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Drama Kisses ( Aren’t Real ) // Mark Lee

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“It’s totally fate!” Your over excited best friend exclaimed for the 5th time.

 You rolled your eyes as you retrieved your books from your locker, then shut the door with a slam and looked at her; “I’ve already told you, it’s just a stage kiss. It doesn’t mean anything.” You explained, but she didn’t even bat an eyelash.

“Yea, you say that, but I know in your heart that you WANT it to mean something.” She pressed on, giving you a wink.

You ignored the pink hue that had tinted your cheeks. and started trudging to the next class you had.Just like always, your friend was right.

Drama, and acting were your passion. You loved to take on different roles, each more exciting or thrilling than the last.

And coincidentally, so did your not-so-little crush, Mark Lee.

He wasn’t the most popular guy in school, no he was that guy’s best friend. Popular nonetheless, just not as much.

He had a very calming aura that could make even the tensest person relax, and it drew people to him, including you.

You both had been in the same drama class since freshman year, and had been in a fair amount of plays, and musicals together.

However, in those shows, there had never been a time where you both had the two leading male and female roles.

This time it was different. Your school was putting on a production of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

It was one of your all time favorites, and you just knew that you wanted to be Juliet.

You had put your heart, and soul into the audition, impressing your teacher, and causing fury, and jealously to bubble in the stomachs of the other girls auditioning.

After your performance, you stepped down from the stage, and went back to the dressing rooms to collect your bag and some books. When you stepped out, a voice startled you.

“You were amazing up there, I could feel your passion.” Mark said, leaning against the wall, with his hands lazily shoved in the pockets of his worn out ripped jeans.

He offered you a shy smiled, which you returned. “Thanks, I just hope it was good enough to land me the part.” You replied, a light blush grazing your cheeks as Mark began to walk with you, making your heart pound.

“If you don’t get it, I’ll smack the teacher myself. You really deserve it.” He grinned playfully.

A giggle slipped past your lips before you could stop it and you looked down bashfully at the floor. “Thank you, again. It really means a lot to me.” You said quietly.

Mark stopped outside of the boys dressing room. “No problem, and who knows, maybe I’ll be your Romeo.” He said slyly, before entering the room, letting the door shut behind him.

If you had been blushing before, it was nothing compared to the deep tomato color you were at that moment.

As fate works in wonderful ways, you did end up receiving the role of Juliet. And seeing as how the universe likes to mess with people’s lives, Mark had been given the part of Romeo.

All the girls had given you dirty looks the moment the cast list was posted, but you brushed them off.

With your best friend by your side, you nervously scanned the list for your name.

Y/N L/N – Juliet

Your friend squealed, and crushed you in a hug. You were beyond happy of course, but something threw you off. It was the name below yours.

Mark Lee – Romeo

All of a sudden, Mark was beside you, running his eyes down the list with his posse behind him.

Once he saw his name, he grinned widely and turned to his friends.

“I got the part!” He yelled, excitement twinkling is his eyes. His best friend, Donghyuck, fist bumped him and looked at the list himself while the rest of their group congratulated him.

“Oh lookie here! Mark gets to lock lips with Y/N!” He smirked at you, and Mark shoved him.

“Shut up man, leave her alone.” He said quietly as he dragged the younger boy to the door, flashing you an apologetic smile before exiting the room with the others following.

Your best friend nudged your ribs. “Funny how the world works huh? C'mon, let’s go celebrate.” She said, and you allowed her to pull you to the exit.

When the day of the play finally arrived, you were more nervous than you ever had been for a show.

Rehearsals were more calm, but this time, it was for real.

Meaning, you and Mark would actually kiss.

During practice, your lips never touched, just hovered because the director said it was “bad luck”.

Your palms were sweaty and you couldn’t stop your hands from tugging at the collar of the dress you had on.

The theater was already packed full when you peeked from backstage.

You could see your parents, friends, and even your grandparents. A hand grabbing your shoulder snapped you back into reality and you came face to face with the devil himself.

Mark’s face held a steady grin. “Are you ready?” He asked giddily, bouncing on his heels.

All the saliva dried from your tongue, so you found yourself nodding instead of speaking.

“Well, break a leg out there! You’re gonna do great!"His encouraging words made your confidence boost up a bit and you let out the breath you didn’t notice you were holding.

"Thanks, you too.” Was your response.

The lights went down and the blinding spot lights flashed. Taking a deep breath, you gathered as much courage as you could, then walked out.


Soon the play was nearing an end, and the time for the kiss scene was close.

The heart beat in your chest was beating erratically while you desperately tried to hype yourself up in your head.

The feelings of nervousness and excitement were swirling around in the pit of your stomach, making you dizzy.

Mark stepped towards you, and gently cupped your cheeks, treating you as if you were made of the most fragile glass, the familiar motion bringing back memories from previous rehearsals.

Almost like he could sense the anxious vibes radiating off your body, Mark flashed a quick smile, before leaning towards you.

Your hands rested on his shoulders, and you prayed that you weren’t squeezing them in a death grip.

After what felt like years but was only seconds, your lips finally came in contact with Mark’s.

They were plush, soft, and tasted faintly of his vanilla chapstick.

You willed all those shaky feelings from your mind, and really put all your passion into the kiss.

Mark felt like he was floating, not knowing you felt the same.

He almost forgot that you both were just acting, and slowly pulled away, savoring every last second.

As the scene came to an end, and loud applause erupted from the audience, he knew he wouldn’t forget the taste of your strawberry lip gloss.

Backstage was less hectic and busy than before the show, but all the actors and actresses were buzzing in happiness. “Good job all of you! That was spectacular!” The director said, causing the cast to cheer for all their hardwork.

Mark was looking around until he finally spotted you, changed into your casual clothes while talking to your best friend.

He walked over in a rush, just as your friend had gone. “Uh…h-hey.” He stuttered out, mentally slapping himself.

Lucky for him, you smiled and sat up straighter. “Hi.”

Awkwardly rubbing the back of his head, he struggled to find his words. “That kiss was…really something. I could feel the emotion.” He complimented, watching as your cheeks flushed.

“Well, that means I’m a good actress right?” You asked playfully.

“Of course! You’re one of the best actresses I’ve ever seen!” Mark said, not realizing what he said until he said it.

His words made your heart flutter and soar even higher in the cloud you felt you were on. Your lips still tingled from the kiss.

“Funny how something that looks real, means nothing.” You let out, looking away.

Mark frowned a bit.

“It meant something to me…” he mumbled shyly.

Your eyes were saucers when you heard him. “Really?!”

He only nodded, clearly embarrassed. “Yea, I mean I’ve only had a crush on you since 9th grade, so…” he explained with a shrug.

Pink dusted over his face and spread to the tips of his ears.

“Well then, why don’t we hang out sometimes. Maybe we can practice some lines together?” You suggested, a bright grin glued onto your face.

He met your eyes and nodded eagerly. “Y-Yea that sounds great!”

“And to think I was so nervous about a kiss…” you thought to yourself

After all, who said drama kisses mean nothing?

Pretty Bird, Pt. 1 (BTS angst)

Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 |


Summary: Y/N is Big Hit’s newest trainee and is going to be tutored by BTS, even though no one asked them before installing her in their dorm. They’re mad, but Y/N is stronger than she looks.

N/A: So… this is the first thing i ever wrote. I have no time to rewrite it because it’s massive… and probably a mess. PLEASE BE MERCIFUL. I PROMISE I IMPROVED.

Genre: Angst.

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“I pray thee my pretty bird, canst thou then tell me what love is? It is the torment of one, the felicity of two, the strife and enmity of three”

Washington Irving

You blinked rapidly, trying to adapt your vision to the darkness engulfing your room, your mind still numb with sleep. The faintest light creeped through the cranny in the door, and you strained your eyes looking at it, waiting patiently to hear the angry voice that woke you up every morning.

‘You! Wake up! You’re running late again. Don’t you know what an alarm is?’ There it was. Every morning the same. Day after day you woke up to his nagging, it didn’t really matter what his reasons were. If there was nothing to nag you about, he would make it up.

‘Always helping me start the day with good vibes… Thank you, leader.’You mumbled to yourself, mustering up the energy required to step out of bed and hurry to the shower, before someone else started shouting at you too.

An evil thought crossed your mind in a flash as you set your foot in the cold wooden floor of the hallway. You didn’t think it twice before screaming an incredibly loud good morning, everyone that proved the inhabitants of the apartment the powerful voice you had. You were replied by a furious Yoongi, who started ranting immediately, listing all the reasons why he considered nothing but a bothersome and useless creature.

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Paper Game

Request: 15 with bambam please!

15) Your bias tricks you into giving them a kiss

Prompt list can be found here!

Member: Got7’s BamBam x Y/N (ft. Yugyeom, Jackson, Mark)

Type: Fluff

“What are the plans for today?” I asked, draping myself over Got7’s couch and by default the boys who were sitting there. My torso laid casually across Bambam and my legs against Mark.

“Well,” Mark sighed, signaling Coco over to lay across all of us. “We could take Coco to the dog park.”

“That’s on your to do list Mark, don’t force the rest of us to go,” Jackson grumbled from his place on the floor.

“Untruth!” Mark shouted. “Plus a little sunlight wouldn’t kill any of you.”

“I’m dark enough!” Bambam complained. My face was near his as I looked at him with a smile.

“Don’t say that Bammie,” I cooed. “Your little caramel latte skin is wonderful.”

His eyes grew wide as he stared at me in disbelief. “Really?”

“Noona!” Yugyeom said, bouncing excitedly from an armchair. I left a lingering look on Bambam before finally turning to Yugyeom.

“Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be an idol?” he asked.

“You’re so rude,” Jackson muttered. “You just don’t ask someone that when you’re an idol.”

“Oh don’t give him such a hard time Jackson,” I giggled. “Yes Yuggie, I wonder all the time what you all deal with actually.”

“Let’s play some of those stupid games with Y/N that we play in interviews!” Yugyeom smiled, shooting a quick wink towards Bambam. All of the boys groaned in unison.

“What do you mean?” Mark sighed.

“Like the paper game!" Bambam giggled mischievously.

The boys all groaned again.

"What?” I gasped, sitting up and spinning to look at each boy. “What’s the paper game?”

“Well,” Jackson began carefully, “It’s that game where you pass the paper from mouth to mouth in a certain amount of time to see how quickly you can do it.”

“Oh! I saw Seventeen do that! On weekly idol!” I said, the words escaping my mouth before I had the chance to stop them.

“What the hell Y/N!” Jackson nearly shouted. Bambam and Mark both gave me a gentle shove as I fell with a thud on my butt to the floor.

“So what, because I’m friends with you guys I can’t watch other groups?” I gasped, rubbing at my lower back dramatically.

“That’s exactly right!” Bambam pouted.

“You said you haven’t even watched our last Weekly Idol episode yet!” Mark grumbled, petting Coco moodily.

“Because I see you all at least once a week!” I sighed. “You all are literally my weekly idols.”

Yugyeom giggled from his seat. “Get it, because she sees us every week? We’re her weekly idols.”

The other three boys shot Yugyeom death glares as his giggling subsided.

“Fine,” I huffed.  “Seventeen were probably better at it than you guys anyhow.”

I winked at Yugyeom as all of the boys took a collective sigh.

“Find a piece of paper!” Jackson exploded. “We’re doing this.”

After a few moments of searching the dorm, we all formed a line. Yugyeom would begin with papers in hand. He would transfer to Mark, who would transfer to Bambam, who would transfer to me, and eventually for me to get to Jackson.

“Why can’t I be in between Y/N and Bambam?” Jackson groaned. “Bambam and I are the dream team at this game!”

“No,” Bambam said quickly. I could see his wheels beginning to turn, grasping at any excuse he could think of. I knew these boys almost better than I knew myself, especially Bambam. Kunpimook Bhuwakul was the one out of seven boys who always made sure that I was included on his schedule, right beside his photo shoots and variety show filmings. I was a block of time he never forgot about.

“She has to be between us,” Bambam continued slowly. “Because we are the best and she needs the best on either side to pick up her slack as a newbie.”

Jackson looked at him with furrowed eyebrows as he began to nod slowly. “Yeah, I guess you’re right.”

I smiled, completely oblivious of whatever planning Bambam had done before I had arrived to their dorm, Yugyeom started the time clock on his phone as he quickly picked up a paper and shoved it to his lips. He pushed it to Mark with ease, who in turn blew it to Bambam’s mouth easily. I felt my heart begin to race as Bambam’s face came close to mine, only a thin piece of paper separating us. Like a pro, Bambam passed it off to me. I tried to suck the paper in with all of my might as I turned to face Jackson, but the paper ended up falling from my lips anyway.

“Aish!” Jackson grumbled. “Turn, turn!”

I turned my face back to Bambam as another paper was stuck to his lips. I quickly approached his face with my own as he grabbed the back of my neck to leverage my movement. Just as my lips were about to meet the paper, the paper slipped and my lips met Bambam’s instead.

It was strange at first as I hit flesh instead of paper. It wasn’t what I had been expecting, so I tensed up with the contact before I eased into it. Our lips worked in unison, as he held tight to my neck. We only stopped as the remaining three boys began to cheer.

“I was wondering how many rounds we’d have to go before you did it,” Mark moaned, leaning back and flopping on the floor.

“What?” I asked, opening my eyes, feeling like a dreamlike scenario had just occurred in front of me.

“We all knew!” Yugyeom squeaked in excitement. “It was kind of like a hidden camera…but without the camera.”

“Bambam?” I whispered, looking up at him with a blush appearing on my cheeks.

“Yeah…” he sighed, running a hand through his hair. “I had to get you to kiss me somehow…”

Jackson screeched in joy as he rolled around on the floor. “So cute!”

Bambam smiled at me and took my hand in his. He kissed it lightly before a blush appeared on his own face. “I think I like this game now…should we play again?”

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Top 10 Underrated Kpop Songs 2016 [Mainstream + Indie]

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2016 has come and gone before we knew it.  

Continuing with the K-Pop Timeout Tradition (see 2015 ver) of listing the Top 10 Most Underrated K-Pop Songs because all the other sites are just bothered with the Top 10 that pretty much everyone will have heard of/have fan wars over, below are our top 10 picks of songs that did not rank high but deserves your attention! This year we have added a section for underrated non-idol tracks too, in-line with the rise of non-mainstream genres in K-Pop in 2016.

Some of the artists have escaped the list in recent years to stardom (hello MAMAMOO, Zion.T & DEAN!) so hopefully it happens again!

This is in alphabetic order NOT order of awesomeness because all of them are awesome. Also all MVs are linked in the song titles because Tumblr won’t let me share that many videos in one post.

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Boys Republic shouldn't be Underrated.

Alright Motherfuckers listen up. This post is dedicated to 5 fine piece of asses that deserve much more attention and love.

See these 5 amazing piece of asses? Yes? Yeees. They are “Boys republic”, aka, Fandom name, the “Royal Family”. You might think “Who the hell are these people?”, well, your lucky that I made this post. I will be introducing these 5 amazing bootyful people.

“Why the hell did she make this post?”
Bc these Boys are worth my damn time and it’s frustrating how much love and attention they don’t get, aka they are underrated. People should see how damn amazeballs they are.


Lets move on.

First Member

First member is the almighty Leader-nim, Wonjun/Onnejun. Yes, Leader-nim is a hunky piece of ass. 
He’s the most reliable member in this group. The members trust him with all their heart and he is fucking proud of that.

He is very passionate about music and is really serious on his work. He’s the one who would risk anything for his work and his group. Lovable Leader all the way.

You know what else? He has a really sexy laugh. If you don believe me then watch this . If you didn’t hear that cute and sexy laugh then you just missed half of your life.

This man is proud of what he does for the group, he never looks back and moves forward. He believes in confidence and his motto is “If I don’t acquit myself, I won’t acquit anyone else before me.” Yes. Despite his lack of fashion sense, This man is lovable in every aspect.

Next bootyful Member.

Meet Dabin, the most gorgeous man you will ever see. His skin is absolutely flawless, no pimples or any shit that will make him look like Yoda.

Dabin is the warm heart of the group. He’s the one you can get comfy with because his caring and soft attitude will make you smile. Although he has a warm personality, do not get on his bad side, you will seriously regret it. Dabin is the one who teaches the members a lesson if they did wrong, he’s the mom of the group, he will get mad at you for what you did wrong because he cares for the better of what you will become. He also doesn’t like anyone touching his things, he want privacy on that.

Dabin’s voice is hella amzing. It’s like an angel singing you a lullaby, I swear his voice makes me smile every time I hear it. Click this and see for yourself. A heartwarming personality plus an amazing voice and a fucking gorgeous face, WHY IN THE HELL WOULD YOU NOT WANT THAT.

I salute to you if you are still reading this post. Your halfway in getting the love my dear chingu.

Next member is
Sungjun. Sungjun is the one who makes the other members smile and just laugh in times of deep trouble. He’s the one who would say “What the hell are those down faces. Stop. It makes you look ugly. hurry up and smile so people will see your handsome smile!”.

Ah yes. Sungjun is the Royal Family’s support in laughter. When your beside him, you will immediately start laughing no matter what. This bootyful member is best at jokes and will do anything to see his fellow members smile again.

Although he teases the members a lot, he still cares for them in everyway, he wants them to just keep their heads up and not to look back, he believes in courage, he says “People are unsuccessful because they lack courage.”

Love this man and his awesome sharp mohawks.

prepare your ovaries.

This is Minsu. This is my bias in the group and I fucking love him with all my damn heart. Don’t be deceived by his sharp looks, all under that is a deep guy who thinks through things carfeully. He isn’t the type to be reckless but does things carefully with deep thought.

Out of all the members, he’s the one who thinks the most. Even on just trivial things. He is thoughtful on the other members and makes sure he gets what they think on things too. Minsu is the mature thinker in the family, and all of them respects him for that.


He’s the one you can really depend if your seeking for an advice. This guy will let you lean on his shoulder if you need it. And the fact that he’s in charge of the sexiness in the group makes it all better <3 hella yes.

This Charismatic guy believes in confidence, “If you do not have confidence, nothing will end well.” He believes in his skill and does his very best not to bring down the group, he works hard for his brothers and tries his best to make the fans proud.

Are you crying yet. 
Nah, just joking.

But alas, we move to the last member of thes very bootyful group.
Suwoong. The most adorable guy who will most likely ruin your bias list. Suwoong is the Youngest in the group (Maknae), and is the most childish one. 

He gives the other members a hard time most often but he cares a lot for them. Whenever they’re down, he tries his best to cheer them up with being cute and funny.

Despite him being the youngest, his devotion to his work and group is as high as the heavens. He does training and practices with all his might to improve and make their fans proud. He has high faith that with his hyungs, they will go even further up.

He’s the one with the most refreshing points. When the air seems heavy, his presence makes the members feel more at ease.

Suwoong relies in the group and his faith in them never falters.

I love every damn thing about this group. I don’t care if they don’t have all the good looks, they are fucking precious in my damn eyes.

They are the wonderful bootyful dorks that gives my day a smile. They are worth every damn second I look at them.

No matter what shit

I am with these dorks till the end.

Art Museum (TOP Scenario) - Final Part

Posted August 13, 2015

The twelfth and final part of this series :)

Not only is it the last part, but it also happens to be the longest part in the entire series.

It feel very sad that it’s come to an end, because I’ve really loved working on it a lot! However, I hope you’ve all thoroughly enjoyed the story from start to finish, because I sure as hell have ^^ I’ve never had so much fun writing a series before.

Thank you for all the support and I hope you’ll enjoy this~ ♡♡

Summary: Meeting him in an art museum was all it took for you to fall for him. What could a future with him in it possibly hold?

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7] [Part 8] [Part 9] [Part 10] [Part 11] [Part 12]

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