
  • Samtalksfunny: OMG I bet there's at least one Andalite who came to earth and couldn't figure out how to get money for food and started like... busking
  • Cavatica: Oh nooooo
  • Sam: morph-dancing on a street corner for donuts. I want the story of that Andalite
  • Cavatica: Ax contacts them like "We privide you a STIPEND."
  • Sam: "But the human food known as cronut is prohibitively expensive!"
  • Sam: "Have you had cronut, Prince Aximili?? It provides both the mouth-pleasures of the common donut and the flaky texture of a croissant!"
  • Cavatica: "I prefer to have both a croissant AND a donut. It may seem less efficient, but let me assure you -- more food is better."
  • Sam: "I agree! That is why I require more money!"
  • Cavatica: "You are not approved for an alien work visa -- this is a diplomatic gaffe I now have to deal with. Please cease your unauthorized employment activities."

xodianaprince  asked:

I'm so tired all of the time, now since cutting back on calories how do you stay awake?

Drink coffee and eat foods/drink teas that keep you energized. I stay awake very easily and I am usually not tired, but this is funny you asked because I was really tired on the bus ride home just now, but I also stayed up late making stuff out of clay!

anonymous asked:

I think Clarke made a mistake not putting Monty on the list. I definitely agree that there's no need for too many engineers and Jaha is probably more skilled in engineering overall. However, we're forgetting that Monty grew up on farm station where they grow the food. Surely when they're sheltering in the ark they're going to need someone who knows how to grow food without soil. As there's practically no farm station members left I would've thought Monty would be vital.

That’s the thing. There was no good choice. Everything was a mistake. Everything was wrong. Every choice was bad.

Clarke makes bad choices sometimes. Clarke makes hard choices and she has to live with them. That’s what the show is about. No good guys, remember?

No cupcakes either. 

anonymous asked:

do you have any advice or resources on squatting/living out of a car? I'm likely to be homeless soon and I need to know my options.

I don’t have advice right now I thought I had a zine on this but I don’t.

I recommend you get in touch with your local anarchists if you want some mutual aid or to possibly set up a squat although squatting is often difficult in the USA,

know all of the resources available to you through charity and social services and have that all printed out, addresses, phone #s instructions, etc.

get in touch with the nearest food not bombs, know how to salvage good wasted food from supermarkets tossouts safely and healthily,

let your friends know about your situation no matter how embarrassing or frightening it may seem, they can offer you help,

make sure you know all the laws that are relevant to you, learn where you can obtain good free legal advice.

Put all the stuff you need down in a notebook, keep a schedule

know how the police operate understand that they’re really cruel to homeless folks and seldom allow them their rights.

Maybe know your local campgrounds and places it’s safe to park and sleep without cops or security guards until you can set up a more permanent residence like a squat.

have your resume printed out and kept somewhere safe for when you need it,

Know how to camp, know how to steal, know how too cook

Ready your supplies now, stay organized, roll your clothes to save space, it works wonders.

stay groomed, know where bathrooms are, where you can take a shower, shave, wash your hair, etc

Know where your local libraries and community centers are

Write down everything helpful you learn because it’s almost impossible to remember important stuff in a tough situation

I hope this helps, if you’re in or near Kentucky I can put you into contact with people and get you a possible place to stay even if it’s just in your car or a tent because I do know anarchist spaces that can offer you at least that courtesy, we also have a food not bombs event coming up I don’t know much about it but I think it could help if you’re within a couple hours drive.

anonymous asked:

Aggressively cares anon here! I came to think about Burnet or Kukui getting too focused on their work so their s/o has to make sure they eat and sleep, how would it go?

* Sometimes you would bring the food to them since they get so absorbed into their work that they often forget to get some themselves. 

* When they start working past midnight though, that’s when you get serious. You keep telling both of them that they need sleep but they always insist that they’re almost done. You tell them that they can finish tomorrow when they’re well-rested as you start dragging them one at a time to their beds. They’ll try to protest but will stop once all three of you are in bed together. 

how to correctly eat cereal

put cereal and milk in a tupperware container, close it, shake it vigorously and turn it over a few times then leave it for between 4-8 minutes to allow maximum sog before devouring. cant achieve same levels of uniform sog in a bowl

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Ive seen a bunch of fanfics where Lena is an amazing cook, but what if Kara is an awesome cook instead? Like in college she learned how to make enough food to keep up with her appetite

I love the idea of Lena being a good cook, because I feel like that would just impress the shit out of Kara because she LOVES food;

BUT Kara being a good cook does make sense because she has to eat a lot and also super speed. And it’s entirely plausible that Lena is simply too busy to cook and she relies on other people to do it for her!