how is that boat even powered i don't know

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: i'm completely in love with lapidot and seeing peridot guide lapis through the long hard process of healing is honestly some of the best writing i've ever seen but i'm worried that fusion is the inevitable end goal of their interaction. intragem fusion isn't the same thing it is to the crystal gems, it was always a gross taboo and while peridot's slowly learning the difference lapis has something else way bigger on top of that that after a life of being helpless and pushed around uncaringly, when she does feel that power that got to pearl's head in the week of sardonyx arc then it gives her such a rush and brings out a side of her that traumatized her knowing it was there after she unfused from malachite. she didn't even want to be put in charge of a boat after that. i think... that it'd be ok if lapis never had to fuse, and that peridot never pushed her towards it. and i don't think she would want to because peridot knows full well how lapis feels about that and how much it terrified her, but i just feel like the show itself sort of has it set that fusion is the culmination of two characters getting close emotionally like with smoky quartz (which was absolutely beautiful btw) and... i just think lapis is really flourishing with the slow non-demandingness of her current relationship with peridot, and i don't really want to see her pushed toward fusion.
the signs as things they've said to me lately
  • aries: if you got my face tattooed on your ass i'd finally be the assface i was born as.
  • taurus: you have to come inside and say bye to everyone or i'll start a rumor that you died.
  • cancer: no yall don't understand, i've had a LOT of wine.
  • leo: i can't find my sweatpants and i need to share my confusion and rage.
  • virgo: you can either be homeless or be a dick, you gotta pick a struggle.
  • libra: how am i always the middle man? this is like my parents divorce.
  • scorpio: i don't remember a lot but i know a lap dance was involved somewhere down the line.
  • sagittarius: think of what you could do with that kind of money. you could go enjoy a boat ride. or buy a sword. or a cool statue.
  • capricorn: i could totally do that but see i just don't want to
  • aquarius: it's not just stars and palm readers damnit it's science!
  • pisces: i mean i know i was weeping five minutes ago but i'm fine now!