how is the coloring

|| Falling Tenshi-Mari-chii ❤

Well, it looks like i’m falling from the sky HAHAHAH. Idk why i drew this honestly XDD I tried a bunch of things on this page and in the end, it turned out with me falling from the sky?

My uniform color is gonna change everytime i color it honestly HAHAHAH. I CAN’T KEEP UP WITH THE SAME COLOR EVERYTIME. My lil sister, Ella chose me the colors for Mari-chii’s outfit this time XDD HAHAHA.

Why am I blushing…? I don’t even know xDD you guys can choose for me~~ =w=;; Why ever could I be blushing while I’m falling from the sky? FIND OUT ON THE NEXT EPISODE OF ________________!!! HAHAHAHAH.

Last thing.. this drawing seems like a load of Deja Vu for me… as if i’ve drawn it before T//////T I wonder maybe it’s like one of my past drawings….?? idk honestly AHAHAH X’DD

And so my  adventure begins…

I found this really well-reviewed hair dye on amazon that’s half the price and longer-lasting than the stuff at the store 🤗

it’s a few more days to wait (and I won’t get to dye until after break is over) but it sounds like it’s worth it!


How do you feel in this moment [after your Oscar win]?
I feel good. You know, it’s not my style to just kinda wake up and go: “Oh! I’m an Oscar winner! Oh my Gosh. Let me go for a run.” I’m good with it. I’ll have some mac and cheese, and I’ll go back to washing my daughter’s hair tomorrow night. But…