how is that the wrong thing to do

i remember
when we held hands and drove
on the wrong side of the road,
going nowhere, going home;
got lost in your voice,
got lost in the moment.
sweet memories that taste of
crab apples and cranberries;
all the things i used to be;
i remember how fast we were going,
how slow we were growing;
we were never enough
for a flash of a smile, a laugh.
moving on and away,
there’s no place no more
for these sweet memories to stay.
—  sweet enough to remember, sour enough not to last || r.m. || 10.23.17
BTS Reacting to Their Crush Being a Interpreter at Bighit

My first reaction! Plus my first non-smut request, which are always okay to submit too I don’t mind. I hope it’s good for you cherrubs, I tried to show I can be pure. Requested by @xyourpinksky , thank you for requesting this sweetie!


He’s liked you for a while now but has never actually asked what the hell you actually do here so when he sees you with his producer when organising a V live he’s like…Erm are you lost or something? I think you came through the wrong door?? And you’re just like nope, I’m meant to be here, this is my job, I translate things. His mouth drops the fuck open. He’s just staring at you like no actual way is that your job. He is amazed at how fluent you are and is always shooketh when you translate something. After he’s like wow you spoke that language so good and it’s like…well that is my job Jin. Forever amazed at your ability to speak another language and fell for you that bit more.

*Thinking to himself* Why are they so cute? Is anyone else seeing how cute they are? They speak another language that’s the cutest thing ever

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He wouldn’t so much care about the job part, he just finds it fascinating that you can speak another language that no one else there could. In fact he’d probably use it as an excuse to talk to you more, aka ask you to teach him some curse words in that language. That way are you not only getting closer to eachother because hello, he’s liked you ever since he laid his eyes on you, but then it’s another way to curse at the members when they don’t know. Or you know just curse at someone else who’s starting to get on his nerves, you get the general gist of things.

*Thinking up the devious plan whilst looking hella sexy doing so*

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Giggling to himself every time you translated something honestly, he’d make sure all members gave you plenty of time to keep up and glared at anyone that interrupted you. He probably baited himself out if not to you then definitely his members which earned him teasing to come, he brought it on himself however sorry not sorry Hope. After he’d lowkey fanboy over you and would just not help his case at all, all the other members are cackling at him from the sidelines and you’re a flustered mess to be honest. He’d throw compliments left, right and center with a tiny bit of aegyo flying your way too. If this doesn’t make you fall for his cuteness I don’t know what will.

Look how angelic he is

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NAMJOON (Rapmon)

He admires you a lot and kinda wished he asked you about your job before he saw you in action so he didn’t have to embarrass himself. He’d forget to answer a question or unintentionally blank people as his mind was always on you. He knows how hard it can be to not only learn another language but also translate for others to understand. After the shoot he goes and congratulates you on how well you did to not get lost, he knows the boys can get a bit over excited and it can be hard to keep up but you did it just fine. He makes sure to ask you loads of questions about your experience of learning other languages and is genuinely interested too.

*Watching you intently*  fuck me up Namjoon jfc

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All smiles to be honest, when he finishes talking, actually any member for that matter, he’d shoot you a reassuring smile even if you were confident. That smile alone both gave you strength and killed you at the same time but you somehow carry on translating everything without stuttering once. When they started to conclude the shoot he’d say that they should thank you for being here and translating for the {language you speak} Armys for them and that they’re very grateful for you being here. Lets not forget that damn smile, he definitely gives that damn evil yet angelic smile again. You blush slightly since no ones really paid much attention to you before, they’d get you here then get you out once the shoot was done so of course you were very thankful that Jiminie had done that.

*This smile this fucking smile*

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Taehyung and Jungkook would be very similar in the sense they’d tease you slightly to see if you were the real deal. Taehyung would keep saying ‘hard’ words that could be difficult to translate directly but everytime you did it perfectly. He’d go a step harder everytime, smirking at you thinking he had won but you would start speaking again translating it exactly right and returning the smirk. He’d keep at it throughout the whole V live, when there was a silence he’d say some random idiom or phrase and you’d translate it, it became a game tbh and all the members would just sigh at the both of you. When it had finished he’d go over and shake your hand with as a joke and say that you did well to translate everything.

*Thinking to himself* “So this is why I like you…”

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Like I said he’d be similar to Taehyung except he wouldn’t tease you as much, he’d do it like three times and every time you translated it straight away he’d do a small clap and smile at you. He’d make small ‘wow’ noises every time you did long sentences but tbh it’s more taking the piss sorta wow, but on the inside he’s actually Jungshook. After he’d ask why you never told him that you worked at Bighit as a translator and you’d just say it never really came up in a conversation. He’d think of ways to use this new found fact about you to his advantage when he blurted out if you could teach him that language and you’re like erm sure. I mean it worked but he mentally face palmed since he could’ve said something much cooler than just “Teach me please.” but oh well, it got the job done.

*Thinking to himself* “Okay that was really cool but lets just tease them.”

*Out loud* “Wow look at you go Y/N”

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My mum asked me what’s your ideal date. And I said, the one where the person who takes me out on a date is buying me good food. She just looked at me silently for half a minute, maybe wondering how the fuck do I function or thinking about if something was wrong about my upbringing 😂 And then just said okay and went back to her work. I heard her murmuring smth like, don’t we feed her enough fgbfhnfkm I think I laughed for five minutes.

There is a definite sentiment in social justice circles that you can never admit you’re wrong, but you absolutely should. Sometimes it’s tough, especially with how so many people try to push ideological purity, but you have to learn to be humble and just do it. The most important thing in social justice, I’ve learned, is compassion. Put compassion above all else, and it will lead you in the right direction. Compassion for the oppressed helps you to listen when they are talking, and it helps you to see that all of this is bigger than you. I get the desire for ideological purity - nobody wants to be “problematic” - but first and foremost don’t make social justice about you. Make it about oppressed communities whether or not you’re a part of them. Refusing to acknowedge that you were wrong does nothing to help them.

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mark zuckerberg is one of the relatively few people I would call disgustingly rich but he still dresses and looks like that one guy at work who always asks you if you want to smoke in his shitty apartment that he thinks is really cool and hipster

Yeah he really does

I honestly don’t hate him because he’s rich- he made his wealth doing something significantly less parasitic than most. His datamining is bad don’t get me wrong, but if the extent of cyberpunk evil is a bunch of freeloading advertising execs, I’m pretty cool with it.

No, I hate him because of how he uses that wealth. He’s not Soros level because he’s not an investor. But buying up nearly 800 acres of land in a state with a huge housing crush pushing out its own native people, allowing his own workers to live in poverty, Puerto Rico tone deafness, and a host of other things just demonstrate that he has a fundamentally flawed understanding of what human beings want. A lot of good people work at Facebook (I’ve known some! The work culture is apparently great), some of their products are legitimately great and have a lot of power to be transformative to technology. But the man at the top is pure evil.

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Thank you for Angry Contentious Generalization #346.<unsupported>. As a culture, we've decided that building an ego castle is a much safer bet than consciously participating in the universal forces which to a large extent determine us.</unsupported> <contention>Though, isn't microcosmic magic really just working within the confines of your own personal mind/universe? Is there anything wrong with choosing to only use magic in changing your consciousness, keeping the gated closed?</contention>

Potentially. Thing is? When you change your consciousness, your world is changed. When your world changes, the proposition of “keeping the gate closed” also changes, because how relate to both gates, worlds, and selves changes.

If you do it long and deeply, you will find that there is no gate at all - that the borders between your identity and others will reconfigure in such a way as to be permeable. 

An absolutely mundane example: If you buy, say, a red dress, or a red car, you will soon find that you will see them everywhere - others will have seemingly suddenly bought that car or dress. Of course, it is nothing complex: Your mind has more firmly integrated red cars/dresses into your world - your attention is now predisposed to pick up on such things.

Similarly, if you look at pre-19th/20th magical texts, outside of the grimoire tradition, the concept of “magical circle’ or the New Age “shield” simply does not exist. Yes, there are apotropaic talismans and amulets, but these do not close any sort of “gate” - rather, they acknowledge the fact that entities can affect us, and are devised so that inimical or malign wights leave us alone (they can work on malign humans too.

Assuming that ‘your’ consciousness is in some way separate from the wider universe is, in some senses I’m afraid to say, a bit of a rookie mistake.: Think of how your awareness responds to you feeling hot or cold, hungry or thirsty; how your state of mind is affected by a kind word, or a harsh one?

Even if one were to develop one’s consciousness  by imitating the practices of the ancient Stoics, or Buddhism, or some other methodology, one would find one’s relationship to the kosmos, and one’s personal world, to be irrevocably changed.

(Provided, of course, your consciousness is familiar enough with various differing states, and/or the shift in awareness is constant enough to constitute a “stage”. Note that “stage” here does not in any way imply a linear or any other form of “progression” with any sort of end-goal. Initiation never ends, as they say.)

It is perfectly permissible, of course, to stop any practices at any point - but there are always consequences. To echo Herakleitos: “One cannot step into the same river twice.” Even so-called microcosmic models are not static maps - one’s own bodymind is maintained by a method called homeostasis - but the stability is maintained by constant change. This change can, in time, lead to a new kind of stability or state of existence. So, one can say “As Above, So Below.” but both micro-and-micro realms are constantly in flux.

Even if one were able to work on one’s own consciousness in hermetic isolation, the changes within change how we act in the outer, leading others to relate to us differently, and hence changing the inputs we receive. This, of course, acts on our consciousness, changing us yet more. As a suggestion, might we point you towards basic Systems Theory, as well as Cybernetics?

It’s impossible to do anything in isolation.

Your very presence in a room alters the way the air molecules are arranged, the pressure of your body deforms things you stand or sit on. You leave oils and grease and microscopic traces of skin on anything you touch, despite the fact that on the atomic scale, there is only the contact of electrical charges. Certain radioactive cosmic rays are absorbed by your body constantly, while others pass straight through the solidity of your flesh and bone as if you were not there - because for them you aren’t.

Your consciousness, the way you think? Even that isn’t yours alone! It’s shaped by language, by culture, by upbringing and environment, genetics and how they are expressed. All of these are gained from your ancestors, from our parents and those around us.

 Even if we decide to take off into hermetic isolation, our behaviour is going to be affected by the environment in which we find ourselves, both in terms of how we see to our basic survival needs, but also how we think  - see this article on extended cognition, as an example.

Eventually, an epiphany will strike. One will realise in short, that it it isn’t all about you. This is fundamental, because even the most hardcore solipsist will have to admit that there are, in fact, the appearances of other entities, in the universe, and that these appearances have their own agenda - even if all the kinds of appearances we recoggnise are other humans and animals and plants and insects and germs and viruses…

Even if we were to hypothesise that you are in fact the All-Powerful Creator of everything you experience, you still have to deal with things on their own terms. Everything may in fact be illusory, but that illusion still affects you.

So, once we understand that separation is impossible, we can achieve an understanding of the allusions such as Nirvana is Samsara, or Makuth is in Kether, and Kether is in Malkuth.

Your experience of the world is that of your bodymind. From these experiences, ‘you’ are an emergent  property generated during certain states of awareness. You change from moment to moment, reflecting the changes in the flow of experience.

By the time you finish reading this answer, you will not be the same person. So the question is, did I magically do something to ensure that happened?

(Quite possible since no one knows what I’m doing as I write this. Depends how much of a bastard I am, doesn’t it?)

Or perhaps you might prefer that the changes were aided by these words: By your understanding of language and metaphor which leads you towards particular meanings and memories thereof?  
Memories which are spread throughout the bodymind, making neurological connections by association, felt sense, environment - all lighting up the synaptic network with electrical fire; triggering chemical and hormonal releases that subtly alter your consciousness - things that will in time bring your brainwaves closer to being in line with mine.

(And all because, when it comes to stored experience, your brain cannot tell the difference between fiction and otherwise.)

Whichever you think, whichever you feel to be true, there is a significant chance that any such ‘gate’ you maintain alters not only how you show up in the world, but influences how the world interacts with you. What you see as a barrier may signify something else to someone or something else.

Bear in mind then, the semiotics of existence.

All Yours | 3

“The news you received was a good thing. It had to be a good thing. You recalled all the moments where Yoongi constantly asked himself what was he doing wrong in their relationship. You remembered how hurt he was and how alone he felt when Seolhyun would blow him off or not return his calls. All he wanted was to feel like he was in a relationship again and his wish came true. This was all definitely good news.

But why did you feel so hollow?”

↠angstttttty, universityAU↞

word count: 4.7k

↠series: 1 | 2 | ↞

A/N: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME :D as for my birthday, here is my bday gift to you guise ^-^ it may not be much, but here it is~ i hope you all enjoy :)

It was a long, painful week. Not only were you clocking in more hours than you were used to, but you were staying true to your word by staying away from Yoongi.

The first couple of days of your ‘Yoongi cleanse’ consisted of you telling him you were busy whenever he would ask to see you. He would offer to see you after work, but you would tell him you were exhausted and you just wanted to go back to your dorm and sleep. You weren’t even sure if any of this was working because even when you were trying to keep yourself occupied, you were still thinking about Yoongi and his stupid gummy smile.

You still convinced yourself that this was for the best and that it was going to help you in the long run. Eventually, Yoongi ceased his calls and text and it honestly broke your heart. Maybe he caught on or maybe he thought you were angry with him over something. It made you feel empty, but just as you were telling yourself, this was for the best.

It was until you found out some shocking news from Jungkook during one of your late shifts.

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The trouble is that when things in the world go well for us, we become confident that we can manage by ourselves and feel we do not need friends, but as our status and health decline, we quickly realise how wrong we were. That is the moment when we learn who is really helpful and who is completely useless.


“Oh how wrong were we to think that immortality never meant dying.”

One can I just say that I hate that I gotta do an intro, but I guess here it is anyway..just as a reminder about my sorry ass.

My life tends to revolve around two things if it wasn’t obvious before:my daughter Bandit and everything artistically based. And yeah I will nerd out on occasion over comic books or on a completely unrelated note David Bowie.

There was also a period of time when someone compared me to David Cassidy and I had to correct them, because I’ve probably sucked way more dick than he’s seen.

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are you confident in yourself and what you can achieve?

!! woah this is a deep ask nonny - it’s noon for me but i’m half dead ngl LOL

but hmmm yeah!! over the years i’ve grown a lot more confident in myself physically & mentally :+) ! & sorry for misunderstanding the second part of your question but I assume ur asking me how do i achieve confidence (correct me if im wrong!!)? but the best advice i can give you is that it takes time! one doesn’t magically become confident overnight (maybe some do) but personally I had to go through growing pains to realize how there’s a lot of things in life that I could care less about & instead I focus on making myself + others happy & positive :+)

tysm for asking nonny!! have a great day !!

At Team Danganronpa, Your Mistakes are Our Brainstorming

I just realized that Tenko Chabashira is a canonical version of the wrong/jokey fan interpretation of Mahiru Koizumi as an ouspoken misandrist.

If you missed it, see, in Danganronpa 2, Mahiru has two or three angry lines about things she expects men to do. It’s basically her being super-passionate about how men should be providers and blah blah stereotypical gender roles blah blah, and in her FTEs you learn it stems from how she got stuck doing the dad-work in lieu of her own absentee father.

Buuuuuuuut for some reason people seem to think it meant that she hated men and thought they were all weak and perverts and shit? Or at least, some of the online parodies of the game used that as a characterization, which was funny until some people acted like it was legit canon.

Now here’s DRV3. Enter Tenko, who hates men so hard that, in her first FTE with Kaede, she excitedly suggests that she should sneak up on Shuichi and snap his spine before he has a chance to try anything bad. She calls this “pre-emptive self-defense.” Like…. holy shit, Tenko.

So now I can’t help but see her as a commentary on how badly certain people failed to understand Mahiru. Which is kind of amazing, really. It makes me wonder how many other “wrong fan interpretations” they can turn into actual canonical DR characters in the future.

I’m looking forward to the white-haired boy who is actually pure but misunderstood - and also super overtly gay.

i guess what im trying to say is these things don’t exist in a vaccuum. this goes for fictional muses as well, because it’s just crucial to remind yourself the historical context both at the time and in your own, the writer’s, modern existence. you are interacting with people on a public forum and creating content in a very specific political climate. it is important to be critical both of yourself and of your friends. it is worthwhile to self-criticize and think critically. it is important to call out your friends and yourself for things you do wrong. this is how we learn. 

do not romanticize the murderer and r/apist of 17 gay men, mostly gay black men. this act does not exist in its own world. it exists in a world that is inherently racist, homophobic and willing to murder. these are serious, sensitive topics. don’t resort to exploiting this so you can relate to a murderer and tote him as your son, the love of your life, whatever. think before you post. ask friends their thoughts. and remember, friends don’t let friends be shitty! if you see something, or if you have a bad feeling about something, mention it. help your friends and mutuals become better people and find their voice in a way that doesn’t harm targeted minorities. in a way that appreciates the modern context.

Q: Hey I have a question that I’m not really sure who to ask. I have autism but have only recently been diagnosed, and it’s not always “obvious” to people because I have Aspergers.

Even though I do have autism, I’m worried about people getting offended when I say things about autism in public, because I can more or less pass as nt. I don’t really know any one with autism rn because I do online school (I’m 18) and don’t really get out or meet people. I don’t know how to interact with other people who have autism and I’m always afraid I’ll say or do something wrong, because I can only think of all the things that I hate for people to say/do around me when they know I’m autistic. Advice?

A: Well, first of all. You are Autistic, so you have every right to speak on Autism. That doesn’t mean other Autistics, strangers, and parents of Autistic children won’t get offended, or disagree with you. We are at a point with Autism where many faces even within the same groups are disagreeing with each other on what to call things, or what Autism is, what it means, and many other issues.But that should not stop you from forming opinions, doing research, discussing, changing your mind, and standing up for what you think, believe, and know.

Discourse is (or at least should be) what brings us to a point of understanding with each other and should not be feared. There are those of us who do fear social interactions, are introverts and the like, and I understand those issues as I have worked on mine and used to have crippling anxiety from them. But if you are questioning your rights as a newly discovered Autistic I’d have to give you a green light.

Something happens when you finally realize you are Autistic, what it means, and run your entire life up to this point through that filter.

You start to realize the who, what, when, where, and why of it all. You piece together things that you could never understand before, and there is sort of an “awakening” that give you a much better insight than someone who was “Met an Autistic person.”

That does not stop a newly realized Autistic person from being wrong or give them more credibility than another Autistic, and that’s where listening, and changing your mind on things comes in. When I got rediagnosed as an adult (after being diagnosed as a child and not understanding it) I went to forums like Wrong Planet Forum and several Facebook groups and got a real feel for the lingo, the current understanding of who we are, and how other people have coped.

I waited in the wings for a while before actually talking, and when I did, I did come up against know-it-all Aspies who just wanted to be right. That kind of things can be expected from time to time. I’ve had way more civilized conversations with Autistic peoples about our shared interests, issues, knowledge, and abilities than any actual issues though. So I’d definitely start there.

Ability to pass as Neurotypical doesn’t limit the stresses of being Autistic, nor does it mean you experience your Autism less. It means the people around you do. You will learn over time that all of us have that “imposter syndrome” where we feel like we don’t belong, and don’t have a right. That goes away over time. Just get out there and learn what you don’t know, and teach what you do. Express yourself. I hope that helps.

-Nathan McConnell

Spooky septic art part deux!

I gotta say, I was a bit intimidated to do this but I’m so happy with how this came out. I’m being totally honest here, I’ve never actually done an ink piece before ever. This was about the spookiest thing I could think to make (can’t go wrong with anti) and I’m so glad that this sort of opened my mind to new art styles. Maybe I’ll make some more pieces later this week?

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Damn them legs, girls. How many cocks have you had in your mouth? How deep can you take it?

Well I love chicken. Fried chicken / grilled / chicken salad.  Pop eyes 5 dollar box? Yes god!  So a lot.
Sometimes eat too quickly because I’m overwhelmed by all the sides PLUS a biscuit but I find the best things to do is chew all your food carefully, thus to avoid it going down the wrong pipe. But I think I love Turkey most. Now I want Thanksgiving. 

Aww, did my legs somehow remind you of food, anon? Or are you just getting into the Holiday spirit a little early? :D

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I definitely suffer from extreme body dysmorphia, when I look at myself in the mirror I feel so HUGE, so fat. But when I look in candid photos others take of me, I look skinny. Not abnormally, but normal. How do I get over this?! I constantly obsess over my body image. I hate my thighs and always will. This sucks.

i have bad body dysmorphia too and it’s rly rly rly not fun !! i’m so sorry ur going thru this as well :( the first thing to remember is that ur weight doesn’t define you, as cheesy as that sounds . try not to let looking fat affect ur self confidence bc there is absolutely nothing wrong with that !! being fat is beautiful too !! whether u actually are or not !! second, my old therapist who i love and miss dearly gave me this list of things to do/think to help change your inner voice:

-see things on a continuum, not all or nothing

-change loaded thoughts: “i am fat” to “i am not comfortable with my body”

-what is the evidence, other than your own harsh judgement that i am _____

-replaces shoulds, woulds, and oughts with less demanding language. “it might be nice if i felt better about my body”

-be adamant in a stance like “i refuse to buy into this societal ideal of attractiveness”

-are you dwelling on what you don’t like and forgetting that parts of you that you do like?

-acknowledge something you like about your appearance every time you look in the mirror

-catch yourself blaming your looks, see that you have no evidence for your conclusion and tell yourself “STOP BLAMING”. then move on to something you enjoy doing

-do the thoughts and opinions you suspect others are having about you sound strangely similar to your own opinions of yourself?

-talk back to yourself. “i can’t read minds. i need to stop thinking about what others might be thinking. instead i need to change what i am thinking.

-have all your negative thoughts been true? (no!)

-don’t deprive yourself of involvement in activities you enjoy because of negative feelings about your body

-catch your negative thought before the discontent spreads

-”i’m not feeling really good about my body right now. this isn’t a good time to focus on my looks, it’s just going to make me feel worse. i am going to stop this”

-replace “i am” thoughts with “i feel” thoughts

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(2/2) although i'm not sure i understand the, not non-literal view but the, like, view that scripture can be wrong? Do you remember what verse or area paul says the thing about how he may be wrong? Is it also in romans?

You could call it a non-literal view. It’s like a historical-critical view, with a sharp eye on the historical context, especially of writings like letters. I think privileging the Gospels as particularly spiritual makes sense, even though they too can be looked at through a historical-critical lens.

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dad, i'm really worried about one of my friends. she is really suicidal right now, but I cant comfort her because she lives across the country. she blames herself for her friend's suicide, even thought she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. I've tried to send her the hotline things, but she wont call, and I keep reminding her that if she dies, i'll never meet her. i'm really worried about her. I don't want to lose another friend.

I wish I knew how to help you! I’m so sorry for your loss. As well just try and help. All you can do is be there for them. Be there to bring them up. Just help, make them happy.

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I'm also a lesbian and tbh I didn't really think of how many creepy men you get on here, I'm sorry if my ask seemed the exact same! It just kinda weirds me out when ppl that are into boys call themselves gay cause that's not what gay means. Please PLEASE tell me if I'm 100% wrong about you being into boys and I'm just questioning your lesbianism like a jerk though but yeah, most lesbians don't consider people that are into boys to be lesbians unless it's like, more or less a one time thing.

people who know fuck all about my life really seem to love telling me what to do with it, hey?