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My crush (now girlfriend) is so absolutely amazing 💙 she lives miles away from me but every day I'm with her makes my heart swell with joy. She's effortlessly perfect in every way? I'm so lucky it's unbelievable. I may not be able to hold her but calling her mine is enough to make me the happiest person in the entire world. I just hope that I'm as good of a girlfriend as she is to me. I want to make her happy for as long as I live 💙💙💙

that’s so adorable!! i hope she realizes how much you love her! i bet you’re an amazing partner if you speak of her so fondly, i bet she feels the same about you!

Reasons why “Last Kiss” is a lyrical masterpiece:

- “The words that you whispered / For just us to know“

- “The beat of your heart / It jumps through your shirt / I can still feel your arms”

- “I don’t know how to be something you miss / I never thought we’d have a last kiss”

- “So I’ll watch your life in pictures like I used to watch you sleep / And I feel you forget me like I used to feel you breathe”

- “And something reminds you / You wish you had stayed / You can plan for a change in weather and time / But I never planned on you changing your mind“

- “Never imagined we’d end like this / Your name, forever the name on my lips”

And the most important line : “Writer: Taylor Swift”

Remember when they purposely set up Lexa’s power kick™ and the knife scene™ in the same episode to showcase how easily she could have overpowered and been ruthless to Clarke but instead highlighted her gentleness and love that was reserved only for her girl? Because I do

What If I Kissed You

Characters: Jensen Ackles, Y/N Y/L/N, Misha Collins, Jared Padalecki, Brianna Buckmaster  

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: A few adultish thoughts, Drunkish!Jensen, tipsy!reader, not much. Mostly fluff.      

Word Count: 1700ish

A/N: So I have been writing a lot of angst lately for my series and for and for angst day (yep I am gonna make y’all cry that day). So I kinda needed a change of pace. When I heard Temecula Road’s What if I Kissed You this one shot popped into my mind.

Thanks a billion to the bestest little sister in the world @mysupernaturalfics for betaing this one for me

Note hate against Danneel - I love her. For the purpose of this fic Jensen is single. 

Being around Y/N on set was bad enough, but tonight it was down right impossible for Jensen to focus on anything else but her. It was a beautiful night in Rome. All his friends, well work friends, were there. Misha and Jared were laughing and talking about something right next to him, but Jensen didn’t pay attention to them at all.

His eyes were solely fixated on Y/N and the way she was laughing and dancing with Brianna. Hell, he couldn’t even hear the music over the sound of her bell like laughter ringing in his ears. He was drunk and not only on the “apple juice”  he had been drinking all day, but on her. She filled his senses and Jensen allowed his mind to wander as he watched how the short summer dress she was wearing clung to her curves in all the right places. Her tanned skin was almost shining in the lights of the club and her hair was swaying with her every movement. She looked happy and free.

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the older i get the creepier it seems to me when men make a big deal of how young a woman is. when i was young it seemed normal for men to mention she’s nineteen with that certain type of eyebrow move, that knowing look passed between them. it seemed normal because i felt mature; i was mature in all accounts - twenty-five year olds who called me attractive were just stating the obvious. i remember the summer of my eighteenth year being drunk by a river - and having a man tell me i was the perfect age.

it is frightening to me that twenty-five is when women stop being considered attractive, that thirty is “old”. it is frightening. a girl at nineteen is still a teenager. i think often of the men in movies who have kissed women literally half their age and i wonder - how can that be enjoyable? you have her entire lifetime, doubled. she could be your daughter. 

the most telling i think is the way they act when they find out my face - so close to that of me at eighteen - is a lie. that i’m older than they think. they recoil as if i struck them. they find another fish to hunt.

maybe it’s me and how sensitive i am about everything. but i see eighteen year olds and at twenty-three i am already wondering how i didn’t notice that older men are predatory. how i didn’t notice that there’s a time stamp on my beauty. how i didn’t notice how incredibly creepy the fascination with eighteen is; how odd it is that the fixation on skinny lends itself to looking that same underdeveloped age, innocent and fresh. how did i not see this.

a few notes about beauty and the beast:

• jean was searching for/forgetting his wife and son and I didn’t get that until now and I’m so :(((
• emma watson is so hot pls wife me
• the lil added songs that just made me so warm
• lefou (and the entire movie) was gay as hell I love josh gad
• at the end when she asking him about a beard and he just growled and the whole thing was just so kinky why
• the guy in orange who got a makeover I LOVE HIM
• why did nanny mcphee just show up??
• lumière dabbed ??
• I’m in love with dan stevens his acting and voice (and face) were just so perfect I love him (why did emma bring up him being kinda hot as the beast bc now I can’t unsee it kill me)
• something there !!!
• dan stevens giving her a library just to prove her wrong about r&j
• I was so lit during the mob song
• I went in with super low expectations but omg it was so amazing the cast (even tho they should have cast more broadway voices) and the music and the costumes and the sets … I loved this movie

In my opinion, the majority of the Supergirl cast at SDCC was being more ignorant and insensitive rather than homophobic.

You have to be open to the possibility that maybe you’re misconstruing the situation, that what you see from the other side may not be an accurate representation of what actually happened, but yes, there is always the possibility that you are right.

Jeremy Jordan released two public apologies via Instagram that received backlash.

The first:

This one, I believe, received the most backlash for a formatting that is closer to that of a non-apology, of which I can see to an extent. It may be messy and imperfect, but he is human and can only learn from his mistakes. Many people did not like the fact that he said, “My track record for years has proven my love and utter devotion to the LGBTQ community.” because some people believe it is the equivalent of, “I have gay family/friends, I can’t be homophobic.”

But he is, I think, absolutely genuine with his intention in the apology, and the second part is more sincere, if you will.

He admitted his mistake, promised he would be better, and I personally have no doubt that he will try to do so in the future.

I said before that when you are attacked or criticized or hated, you are more likely to defend yourself. That is how humans work. If someone you knew was generally a kind and sweet person, but made a huge mistake, you are more likely to blame it on the person’s character. If it was the other way around and you made the mistake, you are more likely to blame it on external circumstances.

Mehcad Brooks’ apology is similar.

Yes, he made a comment similar to Jeremy Jordan’s “my track record” comment, and said something equivalent to “I cannot be homophobic, I am black”. And maybe he did not mean it to come out that way.

That is also another thing to address, because people who are gay can be racist/sexist and people who are black can be homophobic/sexist and people who are feminists can be homophobic/sexist. Most people know that being oppressed does not mean you cannot be the oppressor.

This is not trying to excuse what they did, but acknowledge that there are absolutely many variables within the situation at hand.

In the musical recap, they were having fun.

Okay, not a great reason, but everyone knows that when you are having fun, in the spur of each moment, you will not know if you are spouting anything out that is rude and offensive. They were not targeting the LGBT+ community, but maybe the actions they partook in are considered homophobic, but they are likely not themselves. They were being silly, having fun with each other, and laughing is scientifically proven to be contagious - it is a social thing whether or not you enjoy it, because most humans thrive off of it, and therefore, desire to be accepted. But, again, I know it does not excuse what they did.

Their intent was not to invalidate the LGBT+ community, but it did regardless, and you have every right to be upset. But think, just for a few seconds, to consider all sides. If you create something as an artist that you are so proud of and put so much time in and it is overlooked towards something you unintentionally created, you will likely feel upset. That one thing that you did not mean to do and put as much work in is being praised rather than the actual thing you are so proud of and want compliments for. Imagine that it is what the majority only talk about, it can get annoying.

Then there was the unnecessary interjection Chris Wood made about sexuality only being about perception of others. Again, ignorant and insensitive, but to his defense, he did say he was being sarcastic right after. I personally believe that was a homophobic comment. It is unfortunate for him that he is receiving a ton of hate attacking his personal life (because his character, Mon-El, is nothing like the comic counterpart and portrays someone who seems abusive), and when you shout at someone, you are likely to be shouted back at with the same force. Again, not excusing him, but more trying to develop an understanding of all sides.

To reiterate, I create art, whether it is in written or visual form, and I will likely be proud of my feat. There will be blatant haters, but when a fan articulately and professionally comments on how my work is portraying something unhealthy, it is a red flag. It is my job to at least take a second for myself to contemplate their words and the possibility without bias and acknowledge that though I did not intend to make it that way, it still had that affect.

They were also tired.

Okay, perhaps also not the greatest excuse for most.

SDCC panels are stressful for everyone, and I also believe it is very much so for celebrities attending. David Harewood makes a point that people may be “unfair” and “over the top” and blasting the situation out of proportion. My only qualm with his tweet is that he refers this outburst only originating from shippers when it is the entire LGBT+ community that has been affected. They might not be homophobic, but their actions could be read that way and will be used in the future to hurt the LGBT+ community and they are responsible for that.

They are also celebrities, they are constrained and choked in a suffocating environment that many fans burden their shoulders with.

Expectations. Ideals. Presumptions. Many unrealistic.

They are stuck within a tiny box of those specifications and the moment they resist or reach past it in any way, they receive hate. They are people, and like many other people, they may be agreeable on some matters and disagreeable on others; they have their own views. Those perfect ideas of humans people have, not just idols nor icons, are bad and unfair for both sides.

There are so many things that infuriated people at Supergirl’s SDCC.

From the announcement of The Ray and how it made Jewish coded characters like Supergirl and the Flash actual Nazis.

Which I personally loathe, so I cannot be as impartial on that matter.

To Melissa Benoist’s statements that Kara Danvers “lost her first ever boyfriend” as well as comparing it to her “losing her entire world”. She completely omitted a great black man in the first season that the latter was so head over heels with and seems to have compared a loss of a boyfriend to her losing her entire world - by extension forgetting that Kara Danvers still has Eliza, Lena, James, J’onn, Winn, and her sister Alex (I believe the Danvers sisters’ relationship is the most powerful in the show).

To the questions and panels circling around Mon-El constantly with barely any input on the Danvers sisters and the involvements of other important lead characters.

To the lack of addressing the problem with Mon-El’s character, which has been a huge controversy in numerous articles as well as plot holes with the rushed and messier writing.

To the theorizing and speculation people are making by watching videos, like the musical recap.

They are videos, you cannot really determine emotion nor intent and all they will ever be is speculation, because people are sharing statements that there is now cast drama (which I hope not) due to this incident. Katie McGrath and Odette Annable are receiving the least hate out of everyone (I am referring to cast members who were present, so I am leaving Chyler Leigh and Floriana Lima out) because (and some of these are fan speculations and may or may not be ridiculous to you)…

- Katie McGrath repeated that fans could take anything they wanted from the show and apparently Mehcad Brooks told her to “shut up” in Italian (zitta).

Honestly, the audio is not great and neither are human ears and it is just speculation. I do not know.

- Katie McGrath “dragged” the rest of the cast members by stating, “I brought it back to reality, you wanna go back to singing again?” as in referring to the musical recap in the video as well as leaning away and apparently tackling Chris Wood’s comment earlier about sexuality only being about perception and Odette Annable showing her support.

Again, speculation as I analyze with a neutral lens. Katie McGrath could be comfortable in that position. Or maybe she was actually uncomfortable with the situation. And the cast was singing shortly beforehand, it was probably not meant as shade. I do not know.

- Odette Annable did not laugh at the musical recap nor when the cast sang again about Daxam I think.

Maybe she does not find singing to be amusing? Or maybe she really thought the cast members were being rude about the musical recap. I do not know.

- There is a photo of Katie McGrath and it looks as if there are tears and people speculate it was due to her statement during the musical recap that allegedly went ignored by other cast members or something and now she is being ostracized.

More speculation, maybe she was so happy with fans she teared up, maybe the lights were too bright and her eyes were too dry. I do not know.

I do not know. No one knows for sure what is going on and hopefully everyone’s speculations above are wrong because the idea of supposed discourse and schisms within a cast of grown adults is honestly sad (someone said that cast members for a show were arguing before an interview, I do not know how reliable that information is).

If you have a problem with what happened, give your statements.

Don’t attack the actors’ and/or writers’ personal lives.

Most people will not pay attention to something that sounds aggressive or hateful. Educate them on the consequences of their actions in a professional manner, and if they shoot back with something immature or block you, then you are wasting your time and theirs. You are the consumer, you can move on and invest your emotions, money, and time on something that you consider is more worth your while.

[Got] 7 Deadly Sins: Lust

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Is it really such a sin to admire the beauty the heavens have bestowed upon this vast expanse?

In my former position of exaltation, I’ve seen and known all things that have and will ever exist. Yet, in all my time I have yet to find anything quite as exquisite as the female form. Especially hers.

Sensual, delicate, soft. Lips that could drive any being to insanity, eyes you could drown in, and those curves… Those curves could send this angel straight to hell.

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My Great Comet Experience...

Last night I had the great fortune to see Natasha, Pierre and The Great Comet of 1812 and there were so many amazing things that happened so I wanted to tell you all about it.

-First of all the theatre is absolutely beautiful. It is fully decorated in velvet curtains and immaculate paintings

-I was seated on the lower stage which was absolutely amazing. we had comfy chairs and a cute little table to put stuff on (trust me you may receive a decent amount of stuff during the show)

-At the very beginning of the show the whole cast (except Pierre) come out to hand out pierogi and explain the actor’s paths and other basic things

-The pierogi is amazing and I definitely advise getting one


-The moment when Pierre steps out of the door the whole room changes and you truly start to believe that you are in Moscow during 1812

-In this particular performance I saw Dave Malloy as Pierre and it was honestly so amazing to see the man who created the whole show play his part on the stage

-I also Saw Ingrid Michaelson as Sonya who was absolutely amazing on her Broadway Debut.

-During the song the lighting is amazing and it is a truly dazzling experience

-The song ‘Pierre’ is definitely one of the best and it should be known that the actors go almost everywhere so you should definitely be prepared for that

-During Pierre I had a quick interaction with Lucas Steele (who plays Anatole if you didn’t know) that was absolutely amazing. During the song he came up behind me and tapped me on the shoulder, then he swung around me to sit on the stairs to my left resulting in us being two inches apart

-Grace McLean’s vibrato during ‘Moscow’ is absolutely amazing and they add so much humor into the song that it makes it so much better

-In the song ‘The Private and Intimate Life of the House’ Nicolas Belton (who played Andrey/Prince Bolkonsky) did an amazing job of adding a subtle humor to the role while still making him a despicable character

-Mary is such a pure character that you honestly can’t help but want to protect

-’The Private and Intimate Life of the House’ is very intense and personally brought me back to some very rough times so good job to those actors and Dave Malloy for making the movement so real and truthful

-During the beginning of ‘Natasha and the Bolkonskys’ the actors do a great job of audience participation that is honestly very funny

-The whole “Constrained and Strained phrase was a moment of pure musical bliss

-When ‘No One Else’ started the lights changed so beautifully and the air conditioning started to pump in completely changed the energy in the room

-Every single note from Denee was totally on point and completely transported you from the theatre to a world unlike everything

-’No One Else’ was absolutely perfect and had such an amazing blend of joy and sadness within it

-During ‘The Opera’ there is a lot going on around the theatre so be sure that you are able to look around at everything

-Dolokhov and Helene are honestly so cute together

-Pierre jumping up at “No, I am enjoying myself at home this evening” added the perfect amount of humor to the scene

-The literal opera was very odd and kind of humorous in a way

-When Anatole enters the Air Conditioning is turned up, truly pulling you into the story

-Anatole and Natasha was on point with every single note and there was a unexpected amount of humor that made the scene work so much better

-The intro to ‘The Duel’ added a lot of humor that made the hundred times better

-Dolokhov winked at me upon entering the scene

-’The Duel’ uses a pretty intense strobe light, so if you are epileptic or have had a concussion keep that in mind when nearing this scene

-This whole scene is very intense and there was a lot going on

-During the actual duel Pierre is fully shitfaced and it is literally climbing up the stairs to the Mezzanine

-”My Turn” was perfectly haunting

-Also Helene’s Scream also

-The transition into ‘Dust and Ashes’ was utterly perfect

-Dave Malloy singing ‘Dust and Ashes’ is now my personal Aesthetic

-Every note in ‘Sunday Morning’ was perfect

-”Everyone sees a man” was oddly funny

-Helene’s Entrance into charming was absolutely amazing

-Pierre’s face during charming was one of utter disappointment, and then one of slight admiration which I find absolutely adorable

-Amber Gray has probably one of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard and I am not okay that I am currently not listening to her singing at this moment

-At one point in the song Helene grabs the necklace that Andrey gives Natasha and replaces it with her own pearls which is really neat moment

-During ‘The Ball’ the actors are once again all over the theatre

-The costumes during the ball were absolutely gorgeous and I was left in awe by them


-Letters opened so perfectly

-During the number I was given a love letter by one of the chorus girls that was so sweet and made my day so much better

-If you are sitting at the bar in front of Pierre’s salon you will have the job of passing the letter from Anatole to Natasha, and if you are on the far left you will have to walk up onto the stage and hand the letter to Denee

-Anatole’s “just say yes, just say yes, just say yeeeeeees” was oddly funny

-’Natasha and Sonya’ was oddly intense and made you feel so bad for both of the women

-Once sonya walked to her spot a single light bulb descended on her and made the setting feel so much more intimate and seemingly ornate

-’Sonya Alone’ was so beautiful and made me honestly love the song

-’Preparations’ was such an amazing song that worked on so many levels

-Denee came over and handed us the legendary egg shakers for ‘Balaga’ and ‘The Abduction’ which was awesome

-If Egg shakers are made available know that the red shakers are rare and less common so be sure to grab a red one

-’Balaga’ is such an amazing number where the actors are all around the theatre, as does Balaga so you will still interact with him if you are up on the mezzanine

-Lucas’s “wooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” at the beginning of ‘The Abduction’ was truly perfect

-During the dance break there is a musical reprise to the ‘Prologue’ that fit into the song so perfectly

-Pierre’s solo in the song was amazing

-When Anatole stops everyone and they all sit down they all stopped for a solid minute

-Lucas decided to high five an audience member sitting near him making the moment so much better

-Marya’s “you will not enter my house scoundrel” was so utterly perfect and her vibrato on it was perfect

-During ‘In My House’ Marya had this very calm heir that was so much more intimidating than her just yelling at Natasha

-Watching Natasha block out Marya as she talked was probably the most heartbreaking moment in the entire show

-The way that Natasha curls into herself was such a poignant sight

-’A Call to Pierre’ was utterly perfect and it was so amazing to see the two original actors in their roles

-During ‘Find Anatole’ all of the actors hit their stride acting wise and seeing them up there in that song was the best moment in the whole show

-It was so interesting to see how Helene was actually a caring sister and that she genuinely was a good sister who loves her brother and wants the best for him

-In ‘Pierre and Anatole’ Pierre seemed so mad that it truly did seem like he was about to smash Anatole’s head in

-At “Amuse yourself with women like my wife, well then you’re within your right.” the whole theatre collectively gasped at the pure savageness of that line

-Pierre throwing the bag at Anatole was also super savage

-Denee’s scream was probably the scariest part of the whole show

-” Saint Peterbuuurg” was so perfect and lasted for about 20 seconds which I did not think was possible before, so good job Lucas Steele

-’Natasha Very Ill’ and ‘Pierre and Andrey’ were both great

-Helene, along with most of the cast was crying until the end

-During ‘Natasha and Pierre’ Natasha was given a wig that did not look very good but that is understandable since it was such a quick change

-The delivery of Pierre’s line during the song was utter perfection

-When She touched Pierre’s face I think the entire theatre had the wind knocked out of them

-One amazing thing that happened during the show was that there was one woman who right next to me in the stairwell that had one of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard

-At the moment that Pierre stepped onto the street the room suddenly became much cooler

-The vocals to the last song were just perfect

-During the song the lightbulbs hanging from the ceiling started slightly moving up and down fully making it look like a night sky against the darkness

-The Great Comet was absolutely beautiful

Overall this was probably the best theatre experience of my entire life, it was beautiful and amazing and every moment brought you away from the harsh realities of our world and filled the audience’s heads with the stories of love and loss. if you are in the city while this show is still open I highly suggest you see it. it was beautiful and transcendent 10/10 stars.

only fools fall for you (I’m a fool)

pairing: jikook

rating: nc16

genre: soulmate au, angst & fluff, implied smut

a/n: for day 7 of #jikook fluff week <3 combining the name tattoo au with this song & post! yall might wanna grab a fluffy bolster/stuffed toy to hug :^))) ahh I’m not even sure this came out coherent omg anyway, comments and notes are very much appreciated u ____ u please enjoy~

summary: “Those who pretend as if they don’t love you,

are the ones who would hate to see you love another person.”

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I’ve been trying to put into words why I’m so excited for this baby and I think I’ve finally figured it out.

This kid is going to have a great life. We hear so much about terrible childhoods and mistreatment of children. We hear child abuse stories and some of us are victims ourselves.

What makes me so happy and so excited for Iris Elise Jones is that she is going to have amazing parents. Michael and Lindsay are fantastic people alone, incredible together, and I can only imagine how much of them they will pass on to this baby. I know we’re going to get to watch and hear this child grow up and be happy and be surrounded by people who love her. Will Michael and Lindsay be perfect parents? Hell no. No one is. But I’m so excited knowing that these two will do everything in their power to make sure Iris has the best life she can.

Not only that, on top of blood family, she gets an entire company as various levels of family. You can guarantee the Achievement Hunters are going to love this baby to bits. Proud Uncle Geoff, weird Uncle Ryan, silly Uncle Gavvy, cool Aunt Mica etc. I know that Burnie is excited, the man is a huge softie for kids.

Iris is going to have an entire company worth of people ready to love and support her.

She is going to have an entire network of entertainment personalities ready to love and support her.

And the best part, she already has an international mass of people: fans of Rooster Teeth, Achievement Hunter, Funhaus, EVERYONE who love and support her.

This kid is going to be great and I’m excited to experience everything Michael and Lindsay are willing to share.

Assassin!Harry (Part 3)

Harry is a trained, experienced assassin hired to kill Y/N but ends up, to his horror, falling in love with her. 

You can read part one here. 

You can read part two here. 


Four months. Harry had managed to keep Y/N in his life for four months. He was a different person; at least, he had Y/N thinking he was. His thoughts still drifted to the macabre, longing for the rush of another kill whenever he wasn’t with her. But she gave him a different, better kind of rush, and he loved it. Harry loved her. However, he didn’t like to admit this to himself. Harry didn’t love anything before Y/N, and part of him wished he still didn’t. The only things he used to crave were murder, violence, careful planning and stalking…but now he craved her. He liked–loved–having her around, he was emotionally attached to something for the first time in his life. But there was just one problem: How long could he keep his real life a secret from her?

He’d received two more payments for assassinations since meeting her. On top of Y/N’s, that left a total of three incomplete missions that Harry desperately wanted to fulfill but knew, deep down, that he never could. He could never pursue another kill again, for Y/N’s sake and for the sake of their relationship. It wouldn’t be long before one of his clients caught up with him, and he knew that. But unfortunately for Harry, he had less time than he thought.


Harry had just finished running his fingers through his messy curls to style them when he heard the lock on his door start to rattle. He’d given Y/N a key last week, and he smiled to himself as he heard her let herself into his apartment. He liked the feeling of having someone in his life to share his home with. Life was easy with Y/N; he didn’t have to try to put on an act to get her. She loved him for who he was.

Or, who she thought he was.

“Hi darling,” Harry said, moving over to Y/N as she closed the door behind her. She wrapped her arms around his neck, leaning in to kiss him. He smiled at her as their lids fluttered open, her gorgeous eyes meeting his twinkling green ones. “How was the daycare?”

“Same as always,” she said, fixing his collar so that it laid flat. “I’ve been helping Mia with her reading, the little four year old I was telling you about? She’s absolutely brilliant, her mom told me today that she read an entire Dr. Seuss book by herself. She’s only four years old and she read a whole book!” Harry’s eyes were intently fixated on Y/N. He smiled to himself as he observed the way the corners of her eyes crinkled when she smiled, the way her entire body seemed to light up when she talked. He had never felt so lucky in his entire life.

“How did life as a secret agent treat you today?” Y/N asked, teasing him, with extra emphasis on ‘secret agent.’

Harry smiled. He felt guilty that Y/N still believed he worked for the government, but he didn’t let the guilt show. He never did. “Can’t tell ya. Hence the secret part. But ’m glad you’re doing so well with Mia. I ordered pizza for dinner, hope that’s alright?”

“Perfect!” Y/N exclaimed, moving over to the sofa by the window. She plopped down, kicking off her shoes as Harry turned to follow her. Just as Harry went to sit down, there was a loud knock on the door.

“Must be the pizza,” Harry said, shuffling towards the apartment’s entrance. “I’ve got it.”

Y/N stayed put on the couch, fiddling with her fingernails, until a chillingly familiar voice sounded throughout the apartment. A voice that had haunted her for years, and had just started to lose its control over her mind. She froze, in shock, before turning to face the doorway, coming face to face with the worst, scariest human being she had ever met: her ex-boyfriend, Jack.

“I want my fucking money, bro,” he yelled, his cold eyes just as angry as she remembered. Y/N ducked next to the couch, immediately trying to hide herself from view. Her head was spinning, throbbing almost. What the fuck was Jack doing at Harry’s apartment?

Harry went into immediate assassin mode. Calm, cool, collected. Voice deep, words slow. Establish the upper hand before this man tried to pull something. “I’m sorry, who are you?”

“Don’t play stupid you asshole. The 50 grand I slid through your window four months ago? I want that shit back. I want it back and I’m going to take care of her myself, since you’re clearly incompetent.”

Harry let out a low, emotionless laugh, though he was a bit frightened. He was so careful to make sure that nobody who had hired him ever got to see his face, but now someone knew what he looked like. He was screwed. “These things take time. If you want your money back, I can get it for you right now, but then the mission goes unfinished. So, what do you–”

“I have a gun,” Jack threatened, shakily. “And I swear to God, I will blow your fucking brains out and hers too as soon as I find her.”

“And risk being caught?” Harry questioned, remaining completely calm, although below the surface he was frantic. Y/N was literally in his apartment. There was no way out of this one. He needed to get this guy away from him, away from Y/N, and then make a run for it.

“You know what? Fuck this. I’m going to the police.” Jack spun on his heel, but what Harry said next caused him to stop dead in his tracks.

“If you go to the police, what are you going to tell them? Huh? That you shelled out $50,000 to have someone murdered in cold blood in your name, and now the hit man you hired has taken too long to fulfill his duty? You’re going to tell them you got ripped off by an assassin?” Jack was silent. “You’re just as guilty.”

An assassin? Y/N’s head was spinning. She was desperately trying to make sense of the exchange going on between her ex-boyfriend and her current boyfriend, but she was making herself dizzy trying to put the pieces together. She felt her eyes well up with tears. If Jack really did have a gun, he would not hesitate to use it on her the second he found out she was there. He was crazy, a loose cannon. She needed to stay hidden.

Jack huffed, running a furious fist through his tangled blonde hair. “Fuck. You.”

“Trust me,” Harry began, levelheaded as ever. “This operation has been made a priority. Murdering someone isn’t an overnight task.”

“Yeah, except you’ve had four months. I’m over this. I’m going to get my guys, and I swear, even if it’s the last thing I do, I will fucking end you. And then I’ll end her myself. The only reason I hired you is because I didn’t want to have any blood on my hands but I don’t give a shit anymore. I may not know anything about you, even your name. But I do know that you are over.” And with that, Jack had taken off running down the hallway, and Harry had slammed the door behind him, his face as red as a fire truck. This was about to come crashing down on him. All of his careful, tedious work and planning…it was all about to be over. He was done for.

He raced down the hall, towards his bedroom. Y/N chased him, confused and angry and shocked and sad all at once. “Harry, what’s going on?” Nothing. He started rooting through his dresser drawers, tossing out fistfuls of clothing and leaving it strewn across the floor. “Do you know him? Do you know Jack?” Still, silence. “Harry, what the fuck is going on? Why does he want you to end me? What does he mean when he says he hired you?” She was yelling now, and the tears were flowing freely. “You’re scaring me. Answer me!”

Harry pulled out a large, bulging yellow envelope out of his dresser drawer, tossing it on the bed. “I have to go.”

“What?” She shook her head, more clueless than she had ever felt in her life.

“Y/N, you love me right?”

“Harry, what are you-”

“You’d love me whether I was sick or whether I was poor or whether I had a different job?”

“Of course, I-” Harry dumped the folder’s contents out on the bed, revealing stack after stack of crisp $100 bills. “Harry, where did you get all that money?”

Harry was frantic, panicking, rushing around like crazy. “We all have our secrets right? What I really do for a job, that’s my secret.”

“What are you talking about? Why are you saying all of this? I-”

“I don’t want to lie to you anymore, Y/N! I can’t. I’m not a-a-a secret agent.” He was at a complete loss for words, struggling to find what to say. “I don’t work for the government, I’m not licensed to have any of those guns you found in that closet all those months ago. And I don’t use those weapons for self-defense like I said. I use them to kill people.”

“Harry, please-” He was running around his bedroom like crazy, shoving things into a duffel bag without hardly looking to see what they were.

“Here’s what’s going to happen. In two days, you’re going to meet me at the International Airport.” He swiped a stack of money off of the bed, handing it to Y/N. “Pack a suitcase with clothes, shoes, anything else you might need. You’re going to take a taxi there, give the driver this money. I know it’s far, so you have to tell him to drive all through the night, and you’re not going to tell anyone, okay?”

She stared at the money in her hands, tears blurring her vision. “Harry, I can’t do this, I’m too afraid, I have no idea what’s going on, I-”

“Act like you’re brave, and you will be. I promise. That man…Jack…he’s going to be back soon. And with a lot of really dangerous people. You have to get out of here before he finds you. I love you, Y/N.”

“Harry, I don’t think I can do this alone.”

“Yes, you can. I know you can.” He grabbed his duffel bag, zipping it feverishly, then bounded towards the front door. “You have to.” He kissed her quickly, before swiping his car keys off the hook and racing out the door.

And just like that…he was gone.


Every part of her body told her to turn around. As she walked into the airport, her limbs were screaming at her to stop, to chase down the taxi driver that had just dropped her off, and to drive back to her dorm room, away from Harry and every problem that he had caused for her. But, despite all of that, she was worried sick about him. She would follow him to the ends of the earth to make sure he was okay. And that’s why she kept walking. Through the revolving doors, up the stairs, until she reached the security line right outside the gate Harry told her to wait in front of.

From just the exchange she had heard between Jack and Harry, Y/N had pieced a few things together, though they didn’t make much sense to her. Jack had given Harry a lot of money for something involving a ‘her’ that Y/N had assumed she was. Harry had a lot of guns, but he didn’t use them for a government job like he had told her. Jack had referred to Harry as an assassin, but Y/N didn’t know what that meant, entirely. If Harry was accepting money to murder people, like Jack had said, how many people had he killed? And where did she come in? Was it a coincidence that Jack and Harry knew each other? She felt her heart rate flare up and her head grow hot with anger. She felt like she didn’t know the man she loved, and she needed answers.

Just then, Harry came bounding into view, dressed in all black, duffel bag in tow. He leaned in to kiss her, then pulled her into a tight hug, breathing in her perfume, the smell of her hair, everything. Y/N didn’t hug back. She didn’t do anything.

“We don’t have much time.”

“You need to tell me what’s going on.”

Harry rooted through his backpack and pulled out two plane tickets, handing one of them to her. “I bought these an hour after I ran out of my apartment. Our flight leaves in 40 minutes. Grab your things, and-”

She was madder than she had ever been. “Harry, if you don’t stop for two seconds to tell me what the hell is going on, I am going to walk right out of this building and I swear to God I will never talk to you again.”

This was enough to make him stop. He ran his left hand through his hair, bringing it down to rub his face in exasperation. “Fine,” he sighed, speaking gently but hurriedly. “What do you want to know?”

“What are you?”


“What. Are. You. You don’t work for the government like you told me. I already have an idea in my head of how you make your living and if you tell me you’re anything different from what I think you are I’m going to need some serious convincing.”

He sighed. He looked at her face, so pained and…disappointed. He hated himself for doing this to her. “Okay, okay,” he whispered, looking over his shoulder to make sure nobody was within hearing range. “People call it different things, but I guess you might call me a hit man. People pay me to kill other people off.”

Y/N felt sick. She honestly thought she might throw up. Her heart surged with anger, and it took everything in her not to spit in his face. Her furious eyes searched his, praying that this was all a joke or a dream or anything other than the reality she had found herself swept away in. “I have no idea who you are. I cannot believe I wasted four months of my life on a figment of my imagination. You are not even close to the person you made me think you were.” She reached to pick up her suitcase, but Harry grabbed her arm, fast as lightning.

“I wanted to tell you,” he continued. Y/N tore her arm from Harry’s grip, but she didn’t try to run away again. She decided she was going to get her answers. “I was just scared you’d hate me. That you’d react…well, exactly like this.” He reached a hand up to the back of his neck, the smooth eloquence with which he usually spoke completely gone in Y/N’s presence.

Y/N was crying now. “Well how the fuck else was I supposed to react? What did you expect?” she shouted. “Bonnie and Clyde?”

“Keep your voice down!” Harry hissed. “You’re going to get us both killed.”

“Oh, well maybe I should keep screaming then,” Y/N said, knowing she was on the brink of a complete meltdown. “Sounds like me being killed would be doing you a huge favor!”

Harry froze. “Y/N, you don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Please, Harry. I’m not stupid. My psychotic ex-boyfriend comes barging into your apartment demanding the money he paid to you, a hit man, saying ‘I’m going to end her myself?’ He was talking about me. He hired you to kill me.” Harry was silent. “Just admit it, Harry. Don’t be a coward for once in your life and just say it.”

Harry’s face went slack. His entire body went slack. He felt like he was going to faint. “I…Okay. It’s true.” Y/N whimpered like a sick puppy, and this sound indicative of her heart breaking shook Harry to his core. “But! Y/N, please, let me explain.” She swatted tears away from her face, not saying anything. Harry took this as his cue to go on. He realized that he was running out of time, but he didn’t care. He loved her, and she deserved to know the truth. “The night we met, I had every intention of killing you. But it took about two minutes with you before I realized that I could never, ever bring myself to do it. I knew within two minutes of knowing you that I was going to love you. And I was right, Y/N, because I do love you.”

A quiet sob left Y/N’s lips. She was doing her best not to attract a crowd, but she had never felt so violated in her life. Their entire relationship had been built on a lie. She had fallen in love with a complete and utter stranger. “Don’t tell me you love me when you don’t love anything on this fucking planet.”

“Y/N, that isn’t true! The night we met, I sure as hell wasn’t planning on falling in love. Until I met you, I was a sociopath.”

“You still fucking are,” Y/N sneered, reaching down to pick up her suitcase once more. “God, I cannot believe I actually agreed to meet you here! And I even packed a bag and everything! What is wrong with me? I-”

“Y/N, stop. I promise you that I will give you every single answer you want but only after we’re out of the country. Please. Just pick up your suitcase, and take your ticket, and come with me. I need you.” And he meant it. Jack had for sure found out Harry’s name by now. There was no point to running from the authorities that were surely after him right at that moment if he wasn’t going to be running with Y/N by his side.

“I can’t leave with you! I have a life here, an honest, real, life. How dare you even ask me that!”

Harry was panicking. He needed to be in the security line. “Y/N, please.”

“No.” She wiped a tear from her face, still sick to her stomach. “But you need to go. Jack is psychotic and he has ways of getting what he wants. There are people after you right now, I’m sure of it.”



He looked at her, over at the security line, and then back to her. He heaved a heavy sigh, then leaned in to kiss her, more passionately than he ever had in his entire life. Y/N knew she shouldn’t, but she kissed him back. She was the first to pull away, putting her hands on either side of his face. She repeated again, “Go.”

And so he did. He swung his duffel bag over his shoulder and walked through the security line. Y/N watched him the whole time, tears spilling out of her eyes. She watched as he got to the security officer checking his boarding pass, but even though she couldn’t hear their exchange, something about the way the two were interacting gave her a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach. Suddenly, two security officers rushed him from the back, each seizing an arm on either side of his body. Without thinking, Y/N bolted forward, running as fast as she could towards Harry.

“Harry!” she cried out, her eyesight completely obstructed with tears.

“No!” Harry shouted as a third security officer grabbed ahold of Y/N’s arms, pinning them behind her back.

“Do you know this man?” the officer demanded. “His name was put on the no-fly list yesterday.”

“I-” Y/N looked over at Harry, who was vehemently shaking his head to say no, no, no, please do not tell that man you know who I am. It was already bad  enough that Harry was going to be carried away for the rest of his life. He would never forgive himself if Y/N got caught up in it too. “No,” Y/N finally said, and the man loosened his grip on her arms. “Never met him.”

“Get out of here, miss,” the guard said. It seemed like everyone in the entire terminal was staring at Y/N and Harry. Y/N took one last look at Harry as he mouthed I love you to her, his face the most clear picture of distress and pain Y/N had ever seen. She turned around, dragged herself over to where her suitcase was, and picked it up in time to see four armed, uniformed police officers round the corner. It took every ounce of her being not to run over and plead with them to be gentle with him, but she knew she had to keep moving. She ducked her head and walked, as fast as she could, away from the terminal to the airport’s exit.

The image of Harry mouthing I love you played on a ceaseless repeat in Y/N’s head. As she walked out of the airport, tears streaming down her cheeks, she swore she could physically feel her heart crush. Because she knew–no, she was sure–that she still loved him. She probably always would.

A/N: Hi friends!! I think this is gonna conclude this mini-series. I absolutely loved writing it and all of your sweet messages asking me to continue of course made me so happy! I wanted to leave it up to your interpretation to decide what happens to Harry at the end. If you liked part 3 or any other part of the series or if you have any feedback whatsoever, feel free to drop a message in my ask letting me know!!<3

gayfactor  asked:

Hey, yeah. So about that au with '7 reasons why' could we get a continuation of the story in perspective of the other members? Their reactions perhaps?? Thank you!

Yes! I’ve actually been thinking about this a lot tbh! 

I recommend you read the original before you read this! 

(The credit goes to them) 

Everyone was still attempting to recover from what happened. It happened out of the blue (like his color! hah *cries*) as far as everyone was concerned Lance has no reason to do it. None at all. 


Shiro was the first one to receive the tapes. He was on his way to his room after a long day of training. He nearly tripped on the box as he entered the room. He hesitantly picked the box up and entered his room.  He slightly laughed when he opened the box and saw..tapes? Where did these come from? He hasn’t seen a tape in years. 

Shiro carefully picked up the tape that said 1A on it, written in blue handwriting. Shiro glanced around his room, looking for something to play the tapes on when he noticed the tape player in the box. 

Shiro pulled it out and decided he would listen to one then clean up and go to dinner.

He soon realized that he would not stick to that plan. 

Shiro placed the headphones on his head and pressed play on the first tape. He was greeted with static then Lances voice crackling through the headphones ‘ Hello space pals and gals. Lance McClain here. Live and in stereo…’

Shiro’s eyes widened at what he heard. He was paralyzed, and listened to the rules that Lance put in place. 

How would he e- Shiro’s thoughts were cut off by Lance saying “First and foremost, our mighty and heroic leader, Shiro.”

Shiro knew he had to listen. 

Shiro sat on his bed shaking. He felt sick to his stomach. He couldn’t move from his spot on the bed. He knew that he could be hard on Lance, he just didn’t consider the negative effect on the poor boy. He had listened to all the tapes. Everyone one of them. He now knew why. Shiro shakily took the head phones off and put everything back in the box. 

He fought back tear and barely register when Keith called him for dinner. As he walked out of the room he placed the box back in front of his door. He was grateful when he found the box gone when he returned. 


Keith was the next one to receive the box. He found it on his bed when he was walking back from the pool. Swimming was the only thing he could do to feel close Lance. 

He noticed the box but decided to open it after his shower. 

One he was all cleaned up he put the box on his desk and opened it. He carefully examined all the tapes one by one. Keith picked up the headphones and pressed play on the first one. He was also greeted with static and Lances voice breaking through “ Hello space pals and gals. Lance McClain here. Live and in stereo…”

Keith nearly through the headphones across the room but he listened to the rules instead. 

He wasn’t sure what emotion was stronger during Shiros tape. Empathy or anger. So Shiro killed Lance, he wanted to make Shiro pay until he switched the tape and heard what he didn’t want to hear. 

“Can you guess our number two?? Well, I’ll give you a hint. It’s not me this time. *laughs* First time being number two, our excellent number one paladin, Keith!”

Keith was frozen I killed Lance too?


Keith was crying by the time Hunk’s tape was over. He was crying for his lost friends and a relationship that would never happen. He never intended to hurt Lance, yet he did. Keith put the tapes away, placed the box on his bed and sat inside Lance’s room trying to feel any part of Lance. Slightly relived when he found the box gone the next day. 


Pidge was next on the list, she found the box when she walked into Green’s hanger. 

“What’s this?” Pidge received a growl in response, like Green was upset with her. “Why are you mad?”

Pidge sat down in front of Green and opened the box. She dumped out the tapes and sorted them by order. She knew immediately that they were Lance’s, she was there when he bought them at the space mall a few months back. She also picked on him for that and called him stupid, but hey she was tired that day and wanted to go play her new game, not wait for Lance buy tapes. 

Pidge put in the first tape and listened to Lances voice break through and the rules he put in place. 

She could already tell where this was going ‘fuck’ 

Pidge started at nothing as she let the headphones fall into her lap. She knew that this was her fault as much as the others but she hurt Lance where it really did hurt. Family. Lance was a family person and just wanted to feel some connection to Earth. She couldn’t be bothered to help him with it, even though he only wanted to help her. 

Pidge unconsciously put the tapes back in the box and sat inside Green while she cried for a brother she lost.


 Hunk received the tapes in the kitchen. He pulled the tapes out and decided he would listen to them as he cooked, he wouldn’t get far. 

Hunk had all of the supplies out on the counter, he had the first tape ready. However as soon as he pressed play, he broke down in a wet sob. It was Lance, It was his voice. After listening to the rules, Hunk didn’t want to hear what Lance had to say.

Hunk was on the floor crying. He knew that something was bothering Lance, but he didn’t think that it was this major. One check in could’ve have saved his best friend but Hunk couldn’t be bothered. Hunk feel asleep curled up on the floor, when he woke the tapes where gone. 


Allura was the next person to receive the box. They were placed on the control panel. Allura (thinking that it was music) decided to listen to it when she took a relaxing bath. She had to adjust the headphones multiple times to make sure she was actually hearing Lance. 

How did he do this?

Allura decided figure out what this was about. 


The water was cold around Allura. She never knew how much she stressed Lance out. She didn’t know how much he struggled with trying to be perfect. She couldn’t even defend herself, everything Lance said was true. 

After she dried herself off she put the box back in the control room and walked away. 


This was Lance’s tape so the box immediately went to the next person.


Coran the last person to  receive the tapes. He found them when he was cleaning the healing pods for the 10th time. He already cleaned the entire castle 4 times but he needed to stay distracted. 

Coran wiped his brow and sat down in front of one of the pods. He examined the tapes carefully, and slowly put the headphones on. Coran started crying as soon as Lance’s cheerful voice came through. He missed that boy so much. 


Coran wiped his eyes for the 5th time. He knew something was off last time Lance came to him about his problems. He was aware that he over talked Lance, he just never thought about the consequences. Coran put the tapes back and put his face in his hands. He listen to the mice drag the box out of the room, removing the only piece of Lance the team had left. 


Thank you so much for this! It’s just past 1am right now and I’m crying. 

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Some Elorcan smut please!!!! No angst no betrayal just fluff. (Sorry also curious but how old are you?) Thank you! (Lovvvvveee the Pale Skin and Onyx Eyes work BTW!!)

Clearly NSFW Elorcan smutfic, read at your own peril! smut under the cut~
CW: some misogynistic language

YO I DID THIS FOR U ANON, AND I’M ACTUALLY PRETTY HAPPY WITH IT?? sorry it took a little while! It’s my first smutfic, so go easy on me. I hope ur bodies are ok afterwards~ let me know what you think! ;3

send me this or your own pairing and a prompt

Word Count: 2836
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Whetting an Appetite

Elide Lochan sighed through her nose. She was finally done with classes for the day and was now sitting on a nondescript, black couch in Lorcan’s dorm room at Adarlan University of Magic and Research (AU, for short). Lorcan had just gotten back from the gym so he was currently showering in the bathroom.

Elide rolled her neck around and huffed a sigh again. She was bored.

What to do while Lorcan showers… Not that it will take very long. Elide rolled her eyes, but mid-eye-roll she remembered that there was a magazine in her backpack, some silly Fae, female’s health magazine that Aelin had carelessly left lying around on Elide’s desk, and it had somehow found its way into her backpack. She mentally reminded herself to ask whether Aelin wanted the magazine back at dinner later.

She and Lorcan were scheduled to go out to dinner with Rowan and Aelin at 6PM, but right now, it was only 4:45PM. Propping her feet up on the couch, she idly began flipping through the magazine. Elide absentmindedly tugged on a strand of hair and loudly sighed again while glaring at the bathroom door. After flipping through a couple more pages, a few words caught her eye – an article mentioning the classic movie Titania, where a Fae male named Jack and a human woman named Rosalyn fell in love after meeting on a ship. Her arched brows raised – it had been a long time since she had watched that film. It was now considered a cliché movie, but it had been a huge hit at the time of its release.  

Elide sat up and continued reading through the rather sexually-explicit page. Seeing the movie title reminded her of last summer, when Aelin had thrown a ridiculous end-of-the-school-year party on a cruise ship, essentially forcing people together for a day and a half in the middle of an ocean. It was such an Aelin thing to do, but Elide admitted that Aelin had accomplished her goal for the party, which had been matchmaking for other people. Like Elide. And even Manon, with Dorian nonetheless!

Elide was pretty sure she could point to any girl in their class and there was a 50-50 chance Dorian Havilliard had slept with her. And Manon pretty much hated men. Elide shook her head as she remembered.

The party had successfully forced Elide and Lorcan to finally confront each other after they barely spoke to each other during her first year at Adarlan U. But they had both often stared at each other when the other wasn’t looking, and they would make such intense eye contact often enough that their astute friends obviously noticed.

Aelin tried to talk to Elide about it, and Rowan cornered Lorcan, but both Elide and Lorcan denied that there was anything going on. And when Aelin and Rowan had both stared and pointed out that, that’s the point, NOTHING is going on, they had each hurriedly made an excuse and fled. Elide prayed Aelin would leave the subject alone after that.

However, Aelin decided to take things into her own hands with her summer party, and Elide couldn’t help but smile at the memory of Lorcan and her on the cruise ship.

Aelin had all but shoved her towards the shadowy deck where Lorcan was standing alone, leaning against the rails and looking out into the endless ocean. Elide nearly tripped over the blood-red, floor-length, strapless dress Aelin had loaned her. The week before the cruise, Aelin had thrusted the heap of fabric into Elide’s arms, and ignored her when Elide tried to protest.

Elide had profusely thanked her friend, admitting that she did love the wispy chiffon layers of the dress and the delicate beading over the chest. She had felt more… confident wearing the dress, which gave her the courage that summer night to finally have a real conversation with Lorcan that didn’t involve discussing the weather or classes. And in that dress, she and Lorcan had shared their first kiss, underneath the stars with nothing but waves for miles around.

At that moment, the bathroom door swung open, steam dissipating into the room as Lorcan Salvaterre stepped through the doorway with a towel wrapped around his waist. His muscled chest glistened with water as he shook water droplets from his dark, shoulder-length hair. Looking at the planes of his chiseled face still took Elide’s breath away.

Elide sat up and crossed her legs. She placed the magazine on the glass coffee table in front of her and tipped her chin up at him.

“I’m bored,” she whined, tossing her hair dramatically. Lorcan’s onyx eyes automatically snapped to the clock hanging on the wall and then back to her fine-boned face.

“I’ve been in the bathroom for ten minutes,” he said calmly, while towel-drying his hair. “And we’re getting dinner in an hour, Elide.”

Elide watched him for a moment, before tugging off her pink, long-sleeve shirt and flinging it onto the floor. Her dark, waist-length hair fell over her pale breasts, which were cupped by a lacy, pink bra. One of her hands drifted in between her legs, and she drummed her fingers against her clothes.

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Ooh... what kind of headcanons did it confirm? Please tell me more and go on a long tangent~



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Things I really enjoyed about the new Spiderman move

Some spoilers ahead:

  • First off that opening.  I mean, that was just…that was perfect.  It was so teenager it hurt.
  • Tom Holland.  I just…boy’s got talent.
  • Ned.  Guy in the chair.
  • ZENDAYA.  Queen.  I think every time she was on screen was my favorite moment.
  • The fact that the “romance” was such a subplot half the time I forgot it was even happening.  If you could call it a romance.  I don’t think they even kissed lol
  • The fucking Captain America videos.
  • THE GYM TEACHER.  Oh my god his entire disdain for everything was excellent.
  • How completely oblivious the decathalon teacher was to like everything.
  • Karen.
  • The action and how Peter would make mistakes but try his darndest to fix them.
  • How he had SO MANY CHANCES to be a typical teenager and skip out on his duties as a superhero, but how he always put being a superhero first.  And how that when Tony took the suit back and he had to become basically a regular teenager again, he kind of became happier, or happy again, and I’m so glad that that sunk in and he realized he wasn’t ready to be a full-time Avenger.  Not yet anyway.
  • Aunt Mae.  And the way the movie ended.  That was beautiful.
  • Also I am totally convinced that MJ has a crush on Peter.  And not just the part where she knew what he’d already quit and said she was “very observant” I’m talking about a small look she gave him at the end of the movie that had me going “oh”.  Idk.  
  • Speaking of “I want to get in some mild protesting” lol queen.
  • AND THE DETENTION.  OMG THAT WAS GREAT.  “I just like coming here to draw people in crisis.” I just love her
  • Like I just love this characterization of MJ.  She’s got snark.  So sarcastic.  So much deadpan.  So many great lines.  The finger she gave Peter at the dance.  Just….so much love.

“The Flash” star Candice Patton just made this ethereal shade of blue THE color for spring

The gorgeous and talented Candice Patton is turning up the heat on The Flash, and on red carpets, too. The 28-year-old starlet donned a flowy jumpsuit in the most gorgeous shade of blue that we think we’ve ever seen. And, now we want one too.

But, this isn’t the first time that Candice was one of the best dressed at an event. The actress is no stranger to slaying on the red carpet, and she has an amazing sense of style. She definitely knows what works best for her!

We’re completely obsessed with this shade of blue.

She managed to find a pair of pumps in the stunning blue, as well.

Just look at how the pantsuit falls on her.

We love this silhouette.

The off-the-shoulder style looks so good on her.

From head to toe, everything is perfect. Seriously, this wonder woman completely rocked it.

Our favorite part, however, is the confidence that Candice delivers. She looks so comfortable and confident in her chic outfit. And that is always super important, especially if you plan on wearing something for an entire night.

And as for the clothing, we’re totally going to be rocking this color and style all spring.