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…aaaand here’s another drabble. Are you sick of them by now? Anyway, it’s another short one (1.5k), and again it’s from Harry’s POV. It’s about how Sophia and Harry first met and I hope you’ll like it!

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Wicked Games - Chapter Two

Time to meet Juggie. :D 

Thank you for the amazing comments on this fic. You guys are so amazing and I’m so glad you’re liking this idea. <3 

The Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel is gorgeous. It’s a place where Betty had stayed at long ago before she was actually living in California. She had always said that she’d like to stay there again. She wasn’t sure this was the way she wanted to return to it, though.

Zack and Charles, her two temporarily assigned bodyguards, hover just outside of her hotel room door. It’s slowly driving her insane how they seem to be everywhere these days acting as if she’s the President of the Unites States. It’s like she has her own personal Secret Service and she isn’t so sure she likes it. The other day she tried to use the restroom at a Jack in The Box and Charles had made sure it was completely empty before letting her go. It was nice for her privacy she supposes, but then when she remembered that both burly men stood outside of the restroom door, she suddenly didn’t have to go so bad.

She understands why things have to be the way they are. She’s aware of just how serious the entire situation is, but she just wishes things could go back to normal. She misses her apartment and being able to go out on her own. She can’t go anywhere these days without being trailed by her band of merry men who weren’t very merry at all and it’s infuriating.

She’s been cooped up inside of her hotel room for the past week. She doesn’t necessarily have anywhere to go and usually she’d be enjoying her off time, but now she was craving a little fun in her life. She had to do something or else she was going to go crazy. She was starting to feel like the wife in The Yellow Wallpaper.

She walks out of the bedroom and over to the small living room area. She couldn’t really complain about the room in all honesty. Cheryl Blossom, her manager, had made sure that she was given the One-Bedroom Luxe Suite. It was absolutely gorgeous and spacious as hell with its own Wi-Fi, an in-room tablet, On-Demand movies, and even a wet bar. The wet bar was her favorite part so far. If she was going to have to be under a watchful eye and locked down, then at least it was in style.

There’s a knock at her door and she looks up to see Zack opening it up. Zack and Charles both had their own room cards just in case something ended up happening to her. She wasn’t sure if the idea comforted her or made her even more nervous.

“Look who decided to stop by,” Cheryl Blossom says as she walks past Zack and into the room.

“Hey, Cher.”

“Not me, Cooper.” She moves aside and Veronica walks in behind her, smile on her face and arms full of bags.

“Oh, my gosh!” Betty laughs as she gets up and walks over to her best friend. “What are you doing here?”

“Are you under quarantine or something?” Veronica snorts.

“I ran into her in the lobby,” Cheryl says. “I needed to discuss a few things with you.”

They all sit down in the living room area and Cheryl pulls a tablet of her own out of her purse.

“I understand things are a little hectic so if you don’t feel comfortable then just let me know, but you’re set to attend a charity banquet this weekend.” She looks at Betty in question and the blonde all but stands up and starts dancing in excitement.

“Hell yes! I need to get out of this room. Are you sure it’s wise, though? You know, with everything going on.”

“Well, it’s a public event, but you’re going to have a bodyguard with you at all times. Which is actually the second thing we need to discuss.” Cheryl pauses, putting her tablet down to look at Betty. “You’re getting a 24-hour bodyguard.”

Betty groans. “Cher…”

“No, Betty. Don’t. This is serious. This isn’t some mild fan who just happens to love you a little too much. This guy is crazy and whoever he is, he could want you dead. I know you want things to go back to normal, but they aren’t going to be until we find out who this person is.” Cheryl’s voice is hard and Betty immediately feels bad. Cheryl’s just as much her friend as she is her manager and she was definitely shaken up by all the recent events.

“Yeah, I know. Sorry.” She tries to smile, to lighten things up a bit. “What’s my new bodyguard’s name?”

“Forsythe Jones,” Veronica snorts at the name and Cheryl sends her a glare. “Zack and Charles are excellent but they can’t afford to be around you 24/7, Mr. Jones can though. I also have it on good record that he’s very well trained at his job, which is just what we need. He’s only twenty-nine though, which is a bit young but he’s supposed to be the best of the best. You’re going to be meeting him tomorrow afternoon.”

Twenty-nine? That did seem a bit too young in Betty’s opinion. Not to her, she was only twenty-three, but to Zack and Charles who were both in their forties, this guy was pretty young. If Cheryl thought him qualified, though then Betty wouldn’t question her. Cheryl was nothing if not always right.

“Okay, so back to why I’m here,” Veronica speaks up, obviously bored from the conversation, “I think it’d be good for Betty to get out.”

“And go where exactly?” Cheryl asks, eyes narrowing.

“Well, Pure is having free drinks tonight for all the ladies.”

“A club?” Betty laughs. Pure is probably the most ironic name for a club ever, because the things that went down in it were most definitely not pure, but it was also a really classy place and Veronica’s favorite club.

“You’re joking, right?” Cheryl says, unamused. “You have got to be joking. I know you did not just say that it would be a good idea for her to go out to a club when she literally has a stalker running around L.A.”

“Oh, come on,” Veronica says with an eye roll, “do you expect her to just stop living her life now because some sleezeball—.”

“Is trying to possibly kill her?” Cheryl cuts her off.

“See, I knew this would happen, which is why I brought backup.” Veronica reaches into one of the shopping bags she had brought in with her and pulls out what looks like a clump of black chest hair. “A disguise!”

Betty erupts into laughter. “What the hell is that?”

“It’s a wig!”

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” Cheryl sighs.

“It’s hideous,” Betty informs her.

“Well, it’s meant to hide your identity and keep you incognito, not make you look hot to attract attention.”

Betty laughs again. She’s not sure if she’s laughing because it’s actually funny or if she’s laughing because it’s funny to see just how pathetic her life has gotten these last few weeks. A disguise just so she could go out and have some fun? It’s like the worst kind of nightmare.

“A wig, some heavy makeup, and an outfit that Betty Cooper would never been seen in? I say it’s a go,” Veronica speaks up again.

Cheryl just looks over to Betty who presses her lips together and shrugs her shoulders.

Two hours later she’s staring at herself in the mirror, wondering when the hell her life got this messy. Veronica had managed to brush the wig out and make it look decent and to be honest, it actually wasn’t that bad. Her face was covered in dark makeup, the kind that she’d never be caught dead wearing but Veronica insisted that it was necessary.

The outfit that her best friend had chose for her was something that she’d never even look at while shopping for herself. It’s a tight black dress that squeezes her so much, she doesn’t think she can breathe. She’s scared to take a breath, in fear that she’s going to rip the tiny material.

“Guys…” she says as she walks out of the restroom. “This is kind of crazy.”

Cheryl and Veronica just look at her, both of their eyes going wide as they take in her appearance.

“Holy shit,” Veronica whispers.

“I agree,” Cheryl says once she regains her composure. “It is crazy so you should probably just stay here where it’s safe. We can all stay with you and rent a movie.”

“No way,” Veronica speaks up for her. “She’s not going to sit around in fear because of some psycho asshole. You’re not going to let him ruin your life, Betty. You’re Betty fucking Cooper and you’re going to have fun tonight and I dare anyone to try and mess with you. Now put these on,” she says as she throws a pair of black heels towards her.

“Nice speech,” Cheryl says, but Betty doesn’t have to look at her to know she’s being sarcastic. “Zack and Charles are going with you and I don’t want to hear that you’ve tried ditching them or something as equally stupid. I’ll see you tomorrow for lunch so you can meet with Mr. Jones. We’ll just meet here.” She gives Betty and Veronica one last glare before walking out of the hotel room.

“You know, I think she needs a night out.”

“Don’t hold your breath,” Betty says with a laugh.

Pure is in full swing when they both get there. It’s a rather large club so it’s not too crowded or anything and Betty feels lighter as she walks inside. Clubs aren’t really her scene, but it’s nice to get out of her hotel room.

No one’s noticed her so far, although she doesn’t think it’ll last long since she’s with Veronica. Her best friend tends to attract unwanted attention.

They walk to the back of the club where their usual VIP booth is. There’s a bouncer there, Jake, who allows them through. Pure was nothing if not very attentive to its guests and the names Veronica Lodge and Betty Cooper were too well known to not be given extra special attention.

“Can I get you ladies anything?” Jake asks.

“Just two Appletinis,” Veronica says with a smile. “You know, B, you actually look kind of good in that wig. It’s a bit sexy actually.”

“Excuse me?” Betty laughs, taken off guard.

“Yeah, I mean of course you’re already sexy because of the whole supermodel thing, but you’re more of the girl next door kind of sexy, but right now? Right now you look like you could kill a man without even messing up your lipstick, which by the way is amazing too.”

She’s wearing a classic dark red lipstick, a shade very different from the light pink she usually sticks to. She can’t help but smirk at Veronica’s words. Truth be told, it feels like she’s playing dress up tonight and she likes it. She not only looks dangerous and sexy, she feels it too.

Jake comes back with their drinks and the two of them thank him before taking a sip. Veronica launches into her reason of wanting to come out tonight. Apparently Archie’s going back on tour and with her movie about to start filming, there’s no way she can join him. Betty feels for her, dating a singer has to be kind of difficult. She knows that dating isn’t really something that works out in her line of work. Celebrities dating other celebrities leads to conflict of schedules, drama, and a lot of heartbreak. At least that’s what she’s heard. It’s one of the many small reasons why she doesn’t care much to date right now. Although sometimes she wishes she had what her best friend had. Being in love couldn’t be so bad if Archie and Veronica were anything to go by.

After a few more drinks, Veronica and Betty head out to the dance floor. It’s a bit hard to have fun when she can see her two bodyguards standing in the corner of the room, but being drunk kind of makes it easier to forget about. There’s a fast paced remix of some rock song playing in the background and Betty swings her hips along to the music with Veronica. Dancing with her best friend is more fun than it could ever be with any guy. The two of them laugh and sing along to the lyrics and head bang along to the beat while trying to still look decent while dancing. It’s fun and they probably look like complete messes, but Betty doesn’t care. For the first time in a while, she’s actually having fun. The smile on her face isn’t forced. She doesn’t think about hooded figures or bloody knives. She thinks about the way her heart is racing and how good she feels. She’s thinking about how great her life feels in this exact moment and she stores it away for something to look look back on when things ultimately get bad again.

She’s fighting a bunch of small Kirby’s on a huge cruise ship. She tries to jump off the ship, it seems like her only choice, but one of the Kirby’s grabs her and throws her back onboard.

“I’ll destroy you!” She warns, backing away from her capturer.

“You can try,” the Kirby says sounding a lot like Daniel Radcliffe.

Before she can move, five Kirby’s jump onto her and start hitting her repeatedly.

“Cut it out!” She yells as one starts to punch her head over and over again with it’s tiny little pink hand. “Stop! Stop!”

“Wake up!” Kirby shouts at her. “Wake up!”

“No,” she yells back.

“Wake up!”

Betty jumps up, sees a flash of red in front of her and screams before throwing herself off of her bed.

“Ow,” she groans, reaching up to pat her head where she had hit it on the floor. She ends up grabbing hold of the wig she wore last night and rips it off. It’s a lot less glamorous looking than she remembers. “What are you doing here?”

“We were supposed to be meeting so you could get acquainted with your new bodyguard. It’s one in the afternoon. Jesus, Betty.”

Betty just looks up at Cheryl and glares at her. “My mouth tastes like fire.”

“I brought food,” Cheryl offers, ignoring her. “You might want to clean yourself up before you meet Mr. Jones.”

Betty just grumbles to herself as she rubs her head that’s currently pounding. She doesn’t know why she listened to Veronica last night. Drinking was never a good idea. Damn Pure and it’s amazing Appletinis. She listens to Cheryl and gets up to walk over to the restroom. The light makes her head hurt even more as she turns it on, but nothing compares to the absolute terror and disgust she feels once she looks into the mirror.

Her black eye makeup is completely ruined as it trails down her cheeks. Her lipstick is smeared everywhere and her hair looks like it went through a carwash.

“Jesus Christ, Betty,” she whispers to herself. “Get yourself together.”

She spends the next ten minutes washing her face and brushing her hair and teeth, attempting to make herself look presentable. She eventually gives up. There’s only so much she can do for her ruined appearance and besides she’s only meeting her bodyguard, not the Queen of England.

She throws on a robe and puts on her black fuzzy house shoes before she walks out into the living room. Cheryl is talking to a rather tall man whose back is currently towards Betty. All she can see is his unruly black hair.

She clears her throat. “I was promised food.”

Cheryl stretches her neck around the man in front of her and then the stranger himself turns around and locks his eyes with hers.

Betty dies.

No, just kidding. But seriously. She feels like her soul leaves her body as she stares at the man in front of her. He’s quite possibly the most handsome person she’s ever seen. He has one strand of his hair that curls and falls into his eye, it should make him look like a boy who can’t brush his hair properly, but instead it just makes him seem sexy. He has greenish blue eyes that stare into her own. His gaze is hard as it focuses on her and he doesn’t make any attempt to smile or greet her. Betty’s eyes roam to his jawline, which is sharp as hell, and then travel down his body. She would feel embarrassed, but she’s too hungover for that as she blatantly checks him out. She’s surprised to see that his eyes never leave hers. She’s in her bathrobe for God’s sake and he isn’t even trying to check her out. She doesn’t know if she should feel insulted.

“I got you some pancakes,” Cheryl says, oblivious to Betty checking this guy out. “Come sit.”

She walks over to the table and takes a seat, still staring at the handsome stranger.

“Betty, this is Forsythe Jones. He’s your new bodyguard. Mr. Jones, this is Betty Cooper.”

“Hi,” Betty says, mouth full of pancakes. “It’s nice to meet you.”

Forsythe just nods.

It’s a strange name, Betty thinks to herself. She wonders if it might be a family one. That’s classy and she can definitely get behind it.

“Now, I’ve already given him your schedule,” Cheryl continues. “He’s staying in the room right next to yours, but he’s to be around you at all times. We need to work on finding you some place to live that isn’t your apartment or this hotel, but that can wait for now. Mr. Jones is to be informed before you decide to go anywhere, Betty, this is an order. He’s to accompany you everywhere you go.”

Betty rolls her eyes, feeling like a little kid again, but she just nods.

“If you ever need anything then just ask him, but remember that he isn’t your slave.” Dirty thoughts flow through her mind at that, but she pushes them away. “He’s here to protect you, not serve you.”

“Protect and serve,” Betty mutters under her breath, but no one seems to hear her.

“The charity banquet is this weekend, remember, so Mr. Jones you’ll have to accompany her to that.” He just nods, face as serious as ever. Betty wonders if he ever smiles. “You won’t have to stay for too long. You just need to make an appearance to keep the media happy.”

Cheryl’s phone goes off, altering her of an email. She lifts up a finger, letting Betty and Mr. Jones know that she needs a minute. Betty munches on a piece of bacon while her new bodyguard just sits there looking like a damn statue.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” Cheryl hisses to herself. Betty looks at her in question. Instead of answering, Cheryl just hands her phone over to Betty.

On her screen is a picture of a magazine with the headline: Undercover Model? Betty Cooper Dances With Friends In A Sexy Disguise and We’re Here For It. There’s a picture of her with her arms around Veronica’s neck and her head thrown back while they’re on the dance floor. Betty’s laughing in the picture and anyone who sees it can tell that she’s drunk and having a good time.

“How did they know it was me?” She pouts.

“That disguise wasn’t very good,” her bodyguard speaks up. He has a deep voice that makes Betty’s breath hitch. “It probably wasn’t a very good idea to go to a club under these circumstances either, don’t you think?”

Betty glares at him, feeling annoyed at his words. “I’m not going to stop living my life just because some guy is a little too obsessed with me,” she says, copying Veronica’s words.

“Betty, he’s right,” Cheryl says. “This isn’t good. This is the last thing we need right now. Your stalker getting ahold of this article could lead to some serious damage.”

Betty frowns at the words as a spike of fear runs through her. Cheryl is right. This was incredibly reckless of her.

“I just wanted to have fun,” she says softly.

“Fun?” Forsythe speaks up. “You’re not a little kid anymore. Stop behaving like one.”

“Uh, you don’t even know me,” Betty snaps at him.

“I know enough,” he replies. “You won’t be doing this while you’re under my watch. I’m here to protect you and letting you run off to clubs with your little friends isn’t what I’m paid to do.”

“I’ll fire you!” Betty says, raising her voice. “You can’t tell me what to do!”

“Actually, you can’t fire him,” Cheryl says. “Only I can and I’m not going to, because he has a point. You need to start acting a bit more maturely, Betty. Your life is at stake here.”

She wants to scream out. She hates everything that’s happening right now. She hates what her life is becoming. She hates that she has to take orders from someone who just so happens to be a jackass.

“This is ridiculous!” She yells. “I doubt that creep will even see these. Maybe he’s getting over all of this.” She doesn’t know if she’s trying to convince herself or them, but either way it doesn’t work.

“Very unlikely,” Cheryl says gently. “Just please let Mr. Jones do his job. Don’t be difficult.”

Betty just nods, giving up. They spend the rest of the time going over things and events that she needs to make an appearance at. She wishes she could just stay home all the time and not have to worry about the outside world, but she knows that’s not an option anymore. She had been dying to get out of her hotel room before, but she was over the whole fresh air thing now.

It’s a little past four when Cheryl finally gets up to leave. Betty follows her to the door and Mr. Jones opens it up for the redhead. Betty rolls her eyes at the gentlemanly move. He’s been kind and polite to Cheryl, but he’s treated Betty as if she was a kid this entire time and she hates it. She hates him and they’ve only just met.

“Oh,” Cheryl says as she picks up a package off the floor. Betty’s heart skips a beat as she looks at it. She knows what it is before they even open it up.

“Throw it away,” she whispers out to them. “Throw it away!”

Forsythe grabs the package and takes it inside. Cheryl walks back over to the table as she follows him.

“Throw it away!” Betty repeats. “I don’t want to see it.”

“Well, you have to,” Forsythe replies harshly and Betty decides right there and then that she hates him more than anything.

He opens up the package and takes out the contents. Cheryl’s eyes widen at what he pulls out and Betty tears up.

It’s the magazine article with words written over it in black sharpie.

I’d recognize you anywhere. Dress like a cheap slut and you’ll die a cheap slut.

“Oh, my God,” Cheryl whispers out, wordless for once. Betty walks over to the couch absentmindedly and sits down.

Forsythe snatches the magazine off of the table and rips it up before tossing it into the trashcan.

“How the hell did he find out where she lives? What kind of fucked up security did you place her under? I want you to find a new living arrangement for her immediately,” he orders Cheryl. “I will not have her living here where this person can so easily reach her.”

“Of course,” Cheryl replies, already typing away at her phone.

“And make sure whenever you pick has two bedrooms, because I’ll be living with her. I need to keep an eye on her at all times. I’m not letting this happen again.” He pulls out his own phone and starts typing away at it.

Betty wants to argue that she doesn’t need him to live with her like a babysitter, but she doesn’t. She doesn’t want to be alone anymore.

“I’ll find this person,” Forsythe says as he kneels down in front of Betty. “I swear to God, I will find him and I’ll kill him myself.”

She doesn’t know if the words should frighten her, but they don’t. They comfort her. For the first time since all this has started, she feels comforted and she nods at her bodyguard’s words.

“I believe you,” she whispers.

cherry kisses & sequined dresses

day 15 of @snowbaz-feda!!

length: 1.1k

genre(s): fluff

triggers/warnings: none

trixie and keris get ready for the leavers ball

a/n: katie wrote femslash?? whaaaat??? also massive thank you to @snowbazilu for the last minute beta :D (i also forgot that @pennybunceforyourthoughts prompted some femslash aaaages ago so this counts i hope ahaha)


Keris looks gorgeous, like a freaking mermaid! I’m so proud of how our dresses turned out. I told her everything would go perfectly, and of course I was right. She’d made a face at the shop when I’d held up the sequined fabric, but come on, even she has to admit we look amazing. Her skirt is flowing just like I envisioned it would, and I’m so in love with my own dress I don’t think I ever want to take it off.

I can feel Keris watching me as a I struggle with the strap on my shoe. She’s waiting for me to ask her for help, but I’m not going to. I can do it on my own, I can–oh, fuck it. “Can you give me a hand?”

She pretends like she hasn’t heard me, staring down at her nails (I finally convinced her to try acrylics and they look amazing).

Keris,” I groan, “I need help with my shoe.” The corner of her mouth twitches, a sign she’s about to stop fucking with me and actually help, but I get desperate. “You can wear my new earrings if you get off your perfect arse and–” I stop talking when she stands, smirking as she walks over and drops down to her knees, her mischievous eyes letting me know she’s perfectly aware of what she’s doing.  

When she finally leans down to tackle the buckle, a lock of her wavy brown hair falls forward. I reach out and brush it back from her face, and catch her chin with my fingers.

“Trixie, your shoe…” As if she actually cares about that now.

“Fuck my shoe,” I say, “kiss me.” Keris rolls her eyes, but lets me guide her head up and press my lips to hers. She kisses me back and I can taste her cherry lip gloss, the one that always reminds me of our first kiss (I think she wears it on purpose). I slip my tongue in her mouth and try to deepen the kiss, but she grabs my by the shoulders and moves away.

“Trixie-,” she admonishes, “we have to get ready! You’re the one who wanted to go to this thing, remember?”

“Don’t act like you don’t want to go.”

“I don’t.” She stands and holds out her hand. I take it, allowing her to pull me up.

I make like I’m about to kiss her, leaning in close and sing-song, “yes you doooo.”

She pokes me in the side. Hard. “What the hell, Keris?” I whine, and she just shrugs and bats her eyes innocently. I want to smack her. And kiss her again. Maybe more of the kissing and less of the smacking, actually. Or maybe just…

She yelps when I poke her back, and narrows her eyes. “Are we doing this?”

I nod, and she smiles evilly as we start to circle each other. She feints to the right, and I brace myself for an assault, completely unprepared when she pounces on me from the other side and tackles me onto the bed.


Trixie’s struggling underneath me as I move up her body until I’m straddling her hips.
“Isn’t this what you wanted?” I ask, my voice dripping with mock innocence, and she sticks her tongue out childishly. I make myself comfortable on top of her, and she tries to buck me off. I lean down to tickle her and she manages to unseat me. I fall on the floor and Trixie’s up in a flash.

“Oh, shit, Keris! Are you alright?”

I’m laughing to hard to answer at first, and once she seems satisfied that I’m okay, Trixie joins in.

“We’re going to ruin our dresses,” she giggles.

I look down at my own. Two days ago I might have wanted to burn the thing, but it’s grown on me. When Trixie had suggested we make our own dresses, I’d been more than a little skeptical. Some of her ideas are a little…out there. “Let’s not do that,” I say.

This time it’s her turn to help me up, and I let her, squeezing her hand along the way. When she pulls me close to her, I notice her eyeliner is a bit crooked.

“I think you need to fix your wings, love,” I say, and for some fucking reason she looks behind her, as if she’s got actual bloody wings back there. (When we met in first year I was convinced she had them and just spelled them invisible.) (How ridiculous is that?)

I can tell by her face when she realizes what I mean, and she starts to rustle through my make-up bag. I sit back down on her bed and reach for my mobile, scrolling through my new messages when I remember what I was going to say earlier.

“Dev told me Basil and Simon are together now,” I say, and wince when I hear what sounds like Trixie dropping my compact.

“They’re what?”

“Together, dating, in love, whatever.” I can’t say I’m surprised, they’ve always been obsessed with each other. I guess I’m just better at spotting that stuff than other people. Like Trixie.

“You’re joking,” She says incredulously, and I smirk.

“Completely serious. I swear on Mr. Pickles.” (My cat.) (This is how she knows I’m serious.)

“Tell me everything!” She squeals.

“I just did,” I say.

“We can find out more tonight at the dance, then!” She says excitedly.

I roll my eyes. Only Trixie would get that invested in someone else’s love life. (Except I’ll admit I’m a little curious myself.)

Apparently deciding to abandon my compact, Trixie skips over to the full-length mirror on the back of her closet door.

I slink up behind her, wrapping my arms around her waist and resting my chin on her shoulder–something I can only do when wearing heels. “I’ll tell you what our future will be like, Trixie the Pixie.”–she snorts at that–”You’re going to cut the hair of the rich and famous, and I’m going to mold young minds and we’re going to be so fucking happy everyone will be jealous of us always.”


Always.” I say firmly. This seems to placate her, and I can feel her shoulders relax under my chin.

I press a quick kiss to her neck before stepping back to zip her dress. It’s backless, and she’s not wearing a bra. The urge to slip my hands through the sides and make her forget about this bloody ball is strong, but I resist. Somehow. Trixie really does have excellent tits.


“Right, sorry, just spaced out.”

She considers our reflections in the mirror and nods approvingly. “I ship us.”

I laugh. “I bloody well hope so, considering all the dating we’ve been doing.”

She laughs along with me, and then asks, “Are you ready?”

I search around for my clutch, and then grab it and nod. I catch Trixie winking at her reflection before she grabs my hand and drags me out the door for the last time.

Through his Eyes

@death2thevirgin requested this for my 4k celebration: Congrats! You deserve every follower you have!! Can I do a Dean request where he makes you feel better about you body image issues! Congrats again!

Hope you like sweetie!

She had gotten the work done and the brothers had killed the shifter, but Dean had noticed something in Y/N he hadn’t before. She hadn’t seemed comfortable in her own skin. In that dress. She hadn’t seemed comfortable flirting with those guys at the party. It wasn’t that Dean had exactly enjoyed seeing her do it either, but her insecurities had stopped his jealousy point blank. Did she not realize how freaking gorgeous she was?

Dean saw the tears in her eyes that night when he confronted her in her room. She was in her underwear trying to cover herself up from him. Like she didn’t deserve his gaze. Dean had no idea what to do. How to express himself in a way that would make her believe him when he told her she was breathtaking. He had no idea how to make her believe that he wanted her. That he had been in love with her, d her, for a long time. So he did something he never had before. He stepped forward and loosely grabbed her wrist, leading her hand to rest over the bulge in his pants.

“Sweetheart this. This is all for you. Boners don’t lie, Princess.”

Dean saw the shock in her eyes and instantly let go of her hand, but she didn’t move. Not until her lips crashed against his, and she let Dean spend that night and every night after that showing her how beautiful he really found her to be. Slowly, he saw her change. He saw her starting to believe him and her confidence grow. Dean had never been prouder or more turned on than tonight as he stared at his gorgeous Y/N, showing up in the door to his room wearing nothing but sexy lingerie and a seductive, real, confident smile on her face. Finally, she saw herself through his eyes.

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Imagine Shireen and Gendry being able to meet. 

She’d sit his ass down and make him learn how to read and write and whenever he screwed around she’d smack him over the head with a book. 

He’d make her pretty things. Beautiful pots and pans for her home. Gorgeous shoes for her horse. 

She’d teach him how to write so he could pass along little notes to Arya. 

He and Arya would teach her how to fight. He’d make her a small dagger that she’d carry with her, hidden under her cloak. 

When Stannis passes and Shireen becomes queen, it would only be then that Gendry would allow himself to be legitimized. After that he marries Arya and Shireen performs the wedding ceremony. Robert’s wish to join the Baratheon and Stark houses comes true but in a very different way. 

Their friendship would be very close and Shireen would accidentally describe Gendry as her ‘brother’. 

She’s asked to be the godmother of Gendry and Arya’s young son. She  gives the boy a lordship. 

Gendry would agree to a lordship when it’s offered to him because it’s Shireen. 

They work together in rebuilding the Baratheon house, restoring it to it’s greatness once again and helping their people find the peace that they so deserve. 

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How bout some Ladrien 8') <33

again, in public, i will point out that you immediately put the “8′)” as if you’re expecting something horrible to happen because you’ve been hanging around me too much

i don’t know what to tell you

valentine’s day boogaloo - guidelines


“H-Hey, Ladybug, wait,” Adrien called, causing her to stop and turn around. Chat Noir left to protect his identity already, and it wouldn’t be long before she’d have to go as well. Still, she couldn’t help turning towards Adrien, who had been in hiding throughout the entire attack. The akuma had a penchant to attack the rich, and though Adrien was sweet and innocent he was no exception.

“Thank you for saving me…,” His voice was so dreamy, so wistful as he stared at her, admired her. No, admired Ladybug. Still, she smiled a genuine smile, pushing the thoughts behind her.

“It’s what I do, saving people!” Wow, nerves. She almost stuttered and laughed throughout all of that despite being Ladybug, but somehow it came out smooth and confident, like a freak accident. Adrien seemed to flutter on his heels, which made her smile wider, “Well, ciao–,”

“N-No no, wait, my friends would uh, they’d never believe me if I told them you saved me directly. Could…I mean, if it’s alright, could I take a picture with you?”

Another warning beep from her miraculous, and Ladybug twisted her lip. Any other person and she would’ve said no, but this was Adrien, and she would take any excuse to get closer to him, even if she had to be Ladybug to do so.

“Well, alright,” she stepped forward. Adrien beamed, showing a gorgeous smile the modeling cameras couldn’t replicate, and fished out his phone.

“D-Don’t worry, I’ll make it quick!” he said excitedly, “I know you’re gonna have to turn back soon.”

Ladybug was so caught up in smiling back at Adrien that she barely missed what he had said. She started for a second, confused, “Wait, how do you know that?”

“A-Ah,” Adrien stuttered in her presence. It made Ladybug even more confused, awkward in a way that was different than Marinette–almost like she was intruding on something she shouldn’t be seeing, “I read the uh, Ladyblog, y’know?”

“Oh,” Ladybug brought her smile back, “Of course.” That explained a lot, then–Adrien must be infatuated with her through that. She stood next to him, taking care to discreetly inhale his cologne as she wrapped one arm around his shoulders and smiled for the camera.

The shot went off, her miraculous beeped again, and the smile faded ever so slightly. Adrien was infatuated with Ladybug. Of course.

“Don’t you have to go, m’–Mademoiselle?” Adrien asked, stuttering again. She looked at him, the smile turning awkward and silly through no control of her own. Her heart fluttered for two very different reasons; infatuation of her own, and a growing desperation in her chest.

“Ah, yes. Be sure to send that picture to the Ladyblog, I’m sure your fans will love it!” she managed to say as she strode to his window, ready to leave.

“Ladybug!” Adrien called one last time even though she had already swung her yo-yo out. She paused to look over her shoulder at him, “Again…thank you.”

She smiled and swung away.


Later that evening, just after dinner and after her phone had blown up with approximately 8 million texts from Alya about Adrien’s close encounter with Ladybug, Chat Noir, and the akuma, Marinette lay stomach down on a stack of pillows, mindlessly scrolling threw her phone as the desperation she felt before grew in her mind.

She had saved the selfie that Adrien had sent to Alya to post to the Ladyblog, and she gazed at it longingly. There she was, so close to Adrien Agreste yet so far away. Her midnight hair just touching his sunshine golden locks, her fingers wrapped around his shoulder as a protective friend, her smile dim compared to his, her blue eyes complimenting his green ones. She wondered if he was doing the same, gazing at the picture, dreaming about them as people, as friends–perhaps more than friends? But it wouldn’t be about Marinette and Adrien, it’d be about Ladybug and Adrien, wouldn’t it?

Why did that hurt? She was Ladybug, wasn’t she?

“Marinette,” Tikki interrupted, putting a small hand to her cheek, “Is everything alright?”

Marinette noticed then that tears had been leaking out, briefly pooling around Tikki’s arm before traveling the rest of the way down to her chin.

“It just feels like…,” Marinette confessed in a thick voice, “It just feels like he’s probably in love with the wrong me. That’s all.”

“Marinette…,” Tikki began as though she was going to start another pep talk, but instead the kwami just watched as Marinette buried her face into a pillow and stayed there. Tikki rested in the crook of Marinette’s elbow and quietly combed her dark hair with her hands, letting the girl cry in muffled silence.

collar full | dan howell

summary: based off of the song by panic! at the disco
warnings: cussing
pov: dan
a/n: soz this took so long to post / make !!! i still hope u enjoyed it :)

     we’ve waited so damn long
     we’re sick and tired

Friends, that’s all we’ve ever been, Just Friends. For three years now I’ve had the same crush on the same person. Every time I see her my heart races and butterflies start forming in my stomach, every time her eyes glisten towards mine my mouth dries up and I start to stumble on my own words, but who wouldn’t? She was gorgeous and everything I’ve ever dreamed of in a girl.

Tonight was the night I’d finally tell her how I really felt. I’ve been bottling up my feelings for too long and if I don’t tell her sooner, I might end up regretting it in the future. Thankfully one of our mutual friends invited us all out to a bar so it was a perfect chance for me to confess my feelings for Y/N.

     i won’t leave any doubt
     or stone unturned

It was now a quarter to six in the evening and we all had decided to meet up at the bar in fifteen minutes. Numerous amounts of clothes were scattered around the floor as I vigorously tried to find a shirt that looked best on me. 

“Dan, hurry up we’re gonna be late!” Phil shouted outside my bedroom door. I rolled my eyes, did the buttons of my plaid shirt and made sure to check my hair in the mirror one last time before I sprinted out the door.

The drive to the pub was fairly quick but on the way there, all I could think about was Y/N. What if I tell her how I feel and she rejects me? What if she doesn’t feel the same way and I end up ruining our friendship? So many what if’s started flooding my mind so in attempt to clear my thoughts, I quickly shrugged the idea away and focused on the view outside the car instead.

       show me your love
       give me more but it’s not enough

I stepped in the bar with Phil beside me, immediately being greeted by the smell of smoke, sweat and alcohol as I tried my best to look for our mates, Y/N being one of them.

After a few minutes of searching, we finally spotted a group of familiar looking people so we quickly walked up to them and said our hellos. It was all good fun until my eyes shifted towards her. She looked absolutely gorgeous tonight. I extended my (now sweaty) hand towards Y/N as a greeting but she surprised me when she pulled me in for a hug instead.

“Hello Daniel,” She stated after the hug, a grin forming across her lips before continuing, “How have you been? We haven’t seen each other in ages, I’ve definitely missed you.”

Miss me? Did Y/N actually say she missed me? She probably says that to all her friends, I thought. But a part of me wanted to think that she did care because all I wanted was for her to show me how much she liked me, if she even did at all. But even then, the amount of infatuation she had for me would never amount to the love I felt towards her.   

     if you’re gonna be the death of me
     that’s how i wanna go

It’s been three hours and a couple of drinks since we arrived at the pub and most of the time; I was focused on Y/N. Sure I was talking to some of my friends every now and then, but when Y/N started talking, my attention immediately turned to her and I didn’t mind, with her head rested against my shoulder, I was happy to be with her right now. I just hoped she felt the same way.

Once I downed the remnants of my sixth drink, I had built up enough courage to tell Y/N what I’d been planning to confess to her all night.

“Hey, can we talk some place quiet?” I told her out of the blue. She seemed surprised at first but nodded anyway as she got up, took my hand and led us out the back door towards the parking lot.

“What’s up?” She asked with a raised eyebrow. I could already feel the beads of sweat form at the top of my forehead as I quickly thought of how I would start this off.

“I want to tell you something ­— something that’s been in my mind for a long time now….” I trailed off with a deep sigh, slowly looking at her face before I continued on. “I like you, a lot. Maybe even more than a lot.” I stumbled on my words, taking a step closer towards Y/N as I spoke once more. “I dunno if you feel the same way but ever since I met you, I’ve just fallen straight away. There’s just something about you and every time I’m with you all I can think about is how your hair looks so perfect, how amazing you look or how you can light up the room by just smiling and I just…. I don’t want anyone else but you.”

I stopped myself from rambling on once my eyes met hers and searching them like I was looking for an answer before I slipped my hand in hers, intertwining our fingers together and waited for her response.

I was about to speak until her mouth opened and she said, “Dan, I—“


i don’t post a lot but i really wanted to take the time to let people know how absolutely fucking stunning umji is all the time but especially in this mv like seriously holy shit do you ever just look at someone and your heart literally stops and u feel it in your chest like wow she’s absolutely gorgeous she’s like a fucking flower standing in that field she could tell me she’s a fairy and i’d believe her because she’s so fucking ethereal and pure and i’m 100% gay for her every day i hope you all take some time to appreciate this beautiful work of art stan umji stan gfriend


TITLE Corina


AUTHOR: lokilover9

Original Imagine: Imagine you’re an Asgardian Woman married to a nobleman. After a few years into your marriage, he begins to ignore you sexually. Each time you are both invited to Royal gatherings, he gets a bit drunk and acts like an ass so you avoid him. You’ve also noticed how incredibly gorgeous Loki is and often had to snap yourself out of staring at him.


Upon reaching the palace, Loki had Eir look at her hand and while it was being cleaned up and bandaged, he went to see Frigga. After explaining what happened, he asked if Corina could spend an hour with her while he ventured to the cottage to retrieve her things.

“Of course she can. Will she be alright?”

“I’m sure, but as she was struck in the head, I’d rather she wasn’t alone. She seems fine, but Eir said to keep an eye on her.”

Keep reading

Okay sooo this is absolutely amazing!! I am so incredibly honored that the lovely and talented @babygirlalaura was inspired to create this beautiful character based on my blog! Obviously I’m making her my mascot ☺️ Words honestly cannot describe what an honor this is to me. Thank you so much!!


So here’s Tomone! foodstimmings new hot chocolate and cat themed mascot! (If foodstimming wants her to be of course ^w^)
Now here’s her info!

Name: Tomone Miruku
(Miruku = Milk, milk = chocolate milk, chocolate milk = hot chocolate, get it? ;D)
Age: 21
Occupation: blogger
Height: 5'6
She has ADD ^^
Greatest flaw: doesn’t think before speaking
Best quality: tries to help everyone stim through foodstimmings blog ;w;
She’s an introvert that’s trying her best ;-;
Favourite drink: hot chocolate

Extra fact: she wears fake cat ears and a tail all the time to be like cats because she feels a connection between them and her ❤”

@babygirlalaura Go follow!!
Feels Like A Dream, Chapter 12

[AO3 |]


Eren Jaeger leads a life everybody wants. He is a worldwide teen superstar, has millions of fans around the world and millions of dollars on his bank account.

Mikasa Ackerman, a cancer patient with a not-so-great life, doesn’t believe her eyes when she meets her idol at the local hospital.

Chapter preview:

A masterpiece.

That is the first thing Eren thinks of when he sees her naked. Mikasa’s breasts a small, yet full and so cute. She could brag with those abs, and this butt, at basically every social media site ever existing. And those legs…. He never knew legs could be this long, and thighs could be this thick.

Her body is a masterpiece. A masterpiece crafted by and for a goddess.

He loves her.

He really, really fucking loves her.

Mikasa is the strongest woman he has ever seen, both physically and mentally. She endured so much negativity in all her life, and only a few punches of her could send him to hospital. And he fucking loves her like that.

He realized too late he is lost in thoughts about her perfection. She grabs his arm, and he fails to free himself for how could anyone ever win against this strength.

His back is now against the wall, and her gorgeous eyes are not even an inch apart from him. 


Warning: explicit sexual content (but who doesn’t know that already :D)

There’s also a reference to chapter 4 somewhere, if you can find it without cheating you’ll get a cookie lol

Enjoy the chapter!!


It took Quinn a little while to find Niko, but eventually she spotted him swimming around in the big pool.

Quinn: There you are, Niko, I’ve been looking all over for you, I thought you must have left or something!

Niko: As if I’d leave and miss my chance to speak to such a gorgeous lady. And might I say that bathing suit looks great on you. 

Quinn: Oh thank you, I got it new just for today. 

Niko: So, hows your day going, have you gotten to chat to many of the other guys yet? What is my competition like?  

: I’ve spoken to a couple… But what kind of a lady would I be if I let you in on those secrets?.. 

Niko laughing: Well, it was worth a shot. 

Interactions: Flirt - Complement appearance - Ask about love life. 

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What about Odette? Is she gonna make an IKYW appearance?

i’ve talked about this before and the answer is unfortunately no

when i wrote the first part, they hadn’t yet made the padababy announcement (on live with kelly) and then as i continued it was only supposed to be a couple parts so i left gen’s pregnancy out of the story

it’d be silly to add her in now as she’s never been mentioned or even hinted at up to this point

this, obviously, shows nothing about how i feel about the gorgeous baby moosette that is odette elliott padalecki irl, but this is fiction and it works on the jamie timeline where unfortunately odette is not

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how do i tell someone (barbara) i've never met (dunkelman) that she's gorgeous and i'd die for them

Lol tell her the first part, maybe not so much the second. I doubt Barbara would want anyone to die for her lol

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Can you do a blurb with calum where hes dating a plus model and he suggests to do the photo shoot at his house and he finds out its for swimwear

ohmygosh yes

so i m a g i n e preparing yourself for your photo shoot up in the shared bedroom of you and Calum. You had asked Calum so sweetly to do the shoot at his house, seeing as the lighting and the scenery had been so gorgeous. Although he was only a little hesitant, he quickly succumbed because it’d make you happy. He also really wanted to see what names you were going to wear and see how beautifully you fit in them. So as you changed, Calum was off speaking to the manager of the entire shoot. 

“Y/N is rather beautiful, isn’t see?” Calum hummed happily to the manager, who smiled back at him warmly. 

“She’s such a fantastic model,” she replies warmly as her men set up the lighting and screens around the living room where it opened into the backyard. “She listens, and is so incredibly kind to my team. Probably the most humble model I’ve ever worked with and gotten to know.” 

“Yeah, my Y/N is quite lovely,” Calum replied with ease. His bit his bottom lip, excited to see you come down with an outfit that would make you look so spontaneous. He looked over at the managers clipboard and wondered, “so what kind of shoot is it?” 

“A swimsuit shoot,” the manager replied with ease. Calum choked on his spit, brown eyes wide with poppy seed pupils dilating. He choked on the spit and coughed it out before regaining himself. 

“P-pardon?” Calum questioned, but you came soon before she could even answer. 

You walked in with a beautiful baby blue (Calum’s favorite color) two-piece bikini that fit your body so snug. Your large, bulbous breasts were threatening to pour out of the tight garment, it’s rim ornate with golden patterns. Your round stomach was so smooth and lathered kindly with moisturizer and brighteners that made it practically glow. Your lower region was covered by the other piece, your thick thighs complimenting it proudly with the beautiful stretchmarks and thick, delectable calves. You were just a large being of beauty, makeup complimenting the features of your face as you walked into place of the shoot. 

Calum’s mouth was dry, his bottom lip quivering at the sight of you. He felt like a dog, his boner twitching in his pants as a few makeup artists swarmed you to fix any small mistakes. He then felt a little vexed when he looked around to see the camera men ogle with such approval and fascination. Bloody dogs, Calum thought, looking at my woman. My fucking girl. 

“Like it, babe?” You chimed from the living room, looking over to catch his thirty gaze. He had to lather his mouth with saliva to regain himself as he nodded vigorously. 

“You’re so incredibly gorgeous, love,” Calum hummed, “so beautiful and so mine.” You smirked at this, amused at his emphasis as the men around had shifted their stares to the ground while the makeup artists continued their work and Calum continued to stare with pure satisfaction and desire. 


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The first time they have sex after harry gets his new haircut.

She’s OBSESSED with how much easy access she has to his little ears. So, she’d spend a lot of time kissing and nibbling on them and making him giggle. Scrubbing her fingers at the prickly hair at the back of his head. “Lot less to play with back here.” and “Who is this gorgeous man in my bed? My boyfriend is going to have something to say about this.” And they’re just laughing into each other’s skin. They’d be a lot of her running her fingers through where it’s longer towards the top and just love the clear view of his pretty eyes. xx.

In Defense of Hinata

It’s a shame so many people, especially on tumblr, hate her. :(

I really do prefer Sakura but her rabid fans who think you need to like one or the other are annoying AF.

Can’t you just like both?!

Originally posted by n-wordbelike

Anyways here’s the reasons why she’s hated:

selfish, “ugly”, rabid fandom filled with Sakura bashers, stalker, shy, blushes, gets in the way of Naruto pairings that aren’t NaruHina, slut, useless, weak, apparently responsible for Neji’s death, marrying Naruto and having “ugly” kids, getting nearly killed by Pein


She is NOT selfish! She cares very much about Naruto and her comrades/ teammates. Hell, even some episodes made her friends with Sakura, so I assume she’d care about her as well.


How? I mean, beauty does come in the eye of the beholder, and I think she’s GORGEOUS!

Rabid fandom filled with Sakura bashers

And guess what? Sakura also has a rabid fandom filled with Hinata bashers! That’s the way of the Naruto fandom. -_-


She just watches Naruto and all. It’s not like she goes to Naruto’s house and follows him LITERALLY everywhere. Hell, she has her OWN life problems, such as familial issues (and her dad being an asshole.)

Shy/ blushes

I think that makes her cute! In fact, shy characters are DEFINITELY adorbs!

Useless/ weak

Yes, she was weak at first, but at least she practiced and got stronger! She may have had her ass kicked by Neji, but that’s cause he’s just stronger. Kishi apparently is a sexist author who has almost NO idea how to write strong female characters, despite the fact that there are a LOT of strong female characters in Naruto. And also, had she not been defeated by Pein, Naruto would’ve died.

Responsible for Neji’s death

Guess what? Neji was responsible for his OWN death. He sacrificed himself to save Gai. I like BOTH Neji and Hinata, but apparently, I’ve always liked Hinata and hated Neji at first, until his character development came in. It’s just… I HATE how Neji fans blame Hinata for his death! Besides, I doubt she’d hurt anyone on purpose. She’s a sweet girl and she cares about others, even her sister, as shown in The Last.

Marrying Naruto and having “ugly” kids


I ship NaruHina so hard (but I like SasuSaku more, don’t hate me) and just recently I stopped shipping NaruSaku because I realized it wasn’t healthy and the FUCKING FANDOM IS SO DISRESPECTFUL TOWARDS KISHI’S CHOICE TO MAKE NARUHINA CANON! Anyways, I think their family is BEAUTIFUL!

Getting nearly killed by Pein

And so did Kakashi, yet nobody hates him over it since he’s a male. I swear that the FANDOM is more sexist than the show!

Gets in the way of pairings

Why hate ANY character over ships?! It’s just ignoring their development and hating them for ZERO reason!


She is not a slut/ whore. She covers her breasts and her butt and wears non revealing clothing. Nothing showing her stomach like the other girls (not that any of them are sluts), other than Road to Ninja, or any super revealing clothing.

In conclusion, Hinata isn’t as bad as her haters say. And I’m sure if she were a boy, her haters would love her more. 

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top 5 luna looks

LUNA IN A SUIT!!!!!!!!!!

she looks so beautiful, so beautiful i printed this out and i have a mini diy photocard i can keep

luna looked so GOOD in this attire and in general imo like… she was Glowing brighter than the sun aaaaand she was looking so good and healthy i love her

oh my GOD I LOVE THIS LOOK THE CONCEPT i really love the duality of Luna one min she’s the sweetest next min she’s so… THAT ! i’d give anything to be that motorcycle rn lmao

how could we forget The Red Dress that made Luna look like a complete goddess !!! she looks so elegant and so gorgeous and so delicate and so attractive askdk i love Luna