how is that sound came out anyway

I had the biggest urge to draw this while I was listening to this song Breath and Sound ;u; and I must say I quite like how this came out!
It’s been a while since I drew humans properly… and I need to draw them more! They are fun to draw!

Anyways, it’s Lance and Keith from Voltron: The Legendary Defender cuddling <3 klance ftw

Say It Again - Jughead Jones

If requests are open, could you make a jughead x fem Reader where he never asked what her real name was (everyone just calls her by a nick name and has been doing so for years.) and when he finally figures it out and calls her by that name, the reader falls in love with the way it sounds when he says it. Sorry if it’s confusing, I just thought it’d be cute :)

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Y/N/N = Your Nick Name

Y/N = Your (real/full) Name

L/N = Your Last Name

I loved this idea so much! I hope you like the way I wrote it!

The first time it was brought up was at the diner. You sat next to Jughead, and the two of you were sitting across from Betty and Veronica. You all were sharing stories from your childhoods, including Jughead, when it finally got to you. 

“Y/N/N, did you ever have a nickname?” You smiled at Veronica, who had admitted a few of her own embarrassing nicknames.

 “Y/N/N,” you replied, sipping at your milkshake. 

“What,” Jughead asked and you laughed while turning to face him.

 “Y/N/N is my nickname,” you said, but he still looked confused, “I’ve gone by Y/N/N my whole life. Even my parents use it rather than my actual name.”

“No, I get that,” he said, meeting your eyes, “but what’s your real name?” Veronica raised an eyebrow and Betty let out a laugh. “You’ve been best friends with Y/N/N for how long, and yet you still don’t know her full name?” Jughead squinted his eyes at Veronica and you let out a small giggle. “Now I have to know,” he said, turning to face you, but you just stared at him. “You’re a smart, independent, young man,” you said, causing Jughead to smile at you, “you can figure it out.” Betty rolled her eyes, “stop flirting you two, we’re trying to be nostalgic.” You felt a blush creep up onto your cheeks and with a glance at Jughead, you saw he was blushing too.

The second time it was brought up was at your locker door. School had ended and you were grabbing your jacket and text book out of your locker. Out of the corner of your eye you could see Jughead walking towards you, looking annoyed.

 “What’s up Juggie,” you asked as he leaned against the lockers next to yours. 

“So I went to the library during my free period,” he said and you started to close your locker door.

 “Sounds adventurous,” you said, looking up and smiling at him. 

“Ha! Very funny,” he said, “I went there looking to check out some yearbooks. When I asked for them she said, and I quote, ‘they’ve all been checked out.’” 

You gave him a smug smile, “Hmm, how strange.” He nodded, “isn’t it?”

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Imagine Valentine’s Day with Peter Quill

I wrote @rebelraptorcaptain a little Peter drabble for Vday and I needed more. 

“Holy shit, Peter,” your eyes widen at the handsome devil. “You cleaned the Milano!”

“I sure did, baby,” he beamed with pride and pulled you into his chest. “Happy Valentine’s Day, you little shit.”

Laughing, you pulled away from Peter and marveled at how clean the ship looked. “How long did this take you?”

Peter groaned out in a sigh, “Too long, I ain’t doing it again.”

“And Rocket’s bombs?”

“Yeah, don’t touch that blue box down there,” Peter pointed to a crate tucked under the table.

“Duly noted,” you smirked.

Peter walked up to you and reached down for your hand, “Go sit down.”

Your eyebrow raised in suspicion, but you took the seat anyway and watched Peter put on his favorite mix tape. Immediately Redbone’s ‘Come And Get Your Love’ came blasting through the sound system and you let out a loud laugh as Peter’s hips started to move to the song.

“No, Peter,” you choked out with a smile.

He grinned and pointed a finger at you, “Yes, Peter.”

Your cheeks flushed as he moved toward you, swinging his pelvic back and forth. His hands moved in the air and he sang along to the song. You snorted when he grabbed a wrench from the table and used it as a microphone, but then he moved directly in front of you and your throat dried.

Come and get your love!” Peter sang to you, a seductive smile on his face. He tossed the wrench back onto the table and straddled your lap, not bringing his weight down onto you. His groin hovered directly in front of your face and his fingers started to unbuckle his belt. “I said find it find it come and rub it if you like it yeah.

Damn the man knew how to make you blush like a fool, because he just laughed sweetly and removed his fingers from his belt. Instead he cupped your face with his hands and leaned down to kiss you softly on the lips. You moaned into his mouth and placed your hands on his waist, sliding your hand up his shirt.

He smirked against your lips and slowly broke the kiss, “Oh, man I’m getting lucky tonight.”

“Don’t be so sure, Quill,” you teased dragging your fingers down his firm abs.

“I’m pretty sure we’re going to bone,” he chuckled and moved from you, pulling you up with him. “I have a surprise for you.”


You glowed with anticipation as he grabbed a hold of your hand.

“Come on,” he pulled you toward the cockpit and winked at you.

“No freaking way,” you screamed and jumped up against him. “Is this a joke!”

Peter threw his arm around your waist and pulled you into his side. His lips graced the edge of your ear and he whispered the most sexiest and seductive words you had ever heard in your entire existence. “Baby, you can fly the Milano.”

Oh yes, Peter Quill was definitely getting lucky this Valentine’s Day.


My Frat Boy - Theo Raeken Imagine

A/N: I saw the photo on the right on my feed and noticed it look similar to Cody’s pic on the left so I made this lol enjoy x

Warnings: SMUT,FLUFF,Swearing,unprotected sex (wrap it up guys),m+f oral

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It was currently half past 1 in the morning I was trying to make my way through the sweaty bodies rubbing against each other and the bright lights. The music was blasting and I need more alcohol, I finally reached the kitchen refilling my red solo cup with more vodka. I lost my best friend sometime around 11;30 and 12 haven’t heard from her since but whatever I’m having a great time I said sarcastically like honestly I’m not this party sucks. 

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When We Collide (Part 18)

Pairing: Assistant!Y/N/CEO!Luke

Rating: NC-17

Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17

Summary: He is the definition of high class smart ass, swimming in Dom Pierre Pérignon champagne and has never seen the shadow of poverty. She is underprivileged, lives in a messy dorm room on sale and struggles working as an assistant after being thrown out of college. But how will they collide when Luke makes Y/N pregnant after a drunkenly one night stand?

When We Collide on Wattpad

“I heard your date wasn’t even close to a success?”

Looking over your shoulder to see Ashton stand in the door frame to your office you smiled brightly by his presence. He was standing with a bouquet of lilies in his hands and knocked twice on your door frame just for fun.

“You have no idea. Come in.” You giggled and nodded your head in confirm, his contagious giggle filling the room once he walked fully inside.

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“Iron Lady” - [Jeremy Irons / Tom Hiddleston - Multi-chapter].

SummaryWidower Jeremy, falls for and marries his son’s friend despite tripling her age. And just a few years later, his health problems and the return of his best friend, Tom, to London, make him doubt his marriage and wonder if his wife would be better off with a younger man like his friend.

Chapter III: “Wine”.

Previous chapter(s): 1.”Horses”. // 2.”Books”.

Written by: A.Wölf.


Jeremy entered his house, took off his jacket and hung it on the coat hanger before walking into his study.

He grabbed the bottle of wine that still rested on his desk after Tom’s visit and lifted his chin while studying it.

“1920? This shall be good”, Jeremy murmured reading its label as he pulled on his scarf to remove it. “Darling?” he called out.

“What’s the occasion?” his wife asked leaning against the studio door frame with a warm smile on her face.

He turned to meet her eyes.

“Dinner”, he said.

“Red or black dress?”

Jeremy raised his eyebrows and adjusted his glasses.

“I’d say the red one but I’m afraid we’ll have company”.

She furrowed her eyebrows with evident disappointment written all over her.

“I’ve asked Tom to join us”, he added.

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anonymous asked:

headcanon where the rfa-v-saeran are in love with MC but they're in an unhealthy relationship with someone else where suddenly physical abuse happens for the first time and MC is so traumatized that they end up flinching at something that the rfa+v+saeran do, that's how they find out about it. you choose if you want everything to end platonically or romantically~ gracias!!

I’m sorry that this took me so long, but I hope you like it! This one was definitely interesting for me to write. However, I would like to say that most of these end on lighter notes, even though they deal with abuse. I’m sorry if that comes off as romanticizing it in any way, but I assure you that that was not my intent. As it is a request based around the topic of abuse, there’s obviously abuse warnings


  • You and Yoosung were going to hang out for the night and you were on snack duty, so you came to the dorm after stopping at the convenience store
  • He shouted a greeting through the dorm saying he only needed another five minutes while you were setting your wallet and keys down
  • When you walked over to his desk, it looked like he was playing rough map and he had headphones on, so you decided to stay quiet and look through a book that was on an end table
  • Once you had settled in to the other chair and started the novel, you noticed that he was banging his mouse slightly with how much he was clicking it
  • You tried to ignore it but then he started to practically yell at the monitor
  • At this point, you were curled up into the chair, an instinct to make yourself smaller
  • Yoosung turned around in his chair in exasperation while taking off his headphones then noticed how you were sitting as his eyes widened slightly
  • You were trying to speak but you couldn’t without stuttering slightly
  • “S-sorry, Yoosung. You just s-scared me a bit-t” “Nononono, MC! I’m really sorry for getting angry. Are you alright?”
  • Taking a few breaths before you were to explain, you started moving to sit normally
  • “Yoosung, please don’t think any different of me when I tell you this, alright?”
  • In response, he just nodded wildly, forgetting about his game
  • “So remember when Zen asked me if I was dating anyone, and I said I just got out of a relationship? Key words, got out. I was, well, it was abusive, and I didn’t want to talk about it. You’re the only one of the RFA I’m telling for now, so please don’t say anything yet. Anyways, they would always yell at me before they would physically hurt me, so I associate someone yelling with that. I didn’t, I didn’t mean to freak you out or anything. I’m sor-“
  • Yoosung was not having this, but didn’t want to make you any less comfortable so he tried to keep his face straight
  • “MC! Don’t apologize! It’s, it’s not your fault at all. I should be really sorry, and I am. I got annoyed, because I’ve been in this area for the past four hours, and I haven’t been able to get a drop. I’m really really sorry! I’ll try my absolute best to not yell around you again, MC” “Thank-thank you, Yoosung” “Can I, can I hug you, MC?”
  • You nodded slightly and he practically teleported he went so fast to the chair you were on to hug you
  • “You’re really strong for going through that, MC, and I promise I won’t tell anyone else unless you say it’s okay”
  • Nodding again, you let him stay like that for a few minutes before offering to get up and get the food so you could watch the movie
  • Once you noticed he was crying ten minutes in, you laughed slightly thinking about how considerate he could be and how he wouldn’t hurt you
  • Nice to know for our, I mean, the future
  • dAMMIT, MC


  • You were staying at his home since he got injured again, mindlessly watching some random soap opera while chatting in the messenger
  • Jaehee: I can’t believe that Zen is doing three roles in different productions at once.
    MC: Yeah, he’s not home much, and when he is, he’s practicing lines
    Jaehee: He can only work so much. I hope he doesn’t work too hard.
    MC: It’s more promo pictures anyways lol
    Jaehee: Very true! The ones that came out today are already saved on my phone

  • The front door opened with Zen finishing up a phone call
  • MC: Be right back, Jaehee. He just got back, and he looks a little pissed
    MC has left the chatroom

  • “-Yes, have a good evening, Sir” “Hi, Zen! How was tonight’s rehearsal? You sounded exaspera-“ “It was awful. Nobody could get their shit together while starting the dance numbers, and the director kept yelling”
  • He went on for a few minutes, ranting while putting his jacket and bag up by the door and waving his hands around
  • While he was turning around to face you with his hand still moving, you flinched slightly
  • Zen stopped talking instantly and put his arm down just as quickly
  • “MC! Babe, I would never hit you. I’m so sorry that you would think that! I promise that I’ll never go off aga-“ “Zen, it’s fine. I didn’t think you would,” you paused to word this correctly, “It’s just what I’m conditioned to do. Like a habit”
  • Half of you wanted for him to drop it, another part wanted him to ask so that someone would know
  • Besides, you trusted him the most out of RFA anyways
  • Back to the present, Zen looked downright personally attacked by what you said
  • “Why,” he stopped to fathom what would make you think any of this, “Why would someone hurt you? Who made you act like this, because I swear I will-“ “Hyun, please stay quiet, so I can explain”
  • He stayed quiet and led you to the couch so that you could both sit down
  • “It-it’s my significant other. When they hit the bottle, they, well, they hit me. I just flinch now whenever it’s similar to that. Not-not saying that you’re like them-“ “No no, I know what you mean. I swear that I won’t treat you like that ever. Could you maybe tell me who they are, because I’ll fight them outside the Wendy’s”
  • (I’m sorry, I know it’s meant to be serious, but my mind went no. Wendy’s is a fast food chain that’s established in around thirty countries)
  • Laughing slightly, you pointedly told him no and said they were in jail anyways
  • After your conversation, you noticed Zen was being quiet and you knew something was up
  • Rather than push it, you just sat with him and continued to watch your shitty soaps
  • “Hey, ah, MC?” “Yeah?” “Would you maybe like to go out with me? I just, well, I realized that I thought you deserved far better than what your significant other is giving you, and I’d like to try to help. This kind of helped me realized how much I’d like to date you. I swear that I’ll take on any repercussions that they make”
  • well, hE Ck
  • Again, two parts of you were weighing your options
  • You may’ve just gotten out of a bad relationship, if you went with this, and it seemed like a pretty okay idea
  • “That sounds good, uh, yeah, yes, Zen. However, it might take me a bit to be fully okay with everything”
  • This boy looked sO HAPPY
  • “Really? I mean, yes, of course. No worries if you need time”
  • You both ended up crashing on the couch that night, with the dramatic shows still looping in the background
  • After you had been dating for a few months, you noticed that Zen hadn’t been drinking any alcohol whatsoever
  • You just smiled, content with the new life you were living

Seven: (Route spoilers right off the bat. I’m sorry! Based on what actually happens in the route, this’ll probably seem ooc, but I’m trying my best!)

  • After Seven’s acclaimed twin had left, you were pretty shaken up by the ordeal
  • Seven was acting really distant as well, and that wasn’t helping
  • Since he acted much differently on the messenger, you were sure it was your fault he was acting so cold
  • Trying to do something that could lighten his mood, you made some lunch
    It may not be a bag of chips and a can of soda, but you figured this would be better
  • You walked up behind him and tapped his shoulder since he had his headphones on
  • He turned around far too quickly while yanking one half of his headphones to the side
  • “MC! Don’t bug me, you have no reason to, so just stop!”
    Around after he said your name, you dropped the plate at the slight outburst and he didn’t realize it until he stopped
  • “S-sorry, S-sev-seven!” you spoke hurriedly with a heavy stutter while you were getting on your knees to clean up the food and plate shards, “I-I didn’t mean t-to make you mad-d. I’ll, I’ll get this picked up as soon as possible”
  • You were surprised when he silently got off his chair to help but finished cleaning up what you could with shaking hands
  • Going to get a trashcan, you heard him mumbling “stupid” and “an idiot” and thought the worst then subconsciously prepared to get yelled at while dragging it to where the plate was dropped
  • Seven, on the other hand, was trying to figure out why he was clouded enough to not realize that you had been abused earlier
  • Granted, you didn’t talk much about it through any messaging service or social media and didn’t join any support groups or the like, but he still should’ve known to avoid all this
  • “Seven? I, I know you’re angr-“ “MC, it’s alright. I didn’t mean to make you panic; I didn’t realize what had happened for a few seconds. I’m an idiot for shouting when you were just bringing me food. Even stupider for having you pick up most of it”
  • He smiled sadly for just a second before bending over to get all of ceramic and food mess into the bag while you were silently standing, stunned
  • “MC? Is everything alright?” You nodded as if you were shaking something off “Yeah, yeah, I just thought you were going to slap me or something. I mean, I made a huge mess and you were already pissed at me and I was getting in the way and-“ “MC. I would never, ever slap you, okay? You’re never in the way, alright? I’m trying to keep all of this together right now, and I shouldn’t have snapped when you were trying to take care of me”
  • You were confused because you were certain that he was only going to start yelling in a few seconds
  • “But you were calling me stupid and an idiot when I went to get the bin?” “No! Nononono, MC, I was calling myself that, because I hadn’t put it together until then and I make you panic” “Put what? Oh, uh, yeah” “Yeah, I won’t ask you anything about it unless you’d like to tell me, but I understand. Personal experiences are shitty”
  • Seven offered another slight smile before going to speak again
  • “I’ll try my absolute hardest to not do something like that again, I swear to God. Nobody deserves to go through that, and especially not you. I’m going to drop whatever stone cold bitch façade I was using to tell you this right now, I care about you a lot, MC. Like a whole fuck ton, and I was pushing you away, because I’m really, very dangerous. I know that I keep saying that, but with the people I’m working with, I can’t have someone that I care about. However, I promise you that once everything is sorted out, I’ll be able to act better for you”
  • Once again, you were silently stunned at the apology and confession he just gave
  • You moved to hug him and he did just that, keeping you as tightly as he could for a few seconds
  • “Thank-thank you, Seven” “Absolutely”

Jumin: (Also one filled with route spoilers, sorry)

  • While you were staying at his apartment, he noticed that you were frequently texting someone and you always seemed to be wincing whenever it sent
  • As a matter of fact, he saw you wincing a lot whenever you bumped into something or got up
  • Jumin didn’t want to push it, but when he kissed you in front of the Chois and you tried to push him away as fast as possible, he decided to ask once they left
  • “MC, I am so deeply sorry for doing that. I pushed myself onto you, and it is completely unforgivable. Even though I want to keep you safe here, you can most definitely leave if you wish. I can’t believe I would do that to you, but I don’t have a good grasp on reading your emotions and I sincerely apologize for my actions” “No, it’s alri-“ “MC. What I did was horribly wrong. Don’t feel bad for leaving whatsoever” “Jumin, listen for a second. My reaction made it seem like I was disgusted, but don’t get the wrong idea. I’m sure this is confusing, so just give a little bit to explain”
  • He looked really confused but just nodded and gestured to the living room so that you could speak sitting down
  • “Jumin, I’m going to straight up tell you that I didn’t mind that you kissed me. It was how. I’m currently in a relationship-no, don’t freak out over making me “unfaithful” or anything-that’s quite abusive. My partner constantly forces me to do things with them. They’re who I’m texting, because they’re angry that I haven’t seen them in the past week. They’re also the reason I’ve got bruises on my sides. It scared me a bit when you did that randomly, but I don’t want you to think that I want leave right now, especially when it’s to keep me not dead”
  • Jumin nodded in response, but he didn’t look confused anymore; he looked both downcast and angry
  • “I can’t believe someone would do that to you, MC. Please tell me you’ll get away from them soon. I can’t stand to think of you getting hurt that way and forced to do things like that for them. If you need me to help with contacting someone or lawyers, I assure you I’ll find the best internationally for you. If you’d like to continue whatever we’re doing right now, I swear that I’ll always ask before I do anything and make sure it’s alright”
  • At the moment, you didn’t realize you were crying silently, but it wasn’t out of sadness, no, it was joyful
  • “Thank you, Jumin. That’s more than enough. Could you help me write a script of sorts for when I call them to dump them?” “Most definitely, MC. Anything I may do to help” “And Jumin?” “Yes?” “I’d quite like to continue what we’re doing”
  • He looked slightly surprised at what you said and eager to help you draft your phone call
  • After nearly an hour of deleting and rewriting what you were to say, you collectively decided to fuck it and just call
  • You were greatly anxious but Jumin’s presence was calming, especially the fact he was whispering encouragement while the phone rang
  • “Yes, hello…No, that won’t be necessary…I called to tell you to go fuck yourself…You heard me perfectly well…Because I’m not putting up with this anymore…Not only is it disgusting, you can’t do anything to stop the fact I’m leaving or the fact I found someone else…Yes, he’s quite nice. Would you like to speak to him?”
  • You swore that you had never heard someone monotonously swear that much and you were silently laughing while Jumin was using explicits every other word in the Business Guy voice
  • He hung up after you gave a “Bye, bitch!” and you broke down into laughter and speaking in between it
  • “Thank-oh God-thank you, Jumin. You-fuck, that was hilarious-you helped me out more than I can imagine, and this is probably the hardest I’ve laughed in months. Seriously, thank you,” you decided to mimic his Business Guy voice, “Mr. Han”
  • This time he started laughing too and that fueled you to continue
  • Definitely something to remember
  • After you both had calmed down, you were both silently looking at the other fondly
  • “MC?” “Yeah, Mr. Han?” “Sh-shut up” “Make me”
  • You stopped for a second, thinking about the invitation you just put out there
  • “Can I kiss you?” “Yeah, you dork”
  • Scratch what you said before, this was something to remember


  • While you were at the party, V had noticed that you had someone else with you, but assumed it was your current partner
  • The fact that you had someone had him crestfallen, but he reminded himself that they made you happy and that’s what matters
  • Oh boy
  • Little did he know, you were getting yelled at outside for interacting with one guest and that “cotton candy-haired asshole” too much
  • That is, until a security guard came up to him mid-conversation and informed him of two people outside
  • He decided that he wouldn’t be told if they couldn’t take care of it, so he followed them out to see you trying to get absorbed by the outside of the building and someone yelling at you
  • “Excuse me? Why are you harassing, MC, the coordinator of this event?”
  • “Wouldn’t you like to know, you blue-haired fuck” “Yes, I quite would like to know if you could stop being a jackass
  • No matter the fact that this was serious and you weren’t a six-year-old, you snickered quietly at the fact he swore
  • “Actually, you’re not worth my time. MC, could you explain please?” “Oh, uh,” you glanced at your partner and smirked just a bit, realizing you finally had witnesses, “Jihyun, this is, this is my abuser. They were trying to act possessive by shouting at me out here. Actually, they were telling me that I can’t talk to you or take care of my job
  • V had already blanked at the word abuser, now fueled with hatred but keeping the calm appearance
  • “They, they’re your what? Never mind, I already heard it. MC, I’m getting you out of that arrangement as soon as possible”
  • He simply nodded to the guard that had brought him to the scene then offered his arm to you so that he could take you back inside
  • While you were walking back, realization of what you had done was settling in and you started to visibly shake
  • “MC? Is everything alright? Never mind, another stupid question. Hold on for just a second”
  • He had you sit at a table that was near the entrance where the least people were and got you a glass of water from a server walking by
  • “What you did was really brave, alright? You were able to do in a couple of seconds what I couldn’t throughout an entire relationship and then some. I promise that I’ll keep you protected from them,and they will never be allowed to come into contact with you again, okay? I swear that on my life”
  • Nodding with a shaky smile, you drank some of the water and thought everything over again
  • “Thank you, really, V, thank you. For helping me end that and helping me calm down”
  • After you conversed about random things for a while just to calm down, he escorted you back to the main area where everyone else was
  • Seven walked up to the two of you with a grin on his face
  • “What were you two up to? Screwing in the bathroom?”
  • You glanced over to see a red-faced Jihyun and you could’ve swore you heard him mumble “I wish” to which your face also heated up
  • “L-Luciel!” “That’s my name! Plus, I heard what you just said, V!” “No, you didn’t” “Keep lying to yourself!”
  • Seven left with a cheeky wink and the both of you blushing wildly like awkward teenagers
  • Hmm, not a bad idea, though, Seven
  • wait shit
  • You said that aloud
  • “Yeah, not bad at all, Luciel”
  • You ended up getting winked at again with your face feeling hotter than before


  • You came over to hang out with Seven at the bunker while Saeran was staying there
  • Turns out, Seven got assigned some new project and had to start it right away, but you didn’t feel like going back to your apartment
  • “Hey, Saeran?” “What do you want now?” “Bitch, I walked through the door and I haven’t even spoken to you today” “…Fair point. Continue”
  • “Since your brother’s working, do you wanna do something?” “Like?” “Watching shitty movies with ice cream?”
  • Ice cream was the way to Saeran’s heart so he agreed upon the mention of it
  • You were at least 87% sure he wouldn’t have agreed if there wasn’t ice cream involved
  • Going to the kitchen, you noticed Seven brought his equipment out into the living room
  • You were kind of confused, considering he’d probably want to be somewhere with no distractions
  • Saeran, on the other hand, glared at him
  • You were going to the freezer get a gallon out while you heard the brothers bickering
  • “What’re you two talking about?”
  • Seven flatly said “You” while Saeran hurriedly said “Nothing!”
  • The red-head earned another glare when he gave a thumbs up to you
  • You just shook your head with a smirk while getting a scoop from a drawer along with two bowls
  • “Seven? You want any?” “Only if I’m allowed to put chips on it”
  • Half-laughing and half-sighing with a smile, you got another bowl while Saeran walked into the kitchen after telling his brother to “just fuck off already”
  • You were getting the bowls filled when Seven started yelling out and swearing at his laptop
  • The scoop clattered to the floor when you had jumped at the sudden outburst
  • Saeran looked bored by it, but when he saw how panicked you looked, you couldn’t quite place what emotion he was displaying
  • “Uh, you alright there?” “What? Oh, uh, yeah, yeah, the yelling just sorta reminded me of something” “Are you sure you’re alright?” “To be honest, no, but can I tell you later?”
  • He nodded and bent down to get the scoop before rinsing it off and finishing getting everyone’s food
  • You brought the bowls to the couch and set Seven’s next to him cautiously while warily looking at him
  • Saeran made an assumption, but decided to just wait for you to explain
  • Seven gave a quiet thanks and you still looked slightly panicked but Saeran tried to distract you
  • “MC? Come sit by me” “Al-alright?” “What do you want to watch?” “Oh, whatever you pick is fine”
  • He shrugged and flipped through channels until deciding on some psychological thriller type movie
  • Once he noticed his brother put his headphones on, he decided to ask about it
  • “Could you explain now? I don’t think Asshat over there is listening if that’s what you’re worried about” “Yeah, I-I can; just please don’t react harshly. Right now, I’m in a relationship that I’ve kept from RFA, and Seven shouldn’t have been able to tell either. It’s fairly abusive towards me, and when your brother shouted, it reminded me of last night’s beating. I, well, I get kind of worried when I mess stuff up, so I thought he’d be mad at me even though it was only his work. But, yeah, that’s why loud noises make me react like that”
  • He stayed quiet for a few seconds before speaking quietly but clearly
  • “I will fucking kill them, MC” “Saeran! No, it’s-“ “Don’t say it’s alright; we both know it isn’t.  How dare they hurt you?” “Saeran, I’ll get out of it soon. It’s just-“ “MC, as much as I would like to stay calm about this, it’s not ‘just’ anything. You shouldn’t be treated like that, and I want your abuser six feet under”
  • Knowing that he could very easily murder them, you tried your best to get him to stop thinking about it
  • Finally, he got quiet again and you were able to relax back into the couch
  • “MC?” “Mhm?” “Could you-I can’t believe I’m asking this-could you lay by me? I would just hug you, but I don’t want to hurt you, since you’ve got injuries” “You’re a fucking dork, you know that right?” “Just be quiet and come over here…if that’s alright” “Of course it is”
  • After setting your bowl to the side, you moved over to be by him
  • “Is this better, Saeran?” “Much” “Good, ‘cause I feel safe like this” “Really?” “Mhmm, its nice to be by someone that has a comforting presence” “MC, I literally kidnapped you” “Yeah, but okay, yes, you kidnapped me” “See?” “I can’t explain it, but I like being by you” “Me too”
  • You both stayed like that until the credits rolled and Seven was giving his brother another thumbs up
  • Once you were sure Seven wasn’t paying too much attention, you spoke again
  • “Thanks, Saeran, for giving me someone who I could confide” “Anytime, MC. Though the murder offer still stands” “I don’t need you winding up in prison, alright?” “Seems fair.  Can we still at least trash their car?” “Oh, hell’s yeah” “Now?” “Now”
  • You both got up while smiling wildly and Seven just stayed focused on his work
  • Saeran grabbed his jacket by the door and told his brother that he was going to go slash some tires
  • Walking to your car, you opened his door and bowed sarcastically before going to your seat and starting up the car
  • Smashing those windows and scratching in words and cutting up tires made you feel the happiest you had been in a while
  • After you both got back in the car and headed back to the bunker, it was nearly two am, so you decided to stay over
  • “Hey, MC?” “Yes, Saeran?”
  • You noticed that he stayed quiet and looked up to seeing him with a slightly red face
  • “Mind staying with me tonight?” “Not at all”

I really hoped that you all liked this one, but I will gladly change anything that isn’t right or add something that you would like. I hope you all have good mornings/afternoons/evenings, and much love to you all!

Saving Throw


Rating: T

Summary: Ford struggles with his mistakes, what ifs and what could have beens. But luckily he has someone to remind him that accidents happen and things work out in the end. (Set around D,D&MD)

AN: Present for @lockholmes​. It took me a while but it’s finally here ^o^ I hope you like it ♥

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Is it Missy or is it Simm!Master

One question is if Simm!Master would know and want to play piano. 
In my head YES. A calmer matured version of him would be excellent player because he learned it as Delgado!Master (headcanon). And in the teaser we got a mature Simm!Master so yes. Also the sass of the broken note that’s the Master in all regenerations.

Also why would Twelve keep him there.
Have you seen how parent-like he has been this season? How caring? 
What if he went back to Gallifrey to save it like we saw in Elevenths last episode and found him devastated from the War and in an unstable body? Or he could have found him when he came out of the Confession Dial. 
Anyway. what if the Master was unstable and he swore that they BOTH get stuck on Earth so the Master allows him to treat him. Like a compromise. 

It sounds SOOO like their relationship. A truce so they don’t lose each other. 

Excuse me my heart is in husband-verse now. 


Summary: After you and your brothers hunt down Ramsey the reader is confronted with somne memories she tried to burry.

Characters: Dean, Sam, Sister!Reader

Pairings: none

Warnings: Angst, fluff, mention of character death, mentions of 3x16 (yes to me this is a warning), someone throwing up

Wordcount: 952 (including lyrics)

AN1: This is my entry for @luciisthebest 400 follower SPN song challenge. I hope you like it. My song was Dead or Alive by bon Jovi and the quote was I love you guys

AN2: Plays after 12x15 but before Sam tellds Dean that he has been working with the BMoL

Originally posted by spn-imagines-ig

You sat in a bar with your brothers a beer in front of each of you. It had been mere hours since you had killed Ramsey and you were still pretty shaken up about the whole thing. You didn´t like hellhounds at all. Well probably no one does accept for demons, but you had especially bad memories when it came to them. Even years after your brother’s death you still couldn´t get the images of him being ripped apart by hellhounds out of your head. His cries of pain and his shredded body when everything was over still haunted you in your nightmares more so then any other crap that had happened in all this years you had hunted and you had seen a lot.

“Hey, you´re alright?” Dean asked as he looked at you concerned.
You smiled halfheartedly up at your brother trying to reassure him. You knew Dean better than anyone else. He was your twin brother and you had been inseparable since the very beginning.
“Yeah,” you said, running a hand through your hair, “It´s just…” you trailed of not really sure how to put your feelings into words but Dean understood anyway.
“Yeah, I get it. Hellhounds are nasty.”
You nodded silently as Sam came back from the bar, beers for all of you in his hands. You thanked him, taking a big swig out of your bottle, watching as some people were busy preparing something on a small stage on the other end of the bar.
“Any guess what these guys are doing?” you asked your brothers, pointing at the men.
“Uh, the bartender mentioned something about a karaoke night.” Sam replied.
You huffed.
“Well that just sounds great.”
Unfortunately this was the only bar in town so if you wanted to have your drinks with your brothers you would have to endure the terrible singing of half drunken people.
“I think I need some stronger stuff.” You said, getting out of the booth and heeding to the bar.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Is the ask box still open? If so, may I please have a tsukishima x reader scenario where Tsukki confesses to his childhood best friend when he thinks she's asleep but she's actually awake? Thanks so much!

This is so bad ;’)

There was once when Tsukishima came upon the saying, ‘Nothing lasts forever’. He snickered at it and forgot about it, that was till he met you at least. Once in a while, there would be somebody who would pop into the Middle Blocker’s life and stay. People like you, the ones that stood by him, were meaningful to his life and the highly guarded Middle Blocker would come undone before you.

You were his best friend, and he was yours. And Tsukishima couldn’t even remember the time when you both first met. Was it that time when he made a nasty remark about you when you both were kids? Or was it because your parents were best friends and that was how he knew you? Tsukishima couldn’t remember. All he knew was that you were one of the handfuls that stayed with him, for the longest time too.

Sleeping over at the Tsukishima’s household wasn’t a foreign thing to you, after all, you and Kei had been best friends for as long as you knew each other. The two of you used to sleepover at either of your houses every other weekend when you were younger. But when high school began, that became a rare event.

You had finally managed to squeeze in a good ol’ catch up with your friend and it was like everything you expected, and better. Laughs, problems, and tears (mainly yours) were exchanged and it was soon when the both of you were getting ready to get some shut-eye.

A hand brushed through your hair, only to realize it was Tsukishima’s long, bony fingers. You heard him let out a deep sigh but decided against asking him what’s wrong. Your backed faced him which convinced Tsukishima that you were asleep.

“I honestly can’t believe I fell for a person like you, I’m such a dumbass, aren’t I?” he whispered, then let out a soft chuckle, “but you’re the dumber one because you’re so oblivious to everything,” You heard the soft rustle of his pillow as he shook his head and the tiny clicks of his tongue.

“Maybe I’m the dumber one,” he mumbled “confessing to you in when you’re sleeping,” You always felt something between you and Tsukishima, but it never came across you that he actually had feelings for you, it really didn’t take you by surprise, however, everyone told you he did. You just chose to ignore them.

The blonde cut you off but whispering again, “Well, I’ll you know because I no I don’t have a shot,” and as he finished that he gently ran his fingers through your hair for the last time before letting out yet again, another breathy sigh.

You turned around, eyes closed, “Who said you didn’t?” you asked. You opened your eyes, sleep was evident. The pair of eyes across you grew wider, mouth gaping open. “You heard me?”

You nodded and frowned, “Of course I did, you do know I’m a sensitive sleeper, right?” He was at a loss for words, on one hand, he was glad you finally knew how he felt, but the on the other hand, Tsukishima wanted to curl up and die of embarrassment. This was supposed to be a private and personal matter, and throughout this whole time, while he was ‘pouring’ his heart out, you heard every single bit of it? Truly unacceptable.

“Anyways,” you cleared your throat, “I never said I didn’t have feelings for you,” you stated, rather bluntly. “And, I’m not a dumbass, as a matter of fact.”

The silence was your only response, and Tsukishima couldn’t believe what he just hurt, “Wait, really?” was the only audible sound that came from him.

You nodded your head firmly, “Yes, really.” Tsukishima smiled through the dark, eyes twinkling like the stars in the sky. He wrapped and arm around you, and cleared his throat, “Will you, [Y/N] be my girlfriend?”

You looked at your clock, “It’s 3 am, seriously?” you asked, monotonous. “Don’t leave me hanging,” Tsukishima retorted, slightly annoyed.

You groaned, “Yes, I will be your 'girlfriend’.” you answered, frustrated. “Now, can I get some sleep?” you pleaded.

“Yes you may,” he said as he pulled you closer.

Accidental Ch 5

Here it is at last! I wish I was a consistent writer but that just ain’t what ya signed up for when you read chapter one. This is a pretty heavy chapter, trigger warnings listed below. Your mental health is more important than my fic!!!

tw for: dissociation, flashbacks, intrusive thoughts, implied/referenced eating disorder, implied/refernced emotional abuse

“Yeah, mom. Ok. Bye.”

Evan hung up, taking a deep breath in and exhaling loudly. Just like he was supposed to. He’d just gotten out of therapy, and even though it had been a week since Evan had met Connor, he’d artfully managed to avoid the topic of his mental breakdown and new friend for the whole session. He’d also managed not to cry, but that wasn’t going to keep up for long. Evan’s mom was working a late shift before class, and wasn’t going to be able to pick him up.

And to Evan, that meant only one thing:

He had to make a phone call.

Balling up his fists to keep them still, - freak, just stand still, you’re not normal, that’s what they always told you, you’re not- Evan quickly sat down on the curb in the deserted parking lot and pondered what to do.

You could go ask your therapist, part of his brain nagged, the part that had the rational thoughts normal people would have - you’re not normal, freak, what did Connor say to you, he’s not the freak, you’re the fu-. It was like that part of his brain wanted him to have an anxiety attack. Evan allowed himself to blink, once, - normal people don’t have urges like that, you’re not - but refrained from moving anymore than that. He would do what his dad and all those doctors had told him, nod and say thank you… no, that was something else. When people helped him, he had to do that… what was it, what did he have to do, think, think, think!

Evan, take a deep breath.

Right. He could do that.

Evan, count to ten.

He knew his numbers.

Evan, make the phone call.

He swallowed.

Evan. Boys. Don’t. CRY!

As if his body was on autopilot, Evan pulled out his phone and dialed a number. He didn’t even know who he’d called. He tried to steady his voice as the phone dialed and rang, wondering who would pick up.

“Hello?” a familiar voice answered.

Evan’s breath caught in his throat.

“Oh!” Connor heard a garbled voice over the end of the phone. After a stretched pause, he heard more words just as he was about to hang up.

“Sorry, it’s just, I um, kind of need, a ride? I mean, it’s fine if you don’t want to, or you’re busy, or anything like that, I know it’s late, it’s just my mom can’t come to get me and you were the first number I typed in, I wasn’t even thinking -”

“Dude,” Connor cut in, trying to make sense of his friend’s rapid-fire words, “Of course I can come get you. Where a-”

Connor caught himself, knowing that anymore speech would be hard for Evan. He related; phone calls were a bitch.

“I’m gonna send you a location request. Can you share your location with me?”

Connor heard a squeaking noise that sounded somewhat like a yes, and then the beep that meant the call had been terminated. Feeling slightly worried, Connor shouldered his bag and headed out to the car.

He wanted to reach Evan sooner rather than later. Why?

Because he couldn’t shake the feeling that he was running out of time.

Breathing a sigh of relief, Evan fell to the curb and put his head in his hands. He tensed his body, fighting the urge to move with all his willpower.

A loud ding! caused Evan to jump, slowly reaching to check his phone - it’s not going to hurt you, idiot, freak, you’re a fu- with his left hand and standing. Remembering what he’d told Connor, Evan clenched his jaw and accepted the location request.  Immediately, a text was sent.

ConnorM: on myw ay

Evan didn’t respond, sinking once more to the ground and shutting his eyes in an attempt to escape the bright lights and loud noises that were pressing into him on all sides. Breathing deeply and trying to slow his racing heart, Evan didn’t know how long he sat there before he cracked his eyes open and dimly registered a vaguely familiar blue car pulling into the parking lot. In a moment, he had managed to recognize it as Connor’s and had straightened himself up, attempting to look like he had purposefully sat on the ground rather than collapsing.

He took a deep breath.

It was one car ride.

He could hide this.

Connor pulled up.

Connor could tell from the moment he pulled up to the curb something wasn’t right; he could see it in Evan’s fidgeting hand and red-tinted face. But he didn’t mention anything.

He did, however, start the car along the road home, chasing the lingering sun in the sky.

Evan didn’t know where they were going. He was trying too hard not to puke. He found himself retreating into his mind. If he didn’t feel, he couldn’t hurt. He knew where he was, but he wasn’t there.

He knew where he was.

He knew where he was.

He knew…

He knew where he…

Where was he?

Connor’s knuckles tightened on the steering wheel as he exercised much self control as he could muster to avoid going over the speed limit. He chanced a glance at Evan, who had crawled into the backseat when the car had first appeared. Connor was too tired from another sleepless night to notice the faraway look in his eyes and the stillness of his body, worse symptoms that a red face had been.

Get him home, Connor thought, training his eyes back towards the road.

No no no no nononono, Evan thought. He had felt this before. He couldn’t move, he couldn’t feel, he- he thought this was what he wanted but it never was, it wasn’t- it was- it-

Connor looked up once more when he heard small sounds coming from the backseat of the car. He gasped softly, narrowly avoiding panic himself, as the sight that met his eyes.

Evan’s body was rocking slightly as sharp breaths and whimpers came at irregular intervals.

“Shit” Connor muttered. It seemed to be becoming a regular occurrence to say that in Evan’s presence. He glanced out his window, looking for a place to pull over.

Evan heard his name, but it was distant, and soft. He wanted to hear it, to respond, but he couldn’t, everything was too muffled and it was like he was gagged, and blinded, he saw only through a haze of white, and it was too quiet, and far, it was too quie-

Hands grabbed his shoulders, and through the haze surrounding him he heard his name again, but clearer this time. He pulled open his eyes - had they been closed? - and was immediately blinded by sensory input. He screamed, but whether it was inside or outside of his thoughts he couldn’t tell. He squeezed his hands tighter over his ears and fell farther into his head.

Evan opened his eyes briefly and whimpered before constricting his hands over his ears and becoming even stiller than before. Connor just worked on pulling the smaller boy gently out of the car and onto a blue blanket he’d set under a tree in the pitch-dark park he had stopped at.

Once Connor had gotten Evan propped against the rough willow bark he pondered what to do. The boy was as still and quiet, and though his eyes were tightly shut, you could tell that if they were opened there would be a glaze over them. Then the muffled words started again.

Evan had been reaching, harder and harder, to get out of his mind. He remembered now, he was with Connor, and Connor needed to know he was okay. But breaking through the first wall of defenses meant he was open to attacks.

Images flooded Evan’s mind, of the things he tried to forget but never really did. It was his dad, drunk into a stupor and he was violent, but in a quiet way, because his violence was words and not knives, it was the whisperings of screw up from him and poor parents from everyone else.

It was his mom, crying quietly, and Evan running away.

It was the constant waiting rooms, the doctors confirming a diagnosis and his mom smiling for a split second and his dad screaming, asking for a cure to fix his broken kid.

It was a few simple words.

“Get it together.”

“I’m sorry-” Evan whispered.

Connor decided to go back to his first instincts. Cautiously, he put his arms around Evan and began rubbing his back and rocking slightly. It felt like their first meeting, except now it was dark and rain was coming down in heavy sheets and Connor was beginning to care about the kid he had cradled in his arms.

“Sorrysorrysorrysorrysorr-” poured out of Evan’s mouth like a mantra at a mile a minute. Connor just continued to quietly shush him, gently wiping away rain mingled with tears with the pad of his thumb.

“Break out of it, Hansen,” he whispered.

Suddenly, Evan heard five words with clarity.

“Break out of it, Hansen.”

He shot up and out of his mind and looked around for a few seconds before immediately leaning over and dry heaving- there wasn’t anything in his stomach in the first place, seeing as he couldn’t even remember the last time he had eaten.

Connor looked down at the smaller boy with a start.

“Stupid question, but are you okay?”

Evan knew he couldn’t lie anymore. He obviously wasn’t okay.

“Panic attack, followed by dissociation, ending in flashbacks. How was your night?” Evan tried to sound funny, but his voice came out scratchy and wavering.

Connor swallowed thickly.

“Can I hug you?” he said, dropping his walls for a split-second.

Evan nodded, not trusting his voice. Connor pulled him gently into a hug, and the tears Evan had been doing his best to hold in came pouring out onto the chest of Connor’s gray hoodie.

“Evan, bud- Evan. W-who did this to you?” Connor muttered, his words muffled in Evan’s hair.

“I guess… I need to start from the beginning.”

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Affected {Nessian after ACOWAR}

Summary: Nesta decided that the time for her to learn how to defend herself has come and passed, but Feyre seems restless in her “invitations”, so, one day, just to shut her youngest sister’s mouth, she agrees.

You can also read in AO3


The mirror’s reflection would make her shudder, if she was willing to show any body reaction.

Nesta was using pants for the first time in her life – dark, tight and reinforced on the knees with leather. It was Feyre’s, of course. Her sister had borrowed her a pair of training clothes almost two weeks ago, after their last arguing about how Nesta was dealing with her own abilities after the war.

“I said no.” Nesta’s voice was like a whip, cutting its way thru the air around them.

“I heard you from the first time, and the second, and the th–.” Feyre answered, just one step behind, keeping Nesta from avoid it again.

“Stop following me like a starved dog.” She hissed, trying hard not to increase the rhythm of her steps.

“Then give me a good reason.” The youngest fae raised her index finger, going around Nesta to stop her. “One, and I’ll never ask again.”

Feyre’s eyes were burning with the untamed dare. The same eyes as her own, the same eyes as their mother. She knew that her own eyes were pale blue flames now, her heart racing with the challenge. And then, just as a cold winter wind, it was all wiped away, the warm emotions living her core, her critical and rational mind taking over.

She turned to the other side, dismissing Feyre completely, and restarted walking.

“Tell me when you quit hiding.”

And that was it, that single line made her column straightened, her nails digging into her palms with strength enough to hurt as she stormed in the direction of her room.

Nesta blinked, trying to get used with the reflection, with the feeling of the tissue touching her legs. Should it look like this?

The only women she saw dressing it were Feyre, Morrigan and Amren and the illyrian outfits had looked different in any of them. Feyre’s was tight, but not much, Morrigan’s was like a second skin, much like the boys’, Amren looked like a child’s suit, which she supposed it was, even if no one mentioned.

Feyre’s clothes were a little big on her body, she decided after a detailed examination. Her slim legs didn’t have muscles enough to stretch the material, but at least they were the same waist and hip size.

Nesta rolled up the sleeves of the matching shirt, folding them past her elbows. The tissue was slightly transparent, just enough to give a light sensation and allow her skin to breathe under it. You will be sweating like a farm worker, her mind remembered with a disgusted noise.

And, if she stayed one minute more standing there, she would have done a great job in convincing herself to dismiss Feyre entirely. But she wasn’t hiding, she would never hide again from her sisters, not when they needed something, not when they wanted something. Never again.


Nesta has always been silent, a whisper of steel and flame, contained, controlled, and her steps matched it. The fae grace had shaped her walking in something barely audible, unless she wanted to be heard – which was definitely not the case.

It wasn’t hard to find the right spot, the sound of laughs reached her down stairs and ended before she finished going up. Small crashing sounds followed and she hurried just a little, without even notice the worry running in her veins.

Feyre’s back was turned to her, her once skinny body now detailed with slim muscles. She saw her sister’s hair braided tight, flying as she threw a sequence of punches – right in Cassian’s covered hands.

Why isn’t he wearing a shirt? The first thought in Nesta’s mind revealed how much she had absorbed in a few seconds. His long hair was wrapped with his usual strand of leather, or most of it – a few threads had escaped and now clinged to his sweat-damp face. His controlled breath smashed into her as a wave, his heartbeat overloading her fae hearing. The lines of sweat that started at his neck followed a path down the dark hair on his chest, lower and lower until the waistband of his training  trousers.

Immediately, she stopped her gaze, a stone-cold mask taking over her features. After the battle with Hybern, she has been… How could she say? Sensitive, yes, sensitive to his presence, which, of course, bothers her to no end.

“What the hell, Feyre?!” Cassian complained, recoiling his hands, surprised with the sudden punch.

A tug in her lips threatened to form a smirk when she noticed that he had been distracted by her presence alone. Feyre turned, following Cassian’s forceful gaze. The smile in the other’s face was brighter than the golden light of the sun, casting its warmth in the roof, when she spotted Nesta.

Feyre moved forward, for sure to include Nesta right away in whatever she was doing, but the elder sister rose a polite hand to stop her.

“I’ll observe for a while.” Showing certain in each step, she found her way to a long chair, propping her elbows in her knees to give Feyre - and Cassian - her full attention.

She thought she saw her sister giving little excited jumps in her way back.

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anonymous asked:

what is blatant?

that’s my opinion but i think the tweet thanking the author (apart from being promo for the interview etc) like everything they put in the article is amazing and beautiful while the fans are not very happy about a lot of parts of the interviews is a blatant way to “”””manipulate”””” the perception. there is no way they are not reading the discourse at the moment especially since fans are discussing the journalist twisting the words and assuming things he didn’t say. with “”Harry”” (that’s the intern but anyway) tweeting he was happy with how it came out and thanking the author it sounds like they are saying ‘seee?? harry is happy and loves the journalist !!! believe everything it’s written !!!! this is HIM™!!!!’. 

Brighter than the Sun

Day 10 of Adrinette Month is “The Balcony”. Since I wrote some Ladynoir, and a bit of Ladrien this month, I wanted to go with a bit of Maricat as well. 

It is a lovely sunny day in Paris, and Marinette spends some quality time with her boyfriend. 

Named for Brighter than the Sun by Colbie Caillat.

Also available on Ao3

April was a wonderful month. The sun was shining for once, and it warmed Marinette through to her core as she sat out on her rooftop garden. Even Tikki was enjoying the warmth, spreading out on a small cushion Marinette had made for her a few years prior. 

As Marinette took a sip of iced tea, she thought how perfect a Sunday afternoon it was. It was almost like nothing could even improve on such a relaxing afternoon.

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Does anyone else remember this pop song from around 2008?

by reddit user hartijay

I used to work on my university campus radio station in college. We used to talk about current events around the school, any news around the surrounding town, and played requested songs for students, something our school surprisingly allowed. I remember a very weird couple of months where students who tuned into the show constantly requested a song called “See You After, Babe”, a pop song by some one-hit-wonder group called Symmetry Icon, the dumbest name for a band I’ve ever heard. But that song was huge around October and November of 2008. As one of the campus radio’s DJs, I had to play that song over like a hundred times in two months. I heard it everywhere, in malls, gas stations, on real radio stations, and I think even on MTV.

Something was weird about that song, but I couldn’t remember exactly what. I tried Googling the song and band, but nothing came up in the results for either. Not even YouTube had a single clip of the song.

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